K&C - It's a bad day for Ron Borges; Cris Carter bought the Borges story 2-9-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, February 9th
Hour 4: Ron Borges career is likely over at the Boston Herald. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plus sports real WEEI. In my life. I wouldn't want to say about me CLJ. Smith asked let me ask you. It what Davis has to celebrate one of the great losers in the history of fitness as for Mike San that does this prize. So. I know whose victory victory. I did. I was only three hours and a half an hour that. From Lewis six to secure it was madness some good deceive come down a full bottle or just tears on the exit that. So what did he do other than them. A lot of them questioning. With the you know how to get the parks for what else to do these economic future go to my cat is except what's assays has been half a hump to me you know as a he's always have to date yet and I just what's the point at pizza every one of approaching Christmas and good riddance. I treat the little person which boards thought it was 456 years ago. I find great of the US people worked here interns whatever I'm nice and I actually niceties people. I know you you know even look at them you know my mommy know you if they don't. But look at you that I'm getting your way that's was yes tuner yelled an intern for walking by the window in Toronto general I don't think so not on record and Evernote back I may be Kirk made him. You have to think like that true report is treated me like and aggression that's why hate guys like that where better that you were football guys yet real managed to cover the breeders' you do all that crap. It's religious sang take a look at everything he mechanized keep working hard. No ejecting these bad in the house ten to seven analogue corporate years ago. So even a locker for forty years and this is how this is how we reports this is how this man reports he's the worst journalist in America. He's played interest in now we know he does a nose for it in Dick from his elbow he's a fool he's he's more on in his life professionally. Ease over you can be a tough guy act Ron I come in every day twenty guess tree blocked the office walk back. You can get from media day one and any time you want what he's not gonna have to wait for it today Alaska. Latham Iran that you should cause you fasted even yuppies ninety security and wanna fight this shot Rollins bites guys in wheelchairs but there are among them a hundred foreign we have. And and you won't accomplish anything like euphoria that you you would get him fired right now that's back when you're gonna like them right on the terrible and you Wayne now but yet. Report just that you would he get them. And if he wants to do that anybody did it if you want but Q what did vacancies notice cashed in yet or it yes I do it hurt to get up and running. Well run this one beautiful more beautiful that you didn't know we thought I saw the story at 4 AM and I had immediately Rihanna suspicions it seems he's old instantly. Hard to believe that Tom Brady would do this to this public virtual seems out of would you do it period. Because there's been lots of quarterbacks who past ten moved eclipsed him financially. I believed that Eli Manning's made more money. Are close to more money in his career than Brady I believe it is remarkable tour. There have been all prone as well as a write in any sort of made no sense if you and character never publicly the other end of the money ever ever now so now one day. Not even a day after Jimmy grow pollutants from the Contra Brady's gonna threaten to hold out and toss it seemed we were looking at each other on this is weird. I'm sure Brady is set out in public anybody else Brady wants to get paid. But Brady is a great relationship with the crafts regulation Q did you it's a robber credited or are you with Robert Kraft I mean that's report results of stupid just think it out. Forget about you know I don't know looking to finally number I don't calling him back. Asking somebody else via the same number another beat writer duo leg work its image is getting exciting occasion broke the story in fifty years. And I apologize those patriots players are only six apart on on drugs. Well overall what that was a big story and our windows home. Eli Manning who is the basic question everything Borges has ever written and he says any differences lie which makes you question every piece of journalism he's ever done was. Three and a half years younger than Brady who's been league free news fewer little Q were you were telling me we haven't yet made a million more than break right never led the league and anything never been the best quarterback in league ever. And he's on how some of the top ten yeah he's made more money than Tom Brady Brady has never publicly complained of. We're talking about if you just union. Is rob ports in the front back and herald today. Brady says you'll hold out. No off season. Activities until he gets a contract it is the same essentially register to grapple yes so it's a couple of spots are from Ron and Jerry and I talked about this morning though I had my doubts right away. I was city's 41 in the expects 75 million dollars guaranteed okayed it seem plausible. Number two Brady never does this number three Brady's a great position right now and Andre with the crafts. Is mcdaniels back he's gonna do