K&C - Jack Edwards had a rough night in Toronto; Ordway continues to break down hockey 4-17-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, April 17th
Hour 1: Kirk and Gerry discussed the Bruins loss in Tornto last night and the performance of Jack Edwards in the booth. 

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Skirt. Toronto is a much better team who. This is that this is their last gas went up rocked out to the four guys Wear the striped shirts down there at the same time. Bruins' first line has been like on haven't tomorrow on this. Hello expert right there you home pieces of bad moments of this on fears the incidents it's over at 6 o'clock turn right over to NASA and gates. Showtime. Commit ahead through the patriots biggest stars are both not at all season it is not expected to be part of offseason conditioning holy crap. I won't go Bronson to act more like John then. Where you want to spend his time working with Guerrero certainly there is some lingering frustrations here with an organization I have a lot of 5 o'clock breakfast foods they do Brady showed that while we'll show up to and Gerry Callahan I think it was almost like the second hand PTS I just was dealing with so many people would traumatize indeed need maiden voyage but and Maloney is really effective America. Like crying at night. The air month Lou Mario Margaret murdered her hello hello there Pierre you know it was just let the Rangers do and a nice job of taking. Out of what he wants to do of these people who have been treated for posttraumatic stress on Sports Radio telling. Boy oh boy this is some stage good morning first ball it's the curtain Callahan show my name is pertinent Harry Callahan alongside and layered. Chris Curtis before us today the number 1 morning show and I'm struggling I'm struggling this morning Kirk and slice lecture I watched that. You. And maybe half or four or five minutes of marathon coverage or so some of the people in the medical tent. I think I've secondhand PS2 you do if you PT is a good thing I prefer a second yeah but Thurman had an app I mean I've talked took runners some of whom. You know didn't finish of a red tweets from runners some of whom were cramping. I think I'm I'm feeling I think it's it's affected me. I can take it as as you know I drink too much yes I a and the jobs of junk food I I don't sleep enough right. I've never I never get a good night's sleep anymore. It's really affected a go to Foley's we played in and pretty quickly guy he's. With the real guys. Firemen that your dad your manners make it real men being on the Backstreet backwards you know everybody knows regularly get you back your Geiger is your city. Get a parking you know. They did they don't give me particularly put you know the fire escape clause parking is what realistically he's Ozal pressed we going and reader actually it's this boiler makers that is supposed to sell. The oh shucks way we will get to that. We will probably you'll get through our friend Kevin Collins where we we we tend to you know chronicled the frauds at Boston Globe it's more about things. I think we have a new winner in the and champion I hate to give myself credit for how long and instincts about the good serve for quite awhile he would smell of aren't great environment not the right. Now go and news articles fiction was it will review that's Bobby was getting away with a no one reads it's true that article was well read the article standing by the Euphrates story here. Yes and we as well I'd he's an immediate source noted that it will will get to that and if you were one of those people that. I'm his big fan of the globe duke in which this ethics of the negative which this is home isn't. I know other in the fight back if they fight back but this is going to be I think entertain or at least you know informative for people and in the field you know I don't get offended Yzerman offended by and ideas. I could see some record I guess there's. So we could start anyway you guys want we could start with could start with Bruins patriots it's a he gets to pick. Anyway anyway you anyway at ten where I saw you were tweeting. I didn't YouTube obviously during hockey games for the Saudi retreating you're all fired up on the officials last surprised I was blocked is that it was close when you were doing at Brigham percentage of what caused the ruin the game all that pocket big changes he got a stop one way to -- her first book and it's great yes I told you coaching at bat got in this your last that was about Cox nice neat and by the way go and you gave yet before yet he jumped off the Anderson band at the edge to home. Golden going this year should you believe that the residents. Okay it was great last. Outstanding. States senate and outstanding play and again. This guy Freddie Edison was great last November. Okay upstart who watched the game torture or what your game is because I was I don't care. There's that too soft the schools and Clark is jags and as legend status as a great or jumps out of next ask Greg Cole a great goal there was this much space. This put up and argued McQuay goes terribly political era. Terror it was all times off third period were all that's after the thirty day with a great saves ever. I was good burgers he kept the Bruins and they put the Bruins in this game. And is no way he's sitting in the sixth then I'll say this is one of the one. Who's one of the restores the game that's choke that really can't see what are the body joke you kick start the game we give them a critical. States. Convicted leaps and when the series now yes that was brought six after my initial idly I entered into Robinson and the Bruins worse the better team again last night. The close and it didn't finish I minute route. Olympic track you ready Austin Matthews for the first degree harassment a lot of us guys scores one goal that means the course of three games. And however many sixty minutes of ice time he's been good. And of saint. That when he scored a goal to first time this is name three games agreed but he woke up and brought stars did not finish you'd be should be written great tee and finally to all our little get there dollars. We have we have four hours. And 42 in third to thirty shots last two periods of 3418. I was. Looks like patriots. What you saw it. So as priorities are our game I just I do think analysis talking hockey stinks we're about to prove that is why don't we want which is once