K&C - Henry Lake defends his critical tweet of Kevin McHale; The Chris Curtis 3 point challenge 6-22-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 4: Henry Lake of Kansas City's 610 sports radio joined the show to defend his critical tweet of Kevin McHale and Chris Curtis attempted the 3 point challenge.  

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We are you know the pacers taking we know Portland is taking and then it'll be three picks of the Celtics at 840 I go to break the best three point shooter whoever that is. That's lovely city. The Boston Celtics elect Robert. Picks we're able get jobs data coming up to allow LA clippers select Jerome. Thanks Kerry and Ted surrender with -- Manhattan welcome to a peak and pupil for Charles I did both terribly did not vote for in the broad based frequent care what anyone sick sort of for Marco Rubio said that on this Airways youthful guy you. A truck I shall I think about that so I don't think I'm on my pull. Un Iraq as you might be leaning towards that rhino category trying to put around the country are some people some people on the video and Gerry Callahan. Quite an important event that is racists. In the desert don't think you can ever have players tried and respect them enough. The smooth about it word tonight that like over these are people who. Are they. Are you much love from the work every very special faith and now. US and once Sports Radio W. Still didn't four hours later it's been moved from each of I normally don't know. I'm talking about them no he's not this guess that creature of records now. Or are supported route to glance at the potential Pitt had only been over survived but he got shot yeah I think the people who you know they so mark the street that drove up on the sidewalk and kill us let's mice when you're maybe vote for trump. The Harvey Milk of talk show host and so when we finally got Clinton were admitted. And before he could finished the breath he said I but I wouldn't we aren't as you know 79 years ago and it's great. I like other. People that are in the primary to its ancient history yet you voted for the China in the White House in to admit it now is to to leave yourself. Oh a tale invulnerable. To be the next. Kevin McHale and maybe you'll get run out of the business yes we're meeting. You support the precedent. You're one of 63 million by the way to see that the woman from Boston tweeted about. Gordon Hayward. What's her name of all the peoples like species like you read all of us on Twitter page she went into Gordon Hayward since two Graham accounts who follows yup and he follows Fox News. And and she follows on the ball like guys and some political I had to sell one Charlie Kirk totally gone Malia. No right wingers these young right wing pundit in Sweden a home to. And scan which you know can you get her name for me Christmas. She writes for we try to get a Russian and it's Jimmy Kimmel writes some of the late night show. And she's from Boston we try to get her on the people reach out tour she says looks like we have our own Kevin McHale. Is Gordon Hayward follows a hold on cable so. We say he had you're like what is Kevin McHale Sony went to a rally and yes. You were to see the president speak yes OK Asus will be just as they do that. Somebody else that's terrible may do that court they would never said a word. President Obama gets accord it was Republican. Click yes we just these republics from the midwest to a network the Utah above there was a you talk amerigas sees a Republican is June stats he. Yes yesterday's. Which that's that's Milton native. Milton made just from ballot an estimate of lost our our personnel pretty big Twitter presence and yes. Of ours out there on she's afraid we'll try again Padilla goes live update your real quick on the Chris Curtis challenge. While inherently can't call all the talking when when when is that. Only get colonel Curtis is running to get her basketball couldn't get in the Celtics facility yet not yet so this goes back and they stayed up late and I know. It is not up a little Ramona and the American unit. Honestly any basketball for the court so we have a corporate noble they're gonna target if the chances threes or never if you have to get you to dinner me. Triggered by sandwiches they gonna go to target Watertown. It's. Not right there I know exact word is he's got a half an hour to get to target and try fireball right okay and person who lost and then that's the favorite sport in oak square which is not right there either. Find I await final that I launched 33 I didn't do the final segment issue I think he can. Well I'll say we after the usual you have so much confidence in him try try to but they didn't do what you can play some of the holy three ZU bananas so I think the bottom of banana. Did you see the sweep them tomorrow. Look our you don't think you that one knowledge. NBA to get herself originally lotteries US don't want to put up the pace of the different different distances he is the problem you. Since knocking of your NBA line on the court to face off. It's adds another ten minutes for Kurtz and one count 23 feet. Push ups. One point 75 point three assists with different from up top a top what do well no it's not telling your way around right. It's twenty I want some from the quite 122. When he went through on top. So who's gonna stay in the corner shorter harder for me from the corner I am I suppose radio. Haven't extended that you can have an NBA three point line. Ultimate achievement there truly awesome I Monday eighteen and 192 of the best when in thirty pro but