K&C - Horrific injury for Gordon Hayward; Callers offer a prognosis 10-18-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, October 18th

Hour 1 - Kirk, Gerry, and Tanguay react to Gordon Hayward's gruesome injury in the Celtics' season opener. Callers with similar injuries to Hayward's call to share their experiences.


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Its current. It appears Gordon Hayward just suffered a horrific. Horrific injury he fractured his jaw LeBron James is head down his hand in his well. Jalen brown who says melt wide open enjoy the rest of your Tuesday there's a woman in tears essentially on the sideline tears in the eyes of talk when you'll love hate. It when you have a forget about it with Kirk made bad temper and went off I was on the phone Gilmore notes due that he is he's too stupid to play the patriots. What a liar you better irresistible whipping something is up this concussion the Butler did it and the pictures really don't have any plays. You have to bring the races together. They don't like your coach what Kobe's defense does not like Belichick always let's get back to basketball and Gerry Callahan. And it's a moment. Dislocated ankle and fractured tibia down there. This is over on Sports Radio WEEI. I really clear about this before I go home just a ruler too as we kick off a big. Wins in the current talent show. If you've ever broken your ankle fractures playing softball or pickup basketball we want your calls today at number 617779. 7937. Number two Larry Bird is not even that came with an injury. Clean and simple he's gonna play the rest of that game I think. Not only do we wanna hear from me we wanna hear how long it took you to come and get a whole thing when it passes I happen Alan I was refugee team out for a I don't want the entire family actually the whole thing is this would be ideal budget your wild when did it happen. I would. Insurance for you during every everything when it hits his white we get paid the big bucks some more than others care quarter down there don't you here's. It's what we have to do for the next four hours or so. Beef to talk about something that for which there are no words. You do when to Kevin Holland Reggie Miller you could say nothing which was brilliant. For both five minute they kill those mikes at that are Alicia McNeill addition to replace three times. It means. I have no problem showing the republic is you can look away idea definitely aware as are why it's your job and job that he has just it's just like in Wimbledon when someone runs on the court show that it's in enough for you to decide if you wanna look away look away right. But I in on the or Sony people saying and tweeting and texting and set. No words I heard a lot and I saw a lot of while house. Unbelievable so sad the guys against on the mid day forget his name to us is that horrible. There's weekly spot to the end of the day right yeah it was horrible we all agree right. Great. Now not there yet but now I'm and you were consulted on them you want a program ideas carry ten with six no one asks me where a couple of minutes rightness. Break and you say yes go ahead Gary was 601 you should you have multiple and one birdie on no show I think he'd like opulent dinner go ahead and judicial starts. Which you might not as not to tell you being my doubt about that tell you. Come back its success to you should know that personally diversified you can't hear you get it just in time usually you what I hear I paid 6260 my gift for hours I don't get going where I was fifteen minutes I think this I knew corporate dollars app I think I played it for six and hours when the workers at that and the report. Which you stink for six depends what you good security that you knew we started 601 you just running here at 61 all the time and go on air immediately to what they don't like you guys spontaneous and why don't they who had the 605 because my coffee was coal and generally would you guys the clock to -- start at six tenths expecting you to never ever as bad as this one any commercials. Because you're so damn popular ride this thing is we used. It against a commercial that's true again I see a couple of calls I want fault lines I want injuries from people when they heard the rankles. How it happened when their team's record was at the time on the officials weren't gain on the insurance was the hammer and hit it I want the entire did you fly in a private jet from the game to get hustle. Hey it is supposed to hire that guy and information okay shut percent to an opposing player coming your locker during the game to show you what a great human wonderful person he was which LeBron James did I asked junior and evidence for me maybe angered those information the information post a clean break their real. LeBron James yeah it is the LeBron James I just cut that from a source look at early word on these fractures there is clean it was twelve hours ago it's like I'm like patients and I'm not clean and so that's not a good word couldn't find any thoughts for the team are clean break which is. So I thought he came. It became once you've got through the initial shock and I agree it was shocking was not as she's off it it literally does. Make you queasy it literally does affect your stomach watching that and you know and your brain and to sit stunned silence. And I was with my son watching and we didn't talk when you say what you tweet Huntsman was worse I don't that's I don't think it was and I vice it was worth Robert Edwards was worth size now. Remember seeing Robert so bad it can show you I don't. Chris how you know it's worse than. You knew it was worse I just assumed it was on the sand and why I didn't articulate investment cornered by some pol gets into haiku form. This awful I'll market cannot be Hayward it is up to brand name that was your initial reaction this got awful. This awful. Is that the market and our country where not likely that's on the Hulu models could be a word. He does. This play about six inches taller players of different position on the don't play different positions shared because its position as basketball if you take the Celtics. It'll happen issues that you think mark all the guys that were up eight shots it try to win the game zone when he when he's not entirely sure what to watch him to should shoot threes again this year for all of Carter's right that's much of -- three and an industry to pay attention he came mainly into the game Jerry writes considering the slow awful game I think. It's a lot of spot markets ones on the team to play defense that's where he's at but he doesn't know I'd chanting provide became race. He can only jacking up three did well was post up maybe that's why he thinks he's gonna have to play a bigger you know post that I have no problem in posting up that prop I want a mostly Jalen brown is going to be. A style I'm not yesterday and exposing Tatum went out there yet where we have to pick up injuries yeah but