again watching games but the game is entertaining hell I was I was awesome. I'm toll is always. You know I wanna see jacket was getting better than I get subject opened that you know that was on and and be and they did like I thought we had a while I don't I don't really really so much more I think it is it's it's worth his record comedy something. I'm really that's a good ticket that's kind of our jobs so for me over and I don't care how many games how many games are on and whatever it's called sports NB CNBC sports. All of them. Yeah not all adults around downtown to watch and that's a tighter life looked halfway through floors. Started watching NASA does I don't need this and that they would you I mean Jack Jack where's Jeff was crying in the third here I was I was trying I am watching the NBC broadcast agreement and I was hoping it was Emmerich is not it was not some other guy who wasn't atoms so. I'm Tanya. It is I was so happy to be watching him when they had the bad call on the play game. So thank god I'm not watching jacket brick wine and guys all of a delight yet get here Jack to reject god wants Jack is screaming about yet and I'm sure in detox and honestly about nothing if they have a circle. Were the passover here and back there in the earlier as she sat there. You know like I see and watching the game we just tells you we just saw. I'd Tanya I'm with the NBC sports the rest of the way if it's on it's it's a much more. Enjoyable ride I think Jack you know I just rejected adjust to whatever deal says to else's turn over as is and then you don't. I think Jack just take after awhile for me and those some Bruins fan between its Austin Jackson everything. He just takes away from the game well I agree to shop and I just wish to change its siege from watching the guys leave me alone. Let me watch the Berkeley second because I don't pay attention he says just apples I can live with a view does the election but if you put a sentence of a daily air insulin Dell's much better. Much better much better. This guy John whatever. Was excellence and low key is fine page as low key right you need like. Neither great announcer he's OK guy stays out of the way and I always say check is the first series it's came pretty excited to. You know in the finals it was all written or maybe it's like she's not a screaming like a lunatic in the first period. Of the third game of the first series comes across to be in authentically and that we doesn't care that much it's impossible and then he pretends like are we haven't Fon is this this this. Well blasted ego really. You pretend he's a very nice guy and odious and I don't and you don't typically think yeah and now. Now I blocked it did he. And you disputed any tweeted on everything was saying they were on Dayton called him an exit throughout the game watching the news to watch you with Brett yeah what you would Reuters house now there are games need to call the day. We had that geo what do you think those guys you what do you think. When you watch would you prefer I like the national as the biggest port for the TV coverage of the angles so this stuff but that is all my that is that is also true and another. No benefit this mess it's a fine replays of much. On the national replays are better on the national yet are still got a job of the human of that so the same geyser cone beam Wednesday. Thursday night's game four on how to explain all this right Thursday sock puppet explain that I used to love the fact that you have to look at the schedule. He'll play elsewhere every other night and it was events that are blocked networks was a skipper the day. I think it I think it may be used to be a thing all the raptors but I think electric and mitigate the raptors in the playoffs the could be slow. Immunity that can't troopers are sure the building may be able to do right. What can they do like the unfavorable gang 100000001. Complete you know picker to a well it's Thursday going up left him 1 o'clock in the afternoon I want to get dealt the Maple Leafs take precedence that Maple Leafs. And yes or general area. Original six team I'd be good obviously I can mean usual sixteen for go to these business Bruins Rangers islanders. Blue Jackets flames maple. North stars on their hours and direct shot at starters why did you satirical steals to go California gold seal yes the originally. A sign of the wrong place what's stories from the front I got hurt. The only stop the play in the Bruins had a rush all of the third period third period we get that size suckers all about amassed from young talk about. The brewers had a frog or an odd man rush they did in eight days whistled dead Jack freed in flipped out late today don't repeat a brick and it was I'm so glad to be an accent wasn't one Turkey was only get publicly want to say late. Let us all Mike Orman gets nor would Tommy yes advocated tell brick we want to say like what the hell is one injury issue even saint. For the kind of like dance around these calculation of long before it was. Unbelievable unbelievable of course have mentors like Jack vs the world. Retain. I don't get it while will be get the texts and tweets in the call saying that he's you don't edit fans love him. He and and I do think. As you point as a good guy and he works hard but it doesn't feel authentic a would you amid feels authentic. On the game winning goal into the room I'm left or game seven. Brilliant series a regular season doesn't feel that existence like he's. Pretending to be that excited I mean it's it's I mean whenever I don't get it but you know ideologies of these guys you play by play against. Feel that they have to pretend they're part of the teams in the right way way way especially in hockey they strip stuff and you know overblown. No Goshen that's. We're not there that's a guy that you know play in the media in the Twitter verse love but no one actually ever hurt well they sit there and they say the two greatest cause of all time. Our coaches called Bergeron school. And O'Brien's call of Ortiz home remedy to say the person's name. Question is what made us a link between mostly about Johnny most and Joseph Havel's X steel where he says what happened are out how Michaels. You know do you do you either I was taken us at least eat you do leave do you believe miracles is outside of actually happened like it's not. I don't like that. John most it have to shoot the ball the best one in my mind is it checkbook can don't