K&C - Jemele Hill Is Somehow Still Employed, Bob Ley Is A Hardo 9-13-17

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Wednesday, September 13th

Hour 1 - Jemele Hill Is Somehow Still Employed, Bob Ley Is A Hardo 9-13-17


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Were free if your goal was to lose weight start with nutrition first awakened 180 weight loss would location to Newton Peabody in Quincy you can check them out on line and awaken 180 weight loss dot com or call 84434618100. Awakened 180 way. Loss from prostate plus Springfield and Worcester I don't know Providence in Cape Cod pop through New Hampshire game. We've been told are Boston sports Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI Afghan man each team won Lawrence box it. Now from the O'Reilly auto parts studio about. We EI. 6 AM -- what's trending on WEEI brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard do you care doctor David port going at 1800 get there too overzealous triple for rookie bets last night part of a sixteen at night for the Red Sox is they win their fifth in six games eleven below the final score in the opener against Oakland port that's six RBIs an element of what -- homer twenty -- season making it the second Red Sox player ever to have multiple 4020 years joining Jackie Jensen who did it twice in the 1956. Innings of one run ball or you run including nine strikeouts and root for the win the Yankees lost to so the AL east lead is now four games with eighteen Boston games to play tonight Doug -- takes the ball for game two of the series a 711 speech at Fenway Eduardo Nunez has a PCL sprain -- -- -- I will get city movie review in full later on Gerry Callahan. Unbelievably it was closer to the screen idols that you wouldn't know whether I talk as the capital you're here half a mile away stuff right in the back row with the little people they assigned seating and yes and I was up front with the stars beside him in the move after it was in the elderly section where you can do get better view I think it's it's. Yeah I was I have better seats and Jake gave on the use of course it was. Two rows behind me yes G. Michael JJT. If you all you can hear Jerry go from the from talking about the models of the box and it's like going to drive their victims in the right now that Bob I track there and it is it it's likely go to a matinee. At 3 o'clock matinee everybody's over seventy correct that's Zachary will give argues later. Just is what we'll do that now will what are their projects good play good play but a lot of hatred and united and going. Yes you're right you've not seen patriots thing ever seen you write asking that question. Of course today I'll ask have you seen or heard or read something and I shouldn't because I fell basically yesterday morning the exact same time that's your fault. It's a matter of just give it the quick these Kirk was right again it's boring as that Kirk was right again stronger is much much much salt of course thirty taxpayers I told you to England agrees to project yet that undermine. I'd go to the same thing and you've got to see the movie. Wouldn't help the seeds and some cash or anyone I know you don't want to work do you think Tuesday's were C notes you know not really does know is I don't definitely worse. Actually don't think it means if you like honors the first response to a lot of our agencies in the people and that's like this huge key for and had a kid like him that well so obviously he thought it was an avengers movie know that whoever. So it was a flawed and shouldn't expenditure at mach one don't have okay you know explosion Floyd Mark Hulbert rule that now. Anyways and Schwarzenegger could have been there and a dead Davis yes. Anyway we'll get that later on really did a good time last month it would by Elton and execution everybody's ass and cheering yeah yeah heels missed a commitment of India and under the wire is very crowded with pharmacy. Already a convention next week in Roanoke on the Democrats and from there it just. Future Avaya rate for June. I wish it could have been in in Dallas or will get the salary costs positive have you heard some of Kurt speech edited are my guys just lost like you guys had a field spoke responded. Yeah Jesus well. Oh. You saw I heard it somewhere on your brilliant but so's I was I found this whole thing fascinating well you infusing an. Dave's friend Vietnam opposite to be talked last fall for our yeah we did it was conversation. Talk off alleged regular at the old man Bogut can go around for another year to decide its undergraduate just you Jerry. Congratulations huge amount hill who is managed to. State completely out of trouble here we joke 'cause he has hoops. 'cause she doesn't have a penis looks at that you can attacker on me that's the only reason Turkmen and if anything is a fair shooters if they penis or vagina or both or one half of one of the other. One whip. Anything you want you to shafts only eat whatever you wanna say I had your back if I think you're right if Iran and quick to criticize you. He just get statements are male who called the president of the United States I'd use for. A white supremacist. The comets such order from Gmail hill regarding the president cannot present the position of ESPN. We've addressed this with Jim Allen she recognizes her actions were inappropriate. I'm gonna say McCall lies on my three of these things. Becky do present the position of ESPN they did not address that which analogy does not recognize her actions were inappropriate we drew great. I would agree on all the all the above yes absolutely and I'm looking now I assume those tweets are still opt she deleted them. No doubt I know I felt it go there there's bestseller solution by she didn't. Really apologize she didn't get suspended chief paid no price she didn't take down the tweets. She will be I assume on her failing TV show I won't watch it especially does is against and weigh on its head and that's I mean that's we get diary and she's she's very talented woman it's great show but you know penguins showed better president. It's higher ratings the other day you would you guys are tweeting out what is it shows you know. Housewives of Austin, Texas. Per CBC monsters. Rattled and deals the deaths wrapped around your child a so this became a big story all over the place yesterday people either criticized him now or does management Janelle now in her world is now going to be the pins in martyr just. It is almost app equated. On TV I listen I've talked to criticize Kabul Favre does we love them. But it's of the other problems farms pitchman