but Kerry tweeted I'm open. Two point that is just five minutes after the injury you tweeted that markets can't recognizes the war goes yet legal hit it right these were people I honestly don't understand that. Isn't that the problem what does that actually makes sense that the tweet. IC insurance reduces awful right here's to you why I got this office two episodes you know and not so dumb I was I was in her reach. I was frustrated worried. And our dog Beth looked at into an earnings. Are still time you're funny on Twitter I like I I. I read and I know you beat back and let it became it went from middle watching reacting to the Hayward the new language watching it today it's. To watching and reacting to Twitter and waiting for the biggest who's going to be the biggest estuary for the winner we have to waiters and wolf I I think one is a national figure yet she's beating from coast to coast border the border not that it bothers him. But skip Bayless became the biggest kick and oh. It's his job. But honestly I would he says it all and it's a mental fallen as I said if Gordon is is and that's all we got between the house neither YC it's if Gordon Hayward is gone this is about two minutes after. May be for the season bronze path of losing his sixth finals gets even easier in the design initial reaction. An and some good at least through the best we want. Truth in my opinion we can between the best one was cornered bow when. The embassy. Will travel NFL player who suddenly knows teams the only was that the rams when he broke his ankle yet at the Eagles. Some Texans. Is that even notice them when they played Texans. Anyway Blair's ankle went the wrong direction east we've got a picture of that. Said those the first game of 2010. I believe in and says he after he came back from that injury hasn't missed two games cents. These genuine. Consolation of solace. Like pixels he will be back. I am missed two games he could be back for the oil anyplace in the frigate and a well and has missed two games since in his ankle was looked you just missed the the most more than life you know my a year could play you play co. But it because I would say down for the season but position. The groom a couple of them I guess I'll play that powerful figure out of the house to I would say well when trade and I'm right now I'm with. I would again today to be out I'm with Charles Barkley they go from two to five a bad Hyderabad how bad is everyone always blow always he's praise and I have to action it was an error on I made one terrible state were they can you make a point to why I was like OK barking that we have Shaq who assures us to boy analog doubt my head. That that it wasn't militia have trying to hurt. Michael Ellis thinking. They Kenny Smith we have the sound these three it's. They Kenny Smith is like yeah none none of them bark park rebar are like JJ watt tweet out tweets about it or slot and her Aaron Rodgers. He felt the same way about Rogers who couldn't even using nose hurt. And hurt his shoulder and that is that Kenny Smith is like you know injuries officers. Boy it's just copied some market during no guarantees ever heard of no guarantees all regardless how great this have to shortly Ernie. Went to break. In the music picks are but you're gonna put his picture. Years excellent candidates and I seven amateur thank Ernie was at bats wanna say anything more they will have him wait to break Ernie was right in the music and Alan. It's almost Lincoln Memorial and the titans. Tough injury to brutal injury but sometimes as thinking in my world of social media people to go we'll read one story I think Jerry stands out I would tell ball we'll get there but but it is it is unbelievable feel very bad for the guy. I guess he broke his ankle I still think it's a sprain which we can agree to disagree I negotiated proof that there's broken. A map and about god given talent that is great job shutting up. And that Reggie Miller Rachel got to go all the ridiculous Mike and maybe Reggie Miller. Said like three times how he knows them. Motive from Indianapolis and Butler did and added nothing nothing's here he says I go zero to is that it known as a good Connecticut waiting give us an anecdote about the time you met him the time you have lunch with them. The time shot you played horse with them I mean he added nothing only to say I knew he's good kid if you flipped over. Like a minute and a half after getting injured you Eugene show a near Charlotte in reaction you would have thought somebody honestly shocked there's shootings something happens you re rational people in my house opened her crying. The players and it goes without a bomb one yet it is you know the memo was similar in the NFL when someone goes down and you think they're paralyzed. It you get this and Maria Fernandez as fast as this would be if someone was this in the hours since he's moving his hands right away well that's my body weight he's a strange looking at his own ankle on the wrong garage which you can't argue that I don't eagle initially that I lay off I mean them that I'm tough didn't they go overboard with not showing it. Actually just W I'm warming after coffee. I said the show has shown that as you can see surely it. Yes and don't look away from the TV patella do you Ernie came on our time is it don't want to show showing what sort of distant show once from a distance I was like that's it that's irresponsible that's your job from your job as always wanted to show us right here saying exactly what we said when you were heeding doctor covered our dummy. Look you to lose that extra little play. Positional. Lord was from one word of Rome's remove some of the word. Visit come equipped to mercantile. He came out all bones on that I grew. Thanks Jack we really you know and it's unfortunate answer them nothing malicious nothing can can can we do you have the one where he says it sure Gordon you're watching. I I was that wiped. Since Gordon Sri never misses that I'm sure especially seasons will be gone and I'm sure you're watching Gorton you know. A apartment is because your team expect nothing Shaq he's that he doesn't in his head. I expect Barkley I don't it was so sings on the Barkley said nothing what I don't they immersed says get this season's over yet I was doing this from a championship I'm gonna do and that I'm gonna blame the producers. I think the producers say did you get milk this. We gotta be dramatically did you battle addict until Barkley Charles Barkley. Mark this listening anybody. Here's why it's it's an extra disappointing news when you're tuning in. To me first five minutes first couple minutes. I'm more curious what he would than anyone because we've seen a lot of cars Irvin obviously seen him in the in the celtics'. How much they were did you see that some. On the tee and an NCAA championship game against and proceed and that was to America and it was great player gets a Celtics 85 passes how many times music there or once. It's