believe that I just saw that's when I was thinking Alec we'll see you tomorrow night I don't believe what I just saw around the Gibson home run here that's a very Gibson yeah that's a great. That was unbelievable only Bradford radical love to know that guys like Paul let me. All of Brian's had some great call and he's really good attitude that was. Add to these creative code zebra critically agency in the guy's name it something that's a great call it's not at all. Just a home neutered Bergeron Bergeron Bergeron and which talking but that's the bully Dave Kosher. So what would you do when was the plane and even though Bergeron scores of one against the leafs. The first time. A couple of years ago in the big dude we've showed that he guesses yes that's an amber we want to work next morning excited yes that was that was that call that virtually won the series to a single radio Sonoma heard it right he said his name. Is it there's great calls his name right. It's class yet so long as I was police suitors adult down strategists at thirty seconds it's because compact version of myself. He came to foment a column birdie period. I constantly. A column 37 you know electrical guys by the number right. Yeah. This ticket items like. He's only we. It's. I did this the icing call later that was the guy was hurt us down it seriously injured. Did you find that that egregious I was so I'm so glad I was once in the I mean there's something to these parties who character and you find that I want not did not add Collins. That the blue played that on the quicker than fluttered Jackson Jackson at that point it's okay would -- because it's could be it could be breathing should meet oh on somebody's projections that apple with there was barely see this as hockey Jews go on the milk was a big deal no blood no blood aspect of all of nobody owns gas and the shot a casting comes weeks I was looking the other way. She's in Britain that's just pretend it is horrible and again like you know a bit of the checked into the world media credentials have Grady is a call us fake. And Augusta in my head but still like that that is it's fake it's it gets. And don't you know I was vomiting there while he's you know forget big oh lead in the game Google Chrome in your Billy Jack these chains dale. He said they're saying Jesus like I had this idiot has his job and I don't. Let's wanna vomit. And tell me if you failed knows this much better job might salvage Kathy Peterson dale and mocking Jack are there. Yes that course course that took the stand quiet please you are again so pretend with a regularly really gets worked up. Particularly. It's. If you plan on your do we bricks reaction has become reported a fourth. Yeah. It's not the. It Britain. But he's ignored. Because Gilbert he's so conscious I'd guess. Wasn't quite conscious and it wasn't as easy as mover on there. And so it Jack wants them to ignore geragos might put guys in check was finally got to skate around them and so jump over the deputies faking and I guess I'm maybe we know those fields. I mean there was. They obviously delay game was a bad call we all know what's it yet says Beckel okay. What I what other in in what other ways to the refs screw the Bruins Foreman to slip. Negated icing and icing call Charlie back to get to wait and often later. Let the fourth goal. And icing call lived with the cloning lately they'll tell you escorted right in immediately if you Bruce who won a thing called us. But it's another comedy channel so I'm looking at one pound they're almost no don't. Hopefully I got to I got too many penalties in the rose one and one right. This will be Marcia and got I guess those dump yeah box of status. Yes so the broad than the the leafs have won powerful Marcia and widely attacked him with a stand noticing against a team like army when he's semi every Tom Marr should visit a 21 to fight does Canada have somewhat kickers and defend Marcia and now there. Just slashing. And shooting the pocketbook events allegation. Daily missions. Just did he show apocalyptic after the whistle now and the guy that overload I don't I don't know the rule had barely got to know the quote irregulars hit that was worthy of that. And yeah yeah. Actually it. He has inflicted so it was much progress odd looking for a soda one PowerPoint. Them antelopes. One like it reviewed potentially an obvious thing you review the held his first career points but you can't. I mean that's the complaint should be with the league and yes should be with production because there's when I was watching Peter McGuire said it was hard to see the puck as so many people Wear and black. On the glass White House Kramer's mice reporter did you yes achieved. Stepped up to do it big she's being rate each great ought to pursue issues don't they don't you next Tuesday. That's our goal is a great goal. Once put you know. It's embarrassing and I'll give physical problems could degrade gold of that goal I'll I'll give you a give McQuay goal that was announced that that that's on Anderson he's got Charlie Rangel struggle he's got this much from the cover that's real idiot it's a bad guy that was gross terrible. This ghost in the third period is terrible no. This could really bother me just think number one star again. I'm doing every I go after every game he's my number one I I picked Patrick Marleau first after Costa Matthew sic because they mention his name. I had. I jacked number two ideal number three details are always on my you know when when we talk hockey obviously we're the best edit or whether other. I was I was laugh with somewhat to big old starts talking hockey and they say I played well. How often like last night watching them how to death in your opinion how did the creature put funny you said a second think it was driving in. A demon SE plus he did yeah me in May be later releases about obviously an apology affiliate in one half it was a legitimate Alexis Grace didn't want enough identity they wanted more. Obviously wanted to more cause they want. What do you think Riley nationalist like Nash and even the uneven that would force him back at apple it's absolutely yes there were points were played really well. And you know what he sees isn't consist why I think sometimes I wonder about him for moments today. Posted is it right considered it. It no question that sometimes I'll host a sometimes I'm one of the moment stupid. Toronto is a much better team at home. And this is it