Michael Rappaport whose. How is on from more which it is well. I'm not sure what a couple of problems was thinking we love come upon pleasure to Erdman and a great spokesman for promote arms. Michael Rappaport is not. He says he says half a moron from New York who. Who who's never set a funny thing in his life he needed a gig it's cheap. Almost couldn't they have. I hired you mute the commercials. That I've would you say minute hand is more famous in New England Michael Rappaport. Cumberland farms could have hired to somebody local not even an actor what do you you know anybody assessment Lenny Clark Tony the wood about some Bosnian when he was an awesome amid the to a great guest room to gather I mean do you really like it is and fractious. A hole from New York as your spokesman who's who peaked when he was in the water tower in copilot at twenty years ago and that's a patio. Porous McClellan bad moves it's one he's yeah we talked about him there when he is quite and Albert you know completely criticize him in a mistake port right who weighs in on Jim Mallon was what was the quote from him to we have superior guard. This is one news tweets uses. Where are all the big pontificating. Is for ESPN and the woman's movement protesters tonight. Nobody is speaking up for my girl jute mill hill phonies. Excuse me. Snowflake. Oh yeah I mean honest that we should. Like take a poll it does anyone think this knucklehead that's funny. And now I Rappaport collectors frost and snow holes. All right he's he's like as a viewer mail or the white male version two mill hill. And what he's no look no again no disrespect to come apart but this is a guy that worked with. Pinheiro. It would Stallone it was a beautiful girls which is the Grail time independent movies and now he's a commercials mean. And and and I don't know what does he do for Parcells looks in his cell a cell phone and and again he's a short I never get hernia and watch approach he says it if I Thabeet. Other people may disagree. And our program director in two whole areas it is not a portal and that you've heard among stern in the past is ever said anything funny and just yells yeah where's bill I mean this nothing created nothing entertaining. But apparently and in all of sport this is a bit liberal so is Gmail hill's back compared Greg I mean apple. This is Patrick hill we're back for what what happened to good questions about who is a big star and ESPN I assume she's she's not stupid. Never met him never talked about she can't defend herself image can't fight back herself powered I mean that this stuff she she tweeted. Is unbelievable. Stupid and incendiary in an offensive to lots of people in which called the president a white supremacist and the reason he's elected the reason is an offices as a white supremacists. She writes in why you yeah that's one dollar truck as a white supremacist was largely surround himself with other white supremacist we went through the SP guidelines yesterday it's clear violation. And why you can certainly criticized black people for supporting Democrat she says. The other side has done nothing but endorse slash promote white supremacy so the other side which I guess it's Republican Party. Has done nothing but endorse and promote white supreme hate to break it to you now but he got 63. Million votes and a I mean honestly got lots as is turtle boy ports in do packing her ago piece by piece tweet by tweet. He doubled the number of black votes that. Romney I think got to get all of blacks support because of Hillary got Bernie because he wears against the worst candidate yet modern American history and Ohio were out of jobs and wanted to new president. Another item party got beat she got incorrect he got elected because of the same reason to mill hill you know as Mick and two million girls and run my identity politics. Some people get advance in the advance because they don't have opinions because. Their feet I mean that's why it's mill it which he is that's what she's driving a muzzle Rodgers is the crowds why she can do what she did with. Out any repercussion a suspicious of course you should be able to I should be analysts say that's awful day not in trouble are all about it but in this guy has a policy in place. They fired showing this by the way they should I was workspace bill while well it was all watershed is excellent and all of you really those were sent with the with Hamas it's suspended Olympic home. For saying he is in talks Opel should should talk politics it's our job tipster propeller to stay home. This woman who comes out and causing president of the United States white supremacist with no proof she says the report Republican Party which is a huge pace for European. Is supported and endorsed racism entirely. And you know she's could be should be paired we saw just what slave owners. Yes slave castles slate patrols. And nothing happens because ESPN is scared to punish black people why because the powers that gutless cowards about a way to meet. If you're gonna treat a black person differently in the white person you're racist you single black person you know I am I'm not gonna dues to. Here's your basically saying I'm afraid of doing mystery of the guts yes paean you can't handle Howard you say are just throw it out yes I am just white people you could talk able. Cord cutting he could talk about changing times. This is a reason why some people are leaving years pinch amount hill keep the middle finger to 64 million Americans bottle in both the truck. But I somebody who's Avery who his vote Republican before I look at this and say she should I am I am promoting white supremacy Bible for Donald Trump. I mean really this really conversation. Right it's just ignorant she's just. And here's a tweet. Trust the most ignorant offensive president in my lifetime. And a record be true but no problem not his rise is is direct result of white supremacy. Period. Period so all ignorant all the economic issues you talked about all the flaws in Hillary. All the all the disastrous results the previous eight years of Barack Obama. None of that now that it's. What what personal what is white supremacy in the cities counties in an instance in Wisconsin which won't influence from Obama. Will probably 60% to trot hundreds and hundreds of counties that voted for Obama legislation Travis writes yes they weren't. But now they they became argument usage data woke up one day Tuesday via a two and it was Wednesday that your Tuesday right do particularly Tuesday what's what's there obviously Wednesday was quoted as he has the wake up in the white supremacist. I mean this