pretty easy to play one basketball I got to play well that's a positive like five games this for us and got off you've seen carrier and locked up underneath but so what's basketball's Pasco. I mean like how we do not know what's out anyways I disagree that it's an equation I don't know I guess you've never seen employed I had similar especially now he replied OK guess Celtics are you attacking upstarts like 10 at 9 o'clock. None of the outer I you have never easy NBA ticket of course he never missed I meet and I found I guess I guess you didn't even watch the Butler oh you final you talk you talk kings at the 101030 am on Wednesday in Washington no doubt you know something the Celtics but ask about hecklers I mean you know it was able view. Yeah well without the ball he can slice he can shoot the fifteen footer and slices he beat him you know. Do the Texas it's a sudden you talk complete hockey writers are saying that they ran back to rally for it would all the time. There's probably but she's done this land out give Utah the intelligence leader you know their condolences. With the had to be thinking thank god. It was on their diamond on irons I mean think of the investment. Utah I was gonna pay him or missile that was on this game 120 million Utah's in the 150 and get insurance. But Purdue madam I don't you know you're counting on him. You realize Tomas he's first paragraph. Emotions right Pakistan's storm last you for every direction horror repulsion is believed. You'll. Old you guilt was. Always the Q the one I don't know how often is John in this sense the war. Sandbox. That. I mean sand trap I mean you're upset at oral real feel bad for the guy you know I'll be honest maybe two months he's aboard emotional guy and I am. Horror revulsion this will be guilt. What happens is people think they I I think waited at the video nausea nausea missions in our shoes. What emotions afterward global Serena has a good word it was the most horrible thing I've ever seen on a plane field. I would agree with Brad full. It was a proud proud for what was he when we listened to these are much what happens if Monday night as such it is essentially. It's a way like the cock eyed moment. And there for big event historically you want Cronkite there can be shot. Revenue as an I don't better than Barkley and you want Bradford might cover yet you do right for my covering a big investigation and Brad Stevens. I mean of me would be placed Gary Scott Illinois meet what will you most curious about. One is due 201718. Boston Celtics. What was most curious about was would Tatum picket defensively. It's from another like why is he yours personally watching a rookie playing defense. Fasteners were toasty need to know to make up yet actors about that you're. I know if I was curious to know if I was curious about anything it would be that your eyes worries. It no I'm not. Would they trade Jason Tatum orgy in the run for Anthony Davis which one goes Kazaa it's still out if he's asleep on the images dominate the Davis talked to the stock. Want to spread it out. Mean you could talk about it but yes he could still happen temperature. Hamas in the middle of a stance that the equivalent to pass on. Well I I don't even admit I was so I have to admit if I were writing on deadline I would over written all so it was so emotional and you just trying to find the words I would have over at 10:33 PM 1000. Yes just a couple of hours and finally breath and 33 yes I would have filed would have overridden I Mueller said the sandstorm. Now you're building of ever now I don't get the body feels guilty of it what yeah you. Maybe you can play on you. Plus you white guilt we could secure hey would you like to deflect the well yeah it's true I mean I ask you must feel that guilty about these next week right. You could do that injury elected to a victory however they break the guys are I think that's more consolation Lisa was awake you know least it was public option for the exact opposite. You're you wish you were born on an even bigger garden fans of feel bad that the carrier for two and a course that I think. It was this small glimmer of hope that he would who's going to be. Even better than he's been and you it's much better these many times can emerge as it is. Pour millions Larry Bird we read this yesterday from the scout who said it was going to be facilitated the ball's in his hands he's going to be passing. There Irvin was going to be scoring and that's that's five minutes it would say that it took. And it was classic bird LU move when he got her. Burial as a part of any part of you that thought we saw that boy it really worship of money down courier from 21 in the scored. That's one more point and it's true it's true light that's your decision yesterday a separate themselves ago finals. So good though I don't mean unstick my prediction carriers in the scored should have been butchered it prediction. I should two weeks ago this is an excellent. And once again you can actually okay. Six once said it's possible seven you know it's not that microwave and a subtle yet another shock. I before walked you'll lactic acid where we're not ready to go to break but that's okay you press time you know you don't don't no attention starts. You told me ago. We always free to go there's the door you can on every night but I didn't. Well it's obviously an exact second. But it was it was it was weird Minnesota nice comeback they played hard to play it on the grounds now and you can watch a game that was an amazing comeback I couldn't stop watching the game I couldn't believe I said you know it's that Americans like a real game as it didn't but that's by the by it loose let me finish. She's welcome to your iPod we have one guy that you I think what our problems by forty a relief that that they had excuse they lost two great player. There was this Paul I mean the I said they're gonna get blown out if I could not believe they came back I could not believe typically I thought it was. Great games under the circumstances. Like it was a great game it was I it was a great game was close game Gary admit you did watch. If you watch the whole thing didn't I don't believe you put the New York colon any I don't believe you're out. Apparently actually I guess that chimps Chris Curtis did you watch you it was too late that's okay I'm not blaming you get a -- -- you and I watched the game Gary is here elected not and I think the second half comeback was amazing I was a great comeback and leading but it never felt like a real game it's a regular seasons I'm never ever ever got hurt I don't have to heal the hurt I tells them what let's it's gonna lose by thirty. Net income 00. Chance to get a comeback kid shoots in the supermarket Smart was the he gives you that exit and does but he hurt you with a shot selection. They could change at marketing has to stop it. Steady shooting. Asus shooting threes that's not gonna happen to deal with them is slick shoes threes in places ass