K&C Headlines 11-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, November 17th

Headlines include sexual assault allegations against Al Franken, as well as an update on Louis C.K.


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Each time once again for. Headlines plus I think there's still that much further this invincible and no I don't believe it's prejudice I actually believe that. They may not have some of the necessities. And. Well they've got everything is if they take over coaching like everybody wants to do is not going to be anything left for the white people. Because like I don't think they mean well I don't think they can deliver. Don't bring black people thinking. That's. Three races so one guy kick out of county already got. So can he was that's different congress as we sell a time racism still exists all the cause big problems east of the but it's out there how many shows can bring in. Articulate. Smart basketball guy out as the African American one day and then basically the local leader of the Johnson claimed the next right now. At you a doctor Robert letter edge a pound document through the press to see in Newsweek hair loss experts are 100 you don't want a hundred get harassment but for. You're out right yes he ducked the oppressive UConn BC or Fenway Park under tickets from sales people I did excellent tickets thank you sales. They take care may be a talent Medina you know you have a chance in this game you Huskies didn't to cover the 21 maybe not quantity on you doesn't win. On TV. Yes club football in I think it's probably about 97 cent as on channel that I know or recognize that's different questions if that's probably you know he probably and you. Sergio did step in the so I misunderstood the Puerto when you know but I'm ridiculous for income analysts maple get them later headlines as that brought you by Robin Leonard. Gerry Callahan outlets that while I see the floor issuers my friends were Dorsey I I have one complaint with. The hero. Lee and if we can listen in right there in Sweden yes. She's she's. A victim here a feel bad for her I can't imagine a traumatic it was seen that picture no this creep who stuck his tongue down your throat. Was on when you when you're sleep. Why didn't she saved the picture how great would it be today that you know that smarmy it's a good point. It's a Franken would have denied everything. If not for the picture but let let it simmer for a day have Franken in all the surrogates in the media. Defending him just the only they'll say he's like she said then bang going out assays of striking new leaders photograph of he knew existed. But you know she had a hand probably deservedly got one right that was the thing I guess so what sector you know what seconds and he knows she's got that might be the best person who had that he and his brother at these pictures. And they knew it they. End up for the camera. And it's somehow he thought that was okay somehow this champion a woman is liberal lion this piece of garbage but that was a funny guy. I mean he could be the biggest moron in the world to be you know embattled of the brain this material and you know. Shouldn't be funneling some sleeping woman's breast size now I'm Sharma Moya you know most if not all heard the story. So they were and USO toward gathered eleven years ago 2006. Between the talks about him Schoen writes about is what should an excellent job. In Al risky for them together genius is its heroics anymore to rehearse it and when to make out there this gate in the knee felt like this need to be rehearsed her plan that she kissed and she term uttered something. And Franken basically grabbed her by the back of her head and forces on wrote yes it's got upset so don't ever do that against right into the bathroom to wash out there puke that. If vomit and there. Later on wave action is she's asleep bush pretty tired trip. She's a Coleman Franken is another guy by the witnesses in the best sleep next. Yeah yeah well it's a less than it is for his friend her hands on her boobs or whatever and he's smiling like wacky look at the Kennedy did more when the cameras we don't have groups and other work truck is actually right you're Tommy took one picture there's one mark McCord I doubt it not trumpet and tweet last night the tweeted that Al Frankenstein. Spelled wrong. And then it's anyone's who the rest of the pictures of the great pusher trouble thanks god she hasn't got that. Thank god she had a photo costs. Lions scumbag. Would have denied everything he's also not going anywhere he's he's gonna fight that you can do the ethics committee thing he's not gonna add that's well not only meet a new study or not he's not walking away as I'm assuming is the only story. What's he knots I am surprised is nice second story I know you'll holding Morgan's story I'm not considering a story so he harassed threes that date we know that. But I surprising nice second stories I'd now like what he's always on motor browns are he's going. About traveling when this happened I thought his initially serve a gets set and I thought okay. House can respond to be goes on by MSNBC. And CNN Hollywood hibbett David ware that a fight that's where they don't that's the problem weighs what they did they get credit for apologizing. That's all he owned up to elect Roy Moore apologized he had to she had a photograph. Right if you can have a photograph he never would have apologized to were denied. Everything we're at the start here with the defense I'm on the mature we have a degree star Alec or your border you know her. She of course famous liberal as her defense of Alfred yesterday. I don't doubt his remorse at all. And he admitted he. Did what he did there was a picture of Ed and he didn't remember the message yes but whatever look at this a night. Look at frank and and I'm sure he's remorseful and I'm sure he's. Beating himself up over it. I'm sure our know if Roy Moore or worse or Roy don't take source think he it is such a hard blow who the left to the liberals and I don't even now SNL is gonna deal with this this is devastating. For The Who how we Hamptons. The so Lorne Michaels who knows Harris of