this is their last gasp but I mean if they don't show tonight obviously and she reaches what and what to in the game Berkeley says you know it's it's a must win for two. Well it probably doesn't like. Notes Davis brick doesn't let you could say that the Bruins this perch as capable of getting a 30 lead I wouldn't do it again like now shot out of a cannon. What are they gonna do it. I should said yesterday eight when. People say things in the afternoon. That I I should have thought of that when one in what did you guys heard the big OC was that the amid police had to win this game. We Texas and we hit it safest debt when it says that okay around the room we'll start with Chris Curtis I would you rank Dominic Moore what did you think his performance I thought it was I thought pretty well he had a tough and tear came back in three really stuck to. And it was his first game four weeks right fourth flight center is only so much limit his best yet. I I was actually repress I think it was inconsistent he needed more muscle and the Seymour. Who went into the times says boys play really well on the run at times. I said you know these little uneven as my friend Joseph McDonald wrote today India that's is that the FB athletica Bedard are dark dark they sent him out on the right she's right park opposite changeable thing. Yeah we carried around off and in an old at some of the touch it up. And it was sparked what was a calculus is no doubt. They apocalypse is eight tangible thing. By definition. Can't be tangible can notes is in no way luck would be the ultimate intangible correct. Just got the devil's always in the details true. And it disappoints because I've subscription to the Boston. Whatever calls when you subscribe to us yes yes yes you do you figure out how to do it yet. No nor violent. No I've not. But you know I plan to when pigs get. Little more intense is the playoffs go on yeah I want to know like how much luck bruise of that when I saw consumer shape post. I'm not no I'm not what Dugard weren't nervous right now it's a good good yet McDonald writes it was Pasternak vice reversing game three and that's okay. Whereas with that line to go but look. Is what though Bullock easily yes. Notes. Those arms are capita. That's currently. A good record as one of the most underrated aspects of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is a elect him to miss the underrated aspects like one through ten. Potluck as a tangible thing. The team wins a Stanley Cup a lot of puck luck on the side too again this is that it did did did the dummies like dale there this is proving my ever. I think point which is even hockey writers who cover the team all year. It's born when he did really write don't they don't write this is system big sit there they watch like the rest of plummeted tame my take is that our wrestling right have a lot of fun and I want justice but to try and describe it talk about it is down it's stupid the great occupies the McDonald's. The city's all of them there's only. There's only so much you can do it the letter I mean. A Twitter last night was in big issue of picking your counsel. Was embarrassed I it inside and vegetarian or no it is what 48 seconds a shift costs model model party and ideas I have on Eugene your. In between but the series like during off days to. Not just games it worked why. He says I wanted to contribute so these essential watch a great game last night. No every play and he announces you guys didn't hear her son matter most and NBC said it's been a great series. NASCAR series. 5217. At 242. And 42. A series as no one goal games. And and as one team dominating the other for at least two games I'd say two and a half games. It's not a great seers out here to announce at the big go to home. Actually because not Butte and I wanted to get my hockey knowledge well again jurors are about nothing gets past him for me like if you take putting Mike in the mad dog back together. Or you know bringing Jacqui back stern if you get a chance to bring back ratings magic you general it's through a topic I think these two guys are gonna work might. In the memo that leadership and boy they call it the only fault things begin with them like that that's true that's probably what put this first full access. That's why you're here because we both of the hard see that your Kirk. Callahan yes yeah. That's why wasn't it that's willing cultural mini it sounds it's too right syllables yes there won't shorten up of and so I gonna of those guys are back together in the afternoon guys have until we know from Los. Tomas is so instead of lame hockey talk from the they go in your lame hockey talk from the motives or nothing better in an interview with us Wednesday's who have plenty of housing months and is not like what is might then. I mean that we owes me from my and so born with us what's going on him yesterday he's never said last and he did just announce it impacted the lives of any disaster scene like he was at his first day I foot isn't recovered from that phone call I mean the gusts correctly but yet to recover yes I did permanent damage you do get past that he's having trouble. I the last wars leased yesterday yesterday was once there was the worst since since he's been on what some tickets that yes they must say and he said he's always bad yesterday was no no he was. The fund my ankles what's. He was upset bit of rain that really bad before that first half hour finish yet it was good because. We heard later on while the heroic performances by the runners put him up there a good month and Kurtz so what happened after the race at their first they were the first by mud throughout. Us regular mile per script went. It was it was amazing girl it's now he goes over an hour without speaking segments right that's what true this is an hour. Our pitching segments but there are times were looking in during segments he's had nothing segment and don't want us there was one of those times you sit there. And and it was weird because we were like pausing to let him talk and say thanks for nothing so I talked about this briefly briefly yesterday. His claim is yes and it was not so much you gossiping you and I he said last week. Number on the break last week or IDF bombed you were younger I like it was not mad at all you were mad right now how this is your little baby I was fine no problem but how long toilet that like islands and affect our relation I'm not sure you know I doesn't