K&C - Jen Goldberg, mother of the late Miles Goldberg, 13, osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Madbury, NH 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Miles passed away in May 2017. He appeared on the 2015 and 2016 Radio-Telethon. He considered himself to be the unofficial producer of Kirk & Callahan. Miles was diagnosed with osteosarcoma after having knee pain while playing hockey. The tumor was in the upper part of his tibia and his family chose a radical procedure for treatment: to remove the knee, keep lower part of his leg and foot, rotate them 180 degrees, and attach to his femur. Miles didn’t respond to his first two cycles of chemotherapy and the tumor grew and spread to his lungs. Miles played football, baseball, hockey, surfed and skied. He attended last year’s Spring Training teen trip. Miles played percussion in the band and he loved to cook and go to nice restaurants.


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Who your heroes BEY. Well that's something that I learned in Cooperstown. From that guy who built all of Cooperstown. He always send to every player that blank. To be your own hero and she was telling my entire team that keeps looking Amir and FT Harris. I feel really is parent. I was miles obviously with us last year and I last year this news on. The last two years SNB yes what items here and you analyst is often the star of the day he's definitely. Can sing and do everything else tilts towards its funny. We. He was a wife sent me in the us in the best way is there's no you know he was accused these great music and nobody knows obviously in this mob can joins us now. I you feel when you when you hear his voice is it it's so it's okay. It it is. Because I know he made really. Want you guys to be. Doing everything he can to raise money for this great cause so. You know sometimes it's it's tough to turn radeon and areas play. At the same time I'm so proud. On to hear his voice and remember. How much he appreciated what you guys. Did for him and I will always want. To departed chief content and style. What we went to Florida with him on a project yet. And as we walk into and on the runways. Which tracks. Lobby or a friend rich call him which and and Keller has harvest is going to be great to supply fast food's great that it. As she looks over me because I'm not don't want them and a month of miles cam he was hit the whole time he bought yours is enough. From the beginning lots of pictures of those to hang in such as a woman tell a story about the his bucket list but really you know I heard it so many times is so have I thought my. So Chris it's so proud as a mom. Miles gets up he walks. And you know we're walking around the plan announces new look at the windows read in the paper and comes back. And a ten minutes later it's as well cross and other things like this. Evening that's a Fuller private jet and I liked it could dump five. Like the bucket list but I said this gen senate many times but. I remember getting in Nome and and then I don't know what point I said oh W twelve points. At least fifteen recessed I swear it. Thought it was all the things smarter and we've a year in morgues and he just had a he's very. It'll go alone. New sports you know new pop culture things that note twelve you'll news. That's because you know he just took after mommy was so Smart and did the whole experience. And I liked I liked it except right they can grow up quickly he definitely. Different GAAP house and different news. You know really Smart child he is very comfortable around adults. Only but it just. Chatter away. And tan we Sammy. Miss that about him weakness that. Feeling on his time was pulled analysts showed him all the time. And in eat in with. It was fun it was and having him technically that is like and it had Hillary. In any situation. I'm just comfortable around like you know even your your story from the clean up so much. Yeah just get this position that in a few hours. You know you guys not all but he you know it just felt comfortable right away you can. Hello Bobby award and was perfect because I tell a story every day every time you decide. We brought our Gulf Coast as a private flight I got back to the hotel and and you know to the cover off in miles and or is he all the clubs together keep the ball on to. Power at. I'd hate that they are like they were fast friends right away. Yeah yesterday was the first time I actually heard that that part of the story doesn't surprise me and effect. Bobby are called me just few days after. I'll study company at home I'm just sorry lessons taught me. Hamachi Japan exactly casino much that. That to me to get that back com. It was yours we've got some tweets they loved him he really connected miles. Very few people they consider himself what the official suggestions on his as bio on his Twitter feed use are are where are you smarter than your previous used in one of the great she's going to be stars and I've never seen anything like. His more excerpts. From. You know. What it meant to view them against male lot but. There had to be 2000. People there. And and a the coolest thing I've ever seen was that can sing and there in this eighth grade correct the eighth grade. And they sang and and played instruments and his friends best but he Alton involved in who we met all the and play this crazy instrument some little what we're collecting gyro or somewhere this musical wash port thing. And that's what miles played just as he wanted to be in the band you know when I meet girls who play the silly little instrument we scratched. And it's stand by NATO and just stand by me and goes. Yeah it'll be a serious wanna be in advance we've started playing this instrument and his best buddy got a completed the memorial service. And it was just the most emotional incredible tribute. Couldn't handle the people that were people outside a huge huge room. Room from the extras on an of big screen and an outside people just looking in the windows it was an attribute that would be like. Fitting for a war hero some kind of president or politician. With this. Thirteen it was amazing. And I have to say. And