off on the problem. Plastic like racing as you might not mean he he mocked the camps and the view that bigger and we wake. Usually it was Andrew Bogut or. One of these Lopez's but this guy air bags that's what kept asking to you Tommy Leggett our if Tommy likes of this show is that nasty it is the best number 46 I've ever seen the Celtics uniform this the last few years. I could be wrong do you disagree. You see about a 46 in that one off him only you go this is Shaq when he I think this is the second to thirty is the second of which shot up let me talk for a I'd I'm making my point point he's the best number forty sets of numbers. This is I think argued it is and this is the second year in the last year. A four for two years sixteen dollar deal is done after this year I hope I can we start the conversation and Aaron Bates is better than I. For all my goodness I mean I understand on the basketball and you know he does things the little things don't quite understand I want to sky playoffs again. On this is the highest paid players hope that history correct. Was bill that wasn't until it must be Hayward. Now. Must be I guess it would but think about it. On what should play last night on the players on the floor I never gave up Obama's let's count Hayward just what's wrong an how many guys are better now or use edit this morning intensity and play like is LeBron James about a 2% and sent Kevin Love better yes. Is Jalen brown about it yes it is. Carrier guests here Gordon Hayward yes like it Tatum I think it was a better player today and work. Right now I think Horford and I that it got that money I give credit to the mid days the Ole meant to have a thousand. Or amend the I DM OO and FD the first bored I'll Maloney forty indeed yes show who labeled him average now he has the average album that's original avoiding it make revealer on an auxiliary idea examination. Not me it's a whack some mornings unit to make it 32 or something to tell her vote. They're the whole idea was Jerry index was David hi how F outcomes year. That means other African American players other NBA star Alex all Hayward know. Okay okay Ayers because it was legitimate stupid money. That is seem crazy (%expletive) talk about Anderson I'd rather have the two young guys going forward he said yankees keep protect us the rest of the season. I'd rather to help those guys who like Dick wanna rebel and won't she say they're talented group Lucy Baines on the floor when they need to yes yes but a notable it's Hanssen has also muscles hold off on about my no means is royalty I've seen employed. Yet both skim a weaker team here consistently. As Roby who uses a house. Yes I liked. I like it is tough and strong but besides review as Al Horford is the thirtieth and that's a strict one you have I think that's that's the issue was where Haywood is better than carrier what's Hayward. Like eighteen yes and carried her crazy. Grace and an Irving is like twenty something which can you when you want it can't come up with twenty guys that courier now I only maybe ten maybe. Maybe tens went out and they were that. 1890. That you look at the roster with the numbers here with rudeness. Toward. It's on the score they have stolen numbers and next its name team orders sixteen. It is sixteen so the sixteenth this player broke his leg and as I was up 68. Cents. Somewhere in the top point he's kind of important yes he's opened a Gary thinks he's come back for the class I'd be surprised that seasonal for the seat let's say he's a shot. Yes physically break right. Clean break is my sort of a source and what we've done these fractures in his clean source I had a friend takes me from a Cleveland. I just retrieve the channel five reporter and knows he has this particular pictures in the hallway at Austin knew in the Baptist. That being wheeled all our and they get a picture who who. I think that they are reset that thing through. Street. The thirty did that define an. Issue. (%expletive) Losing Leo for the year looked the other way Gordon. And you know it's too bad for him he's defined by that the rest was like like size we talked about with eyes and 25 years after the break and where we're doing the most the Super Bowl that. Yes you hear you know with Kevin where minutes. Dude anyway it doesn't affect it alive title would be you know not all sort Haywood will be the guy who had the most gruesome injury most of us is gasoline is by the 1% to two and if and when he comes back it is in the first sentence of every story about read them great game he has or on the vision came off long enough not thirty your back. It is it's written like a column runs but nobody would have very little all right unless fans who only reads esoteric overriding. Yet I am I agree to overrun writings a lot of for the moment there's a lot of people overriding in this moment. In the immediate aftermath of Munster writes. It's hard to untangle the sorry you feel for Hayward from what it means for the Celtics. The only one shot to go for broke gaining buys time period for building these conference contender and he would carrier ring and Al Horford. And wooden shoes she's been. Very often they do one for our spotters to work hard and Dario we at a cemetery and we named the first two biggest a holes on Twitter in the immediate aftermath it was obviously skip Bayless they're penguin who else wireless so I am saying no she talked and a vote. Forcible there was some guy used to write for the goal against African name. India between you have that the right away like he did he would need more players go oh that was Eric Wilbur article itself is to be global war apply ability he's the only wacky and it was like a minute after I got that's I mean like I'm all for you can goof around this morning. Tragedy needs time. It hurt my ankle was even more it was still enough Nicholas the war. So and and don't just sit there and say it was a funny anyway right now but what you wonder. On the topic of liability. Why does this like this happen every stoplight and lock you can't jump that always lock on the three dummies said the last night that the one thing they did say Easter I'm surprised does that more often invested given the size the speed Heidi John if you you've played a lot about school and as fresh doughnuts and I have two knives when my equipment still paying the price of I've never seen anything like that who's at your current you know now. Now now now I suspect freak one never seen anything like it's in a lot of rolled ankles and he was a maliciously trying to hurt somebody that's gonna. Put it out of a threat. What's I'm would you. I normally blow halftime I was gonna go let me forget to watch baseball what Tucker and I says I got to watch his nose starts ago porn business you moron says terrible there was nothing malicious while I was a big name but does anybody Shaq print and I'm with his enough margin he would be good sometimes Kenny communities and time you sort of a straight guy is Jack's