this this woman is immediate and sure and plain and simple. And she's a big star she has issued big star. Realization executives who makes probably two million bucks a year and drives a muzzle Roddy. And ratings are in the toilet again. You wanna talk with the sought biggest bigotry of low expectations if this were a Brittany can we show and the ratings sucked but I think Richard IH might writing movies might get mentioned on Twitter by the usual suspects of course. But it's a two mill hill and Michael Smith it was wrote for. They didn't see the value and they didn't like it may be up for political reasons. They see value in and tomorrow. It's who you talk about killed each shall set the show's entire take. Okay here's the bottom line in this is the fact is not an opinion Schilling was really good it is she's not. Chilling lost his job for re tweeting. A mean. She she tweeted this inflammatory stoic showed in the game was worse than showing him I was sure stalled for you are not born and was to show its first offense of course we'll show it there. And this this is. The Caspian rule he has funerals cheaper and more to cheaper one repeatedly just there because she knows he has been will do nothing. And a really good in his job she is not and and Kerry you're wrong you've read tweets and certainly mean. About what guys. Laser Sri Lanka which one which ones this one would've waited Roemer talked about it in his article actually did your friend. Extreme Illinois resident I would well I could see why people would be offended about it was about the big burly guy David thanks dressed as a woman I guess he's now allowed in the in the in the right newsroom after writers about that's NA hey hey that's true. Right and B bears going after your daughter of level global audiences he's allowed to go in the woman's moved that's true. So you think that's what that's a horse and let's say everybody who voted for trump as a friend and racists yeah. I did because you're wrong is reversible because I do wrong and I liked pictures that of the wars right and and by the way. Lots of people on their Twitter little do bio says. Read tweets to non sequel Vanessa that's about topic options which include at least at the moment but would you admit would you admit I mean there is wrong here. Would you agree would me. That tweets are worst than re tweets. Yeah but we shall was endorsing these again and again Schilling broke the rules he got five routers and actually fight shouldn't fight and fight because he says would she'll do it was worse than what you're good does not work I think some people probably transgender community is this this is taking I get this is taking a concerted considers. Step here on the right this ominously this summer and make a statement about trump. It's not hidden retreat. Oh yeah it's not seen this okay whatever it doesn't matter either way give me a spins existing policy if you get the fire shelling for that. You should fight your Gmail hill of course is ESPN's existing policy I would fired Gmail hill she should be out of a job by the way. Her ratings for against soc world that's a boy don't want to watch it by ESPN's afraid to fire her because she is black Panthers did you dealings and the other reason. Oh she's a woman also initially wanted to she's black that's it they're afraid. To fire because she's a minority. Because she's a woman this is all that's to me is is not that that's when you're being unfair to black people rile people are doing their job they should be fired just like a white person like Mike Greenberg Sox should be fired too. It in one agents gave him a huge deal which is ridiculous sort of but took Kirk's boy if you're a minority I would. I would be offended. Because if you're going for if you want to African American people on the yeah I mean let's just call the way to say that's what you want we want to African American people on the air. You're telling me is not another person who's African American woman that could do would to dial those sure she's not the only black woman to introduce you know ratings I'm sure sure it won't Annan and that's the point is that if you OK if you're going for that's good at Citi Field but she's. Not a crazy liberal but there's a still doesn't I don't think hates Thompson she wouldn't fit if you give her a bit bigger terror operative my point is Jerry it's offensive to other African American women want in this business that could possibly do that job. That's now. Sure obviously there are other people that can do that job if you think OK her rating saying you know they Chideya shifts his older white man in charge these opinion. They have white guilt. That's what's going on a flight on beer I guess it's good to write it ball fat at all but thousands of struggle or feared this its support. They think like her this is the old maybe you know it's good publicity is the old in the name of The New Yorker art critic theoretical and remotely connect. Who said I I don't know Ohio Nixon elected I don't know anyone who voted for. Do you think anyone in the SP and anyone knows a means once figurative brick McHenry. And chilling. They know anyone who doesn't hate trump don't advocate Britain not vote for trump. Do they know anyone who doesn't hate. It's not let that lack of pitching easiest pin is clearly made the decision. We don't care about our viewers that it used to be no I think they're they're desperate Kurt I thought I guess I didn't quite get a predator show gets a rating to understand and I think it probably why they're keeping on the air because of the attention that this is getting this is getting more tension and Schilling that was gonna write to because mister scheck let's talk about Brett Bates would make regular job and they're gonna pay out of Venezuela so watch so desperate call noble when you first started you and I both know you need to be compelling in its -- she's a cappella controversial here everybody's talking about it and maybe demanded a meeting management thinks that this will give the shall post here that talked about last night we have an units out of rating and discuss not ward and evening. And though none and non apology and I'm not a reference of it's amazing she doesn't have to apologize if she's fearless than my property up on the earth live TV doesn't know Paul says she does have to delete the tweets she dictate tweet of support from Holland Akron Nixon's. Where we view we've you with a fit within a mode you've officially you know what I think we've we've withdrawn what she's if she's a a TV says nothing TV. She's the British had its live as a Mike you yourself