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Monday, December 11th

Headlines include: Gerry would vote for Roy Moore.  More details emerged in the Matt Lauer story, along with a Clinton- Trump debate.


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Each time once again floor. Headlines. At 611 here's what's trending now visit legal seafood restaurant this holiday season and give your. Give and give your loved one big gift that says I love you Tom Brady Malcolm Butler off the injury report and will play Monday night Miami. Marcus cannon and vile. And bile can nor I are both well. The Bruins host the tonight says that regardless trying to valid W I WER I can't print and spirit that I. Sam was in the car and I was have a long day mental toughness I just heard she's hand and number eleven. In the name and I heard that life and I left a couple of moments that but suffice did you that's not the guy's name is named Calvin noise. Some out Curtis came up with how did you get well again my health. Play again I'm reading welcome Butler off the injury report and will play Monday night Miami markets came in and while. And bio care noise or blood vial can was crazy started stopped to crack yourself and they got it wrong again. Well how do they are you down the road so your continued how did you do that I have no idea I know what that's like hitting a few vial can only. I have like the 22 stroke. Of Lyle thirty you're going to an interesting names are black female boxers and weight and be a black. Calvin noise I tell you and I said this you guys on the air in between the yesterday I thought the show was her rhetoric. Eight plus those it was I listen the whole thing almond extract called up my legs assignment is 12 and exercise and what you guys new to our show played ghost town for me and Jerry just talk for sports out a spot which obviously I. I think that the first time that the lieutenant Leo Henry he's a guy and talk about Stan that would give away a just answer the break before this McCain back upstairs. We invite in the taco stand edit nothing conversation it was at least like I gather lots of screw ready for what your big baseball gonna read anywhere this year are you looking at. They don't look anywhere so I don't wanna do and ultimately about you that shows good. It was great to get a minute by far than that shall we the ones you about a club you should book was terrible for the show yeah it was a great show shocked on Saturday. Yes well I'm I'm taking on the team imports and obviously resigning I that the shows you guys pleasing results I would impersonal good feedback recorder and there are literally. Why could do more than that. You'll to make Joan what do we welcome and all that great so choose integration Jew you could take in calls and hit it took lots of calls on the casting couch people of that stuff. Yet we are readily we get calls that's true ethics are as good I think you should do like all the time every day. Yes it's two to six how to listen and pay it. That has brought to by doctor Robert Leonard a doctor Matthew pressed the 1800. Get here there's been long since rumored. And there's no way proves true or not that man hours he father and Rouse has made her right cute kid. Very cute yes all of a particular are very hands on its copies Wikipedia and it. We learned now that maybe two other kids hours side here. There different women that every story is not the flowers this come back we know that now this towards the coverup for deck hot and fumbled decades. These people knew you know whose nickname was Alex now ours now he blank. Of thirty rocket round rock now I got to say yeah yeah yeah yeah with the and then then in all and then the seat but it's fast enough. Quick enough and I don't my four letters let's as that was that was is an all out there that needed to hear the sounds from that host. They all know he was a rates are there. His neighbor rest of his good friend good friend anti white dear friend Ian bell at the white for really good phone must be torn down. Well assistant Howard Stern knew that map that say it's true that our two kids out of wedlock probably not wig if you would never telling bit as anybody was education all he's such old ladies and and the minute there's 737. On that besides video we year. Prank that it would really pull this cancer was there he is like. That was further comment Meredith Vieira and in all of her Psycho basic sites voice only to me that's him his eyes lit up like you know yeah nobody could land illegally and that could be an overly. This is talking and talking himself. Well. I'm sure that a couple of weeks should be here that during the break. You would either but I can't wait to miserly Tina I'm so excited well I I saw a Twitter account it isn't our fault it blocked. There's negotiations going on right now it's still and we are doing is doing is pretend negotiation things you believe that infomercial RKO's pay him to pay him this is all Joseph you'll talk to me so I have no idea is a bit actually believe that they a week and a filling holes a guy has negotiation power if I don't work. This I have to these were if you you're John Dennis yes he does he doesn't legend does have the guts a couple of things and that's what it is -- there you know what you're December December settlement and everything Johnny on the calls to walk and he has crossed the Red Cross take it you know feel my last -- John it's the guy who me you're there it's your choice is either he hosts over Christmas week I'm hosting Africa's your daughter or other I went on as we guard your puzzles and get a single tweet about this if you need Dotson and he pride to come in face Mimi and demand for the