K&C - Headlines 11-21-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 21st

Headlines - Gerry and Kirk react to the new sexual assault allegations against Charlie Rose, and his suspension by CBS News.


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Kurt can Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Head lives. It's time for our class from a show that values conversation not confrontation. Hurt us through what you do really good job of putting words in my mouth like putting no orgy multi he's not saying anything like hackers broke. Oh I hear there's man we make headlines smarter I think prepared for even hear your opinion because they're so valuable and I know I've never vetted she knew without divas trust me that's like dead if you make three. Earlier this feature script no watch and Jerry Springer ever there and we always politely go our separate ways you war torn up and you wonder what sort of will work hard which warns that an amount. The chores I put your mouth I just told you know I didn't. You didn't model that I say this isn't going anywhere today. And actually my thanks Mike and say it crooked cap. It's headlines. I'm happy is always take the blame I do something wrong as I said yesterday we we matter I knew VP mark and then nice conversation with him. I said when when I make a mistake on the first got to make a mistake I made no mistake in the back and forth now I don't accept no blame for. You shouldn't good OK he's our policy the next week when he came back no we never heard and a mile that was going to be it. And it's still makes our world can Friday can Friday put a lot of time that would leave it to present a boxer. It's right euros 9 AM yeah. Before you come on we have. Interviews gone wrong mostly starring him and he's a veteran nine. I thought we oracle and I didn't know you coming in nine but it's odd decision but that's OK and all and you wanna come in early so many interviews that I'm just kind of thirty anyway. That that went awry yes including Michael Marty he'll be there as well of begum elicited that. And by the way Tom Brady is involved in this which ones that the Mayweather question so good okay. Headlines brought you by doctor Robert Ballard and doctor Matthew press TV there hairless sectors of 1800 they just won the bidding. Over the travel bureau of stone which is seen its vacation. There's his goal was quadruple since the must use vacation that's right it's on everyone's going that's a hip place to go. Did with music as well as I write to you marketable cars to launch. You're now a member for quietly in the house you know unless the house return to admit I went to we knew this. You really was that was really the owners felt much adult diapers so you have to although in the back I thought about it was the highlight of your vacation. I'm outside your house. Well I listen let's he had listened to trainee would Marjorie in gym I was scared because between what we have some of the personal -- summit later go perfect verdicts. I roasted chicken okay. I I say it was so I think I was you know most and are spent cooking dinner I think there's a lot of time poster gets I was spent a lot of time. Upset about net neutrality in Sanctuary City sure I understand I did get out of the house and made it to IKEA. Oh nice and I bought some collapsed. And hand knees. Collection furniture and then it's a little balance anyway today but you just have a showdown these are big this is like Samsung device or exposure of the work you would rather work obviously I would rather work rather detail and I'd rather work in the sewers of al-Qaeda and go to agree it is you move here. I thought about it. Stamps honoring our every time I thought about them like to pulled out today sure sure yeah I spent like twelve hours but again we shoot of his inside to meet got to go outside that's true but I meant something in the theater because he was driving the did you read you get this agreement is reading books now. Any good stories. Now I read I mean I read it seems watching them. Watched some home catch fire. Yeah good show. And video games such a non non actually no video games played some board games of my neighbors could see your kids of all on board games with a neighbor like Jack. Wouldn't and they unemployed remain on board games as the weekend the Trivial Pursuit now I don't know like German style board games. Like dungeons and dragons. Not really know how are you talking about. Board games understandably gather sends an advance like scrabble say the meanest of them and they won't make any sense clue. Seven wonders whose line dominion in your neighbors or those two yeah they are occasionally Nazis to go there and I was like yeah like today house by yourself. Yet another it was a party a lot of oppose a boarding party F. Right that was that's about one pass judgment that sounds as I understand well why you took vacation in nova by the economic industry Alia Hutu. There was that with some colleagues so wonders since February is over that's a great game we'll visit again gets good reviews is I never played it. I put it anyway and Eric carried seven house of cards while Jackson it's a little time he's a complicated games you'd be Smart to come up before gets it will certainly spent some time. Let me get to the CBS morning show that's their version of the station. Charlie Rose who's sort of their Matt lot. Yet right yeah that's because a lot of ideas improbably made three million bucks a year or. He's gotten me suspended right now he's that was never coming back they start the show talking about this yet or O'Donnell on me this and yes I do. This is a moment. That demands a frank and honest assessment about where we stand and more generally the safety of women. Let me be very clear there is no excuse for this alleged behavior it is systematic. And pervasive. I've been doing a lot of listening and I'm gonna continue to do that this Sino is true. Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace or in society until there is a reckoning. And a taking of responsibility. I'm really proud to work at CBS news there are so many incredible people here. Especially on that show you all of you here. This will be investigated. This past and this behavior. Is wrong. And you knew all about it I'm sorry I am cynical and skeptical I when you read this story you know everybody PBS noon. I'm gonna guess most people at CBS news they literally quote someone that PBS who says. That's just Charlie being Charlie after he attacks. Some young intern what they just. It was some did it mean to all of these things it every single one is the same Weinstein is like business like they'll hold a news like this. It's always. Somebody warned us oh it would but I don't send young girls out there don't send young boys and to demonstrate the way they've warned all these interns stay away don't be alone long cops don't let your daughter's New York Roy horrible act. It was if it was in open secret as they say and the and you got you all the blood on your hand. I guess some on your thoughts at this target this is Kim NBC news just read this so. SNL women offer support of Al Franken. Solidarity and support of Alfred good so let Kate McCann is I don't know I don't I don't it is a list of women Alice and he's hurt that's not one. Recently right during human and there are these people we feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken. We've all had the pleasure working with over the years on SNL without it was stupid foolish we think it was appropriate for him to apologize to ms. tweet it to the public and our experience. We know Al is a devoted dedicated failing and wonderful performer in an honorable public servants while we are moved too quickly and directly firm after years of working with him. Who would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior. Commissioner sincere appreciation treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard we offer our support and gratitude to Allen's camera this Thanksgiving holdings. You know at this liberal says he's got a lot of onslaught of well I mean I think what you frauds and yes. You know what you can I was Roy Moore roundup rounded up a bunch of women were with the lawsuit is great guy trump could do the same. You could I'm sure Harvey Weinstein could do it that he might have in theory that if I'm hearing in Paris the current cast note none of them this is all from Webb conceded we're being hurt and rain Newman. I'm Marilyn Miller writers' trust jetliners into Victoria Jackson Jan hooks is dead right units and it is dead and I'm out there and I see those two and I know that some action script PA's and writers and associate producer he's shown as you know when you say in betweens pro but that's OK I mean so these women these women I'm sure someone I'm sure the great mature them a liberal women's rights. When it's somebody that you know does to a woman all the sudden it's like what's your face the dummy from girls. Mean and donated them all all the summits they know they lose the streak is feminism run to defend them it's it's psychological it's weird and mean it's there. If first laws it's distasteful to be ranking light. Whose offensive sexual harassment is worse. I think we can agree of everything we've heard so far is it's kind of down the list and I know it is is to me. Is his first thought he you couldn't agree with this in short he was bleeping terrible on Saturday her. Every single skit he was in was Arab or smallest most marbles and it's terrible ever and that it was a lot of left out at once that thing Rory put that satellite uplink and it's as fair or not funny none of it was funny but if you if you used to see him as a seventies. Comic whatever thinking like grabbing a women's that's that's funny that's a funny image it's wacky. Like that that you can totally see and so he would think that he could meet some random 25 year old at the Minnesota state fair. And when he months for a picture payouts grabber essence is funny process right but none else but out of I would Saturday up to him you mean do you think we're done only things Franken drivers and tell me tell you that you're just gonna get more this it's going to be he grabbed my by Internet pictures and enhancements that shoves tongue or throat during their her solar. All or she's gonna do what. Not a pleasant and it's it does not terrible but after they had zone and got back Riverhead she's the money part she says I believe her not him. And he forced his tongue down her throat yet this is this this is talking about this is the stupid and for that he is living well what's the other things you talk about you institutions ESPN's one of them. SNL's another Tom it was rampant sexual harassment as a whole. Of course yes well look and I I don't. He doesn't have to go to present day yet so I'll PS it's really sad that it which I agree I just think he should leave this and employs more is gonna be seated in the center what kind of world that we live in an interest in world put yeah. Comments that gets you into interesting times to tell Roy Moore a little alleged fraud he's he's