used to be so angry about white supremacy the president should care what your job if you're concerned about. There's a microphone had your moment collided by the way if she got fired you get a job but it's CNN or MSNBC 22. Place that's. My point is at MSNBC. Right so ESPN is the MSNBC sports correct. If Roger Ailes was alive he would start the Fox News version for sports you can have like sixty or white guys. True all on the show's focus cigarettes right pick and whisking that's a little bells of the world oil crack right everybody could just going you can be right wing in Asia racist and that's what you would do. You have to wonder about do you need to conservative version of a sport. Has us at Fox News would do you could be racist it's just so offensive to me that the thrown around I was choking charity race lighten up. Can and be in the KGB when its services. It is now our white supremacist. I mean it's just. I don't get mad men sport of getting you can hate from Turkey trump you connect to use for white kids just hate to pump one set to be white supremacy. Is that all you've got left will be a white supremacy or not. Do you not have him associated what supremacy of and it and associated themselves with him and you're right he didn't get elected because of white supremacist right. What he hasn't exactly pushed him away when he talked antibodies to this should Bob denounce them and every time. I am enough Abdullah over on the oil Derrick I know that her W ripe old book that he's a Democrat before but I mean you could Donald Trump really means they don't like it will not I don't know I just love. He loves good looking ones don't know morrow so all loves her huge. Earlier some of the six last night and again in the entire countries talk about the show for once. They get their chance as reliable as what has a job to do decelerating us in the point four something what's your. His own watch them looking like he's one of our there's an argument analysts began there so he reportedly served on the tax. Percy offices with the way. The media is always comes of course after he. Place top seven before performance on Sunday this of course led to questions for bill O'Brien about who will start. For the Texans on Thursday and if the bagels prepare yourself. For some breaking news. Boy tip we've all watched that show at yeah I actually rating Friday before. Yeah first with him in the policies and after Thursday night's opener 150 cable shows are rated here it was a 120. 280000. Viewers like what is. 600000. Less than me amazing world of tumble on the cartoon to show me. That's not fair and again the most promoted show in ESPN history when they're streaming numbers. You to the roof no I'm serious action will probably do better obvious to any analysis putting Patricia Sachs and actually show some analysts that judgment to listen and act. That's gonna go my season my dad and ended the way you wanted it to. But I would say free agency period or the contract period that ended exactly how you wanted to do we begin the 248. A million dollar Max expansion at. How did you celebrate. That contract. She's stressed that it's the same question that you know lean design next year and years ago nobody uh oh what's the guy's name that came in here trying to offer Kurt Linda got Randy Scott when asked the same question right. And he's got out of course he he drew his white privilege unlike Jim Ellis always the man has kept her down all these years is not an easy as she's still a big ideas and he's gonna reported mortgage or Greenberg. Who at least got move on I don't wants. To see him on TV once that's why I like I don't care. White carelessly and desire Nikki who probably total lack of humanity I guess in his attic and permits 110 of large amount in question she probably drives a Honda Civic. Not a mosque variety in our numbers were better. A year ago or a year and half ago the gym mills are put. Keypad. And candy ask now. She's she's she's black so he criticized or he might connect called. You know a whites immediacy and right now is so lost in in the C do you should this it's unbelievable that desperate to an indicator I networking it all figured out something difficult. I mean you know you have a guy comes on a day before Paris and self from our collapse. There's a video we compares himself to that compares you know title nine elevenths idiots Sergio dip. You get huge bags like Bob we go away I hate bubbly much more Janelle hail and go away and human. Stewart how was blow hard and hold fusion. Do we have the years ago when I was kind of World Cup qualifier on pace of Honduras away from what is. I'm asked me if I would be interviewed they're gonna try to do it in Spanish now I know a little soccer Spanish and around the game a little bit. So I gave a shot outside a twenty seconds it's stopped now I had to apologize this guy's a surrogate do this in English. I've worked with many people in that sport from all over the globe. Who comment line on the year English is their second language in my respect for them doing that is absolutely on rivals of the Internet probably colleague. Sergio did last night really ticked me off. There's it was working the sidelines of our Monday night and film nightcap in Denver its first report was not as smooth as he wanted you've probably seen it it's all over today and her. Trolls but Sergio does not need me to say anything today he said it bottom line. So. And it always going to be at Bob Toledo career this Bob we miss them the end officials from those artists who. Hopefully. Tennis and Sergio also notes today honestly. God bless America and you grassroots. How shocked you. Shocked so much always got us. This guy district hires got to do it English side I report an NFL game. A fairly prominent position a position ten million. Gary and we absolutely love my dad of all absolutely you would have nailed right through that rookie at the hardest thing to do enough to hit can you do it. Not hard really struggled with the language and didn't really understand I thought cross died more than any I think is some of that America lot of America doesn't America does mocks a guy who stinks on TV. Part of the jobs are at least equity fund boom goes the Dinah correct and he goes to his hotel in talks about a 90 it. And we're supposed to feel after this whole or immigrant she's twenty east what you guys at twelve he's almost thirty years old we play and why the original reporting and I mean I think most people person does this is what this republic has quite as smooth as you hopelessness. You'd. Better go to the that you guys here on the view of remote to love just watching. We'll spend till the premier. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him about that night quarterback at Colorado defense the best in the N. Directors something. I didn't think it was that bad I've done horse and I've heard worse I'm not sure mature I heard my name is one you've heard were I don't know lose and I did I of his life I had this is what else Ares I or is it is heresy helps him beat you I didn't should be able to relate to this he did not put in the effort he did not put in the work you have to. Write it down rights rehearsed little right it. He just wing it tonight to do it to her gently sort of project here at the Fed's performance don't quite understand that but I thought it was more anxiety driven because I've been there I've been in a situation. Later in the second language while I understand like where you bring in Bob Lee I think it boggles my guess you may go this is my dad's OK if I think Dallas America there was some of us in the shocked the rounds like this they probably had a run through any did fine when the red light goes on it's different. And I think anxiety get the best of them to keep. OK we find that. But this is the mistake that was made ESP should put it back on the air force should be a today ESP and is totally exacerbated the situation by hiding out go to the track and what I heard that you strike we analyst out of those leadership. He was crying in the truck he wrote a editorializing on is that true. Yet yeah you eaten was he was in he was just in the Bronx on Mimi was crying and the reason why is this is a former you how many times has a funny yeah. I mean it's crying and there's this price prescribing that you have to them back on the cry that you're they have immediately what you should do and is crying and he got to look you face Sergio really excited to have finally he said it backed out over the kids have been in fairness to him and his parents. In the left a lot of modern at a bachelor and a regular Florida rebels killed the white supremacist EUS citizens are more. He just made it worse that's what sucks about management is they sit there and take notice to it did not qualify. You screw up yes he hadn't occurred after the they want him back as Levy. About. PC everything's in advance of the it was too many layers of me to have left a moment. Right right resolves awesome performance she's anxious about malicious average announcer right and and you have young Mexican merit alone what is the American just you know mixed partner whatever average he sang on the show after it usually do that to the after the date on all ocean shore by selflessness that it. He even know he didn't sound it was his first language she said to you could even tell the that was as for well. Two key cities and he didn't even those are good like yeah sure it was dead it really one's nose really good. I really was good actually reject what what was what was of ten out of Heatley had coached and have the time was back where he screwed up time next life Eric Dickerson life much worse in my diet dialed in disguise specialist Lisa Guerrero broadcaster. I look so that was embarrassed as a broadcaster Tony Eric Dickerson and abuse terrible on his bags he was law. It's a good fight duck if I dug up something they had to have been sentiment on its worse I don't doubt that said there's no sense look I thought shall provide something. There's got to be something we'll limit Medicaid boom goes the dynamite Charlotte yeah those challenges channel seven I forgot his name he does that the morning news but he Adam. There was something on YouTube where him were no tapes ran and he was a complete train a solid yours well again he is the next radio star and yet those seats will be the first got to be found that it's. There is a outgun I don't remember that she is supposed terror and oh yeah I thought these get children that. So anyways. 6177797937. But the question that you guys are you done with ESPN deepest office Jerry -- of us who do not care act I want to know ESPN. Is basically made decisions they don't care about you the viewer now last summer it's a different organizational and taking some vacation. But I I feel confident about this ESPN. Doesn't care if if they think pitcher once they're basically saying. They're weathered their their pride council saying you are white supremacist if you voted Republican in the last election they are saying that. Plain and simple do you care or you really don't the SP turning them off the cure for you guys well 6177797. And several do more on this. And Gerry Callahan that would give our film review and make it these cinema last night. Strong and in a rumor. Oh really do you wanna say that rumor. Wasn't about. Can't tell you analytical expertise I think I've potentially people care about them. I can handle. Good and you'll care I have a picture so educated and Romeo. Picture plug irk me. Jake Gyllenhaal arts and Jeff Bowman yet but it didn't come out so great that was weird purple light blue and purple and and I said maybe somebody like some Smart person we work with because we're both techno techno morons yes could help us fix this picture we get treated umpires can happen in Olympics I didn't feel like Richard -- analogy in the theater had a good conversation chizik does talk about. Talked about Chelmsford yet to vote I said you nailed it Hong Kong. And the brick house to hang of this. I've. Frequency of myself that chip in his crew frequently dated nice job getting them the rest and strange. Scene in the Hong Kong. Couple strange seemed to get to those will give a full review detailed review 617779. 