K&C - Jason Whitlock rips Lebron's new show, Reimer's defense of "The Shop" falls flat

Mut & Callahan
Friday, August 31st
Hour 3. Mut, Drellich, and Reimer are in for Kirk and Gerry. Jason Whitlock ripped Lebron James' new show "The Shop" and Reimer tries to defend Lebron to no avail. 

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Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt commit an act and Gerry Callahan. Sports Radio WEEI. Jason what. He names each publisher of the he's going to in his life. In the barber looks like there and he has real knowledge of the subject these guys don't stop works response some. Arms and Arnold wanted Jon Stewart's at the blocked shots that would look goes through these accounts from which of these and word in the conversation that was to make LeBron scene you're likely to like Hollywood at that time the greatest that's that's verbally that's the verbal version. And zipping his life who really sharing it's in depth knowledge of a black barbershop when he's. My friend Jerry who is hopefully on a beach somewhere this weekend he was very into. Jason whitlock person LeBron James yesterday it's not Roemer and relic here's Sports Radio WEEI not like Alex and haven't. But Rivera and relic can layer yours well Chris Curtis in the boys. Awful long Labor Day holiday. And I admit I've not seen the entire episode of the show I'll be on LeBron didn't exactly but I have to I've two major issues one we talked about yesterday when we did. So I'm want if you want but I think the clips I've seen. Give me enough ammunition to welcome LeBron James and should I I think the clips I've seen no you're right is the clips I've seen online which you've seen as well vs the entire show. Is there a big significant difference or just more of what I've seen on what is probably seen. My that's my biggest problem is Jon Stewart being involved altogether I admit that that's my biggest problem and Jon Stewart comparing LeBron James the Mohammed Ali and people agreeing how nice it the likened it to Ali. Al Ali let's play the entire thing people did not hear this yesterday. Just that shot that that the clip about Ali in the agreement in the background. With these you know maverick Carter LeBron Jane millionaire sick fans agree with Jon Stewart. Big compared it to you. I liken you to Ali like Ali was at the time the greatest work. But when he spoke out right went to jail man laid out here even his greatness couldn't. Insulate him from those rules that they had set up and did you think to yourself like it as good as I am it is not going to matter you. Yeah because night at inundated when possible on the side almost speaking out an argument about the backlash or it affects me. My whole myself what is not about me. Okay where is the backlash in towards LeBron Jim as a mental state called him stupid okay the holdings and is on a list that is on a list of people president's called stupid. Okay they all were asleep last Olympic athletes and always call plenty of white people stupid again counting we've gone at least we saw the list tomorrow she brought in the list of who is called student abuse and it's been pretty equal office I really don't think that there is back with the president had states attacking you that is back ups that is a badge of honor right now in this country. Is a badge of backlash to note no president absolutely not our person in the world is using its Twitter account to fire venom at you. That is back out I would by adding the I would look at backlash as for example the backlash against that press guy who dared him to stand up the national let them. And immediately by his own NFL community people set or you can't. You can't do that Terry Jones Terry Jones is owner supported him and of the guys on its paychecks support I got older audience to rehabilitate other players who said Jack was on against the cost pricing and why you stand up this page that's backlash Alex that would backlash it would take take Mort that's it actress Scott came out in favor of protesting during differently knowing what more guts is saying he's gonna stand up during the anthem. Might actually believe it's the public has. He doesn't lead accidentally squash headlines intelligence occasion when an eagle on these little political rant as it's like there's no way this. Just know what do you disagree with you this is not a war back much. Martina if you can pay comparing Mohammed Ali to being sentenced to five years in prison will LeBron James Dunn is about as dumb as it is a modern day compared to Mohammed there is not know okay. If all you regular explosives. Like there to Ali and nobody who stood on religion and religion is what makes you don't like religious principles the point is this if anything it is social need and I will whitlock was upset at first Crowe played on an innocent and we'll watch BT go. Join Martina said okay that we we don't as the instrument Paulson and the backlash of backlash right for them. And I I don't I'm not sure a lot do you think their you said there's backlash. There was one dad's been story the compared to Curt Schilling with with insane yesterday that we are together back with the conversation at all the fact that he said something. You're two issues PG Martinez one of the most political one of them was the fact that it was a ball that Hitler involvement is not a political statement let's open. Different but look I got you a 5%. I