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Thursday, December 7th

Democratic senators calling for Al Frankens resignation. Warren Moon is accused of sexual harrasment by former female staffer.


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Kurt can count my hands headlines headlines plus segment that stands on the shoulders of its morning leading talk show H arts specialist. I get yours and mine goes to. One. Need. People people of today. Can see you see we got him if you've got here how money always making the University of Michigan crowd have you heard JFK. Ask not what you can do for your country. But asking that they write these are trying to think with the fans enjoy each guest drew just you know what the media would say the old saying is never think. I don't. There's your third offense a third on defense at third. Well you know I want to shift our there's a third the number of playing another starter is a third of the game how money is sixty offensive plays sixty offensively it's not gonna be sixty special teams plays. We talking about there is and always insightful I think that over the years it's been a one of those today has been like game. Where he just think that you could do it'd. Athletes could do more to help you know. And there's definitely pressure on athletes to you to do Moorer back to back the you know be more active back. We're actors pierced today some money inspired headlines. He's the best. He was fired up despite this morning with them later headlines brought to bite doctor Robert Leonard and document the press to their doctors LB in the buyers and was different. At 1800. Get here yeah he's got to leave it or not. Like he knew he went down to fill in chance coming up in tomorrow. Could you monasteries and no pun intended equity. It's headlines that said brought you by doctor Robert Leonard document the president 100 day care. 61777979371. Direction you have ones that you have like an odd bit today Al Franken. We talked not an end and end it now I think that's scary now and and Drudge is saying I wanna encourage in the states victims couldn't stay in the senate. It hitting it's gonna happen. This is all coming together. You know as Roy Moore is going to be in the senate now Franken is not what I like it's gonna drive all the right people and say I like is the courage you've got Elizabeth Warren and anarchy to wait is that is they all did as good coal mine back to ban from The Herald where she just wouldn't. Commit she would ever want. I think this slick. 1416. Female senators. Denounced the Manson should be gone it you wouldn't for some reason she loves Al Franken right. He must not have ever stuck his tongue down her throat I guess not evidently finally yesterday late afternoon to say yeah I guess so he saw clearly there with a lot of these female senators got together because see based on Twitter within 1015 minutes and seven right this is after another Franken allegation yesterday. Note that we talked about maybe I forget by a liberal woman any media matters parties after the so what can meet Obama inauguration tradition of coming down her throat again this is what comedians right sword that how many accuses them. We've double digits yeah I think it's Peter and I so I would John Ziegler probably between July John for John Ziegler and subsequently to but so Franken is done he's gonna resign today right this morning. I don't know he's he was not committing but he. He's done remotely using terrorism as. Crossed the line. And you're he would go for Al Franken where SNL take him back Alex so no candidate will they market this week means enough delegates to go away that's an excellent point. Guys never just go way you think that all of the story today and carpenter up Arnold QB on day two with the stars that horrible. Yeah began his round with like on MSNBC. Now loaded none catalog the we got into and we have this easily today in this in the pile that Hazmat flowers is gonna. Lay low be regularly guide to golf in the Hamptons in the Hamptons and regular guy. It is that. Well pace that's on voluntary he just has to go away because no one. Well meant that I was always bushes making it come while I was obviously much much worse than outright and yet as well sulfur as far as we know as far as we know. Right I mean who know who knows Franken that's out there eight again team did but she did this every day. I mean how did you look at your kids I mean if you did this from if you diplomat loud and how did you seriously Mallard is carefully look at the guys essentially rapes somebody. Each of opinions and can't beat that means it was evil animal he's a lunatic. He's a rapists should jump right hesitant on his kids who think he gives a crap about his children you know he doesn't or his wife Knoll that certainly. Or is otherwise I'd rather she takes him to the cleaners yes and Margaret dollars worth ten million dollars Franken just presents it. But I don't anymore that is are a source tells the New York Post that flower has no intention. Overturning the public place he plans to disappear. And play golf he wants to be a regular Joseph to play golf. And stay in the Hamptons he has no intention of mounting a Billy bush style come back he's going to stick to his one statement and not the address the allegations