790%. Sure effort to get somebody disagrees with us here at some point and this chorus could elect to Michael Rappaport even sang we hear from him on this as well. Ten ways leaving it is Leo Wednesday or look at little. And those phones don't want to give it. Ours at that point we don't need that could put out there will be right back. Hold on colleague Sergio did last night really ticked me off bad. Both the you guys here on the field its first report was not as smooth as he wanted. God bless America September 11. One of madrassas you know. I have be honest you know. Not a lot not a lot fresh experience and men but there's something so dude she's so fake about bubbly it's also because Twitter love Bob if you write about it San given everyone's ago. That's great and wonderful the size of that people took the Sergio gets. A back issue I can't believe it it was the football league taken but is it. Middle aged white guy who has the same names a confederate general. Sure right now how else can survive its atmosphere to other than pandering. To them other than pretending. That that Sergio dip belonged on the air we all know he didn't write a longer just advancing him because they were hoping that this. Young Hispanic was would be the next star special ESPN is gonna dude you can do this serious surgery to put his own -- attending who have been transgender persons -- the job at twelve and by the same one that's in the mean that that -- spiritual yet and somebody to an end of the six it's six and just. Eventually fully say screw it means somebody who's just don't care all right time closer knows scrambling quarterback Friday morning he was an open field mobile. Here's here's the ESPN has a goal in our. I you know like. The patriots have ignore the noise and one that your job was new it was Notre Dame signed their one touches like play the game. Carter's open. This time you walk in the ESPN is get Colin cap predict a job that's the goal that's the the mission statement of the corporation. A fifty billion dollar company is. Their goal every day when they show the work is let's see what we can do to help calm and separate it and I think I believe there under the umbrella of Disney cracked yes it is Disney's a publicly traded company. I believe so so it's at some point to somebody say who you know matters say what are we doing artist is these the same way some companies that chess. That they're they're just so. Left wing there so PCs that that that that. Ideology is what matters to. The last twenty years or more. This. Or who's edit was. Just seen an associate Anderson who can't understand why a New York. Won't sign or the giants and jets and giants did its job and it's a giants won't sign him because there any state in a blue state so this the coach. Big Mac and do warm Todd certainly serves a top priority is supposed to star quarterback who just want because it's blue state take a look at those guys six election numbers again that is typically dole splits before we sign and then we got to see you know forty time we get his arm strength and you know we and all that you know height weight physical wound. The cost to his contract in let's check. Primer on little terrier. Abortion 2004 when people look at the east is just so so. It's Kirk in Callahan without an a third man in. We had essentially for the first 43 groups and our hands here. Curtis is here we're here and interns where here yeah. We had to guess lined up. I'm not as of yet we're at morning Michael Rappaport the most judges me on today yes I want to take about how actually takes in these areas had more student walk at the last break and is not returned now he walked it was hard against phone and then you sort of want. Can be anywhere right now I competed and that I hop down the street. You know I'm around you know those AMBER Alert say politically amber alerts for elderly people want to mention they have a name for those. Grade year of August sills certainly very silver shirt here is legally or closed today that while he might function then he's in trouble that's the boss overlord yes so we're alerts and sent us is he's not great Gary alert again you left some another Mass Pike. This was pretty where are very sad if this said. Just wandering the halls run here and you can go paid to be in here offering some clear commentary. Oh is a rule always has been missed he. Archer callers hang it is balls out you won it he said or who's rumor about. I can't tell you right that's a T a KT's that we will take some calls and analytic actually. Smell of that news that you please do it somewhere else please don't do here don't we felt if you don't do it. It's sort of gonna work on very little sleep here relive all of parties at all. Obsolete view us as usual and hours. At a you know that's unhealthy too much sleep is that you are really Christians can magnify I'm counting on to the Napster to work treasured nightly as good. Chris what's going on. Hey good morning Joseph on good morning today excellent what's up. Hey I just wanna say that you guys made my morning. And other means a lot experience should appreciate everything you'll do. Thank you so much into some okay. Bottom line ESPN as far as I'm concerns not even relevant or you respond to watch the highlights and all that other stuff. You've got so political wit that I'd rather be myself with a wreck. Then watch yes yet right now and all these other shows like Elvis wanna all that. Other different dispute and hatred propaganda. And it's by war you can watch it now. Highlights are dead Q2 highlights shall but he can toss though Kurt even. To some degree you know what we do we do the bastard and at a those relief if but there's. All the networks of saturated with talk shows on television. So you the next level is just social media ESP units are relevant because. It's just not that important in all the audience or regular rods or they have games but your other other zone appropriately eighty SP NME. It's obvious pain you do not miss NFL countdown. I think I still put an ounce on them Aaron on an effort he's put up because it just that has its own on so many please write shows it's over saturated as skip Bayless Stephen a Smith. Everybody's saying the same thing I would at 6 o'clock how can it be different. And it is always so much you could say I think you know you can expels much gas is people. And then I wonder on the building until I was crying and he talks a final Ohio launcher shoe I side one of those moments in my headphones on and I love going in I didn't hear it. And regarding next to me like I was on the floor. But it's over it's easiest paean under the new games is a relevant. And they're desperate they're trying anything you're trying anything feud what you know it's hard you know we forget about these and must now right ESPN has that looks like he's Neil Neil Everett is another huge and Michael Keaton what he's a great actor he's like seventy. He's dressed like he's thirty and what it was seized weapons awed at this on history and edit and like. Promoting this movie which looks excellent by the way America and it's like us us Americans killed or arrested Jersey loves those events it's been split squad which means that great story to get an honorable American and literally I literally they're asking Michael Keaton he's from Pittsburgh asking for his mount Rushmore. Of Pittsburgh that's never short on all the time and I did psychologist nobody can say about possibly go with can I comment today I know right hand hand off Joseph yeah. Before we get togethers rumor it's just a reminder