this right now that makes them makes no sense and he wasted. As we learned you know very quickly of course it made no sense because it was made up. A listener to our show nick. Sup port number on Twitter a couple of months ago are communicating with Borges for me 50 wait number telling and he was on. We can read through and read all of you wanna just read that the main parts just very volatile arts you do. I wasn't highlights are some highlights the need for short. Under the first couple ones I'm about exhibit pertain to be in my to get this contract for Jimmy gorgeous good great kid house a good kid as well nice match. You attack or LA board assassin in town situation with twelve what's up. You like it's laid out by the board he could trust me bro if he he can't. Nick by the way knew she goes all over his belly watching television laughing at Borges a loser probably is a worked twenty years. You can trust me borrow Borges says he didn't even if you think you can add an old school for a long time. Well he's story out there after the season really go back a long time I'll contact you to go back a long time imports as of this is okay. And go back for those weird pylon thing about the whole thing that exports assessed with. Horse and sentiment a remote you with sunglasses which is more are singing duped. Back and forth back and forth and then we finally get to this. This is yesterday afternoon. Promissory towards what The Herald the sport. Busy busy day Munich he writes fake Don yeah Nick Brady prepared to sit out all offseason team activity messy it's a new deal with upfront money similar. To Regina EG got. Somebody to write a column to. Portis says up you old friend shot you probably have a next week live it now is the question you have it now yes I do Borges as the writing as we speak. Our guys the right I know how anybody OJ. That would all right. They go so that is the wrong board coastline is just made the mistake of questioning your scoop from two weeks ago correct which file it was right. I don't remember which just because it's like to comment it was it was Brady stitches in and throwing without a glove or if I did I talked to multiple people about that. Nice but I knew the person I was speaking to that was weird at a conversation they weren't duping. And that's how much is much you wanna take credit nick is just the guy. Nick is just the guys you. Saw your Alter ego so there's another guy from split although you look like I'm James one that's Tokyo Santa. Shaved heads crazy eyes. But umps nick I guess he's a listener loyalty one listen for a minute fan but nick is he twisted demented one that rule when Borges life you mean. Again I saw her earlier personally using you're is like. I think working car washes agree get out the sound a lot of Dubai ports of refinement to begin a book report. So what he writes and are taught the multiple sources Heidi to explain that who's boss I don't want I don't how you lie that's why. Because that is then bending you were saying it's a big somebody to hold it up out of whole cloth out of whole cloth. A couple of people and confirmed to two this is a George's check out this message that tweet from this and this is so next time nests and writes the Tom is in essence we used to be on every day and it's did you hear the report of what Tom Brady threatening to say just doing the most CA 9:12 AM question mark well a source tells NASA and its not true. This with the guy's name that comes the patriots coach I did I loser and it is as good Qaeda and I don't know two tweets from NASA. Yes and as a source. That be the guy who puts the re just got tired of the person god or high he had dug which is a course such as we get to become highly voice for as the Charlotte while guys we got them I just renewed. The F word and off back it back to. Source denies report to Tom Brady will hold out for we should be a problem money right there on the front page in instantly make it good sources of great sources and died Hyatt new reference to Charlotte while they're everywhere after us about that. You'll you'll have the balls to call right now they got to know dots. Excellent source we've got off. With us who did it a source a source we had. Our operation back albeit a source I hours ago source I'd hide your countless Dick law. Source Kirkland yeah you're right for Benson dot on 30. Source Kirk and story. You suck. So were able. In a recent live the story's source close to the quarterback quickly contradicted the report saying quote trust your instincts and the no mention yeah. National. They play. Nissen. It's our innocent I don't want you to. I think your programming is gonna announce this which gave it right old story they talk about the current thing if it and I told mailman just I love that I love love love. A Cairo who have 56 PM. Out excrement. He denies that the story was 1156 between. His loved 56 PM Thursday night. Arms are between two and I don't care what you reached a politely to him attractive to us the best record and like a surprising will come on. Come on out I think Obama he wrote this at midnight. So I'm 56 when it aboard historic can't blame you for ruin the borders is all that kind that whatever opponent anyway. It's trying to help relations with the Red Sox a couple which measures passed like. That's true a little show in terms of like this every day if you should you wouldn't you in my