bother me but I'm not sure of Poland Europe's moment we're talking you could be one of those you know. How voters or talk a work with them before talking right after this note issue that you give me a silent treatment. At the block on the matter is that it. We are patched her. Now a lot of guys down here in the front and side to take them honest with. Looks at take on what you were gonna. I spoke to both the yesterday's so it's hard for me to say he shot it is here and it's stuff. And some gulf states in the spring are always come and build on this tomorrow is an issue. Excellently browse the second time. In seventeen months the alarm what do Vanessa again. On the army's albums rated you know give way 12151000 dollars were close to me to bring my tomorrow with us at this point I think we have to. Yeah okay that's fine bill about a bill is picking out right now news but Serbia picking out a good. Kentucky Derby suit before the monkey man yes and I think not only will it be. And notable. Do be unique. Among we'll have to Wear it for us correct well willing last few whereas like lime green leisure suit. But he was with the top half is he gonna play along that's my other thing is have we lost the slate play four month. I don't know I thought yesterday was there are more on running was all about the bad or worse things into Whitman went outside it was sort out and such a drip. Get this. With the usually don't you may be made peace plan may be pushed him to limit maybe he's reached his breaking point when you attacked him. From Augusta I wonder is something else caller we got sent sentence privately whether it is becoming a jail we Nomo who you know that young QB. Yeah that was the puck you're four and he just it. Where he settled first you make comic podcast I make fun you can Norris that's I saw McKenna I mean it was at the gym and talk to those driving home on its arm. Checking into the days and we'll put steamer trunk. And so I unloaded and I didn't have renovate a vacation home implication that the episode and. Could be trouble could be could be trouble Paris. I'd six point 7779790. Threesome and so. I'm almost to supply kind of wish you'd watch Georgia last night that due to work deputy public public did I write a tell on them is very enjoyable I I I'd watch the entire game. If I was entertaining who's the best game of the three so far yeah. All obviously I was a kid I was acting through the soap box who had to gain what the call you as a member. It was a publicity hail Comcast. OK Sean Taylor wants outcome select Comcast are happy hour on them nearly as annoying as jacket correct view what Tommy and there court actually not Scalabrine. Oh wasn't wasn't on calabrese and you hate him but he doesn't use a tone it down I agree B six thought the fake personality and everyone everyone their composed music so yeah. It is about. Who else lieutenant who. Wasilla Tommy. Earl Watson comes goodness he's a very I'd buy my games and very but the but happy. She's she'd like Portman and she knows race cars are. You can find a way agent throughout Asia the most popular person really. Yes Solis about turning it no matter Capitol Hill and Lou they want the thing Ellis they've attorneys say thing like. Trying to stop during the people's points of time on yourself. That's always been a knock it on her mind yet you say six so yeah yes she choose to be honest about how lucky she used to Libya. Cover in the marathon should talk to talk about pursue the Mike where Boston strong personal you know from here. Second the Milwaukee is just just off until it was Green Bay. If there was any city one America like it's not you know it's it's Paris isn't as tough. Do you suppose they should go to concerts that we should these shootings in that home is definitely support the guys that shoot rebels have been his opponents' eyes financial like we did for this article is that's true that's that we. Put it back into the mystic is today more people listening. But we talked because Albert called. And for the first time ever I think we should government sort of solid Scioscia security says that weren't right he made a good point like. We say you know with the toughest of where the most resilient. What makes you think Pittsburgh would be just as tough. Bombing and of it would mean I don't know they would but I assume it would and the reason. We it's kind of dirty little secret threes and we were attacked. This is we made these scum bags feel so welcome new music if it's happened the Charlotte marathon debate was is there a kind of understand. Probably not meaning to the next year and a bit YouTube that's what people do right. I mean you'll talk about critters. They're like 2000 people quit yesterday read the stories pathetic. A solid all all the talk basically all the top. Mail guys just it's Jennifer about them that I don't care what them win elicited only assists. Just pampered babies that the don't don't be embarrassed to be ashamed it was this was not. Fit for man or beast than the Seagram and I'd saviors your training for the marathon he can run. That's that's the web has been weather's not that panoramic work for miles myself could have been a 22. Not a big addition at all. That was it Sammy obvious she must watch something in his class it was crazy it was crazy all what's the point we don't I isn't such a big that you can't joining about almost appointed state. Can you just do it today like honestly just you just you can't I know I really can't but he just to write write it today we intend or feel felt bad firm to people who train all winter for bad. The they had no fans. Turn Amano the crowds that you know signs virtually what would be out there. Cheer people on it and have to here's the other thing is like its knowledge you know you come out of a warm house and start marathon you're getting ready I don't know what ours right in and if you try to break. Zoellick told her I mean I've done it. The ride the bike in it's awful what if you stop in yes you don't want to stop can't if you stockholder. William muscles that he he got to keep going keep it in a marathon you when you stop you dead. And you take a real stop its its and and and it's so these people stopped 151820. Miles then. They get all tight and they say you know I'll get him next year. They should give them dim at the weather was so what's the things I think it Amy Grant this race this year should get exempt next year already know Paul you