K&C Jen Fox, 25, Hodgkin lymphoma (a white blood cell cancer), Hopkinton 8-15-17

Jen appeared on the Radio-Telethon in 2013. Jen was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at 19 in June 2011. In July 2011, she began chemotherapy, followed by radiation. In October 2011, Jen finished
treatment, and post treatment scans showed no cancer. In December 2012, scans suggested possible relapse, and a biopsy revealed that her cancer had returned, so she began chemotherapy again. In March 2013, Jen had an autologous stem cell transplant. She was in isolation for 100 days. Jen is cancer-free today and is a student at George Washington University. She is expected to graduate in spring 2018. She recently worked as a congressional communications intern on Capitol Hill. Jen’s mother, Kate is currently being treated at Dana-Farber for breast cancer. Jen’s dad’s name is Neal. In her free time, Jen enjoys yoga, photography, baking, and she is on a mission to explore every Smithsonian museum in D.C. Her goal is to become communications director for a member of Congress or
work in health care policy. She would like to stay in public service for the foreseeable future.


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I thought my part this is the WEI messaging phone radio telephone presented by Darko earns you're Jerry's your months. With us as well joining us right now is she and Fox25. Years old you were on the one who won 45 for five years 2013. To four years ago now yes that doubtless so welcome back and you're in DC picture up here for this inventor and okay. And you're judged George Washington university and in turn in four and ship your vision beliefs. Yes don't often get into the markets won't face time just couldn't. I am not now. I enter in Florida contractor and pass and that's there that sounds like a pretty cool pretty who did for a company of student yeah so it's been a crazy six years then right and it's about six years ago and you're diagnosed with the poll workers are correct action from its July 2000 Mo but you do does what she's right. We don't we always point out that its hardest for teenagers hardest for kids go to college app of a freshman in college if so much going on so many things in the mine and it all comes to a screeching halt so you can go through. He mode you're eighteen or nineteen. I was nineteen I was diagnosed. And then. I this I relapsed again. Right before my 21. Pounds has diagnosed the day after an attorney for. An and I had to take off obviously so much time in school. So now I'm going to be graduating college in just eat it's. You make your 21 birthday. You're 21 birthday your gift was 100 days of isolation after you stem cells use to. No talk about what is that like when I read a hundred days of isolation that I think you talk month that it took other kinds of things that emotion they now. 21 years old landing gear went down about you are you know what does that. Not it's it's it's terrible at its. It sucks. I actually didn't even get to start transplant until they got intervention that took I think she raised three. Like month long rounds of chemotherapy. Inpatient. And then and in march. Of 2013 and finally got a transplant. Annan's. Yeah a hundred days and eggs I pushed. I'll look a little bit I definitely. Would get a could be outside with people I just couldn't be in there that somebody so but it's hard to tell it at 21 year old that you can't hang out with your friends. An and I had to leave school 'cause I couldn't it couldn't be across. You're out text right. This program. That's your tip and I'm like thirty years ago us. Pneumonia more of that stuff I guess that. I'm gonna guess that you're due for some some good luck at some point in life and spend some tough breaks your mom is now going through her treatment be as she's at Dana Farber to. She is yes. And if we and none of breast cancer now. So she just the stagnant to think about a month out and so. Things look pretty getting down. We feel good about her being identified and that's it you're gonna be sick that is at least it. You're one of those people who has the menu of the care to memorize for an blocker and you know what you want her. It was a great cafeteria etiquette that is tremendous and I come here all around on the it's true to the Dana just eat lunch. It's data have been okay cavity which is you'd rather not spend more. You're dead animals and I feel how you feel they didn't really get. Finally cannon. On my life back together and it's. Graduating college next year and click I'm on a good path to have a career telling after that. So it's nice kiss and 25 now so it's been six heiress and and just happy and be healthy and people to have a chance to really get on content. Going to. The site for the tattoos and even. Emblematic of your struggles yes. Your survive so I actually have a Jimmy find tax ill do you I deal you know which of their owners yeah good to see that a lot of the Red Sox logo right active. So. Like where's that produce could maybe you'd. It's about actually the funny chose the rescue to accuse. I anyhow so I guess my TV hands. That's that's that's actually a funny story so and that doesn't thirteenth. I was really say anything hitless five and some of the Red Sox and Daniel Nava was with them and they Al Kamen. They're just talking to patients aged a lot of people really realize how authentic it just. They hide patients and Britain and but he sat down in the waiting room and that it really you know I really feel like mrs. a year organ where in the World Series. And done he said he felt really good about the team and he really thought I was gonna happen and I just ended up watching so many Red Sox games and isolation. And then my final night and did a hundred isolation that's gone at fox contract with the Austin since then. Hands in the air tonight passed it. And often. Where you have goals that you said you'd like to work in communications there in DC also want to explore every Smithsonian museum. In DC how how many are there and what where are you right now on the jerk. Only. And owning their Brothers. Scenes there is the portrait gallery is the Sony is they have won out. In Virginia at hives the space shuttle discovery. And meanings. Oh. You're working on yeah that's my next that's the next time you're glad you're doing what you wanted to go oh yeah it's a question and expect him. I don't know I haven't done I think I can see these people can become sort of the day after they get vocal for the slick you the Mike Tyson. Now I try to keep it solid and Qaeda congressman chip would connect yeah I don't look. She's in Washington. Progressive what to do well and sounds like so far mom's doing well here as well thanks so much for having me.