asked him and that that in that little scrub. You know you'll have a platform you want to use it for political sop in you absolutely. One up and do that I've just the ball player. We should be celebrating. I and people were willing to stand up and speak and something. And that's the project and he's one of many athletes who have done that now OK and additional people are scared too much. Still so many no doubt it's either a strong political scene. And threatening I don't I don't what I really holds you look at Tiger Woods and I don't think to an end to elect a Tiger Woods is really doesn't want to OK I think it's too. I can't force a guide to one's doing it in you can make somebody something they're not gonna say PC I don't I don't feel bad I don't think it's too bad because. Aggies don't had to have a platform. To make the world understood and go to you on this radio I would rather have people that are committed to. And feel like they have something to add run is doing I'm not again. I'm not knocking the actual stance LeBron James is speaking out he can do whatever he wants but look at parent or you're applauding him for who should be. I hear it. Bought this and I'm here talking about it by applauding and to the point Orkut paragon of Mohammed Ali that's insane but jokes are OK and and it. The people around him are agreeing with him fine fine okay. There also dump but it's but it started with that doctor starts out okay and starts with the circle of people around the brawn. Who feel like they're empowering him to be. Like compare himself to Mohammed Ali are you what exactly if you agree that LeBron it's fine. I'll make you not now in Paris only when you wait a million times worsened then. Fine but on Evans point. It would be much easier for LeBron James to plead the fifth and not anything political because right now LeBron James has become. Very glad to help don't know because the majority of them of the media in this country agrees with this takes load and yes yeah. Absolutely do what the country and how much a majority of the media in this country reasonable knowledge Fox News and all Iceland does okay he's right NBC does an S and early early going into New York Times and Washington published I don't agree with his actual -- this idea though that there's no back I mean Twitter for example a split 5050 others liberals sports are all bull is is that you know you can't let me what you just said I can't I just the other day about how mighty mighty eighth prominent person on Twitter in the media criticizing LeBron James everybody. Well State's regular hack him and Kate that if Fox News used on me any you'd get Tucker Carlson are getting Laura Ingraham yes we only are we only person he's not but it's huge it's a minority of the personality not it's a good response that he gets most response congratulations you're at I'd just like we. People put him what is that I don't think he's as brave as Jon Stewart says right there the people around you know they rave for using is flat to try to knock the world and and they got taken it too literally not nowhere near the comparison Mohammed all the way out on the party line and it's just an antitrust law does not only we are a dusty Ollie but that's the biggest point of that that's the biggest wild boar making it that is what he don't address the actual issue here which is it to think that the guys in Pakistan. And what and say what you believe what's. What's safe what's happening operate out. He's stand on education by open crater of school is short and on and be liberal media gave him all the credit watch I. That you can and then and only played gravest that a little bit of homework and found out and I get a little alcohol in public schools work taxpayers pay for public schools OK but the way public school but Alex the way it was position was LeBron was doing as all of his own that we need a little bit of homework you found out that public school it was split 5050 was called and then it's a scholarships that he was reportedly offering were the school offering if you so. As a publicly at least if it was that way it was position yes he was it was you sound like this hero's position I Don lemon and others and he actually great great for him. It was not all LeBron Jeanne it was does get up and as a public school he'd probably just are now you know the pockets of the good at that he did you did so in which. It's port when used the word you public school which means that means that taxpayers yes we're going to pay some of the cost yes it is eight public sets I was thinking that you don't and you know if that would when it was first announced that LeBron was getting credit for boating accident on a dollars and you looked and it was it was a lot more split there was a lot more split than it was announced initial. That's my. For dollars school and 100% or what ever. It's still money the school wasn't getting before. It's like any other charity issued athlete you could say you have a huge fund raising dinner in David Ortiz thing how much money spent putting well the end of the day they're still money. Policy via goes agent Brad pretty go to that's what I wanted to good question but at the same time. Money's still there for solar or. A remarkable nine sell you your response to this was he chastised whitlock in your very highly read media helmet WEEI dot com where an offer I would say go for the Chris Forsberg Q and hang. Stay for the