if you missed. Celtics who drove the the new three point shooter Robert Williams. In his career and college two for 32 for thirty to 43%. Free throw shooter as we get to work as Chris totally. That's a recurrence through 43% of his free throws Patricia Thompson and how bad is that he is better than that he has. He is not can be on the floor in the final two minutes. No one of your own you'll be any book ever let me think a good better get up thirty points and what we're worst Curtis right now. Called night I saw had really is a guy tweeted out a century to Mikhail you know he's with he's cancel them. Yes I'm gonna too little local finite always tweets mistreated so Henry they can join us. Yes he says he's got he's got to be busy. Getting into his show but he he called quick if we have going right now. We do that we just we just cinemas we'll see you Reynolds you're you're watching a Chris archer. Extranet two a 100 interns in the end helped him. One of the entrances on FaceBook live and market Curtis is attempt to shoot to sell my nephews and. No okay. That have to hit more than two of 33. I don't want to challenge yes I would see the whole journey. Package of Curtis walked around target target codified a basketball wobbling around you can't seriously can do all that less than half an hour but usually do we excited. He's very excited it's a huge trip. See I think if you apply himself. Would you agree that was by himself and his drive week to 230 occurs under pressure though you know Larry Bird but the camera I'm not about feeling good you are using here. Now his two young tough. The gym tough but I its web predicting that supreme thirty. You should for low. You said for who can stick to my guns for a thirty niceties in a row but he doesn't it for the first state tend to over it's over because I was gonna get that's been there it's meant its in its total meltdown. We can't relate Nolan got a good joining us right now he's one on 610 kids cities aren't. Henry. How are you. Good morning not too bad I see every took interest in this we obviously got a lot of reaction. Explain this in some way isn't he about the debt that could write definitive confirmation another Ella. Both Kevin McHale actually showed up patrols rallied to lose today which is what she did. With everything is happening now we trust on the stands for yet he's canceled what what do you exactly mean. Yet they mean by everything in regard to it's now number one when we needed. Actually curious as to whether we've got in the skill guys you know are you looking at the picture and I'm like OK. What's going on here it before it even Tweety anything. All be all full complete insult about the regards viewed not as. Yen rallied but helpful in the dark what is what has doubled doubled and other beat him when it is well bill. Long story I had began speak on stand at midfield for years. The beat the Celtics. Going up these were my team or anything like that I'd love basketball love all of this order basketball I respect great players. I respect great scenes. And when you go back in basketball or because on the scale and think about here's respectful. And that was one beat while the big time fans. I'll get McHale well beyond. A little bit of background. Album that sold and the same way to keep them afloat now from media. He's from it being but that was part of the reason why I've idolize. It admired him. What such a long time. OK but wouldn't say I got going at the backs her we say he's canceled what he sent. Anita today let's go global quickly got sick he would. OK. All I would say that in most all understand that when we did they cancel it that I think at a discount like all great. Like I'm not saying that this important. Or human being on. Which are which are over what to your admiration for him as a player is gone now. I'm over my admiration for him at a later. Because we we get it here in the scene that they'll light. What do you think you think he's Mattel was a great player I think he's one of the twenty best players of all time so is that and I and I admired him I guess the way you admire players. So we went to a rally and watch the president speak in because he did that uses the tenets of where you no longer admire him as a basketball player. Does that make sense but that's obviously don't know what's what he's saying. Get big yet. Person at a part about it it back. What did you nobody what did you know about him politically before that you have no idea what he was if who's a Democrat or Republican. So southern what did you what did you admire as a person and him what did you his admiration for him. The aberrations like most people young people want now is that you. A recent. Towards somebody based on what you make but okay like maybe you're adult when you're going up to watch the bill Cosby show yet apple. Oh I mean I've been WW I was okay he tweets he trip and come on at least tweets and says canceled like Powell and I hate Cosby. It's you are drawn to do it on Twitter you're doing and now he's drawing a parallel between Kevin McHale and went to a speech by the president to Bill Cosby. I am not I'm not to want to appear both in terms of saying that what kept in the field he insulin at a truck rally at the saint not what I'm saying. I think that I can't in the terms of putting all my Atmel reach important that is all I'm saying you are now about one eco he has nothing like those individuals he is nothing like. This thing's not cutting out my mine my admiration for him. Based on and so on but the rally and the reason why outlets outbid it bought the gravity is