K&C - Joe Tessitore is a legend in his own mind; Mut Wahlberg is the healthiest man alive 9-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, September 12th
Hour 2: Gerry, Reimer and Dickerson mocked the latest story praising Joe Tessitore and Curtis once again handled Headlines. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk man and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. He has always been one of my favorite Bruins players because he's not the flashy guy he's not the best. The player to make it tough for us he might be ready to pound for pound the toughest. Always willing to throwing his body in front of shots there. Pro is this in front of bases. Always there to defend teammates always always. Easily one of the most popular players in the bruins' dressing two point 75 billion dollars. Was what he was gonna make this upcoming season got and you got Chara you got. Crew you got grizzly you've got Mitt. We do I thought we were doing that at 8 o'clock in the quaint feel to last two persons are resilient. It's a good percentage and up there on average area horizontal. But. I'm shocked them was a big and quick thing. Who's gonna miss a buddy as your particular. That. But what will be affected who attacked me viciously yesterday and we still don't know what exactly use there was no like loser of the weeklong treatment path moments and I said that she talked that we went game is well guess what there is an end all. Has Bluetooth and a woman and a lot of heated about the woman you know why I never pick on male announces I've never set a bad word to vote. Joseph tests at Torrey or hook or John Sterling. Or. He you and anybody can enhance. Chimpanzee Joseph test would have been in the development for at high immigrant and sockets that now because the stories this guy. And I. It is I'm enjoying the joked it's Torre era so far in the guy I've even heard two game lead this I don't blame the guy back IQ Chad. She's a quote I'll. From home a public vote of wearing her story the closer as people who works with trying to sell us on them. Yeah if you missed you know we we talked about this couple weeks ago when agreement to. This pathetic embarrassing Brian Curtis story in the ringer about Joseph has toward this. Renaissance man you know who combination of Frank Sinatra died young grandma. Who as a kid he was asked did you run numbers he says I can't talk that she. Past rate and orders in Italian at the Italian restaurants to loom. Salute just as your biggest bomb the single biggest heart though in the history of broadcasting. And he's also 56 and Anna beside him any of the game yet innate and it's like looking at Wheaton sport all of us pictures now. A saw the picture of the three of them he just looks likes that your. She walks in and first book he got the job because the NFL. Needs hosts and bigger and McDonough who was critical of Lee was critical of the reps that bring in the span promises to quote celebrate the sport of football we got. Efforts example that Monday night so Aaron Donald had eight hits on Derek Karr there was little controversial and if there were flat on its cubic when that is knees and the agreement on I think that's a terrible caught candidate called Jim Estes goes. While it's a point of emphasis this year second consecutive thirteenth place and now don't create its that was right there I mean he he totally just. Just in the juniors and I'm. We yeah because here I do muggy night wore on more but Tony mentally anyway going toss in the US. I dale Beth mounds is better than that clown transitory. Gets in the covered the right when he puts the Sinatra on the stereo it's just such a loser. To everybody gets on the speakerphone in the car in the Bluetooth and orders and calls the restaurant in Italian to show often is dull. Writer Bryan Curtis falls for all but this is. A suburban paper view is hometowns connected pivots on what the union the times union times union of Schenectady right to profile the local boy made good. And it leads with. He's high school in Plano school football he breaks his leg or ankle. And the story. Implies. That he was headed for a career in the NFL. Ghost this little scheme battalion five foot six inch nerd who's gonna play in the league and now we're also. But he got derailed you guys can of the month of Schenectady. And you get derailed and boot. Everyone kind of felt bad form so we went to BC. Check it goes to coach invited to come watch practice because. That the story implies that you know. He was going to be on a college player to blackmail knew his story. And brought men and somewhat when you come with the coaches and scouts out you know once practice and that was a real eye opening experience and then. Some broadcaster took a liking to him and invited him to. Channel him the guy happens to be in Dallas that makes sense he's a BBC kid and typically. You know when you have an intern intern ship. You typically hear his internship in the same seat you go to school. He was since high