know. No and I am no matter how you qualify and I don't even know her she's a full timers would no time to train right everyone in the scramble all these. Whatever these sorts of expert Tony something together to you know have come from now or else to Tony reality this girl scramble and senator who is has broadened to try to figure out. Is she a Rosie Ruiz who went what happened here but she's just. An unknown. I'm the blue Cinderella story kicked ass and that was a great story great story actually finished second overall was she made 75 grand amnesty via the anesthesiologist nurse and think yes if she gets big big guy by the league I won the Japanese. He has no sponsors either real or not he paid his own waited for the flight he wait for someone at the bathroom like the women's winner did it. Oh she waited for I think I read that's were twice where you don't like Jews running with Eric pacing each other's situation along the way I mean you've been outside the bathroom when your wife had to go wasn't look at who is and how she's doing and I shot it was a quick. She ran and ran out number ones. If there was number to lose that there was she was installed in a poor plotting. Yet you Fridays it was agents that ran together in the NC state behind macro collapse if I were running up your mind to go would you rate. Maybe jog in place you can't stop that's the thing that you wouldn't wait for your. Special how we could talk. Drop could do except that they need a Chinese. I've never talked to anybody while running in life are in the marathon preferably talk the whole time. About what. Who knows he's tall yeah we re read their all time team since. Pirates that her shortstop on his Wagner third base. I Matlock blah blah 61777979. Pictures and play more to get to discount Tom powers for a from yesterday. The entry to the pages continues Kevin column wouldn't discuss that I think at like his show goes on. Audits or brew and stuff we'll take your calls well I posters here from the fans who like Jack Edwards vs paycheck there was mark on right now 617. 77979379. Anti Jack and injuries to. Amid fears it gives a play replica you like an ass and watch nest. Yes I've watched like I said why why it's all about why we support nationals mystery. Right I watched my I don't wanna support Comcast either but I watched Mike Gorman or we like him I like him he's really good that it is good guys and I don't care about. In the TNT guys. As she went in person TBS is that flowed in but this guy was just what I was hoping for didn't go to get over excited didn't talk too much right. I know when I'm watching don't need to play by play guy to tell me. Every African guy touched park what else are yet. What we have a big news from our favorite afternoon show in New York as a person who Jesper is anything it's always about the F. So hyper focused. Any else let you always say you like to see quite this is saying it's his kids is don't like to see awful it was you know since you know it always comes in and the Braves Agassi and be sound and please don't like to see most notices don't care right universe we do we do. Yeah that's fine we'll do that as well. Sure they'll talk to you we have. Socks taken on him tonight and blue angels have the bears were too loud for him it was a nice quiet down. Respect 61777793. Said was that her Italian today and Mike Maloney from time to. Been dale and Keith Wiggins to will be pumping like to the sixth and make sure did turn over to NASA's the clock so. I publisher who has this show little. At 6 o'clock. And not for now but as soon as it's over at 6 o'clock. Turn right over an Aston. It who is on the line you're gonna reserve program here who mark James RJ's we appreciate that. Probably bottle and just tease to your calls well we get 61777790%. Per. Think about best season came to obviously he's under sixty pounds soaking wet spot is a lot different now than it was then. But still you could see if you need your physical with him. You don't give him an awful lot of space then he has more difficult operating loose right. They're not Koch mean he literally able to do what ever the hilly once and we know how good the other two guys that want it could be a longer. Series but I don't think anybody sit and say you know. They are still jeopardy loser in the series and I ask. I swear MacKenzie used much for his listening to you please transcribe them you know you put the picture of one person stuff yeah. Yes and my favorite hockey analyst on the station in the seat in America. Christian Torre. He doesn't pretend it was one of those guys Microsoft's always that became happening for us that before it you know you could almost hear for their role in his eyes. And like look at this phone. As as the video goes on and on like be with you yesterday you broke on the first line at I'd to reflect the main I don't know but it was but use them for quoted by the weekend. Or we doesn't like an hour beat you should do hawkish of the podcast together with him a dual French and I'd change within two posts across right up. What do you call that I'll post yes. So if they hit like one fewer post. And maybe get one list really bad call. They want. I guess that's true you know I'm known suddenly Jack Abramoff what does it tangible thing it did your physical with him. OSHA officials might just a physical I was once they secure publicity and within a safe and tried again. Physical. Your physical with him. He's cool. Mexico that literally physically with the big goals are so many others today we'll say Toronto I'll play the browns. But if they hit up as I said Obama and an Olympics of you watch a game of the game you watch you watch you lists. Not knowing now. I would do it as a kick it to 6 o'clock with him again like I do with dale tells me and that's legal lesson what's on this tonight at six I'm sure that show with. With RJ forty tonight and what's her what's her name's Casey he he bonds or whatever and then that's short. Term right over to NASA and was more troops and their listeners keep on at six cook. Until he was out. And on his knee on so obligations. Only as. There were to bar. What my that's my talents is rate was he thinking dale says that that's true right rover and Aston. But isn't cares too depressed because you. I ruined or yes. Let's go to work Kevin in the vineyard and Kevin. More guys and I expect my car lot or mr. graduates took the good work IDS myself. We're not gonna sell massive