that the timing of at all. It's not as dull and look at that he'll be at the very different people. There are truck supporter and I don't have an issue with that kind of what is going on in our country. Alert level what's the time and because of the nice and finished but it sure what medium. What it's the timing of what is going on with the immigrant failed yet but this latest Twitter account in the big which he baffled me apple. Saying that she compared with one point. The data or even injured they killed a terrible I agree had reason awful stupid but I. All his is his is his name is his namely McHale. Not at wonder does seem should get ya know like yeah. CN YC plus aberration or somebody you don't know anything about before politically whatever he didn't know before you now lost because of something else you don't know me Mikhail. Went along because wife while we don't listen this Henry admitted to Republican and I watched speech now. I didn't know can Mikhail was a supporter I understand why chemicals father. Was a minor Donald Trump does does the shout out to minors every time his speech he did it in Duluth he talked about miners in this respect for miners. Can your respect. Ken McKay hails admiration for the guy who actually cares about minors the son of a minor. And actually bit that was my question to you Kevin McHale oh well it war. Roy Moore is as a per pack increase yes that's what he's yes he's yes it more real whereas Morris. My point is this the reason why. Diet and I do what you're saying the reason why I've looked at differently. And we're go or and looking at him differently. Is because Cindy would come to the reputation of what's up is the one right now and the like this and our country and look I'm not figured they'd I don't have any issues that are not order welcome. All law. But when I see some will be. Racist behavior when BP but that being that he's saying but whenever they want out here and they got started the people that mark support that. So you lost UConn is that do you to you write that correct. As soon. Support yeah I'd are not supporting him. Because Kanye eggs said he was gonna give trump a chance who was just not gonna. He's not run with the mob. Not Japanese that it would giving him the chain was shelled. With somebody that ball forgot what I know that the leagues and he let. You do a show at the trump support we can talk to remarks are your dexterity I could cancel you cancel. It. I. How can I. I'd like Henry. Thanks thanks thanks robbery and is not a game points let's say it's it's as happy as the season you literally tweeted that to ease that they can Mikhail. He's done he's done with him like with Cosby. Possibly the most prolific rapists in US history. He's comparing him to Crosby it is actually saying he sued Meyer Mikhail as a player. Now he doesn't anymore but if you're a player I was just sitting there was standing there. McCann listening to the president can't like the president I believe that and so I've noticed Celek what there's only sin is going to the speech so accordion like campaign like LeBron campaign for Hillary can do that public now right again. Archer with the say and social yet these people are all union mine yesterday to other people on nobody's made a point where you say OK I get. This collective you know I'm pretty heartless I think so. Don't so my favorite singers is Steve Irwin was working with the side writes my favorite actors. Are or Greg liberals would mean that's the way it works. So my friends. Supported Obama. We're my best friends or my partners and in this business vote for Hillary Clinton who loser and still you know sort of respect Mbeki a premier Ed he bowed out Hillary I'm proud that. You wanna get. Norman in the White House just sat let you know get over time within that to me let's take a look we get back one quick amendment. One quick amendment Robin Williams shot he's threes from college distance. Too for thirty from college. That's true Curtis can shoot from the college exchange numbers. I'll probably enjoy the golf for the voters are making a dent in your age now know we're not as a courtesy Purcell an important and what's up girl. We know absolutely pivotal quarter so part. And our law right now. You sure he's a loser. Trigger you sure you get there play. Or record certainly don't work there or not. So you know that you can choose from college distance whatever that is what's that 1999. From the corner idea measured out. Where to shoot. No longer felt talk. Why or Bruins ordered all our our our. We stood back and I had a ten reports that water and I think he's always update these in the middle schools and children. Kirch and Callahan on Sports Radio telling you. Helplessly Jericho down. Did you vote for Charles I did vote Joba did not vote for him in the primary. I voted for Marco Rubio said that on the same way as before. Aside political rubio in the primary Jerry would like me because I you might be leaning towards that rhino category he's not a lot. When Ryan went to the animals and again I don't know. I want for anything is awake as people pretend to know he just pretend you know right. And he hit a good rent on this through their own good this picture and some well going to recruit quality radio they forced splintered midi vote for trump you made your plans cargo vandalized his host could burn down. The kill those dog but that's OK you gotta be honest with people writing good point during the break root stock of debris. But what do I feel like this is not going to be somebody actually see it. Is because half the time would you say