school football player a little Catholic schools connected breaks his leg and went when he was in when he brought the word 89. And a what was once a year is a fresh fresh out of hold on holes one hole. A freshman at Christian Brothers academy in Schenectady breaks his leg. Can't play football joins the debate team that's the story which is no surprise is fueled debate team nerd. There's this is why else. What he tells the writer for the Schenectady whenever. When test tour in ruled the BC they men check in on his staff. Aware of his injury history that. Invited the teenager to a ten practice at any time. Amazing liar disguise I mean I understand that medical advances have come along way since the mid 1980s. But I thought you could recover from a broken ankle or leg back and mandate an eclectic continual if you are real stuff I think of playing division three they don't you think it's moralists are road DeOssie your way when these guys had broken leg as a freshman. They could have played at least that's my idea what he could play well connected because it is a quote from Joseph Torre. The new live up like to accomplish on the government that a Pope said. Quote I would often sit would area and regional scouts and it was almost getting like getting a degree in football cotton. One of the guys I would say it was chasing their dad was a scout time I would sit with all these football guys and watch coach but those practice. And take it all him. It was an awesome for years. So he hung around the practice for four years because now new. When he was 1514. Books. That's always on just. Bring them freshmen to play now we move on from activists he also became acquainted with Scott Laurie yes on this who lived down the street in this Schenectady Murray was a sports anchor. And he used to take Joseph Joseph who it was ten no had to turn ten. To the station to show on the set the sports department the control room. That relationship led to test or getting an internship in Dallas. Where Murray eventually settled so a nine year old kid. In Schenectady guy who's on a broadcaster local broadcaster took a liking to. And but the quality premium. You know we deal with him that you eight yards and 98 and finally dies he got their starting in broadcasting in there creep creep keep hasn't it was a local anchor did you meet bugged me but stairs to commanders publicly and I. Had been discovered as I said everything we can teach him. Let them line take him out on stories he'd worked with pretty stories saw this saw that does not want interns do yes. Wait a coffee when he's on May run about her that I don't get from Schenectady goes the BC in Boston and he's in turning down in Dallas. And work. I don't know why can't just say. Play by play guy and I'm gonna do my best to protest tells the story tells the writer in the story that we ringer. Feature on him causes him to cringe he says I just wanna put my head down and humble we were higher sure you that's. Fumble on the play told the annual running numbers when I was sad I was young takes is being here and draws the frame from the TV let's say my job to describe what they're going on in here what do you see much favorite part much gonna love this guy and. Says let me ponies even as a toddler he was taken to Saratoga race course. All family members for real racing form his uncle Earl. Even had a 64000. Dollar try on loan and muscle loss from uncle to O'Neal did Diaw leave him I mean. I'd this style pizza the kid who's writing this from Schenectady in anxious to local writer probably knows one day to get this thing done. He couldn't check all this note that the ringer is another story but he could check on this but he could have alarm bells go off your head when a guy. He's obviously making up stories obviously but it did Jack big Mel didn't know that he broke his leg when he was fourteen years old little lies. I expect garbage but the legend Joseph tell. Us is that Jay Rothman misusing Greg demented football we preacher says he does to a test the toward me as an incredible story teller I agencies across Jean Frank Sinatra. Young Briton aspirin and that's what I feel when we're too. Is incredible I mean I follow up would be what Nixon Frank Sinatra. He's in these. Out of diesel is just knowledge doesn't recover well earlier I mean this guy he's just to play but again it's an easy job in eight the war on to do how average he has as I watched the first opera rams raiders get a he's like every other I don't eat every sing he's. Basically he's caught fine fine play by play guy that not everybody else he's seeing any better national you know meter now Mazar drop off from a solemn mass IP McDonough was excellent because he without personality. You could tell if something happened. He wasn't looking at a news NFL lands and what the commissioner to be disappointed in me he just said what he thought and felt that. Was honest. I. There's nothing I'd like Angel voiced weeks Nevada. Crossing Rhonda and the fact that his voice isn't