last hour of that show. Credit across. Market believe he'd go in and fight with Fabio about who was better. Terribly injure the moderates in the fight for your retirement. You and I can you would last hour and pocket all I would bet you'll hear that your. Sure I would love to hear that could be December 22 commodity meat like chicken wire like in the blues rose only applicable. You will be you can keep icing warm on the on them that's the thing we keep icing warm sitting there is living in my C and the one chair. I guess that's true when jazz loses seats but I am the one on the show. We as you get very unorthodox that's how we do it when you had allowed radio guys but I'm not immediately -- can be while apple lots type of guy that I don't want to a brick that's a pretty you'll do your best god knows in the -- that's what I don't understand me like a playable on every shot he reached out to you over the summer when you and to me from the show what he was there can be is that congress he said well what's going on here I'm seeing lots of tweets he doesn't listen he saw lots of tweets massacre is being able hot big surprise that that was our garage area yes Dick question marks my choice. Steve the producer is. Lucy felt that I it's is that if that's true he's definitely who sank at Nash as the union's latest disaster show could actually. The toy second mile an irony Dino and who run after that so via. There's an open invitation for. It's mutton Dino alone. The 26. Dino is gonna go after you to party and he's gets more suitable politics nowadays I know I'd imagine so and he probably will have in Egypt deal. That you could not being kept on what you will be sitting well he did it go on Pocahontas -- right aren't we a happy day that's what he's from discus in equal yes well I Wii U discouraged while the fake news over the weekend. I'm telling you right now you know who helped. Elect Roy Moore and Romo will win tomorrow I don't know in the Al breaking news and when it comes on him you know what I like his wife is gonna win. Number reasons but. CNN Washington Post. Brian Ross and most of all most of all glory all what is CNN and Brian Ross you with because going more at all it's it's one big. Incestuous. Cesspool. Of a system these these these people these fake. Explain to me why all the fake news is in one direction while policy now why does anyone I've ever seek news that's right bright white advertise and whenever you get a gold. To protect and deals. And that is an ultra agent. It for tat mean Russo Brian Ross lied to suspend Nokia sugar gunfire is. We saw a CNN. Eight about Donald. No no correction no thought Gerry called the Clinton administration is alternately university Hillary Clinton is the president of the united I don't you talk is that this was just in the last week. And people are fed up I saw one great quote. Someone asked. At Alabama and while you're voting for a I'm Roy Morris that I take Wimbledon for a more. After you exit if that's industries in which is up like three or four point which you or more of an album. Yes you don't quite right boy's name. Birdie on Ottawa on meal ticket so you both reports. I think it's 9/11 happened because we turned our backs on I know that's a more disturbed by that stuff that I am eligible for them Republicans. Feel better for yourself just right or Olympic Games into the money if you're viable and guided your listeners to vote for him but they're all afraid of the backlash I'm afraid that perception season it's always ultimately what does it right here is brought him on a directory for for weeks and weeks and weeks. He jumped up and down and you know. Yelled at all these guys in the comes down to a vote for you vote for dollar probably of Roy Moore two guys just these. They are not ITT hello everybody and playing the ball. That's Alex if you deny it's how you guys and I realized. What you denying you don't think that Bill Clinton and Bill O'Reilly didn't. Did one. Did you give it to be 32 million people I think he played 32 million dollars is ahead on non consensual she ever stated and there's no. No I'm not so so it's quite different. Because he paid 32 million. If Roy marked out comes the senate Al Franken I guarantee you I'd party change his mind he will not change his mind and on there's I don't care what it ought to delete that we were more I want Roy Moore to get elected and then get. Kicked out of Austin is that between about the accuser. For your party your book and deleted between what it just does the term poured make news you know what they should there they shouldn't have. Forgery is a bush and waging terrorist shouldn't actually it was just real thing or should I date we will woody called forged a DH he wrote yes all right and wanna win and we're asked about it they said. He wrote okay so G and Gloria Allred do you think you're thinking and that was lied to me that. I think you're she wrote to me now three idols I sent it occurred a few computer if you see important investments these people by some of them okay and what you. Yes one or a Massachusetts quite TI I explained to hammer pedophile yes it was. Yes there and escalate to unite and on and you want to be morally and not your fraud yes I want to go to college drop to is is a separate and you Basra Hillary Clinton who is never you're right signal worse and worse. Worse she bullied and intimidated that's worth I become a little slow us about it. But yes it's worst in sexually harassed I can't believe it's worse than it is trying to kiss. We're just like there aren't and is what box which either Broderick she called a liar when. One Broderick. I told the world she got straight immediate future rations bleeding I