K&C - Ian Rapaport on why Belichick didn't trade Garoppolo to the Browns 1-12-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, January 12th

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network discussed the Patriots trade of Jimmy G.  


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In Rappaport. Of the NFL network joins us he's brought you by our friends at town fair tire course NFL network insider. At rap sheet in this weekend full coverage of all the divisional round games the NFL game day morning. I'm gonna start on Saturday at noon EN Mike Jerry and Alex are you. Our airports via you tell us what the coordinators were heading into the divisional weekend the expectation was by this point at least one of mcdaniels or map for she would have a job. Where these guys stand with the shares of the specifically is it as simple as waiting on the giants are waiting on the lines. Well I think they're both at. But it. Expenditures in the late this year has played out you know sometimes in the past where you're keen either way our guys. Europeans. Don't recruit and hire some time to look at out like last year I remember correctly you know the gaels pulled out of the niners job. Basically told them that you not taking it. It became very clear this culture shock even though it took its still early February to shore farm on it that it happened this year. You know it and so. I still think both these guys could end up with head coaching job obviously there's a lot of mutual interest between Patricia and the lions. No the giants are also pretty interest in the hamburger and they got some finalists I'm not sure he's beat this sort of favorite there but I know that like in law. And the Josh McDaniels and obstacles job. Is very interest in one they're so well yesterday to close. They are focused on authentic candidate she basically the only thousands of candy. That they talked to we still alive so certainly don't make a lot of sense in. Our thinking to lining up well for all of these guys just might takes. You don't think Ian that the that Patricia is already done in New York because the daily news is you know us all and they say he's their guy. Yeah that that's not my understanding. And don't get me wrong they would they like he's definitely he what are finalists. He's a guy that. I know during the interview process they really liked. If they said they wanted an experienced head coach obviously he's not. But you know he's a facility like they also like pacts are a lot. Josh McDaniels you know this is certainly someone like during the process as well. To meet you how the city Shermer Patricia are probably right there for the charge shop. I'm just not sure. You know if they would even offered because. A lot of people think Detroit would make a lot more sense for him. Token hey how long can they wait I mean should this be done by now they they have these windows they can't talk to Patricia again. For awhile right. Let. I believe they can talk to him. After the AFC title game our member correct it's or. By that portable probably bill. On this you know I don't think you should this year how to play Arctic is Nolan will. Your teens when efficiently commitment to years ago when Eagles are gonna hire that Peterson used on the playoffs with Kansas City. It sort of put outward like this is going to be our we're not gonna come out publicly since this is art and everywhere they're all witnesses who are higher. Noticed on that this year unofficially officially however. Aren't so it's too late to probably most speculative and you know reporting covered as I can remember of coaching searches in part probably because I don't think anybody really notes. So what's the story Ian with make Daniel he's interviewed the last couple years for jobs stayed in New England they interviewed with the bears but the higher. Matt Nagy instead it's not getting these jobs because he's pulling out want to stay at the patriots or is he just not interviewing while the teams look at his track record and it scared away what's the story with mcdaniels. Not where he's done well yeah I mean I think every year it's a shame that he's a very good candidate. Views. Odyssey is work with the quarterback is what everybody wants to whichever quarterback. Coming from electrical situation. In knowing I was about to health so Angela wolf he could have Jacoby respect the job for them. Security really helped develop and or other sort of surprising guys who played well this year. It's really just you only get one chance to. You'll you'll you'll get a second job once switched to a certain extent put extra. You know get a fair question on fox which obviously disaster. She'll only get one more crack. And he has to make short perjury recording artist job. Was not part actually pulled out there's been plenty of others he's got opportunities. To take me to signal it. Delegates it is warmer times so it's got to be perfect. The Turkey job with a lot of sense if that came open and I assume the Arctic and ultimately every now. American culture. Wouldn't you block it he's healthy and make a lot of saturates. It I know you tweeted about it when Seth wrote it last weekend the look inside the patriots organization what we're your takeaways and and how much of what Seth wrote. Had been if you heard around the NFL this year what's called the patriots. I think you know certainly good portion of it was stuff that I'd heard irons and stuff that apple. No detention. The issue list with Guerrero I think that was real. You know I never quite heard the Tom Brady teaching clock stopped under the pre treats backups. Like you know it literally helped them they sort of get to watch and learn from the master wrap your opening at six Ers here's. Page one of the plate looking page to you know it's not really like sort of in the movies right. But I never quite heard that tensions between rating Glock or some archer that was the case. To me and maintain that that's sort of lack. Was the business and to me can go up or traded. Because when ticket contract extension. And the work of the franchise so the only other option this week it used to