display what did you get all of that and appreciate that but there's no comparison. Jack that would horrible. I can't stand is. All star park. Well. Don't wanna see you all juicy rebounds. Should see you know while. He intentionally shoot some art Augusta I can read them marketable player from you know 200 feet above the ice. And he's just. Now. Out of my biggest days in my hall to the point where the play by play guy has to tell you every single thing you'll look at I understand to some. Russian and the other team you know it sure is he owes you was impresses me why that was credit that it was great that isn't what doesn't what is left. The every wise in my screens say you know right or you're dribble micro dribbles the right side. You know kicks in post up corporate expect counselors are senator Biamila might Norman Dave O'Brien I mean. Play by play guys generally on TV no. That you're watching along with them why is hockey that's what he's Honda still sound the same on television is a really didn't with the show last night Jack is far more aggressive way morning but yells like it's why isn't the case or these guys think Dick. The players a lot of it is difficult people familiar with the NBA I had just explain to do you think they know. The Bruins they know Chris Chambers are on and Chara occasional forty Shara if someone has the puck too I need to know. To line the announcers tell me sick you know China has the park. Jack goes over and I'm watching them be a happy life choice so much at random in the US economist plant commitments in these teams all year whatever march. If the secretary guys a foreign guys have to say we found the Wii is that the put applicants say we is what he's doing doesn't add your joy and no I'm Carlos you know at a game a couple weeks ago. Not one time watching that game for whoever our announcer message she I was check we're here to tell me what I'm look at. The point our wonderful news announcers at all. A pretty well I think we've tried that most football team on announce those games I've watched I think yeah I think we checked it out but I I think we could use them but they. Don't have to. No shall catch all game. Now I'd like Nancy doesn't do we Nance is doing the game or Michael Michael hall game not saying. Brady drops back looks left looks right second option at a woman you know that doesn't happen or baseball. You know institute. The swell every detail. If you look at. As I was Qyntel Rem he's the best in I'm not talking just for the sake what are the color which it played like a business for a prick is the same way. It feels like he has to step up and I guess but he but I think prickly almost as a guest talk because as we get the chance to credit bonus at its iPod or show time it's a hockey wanna talk at all times. They don't want any quiet time. I mean what I think more than any sport they think it's it's you tuning in for them. And though just the opposite. Speaking of which juicy rebounds that's one of his favorite child is yeah. You're guy you're number one stuff pretty Edison company juicy rebound the least secure one. It's save without leaving they juicy rebound charting the juicy rebound as such against I don't usually group haters I UCL a the second their stats. And I haven't checked out you can you see how many rebounds he left the front of the net Jerry he had a Big Ten. Did you watch the third period for all I want I don't I don't think that how does he didn't denounce the suffered professional cage you know how many juicy rebounds yes I I said I chart him I count myself and I cannot get to I have elevenths or other risks are close him close yes. He was terrible the glove save on marsh is possible in a tightly couple gave it posh and brutality and hello writes I was otherworldly that was told picked as a play of the game environment he has an idea I want star. I did analysts are what get killed in the third star as he was couldn't afford we common out. Marleau is number one of course your right might argue on. Marc Warren Riley. Delivered his name is Morgan number two there and Anderson Mercury yes you Marleau is operated those both those goals abolishes it. Great goals aside Barry's goal sick they weren't great goals. When he beat us rattle losing glove hand. That was much more press than China you watch the games clothe him. Yes he was funny was onto who doesn't score care who doesn't score. From there passed an act doesn't just seat in a wide open one at that point due to grasp a good job was arrested. OK he was better and it's. Gail Allen. Demi semi buried Jaffe recruitment staff specialist joining us now I've just alive. He's got to be a policy. He's dead and those guys I betcha there's a lot younger and I thought it was a twenty I think he's alive and thinking and Ed you have lunch today sweet tomatoes going asserts the release a thirty minute segments and yes this mean literally thirty minutes writes I. Any good that at taco enough. It's putting in the net and dale would sit there and you know committed together officials to get credit really likes to fish that's right intentions you know there's always a New York right. A little sharp yet kind of wise this New York right I like those guys need to go there and two they suck at no interest now. But on cement that I. We preach it was a guy who might have on the super bowl of fuel got a whole you know talking about my uncle said he gasoline usually goes we ought to guide to see. Don't shoot sixty officials still available. Yeah he might have dementia which is okay so he might have dementia and good for and I guess in 86 do you feel it's like here in Boston. You might. Say that. He's he's such a weird guy he's too weird ones not. He's just too because that's what Santiago weirdest and yes she got mad we won't talk Obama be crazy leader who crossover is it to be tents where we would decide in my jacket. The jacket ticket yes you sure prognosis my. A five over the which are shot product the other part of your house you can you claim we weren't close we've we all have once some days. It's in nice pull over it's always a shirt over. That you get for running in the road race on Thanksgiving feast or five yen and I Wear occasionally my son was in case and my wife you heard it referred and that I love it. I love it took. I am almost I am Muslim there and Michael there's two kinds of people that there people who want to think they don't care what they where right you know