guess your message to older and then when Juanita how much we harasser and explain to. We can get the whole story going to the wings element you'd you'd attachment code she called Monica Lewinsky and special run out of him rest from cheap crossed mr. Obama puts you more theater she called her delusional world Jindal at signal believes they trump Cha. The accusers ugly incident you budget and what what I remembered to arrest brought I don't know that you that the don't know if you don't seem as saying for years and I don't know which like me get the details see I vote for one other thought the whole story written why she's watching. Okay and all these plowing turn out our and it comes down to a because he's okay publicly I will explain to well what I'm shocked I MO last year for sap. I will explain it to you one more time stupid it's not a homework prepare. He's gonna get elected and then he's gonna get kicked out of the always. Yes you know we want that's that the trump behind him he's innocent in the proper spot behind SET is not a local cause for Reggie talking a trump trump said Lisa can vote a more. We can't have Doug Jones in this because it Democrats worse than a pedophile well nine elevenths happens to be learned there actually got they absolutely can trying to kiss a you know a fourteen year old girl. Is worst than aborting her Friday and heard and their third trimester he talking. Well that's Doug Jones that's why why why owns only if you apart on garlic is eighteen year old girl like to play pollution o'clock attic. Kerry and Edwards not true it's a pet I know that's the one with the airport Earl Stewart fell apart give up on her that signatures upon her the signatures right. What more significant. It's going we're adding it here we go ahead and handwriting it's if it's due to a different in writings in the first name in the last by the way he wrote Roy she wrote more. He didn't like 98 he wasn't even the DA's homosexual caught authority illegal yes yes and it's a page of your standards are good and all that the constitution. The thing that America was better there is slavery as well in the Santa hats were together he said a lot of stupid things the guy is creepy. They're gonna elect them and kick them out and and the Republican governor is in the wrong place but but that has amnesia both you actually vote for I would vote against Doug Jones that's how it works he. You have to pick. That Jones isn't. Moderate Democrat intelligence prospects persecuted as you know and why there is a moderate Democrat Jerry you're running for senate Alabama yet to be fairly centrist that's it would mean if you didn't the Democrats if you win a decade did you the only elected via live to work he is pro. Partial birth abortion might try that because they're flies like program makers essentially but that doesn't dump right Massachusetts that's how it works Todd Mitt Romney didn't mean. It to be governor Massachusetts is this guy he beats more he's knocking dudes unbelievable. A child rapists could senator. Don't child rapists and he says adolescent sexual abuse of women in real rape suspect in the white coats you that you want people to you by the people who put food and what Hillary Clinton and built on channel in the White House late this personally I don't want to rate. It doesn't that it. I mean the bottom line is that is dump truck is being accused by ninety Howard and Howard Stern know how we disappointed as. What hoosiers when act you voted for a woman pro Roy Moore act a woman who did what brought him lie but it was the first time I was really the whole story is a graduate. Each and every one of his big usually against it was a Paula Jones what are you doing what. You don't Juanita what frustrated wanting out of being willing to do they have womanly or were raped in salt what bush Clinton she voted what do Hillary Clinton Kathleen whacked in the way it did she get a kept telling out of that place. Well yes I voted to put duke what do you do play out well beauty too tired I don't know what what what is white what he did Kathy I'm gonna read the whole thing to your to do what you did did you uproar which in the way. Intimidated which you don't call their line went lied about what did you show she she ran the bimbo and Russia okay often heard what is payable what did you say what you should do you know this is true what you what you true she I don't know life you don't win. Don't February 27 this year I don't 198 you know I just told secretary Shelley lives he's of evict UN already gives you both for two peoples for sexual reference articles and voter can you vote for a child putting their violent rapists back in the White House I couldn't open or years the issue did I did yes we call Donald Trump. I call when he miracle presenter is leaving college is because nice full President Bush it's trumps that regardless of the president because the Republicans like epidemic I wouldn't put it on the red carpet on the name Yvonne. Its first she said director. And great display of material that shouldn't care but he does it she says he raped me pursue development and alterations accused Wright of course is all trucked it. Clinton paid these women Bill Clinton. Rate Juanita Broderick. That day she told people the story that day she had a bloodied lip. Told to put some ice on weight behind it's headlines by two by doctor Larkin and all you want you can justify your vote for the clintons put back you can definitely knows what trump. Thank god thank god I would do it ten times over a quick trial and was at 8 o'clock 61777979. Reserves comic does address a third Hampshire will be right on time for that. At headlines brought you doctor Robert Leonard.