just so thankful to our community. In New Hampshire the minister for community and mouse. I've touched a lot of people and they and in turn touched us right back and in Rome gone through this together. And to finished support it's just and that's the school's support everybody in the in the community parents kids coaches teammates and and you know that the services a little bit of a player from the east even after. Three months or so now. And I certainly appreciated their you know folks keep Terry came from from Boston. To be part of it but. He is he is it. The big figures small community in you guys and I'll action today to reach out to even more folks and I have to. I'm also thank your listeners speak it's after he died I heard from a whole bunch. They took to time mountain. To find needed to me to. Email me and I had. No idea really how much support we had all of England by. The exposure that you guys ski mount Sutton. Bringing attention to this amazing amazing cars. In mental hopelessly when he was diagnosed he was allowed. Us to. Think I couldn't believe us when we spent time with them and so I'm a couple weeks we're past that the custom mostly wanted to. Tore the clock you won't see on the clock worked. He knew it was over by then to me he did and it happy Sunday to Emmys do things like that human trip to DC. He had a sleepover with girls. Well you know. They have left Titanic well myself I tilt its past margin at the C there's still there's still a few boundaries even in the tank missiles that moms didn't upstairs mom. Mom is working which friendship and that. But yet he he did it's it's antique and Eamon. Just months before it even we were here must answer almost a full month. And send some radiation. In its outpatient and he's Everett that bring him doing that every day. And we had this whole routine because you might just go back to the department of Hairston hit a overtake Jimmy Fund clinic. Doctors at least sentences and tears and other kids that were there. You know kind of made the rounds every day and then we get back to rest for and let's make a camera waiting community tonight is usually catch it. He checked on most nights restaurant her. But even even then it was trying to you know make the best you now and and everybody certainly sent to Farber children's and also a reason to break. They chests. Amy Linksys as positive for him as possible and he went on a school trip and name mentioned a few times until Washington DC EP greets culture. And it was seriously that the doctors you know. And how important it was for him to on mr. and just. Yes she that they possibly can't take strong enough to go on that tree stand. Went on the trip with its culture. But of course and on eight email wasn't easy for an atlas. He's tired but school is in meetings teachers chaperones. Are amazing just. And letting him pick and choose the most important things and get back to hotel EQ that they have more energy to do. Now. River Cruz at night there or whatever and it. Tell us of some size who say he was the one thing you say you are experiencing them I would see fearless as a word of you yes and shore and you see. So he knew he was in obvious he was he afraid of for those caught what's the commerce and I did tell I don't Israel has to say it's not our. I don't know how you have the conversation. It's obviously. You know. The most difficult conversation accurate happen I think it was a series of conversations and I think that because he was so involved with his scaring his treatment from the very beginning. He was always at the table earlier. Talking with his doctors lines get the bad news. In fact he didn't like Q now being called in for eight family meeting to have a big conversations just talked to me as it's happening and so I think that none. You know as he went in various treatments and we certainly had a lot of hope then and there were periods where he had a lot of strength and you know you've planned for pine. Unity with the prosthesis and and the people couldn't. Couldn't believe what he was able to do it was a hockey didn't students sled hockey aside and that is gonna try. And T. The trainer that he was working with New Hampshire was named coach of the UNH sled hockey team. And you know pregnant some of his practices just. You know give it Tryon he he really did like it was amazing it's you know he does work with Ireland Ian Ian Gold medalists and so he kept going through our. And I think that I mean we had a lot of support from the folks at children's Dana Farber. They haven't advanced care team that sneezing and even. When they brought them in and let's felt like it was TC and I think you realize that you don't want the meat you know would be meeting them for the first time when you. And you need you one panic get to know them he was able to achieve that. And with smiles he just didn't you didn't have to sugarcoat stuff I mean he wanted to know the truth and he won it. To understand and you wanted to make informed decisions about his own care. Eat. Was Johnson palliative chemotherapy. Pills were awhile. Tbilisi was working cancer still progressing and eventually he stage now. I don't wanna do this anymore and you know he made decisions about. Alternative and complementary therapies. Journalism and massage and just things to make him feel better dated date so that he can do things that he wanted to do exceeds France and hang out and you know how I teenagers over the house for a whole matter is when girls in order won the last. Trips he took was that Jimmy for a minute it was a mean the that sort of red sex every train that's in March. March yeah and we really didn't think he is going to be able to go on that that trip. And our social worker Deborah Burke since you guys he's fine to do weeks beat Sen. Ten nurses in ten doctors and all of staff found Lisa's team men and others. Who volunteer to go down and help these kids. And I think that he was the only one that was full time in a wheelchair to you know be teal and he he had an amazing time on that tricky gone down with you guys the the year before and that lets us now is totally different experience but it. It