look good apple could dress a very nice today can some and I'm impressed properly you have addressed. While the meetings about. Through news this quarter century sure guys I'm their two thugs soothed the savage beast in case he goes off. As both the cardinals that you bull thought this true only that we militants from head to toe even in my sex and zone as a lot about. Love as the alliance to consolidate I apologized to Nash and not action script that. They they've they've rubbed my face and they remember they canceled during your interest in April the government show yes so FM FM forever after you've got some nice and happy they did that because so we have our studio backed the blue crops up when that's why my bowling was so bad yes that was the reasons number one reason 617779790%. Couple lines open right now. Set the story I mean that is the length of with a bit I don't know what else to say I mean it's. Leading boards who loses job. Yes yeah I'm afraid to lots of New Orleans on July held Harold soul goes up for auction on Tuesday they don't blame me for yes a little bit ago you said he would go and bid Bryant got a lot of disposable income now 65 cents a that you get that done let's go to. The Coles did this in the car hey Dan how are you. Hey guys how are you the morning. Hey listen this could be the beginning of something you. If this is reminiscent of the Howard Stern black Packard calling and met with you yeah. You've got a fan base that has grown to the point where they're messing with people who back him this could be your currently moment and that starts. All the shows are running the show is now off the rose a runaway train will never be stopped and our listeners are loyal and when somebody goes after Russia right to have been born porch and after a slate. With what volume anger that never seen in my life. I the only natural thing to do is what is the comeback fight back I only was that all other positions that much of an offensive funk I was offended by. I've you've been attacked worse and I I was hoping it would be you know someone from the globe well they do their job and herald's Osgood is the globe. Stop that guy say they're not stop that the the globe had callon Borges perfect right Floyd and the globe as your friend Kevin Paul DuPont is worse to tell which job and hockey is he related the guy can do ponies toward The Herald. Global and the Mittal may only significant he answered a frank is in a classic that's a guy he'll he'll take port side what's up frank what's it like it's hard to do but yes who try guide Frankie what's going on. Look at Kirk listen and view but you know you Jim Maceda movie talk radio whether a short Oliver Stone yeah. Okay man goes into more towards a goal a play extreme but you know you'd you'd you'd don't become a megalomaniac and he's got a lot that's on this. That I can promise Jerry knows I'd never heard of Alan freed. Of course it sure that Friedman freaked out. That's what that was the whole premise of it that that was the movie was based on. Currently moving weird it never goes in go. Where is he an only news out of Broadway and park got a sorry theater was pocket in movies stage active theater actor to questions one to become a good supporting act but he was a great writer and host good battle between Baldwin. Apple moved everything dias straight guys could. Tim is done wrong I elevate him even though. Eric good morning papers of all you are you got a month. As it. And second of all I'd like to say that you break in this story is possibly bigger than the spotlight team breaking possibly exposing other case. And and the Catholic. Lot of studio what is in Asia have a sale frame thought well that's a good question. What is more painful or harder thing. Brady's reputation over money or hundreds of kids getting sexually molested Armitage Brady's side also gracious and we're trying to get an. Again back on the show and the air and bring you a little lean church so that's me that's the worst penguin. I don't we'll check with them to Nicklas can weigh up yet he's gonna wing's gonna call you later. I happen. But I mess out there yelling we do today he would knowingly take port side with no iris I wanted to its powers that it's impossible. And possibly as a productive remote here. Is remote you with the sunglasses that's that's the point respect somebody ever does that there would just have a struggling is in the mode again I'm really disappointed so this so what does Borges save this loser Borges what does he say additionally. I don't get set up like I MF for what else can you say they're like Lawrence Taylor statue up is neutrality on the website to gay were tracks as tomorrow how does that work yes yes history as the treasury track and tomorrow. Isn't true. We retract my input Jack. Accenture architect traction traction actual. Track but also it's all on every news site and people who just getting up at 9 o'clock and Alaska or back about Gerry Ford wrote about it you know once. So this fuel valuable sports a good writer not a great radio person dietary it is like I say that we've talked about that but he's a damn good right between says he's fast he's cracked this thing out of this because -- favorite thing in the world is anti he's repeatedly antibodies are caught in his style he's a good writer really does he writes conversation which is why yes with the management and