that at some pockets what he said representative radiator break. If you're saying you're saying that the the big political week wouldn't break any news at us when he said you know the league Trump's trump offered effusive this if this is every time we asked what topic on. He got more and more and tight. But but even then a year ago. Fuels so benign so innocent almost compared to now trump would hatred is accused imagine there's a picture today. Q a Brady's play call for trump another day play golf it would be the biggest story in the world or or Belichick went to dinner yeah it would be three years ago is a two off seasons ago. I think it was admiral Fargo to. Yes but that we measure Belichick with the Merrill or go to ninety agree would be your. Spray it on nothing's left overnight snows of people think of the people almost look at politics but pretty used to say. Would you know cavalierly just admit happily golf which is different it's his friend a polo golf for the he could never ever since and now we're joking publicly putting green White House those those days that he will never. About Alec trump does he's for him anymore either write about it I think there's not a dumb of each other which at exit deal Brady can deftly moved yes. Brady decided he could never ever admit. He was friends right like some point at some point. Tripped and help himself took a -- his side and now whether ultimately you interview but that's going to happen today it's definitely not happy with them. He definitely feels that he's betrayed and they were friends who thought they were you know it's in the White House right. But with the White House she said it was his mother and his mother was sick when the B with the mother. Or side India scanners while yeah news but no more that won't work there was an excuse that won't work again right now next time I mean he was able to go into other things so mean I think was excused you write and I think he genuinely. Feels like he's not a trumka anymore. Term like you said Briggs okay. No I don't I think breezing all done up Brady's fears of political and the people whose life have a political direction yes and it does not coincide with the direct president. But he did have a good time we're told once upon a time and they sure can't like also I mean. I have to remember you past that because he's Katie brace of political back and noble lots of people that would compact and Charlotte people who have known that to despise and you could find is with the B divisional wedding wreck if mr. There are going there. Young now with all the people like that Darryl was puppies for you really want to be more palatable when they were probably for sure they work I mean it's just way it was packed and it's it's all changed. Now. Our friend Glen ward way we made a big step we're proud of the economy is really good right now. He admitted that is Susie said he vote took that I really want to rubio and I like McCain and Romney. We had. I'd I'd there are things about him I think for for example. And the other quick update you on over courtesy is doing. Yes he just check in check in YMCA oaks where they are still there indoors and only good hurts that hurts me that's good fuss is the cause distance. I got a brand new ball what were you out as I can use likable some news. But we you know pick Curtis surprisingly good shooter as you know that. Okay. And it's a fun find affordable fuel hired them. I mean except for the capacity of different Levy was a moment that when NC State's Curtis well they shot hoops at the quality of the I would have a hotel were and always are endless but it was one of those places with free spirit happy as well as I showed up. Little later than those guys and what was that like it's a beer yeah Milwaukee it was you know it was buzzed my right and I and it was funny because he was a I and they just come in from shooting hoops Jesus Almonte had won him over a guy who should I was drunk. Neither but now those hotels. Biblical Hooper Nicole and she bass writes yes they did that is Kirk's start or are you Kurtz. I am could LaGuardia and apple are ready to go. They really do all dollar do we get back we're gonna do we get back to equip Britain to finish up the week could. And it took her about it of course makes up shots allow a good weekend so it's really lets. We've had twins lets you were twenty but this it cost me forty blocks forty dollars a line in Curtis remember it's it's not 99 in the morning go back a foot. I'm not about it or not you actually had the line on this Cleveland and it just pick up a wide all about okay good night and we have the of these clients. Amare our Internet and pretty and we come back. Spurs can take thirty shots lives trying to tempting if you missed that this was what Robert Williams the newest Celtic didn't call due to a thirty. Curtis thinks and I think he could talk no chance to direct. So you skirt and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. Oh. We got in this yet here we are Curtis is readies can start and won it. And was originally just yet moments that are good for you reduce that type of warmup I didn't think he would have time you know month to get round to get loose who is indoors where we'll broadcasting this kind of you know he makes and misses what would be FaceBook lighting it in only two utterly remote maybe the can the intern talked to can. It's Telus. One on each know that outsiders or watch Curtis Curtis three point challenges on FaceBook live right now. Here we go. And if you missed it has been out of the page views the address is in doubt that