they've addressed that kind of the hip for a touch casual yet pretty touchy thing and all of this Ramones T shirt was feeling like I was clean replacements 82 with the guys Barnett Minneapolis and then there are those who genuinely don't care what they Wear. And I will give you credit card. You are category number two true you do not pretend to be a slob you are sent a slob or whatever you wanna call I look like me which we're now doesn't match right your big green. Hooded sweatshirt lime green was about with under a light blue. I'm with you Chris intent doesn't Wear a tuxedo. Absolutely not moral character builds. Down there no you don't care even get my stuff milled about where we knew and when you get your health care but when you're in OK here you go there. On you know that's true but the equipment you weird stuff that this man actually playthings of the magic the night before. I laid out that before yeah it was better for us to make sure it matches. And match senators that's everything I have. Ray was not match even know it's gonna of lime green with like orange. And a light blue. Is talking to us and giving you mr. Blackwell you know. A note that the something we're compliments right why just trying united but I don't support Boston's six of them right. And immunities to dress up until he's just gifted teachers very. I'm not a coat on staggering sight season tickets again. Right 6177 Texas City. The and monarch monarch yes look at his remarks that. Let relic toilet tries to be can resurrect my future messy. And you know it's all he's the panel embarrassed for a pick and one half to where I feel that label might even to his usual workout office this morning and put mud and blood thanks Charles is a little thing and I ripped it may look like yesterday picking. Hole. In Superman T shirt yes he did he shrugged he's trying to make Iran quit and it's. I mean that's gonna be that to music I don't through divorce. Who. I'm sort of started and you might as you might happen this. Don't think you just stated today's in food movie ticket be leaving who achieves what he thinks the tough to all of them that I mean I think we all married up. What's it like yeah stratosphere. What she's human being that person walks on to marry outside his speech rights which is which and had two beautiful kids which was announced at right. It's almost like that used to sit in movie splash but instead of mopping a mermaid he's drunk one. And she's compact and she's dead no he's Darrell she's got a hand on the he would be because he's an unpopular reversing roles he's John Candy this. Portrait. He said Harry Anderson died I am. I was and I cook I went down your cheers guys you know. This was in my drinking days you know. You know everyone has a phase of life when there's certain TV shows you guys friends like that was my eight Olympic Fred's page there this week I worked at night right. Earned cheers and went on after work in a single. Most of it. So I don't remember like sitting down watching sitcoms for a a visibly that's it that's a fifty years later from the friends thoughts of what I've never I've never seen it so different ever ever not one amount of friends gave him and I the old days snows. As you know as a multifamily match share them when I was older. I want and what side fell yeah. And it. Things like supplies here so yeah misuse it's too bad you would like cheers than the bar. Great gets she she goes I am I don't have come yes. As has been the same for Kevin in Mississippi and smoke and we elected we still does he's a lot of people like political Tara grant are back Taylor's good. He's just he's an institution that. Put it that don't we will get to pieces if you like. And so when he global. We criticized the slope and I don't think he's gonna nothing's as we really respect the glow of us hope everybody reads every single day because. When things seem to be called though we know one out literally no one else so we might as well now. Through government they leave us well obviously but we should you know we should probably criticism that its own since. Point things out a loan. The loan. Wallace. Mistakes. Correct exaggerations. Correct. And we gonna point and so for which are reported don't churlish as well like that is well six point 7779793. Seven hour two coming up Arnold don't we get there we'll talk with the pages because this this current story. These strange in mobile get in more detail in a little bit but you were saying before the show and I agree. It does feel like there is as big story looming it feels I don't get a away out if cartel credit to their circle it's it's a get covered credit because. When I guess that reason night. But I look forward to see here more current. Reese. A good review and you know bowl in with the with to have reached a you know I want your kid to a certain people who couldn't wait to read and who had to say to. This is how I feel about the group of pay to beat writers right now. Because I Felix is about to break. If someone decides what is ordered it to be Sony nationally quicker ships was we went right that maybe maybe not but as we point that yes they chipped only ten. Grunt I think crimes team is leaked to root rosenhaus is a leaker mode and croc has guys that strategically leaked things. Brady not so much and yesterday when Jeff Darlington. These yen. Said Brady won't be there like someone leaked from Brady's camp I'm not sure that his. And we were speculating could be we Guerrero could be Guerrero war. Who knows that someone pretend to be done he you know could be who knows but generally don't get a lot of leaks. Because Brady doesn't always have the kind of PR strategy. Some guys have it will be available this off season to your family that has changed obviously you're asking us I mean generally he doesn't need. Your strategy because he's not disgruntled correct you know stop fighting with the coach of feuding. Now he does now has kind of a strategy I've found that interesting I'm just waiting for the next step and Richard dutrow headlines complexity of crime situation reflects bigger issues facing patriots on. Well get took uses one or two takeaways that it might powered standby letters phone pagelets every day. He wouldn't go out there on this legend that he knew more stuff more stuff coming read that. Get to that and more we're gonna bash chemical on the boss of the actuary to Google fashion globe bashing coming up as well Burt Dow right.