whitlock Tate is what I would say. This is Jason with loss rate is doing a very brief that he'd be really and you can read all about it it a year media contracts this is whitlock yesterday firing back at the shop which is a shell on HBO sports but I also wanna get to hear it's on. LeBron James maybe complete. Utter fool of himself last night with a new HBO TV show the sound a year ago while guest hosting the hurt. I upset LeBron fans by now the guys in the basketball star Donald Trump I explain how athletic privilege works just the same as well for him. Last night during the debut of the shop LeBron proved me prophetic. With the profane primitive and permits lulled. Inside his fantasy shop I've never singing black in sipping goblet of red wine. Lord is my way it rates they were holding goblins field with cap. Or gaffe. And you didn't let you get stuck I I I there's is what it's eating get to the point on and well LeBron and Twitter. Then that's got to me is that went to when he makes that the only comparison and goes after Johnston in the way the entire thing again. I think that was the one I'm most resonating with with whitlock I've never been any black barber shop I don't I can't say I stunts at goblet of Weiner is also that you would so that and venture out the criticism of the the barber shop I guess I did not get as fired up about it is it's to Jon Stewart. Because the well. But in the old days ago was the star of this show. Reverend always available. Arts and it first of John Roberts top are the shot blocker in. It's not the start we started that societies like among Mexican moderator now are looking on is the centerpiece of the celebrants in the center of the round LeBron is the start. And ended in the criticism that you know it what does that resemble real barber shop who thought it will mean for the holiday I don't -- beings on the way. Might whom. It's his barber shop I'm aware of how the wind LeBron that it's a real I could care regal red win a lot of ethics problems we shall bear and why -- but about not whitlock speaks of the guiding goes through all the different Barbara counties activity who who thought that this would be like a real barbershop just sent to saying percent to set shows have cents this is set in the run what fired if his name is bewildered you know and so it one rising costs of fighting he's treated like if I want to. The white America it's all about the magazine I should know. Each way. And the other would like cats can be sold aired in who he swore an HP knows where is war also that that what apple privileges is completely federal what does he thing. So so Donald Trump has money LeBron James is money it's it's it. Privilege privilege a platform with a plaque at the stupid or what would that holds it can translate that for me and I wouldn't I am not well. And well because it doesn't make any sense now and author of the last war has privileges without. You all three in Europe certain privilege and a platform. Two locals are choosing to do good things we only made fifty an hour now and dumps expend all the new bounce factor story. Got within 998 fills the good ones or the other of them critical I I'd become sort of anti HBO sports as a dominating as the thing. It's not Fox News now. They gave us how you portray yourself. He's a TV set all and you instantly become lax while LeBron you've lost your competitor who knows you hypocritical. You're fine you're fired a little Donald Trump reference there is a Smart man and I just don't get the animosity so honestly I got from the show keep the idea. You don't understand I didn't understand it it's it's weird to me the you can just sort of get get. Asked the B I'll be comparison that in 2008 yeah it's comparing guy who lost couldn't box for three years and his name. At 00 cents or five years imprisonment stayed out their appeals. You're comparing that to LeBron jackets but the point is that LeBron is doing so now Tiger Woods isn't using you are you saying that they are targeted a shocker to do what's the bigger picture. That we are now holding LeBron James up to a a pedestal he does not at this point does not lose our life and Ali pedestal and they nobody does I'm not a very light was he much easier if you were eight points that's been houses like hard right now. Again it is not half the country right jumbled up like 40% Jim whatever but it feels like it's not how it's not half the buyer listeners sees it it's fine media and Twitter he supported. Hold it over and over his fight with my aunt and her third highest authority of sports mean he supports. Is where the exactly and ports in beside you mentioned that never really conservative. You know I gave you more from Tucker Carlson's shot and like I wanna go outside and the right 21 sport is clean sports secret platform when sports when it's what sports are being critical branching question whitlock. Clay track at CNN that it says he will play into that one either will Kane's take months open it. It's no idea what he's there not to support with LeBron and the idea that he's anywhere in their conversation on Mohammed told. That's only on several fronts and a political pros are there and they'll let that's not what I do I get it to an anecdote is that and let's create and they don't and they read and accept that they -- what you do is poison to his ranch to lie about the response he's getting and claim that they're somehow been some sort of real