K&C - Hotel & road trip etiquette; "Trenni" & Evan duet 'Up Where We Belong' 2-23-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 3. After taking suggestions, Evan Drellich agrees to sing a duet with his his NBC Sports Boston love interest "Trenni" to the tune of Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes' Up Where We Belong. The guys also detail travel, hotel & maid tipping etiquette while in Florida


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Skirt. And you're on tomorrow more again how's your you to visit our please do di tale kind of dark place you read by an hour ago this. What what what the hell you're talking about are so that's it. Wouldn't let you know once I get my car I go with what we're glad to look forward to that point I think this is said and I just I go to bed. We've got quick effect of the park in the morning and they're well that's a big bet welcome it's lonely and with Gerry Callahan violated Bruins who just made it tricky. If you listen to zero pucks given through I predicted that Frankfurt Toronto was going to be traded I would kids it was reported smoking. Exactly put down the bong put Toronto in a game around for Holden and you moved up three spots in the draft great. It it's. Yet they could definitely be adding another another four to the peaceful performer and a bit Bruins time they met Kirk minute hang. But what was I heard somebody here who resembles George the animal Steele the most well we're very hairy guy that's a serious question. Who was that guy who's getting pulled over arrest at that time your. Handcuffed while my ankle to a bench before we talk about being in Turkey civility in term one this is a man there who treats he had turned. Very poor showing me how you are legal to get those genes what was that first match on Sports Radio telling you. Have a storm yeah good good athlete like her from an area job. These guys that was pretty if you look here's this. It sweetly at one great one it. Harry met wrestling expert at the you know coming up the next hour. I'm a before that that's going to be an actually shepherds decline to but it's just the top levels of new companies to join us you know that you know which company works to waterfront view from a ship he's tried to actually bitter every single night this week now I know why. You're mature with the same way the break you ask them and it is it is. It I don't want that it would just to. Two yes yes. I mean that's definitely a half hours east. Perhaps. Yet notified of particular interest and I had I. It's your fault your support us each. Guy you're not actually. Oh yeah. Your. Right. And Jerry's didn't Jerry can like can we get into calls to his house away do right. Her one of his life both myself Jerry's point it would. We're port or appointed Jerry's life now is old enough now we just keeping things that people like cities and Dudley water. And we hit that what you say it's I was here it is you don't you guys are saying last night. You are not far from being multiple just want exported. Bites of it yet we've we've arrived at that practice. Look at it right. It's slipped to kill a tad younger item. Fridge refrigerator stuff for one. Minute to hotels doubled its kitchens. Sure it's groceries. I was on the beach for Lazio with him last week you down before we. So I groceries. Here was horrible way yes. Some article just leave me. Really. Separates. Us. Bring water. Liquids and I was upset with another. But there questions that have been made of that. Stuff that. They. Are awesome. The crackers. It's no crackers to every day. Every book club in the clean your bed. And doing what we describe as dirty work of art. Fortunately opening. Your your. I my dad's mom I doubt my grandmother was a quick which he over from me early on he said she loves its. She knows for Billy not my dad said every single basic beat them money every single place. How much. Books. Unfortunately Jerry. Orbited two bucks you are right diagnosis is always everyday yes he's ready and sometimes that's. I hope they. Cool store owners. Are people that all talk. Not a best. Expects everyday you. Are just we've had to get an. Another problem that wasn't what it is critical to one person what is multiple make public a public you. All day at least frequently equal orders honor. The level next. Although it. Much from. Just replace the towels and. Secondly I would say ninety I bet you. 7% of people don't. Skate ice shares. And I left tip your arrow there side at a much. That's right and left my books. Enemies. Use these were. Really don't know. At. It's. He's alive and OK okay you still working there. Now what's personalities for them. Use what in his first. Is actually make geez is right roots guys are like. Intimate go to two dollars and of itself. Your comedy it was a walk I great if every person left the two dollars and making hectic considerably better wait for the number of rooms are clean. It's true there are people. Donuts is a great McCain will there ever enough animators clean dirty work like let's. Wars. It does they organize your toiletries for it'll make things up and I'll say thank you to much excuse I'd like that I don't you might want because they have to dismissed. There's that personally well actually yes she can be pretty consistent now. There are