K&C - Headlines with Kirk; Counting down greatest celebrity rants of all time 9-21-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, September 21st

Headlines- Kirk & Gerry talk about Lawerence O'Donnell's meltdown which sparks a discussion about the greatest celebrity rants of all time. 


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Headlines brought to my doctor Robert Leonard V haired doctor Sebastian Vollmer at 1800 get here let's get to. Let's get to we're gonna rank these famous rants I guess or about ten trips should we start would Lawrence O'Donnell the new wanted so we and the closer you mostly we forget and just overcast and a 9% of people on Twitter at McCord Peter correct by the way you know is that I think is somebody you were leaked it. To show what it I think he is but oh Clark so O'Donnell in studio on camera. I'm a little problem with his staff for a station and then and then Illinois and then somebody on the -- of four above the I was school construction indeed did he did not handle the noise well. Stop by hammering stop hammering out there who's got a hammer where president. Where's my hammer. Is that they got Gordon and got to force somebody to want parents thought I Ameren. Thought I had par it I'll go down to the day yeah myself and stop and keep it and commercial break go. Called real grip and hunter who you have to call stop that Cameron. And the other but didn't control room and find out where this is going on it's either there or there or out there somewhere I don't know wire blog. Or say how to cut the slots when you don't do. I just off I don't know why I'd it is just so now I have to chase those stupid. And and trails that you allowed him to stick out there. Crazy. Sound coming in my ears. Stupid hammering. Him I told you why I want those words cut it just. Sucks it. Sucks to be out here with this out of control. I've been much worse. How unfortunately. They have to cut all the the bad word router themselves and sounds much better when good. And I had I was an all time but good. Companies like thrown stuff and jumping out of his chair and where it goes on for eight minutes you're routing the visual is so incredible the right thing you know we lose his mind the and the music throwing stuff at screening the visuals always good that's good. I would call the best in best known none of true yeah it helps when you're really famous little arsenal is not a Riley is Mel Gibson is it is. It is Jason had this difference. You know persona public that's true his kindness there and keep your feet on the ground he Richard stars what are what. While go to Casey case we have Casey right. Dear Casey this may seem to be a strange dedication request but I am quite sincere and it'll mean a lot if you play it. Lisa bloom there was a definite family. He was a little dog named snuggle up again. Coming out of their record on the record and please. See when you come out of those up sampled. And numbers man is impossible to make those transitions. And then you got to go to somebody dying. You know they do this will be a time I don't know what the hell they do have horrible it. We can't come out of this world record I don't understand it is. I'm in the zone OK I want a concerted effort to come at a record that is enough. Temporal record every time I do and their dedication and make and I also wanted to know what happened to the pictures I was supposed to see this week. Instead got and time I want somebody uses and she cannot come on ahead and good. That is I got a dead and dying. Payroll like he's got more to. That is an annual basis and pretty deadly right yet the image doing this like we they. Should we say come back from might you know whatever and go goes record he's doing that in and everyone knows that you're in a hole in your site and you do this all the candidates like a lot of his case and was was different watch what it was like a member of the massive battle over a number he died at the writers are going on Israel was hot daughter went out it wasn't like missing for awhile ago that knowing why. His wife like basically. Kidnapped and kept away from the kids that this security historian think when you grow up in the car you hear Casey case in duke simply they listen location is this girls are Tacoma lost their dog to play that it is favorites on. If you leave me now by Chicago and come back. What's next Kenny. O'Reilly well Serena rather gross Canada while O'Reilly Mel Gibson. A ball whose daughter. Clay we've Christian Berle Chris Sale yet cushion builds pretty great reader. From your Mel Gibson. Yeah on some of its. It looks stupid I don't do it Vegas and especially. Tight clothes. And stuff I won't stand for that. I don't I don't want to write it I don't look. I don't look around the outside closed as a kid I almost. The best to you Erica the shot at the back at your ball all right. Do. You accidentally ingests all the time did you say. Tight outfits and tight cancer studies here to do I and I think today was I. OK. I will take much but I don't. Yeah. I can't laugh at that right so didn't I hope we left of the great quotable I'm should be those groups though he should just smile and me me. You look at this thing. He's one guy him and tankers have aired a movie now I can't see it. It's great filmmaker Austin acts hurt his second half of them lose some shows he's so crazy mystery warm office he's he's critical things is the greatest movie maker of all time lethality is you really you know he's a toll built his own Catholic Church because you like the modern version once the priest to look at the altar or not. That was or merit a twenty times is a fifty hits and no no he has aces non 93 different women. Well he wasn't married and has brought us this young now all I know I cannot Catholic. I believe can't possibly can't control costs trigger rice says that. And say listen hypocritical and crazy isn't a filmmaker alcoholic at the somatic and everything else we makes great movies does Hillary got next. When Christian Bale nobody Gerri we were scared of where we can do Reilly lashed oil astronaut they're due Christian Bale is pretty great music is mounting on her list on exterminated walk us on the did the couple years ago. And they want to be sorry I think I want Sackett I want to miss it yeah. What do. You. Are you professional or not. And walk around a bit I don't shut the up Bruce you wanna know. And you don't shut me up. A mugger walked around a rip your lights down. In the middle Tennessee and then what are you walk to work through. That I had that I like this in the background what that does it would you. He goes on and on I don't like four minutes like yes. Goes on for real quick what pushes EG I I I've been I got to sat a few weeks ago is like there but no way I. And I can't defend the kind of behavior I don't know what people do get frustrated when there's like so much hockey not Saturn or whatever you're satisfied I literally rolls right here's another I wanna. So it's a great actor that's why is. And he's he's a Jeanne Meserve watching him do special one time could