skated to the big minute. If the wind and it's always says get to watch him out of the house and former players that would add minority you need a fourth guy. Oh I don't either you know it's just. Chucky Kenny Perry and shoddy to Shaq averaged fourteen points in his career. When he be on the show well no but if I mean I think when you call that because the guys start you know your trouble bundled in easy militias and all he's going to be short of you by the shame. That. It's not right skinny tank oil's sudden. Tim and it's me I I thought the 33 to 183 quarter brings the most amazing sports moments that slows you down your hair right re ally as regular season NBA game come luckily over gaming Cleveland manager all strong it's the only game in Cleveland LeBron what do you in the third quarter. Disagree that he didn't want to LeBron when it decided on this front too is that the actor Gordon who is excited. As we have an answer that in the third quarter LeBron was on for two. You know because eating can Ares I know I'll try to win it in the fourth of Avandia party as he buy he he takes he basically it's time offered in the game and knows he PS at first quarter arousal. Seven for 22 the Celtics were thirteenth when he won it is Jason Tatum and Jalen brown led the way and a quarter. And they scored 33 point see these guys run east and these guys can't speak to sleep and he saw a lot the second half the year last year brown but you can Helm now it is to just go round is going to be as the violence is the next day story today I would override this that you in the Brown's gonna fill the void and without this injury that was not writing. He would I would find some adjectives about me and flower in death mean like life begins in my began with an ad you place this great. Yes this race through and the death of they would play and fertilize you think I'll do the ground to grow unless this question. Do you think Obama would have called he which wife Kelly did trump. Now of course he sugar and at that time like this now you can reach out and it probably would have written a letter yes he's he always he does let a left thumb into words like ten where are you said Miller. Waited there to make the White House does. The key principles and this is there tomorrow yes yeah it is an experimental office at 4 o'clock 430 some times of males gone you can write it again he's the guy trump when he says really wacky stuff these generally something to one kernel of little career. Got a little little in the back of his mind for it he heard. At cal passion here that too that Obama did not. Right or did a call John Cahill one example John goes and so that was back of his mind he blurted out. And John killings and Beckham probably go home now has not bringing me into this and he brought Kelly in new it. But he was right that. Obama didn't call Kelly Robbins right Obama both the president president that's most of them it's the most calls it's the most inappropriate for a good thing ever seen. Like John Kelly his chief of staff his job is to try to control the message in this guy. You say this opens his own. Puts out something totally inappropriate and puts his chief of staff whose job it is to keep these things under wraps on the spot. It's sort of levels today and tomorrow. It was so stupid and so inappropriate it's only levels he's not getting enough criticism Ford and I'm the trump guy in the room. I've some breaking news oh please you know there were talking about. Two yes it anything prompt Catalina Island with John Kelly from. America. Yes the advice he saw US like two blocks away from right here bright and good local different. Odd that the Celtics will be heading wearing a patch. We'd G each new. So he's working and acts. On cash and now wanted to just hey you actually bought. I don't get the results as our way media is nowadays which I don't remember Paul George Clinton and yes if somebody asked Larry Bird Larry you're gonna Wear packed she's gonna work PG passed on the uniform and bird winning in dot. But that's the excess out here about why that name replace she with an age that we GE. A child that's right that's that's his that's posted Mickey bias from GO. When when you look at that patch would he go by the house were a child on a stock are good investment for general McKenna. It palatable lines I had a good semi guys when really very simple I wanna hear butcher injuries only here but your ankle injury specifically along to get the bounce back we need some perspective here because we don't know accord he was going through. You hurt yourself for the pickup basketball game or soft ball or running whatever it is I want your calls at 617779. 7937. David Portnoy is in the middle of a of a battle and selfish enjoyment side guys at 9 o'clock a good it was as easy as winning that is he here. I know you call him. At this time yesterday I thought that she would never happen because you know Sam pond it was run right. But it report only a couple of I was there. Fire back and embarrass her. With her history known as the great OK I don't she stuck in my opinion of him he's making racist jokes column women's slots sold we'll get to that as well only Johnson must who joined from Tunisia. The middle of a sandstorm today that 85 at 85 miles an hour blowing left marathon across the Sahara had a running us ahead ten ultra marathon at the Asian this year. I over right. We are back with more chance Kurt can Callahan college Sports Radio tell you. Small sample size of maybe the difference of the type that team especially without Gordon Hayward. Three pointers tonight of course. You have three pointers. Our report before we get to leave when rob Oakland's. 4004 for 22. A Q what are the houses 69 all that what that with the cavaliers through 1%. Cavaliers. Doing to shoot bench who worked very ago. That's that is around. That is wrap up show those guys back tonight after the game. Bradford just Tuesday but it makes bossy plus the most model to follow that like through the civilians goggles. Balances since he's getting back Jerry I'll wager. I have to the sandstorm sound or is not passing just to recognize the management through sandstorms obviously some redeeming you know I didn't actually I want her to write sandstorms sound that's all coming here again. That's good same store. Sam their topic right. You can't tell us what is when you look up sand storm systems that's. Believe you have never been sandstorm the big news breaking news I was right there were this and Maine's first number 46 and Celtic history. Excuse breaking news leftists it's unbelievable. Left and right. He broke the story last segment that you brought him the site of the PH actually occurs sometimes isn't surprised has never been a 464748. Tony massacre was 46 at Kelly Wallace I really did it the only ones. You're wrong. Evidently and he would probably be behind. Bob Stanley Craig Campbell as the third best 46 in Boston history. So papers haven't had a great