attitude to write an apple now. You could you should we'll probably runs from Barcelona guess he's got a lot of readers and that's true. All right so I guess you know abortions I will find those historic moves forward to reach out to Sean Leahy The Herald not editor okay I probably won't. I wonder we get off the plane today for 430 in the afternoon after the delay. There's enormous and so they were on the plane for six hours you're treaties horror story yes how would you let something that Chicago would cancel a million flights which you know that's that's a boon of course it moves to a camp or push other fights go for Chicago Philly yes and those planes are delayed what are you delayed your read these stories about whatever airline where people are. Are on the Roman for six hours at what point did you smell. I did it once and I only remembered as the only time I flew on a Manchester stuck on the runway in New Hampshire yes a great airport five notice him I thought there's been great to smaller like smaller ones. All I thought so tape and we sat on the runway. Personal how long hours and we don't like kids were born in Baltimore. She Goodrich and there's such yet a woman problem we're down there aren't they drove and got the before it's clear to God's grace and we will go to DC and that's an IPC was the kids were younger we do an old PC thing what's different it was a nightmare just sit there and you have kids if you have kids I. Here's an early handle it Saturday. I would care today because they have you which is worst than a child columns a flight to Philly fifty minutes it's less than our results folder Wi-Fi you'll be fine it's with the kids it's an issue what's it like it used to say when he third in line for offered it's worse you hear that the wars here that I don't wanna find private when he says that they they should that's like that's the comer addresses should rot seriously Monday night spoke to area high level amendment I'm member of management. She has a point which she said you take in the private chip some of the I hater yes of course yes action is it. Yes ol' yeah yeah yeah. And I said no we should or not. They okay 6177. I think we should be someone as important as today you know yes you know you should be on a pit to defy commercial equities. Much spin on anyone's gonna go play on words I don't know what goes on and everything's of the windows all I agree I should I Shyamalan I think however got a private Taiwan hard with a few not to drink conflict is 'cause Lou drank it was hard Lou had a big classic Crown Royal two feet for me and you can drink one another doctors I was gonna be all -- that night so why do you have been so little cherry is now I'd be on the air that night that was not the time perjury -- was an important show as the Brady press conference night. It was an excellent show by the Daschle the week by anybody in Minnesota Wednesday. My Monday night's show was as good of any show anybody get in Minnesota live reaction from Brady. All this out million calls to mention how words you think you said so before today show forty. I'm not sure yet what are confident for the president's cure it wasn't. Exactly tomorrow per track per track that's the best word I said it's a track when it. So would you rather have me be casually or to sit back and what you guys hit what is a moment for your show but when you talk to these interns like what is your defense it was hard well that's that's not that's not a proper. Which Russia the globe has nothing on the website. That I consider to be seen on the globes were sent their way from I want touched it bit my com and CNET from the front of the globe geez she's seen. I hate Jewish people the that was that was at this that's a that's the Korean ballistic heavily edited on both those comments you claim yesterday didn't say. I said those words but not that's not in that order beach every thought and attract. I debate or track for rumpled but we're tracks tomorrow. We'll look might be retired when the all right. 6177797. Knives last chance we're gonna get out this article wanna congratulate the curtain county National League rate date of radio. Here's your opportunity in Barrow boards as well happy new. You could be Jew. By one source door. Ganassi who think that right from the Boston Globe for what prompted again that you were traffic tomorrow and now tonight he got hit by dog. And what you. That again that you Iran W we got we're talking patriots. And I hate Jews. He knew the name and it's normal massage your name but. Wish you know the very young reporter own game is nor receive no place or how did you perhaps an average prince body Dora. Osce is this really no hate between the pitching we know. My unit are yet to get Ganassi for our country. You know has no hate between the newspapers like the Darryl did take advantage of that on the globe screwed up now and reported Murdoch always to me and the globe today is gotten up an unknown barrel screwed up. Incredible good old days when they hate each other thoughts what that we still that we hate. You're you're the best videos Horford and as well as Tom Brady took time waiting for. It is finally and it's a brand just just oozes followers ascetic having Tom be an adult she's take the loss. This one thing I will Saber Brady. You know forever news. He's legitimately. You know move the way he sounds on there at least guns in