backlash against the Bronson. Look back 6177797937. Is the phone double get to that in your calls much reemerged route Kirk Manhattan. Which can you see right now it's. My dad. Animosity so its estimate of this okay the idea that you don't understand. It's it's weird to me. You can just sort of get. Get past yeah yeah yeah I'll be compared to that in 2008 yeah it's we're prepared guy who lost the box for three years in his right. Well said that guy's good listeners podcast. Now hydraulic Kremer mutt can Laird as well Sports Radio WEEI hang out for the boys this Labor Day Friday we got a warm up act for the 2 o'clock show today which a feature. John Dino dentists in the big chair. Just mere hours away in Tino how they got to respond to me yes and a deal or spotted eagle be written out I think it'll be like a monologue and he's gonna bury his buddies happens I would guys are digging that grave get a heads already called Matt Roemer. I'd dad get ahead don't have regarding their heads emperor's new yet and I'm we have all feet I'm sure you're probably 61777979837. Is the phone number. People would dine for us to get this on next hour we Whittle the big NFL collusion case the compound pretty continues Mike Florio will join us on the issue. Around 930 yourself. August and take some calls your camp you wanna react too well LeBron James out of it was due to. I'm Jason boss these first up here on the court and Callahan isn't addresses. I think it was the lies their longest they've just to be played able gonna make watering weeks during these calls hijacked. De boarded ballad it's about it but should it get lost out to show. It was an afternoon she'll probably would have these needs to be off well. It was thought that's what part of what. Got all actuality you your. Correct. Alec and it's. You are all the Ron expression light would burst was. Op without like I thought that you'll put this tool to create crawl out that I was retreated. You know at a public school means knowledge it was on its business graduate onstage. Well actually the outline. Thought it would look Ron bought school. You have heard did you entails any accurate in any did on the school that's true. Did you read the story was not it was not complete on about LeBron and Chris Lewis and respond that way. It would let let doubling the beat everything that supply all of Europe that there are. The college it that BR yeah. But op that saw it today but it ought to work. Just a nice way to the united right guys out at night thanks misguided but yeah I mean it was it was portrayed as portray accurately abroad. You might make it like that wasn't a good like my my. A degree. Go and I'm sorry I just gonna say it was tractors are front and it was not it was not fun at school and now public school Norton ghost stories that it wasn't public school known as a public as a public schools work taxpayers and there are some tax Payer money really the bronze public school will LeBron is also money to also wanted to buy outs in any still gave money to school right episodes and it it's an apology public colleges joining the scholarships whose portrait is who's gonna pay a scholarship Roddick right Pat Hurst this school cannot exist without LeBron. I don't know that he funded it he started it. Every kid's gonna get a bicycle that certain tasks and helmet and a home actually. And you indicated his bicycle with is gateway to freedom you'd bike around concealed neighborhoods in Akron and I once the other children. To have this expansion is very naturally nice and Ernie tenure on the year and at Michael's relate to him Michael. They got it I don't want good. It is morning. All of a mysterious. All I would say what you want. Reportedly wants a clumsy he supported president trump how would you guys in the morning that. I would be read I would be I would be applauding him. Top to bottom from the bravery. To support the president in these times. Applaud stand disagree with that stance. Now I just an etc. two holes to get really honoring. Where. I think you'd be gave it to be that big a story in the country if he came out and and and supported. It. Clearly heart trump supporters it's taught that that is it's hard to those guys there. So it is and I can only think it's quite nice with all deserve the case is like on the case in point is Tom Brady is he's Tom Brady sent Tom Brady essentially had to stop talking about Donald Trump and politics. Because there was a hat in his locker that he didn't put there. He clearly is friends with trump so there's no did not own one house Nikki did you watch his locker well it should be here. At an end to that he hung operate and we all talked about it a one of them. And he. It somehow unjustified people are critical if Donald Trump and and and Republicans in the conservatives. There are things that Donald de line that has brought this on a he deserves. The criticism at the people. Don't look terrible president that's why. And he's been a good president and a not employed. People are being mean to him I added but do you agree with this point if you you better be written comedy comes on tiger hippie come out Sunday and says it's about you but here's the all right here's the thing. Embrace for I want it to be you can disagree with someone's hate and that's what we do lake with an athlete says something and says something controversial. We respond to what you either agree or disagree with tiger can unsupported