how out of their mind like. PC and left wing please ideologically as pianist remember Doug Adler. Doug Adler is the tennis analyst Prius that's right he said that. Venus Williams was using a strategy called that the guerrilla affect. That would be GUERIA. Issues that tack in the net. Okay guerrilla then they fired him he got fired you soon sort them right now so in the Casilla heart attack and doctors say the stress they followed them. Because they decided that he mused right word to sound like another word that would be an appropriate source tells you had eight years of equipment used but he uses a different way I understand I understand but then that he didn't get warned it would ever believed to run. Didn't say explain yourself she that would be offended cheat they fired and she she did not should you bail out. But who cares anyway the real as the jokes explanation run lead. They fired him Linda Cohn said that should do politics they suspended her chilling re tweet demean. They they fired C Gerri I this woman Gmail hill can literally again. All proud for all ever escorts consistency that's it used pin is being so in consist right and one sign on this and people. If finally it took a while people filing won't I think for me it's that if it does not dying because of the political views it died excuses delivery system partition that's part of what I agree I ordered Gerri we knew we couldn't get what you did the Arthur Ashe Persian word war to keep Jenner. And a lot of Americans say what went over to the phrase who was literally one of the general early and hear what's courageous what do we do here and think of it carries the fire shelling and you don't have to like them he was really good as an analyst everybody's ratings and they replaced him with an incompetent. Woman. You cannot do the job who and and again she's probably very nice person good mother wonderfully Unix it's very nice very nice to get satisfied is not. She's not ready for that position she can't do she's terrible at it as fire exercise was not just our Internet site should Chad fiend. But it doesn't work America because America doesn't care it's been written about that. Pervert she's great product sales are a great lead to six is whenever I take colored Ford is mad as and I talked the matter to him that. Good morning. Everybody can talk about boycotting. ESPN and all the rest but they don't care because every month. They paid eight dollars from you if you have a cable package you're giving ESPN eight dollars and your hard earned money. People are cutting bodies are not as many of those as it used to be them. What got them all by not as many as it used to be. But it many callers is that you get today are all all kinds of people who pretend to be upset about ESPN. He has hinted I'll carries in the eight dollars a month so don't watch my shelf at the puppy dolls from. So the only way to punish ESPN that you have even more cable cutters. It and while it's happening and believe me I'm in the business I see it happening people watching. Getting your information different ways to get a social media they get it through satellite they get it. During you can buy if you're at your MLB fair and all you have to do is by the MLB package online you don't even needed ESPN and a lot of people doing that some people just watching Netflix. So it's happening. And I don't think it's because of politics it's it's because a delivery systems old. 61777979. Through said to a win this Gary tegra has in rumor Jerry Kelly and I have a full review. A stronger tree saw last night. A fastball into the great jobs and golfing python true we were in that GM. They never did that GM and Spalding indoor theater and movie theater and some had great seats I was a whipped back there and we get a great look at the film and I didn't have much he would give his with red carpet. There's a rental cars at a job I do acknowledge that the celebrities I like to skip that it brought intimacy to wreck skip that they'll Lenny Lenny did the right Cutler Clark with our system right yeah insisting yes he did assisted. And a big part in this it was uncle Bob that terrific just going to be big felony. Exxon is gonna be excellent I hope so I. I hope I hope so give our review up later on 6177797. And should an extra delay rumor it would go to the rumors and Gary has a rumor involving Boston media people you know this is why does nothing intent is being abused rumor. And nine. I mean to greet you rednecks I have when the political and it's a fun to China will Sox play. Here last night Red Sox and aids Sox win this one big time eleven to one when they're. 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There has a rumor involving Boston media people you know there's you know we've heard these rumors we don't know what to believe I mean who would be concerned. With rumors that saps yeah if one has nothing tennis date of transfer and night boo. They say it was a five maybe it was two. Let's. Is it made somebody in this room. Eventually could be. Could you not true next Bruins announcer because that wouldn't be relevant who cares Celeste and it out of Chicago. The back of Chicago again at the back of Chicago blah blah you always get the job that's excellence open test because I spend most. So so dailies activity. I know it and let go there to the grave to visit my parents which scares have been done. I have is very simple it's mom. Dad in Goshen I went for coached him and that's an essential much parity so it is that I generally just talked to him yeah yeah my own idealists. All right. It's trending RAP goes yes and obviously I'm so much. We have to guess does involve somebody at the station like some of snow mobile figured I know it is not somebody the other station. Yes. When. It. Did you hear boat childbirth. It's not felt okay. Does love his children yes it does occur so it's about Eric childbirth who have showed as much as you. You know it's just shrugged and answered China China can help your father right out and Margaret public its greatness you I heard you might topple across 45 minutes yes we did yes eventually anyway that was ex ever really regretted here's what. Riveting to can she tells wouldn't they tell us we we didn't dedicate to introduce a job opening in New York. That's. And we'll. That's wrong you run an idea that somebody at the other station that was Smart yes yes it's CBS the boomer generation associates he likes the guys that are in icu. I guess who's going into his protectors going to could do all right likes me better. He's lines to vote for the what you gonna share the C energy could be in New