some of the bar well. It. Speak for Minnesota it's all foreign. Just that. So what. Give them credit out of Dallas and was into it though in the too much. We organize like animals like a good like let's just let's get thousands there once that is fine it is shaped like bird. Yeah yeah yeah that's what I'm like that's had on the that's to put my my my hampers hung it up in in the clause. Jamal that velocity sitting coordinate that they can't. Call it street Amish by Jimmy Burke. It. You read that story of key enemy we had a real well we are told our go to other stores height. I actually have a story when I was in do we want full. Yeah of political. Life so I was fifth grade. Parsons my a friend of mine's sister went upstairs she called me upstairs and she took her shirt and broth front. Your eighth grader I was a description an eight. Oh wow yes so I felt uncomfortable I didn't know what was going on I left the room that was a close that did not get them Hamas saying you know Ashley Judd. That's my new two story where it hurts me just ordered out. The final night you would like reality can't night campfire and whatever and Hewitt took this bought with him no leave me alone about the that was president restored it yet counselor. Brought them to receive help to sit out I was has been used to deliver it with this friend's sister as I did not know if it was my world was like I didn't know what was going on August 5 grade. And the way through. And cherry and apple. Not yet got on the and every other priests in. Europe. True you never had anything weird here here altar were not enough and purchased the Dallas writes no. Lots vehicle all around the area. He wrote in Europe export of that club. Which is product that's that's and I'm ugly guy with a the best lesson. If you try and you try to address you. He's written to. That's what they collect actually has a rift goes off after her is that preached that but what's wrong with me. I just wasn't very attractive to handle this problem yet valued at you now yes so cat story was essentially what can. Saluting dads. We were out I was separated showed Pittsburgh our show and several shows are stationed wore out this resort outside Pittsburgh. We proceed for several days doing shows there the receptionist at the front desk double disorderly liaison for our station. We were staying at the being like. Six or seven bedroom place on the resort. And yet a night in college it was her job she came by and went room to room and entertain clients cells stuff. And she crawled in your bed yes crawl into bed tonight shut down we sleep. Not really Annan's deputy you know he's had nothing but your hair back and Darius 2005. The one the one look I wanna know what happens crawled in the dark quality of the regardless of the it in the move nothing happened and optic. And initially she likes stormed out it was like gone you know two good yet he's good influence yes exactly he sets up like it was the case. Or you say. I drank a lot one night. And and I remember going to bet on a couch and it goes but mostly party playing here on open and I wake up. And there was the it's got to pop out and now I've just like split the house being directly on top. And and from there or whatever but I I don't remember ever engaging sleek. And point at that point she beat buffalo at all. What's happened after. Course where host of the meet an actual handle worse that it should use this as a strange thing to lose your sexual offense. It's. The choice to be. Here's a really big and our. To map now. Oh. Speaking of horror stories tell us what you Trace it there I know you would. The local stores tells you yeah we're Irish ought not to get caught up all hope she likes to go to sometimes Hoosier wet. This was mean to McCaffrey's saying and others. That scenario. You with many tips on together what ends up being at this ball are and they just played in the that touched use every tool we've all spent twenty. You take over to occupancies. And because you kill us try to remember what's on him. Package and the Texans find out I don't. Writings in chat was there both Korean prison that you. Now extends to heaven knows too that come on its conclusion about it. I don't you beta two she's in a rap song. Yeah it's either but on. It. The next part of a lot more. You obliterate well it won't grow. Opium. I like that Lola. Well like that. And some. People occasionally all I see your point. Students. Comcast happy you. Gotta if you come and separately that they liked that one more than they'd only go. Well I'd. Argue that mean the ratings I don't really have really had a a picture the bully me. The television hunt for Red Sox reporter to make impact now go to the drug took out an important. In my journals are private NW British Tories you'd jump a price and I took care about reporting. Toward your TV public order to halt a summit now I am your your radio monkey's soul all soldiers so as to what art. What it's theoretically hypothetically would carry books that you would Kirk shoots back no and tried. You would like I am good what are you are wilders it lowered its auto with whoever. Duets. Between. I don't know what to do it but which aims to give the CVS and priests yes. But I understand anything to a few of the ones you ought to I don't know might duets