trump yeah I would disagree without. Probably right calm about it but so what so you you've heard Christine Brennan yesterday right now yes did you read or call a dead so. Really now I I thought we ipodder column was really being critical tiger she came on the air suggested. It was tongue in cheek it was as always we'll put Tiger Woods what you were saying last segment which is Tiger Woods has his big platform. And wouldn't it be great if he used it today express political views and I was her purpose. Sincere I don't want yes. That is somebody made that point community and it's true you don't want someone to take the platform just because I just suggested like we're gonna look back in fifty years and she did this whole punishing analogy he joked I've been shooting that we remember this in fifty years that Tiger Woods it. I don't know what we need a stable Michael Jordan you think like first paragraph. After best player ever result in my sneakers he's often referenced. Are talking out score earlier this year about white people don't speak out baseball and he said it's like torque. People whom Jordan is. Synonymous with with just being in Max. And because he's the best ever go to man that I think that helps the argument right when you win you are trying to explain why you don't wanna talk about something which is year old right to. When you pointing toward the it's almost half right as you've you're mentioning the greatest player of all time so it helps I listen to Christie run yesterday just I wonder if if she if she eats its said the wrong thing Pete said in her mind the wrong thing and supported trump. Which you've written the same so I don't know how she would have approached it actually criticized him for release that. And that's what's wrong with that. Nothing's nothing's wrong you got that that's fair and I'm. I'm just wondering if if because he said he respects the presidency. That affected right Jessica and asked him to come I think when he tied or it's saying it's the opposite respect the office why with a guy in the offices and we're respecting one idea to respect the office with. And he did we always our respect I'm not on the list in America no further cuts that are Republicans that respected the office by their role a team or bytes of the White House they still went that's respecting. The office you know our group all its legal heroin tutoring go get a White House to visit his count but no Obama was it was once again we I think Alex nice or PC peripherals is more respect and how he treat people generally. Respect is this something. He is destroyed in office so like say that helped him get elected to these it was like a memorial on the country's toll debates the opposite mean when the when public speaks her tweet who cares deeply deeply. I suspect there are two traits that have just been. Limiting shelf so honest yes yes the tee and as I've shown him what time it is pretty decent I'm about decency. Coaching yet to respect I always think about that as yet others as you'd want to Jerry you know there's no sound I don't know why yes utterance Arizona yes. I'm Paul west who might pull. Good work guys every morning Paul. At the. They were and is on its prototypical of people that are public figures on. When people provide inspiration. And Nate provided guidance a lot of people gonna hate I don't think he lead Matt Bradley was in prison for that to heck with the reality that. In the digital world. I think the best at those sent action outfield buttons wouldn't sweat on the ground on that Cleveland. We need him food they were stuck in the past and bitter divorce. And cheered loud and well they have good memories you know art and people personality and good. Yeah I'm not I'm not sure where polls going the full was not agree that way. I'm Johnson Gardner hi John. Google voice of real don't wanna know they can make a quick aside real quick before talked about LeBron but it was talked about. Too much but with a yacht slapped it. Kurt pitted with Brady. There's one thing that was overlooked publicity in this thing and that he broke the cardinal cardinal sin in this market discipline all of we brought. And it went downhill from there. That's correct I was gonna say an always he said go ahead Evan and Brady is that your question into it via social club high of 63 result galleries here. And out to read your column pretty good pretty good and not occurred actually cares what is was like John what would you think that this war. Listen I'm a block and Jon Stewart right I make a point of watching an episode that he's seen it. I'm settle at an older guy that you guys. Jon Stewart what it'll left me but I love. 70 OK I'm this Jon Stewart seems little much but anyway who makes a distinction what. After he makes a comparison to I'll read it well Ali went to prison at all. We accept affection. Well Joseph Jon Stewart does. Like I think he's acknowledging that different plane of the Iraq at this point and what it these are the ramifications of what we're looked all right. I mean I get on the at least got a lot of race but. People criticize black athletes to not be in community activists and and go back to their communities now the front door and he's open you know activities he's taking chances in actions. To help the community and perhaps most specifically the black the black community. And I think that's to be applauded. I mean and awful the problems of race in this