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Kirk & Callahan
Monday, September 25th

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It's time once again floor. Headlines this storied tradition of honoring the best moments from our commander in chief. Shea moment. Shame on you. To whom you can. 157. States. But these days it's getting tougher. It went before a judge who is a very. Against police to judge I did. And that Kentucky fried chicken not the worst thing in the world I'm not I'm proud to be comes with the we had some bad arm where this year I'm. I'm going to be named Aaron then. There's somebody would talk to Sean Hannity can I go on my dad grabs a leading tweeting. This extraordinary in this site cynical nuclear weapons and other things like lessons. Things are done with doing including some bad thanks you were two days presidentially inspired headlines. Like what. We've here's. I headlines brought to you by doctor revelers here lots doctor Wes Welker 1800. Get here quick headlines it would affect all your calls and all this madness is going on right now. Couple moving its very first of all. Tom Hanks is gonna start in the American version of the man called will be. Excellent it gets to Catherine I do exhibit curmudgeonly old guys as we like he's a great actor and who picked him. They're moving to always come marginally of these small US town it's. Release of sun can be in Sweden which I enjoy Tom Hanks to play the Swedish. I hope it's Sweden is a big positive feelings it's part of it like they're like diversions. Those who have Curwood the two on the old books is you know Sweden as part of the movie. Yeah not so experienced an overrun it's now you know I think we're 90% Muslim and be better movie. And if who've it was fighting and move it would be your side upper groove Powell this week. In America welcome. Who we're in Sweden but of an America that will be good thanks so the books and records the book was great to watch them. I'd sell. NASA some of that amount. A lot of excellent program excited thing that was a good I NC Ecstasy could it would not affect us foremost. So I just aren't that the other quick moving notice. A very didn't play a lot of stimulus theaters this weekend we played Robertson for a great. Theater average for strongly to me when one point seven million which is. Disappoint it's bad wait until the word of mouth gets. And I agree everybody people telling me tell you what they think about it like texting tweeting me when they see it. Curtis are geragos and orders review I love to hit us here this is Chris Curtis is review of stronger which both Kirk and I gave days. I thought it was an eight plus I thought these are seen with the Jonathan cost there was a Kevin. Yet when he walks in right after the the bombings in their word about reporters or whatever and that sort of fairly dynamic and that seemed really captures really well I thought. The pain Jerry talked about it it was cringe worthy at times you could feel it. When he was biting the towel and I thought beat Boston accent a lot of people talk of the Boston accents on the way I do feel that at all I thought it was fine. The Kevin by the way who's who's boss at Costco is a real hero twice the size of the guys played yeah thinner and much better shape I think I've played him but he gets married this weekend always did it yes Jeff had to fly home from LA I think yeah. Where who's making appearances in promoting it fly home for the wedding well congratulations to big Kev. Made Kevin. It is husbands' families apprised of the groom lovely groom. But he was. He was there the other night yeah I talked a while and his room. Loyalists sentencing him. I'm in Pensacola. Was. No but I think it's excellent the way the the way they introduce Carlos and then acted as a great is good yet he's related. And that is a great scene and I was. Tucker Lisa sure Broussard near. Everyone has a different in a favorite scene. Bruce is the end when Jeff's mother patty drops them off at the diner or a pick for insult pictures yet and justice you know. Sorry I didn't do a better job for him and he says he did the best you can get America and walks into a difference. These sensors and here's my fear pars that seem seem hurt car breaks down it's about the fall for bridge remarkable work for highs and that's rite stop and puts it back and then that that was impressive that was really good you know he's no he had a cameo. The only do you. And I give the movie A minus. But I cannot recommend enough for people and I think it's gonna do better Jerry's right a workable B is going to get a lot of Academy Award nomination Bryant helped he has two good I mean who's who performances movie director of the two actors seven. As part nomination yes yeah Wayne's. Winds horrible can run a that kennels sponsor of the human race unlike Ian all right I'll save outs or we're not best pictures change this movie mothers you read reviews and this is what you don't know some alternatives to kill the kid needs it death lawsuit. A dynasty it's it's Jessica. You would take the life to a Friday. He's getting no interest massacred critically and and we'll see American assassin that looks good. But just kind of movies what what's Mike kind of story that's Vince Flynn the late Vince Flynn great. Movies tanker room all wait no it's no just you know what's going to see movies doing movies do well out is it he is doing. It tourists six. No one's going to see American assassin now it's kind of bombing. On mother's nothing it and bought which once it means nothing stronger not great obviously you said that. Dunkirk and even her to do agree. We're right at Dunkirk is probably the favorite for best picture the real good excellent I remember I told exit I charter better. Alex stronger better storyteller. Bill combines tonight about C ally I love Dunkirk it's no Americans I meet Americans forget for we're happy for a Kevin getting married and have a rather focus on the other cabinet quickly. Yes help but they wanna almost anywhere preliminary rules been waiting for this they wanna hear how homeless Kevin has two and in his what is it 2002 Ford Taurus biggest foreign country 400 pound Fran. Homeless camp and has heard from in months what's happening can have. Good well. I down to 386. That's what 286. Now. A right. In what is it you drinking 200 ounces of water of own way you have to drink half your body wade aid drinking 400 ounces of water every day. I'm on TV. Ever. Loans. And I. What's on its. I'm sitting like that sweat where to Florida district government that was ninety days where you were hostile for a heart issue. Wow that being treated for infection yeah it was learned that I'm a bit. Laughter who paid for who paid for this medical decision. Memphis let Jose you don't draw but there are. We did gravitate where can we do is. Why are you said during the break kept up what second place. You said during the break you know guys like he should care about politics when you look at your paycheck that's what the reasons why Jerry and got out of your way when you checked in the hospital. 20200. We 200 homes now. It's a cab with him nine million pounds checks or hospital does have a job and you know who pays for the Adibi union we do yes yes yeah I was seventy. Is she didn't try to keep more on this point drop out it contains assuming we put dogs down when they get this kind of shut the car is okay when he got back into Jamison after ninety days was right there waiting for you. They're glad that she was sculpted out it was speaking my sweat my career when I got that extra let. Souza said new cap and he's gonna try to eat healthy announcement we're Jackie today so far. Or actually that's not an addiction yet but what I've read that article why didn't you if you have your caddie out. Maybe another time another time again we're a little bit as I can about what we'll check in and I can't. Did you binary of allotted to open right now 617779793. Said that's headlines.