public has the week is yes you know he's in you can see he's brainwashed to resort cult or whatever but the guy. Holds no grudges it's nobody. And does not have an ounce of Kuerten and had in his soul. Foleo can't be the future. And it was about me or hateful to. I mean Sarah wasn't haven't you always make elegant taken over he'd take it now there's hazel is no one you absolutely object your your worst your faith your phone who who's the globe and a little I have read The Herald I don't have as much it is our gratitude toward. I just take it and and that's my thing like gratitude I do like people Great Falls past the very very lucky ones. Gusts which I am very grateful grateful must ungrateful for the coffee to major UIQ and the records when he spoke over the place double. Not now we wondered among one out. When he gets it clean up unit and a person is not told you to do with Jesus is Tom Brady and needs to grab this morning guys always taken a few days reflect. On our Super Bowl losses balls a great season a team. Learning towards having a positive number one feeling I have him for the past four days gratitude. Gratitude to my teammates gratitude toward my coaches. Gratitude to the Norman pages organization for supporting us and are very challenging and difficult journey. Gratitude to Philadelphia Eagles team and organization for bring up the best must've been gracious winners as well congratulations on when the championship. Gratitude toward our fans showed up every week to cheer us on and commit their time and energy and love and support toward our goals are. And gratitude last Don T for demanding this insane contract if I don't get 75 million dollars and retiring thank you all I love you all best. Surprising the advertisers always brought it back to back I've just got to 137 million what he's really thinking about that really is amazing Brady is guaranteed thirty million for the next two years. Rumpled guaranteed nine DR 75 for the last thanks for years insane. Apple at saint system is no accident Rogers will pass him and now final pass him in and out of those guys all of those guys are all these are all winners please use. You said Matt Ryan drew Matt Ryan why hasn't Matt Ryan Rodgers he's like that I have it's season like top ten quarterbacks of all time rock blues played. Five quarter upon have quarters here and five games there but the guys that crazy is the franchise tag of a 26 million bucks he's getting 27 apps play a little bit older so he had really guaranteed. At the muzzled by next three years it would have been that much of big wind year by year on the franchise tag shirt with a peace with the student stakes next year we don't know what you do you winning Jimmy brothels you know here's what I've -- -- I'd rather have locked in long term have been picking year by U Matt Ryan any good Matt Ryan won MVP right yes to breeze on suitable to robberies consumables and charges went on a contract trouble we'll get that money but they've done more than a chorus while reporting I don't what's the what's the easier place to do this now get unlocked and committed or going year by what I probably 49ers to me it is crazy sounds that's the way it works and here's the thing is you know I don't think the stink and none of us thinks the stake right now you know we'll stay healthy. You know that he won't get hurt. Some instead of models and a quarter Brett you know you can't teach kids Brett Favre never got hurt Tom Brady never gets hurt big men never gets hurt. Well Brett Favre coming out Eli Manning never ever gets out of Atlanta did you know that Hillary showed you number are saying I struggle ahead of our imagery around what Campbell weird injury to our quarterback slogan and Helena showed that might get hurt drop those verbal college right to grow up close plate of 49ers last year I mean I. I think was a freak injury I think I think apple is going to be awesome and he's going to be an all pro quarterback it's. For me in the way the world works right now it's a great move for the forty I just about did you guys read some Osce which routed the 49ers next five years the patriots. The 49ers pick which is that other hate late upgrading ideology and I gained my actual anniversary where he talked among crumpled should take this call that wants to praise Kirk what he wanted to month. One minute Ron Borges tweets and Charles Haley visits his fifth Super Bowl sings while vote on his hall of fame podcasts are thinking that's not his actual we must be some wrong. I'm on my. They hurt the morning over here are you guys doing good thank you I just wanted to I just can't believe. The sport is so we're responsible that he wanted to own this guy you. It's still a great job that Kirk has done or expose. Yet a metaphor but it still listeners. Good as the speed and it. Exposure that sure your murdered my life you expose our current jury is it like it's a whole and appeal. And I'll tell you right now Baghdad emotional pull himself up until that point eight week. A coach Knight I can't I expect you it's nice to get a compliment today and I have yet I appreciate it thank you. And I think when the other thing boards too was spared the Max element and others Michael Smith. Stephen A Smith and must now wanna spend some time throughout Bosnia lodge incident he said. I was watching the first take which is an awful show is horrible and and and