what they're devastated by this one of the heroes are real mind. You know because I. I lovely. You lovely and she says yeah frank exit the difference. All the friends of treason puke me again he beat Texas and by the way. Social and sister on twelve urged students no special resistor tells the story Lucy Kate master reading thirty. Photographer. Thirty content types. So some assume it seeks an axis sleeves and that she knew all upon this new course and Elvis and and she worked and supported him. So on his praises. For years and years and years. Knew what kind of creepy ones again repeat champion of women if he and I knew about it we knew that's it's pretty simple elements of a complicated doing was the the CNN one ball on our. Bush knows will be MBC girl the oh the Casey hunted we have asked. Specific dollar of your ago. We just heard. This was wrong this was an appropriate this tease ago before the senate ethics of nine with no witnesses but some of this is because Al Franken did the right thing confessed. He admitted it. Well he did admit that you did admit thickest part he said he considered it he said he remembers it differently this time member differently but he apologized and he says he's gonna turn over the ethics committee. People with a photo the photo spread only beaten and didn't looking. This statement it is a state of remorse and contrition as opposed to warlords. I here's Laurence Silberman check mark by choice or children sister dated Louie CK before he's famous in dumped him because it was compulsive masturbation. It's Serena broke up what should we also it's shocking in her new dimension publically in 25 years later do you fear backlash happened to me. I can open and now we're script it's my experience right now the victims should be believe that's her sister her next. Official says she loves him she loves us and and he's only work a victims other going to be at least he case masturbation. Dozens how do you port five right now it's and I hope that would wants don't wants coach thank you gonna get in trouble. Yes so this is what happens when you're good liberal in your in with the right people and and you have how we can't who's on your side you have. Sarah Silberman you have the power and all these guys that bill of rights same couples it's not true prompted a bill Riley did ails the people power diesel fuel power and in front of one woman thirty times I was a he's he's. Actually like in saint he's he's a sexual predators should be in jail. If knowledge automation coming back Kevin should he is actually castrate him because you think it is truly means net not for something that should be castrated cannot be fixed I'm fine with that. You know he's not racist if and it. Potentially not actually groping button lock groping her high seas sleeps. Among moderate or liberal and out here and by the way I'll grow apologist is the picture he also called her a liar in directly said he doesn't remember. The story the same way counters that the same I was was to believe women the women were supposed to be believed while Al Franken says don't believe another once before Rob Schneider supporting I've known Al Franken for over 27 years I disagree with him on a lot of stuff. But he's not and has never been a sexual harasser. Outbreak of and replaced a lot of things to DC with Al frank of that season I'd say at some point. It's like ESPN and believe the busiest in stores will come back now. Somebody will do a book on NASA on the actually talk about what went on behind the scenes that's now been Miller do you guys all book yet we're talking sexual harassment but it was a book was cooperation more which your prediction percent and eyes and definitely live tomorrow night. What personality Ashton is under the gonna do it's is the American this passive. Are so hard hard to do that now that whole country's war is gonna watch that because I mean Al Franken is Scioscia with us and that's we unions and they have an imitator already of him don't write one of those cast members to ask him. How easy would it be haven't Louie CK you Al Franken and you could include Roy Moore. But they'll come on them stupid Jeff Sessions imitation. Of a prompt people. A lot of lot of feet feedback and where a lot of feedback on this months on a lot yes and most of it and it's a huge play loss on who wants while just in the control room he said the QW one. He wants at any arm again Rosie actually open their permanent part of much show. Dots. Featured all we need is so Mikey ends approval on this right he has to give us live Mikey call may be talking about buzz here we go. Let's take a caller before you sign off on let's go to Brian at Exeter New Hampshire and Brian. Brian Brian. If you went bad from my. And doubt but I really what you'd like to look up what could put the other song don't let your but I can why he didn't like it. But gut how what the problem by yeah the quote chandelier. At the perfect song. I don't know honestly I wanna live audio were on talking about. Well let that the the court did queen from a chandelier. Well. About a month peak. Yeah I don't know what the Monkees obviously so it was Monta and mother Mariam Ramon ET right. There we can do I'll say things that are races. McCurry we'll that I mean all the yeah we're hurdles he's got yeah that's my alive. Big would you know. Because line skills talents singing and playing. We are young generation and we got some us. Let's show. The Danish. Cool fun. Much you know. The monkey. On Sports Radio telling me. What are you thinking musical for black people geeks pay uses to show his true colors to speak himself. My car which destroyed the might. Hope the flight. The only Mike and Mike. Unbelievable they just had Bill Clinton saying about he he. And so lawyers argue why should they. Get dated Peter can he Peter King what's your but do quite as hell about. Wash and play all of us don't know what he's our three's 617. Three extra. We don't time Al Michaels phone. We have time next hour but he thirty Al Michaels on good natured answer on the West Coast we don't not headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard and 100 get here will be right.