Bruin sixes poets would question. Bruins it was forget Bruins have weird numbers these days when I was a kid there was no. Occupiers I don't know about you kind of sum up my chest here if anybody out Colin Miller is wearing the number six there's an excellent 46 now it's. Obviously in the rooms who is her martian. Notes assurances Hershey. No party great great courage courage and desperation that's forty so well executed great she it is critique them the most and yes. Particularly Craig Kimbrel and yes but children don't always steps up policies. You believe as I exit polls goals used to bring it makes it why we are getting us our restaurants are now boy aren't saying what at all for physics I don't usually I'm pretty gave it to him I don't think he picked it gets you don't have veteran of course you get the pick is from Australia and its number Andrew gaze war that's an Israeli or another great for our quarters disagree. Entrance is good point. Dave. Baseball but the story Australian baseball as one of the best of and it's a number of the Paul Hogan wore his high school wasn't critique. Yeah do you wanna take some of these calls out I don't fault slide on all my fault I set the guidelines very simple to that want to hear from the callers from the listeners. Because we don't know why I've sprained my ankle my left ankle. Two dozen times probably I'd profile ones let's not relevant we're talking ankles here today I broke my left ankle skydiving. That it was a while you deserved I did I've noticed I told I was disagree I desire where where that happened that the couple mess that it's it's home I'll that was in on the housing and hang like mutton and reportedly threatening me to legally here. Yeah I guess that its suit every I sued them back and I ran on page. So are solidly river I wanna hear from the county of called Stanley but their injuries how it happened to backs for a month ended June that the data is so hurt and brains questions like that. What about the sandstone or you assess let's go to Christopher in South Boston who stuck with Christopher how aren't well. I'm. From the beginning what happened the walk us through if you. It was 2006. Page plays shall solve all their energy target so the I'd. I'm O all leg locked playing what sort of saw also sells sells well. Of oil balls aren't so great it was named UT. As Korea which teams records you sold in record time one yeah. Good position reply. Our Alessio right handed hitter who's your average. Me myself yeah and it and all the and as of right out and let failed and the ball over my shoulder. Today is my right foot one on the ground that left 41 in front of it I respond. And when they canceled my right ankle was behind an act I. The way down to where it should be. And will work it down yourself your ankle was behind your neck which bush you don't Jewish arrests oversaw at what point yeah. Arnaud de don't have shirt no doubt in Kenya but it keeps trader was not there. Ought to take the more friendly jab at it here so I'd like to do it would mean the man with a single cover right with that. Talk with a bang for the Salah so's are you okay now Christopher announced idea. It was there was the rehabilitation process alone doesn't give us an idea mister he was gonna go through. It took me over a year and a walk without a lamp and I think like eighteen months before I was actually. Able to. I'll say Daisuke you know what I look. I skewed or whatever thank you very much on the new players get better treatment. Of that which are getting treatment course. Little visit. Went Boston medical senate stressed and then I went to the Kennedy Brothers and best of. And it is let them off Felicia I'm Whitney and Bobby Bobby John and my big hook. Oil change and episodes are an. Item line and Christa that's a great would push you get alone doesn't have a candy you know electricians seven brought tickets are guys I exit part. I'm looking for little or no button on your job on six point 7779797. None of us. Has had a similar injury correct them when I say I felt guilty of her that's sky diving into the bone didn't like he ankle wasn't. Turn actually walked back to the year ounce of sympathy for that no sympathy for you. Now you deserve that. You don't dream about playing to get a pure play more I've thought I'd guilty of guilt which I thought you might note that let's go to to. Harman wrote I donate some. They got a lot of the morning. First I thought I. Oddly so I hate myself out well but to my outside I'd get only what I might have been eight birthday party today Alamos Tripoli are. Guess which one which protect thought thought whoa O oh excellent okay yeah. And a half hour an hour jump along with the good times. I can quote I ought. Landed on my right foot is located at both bracket might get beat up. So stay injury that I it would. You feel like a moron. Yeah I didn't like Cuba or tried to slip or was just the jump guy. Suited juicy tonight. I did not. Now he what you it look a note did you sue him a did you see him but sign a disclaimer I I don't like that it just you know I'm not is is. It one. At this point when you walked in and reduced to assume it probably so you probably could take a lot of I had to sign. Discriminate. And that's a dole and I still got two pistols at the meeting cultures and doing that he gets through these people. I don't know breaking your neck is different breaking your ankle bring these gentlemen if he's jumping please call upon. And you know get on the tripping yourself a huge open the ball thing known to notables like Gary does that mean I know. There isn't jumping hybrids at the do you do you Duncan as you know fell from the situation I do know. Before we get back to a crisis what number. Number and Celtic history have. The most players as Jesus Christ Jerry come on this when you take an expert and everything you're a numbers guy not me oh all right hold on hold of the most players born. And you know what this is just as the tournament tomorrow I would what are guest is you know what I think is a table that would guests I would guess and aliens well I would've guessed. It's not a retired six of course. This is sent. Actually it could be reached at actually five players were six was surprised. These numbers. This Russell's here when you get asked if favorite pizza too. I wasn't expecting tickled I I guess twenty his twenties and fairly common and Ray Allen number. Rail and Gordon Hayward but that's not to only 26 players of 14420. Could guess Paul Westphal only eleven players of Warner talks to change. Far and away the number that is when worn by the most places would have been my second. Well. Yeah that's congress Weiner to good number. It's been warm a lot of guys. And has now denial as to the Balkans were twelve that's the key and I understand at a higher posting more recently attention it received there. Like certain numbers you know what's at number that the scavenger hunt by the way unify the only really common number