K&C - Jack Salay, 4, hepatoblastoma, Shrewsbury with his parents, Brenna and Brian, and sister, Clara, with Dr. Allison O'Neill, pediatric oncology, Dana-Farber 8-22-18

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Wednesday, August 22nd
In July 2016, Jack had been complaining of a stomach ache and was feverish. His mother, Brenna, took him to the pediatrician to be examined and hopefully receive a prescription.

The doctor felt Jack’s stomach and noticed a mass. He was immediately sent in for x-rays and then to the ER. Brenna initially thought that Jack had appendicitis. After undergoing CT scans, doctors informed Jack and his mother that he had tumors on his liver. He was diagnosed with Stage III hepatoblastoma.

Jack has since undergone 6 rounds of chemotherapy. In October 2016, he received a liver transplant.

Jack is being treated by Dr. O’Neill, who Jack says is always upbeat and positive. Dr. O’Neill always manages to put a smile on Jack’s face and answers all questions with honesty and care. She is not only comforting for Jack, and also for his parents.

Jack has a little sister, Clara, 2.

While not at preschool, Jack loves to go to the playground, ride bikes, color, read, and learn about the solar system.

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On cruise Beckham some representing an effective accurate publishers very friendly insulate him that's correct yes yes. We have we have Jack your jacket morning how are you. He can compete each hit. The last this that's okay. Brian here Brent is here. Your sister colors well yes yes she's still she's doing okay so what what brought you to to be in part. We mean. When Jack was two and a half he it was July 2016 he was complaining of a valley. And it's it just so happens that Clara the two year old with ten weeks old and she had her. Two month appointment at the pediatricians I've brought along with you know immediately they found. A mask on his belly they felt it sent a text RA Annan's long story short he weighs. The next date diagnosed with stage he pats of Osama. In so many of them went down word we hear that right could announce it for about a week right now. And yeah I it was never heard of it. Research like combat element scared of our minds good to scariest part you don't really know you're researching on the rabbit hole. The Internet or you don't you don't really know I'll absolutely and you know that mean this kid was never sent everything that holds her anything so. You know this schematic complete shock and especially because we had a little problem to use an error in the thick of it and yeah act that started it all off was that diagnosis and then. Got answering in the hit six asking Molly in answering into his. Fourth different team now we discovered that there was a dead tumor on the part of delivered at your point seem so he's actually avarice and liver transplant recipients well. Charles and we drove by doctor O'Neill as well how how calmness that our preferred Howell was really liver transplants he just entering just turned three. Is that. Common. It's relatively uncommon for a patent last Dunlap well. Up to a third of patients cannot have their children intersected when they first come to attention when they first present at the clinic doctors. Often every time the chemotherapy shrinks tumors substantial enough that he can take a piece of the letter. But in Jack's cases like Brendan had said he had what's called multi focal pat last on the so is the tumor had kind of baby tumors spread throughout the letter. Which of course makes taking a piece of the that are extremely challenging that he needed somebody else's whether he needed at a brand new effort to replace the one that. And was riddled team. That's why he knew that sounds frightening to me but it you say like it's you know just another day at the office for you. It is it's or it's not a smile Deion can't restrict access to. Sabathia and no it's not tree on my thing Adam I think we think about it often writing the gift of organ donation place. Incredible gift and I think as recipients I'm Jack isn't. You. Is that something meant Adam we've been able to utilize these technologies and better medical treatment of children post transplant has been batter. I am and recently we've looked at our experience dean barber. And Boston children's and over the last ten years children done exceptionally well actors dumb questions as the donor have to be three. Now and you can use a portion of the letter from a donor doesn't have to meetings prior letter and it can be tailored to the pistons. How's he doing right now he. Looks great round say look slick and doesn't let it bug you just look at this picture taken and yeah and it. Think got a photographer looks great now is so great actually had a blood dry yesterday I thought actor on the hill for the liver side of things burglars transplant. At all his levels are perfect great he's done ponson. Guys aren't really that we're very lucky last. Excellent excellent excellent is that it's taken advantage of any of the yes give London the fun parts of the Jimmy Fund. Yet. The video games like he gets so excited to go there to what played Mario and he loves to actor rallies like this is one. Who doesn't I now seriously. And note Jimmy Fund at a funny things heat recently learned battery he's starting to read through the end from a child's perspective it's so funny he's a class appointment at the beginning of August he was. Mama why is your. Stuff like that that's it let's respect. Yeah spokesperson. I think it yet here we have a glass then. It's very comforting but he's happy. It tells the story looks like talking if you talk you talked to a server and have them like that and of the mikes. I. Jack what do you like about the Jimmy Fund clinic which paper yeah. Nothing. You have fun yeah fun with doctor Alley. This afternoon which favorite video game. Nadia. Mario everything else. Played it a little gonna. And see yourself if you did a great yourself. And we did it's going to be hitter and that's ahead. Is it. Nine Israel non. But I think the bottom line is that account how naive enough and I got there is greater still we have. I think it's due to the fact that the machine yeah. We have ears and sweet treat humans and the best way to shore how well al-Qaeda. Only I had the Texas cancer saying the army. Now more or where I act because of what we've learned that the V8 years. Oh thanks a lot guys very nicely tees sometimes it examiner execute.