rightly know that the united we're gonna do. The legal laws it's. About OED Burkett. Ebert can tell him that no Kelly talked a conflict let's get to blow job of that terrible duo that was mad at me. It's usually a good thing is often is board for me anyway that everyday ideas so caught. I don't know what if you're mad at me because you don't know so that you usually know these things. What do 617. Sevenths 797. If trinity. Wrote organ will be. What tickled to cause all this column six what's that it's at 7977. I could talk to try and if you want during the Britney should be up to me. We appreciate you starting this it's up to a prison like hell and back right. Haven't she's sweet she's not return to she's got tax. I always. Since your soul works like it's an Easter and pictures of her crew member of the energy that is slick way of you know wakes every got offered a number usually one or call right. It's that. We believe companies that North Korean prison sources have told us that it is there. Is in north Koreans that their children up which was that X eighty pounds stuck yes they probably will. Yeah for president troubles in the country great favored in this popular area by saying to goes. It makes an effort to accept that I picked Eric he's reelection. Especially when Massachusetts he's. Actually the way that I. Can actually voted on fire in the background it's pretty. Iowa for a reason why it is there's no it is no god is read a part in that back out here and again. I. Can actually hear the gunfire in the background it's crazy. I acknowledge. If you can if I reach out to try to view and new duet with her okay it would Gerri open. Short and we're people pulling off yep you'll music I that's pipes are reverted Christmas opposed. Six what's separate set of seven night 790% or suggestions. As you go your tweeting today than that it's scrambled well she's a of these things JG dot. See much that's what you're moves. To. I'd six point 777793. Secretary of requests were right now Friday jetBlue park. Really feel dropped in the head coach for team USA told me they can predict exactly what the other team is going to do so how did they win this game the United States welcomes Diamondbacks. He saw in athletics and eat and I. And I execs haven't seen the Bobby several times don't kind of mistake until just outside the. It was so early so. I think it's wrapped up. Simply just. It's hard it's hard to know what it's like the regular stateside for its season. Just for a goes on much much. Local we feel robbed them on next I'll have a podcast. Reporter. Give any vices were talking movements. Mike Pence a device drinking. Very active. With my commitment in this. Instance you do Friday night it's like oh yeah. What it pains me pizza. Alex. Rules and in crust pizza threats and was like this beat he likes to say here sausage. Ago Lexus GX hope that immediately to also looks to re. He likes to draw cartoons. And he wants to ride a horse and he has always one horse he's most comfortable is of course record as well there tendency owns the owns a horse wears me out. Cartoon artist. She's. Real. He's a cartoon artist was horse. Eats pizza inflated it to slick yeah that's true that ought to. While wine right into what I can I sub. I don't they were Bradford should go to twin peaks time I'm on 911. Expert picks is great we don't like blood on its. I can't really the two hour period you could see it's. 8 o'clock. He obviously most well. We have because I could jump out earlier promise for quick access chicken sandwiches. And a glitch at and a full. You view at least that reports that mischaracterization of several that you sure. It would record a podcast. Mexico it's the get a new crew witnesses will be pressed. It's. A challenge to human. They are listening to what may not lawyers to assess patients in this post is too much too loud and it's too much. That's really it is some two bit. Equities analysts the old guard. On the move which I got lots of suggestions for quite elites. Would eat some foods not use the audio problems are great I thought McDonald's every you know what our guard allowed so why. Caracas longhorn. I'll go to villages north chain restaurants go it's not that wears gloves are going off Fridays it's just it's. You know. All right it is the most basic things right and why. Russert Ross. Yeah I've been that route twice this week it's acts Robbins. Robert are we thought our grill bonefish grill. We talk a part of why wanted myself to a crop last. One. Year. Watch this talk about what we. We asked what it's trendy and oh record Griffin's Evans hall goes on wants to make the move go to the next level. What Trent is our. Child may have a good look at if the issue at all feasible. In your outlook. I want. Europe basket case it would never once. Skins would Uga. Should network well what is so great. Yeah. You're a little cellphone while which I think yeah try to flatten turn off. You. Shouldn't she shivered all of us most people think the best choice would be. Love lifts us up we belonged you know let's not. Yes it's a great song he Rachel Parker yeah. Engines anymore and lots of its most let's stop right. So I'll open and Irish national reunited. Go breaking my heart ROL. On TTP. Yes let's take some calls lots of people use. Okay support. And it's where