that is a week Mr. Bush jagr bring and is only one common number that's been more by only one. Only one which I was at 61 or what he's talking. There's a number of sort of a new Fella here and born with a process that number is only the moment one player Celtic history. It's you know not. Likes to put them in 931. By PJ brown that's always a retired numbers retired number two on them one by one player in Celtics history and I'm surprised I thought six would be that number fifteen and double zero B fifteen doubleheader could guess zero via Tommy writes Timothy now. Doubles Euro is and so you write direct doubles and human that doubles there and it's good gas. Kurt but the calmness on the concept of a 11 happened double double zero who Robert astonish on Saturday senators present he's become an unusual woman one guy 25. Yeah obviously Jones the numbers like 24. And twenty to agree on here when he won that the more violent acts. And you both let's go to Madrid. And Chad Connecticut made Chad. What subject. Well north bear witness because this is a bit gruesome and around. Doesn't trauma program but. That is well when I was a bit younger I. I was dating a bit adventurous so instead of Robert document level raccoon. It was a the other end the bathtub zones have reached forward and and I rolled it over this little pop and until it was yeah it is so painful dead. I got it up to the bathtub wall. If ever I was really don't have the time. Sir I'm not fit and I wanted to and because it was so people it. And among them so I jumped into old story. What are the chances belly flop and you know can play down. I he started strong kid you failed to go as far as you had a good start the seventh I'm not bad back happened those things can happen. Why don't sit through rubber raccoon movement I'm not gonna duck out early show that's really a good start reckons he's a perverted does that. Guess I think. Yeah I I didn't make him progress on this I think I understand more clues along with the help Gary's right is coming back for the playoffs and maybe all star break I would surprised. And it sends a tough for news that's really question mental toughness has declared one leg maturity and six once you will Sele said he had 9793 forced Gordon Hayward. Colin can I wonder who the first NBA player will be intimate revelations and listen to over one. The blades. Note that MPT the boy neat things off to the stories yen a treat easy to play with those when Mel. Not in the trunk and that cheating and it seems unfair did not want but that's I picked it pits being. Holding its people or handicapped. Hayward will have to be in the ankle and heavy it off put it on a green light from these writers here because it changed me we have a lot more stories to get temperature do lots of room people for their ankles you wanna get full descriptions on that. We should have a set line of questions which ask these guys and in Lee's here. Whichever ladies well. It was injured whiz through it top laugh of whom I don't get it wilder it. We debated this degree though it was a gruesome injury can we show this as we talk about. What happened to Gordon Hayward knows what's a girl was. You know. Unfortunate incident of the world are using militias in his arsenal for one of those who have. Our supporters of you Gordon among working show. Quite sure what to say about Gordon Hayward was. I disagree vigorous very malicious or was it reminded me of Rudy Tomjanovich Kermit Washington in a way. It was sort of like one mayor show and and let's face the catcher John meraz was Brasilia and his mother Gloria in the name of that. Berkett America Byron yeah as a pitcher I I did anyone point on the media watcher. It will tell you you just saw like Edwards ankle there. It probably anyone tell him that there was some question about them and malicious this did you see anybody. Anybody speculate that this was about her bra on and on purpose to be quite as set up he's able pull up in Vermont know a lot you know in play rather break his leg. Than Gordon Edwards. In which. Oh that's true I forgot yeah and what people patent on the bronze they're all outside his house course right cheek attitude and his demeanor and Tom Bowman knew him watching him on that is the dumbest thing ever heard than the gonna Barkley says nothing I talked to Aaron Rodgers I expected barking at least like you said that can give me what this means for the Celtics the easier job we don't need you guys that Gary's right and he said hey guys. You know funeral home we get to know this we're below we did say their they're done. Literally. Bookmark the because he barks doesn't feel right let's East Coast over the top right let's he says something. Completely over the title he's right project done respectively their buildings over. The season's oh well it is for little kids feature a championship or a master of the season for a championship perspective ever they god they thought his views you got to the finals he's left the Celtics could have won the title. Is because someone else could broke her ankle right in his at theory. Every single person on ESP and little pale but the wars to win it. And the old one wars India and and accept something like that. Happens every once and one that could happen Kevin Durant is that the current shortage but what you saw last night that this was exclusion or director break his ankle in the wars so. She gash on what you saw last night but we're gonna wanted and healthy if cordon it was held before vs who's in which you saw last night. Is how the warriors could struggle or implode you don't know what's gonna happen when Isiah Thomas. And cavaliers and the cat would answer more unfair penalties sort it all comes out of LeBron in the broadest makes the winning shot opinion. So it's always gonna condemn the broad shoulders and he does not have any help. I don't think he's gonna having open eyes and gets back. So if you have Hayward if you have carrier Nina have the young guys and routed Tatum and by the time you get to the playoffs. You've got a shot to beat him in the play I'll play those out you don't south which is still kind of a must watch the steel with a birdie and abuse in young Irving needs to have some sleaze they are they're gonna be fun to watch this year my sanity and every night consultants Minnesota. But I I'm saying that they are going to be. Right now and it would be a good game you know I mean I know ourselves Sacramento yet that the sub the Celtics are probably what second best watch in the city right see I think. Right after that addresses the patriots sure but I watched a little grooves yes I don't but I think to a lot of people who sedated at the fifth Betsy fifth best team in the east I think it can be the second best officials could be in Washington is not that good that confront us get some good guards. But the Sox c'mon that could be that could be Eastern Conference horse this year accorsi could be about a real quick report fighting taking