K&C Headlines 12-14-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, December 14th

Headlines include - An Ohio man was arrested for bringing chicken Alfredo and Sprite to meet a 15 year old boy; Tavis Smiley is the latest PBS personality to be accused of sexual misconduct.


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The skirt can tell a so that the deal this interview that the ground only claim hanging out of the stadium anything. If they've wanted to take a package I'm gonna go on to cover the event tickets and I use like happy birthdays and they tell the people and let the Red Sox decide you know we're just gonna capitalize them. Claimed they had somewhere Kurt can Callahan. Seems fox Sports Radio. Kirk and Callahan asks headlines and she seems like you left abruptly. Don't yes yes nothing lasts forever well I'll say yes Kirk and I. Word never best friends however it has nothing to do with. I think this straw that broke the camel's back up here today gone tomorrow and how did things that could turn written. A lot of things take a turn and you're left with only the fond memories Gerry Callahan good columnist. Should write war and Kirk than him. Complicated here's today's complicated headlines. I would consider building work with you guys in the summer or over for us. This is a more of I don't why I am not into you know Philly does doesn't do much wrong and on the line. You know filling in the minds you have to behave yourself it doesn't do much for me because I'm an abusive policy you to those things out its welcome my world. And uncomfortable sometimes it's in my life my biography. Headlines brought to by doctor Robert Reich rupture between autism official in those filling it it's official everything that a year or more Reid can read this please do. Doctor Robert Leonard during document the prestige the paradox of Chris gronkowski 1800. Again here I just think it's like I need to be disappointing and it's going to be a lot among others would be great to before she. It was basically assessment is he's probably right. But I have faith I've companies he has come he said before I was just trying to placate you. I'll leave me along to you might this mean I have to read up on that guys are variants now aren't you go to Italy neighborhood it's busy it's going to be so it's forty years years you know you can you can throw noticed yesterday who said he pitched. Reds trump Taj isn't a lot edge of the thoughts on how I'm better than the alternative I'm looking I'm reported seeing you know we Friday obesity in this seat who shows up for crosses in the area with mutt he's foolish O'Grady. You Libya would turn policy into relic who show a trainee in Roemer to mossy relic of the Jetsons that that's that's not doing that and is that trying to get general Alon I don't have her try to do that yes absolutely China to have you guys is of the opinion what is your favorite food here. My favorite food. I used to say Chinese food quickly and cheating because a lot of different food and I am. The Chinese food. A case of I said you liked it or bring over you do liberals and chickens harmed some Chinese food. We take off all your clothes and have sex in the aisle and a sprite a hungry and as you hear you need the food you know what I would've when I was fifteen probably not that's them saying. Does what might peg I Albert was it ruined the fourth is 22 year old. We'll shake a student Youngstown State University. There's been booked on charges of an attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Mar matter harmful to juvenile possessing criminal tools and turns out it was a Chad good plan but he showed an underage boy on line. Police say it doesn't call police say sent nude pose himself using it who can resist appeared to PC this guy who obviously weighs five pounds was a lookalike. It's tough to say I don't like to think of anybody looks and looks like some input portrayed. Yeah young Bertram and as a game it's pretty slim because he's takes care of itself if he sent new throws himself it's a graphic sexual things in the chat. During the exchanges and undercard for our percentage is fifty you believe that you believe an age of responded. The rain arranged to meet Austin down on Tuesday with Maria promising to bring chicken Alfredo spite of the meeting. They arrested them after showed up shoving an I phone a laptop several zip drives a bottle of lubrication. Two bottles of sprite the container of chicken for. And at least you follow me and asks the right. He's man of his word like and I don't know what someone gave you some chicken Alfredo and it was you know it was. Hayes was boring yes I want your offered I would us activist if he'd probably about the next point is yeah different conversation now what's your favorite food. I mean. Alec and I state. If this guy approach and I steak yet. Yet these slopes. And it's. It would you know he tried to commit a for effort and Allen using me in jail for now. And does he get to bring the chicken Alfredo chicken Ginobili got Sunnis who knows coupons. That's a fatter chickens and your keys. I. Unbelievable. So I feel much of these names for god. Bust overnight an epic games big names such supersize me documentary Morgan spotlight here's he's he's huge he was self confessed last night which means he's about. Ninety seconds or from Boston about these new Hollywood reporter says we have a new Russell saying yes there are serious stuff that's moves right to that. Hobbies that Weinstein level when that put him and like league's. He's in the Weinstein legally rape violent rapists like he allegedly he's like Riley once the inner whoever. He's he's on the analyst. When you say much flower yes and I are Charlie Rose that three top tier three different women as good stated your job your time again and say you're Jerry Lewis agreed they did go through the