again. The bush did nothing to laugh at pump. The skies are rapists he is he can't make it billion pushed them come back now. He's the statute that you think we'll Franken. We're guessing that hire a good point it may not Brian Williams came back. If he'd assault went no he I think about it and they're with their Witten out there women on that Staten wherever offering higher it would it would be able to we got a second notion to a shot. Of course he's careers. So it's life is over he'll go to wherever retire you'll be fine to be rich in part of the divorce and remarry if you're Hamptons and you you say hey listen can you guys I get a single. You know allowed to open I mean. It means I guess your play golf with him on a collision on the Charlie Rose and yes the component hang beginner in. It's not a class action suit against Harvey Weinstein picture. But that's because in some real money. Questions in jail time I don't Elvis costume that helps he's an legitimize and talking you know. Fifty million problem. There's much more does he have responding spent a lot of true yeah libelous of people up true that's a lot to ruin people's lives and it came out of a company slush fund. The victim is pocket that's true that money's going to be allocated scandal the right place Wi athlete number two Greg's almost the first on this the ball begins rolling rolling rolling Warren Moon who was a creep. No surprise that that hasn't got arrested for beating up his wife has yet that was the worst kept secret everybody knew that goes puke that accused of an ax. I heard some young assistant I assume and I and made her work on Reagan's sleep it's not that and usually you make currents were on the view when her travel and pulls it off. And he eats he might filmmakers to sleep with him. I don't come with them. How did you when you're done you're making my dad's death and you'll Q do you blame the victim but how does the woman who works Warren Moon say OK I'll sleep in your band played eventually she didn't want to impression they left the first it's you know. She is a guy who is beaten women not so I'm sure she intimidated. How did you sleep. We didn't require her to Wear on underwear. And share his bed. During business trips when the chicken hotel in the clerks as you want to double bands are saying they are concise signal. And she said it was cut to double its on the Pittsburgh for two rooms. I think he could chose chose not facing these would have right tell you I grab your crotch when a drug you what's the British talk vigilance at flooded. With this smut talking go who knew Lucy basically do whatever right tell you I grabbed. I'm told it's. Not. Stop go back and that's exactly heard us. This is mutt is famous speech of the interns started every year and modern nation correct let me ask Stacey do whatever right tell you I grab your crotch when a drug you that you rigs off. I mean that is unbelievably good swim that have been here what is said to them in their dog period AFLAC cancer but this person for person. Nice person. It was unbelievable the retirement and he's a powerful man. What I. People to gain why say equity sets because he's retired the these monsters had forced it. And what should again I didn't hear. Bases do and I write tell you might grab your crotch when a drug you know that you rigs in off. In this society he's doing. See like what doesn't and tell a lot century and did I pay to walk out split personality that's true. It's what us ago that had that is that is headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard document and steal everything from rob and crews. The air Los experts at 1800. Err on the back to all of us praises all the stuff. The the interview with will bond and anything else you want to hear from what you can join us next agreement with my must take on the team could talk to keep it if he has some analysts say America CNN USA we got very mad but I welcome mops about their come on just funny Monday's house hang up but we'll hang up on which the chief. Yeah it's true he's calling us the ski can upload every shelter so to what to do those will certainly help we're honoring him celebrating the life from rich keep today yes inevitable talk to much advisory Dawson was alone in equities for listeners among my coming on the network and the pedal but I'll tell you if Keefe keep its self preservation. It's all about your career Keith it's about you. You need to come on this show they go cash and I think we're gonna break no I don't wanna read on the story arm I don't care to me into the right side I'm not. I'm sorry yankees and I don't care well we see is not incorporated and alcohol or Saskatchewan whose bag like I like that does it annoy some baseball people agree that it TV guy how he imagined that an elegant but it nobody no Red Sox figured Arab governments cannot be enough interest expense got wiped out next year. That means nothing to still move Maloney. Just Lou. Now I'm here here are 61777. 793. Said we'll get the reaction I guess formal puts more of that sound as well. Was a good fight between every drop your breath for us it was it was all I miss it's a real there was some serious venture what was tweeting about it but I thought things statement last about I guess some things to get to it might enhance your joints.