York based on what. That will be fun that would be a disaster well see this as galaxy defense and a low energy guys. While I think that he's the perfect guy he's making this up. No I think he's the perfect guy for the job because each industry loves hockey he goes hi I'm not as well jets and let's talk warns Islamic Jihad Hamas is like if you love Rockies region I'd be great degree weather is based on. Bob boomer said at the unit to whom receive good Fred called him. Well boom sent the err I mean Asian reversals that he's a guy Eric I think that there could be some well. I hope so good luck to those of us and that's what's gonna why it keeps the keys there. Mr. Now because. Mean will want company plant is in this one company yes except Kirk was with the boss the big boss the other day wasted his answer it right now he's not at a DOJ is up to the caucus we all assumed that Kirk would make in the columnist as he was sucking up I mean a meeting with the boss heats boomer and -- commit and certainly. Certain analysts say this to them and outline crisis I was asked by. Several hire people of any interest to move into markets that interest me at all I said. Did I don't wanna workable oversized man yet you wouldn't like that should just boy have been referred -- barely awake and Boomer Esiason that your will be dealing not ITV's Gregg should be optionally be off I think you're our friends I would agree desperate hockey thing. Artistic friends it's not a reader got a ticket were old boomer what's gonna happen it is better than Keith. Who would take over Freddie. I think what's gonna happen use these two stations are good emerged on what I've heard it wrong at all these if you spend one off. Dan I think which ever sports station survives court with a nine iron ten. If it were true yeah I would or I guess that's true what's gonna happen news would be Kirk in Callahan and shortly. I don't. I expect anything to show probably yes here's what's gonna see if if they have to sell one of the offense rightly so of this art was stupid official Richard leap. I think that as well as a consequence you can do its force could do some pits for some new suit bitsy fund and it's I mean yeah he's been an accent like your speech yet. To be as good as Larry Bird in his prime. So we're gonna get rid of rap contest. I imagine what you do in the ninety threes and I don't know do we get rich friend he was awesome mossy quiet and mud and replacing the rich are widening your outlook. You have had a tendency to drive people out of the business so it wouldn't take that law. The point and figure that would drive people out of the business we're talking about think about strategically though right if you're ready CBS story. You take for a touch you put him in New York boomer. And you keep this morning show you merchant. We sure lead but when the deal that president is he wanted to tell me with a good tells you to sell like I have a fresh going but boomer fine I guess that makes some level of sense at all. But the other thing it's no seats are. It's complete solutions sales not get the hockey job other data Chicago's. So it's really Dale Hall the Felger Mazur I mean keep it from Murray altogether. Well I think we you know we've survived that and it's gonna do you like lightly so it sounds collateral sworn Schobel behind him. Let's correct it sucks. Glad I like to think about it which if you if you spit up when the F kids say think about. I can wrap my head around execution has been on the APE it obviously they are still sell yet it's much equivalent to shore Kirkland that's an entity that means that it is just settle you get rid of one idiot Bentsen and you keep your sports stage phobia if you would you want it you wanted to you would wanna keep this mortgage. Yes I'm going to price usually this morning show. You know to to elect to reach currently go to your somewhere else separates you know he's alleged to our readers -- and so real real star in it and Freddie toast and your Fred good and it helps me in astrology for me that is about five or setting up the schedule. That rumor say that now you and I am right fiddle right month from. Marks in FL mark. Yet Garret maybe you'll look and feel all there that I do like our Ballmer said yeah right call he had not happening. He's got a right on the air well well look you all dummy. You're brilliant doesn't mean it's. But that time we've talked the boomer says so much mrs. odds and wishes he could do this show with us and he goes on there and giggles has forced bottles and I'll be colossal fraud or divorce Jesse doesn't broad area he was gonna come back is that they talks with Kirk. Kirk didn't want them you guys who yeah affairs poison her show is that sells fruit of boomers that's true now I don't have back and you didn't it could you go yes you don't leave it carries it boring talk who sucks and by the way was a dodge him more. It is though this was doing this stuff the whole time I don't want to rain or I don't want my partner pleaded no yeah I believe I might NBC's I don't know that he's he's moved do you think that are moving that would this guy. I want you leave those other. Yes he does he watches still gamble told Jerry are really good friends of Jerry really can hear her smile was full time is usually applaud. You're exactly gets jealous you saw them available yes or pay room where he made it goalies boomer any overt Smart you know years thanks to Gary Peterson a solid must have Mike Lupica famous friends Jake and I heard talk about a show how much else about. And as Kirk was the at the worst seat in the house subject and I assume that character record now it's my partner. I know of him. It's by the end it out of my partner that not bad not a judo and everything I still have still a good relationship would ruin the prison apparently through. Arab volume grew out of your mind. I did a good relationship with Stephen A Smith Mike Lombardi and I reference and always every day. Oversized that they have in these local radio guys here but cherish that the guy to he's there because our watches every Christmas I'll telling you pay your right I wore on Syria advise them of the Mohegan -- its true what did breakfast I I did and he gave me some and drummer sunglasses you know and give them here. I can't know Kirk through way it's you did an hour to come up 6177797937. Written movies last thing that full review. Headlines at 730 we're trying to ignore these guests rubbed his. Gary's having nothing is being Michael Rappaport war effort in my goodness yes who stinks who awful to even get. This dummy on as well our two per gallon is X.