was he music hits in the clinic he knew the other kids but you know sometimes they do not that social other in treatment and having their keynote. He. You know had. Become so friendly that's how many of these kids in such a short period of time and hang out with the players and he's even taking batting practice from his wheelchair. Which was amazing. I'm so again you know elected Jimmy Fund can do to provide these amazing experiences for these kids and it's not just. You know meeting the celebrities. On that but it's. And time away with other teenagers who are gone through this evening. And it's and it's incredible. Of course going to spring training in Florida in March also helps and it. Hicks freezing cold here. Ton but at the picture imploding around lazy river when there's a magic leg yes I wouldn't call link these. Well her legs and he had a number of games to worry mom didn't affect me and let me. So you know we always try to get to insert name but he never did daddy just referred to it and and I didn't like to call the good like in the Catholic yet to settle on like in the short ride it was like the foot was backwards because of the yeah I surgery he had rotation plasticky and the cancerous. Located in. Precarious by went. Through its meat basically. And he could've had an implant knee amputation. But with the rotation plastic seat is full and actually turned his ankle in to me it's heartening for people to picture. On the radio. He has shown in a nets and right they show I had. And a looking day you know. We sort of look better is similar. How. You know he had a blast but he was able to say you know have a special prosthesis. And learn to use it. And he can't run steal bases. As tackle first football's elite attack now that our football and he can injure our packets and scored touchdowns and extra points and it was it was incredible. And that's you know all the work that's done down here dean fired her Children's Hospital each had an amazing team. Doctors. Anderson I can't say enough about time. They're amazing people and everybody everybody here. They're like family they become your family and eat eat you truly love them in the interview to an even when. Miles relapsed you know it we knew it was out there in it was a possibility happen quicker than we. And we thought. We came back down here. You know to discuss what the next steps where and we are leaving and he says to me is down that he's edging down. I want it to me it's really good to see every time he really he missed them. And eat and I certainly listen to it because they're such a big part of your life when. You're going through something like this. You're away from home and they stay queuing in and it's it's not just the child I mean it. Patient is number one obviously play they took a silent. And I just can't say enough about. And and how much that meant to us I I. You know like I would just ask you and I don't know how you do and you get out of bed in the morning I mean I you know that I had how do you do it. You know I think. We've all experience some loss this year and it's been a tough one. I heard and I don't really do it you know it's the same way that that you do you just do one day at a time and campaign is definitely days when. Just it seems real and you know they can walk into her and the second. You know I'll so I get a lot of strength from my Anderson analysts who've. It's amazing he's an athlete and its brother you know we're sort of right back to the the baseball field after miles diet and of course we were back at the baseball field that's where he'd want us to be in. I think that plane involved. Makes. Lewis feel closer to his brother and the community around. Youth sports and based on particular. It was like that was home that was that was where we needed to be and so another state. They spoke through summary just finished a couple weeks ago and soft camp now but down. I think that that was a big part having the communities. Saying it that routine scheduling you know that's all these the times now. So that helped him like it says it's another son and he went through. You know this team this year career port deal also he was eight when miles mistake and he's ten now. Changes. We tried really hard today. Make sure that that one of the assistant I was. Back home for lewis' heart west certainly miles mean we needed to do that but we couldn't be there all the time. And he's he's grown up black in these last couple years and I'm proud of his brother play to. You know you see seeking influence it's different. It's an influence and that infectious energy that is going to resonate for a long long time I think that it must make you so proud to know the people. Our remember miles and what he meant and what he meant to. This event and what he's gonna continue to meet that this event and your golf tournaments like will have in the fall. In memory of miles and east help raise a lot of money by himself just being the person he was. I can't thank you guys enough. For honoring him in the way you haven't heard keeping his memory alive in the way. Haven't. IA. Lisa Lisa share vs. Look at the leader yeah pile. Says he's the co producer. Of Kirk and Callahan is best present us yet investment class as adds weight Smart to be produced yes he would have been something. Well he's just at least everything more Lisa shares said that she needs. You know Alice tries that'd be able come down to stand and issues real sensitive. To that but sound. In elegy for Stastny was sure right away and it got about 24 hours thinking in absolutely. Insist that I come down here it was almost. Let. What's the issue here and and you know that's that's why I'm here and I'm. Right giant check cute. Jimmy Fund and always makes balances can. Hope that. And if we can keep ethic at lots of people to support this. And it's you know when you can. Well we appreciate that your book. Certainly done that today too and thanks to come and thanks for doing what you have done. And I composure we're not gonna forget you're you're a kid not to appoint Rea no we definitely bought them some thanks so much excellent question thanks for him because.