seems like problem. Robert Williams had 230 in college. We have. Lines like. It tourists have been warm ups Turkey won a warm warm access and no pressure warms eight I talked to Curtis first came here to we're. You did he say can I can see it gets it stop the key to the key to restarting. There we go there got ready. Guide Oprah watch Oprah one. Yes because they ask him what it's all he wanted to know Jerry you want to do. We get shoot it causes other top of the keys are way down to him he's an MBA distance obviously. Whale with a a we go. Oh at all air ball there ball. Before curses don't. Went through. And I only was a miracle he's kind of trickled between terrible for 512155. Oshiomogho. One for so it's pretty good one point six. For six let's go to no need dream. What percent you might get lucky you wanted to thank you one of those that you always got to pick up the pace was no camera went for seven. That would tomorrow. Air ball liable if you I was that would parade started a nervous enough yes you get nervous. Why is he should pick once bought shipments. All the honorable way Jesus I think. Portland. One for ten kitchen measuring up after awhile I mean we have one. It's too authority to typical thirty yeah tired and 01 way or the room that was close at. One for a mentally and Joseph Johnson is just like I have ever seen here and then last game this is there. There or that was blown right off it was much better at all. You're cursed no physical shape you. It's. What is it thirteen to pick your line it up stay at the same spot Chris stayed the same spot and just measured up. Hello. They're going away right now. Yes to report team so we're tied now right tied for which is named rob Williams short of it right now as a page generated by. People who are. Actually retired. No we only needs one more to talk probably. Two for sixty minutes each enemy for you have to choose the that was over under was to just chalked up an air balls five feet short. Zito again ever what are react. Respect. All all of that they'll that was like halfway there. At night beat you rate. The corner here is your advice. Ball hits and taking more from the corner not look. Two for ninety. Series goes curse when he air stupid but still. That's pretty terrible thing is Brett back which is the right idea. Awful awful awful messes up. Yeah welcomes the Johnny footer that went like fourteen different vitamins and has a good shooter. Off kind of thank all of us off what do we were react. To between one group. I was pretty good to me. Maybe not two for twenties is two for 22. For 22 to go. For 22. Short to win. So you virtually every. A 43 it like this. Way way the way short that was four feet and it's over or not even make 1 more good morning one. Persons. Gas. Short. Old nervous who retired five and got in one of the next five to top Robert Wood he does all the corners. This will be a disaster. We kind of thing with that speech where all the shots there's. At that at seven police at least. Another airplane that's placed second free more than anyone. Notice home. Short is like Larry Hughes gets fingered. To a 28 is that right it's gonna want our rights to go. One next to him for twenty. Already yards and it was showing in the sick 229. Please guys stick this thing. The Joker. Should the economy. We'll give you. When you lose her Beatrice second shot he took so we went one for the next 28. But there are all. Classic Curtis and Jack Pritchard without incentives inoculate 500. That was pathetic. Surprise guests here on time anybody could of one of twenty whom were you a coffin to a seven dwarves from me Hewitt 7% and that would be justice company. And great choke jobs in history it could never actually about school every new life. If they told you can get the ball in the two in the rim once into next 28 time. Want for twenty. There Robert Williams is better than actually saying tied right. He's that should have tiebreak of the free throws Curtis how have you read it Carlos. What a great show jobs of all time. You made what are your last 28 you need it. Good one of 28 you know that right the last 28 we do we want. More we you know we Aurelio coming here all week we counted twelve variables. I. She's this guy and I c'mon back here do you like you know should be ashamed embarrassed aesthetic sure that your empathetic cross that was brought to binational lumber that's a great solid last week right there and it also means unfortunate. They go weekends on the show today that's part it is part of the issue. Really have to pay its. Workers sock puppet like him can my point books Nike is that one needed. Don't believe that's true get mad at me at the paid time and paying up but what did you say whether what did you say none. It not so I wasn't right so you're wrong. But that really though. It gives you should be a push you do the same as rob was well they're balls take away like one or two yes yes. I think whoever's on the that your brother is chip which is fours we do is the CEO of great better foods game it personal liberty one. Great job and business thanks for the temperatures gets a bunch of the called. The original ship which ships are rich thanks to I had relate as well Jerry now we're back on Monday we think with much by the way and Curtis suffered humiliating. Children like markets via wind storms. But half so you guys don't want you know we are so your podcasts is you crying about your mother one year after the correct that if she that's where it's accurate I'm looking forward to watching me. A wooden board to look and see on Monday morning midday guys that.