K&C- Headlines 12-12-17

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Tuesday, December 12th

Headlines - Roy Moore's wife clears up any assumption made against them.


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Each time once again for headline it's over and you can tell me you know me and really look at idea come from that you can make. Well coach your team to say. You know this team is gonna fall apart. I'll let you you don't you tell me what you gonna tell him I mean if you're playing I think you're playing them that team and it's tough thing this team. This team is capable of doing ex wife mean teen sailor thing. In LA on the root level political we're told one down going down in Miami and they were wanted to hold whatever was an obvious nominally in a move for. Is out to talk about like you could never happen. What liquid gaming community and we talked about it I mean I just. That it's. To me that's the most irresponsible. We can't it's time for courage and Calais hands. It's. Assault. But beginning holes almost like there's so don't get back to the quarterback horizontally sending quarterback that fascinated in the house so awful mean. I thought so. If we were only responsible for the hiring of salt and firing aboard died and Altman revealed flirted with the judge Adams actually fun there's one more. It could judge. He's eager judged to be senator tonight Jerry headlines but you bite brought to you I'm losing my doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew the first TV here doctors have. Chris gronkowski. And 100 daycare okay Chris gronkowski. Answered them doctor Robin fantastic for him being loose confidence. Yeah like in my man remorseful accomplice out some of the Jewish vote now. I'm I'm sorry I'm I'm I'm laughing at him now I'm laughing at just. Got a cartoon character and your from a and even even rough Tommy Lee last week or so I'll find but to defend you here anyway some class here guy. You I don't think one Roy Moore to be the senator from Alabama for six year term correct I do not they're Republican you wanted to win and I want him to DB in the senate for three days long enough to meet Elizabeth Warren could see him take his portion of yes threatens. Our biggest horse from Alabama to click these you don't wash US goal is to take us take a while buddies won't be seated to what late January is the time. So. I think is that simply the thought it was a good place to visit. Yes select go to Alabama wanna go I want you don't know what press I've parties I did not I don't wanna go out. I want them while northern Tuscaloosa like pivotal game moan go to the mall and see were and Roy Moore -- president by her three kids pretzel bites. By a belt buckle. Get a cowboy hats he built a bear couple Tyler you know that's texas' that's where the a victory party is tonight Roy who want to Build-A-Bear. But yesterday it it's it never is it never ends I mean yesterday this is. The second the last day I love is war there's what's the best seller of the last day before election data to campaign hard and we've and I found out early in the day that he didn't in the view within twelve year old girl right. That was released by believe the tiger was approach from proton pack comedian and and he literally is sitting down with the twelve year old girl my average down and they thought this was an appropriate thing to released to the publication of. We're gonna bring its. Every unit. Break. Support that rumor that I'll have to bring me here. He showed ending what I think. We're so I'm really very is out and you count and it may get real jobs and makes it's. She sits down one woman would want more are you got. Something and I think these are all human. I think this conversation only be better served in the pool and typical for us where we feel like guys. That. As perverts cheese and rice and why would you release parrot this Gershon shields puts this guy it's you know. I usually you know I usually vote for the Republican listen somewhat to the right of whom share. I don't like it ever seen this kind of collection lunatics here is a micrograms column in The Herald that I. There is a quote my main focus group supporter. Of Roy Moore. Here's a quote. Forty years ago and Alabama there's a lot of Mamas and daddies that would be thrilled. That they're fourteen year old was getting hit on business district attorney's. Real but your fourteen year old in Catholic Church all over again. To warm. I got my jacket. Well I think one. Medicines civil. To consign your junior high that both. That was yesterday morning sun than yesterday later in the got better it got we got this is more what's the first name that's and she's young and pretty. Blind. She's when is she fifteen years new years as well I'll throw it more Kayla Betsy Kayla. It would. Addressed via accusations that there was some anti semitism in the more him. If the record straight while they're here. God. Who. Our attorneys and news he's and I have never a paltry percentage you to look at Lawrence O. Chris a neighbor not next door down the street I think is married to G. She says she says some of the best friends are rabbis. Can do my. Great it is and that I could we possible. Out and do that crazy about this thing fails here in the text Lou we need we need him in the senate are numbered for for what he's a couple days and kicked open. Yes that's the best case scenario that allegedly owns more than two thousand seventies and if South Shore. And she's up there it's taken. A friend who. I don't sell much of the year it's not a plan to turn birdies are you known him huge dollars from the Ireland's Mark Few hours of the school a who has actually say. Seven savage usable even aspect commute on your bones. Rubin who it's for Ben and ridiculous that it might thirty's these lunatics it is like going back in time. Really use this. Job. His run to the polls than what what time were the vote's going to be like. And the mid day. Don't you should do it earlier rate rouge I don't that's true do orderly he'll ride him like 9 o'clock that we've riding into town. On his horse. They blame bush that was tied New York while there can. Well actually. I just jealous god so if we should look like Marcus not only to us. I was down Fort Myers analysts though that's how is about the solve these that he feels weird to see Jewish person cents. In the open that I wanted to be expelled. Two days later on it will cut and I want I want it I think a lot of the ride out of town on his horse with his head down low. And I wanted the Republican governor to name a replacement that's what I want TV's gonna win I don't want Doug Jones I do not think he's gonna win tonight on here I did after the latest flurry of insanity of it both form at this point why would you that's the change of mind. She's real deal. This sounds like SNL when it was good money. But I don't want the Washington Post awareness still think the most deceitful partisan thing was they had this story before the primary. And they released distort what the primary no problem I like my Buddhist prayers are in our respective. That this was via news pampered the Washington Post and and they waited to make sure Lucas things out of the picture and then they released the story in it and you would admit it cause has caused great. Damage. To the to the party to the Prague is fun for us all right enough of them so we get hassled by joining us right now. I know. The answer yes or no yes and I'll talk to me please don't look. OK but I had confidence as a atlas got headlines brought you by that was brought you by doctor rob money manager.