use a movement member appeals and he's not usually answer and still isn't it. Until the story of the Christian Bale was a child actor so still in the room when these movies together in stores had sales like that like seven years old. Really purely guilty director during the break. And thought that perhaps the he's not saying he's but he's cruel loss I interns and I hear anyone in the league unlike anybody or Mozilla browsers today and in entered me I can't. I know what we're talking home that's over they're gone had a good run I think I hope you enjoyed his time here a couple of weeks one we the next can. Chris Berman shorts or Berman or even though we feel bad for Obama is not purposes not eat. That's what everybody can we expect teams rights. I mean it's not in my stance. Is that when everybody has to more what I'm trying to concentrate. Geez you guys. Minnesota rule I can't believe that that says it's all got him. This why is everyone all the sudden have that rule that two hours to move around waits and minute. She is so I don't slope that's like no one's ever worked on TV here before. She's. Duncan under the actually that can't believe what I just saw that it's like no one here has worked on TV before Barrett dial tone. And those seven people running she's. Tournament the more I hear that again I that you could understand yes. Straining. We don't wanna meet the news comes from future class that's why put you on Gary and I can melt all ukulele anyone's house I was on the identity. You're on it and had ukulele melt yes yes I was its its its appetite or go from 0200. And and he won't. And then you moved here from Gary reasons who have been good for the record on an ad that was I was real. And we have so I personally and as I I am in the garage who proposal to hand him easy ways to. He came towards Curtis and and he started walked towards like hey buddy don't overdo it neighborhood is on the member and it. Just I mean I could laser focused on courtesy of when I was on Sunday understanding and to prepare our. What's that what else we got it I must say Gary I apologize after news is please get to the good ones and our quality and the Laura large don't miss all the good embryos for meals because daughter pager. Yeah I like that but maybe she was then. That's it and at a oh good Jerry wants. I'm sure you've never lost all I have not led an effort that I don't really I don't think so you have. I mean you've I'm not in his league I you know I'm not we'll not only anchor and the deal was the Cole. He was scared is bigger than you so true you could be scary yeah yeah he's replied we gal Paula here. Here. Auburn in the bad it's. When you don't know. No I mean I want you all know what I. Oh 1000000 dollars in the morning to you I am. Marie I want you learn you know. Okay. Anyway he's yelling. I know you might remind you normally look how he's handling. Laden and around him and anger and. He's right. And what the thought muscle pain pickles is twelve growth thoughtless little pig what did she do what was the US is Cuomo and should be isn't or something and you know I'm guessing that the mom like him that's an accurate that getting leaked it was internal and more so imagine what the the heat on the new wife and cracked a three kids in three years and who's there who must now. Awful is that it's a six. I grew a lot hate it twelve year old girl. Since you can have clearly he Israel language the mom and check it out on the dotted AFLAC cool well. Well callable. At speculated question always had but my my personal favorite part to me. Did a record right now. You know hearing right merger for the O'Donnell among those rights and fundamental O'Donnell's month he's got famous to be in the top but he doesn't hurt at aviation if but he's accused of first KC defense first about it the most melts Reynolds Brunell is is the most like Hotmail is good eyes and again from Mosul as I have penalties on these high blood alcohol level hit off the charts at that point it. Here's with a cane it's all right we used to wait a Riley's two party is now in addition O'Reilly was over how we he's been on with Sean Hannity is pushing one of his books and he's got no outlet anymore inside edition it's an addition to stringent. We could I think want to reach out for right we'll do we'll talk to try to be here. I'm sure that he would treat a full at what I don't talk to you can't box do you think you can like an imbalance Cantonese opera mask so that's right although he managed several times. It's here Bill O'Reilly back side dish try to get this thing CD in is that read it yet. This now I can't read it there's no there's no words on it. The and there's no words there to play us out. What does that mean to play. It's gonna do the media thing. What does this threat I don't know what that needs to play us out what does that mean. And the show yet. All right go go. Well pre. That's about it and that is that. Locked up the heat. That's tomorrow and that is it for us today and we will leave you with Eddie. I can't do it. We'll do it live. The door and I can go all right yeah a lot. Think Sox. Or three. That's tomorrow and that is it for us today on Bill O'Reilly thanks again for watching we'll leave you which staying and a cut off his new album take it away. And the view that it's I don't know that throwing his papers alleys jacket on Britain's. I'll yet the issue is still out there. Add I think which include turning from owner letter in my head I was an appropriate but I the I used to think the last you know refuge of a liberal debate was the accuse you racism but no it's pro life. High standards and there's Amanda opened its session so violent that's true that don't. It. Let's pretty bad. You shouldn't now now just believe in not goodness this is it is not meant a lot taller republic. I purposely listen I want to grow thank you couldn't tell you what you put I think I think I'd still go with I don't Riley is number one that I have to OTC Cason number one executions can have Christmas ale is pretty Baylor students. Good but I I cut like Christian Bale Mel Gibson slack is the geniuses that's part of their their actors they're not supposed to Casey case of great people he's supposed to be good person yes yes your radio and loses in mid ship that was given the radio on the fuel Riley supposed to be good person because love charity he does not the qualities you think he's those dikes scene is a good so are host to be good person. This I don't know Tyler I was mailed all right yeah that was that affects our individual player now what was her. She yelled at she was a good thing and choose how she was here for awhile because they'll hear a few times very high maintenance and snapping at people like Imus I must list. Post the one of the biggest danger and that I'm. So and Holler hi later is waiting for him it is a pre order a lose every acting station we have it was early shows off my actions screaming and to produce debate. Our headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard feared lost doctor Sebastian moment 1800. Days here over at that.