be awesome she has. Is to trade at the last possible second. And used in this church for the first eight games. And then the trade in the last possible second to me got made a lot of business sense and that was sort of a huge missing component of the article. Was it your understanding that San frenzy only team Belichick talked to and do you think. Cleveland would indeed have for the fourth pick in the draft. Yes it is my understanding since then you'll and they talk I think Belichick wanted to make sure McLaughlin definitely placed. You know one because he like straits between race too he really respects the people there range. Culture and just like drop well as a person who want him to be in good spot. Why wouldn't do it's just over the place it's bizarre. It doesn't seem like belts all right because you're human. Really traditional Seymour to the raiders mean he's made other trees resent good very good major players I calls an outcast destinations. Yeah that is true. A lot of times. Those situations have been after afraid negotiation any member. She wore armor were correct errors on countless remember correctly they try to extend a couple times. It didn't work and extending Wilfork a tree action more armored correct. This was one I think it's okay that Belichick wanted to send him to a good place that it the other question. Would the ground to get up to 46. It's very easy of Brown's people such as soon to say now. I never heard I was on the table for when the ground made an offer to draft force under their rock shall ever go to. You know they're gonna turn one out in the times you do it on I don't really the hindsight Jeremy. Well you had a chance off and you didn't seem to onlookers. So I think there's anything fishy Ian because from my standpoint you read a report patriots on the call one team all while some ballot check. Tears drop was well being over the betterment of the team over shopping him for the best you know for the best package that seems a little curious to me that you're saying that is OL to. Also got an out of the position. You know mates make sure they did a decision once a year or several times here that I mean it's go to your signature. I think it was very nice it's also found in the great spot. It's not charity it's also something that. Big -- the patriots. In a terrible you know you're really the option of going to business transaction or to hear the option. Maybe the patriots would have gotten a second round pick and the third and fourth or something. But outside Asia to face and once a year twice a year it got worse. That drastic vs hadn't seen in the it's funny definitely talks about the price. You know look at second routers. It's pretty good all. And to the fact that they take a lot foreigners extension all the books its ups and at ball is probably going to. He only played two games if you don't now. He's responsible for games he got injured only played two games in two years that it you know how much she's was to get Parcells without little experience. Hey you know it's. Big deal in the back pages in New York but is the one little inkling it through to the idea that. Belichick was thinking about them going somewhere else possibly the giants and were the giants' thinking of Macon an offer to Bob Kraft for his services. To me it was very fond of talk about to me that was never on any. Doesn't love the giants don't get me wrong is definitely the organization that he tells kind of appear. But that was another part of mr. Obama asserted silence how that actually hear her you're never trading Brady you're never gonna let Belichick. You know go to the giants not not ready I'd never even heard what he wanted. Well that that's what I would take he would he would have this be the guy that. Who initiated say I want out I wanna go there then craft could start darken the Maris. Your right foot but I just can't see Robert Kraft negotiating terms as the barrel of the gun like that and he doesn't. You know very very sad it is just like we'll go check if that ever came to. I can't imagine craft doing actually that's what has gone on for the scrutiny of bones you know he talked about could be guys break out how. Great under contract key never giving tree. It's only on although is. Now a Belichick's the only guy could see going elsewhere ever obviously craft isn't in that now appears Brady's not. I guess we also military could finish his career here but you know maybe not. And I I just know that I'm crazy I just can never imagined it. Actually he called straight they're impossible anyway they never. Let alone the greatest coaches in NFL history just. I don't it's gonna talk about the actual. It out and last a thriller circle back to that the browns thing because not only the Terry Pluto story but. I mean last year last year Mary Kay Cabot was screaming from the the roof tops and her stories the browns want talk to the patriot they offer first round pick in more. Are you suggesting when they did call on draft night we're told that Belichick wasn't even trading without point. It was really only a second and third because there's been a lot of people around Cleveland now that is saying it was a first. They're not really out that twelve that you had two shades on six and at first rounds are willing talk the same for drop low as they offered for AJ McCarron. The exact same package is. I mean I don't know. I don't know if they're reporting. But I don't want to trade off the lights and it was first second third and you know again. There are people in charge out and fired. For a lot of reasons and I'm sure not. Doing this was was one of the reasons are securing the future court with one of the reasons. They never offered a first round pick. The patriots never considered that you disagree with it considered high water. I would imagine that probably would not want it to that probably would've considered but the browns also was not even one. And that the patriots. Even consider consider. Could've offered Hersh is working cluster. Ian Rapoport all weekend long as the game day coverage of all things divisional round weekend Ian thanks as always enjoy the football.