your it and. They were going out. A so so get away from Michael lobby mushy stuff do something different about like 23. I don't I don't think Freddie and and drought no word on that Castro and I'm not real but I enough from that you know that song Ehrlich and on and all of the basic mildly. Party in the US you don't need to do a song that Malibu clinical duet you can. To Stewart you it will look noticed him in which put him. Hey Kurt Campbell can go to a restraining order can't carry to the tweet that temporary one. So it's not title yet buck stops. Tom Wheaton first president trial. You know I can say he's solid report troll that lives and a tree. This has truly spring training because you know what you could not be on the radio at home if you create your own advertiser you are ED. US Bibi you bring nothing to the show yeah yeah it worse than rambling brought Brad. Akamai that it adds that we'll bat that that's that's unfair that's on. I'm sorry he he would force at least at least rob has a proclivity flood watch bull option which women that we meet or ball walks. There goes home and cried this kid into a little prescription bottle. And then sleeps next Doumit. Your right it's true is not Saturdays and the ones like this that yeah it's such it's well why don't. Well does it with a big smile out you know right is happiness happiness and it's always miss you David Price people it is a light at this feel like you've you've chosen. The captain Dick you're get the spurt that thirty years if I can't multiply like we dealt with. How did we don't know tortures training yet turn Yates who does that life. Feel like they beat him as the man who likes that it likes us I think it's good idea. Todd is in New Hampshire. You but. It. Tim is in Beckett Beckett tried. A couple of eighties and Russell today though our gas. It was a bit room I didn't really couldn't. I out of the stream that was discussed Teddy rod ideologue I Jesus Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. It's people passes I think that. I think Pickering would kill that eluded me. Really. The it's just good it. It's. Night and you never. Write this it's easy enough. Breaks community that carries voices by. Its hears voices in your could be on the show future ever. This is what it's like she wants. Pertinent. Do more you can do more. Personal. Let's support to review all the points I. They were carpet and put the operative that are easy. Access to how I'll work my way around Alito JE Martinez of topics to wash your Osaka control. You know picture with this Kid Rock show crow to picture to see rats you know. You know a week long. I think there are. I know what hit it too wet in internationals like that we chooses on word might once you're seeing I ask what's funnier. We say this is basically border runs and stoop. To use public relations agencies or else I'd seen. The course. You can deny the truth I just. Traditional to a I don't know I thought I know I am not spending a lot of time on this abuse I've talked to try to. Protects the species in North Korea would call phone call she was saying. She said I two bodies it. Right relics in because it's easier. To go after 9 o'clock work to be joined. How friendly reviewed and yes yes. He's fired up okay let's get the leaders sought for drama though pars that if it turns out after her in the you know again I think those people holding hostage where now. There could give up like nine guys like. It doesn't speak they're saying to each other they're saying. The humps. That their their their center each other they're saying you know basically essentially on the war. Forget Michelle's story to surrender to. Understand you're. A lot of charity work that's that's with you suffer from depression I do now well I understand it before. A to have these ports are seven minutes with you we I don't care the lever politically expressed this. At a terrible field while that doesn't matter. And that person that doesn't help drop me. I don't care about our. So what do you see better together. And you're sort of kept Boston. Try to North Korea relative Fort Myers collaborate you know where's he at its aesthetics here are sexually terrorist acts like your Quincy Jones at US thinks. Do the best workers now okay over. I mean it's a pain and who maybe it's cold out died. The evening. And use. Hold commands there yet slide. Rules. Two beautiful lights you'll arteries. It. Airplanes and the bond is hot today. Why everywhere that you criticize mine and you do far more than I do. Arab or stuff like that. That is true is being Crosby that was. Chris Curtis in mud at Christmas time to pretty their lives stork or are pursuing this and anything else. We talked to try and about sort of gritty things and I. Glad that we'll be back on the show Monday correct yeah that's about AD. Or. You must place you lose your little. Guitar collection on it one at a Quaker school. It's a horse wanted to practice all of what is. It hasn't. I like what trench writing it I think she's ready she's very she's been through what she's doing it from a phony issue. Our talk show. Features written. This is Joe Cocker Jennifer once he loved the it is that would disable this. And I say we talked couple weeks ago so loans. But the best it's the greatest songs wants movies. Yes like baskets