entire thing and it's social it's weird even the Weinstein story if you some hike. He's just at the same MO every single Weinstein is like the worst human being not as obvious as the rate this is why she joined about these expertise century king yes yes he's eating he's joy of making people uncomfortable it shall on the set make everyone uptight before some hiking Ashley Judd ample lesbian scene which well send food and every guy makes no sense of them will be. Right yeah so we GM they lesbian scene in this movie freedom which I NC. To must give advice to some terrific film. Like I am with I am him with the money at them you know bros distract it was totally understand it historically was accurate but yeah wants to some you know on paying money for. But what time I look at her and still see the city and yeah yeah well she has her aunts as well. But he she goes to the list sipping his eyes you know he wanted her to watch him take a shower he wanted to massage one and her friend to massage and he wanted her to watch her friend. Massage him. He wanted to force himself or leak on her at its trade show us all here today as he ever come up for air I mean like literally this guy ever just taken there it is what it is our. These strangers is a strange person when in history right when he was a little tired he'd taken injection together. Yeah I mean it is that he always had a paper bag ready respect but you know where's your pictures in his. Huge house in my eggs in the north once we're in right I mean Weiss is that why the cost something on his I don't get it I thought that he would by now I really did and Tavis Smiley or tennis I was relieved of duties yes it is we saluted Jim Braude rulers in the last male who works for previous who's not been busted. For this and hopefully he doesn't that oppose the viewer of a Fred Rogers. It posthumously yes is that right yes yes yes sweaters. American guy who puts on swears it plays imaginary bill's old days could be fine he's a suspect straights you say the suspect and cinemanow people can say things about McCain burns itself. And birth is definitely on the list. He's in the purple too nice he's too Monty burns so like Bob Ross. He's here yes I believe he did yet more painting. But about. Like it's Mr. Big bird and I wrote this mister Rogers had been denied. Yet beckoning us and I don't sowing your kid to notice anything more illustrate what is the most rugged it was a depressing but that's what it was four to mellow you out I read the story that I am a parent Sesame Street which gets kids fired passengers treason and me mister Rogers puts in the sleet that was it doctor creators of mr. Rogers sleep like we're doing drugs don't cause. Yeah there's definitely some of that and the worst things I need a little puppets with increases so creepy. And I think it's. Kids have no idea behind me the kid he's so I doubt I'll fire. Rule states on after getting better quick update occurs gonna behave himself dealings can we don't want ruining. That's fine but I like guys I could fill in Gaza which indeed do a good job to we have an update on the Chris Curtis Christmas which is what I demanded. Well we need to get a couple of students before or did you see that John Christmas morning for driver around four hours of Curtis stories Curtis sings or Christmas classics like been Crosby and self. So that's a no brainer and the do Curtis new at Christmas wishes him moderate he's got a gun residue of the from a boy like polio and have. My host with the coverage is that's what's this one could be silhouetted over the shoulder yes they're like yeah he's not. Ago then thinness was good version. It's a great politely figures better the camp where he had that horrible experience and I'm girl you need to him to grossly counselors who brought to receipts on how many pounds of blue monster it was it was heart pounding is that he never recovered yet it was like some it was like some my story today yes they must learn some good hymns there. Maybe you know soccer's. Great to you know drummer boy. Or I'm hopeful on their. Barack Obama for whose next Captain Kangaroo it. He was old the U such ability. Which some freaky stuff Captain Kangaroo romper room Saturday LA he's the problem with premiere which is really scary. H a pulp and stuff yes acid trip yes mister Rogers is weird is strange. We lots of calls into question ago engine parts. Now they're just like it's a drop at the silliness of fun at zoom advocates for the keys animal it was IM. A lot more quickly before we take a break here on groceries we so she dragged out and you strike to us we saw that somehow shocked that Amaro certainly aren't quite shocked and admirals and general Kelley wants in what we knew we definitely ally. If he's from Austin. What's rise from Brighton. Larry O'Donnell said that neighborhood or racists. I heard one. Stored in the mixes in the coming few millions of shoes that you just leave them around the White House so you'd just take them off the unit changed from warcraft and and the economic growth of the issues beef amorous shoes all over that's the kind of thing that bothered trump. I think it did bogey and he was he was loyal to her for as long as he push him when and when somebody's a good guess from the Celebrity Apprentice she should get the job and why he's an artist season one of the real agree that there I got that much brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard document impressed he. 1800 get here will get your calls and all we get back 61777979. Through several kind of reset it's been awhile aren't actors I continue to take down. The Boston Globe Jerry Kelly imposing quotas in the globe again today what else is on the tabs can happen. Well you ecology you can call them back with smoke untrue afraid to scale how this war also get to that and more per gallon showtime Aussie rules.