country lord knows. And some of their people on the left like me have to acknowledge that folks in the black community have to have. Take some positive steps to move to make this thing better too and people like LeBron over a position to do that. Any tool and it and I think you can't. Do anything. I mean and I that's that's a great job gigantic disappointment property teammates who went but it edwards' doctor acts back afterwards action okay. I predicted an eight million dollars mean he started his own camp that's not enough like LeBron popular. Well. Minutes is funding as public school it's so mean these guys aren't backing up the words that everybody in it and in and John is not incorrect when he talks about LeBron support of the community sees limited. Keep the defense of Jon Stewart I just can't he says it right there and I liking you to Ali that's easily Reynolds and everyone agrees that went to a more active. You know be more active eagle on this conversation being steered more or. Unbelievable to be compared to because it's a celebration of the dice doing for the community because their crimes they go that's the that's where eight eagle on one and it tells him you. You it's my UPU. We people I I knew you were gonna go after whitlock on defending my god I appreciate Jason whitlock a lot response to this plot is a 1000% right and standing about suggesting NBA -- boxing is that this war on and on an elderly and not you know watching it will I don't drink wine you know watch the whitlock you can watch. Do you want you do not watch I did. What will come back for the lead the money cut from Jason whitlock we worry on the board you act really understands what we'll get his job because you can't deny it's almost not in the mornings or Johnny is. Johns ready to go huge Roemer yes so obviously doesn't. We'll get to John Abell get to the on money and with lockquote. It's easy. Kurt and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. In the metal that's minstrel show Jon Stewart had the audacity. To compare LeBron James to Mohammad Ali are you kidding me. I only just little religious principle LeBron James is standing on Twitter I. I had very high aspirations for LeBron James. But he has been completely turned out by fade and pop called. We want it now as great as DOS semi dormant I. A great line is that if you start to say you think in LeBron stands on Twitter eating eating he gets what he does or actually your money where I. That's as many hours now what's Kerry won the bronze directing his energy and money towards. The baseball's. We don't need more money here you could use more money our viewership is you can be rude or you can be paid I don't he could see it from booting and in -- in up towards based on PM Sundays I know you guys won Sunday night had not been I talked he says he gradually already you beat Lou murder she wrote that you beat all the other shows on Sunday nights that night at the bit to big night if you guys. Schubert's. Program that tells caucus quite gold Sasha. It's a great. Ocean on how to take these. And now we put out how to party can. Can what do you wanna hear from Perth which we have to celebrity callers on here to cycle who'd you wanna hear from first counterparty you. John sports. Columns. John Westport it was a huge huge Alec and more importantly has the as a pet around all these in the morning Johnson to. Yeah on the line. Not only cycle. My it's an idol I am my whole world. I said to select I said to celebrity hall said. This year John your celeb under your celebrity time we love you. Like what are on island views I said yep I said. I am I angry you are you're experience like Patrick whenever I'm still looking. I don't I low power yes. I don't. Andy and I actually got a couple and it alone. And yeah. I never considered racial yea well our initial low oxygen out. Why don't you we keep saying what is Allie do you like. It so beautiful. I am and that's so he boys visibly what everything needs and these days and wait till the summer hasn't. Besides. Yeah I've got. Me he's always been yeah. Like anxious for a and at least it's. The nicest per Alec the Alastair we're sneaker is the nicest person and articles on him some time out what does he what does he do it's nice when urgent what's one nice thing he's done a whole lot but that's not. Let me. Just. You want your all time you watch and you watch your sailors most of. Yeah all right okay. She actually. Cared what people. And it's obvious in his. What I told Chris Perez wow not pit stop John Leo is coming John just hung up we and I got John hung up men call. And then he punches and very nice nice question yikes if John Westport is a functioning alcoholic but it certainly seems like it and I don't I don't know about the future like easing me. He still does. Isn't right he is as chaos in. She is apart immediately fuels in a few bipolar. Oh are we using someone whose job it. I debuting at her like she and it was a car found what he's calling into shouted he's volunteering. I understand okay that we but it says the choice we make its choice he's he's our next articles and a little bit of the other guys healed freak show things you know that will pull poke at lap that the guys have trouble I'm not laughing I don't think I think you'll like that for John in acrobatics are Jewish Christian I and I on my. Ego. You know should we be making fun of John sport shouldn't be making phenomenal he's