not brought him god its barracks that's phonies there's such liberal phonies are champions of women. Now not all women just because you know. Terry Gardiner writer's assistant 1990 never saw Al Franken do something I guess he'd do something. To doing her so and so okay I mean these women to CBS people see Charlie Rose and they never saw it interest income on support right yeah looking sister. She isn't a lot higher skill can assure you lie here I believe let's see he had violated US. Dissent that yes he he's hit non women in this guy. Even more than Weinstein is the most I've only I'd I'd I completely believe. Given now what's going on in this world I completely don't Charlie Rose the most important as a wise he's the most no reason Clinton on the set no source them on a set ever I don't see your common. I can see in lowering these girls that should Gayle King never knowing about that. Yeah because I think about it from his perspective he's like if they agreed to come to my house there agreeing to whatever happens after that that's out of his hand if you think it's it's rather toxic real things that August the twenty year old house now she went 22 year old is lurking behind the knees weaken and there's a big thing she knows she knows what I have girlfriend question for you when you stick your hand on your girlfriends Hanson she's a crying the whole time we have Gail and you say obeyed and I may be. I know bad things aren't really. I've got to sit or really and still reeling. I've got an hour and 42 minutes of sleep last night precious time to ourselves she poor thing forget it you know for. I'm about tiger has Hillary got another hour and 42 legit your watch Ramirez are called me before called me to her you okay I'm not a now stop like it took its about her are you okay Oprah called me. And said are you OK the guy you work with for years and years essentially raped. We are you okay Gayle King. Are you okay the girls they OK okay as you can only saw a 102 minutes last night from the rest. After reading that article in the post it was deeply disturbing and troubling and painful for me to read you could hold to. Ideas in your head at the same time you can grapple with things and I have to be very honest with you. I'm still trying to process all of us I'm still trying to sort it out because this is not the man I know but I'm also clearly on the side of the women know she have you been very hurt and very damaged by the. They've been raped and we'll see more people say that the process things I don't get those process that story as a monster and he was very subtle you mean you think that he he kept it away from CBS talk about this exact number is too stupid to think again looking at Charlie Rose was whatever you wanna call section force himself on women here playing yeah I just had yes I do I just think because when it's when it's you know. It. Would you be surprised what time of day to Chico pilot. And yet he's got some go in and tell loan on the plane and I do not know he was a book about the Marty confessed I and was ignorance the blind blind me so it happens a sudden something happens herald or another work or other types. Somebody who they were drawn aside here heralded here or somebody's gonna be one of these people some point inevitable. When you find that out you're not you would that you you know I tell you honestly with a right hand and my suspicions are not on the suspicions are different and no no no it. Gayle King knew on the plane right at different spots on and the in about a plane had an extra point he said yes I was describing to you let's just situation. I chose grabbing Q okay what he knew wanna plain that a question I asked you to Gayle King know Charlie Rose was attacking women on plenty suggests he knew she knew his general MO OK it's a question as well he did -- you know she knew she thought it was cosmonaut planes will be talking about point yes you find out about some are heralded an unusually high or something which is cool and who it is. Will have my suspicion that's different than. Now that's not a whole lot different you know we got in on this immaculate notice or do you think she knew that he was a predator knowledge you guys got a pervert. Hole. Overt yeah if you like winning idea that reputation and any seventy years old Santa sump and yeah their 23. And what an all out while they're driving to work his craft and their breath against Ali she knew that. She knew specifically was grabbing their breasts now which he heard stories maybe either way doesn't mean he's he's done. And they consider not done he's gonna go to was. Five he's only 525. Acre farm in North Carolina or maybe his oceanfront play Samantha has made his. Fifth Avenue penthouse or maybe his house and chocolate will work private plane every work it was yeah. Get this money civil suits I'm happy I'm ready to be all of dived before anyone sees that Bill O'Reilly had to be 32 million to one victim. What does this monster what are they where you pick a rally to her. I think he forced himself for would you pick which words that. I think he you could say what you think he didn't brood I don't know and I legally say pretty thick Qaeda. He needs to processor you don't like I was Kurtz I'll tell exactly tigers. Non consensual sex it was asked what it says in the we settling in a single did you call that I it sounds like rectum to. Well now it sounds like the way normal people card that's headlines brought to my doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew oppressed he won 800 get here will be right.