because it will came in the middle an important element was that a fellow serve right from and he's not that he has yet compelled consensus humorous things like. A key element of such dummy and is Stephen Stephen A has got a real easy time of it 'cause his most debate this moron key element right quick elements thing now is he takes to task. Anyone who goes to the White House right. I mean you're talking like UConn women I was very whatever hockey guy. If they go to the White House Christen it comes to owning this authoritarian. And he goes half on this tangent but no player should ever go to the White House and the people of San. While I don't care who the president is it's an honor to just walk the hall you know it's sad for Macs come as those other and it it's no bars will be thinking hey announced it doesn't exist only he's telling the UDD Notre Dame mascot weeks ago but it's hurting Ilie I hear other shows talk about a flick element is just don't we think haters but he's overmatched he's dumb and I still feel bad for you that you get that you a tribute today on my mind I'd much rather be doing this doing that. It would almost always economics of two million bucks a year that's five item millions millions they're gonna do the the unit I don't be surprised if he is painted the story today treat like it was real. That's I want as when he shows to not understand the borders and if you were when that. Tamils it is good to have you waited till eight I dared to disabilities out about a month giving up there's some dummies out there won't have some sun and we get a good article right show on a personal and public to that we get back 6177797937. Your last chance. To us say goodbye to Ron Borges or celebrate Kirk and Callahan for the big picture today all eyes open last chance 617779793. Several direct. And it's nice and juicy twist Tom Brady. For a personal along I mean people didn't know. But people just thought man Tom Friedman Jesus and he's going go about it just do everything the right way Tom Brady get a little spicier didian. Sure is Charlie. Texas and thank you get this Jerry you said during the break for us not holding this magically met if we held it just held it to Monday. Medifast person. Nick people can blame you'll have one last night you didn't do it might well reports take all the credit or asphalt nick and lost set him up and if we didn't bring it to everyone's attention. You didn't write. At six. It would be the number one topic of discussion on all day and he has piano station as you were not at all stations that. I'm nests and than Comcast and everybody no question right in between talking about. No question that's a story we'll see what happens. Over I've supported the Harrell will be some reporters when it suspended convertible find out the other shows and for all talk about what we can talk to when we seem in the in the parking good life. We'll turn around don't lie Alice told the organic we're not told you this almighty sponsors Jerry wanted to see something like three. Mike to Rico how huge that he says yeah that's you know what he's nice to everybody pays to sweep I got to him especially nice to young female interns I don't pretend you're with Mike a couple of years ago couldn't have been friends here. Couldn't have been. More touching more affectionate. It was great to be around him. He was really nice at the entrance incredibly talented and turn right really really paid attention to them. I thought consistently so I'm looking for tonight or it's good to not get rid of all the creeps no more man or know what I was droves if you write that report their mocked the idea working before he's been like a mentor to me as well I would say lot of things that I've done in my career within turns I learned from Mike to recoup a decent right there for me. Every single he's done what do I tell you on my congratulations to dry you. On the degree of success get a big shoes to fill Bob Costas but he will get it done is he's a very nice guy total amount of time which Ireland that you watch on television over under 45 I always say this. Before it starts and then I get nice start watching a little bit of something maybe downhill skiing and maybe hockey something will capture my idol has frozen of them salaries I was on a lot of support from the team a porky that's true I will say. Over 45 minutes I'll probably watch it I'm underperformance over my wife loves the figures. I want watched two seconds of that I will walk me gay guys Richard Lewis then they'll keep up of this Borges story wild day thanks or color nick thanks to dog eat thanks Tom Brady thinks Ron Borges. For making us Friday fly by Jerry ridiculous more fun can wait it's Vanilla. And they have power on and the Philadelphia again I'm you know what we're gonna clean up that made a mess on that it is. Only fair and get a little details that meeting MI and I'm guessing we have stuff to fall on the sport distort from Monday maybe. I would guess safe to say it was fax job Monday morning at 6 o'clock McDade guys up next Richard listen to them was it for you night. Belong I think once and for you tonight to keep the I'm sure is abortion site he's a hello guys as rivals who have as the borders your rookie Diana back 6 o'clock Monday. Enjoy your weekend. It's currently trip. Jesus. That's what's trending now on WEEI WEEI dot com. Could we can. Pool now with one simple.