in the yes and we mentioned the Dan. Yes and a few others. Right just perfect in that often lately goodfellas. And Parcells Jim Croce in the they're quick they're you know which would love yes albeit at a quick about it and chase and home. Smith in her. Dream on does reflect well. The black vote but there's that I would go to grow. It's excellent that is good yes. So I'd ever would we have one list. Yes officer and a gentleman. Took Parker certainly Jennifer warship was that out of my life entered its. Song is perfect in that movie too good to only eight at the end that Mayo comes back rescues or even what's her face. People girlfriend years one exports it keeps to himself right. Stupid. It says a one. Stupid okay. Dylan about Rutgers yesterday yes but traditionally conditions are great stroke but it is sort of the nation's first dish with Hussein. It's perfect for us this I'd simply say it. Animal notes for any that she is asking riders on yes. I've talked to trading second round. It. Rejected trying to reading. That she's good ago she's yeah she's good to offset ready to go yet it can you re right. Relic are you ready I ready nova sought yes the courts will still got us that it doesn't. If it's too ridiculous OK try to go to go to notes Politico with so. It's not picnic area history with 21 or will witness that you yes it is up or we belong to it becomes generic. It happened. Yeah Matt pass. And do well. As a Magnatune. All I know. Is the way you. Win it's Rea. I heat my prayers lab. The row. This long. There are mounds in Zimbabwe. It's okay. Guided the. That it and that. Aspect of land back. Yeah I got it. Out. Looks. Suffer with struggle that we took so. That's too hard. Now that Google after a long connect. You know. Its own person and what it looked like Andy's. About it that's. Currently out there. Cell phone that they said. They said tried or green 452. Call where you watch it on that which were. Back and all that for real you know what though it felt it felt a sketchy details. These little world current coach that's good he's one of those guys mention car feels that the couple were ultimately look. Yeah. Nearly filled drop now we're open. As you know talk right. From the plane a couple of girls are back that's right. Capture some strictly out through this place that we got the recipe. Way to do Martinez then all these shelves that. Between them. If I mean these spears is. It really did them wrong like I'm usually. Law of the road that you beat him today what it's actually two days. Treated very few days it's fine. Missed the first it is portrayed to write his job the deal along that we feel that the big deal. What's what's that story's done. Then. I don't. The only but it interest problem my you know what's what's in. There. Huge span which read that right nick of plot or use our guys your age. Who's the fifth spot in the rotation. If that doesn't matter to make the you right. You know Warren you know. I know that there is this the people that love everything they can get the rights as those who don't like Randall body but you know which I don't out of satisfied ball was Bobby knowing that you write selected. I I care care to hear them. Say that. Give me something besides changing teams are the store or on this project of mine out stories in a war. I'll get there what is the what is important though with. Working on story lawyers. Awards are much more important than anyone realized that when everything in three age so while. That's what it is. Market lawyers are like for MLB the only problem union got screwed in the last hour. Let's go to stories how lawyers or report that it which are read by imports yes they re gum accusing him. Well here's the reason create a play advocate or asking divided by the league what is sure when that are much more powerful. What does that ultimately your piece of news the ads don't give. More than they have. Care about this it was or mental that you want to Twitter don't really believe he's done a bottle of diet right we'll argue. I nature's OK what what it takes what's equate to. That these players association. Neutral to revamp their. Lawyers and that's why we got to this the most fanatical Red Sox doesn't care. And a border so I'd be interested in this stuff we usually union govern its okay like its general well that'll be news. What's legal and ultimately. Baseball writer's Alter how badly the players it. Can't bibles sick. Everything is once ethnic here because everything or. Explains why regency is like why the players what we're talking about a strike in a few years all the conditions that were talking about. Are because of a few lawyers who got lucky but it was like our what is of course. Oh and when is that makes organ so matter of someone's gonna screw. I think you stay the course or your wreck. It's a protection. Suits on rob I'll text you from dinner. What did you meet. Market for the go to 26. Two's speaker of the creepy about that Ike. Between Pete if you are all like ago. Our five hours next wrote Scott had to take a good job. John Dennis makes his return controversy December you know leaders like you want me anymore please agree that we spring training to pop British at risk of like India. The fourth and final hour of the fifth and I would say idle today jetBlue park Parker now.