it. Before we get to these calls that I saw Italian fervor tweet this out. 79 cents rubber rooms are things get rubber records for rubber rats who yeah little furry. Not only slightly better than rubber duck things. It may be sharper edges on something directly via an account yeah I'm Weinstein have a rubber bone and tooth. And you've rubbed his right. Come from popularized bath. Here's the story is up the mystery if you're you know work and for like ten was cheesy cable station or here. And you're in she's in Georgia lost in the job I promote to the Boston Celtics. Then you say this is the chance for us to see more of Jalen brown and Jason Tatum and look what happened last night knows. Brown emerged as the star game since we put the team that almost pulled off the upset right and I'm telling you. I didn't I would never been more shocked in my life with that one of my life. More government more sharply USA right Sharpton twenty to three yes because this tolerates the opening of the in black jacket I swear about what they huddled up and overall sick I said the gonna go in the locker room. And they are going to be sick in the gonna I think we'll get about a mile simulated directly edgy again it's more shocked at it to the rescue Blair arrives he snapped his leg all of a writer here at donated that immediately. Got up I understood guests who came off the bench. Open. It was either that Swedish traitor problem may be education later maybe we'll look at how look excuse. If the Celtics are one last night people would have said that the season opener whatever you know we would have said it was a great comeback but Cleveland was you know it's I mean that was the great. Nordegren went to the Celtics but it's the first game of the NBA regular season. I shall say slowdown if you're Celtics fan and a that you shouldn't I understand you know that would light and right here Jalen brown was totally like. Blown away after the injury he was like oh my god who's hyperventilating. He turned around and use that energy in in any plausible excuse writes it will cost you wanna what is America does it was. Jewish thank you want from me point out when nobody. Chief trader. And again. Any time to think. I think eleven that's probably right when number. Of trader. An analyst and he's right you want what's the Celtics every night because of this mean you want to watchable more bounce to breast grouchy demeanor. And that's that the major reason turn it into one thing you can say anything and so office they were totally off the rails when this injury happened. Halftime Brad Pitts from Wright became on the play harder at 318 under I'm looking away right now on the shown again I'm looking away. Come cherry what's the Pasco we got lots of calls Roger we always tell people that always helps with him and target house and said what's to debate means that we had to debate is what's to debate it's it's as he. Because we debated whether we'd shows it's the story there's no it's a debate is no debate you show it show where he prefaced by simply don't wanna see it nearly as right by it. And call I get I guess rob doesn't run I rob. They guys great show listen do you ever more on the way and I'll get right to. My niece when he biodiesel. Act we all pro life and synchronize skater cheerleader long distance runner army veterans. Broke her to the inter curricula ten weeks ago doing a move on the ice. It's synchronize his cigarette in your house or. And they're in actually noticed ten of them because it is so they all different wrinkles yeah no politician doing a single move by himself worked well but. Two to look what she had seen being basically it would issue wouldn't that night had books that. Screws and rods. She reoccur for mileage six weeks was back on skates last week at ten weeks. Are yeah aria yeah. I don't believe you lose it she broke into three weeks. Yeah to be end Padilla's pitch reached out out your smile was twelve minutes. Bankers after Reno Jewish traders number. Six a twelve minute while I want to say so that's been running its Jerry speed at. Thanks applause I'll pass from rob on the injured and synchronize the one I don't believe it. And you refused Lucia running six weeks after no that's not that's an exaggeration. We have the latest. Hollywood actress who was ousted there. And fund them the thing that people just wanna be part of this part of this wave via. Molly ring while I was out yesterday lawyer yet she needs a bald. She was fourteen both when he film director starkest hung in my mall owners that there was always looked evil and marching towards them this is true but there are always rumors that she had this terrible phone with John Hughes. Oh Sony's move there was John I don't know that diseases but I'm John Q is there who use. You when you direct sixty yeah you know breakfast club breakfast of six to get a zero vacation. I don't care. That's. Sorry no pretty way to redirect the blue eyed that's important to me it's it's a direct the ice team picks you or Larry bird's numbers were right it. I did. Would you. I mean the numbers I like numbers yet yet I had to be 33. So you think you judge news outlets are gonna throw you out of line down my stomach hurt did you wife and daughters he's saying that of Asia free throws they did what with that surprised you know but what surprised me yards on news who's involved Italy is purely to delay his being he's always looking infant is an adult for gas prices who's in his third homer I don't. He was in his thirties when he was writing but Molly resembles a goofy looking kid she's she's cute great actress. What's your trophy Richie Richardson are you watching him. So didn't you talk about cigarette on executive director. Which researchers warn about the points she'd worked with him outside who and think she was. Bob Weinstein burglaries. Nasty shock on how hard he's talking about what he's known as the cute points and obviously this is a look. The handsome and he's the I'd. We'll get back your calls him one night OpenId so far. We've come a sub solution is this. If Gordon Hayward is not back in six weeks there's a cup of publisher wouldn't bottom. And we also have a new tweet just now from the commander in chief there's already about the National Football League about it gets as well and did report waited two hours and four hours from now Jerry count. Your longtime partner semis one time partner John Dennis make is that re emergence on WB at her mark L. Few months ago he's terrific I have my show morning the morning have on our show a court here and I talk to and I was not who's gonna dog hurt his back with the big day guys say 11 o'clock for you think this trump debate is important I think when the most important debates in history. And it's likely can Douglas all it is Dino verse four. Do you know the rating or something now really and and I don't either I don't quite get it but I'm looking forward to having had you were talking about no okay that's about as well.