my he's my biggest amateur tournament apparently ban on them I don't think so. Letting him have his voice can these instance of what's brown and this collar released excellent Giles for not I don't I don't make fun of any callers who called station Albert's Iran Albert go. It didn't. Really got somewhat over their problem. Start of what do public IE a dot org white Kurdish area if they are not at 10 o'clock in the morning. He's a figure beautiful soul and you've always thought the right now looms closer. Can barely control like an advocate for the brickyard but it's all of the air and Dario that much has the what you get arousal and Erica it's just wonderful. But humanity that that's what we're adding thank you anyway yes is it teach you know. Absolutely it's going to be great thing and also. Think that will run genes. Or what early adolescent yours truly. Disliking. One America. You are individual. Armor and I would have forced you to see the cut. Which problems are only physical team we're. I had to get that seems like he's LeBron LeBron talks about the clip I think we have a basic played all right where entry righty do you go to the analysts say eagle it was I went all white school yes and had this view of white Americans he said. And you know what's funny yesterday I was in the barber shop there Rhode Island in improper in the city. All of which are owned by an African American African American cut my hair it's funny dealt with it. But connections Swedish fish that wouldn't there was no back line it would no critics. It's really funny how old beat it up and going to a public in there at that they have. People lack America let's wait a little bit proud people and get ready. What date group of people that they I'll sit there completely lit up in in even when they're trying to plot they he would. Coincide with that's not how people. Don't wanna barbershop. Eating or twenty no drinking. It's a TV show. It's not supposed to be a real barbershop. It's a sad. They're trying to do well when it won a bowl they shall fight Afrikaner right. What are they trying to accomplish. LeBron to talk about what you want to talk about be surrounded by his famous athlete friends and downs to. You know we don't know what I. I want all all the junk I'll go what do what do people go who's done that Jon Stewart is the moderator. All the moderate but that I'd let you talk quite shortly yeah Albert you don't like to show why do you know social delay. It's not authentic if that would trouble they had some real. It was a real barbershop circuits they're eating Swedish recent Mike nights he would like this ever condom wrapper. Well I mean I take it. Oh LeBron James to get Jack. It's speak honestly we're real excited to be done some studies to look at and see. How. Alex they're hectic one America one successful TV it is visit that have been hovering over that. And he was and it'll end a little while I went. Where we don't even after basketball plays kick that would. Butterfly. And oh what will lodging is now or even it is like people are offering open and doing everything that in total equality. We'll take its Albert's one about the show. It there is that the kids are watching you watch the whole thing is there any disagreement. Of course argued that there would but that's if if you can appreciate Sorgi bags of massacre. There darker gospel players and I knew when to Vermont and from a and in. On any man player I ask you sorely. Let your shot was there on didn't. Didn't you think there'd be some more back and forth like at night and this is goes back that whitlock barbershop now I hated it. There's a amongst friends when you're talking and dignity and Abbas cannot be sitting here agreeing off the of course further their money and our at a time we just we give busing lawns that you argue. Evan says I wanna make all the money we goal will make weenie ace they will Heidi the eighty you don't agree it's how you're right everybody is rightfully or not his fault that people. Every single famous rich athlete has the group of people around him that will support and agree with him constantly. It's like we got the put that on TV that's not that that part it's not real though that's over the show so. Onlookers some. I'm sure LeBron has friends that bust his balls and what oil blocks point I think maybe. He JC he everyone's each barber shop that he's going to help make life thank you thank you care but everyone has friends no matter how rich how powerful York. Who can still buster ball a little bit right that's in and were three rich powerful guys here in the studio as we can we should. And we should definitely know honestly I wanna that I don't know boring it's boring and I think my battlegrounds again gonna watch it again thank you know management's current. Thanks can see how easy work you did congratulations music and insurance affection. Her of the Casey's was so often. Can't get your receipts. Of can reach them on there's no love. Of more recent. The building for time. Because too many individuals you experience that you and I are black matures there that look so let's original for you as well which it's like your virtual prevalent ice to carry so I've done that behind. Since I'm telling stories about me I mentioned in my corporate coming to town that I have. You stated or dress that a final hour 6177797937. A phone number of last Mike Florio bud Evans government and you'll join us at nine there.