perfect to meet mix in more endearing but. He's not what these guys just there for his voice you know like tank run right which is there for sports. This guy. These I'm used to this kind of just who she lead the league top story. Whatever your story that's the main reason they brought him and it got the broadcast with a downer last year too many criticisms of the rhapsody bring engine test is gonna. Bomb cases latent disease which which is not what the audience wants right the audience that's what Cadel once is great there's a reason numbers go down. People want the honesty they want right McDonald they want but yeah so they're not like they want to. We're there watching it they want you to think along with them that wanna pick along with you so if you want to McDonough. That is a bad call you wanted to say bad call. This tour is gonna say you know third and seven come allowable. He is not gonna have any thoughts of the zone there was one particular game last year were McDonnell went all connected get exactly what the scenario was. And what the game was last year. What was the Seminole. Moment for Sean McDonough what it is an important game he would put a ball game was which. What but he let's say what the average hated most about him he was with the average fan was thinking. While there watching that's exactly right exactly right. This toward won't do that he'll say. What he thinks could go 10 here and we're gonna I mean everything you do is pleased to Kabul Monday night's game Monday night games or something crazy happens like last year and Eagles Steelers game had shots. It's easier it's not carted off the field to make Donna rightly said this is an ugly night but fighting Jim Tressel say that no no wait until it just so you. Numbers. Yes there's a penalty like what I think it would if it's a really bad Borg or we have to replace it rat situation a few years ago he just is awful blown conjure test as well whistles right past it's going to look. Absolutely ridiculous but he is an editor has been visit there there isn't there a way to work saw really the worst thing is that we need to lose on that day yes amid huge that. That we were to deceive the consumer. To his son kick extra point he's like the third string kicker BC in picnics reported physical across tilt. Comedic tweet again because is so about the worst part about the pretext that would get all the tags and put out there. To my son I'm sorry I'm away it Monday night's loss and mr. first college football points. Always know. I'm as proud of you doing this year as I was watching you barely tick over hour Bush's visit and the process matters most. At BC football at college game and he. I don't know about Annika is decent football at ACC at John Dennis W. Let's hang laid out there and Callahan out WEEI. Out you know apparently does play action it is only now when you. This guy says you miss these guys don't care whose son just amateurs allowed him it probably took me a text or call. You can do both what do you have to. Once you act everybody wants you link everybody and it's be it's more about you of course is that your shutters over compensating for something and right eyes hey everybody look at look at me but just. Totally positive and favorite seat but these situations is more upset the people who enabled this behavior toward 111000. People. Like that who might this and yeah. Let's just say it's a good heart warming story because the sun got to do. Would what did it because Sam augur a more rooted love this so much pass code jaw. T remote UCC task didn't get the chance to play college football you know the atmosphere of I don't know I play against that broken leg derailed his NFL dream medics. It's. Can't wait to just to savage this guy although. You know he's a man so I like that that blade again won't again Derek humid night games three male announcer is one woman who AJ kind tweet about the woman announcer so I didn't ask them my latest from the technical expertise. Are we gonna panelists if test toward does say something that you don't like it's going to be tough well I couldn't get a hit at times to know what you're brave women and Italians. Point we obsess about announcers or yes we do definitely politically do we go crap about just Mendoza we go crazy about at Molitor what's the common thread there. Moved in two girls. Which means one thing there will never ever criticize them never because that wouldn't be. Safe. Let's go to Mike in Framingham what's up Mike. Notable big advocate for the guy I thought the movie Rudy. Very inspiring you know we thinks he is he thinks he's rooting. On the same size. My god you guys got fired did note that right a little bit distorted audio out or they call him. Yes Cullen yeah occupy he's making his comeback any minute now that your first. Yes we are looking forward to we'd never wanted to defy what happens back. She's a hero powers he need. I'd we are here or two in September 15. Which is three days away three days you'll recover India sewer commission meeting down Braintree tough on every. Report click on do you like deep down he can forget taxes and it's your eye on this cover in the eyes reminds us writer whose life Christmas story to. Three months of zoning commission meeting he's back. To writing columns and that he's on TV like six Martin who is responsible Marjorie in June. Covered war I've covered terrorism particularly in NORTHERN IRELAND right now nothing how reasonable commission meetings you can be another revelation. This sewer commission but only temporarily because he's. As we look forward to return our Geico. And we look forward to headlines with Chris Curtis. Which is next Kirk and. Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again for. Headlines Erica let's get to the other side of the goaltender spectrum the great goaltenders have been a great great night how does that progressing your mind you make a couple of early big stop do you say I'm feeling pretty good I'm moving pretty well on C in the plot. And at a certain point you realize it that you were on such a role. That you're starting to frustrate the shooters on the other team and and you know that they know they're probably not gonna get one by you don't hear that you're here we have that feeling in. Daryn it's our understanding that the he could've come out if he wanted Munoz said. He asked long what we wanted to but he didn't wanna come out. Does that is that normal protocol did did you ever get asked by coach before you get pulled on the bag game and and and is it is the right way to do. It's time for courage and tell my hands. It's. I'll daily headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard a doctor Matthew oppress the heat their doctors Wes Welker and Wally will forget it and content and I was a third guy. On this show that all day there was a third guy let's hear the question from the third guy that was probably his turn to ask the next question to justice now there was three guys you'd occur participate loan we liquor participating asked the question is amazing discuss a grown man. Father husband or just in a very forty year old don't engineer and what you'll engineer educated Maarten so afraid for you get beat up or something if he so afraid of skinny little current current set up that easily won the public Kirkwood general that that audience mr. Scrubbed college dramatically nick pick Stephen Drew calm these two PWB I dot com that a lot of frequency even Roemer who's 120 pounds so the way he he's not afraid occurred but now it's art but that is. Was what 225 what are you. More about it. Through 31. And we know Jerry Sloan knows you've written out and we can we can all get together and Eli and why the workout regiment vercammen headlines or two but I think we'll hopefully unlock all bliss. It I tried like Wilbert and trying to liken my idol obviously just kind of died off I have had more or less just that it does it test it or fiscal tests are out there. Are good morning guys good morning Martin. While the president is up. Upn tweeting this morning we got eight pluses for our recent hurricane work in Texas and Florida. And did an unappreciated great job in Puerto Rico even though and inaccessible island with every pore electricity and totally incompetent mayor of San Juan. We are ready for the big one that is coming. Again they haven't seen anything like what's coming at us in. Well yeah he's all right so the president of the United States yesterday there is already a bad person if I'd just look at sea we're in the arcades gonna hit if it's not me or my life for my. Hamlin ago and yet to make yourself edging its that he ever because they it's just not journal for those people. I mean I look at that they've been warned they need to vacate it and they didn't lose their homes and washed away. It would take care of my home guard buried in snow. The carriers like it will put your home eventually gets dug out most of the animal medical and I don't want anything bad to happen in the people or I was hoping would go around for an donors regardless. Great cover. Or 5 o'clock. Yeah. Or. My thoughts and there if not mean I don't want anyone to die don't want any dissent but. But when they show them reporter like on the beach ball around the do you find that would be like compelling I don't care not a weather channels like contenders to Saigon Lou but every chance the weather channel on this pedestal where what's local Simpson's team but nobody here I don't audience's question I'm gonna ask anyway they're Jerry. Does it make you sick. Tears static that trump talks on a great job in Puerto Rico where 3000 people died. But the thing Nestle and I eleven either way either you many thousand people died when the Mariners are insisting that underground only then every crowd he's corrupt violent you know any honestly what I need blames the electrical and I mean honestly. Well it's a it's a problem you. Prompts on an island in the middle of the ocean so he's a big kick off Reggie trucks there from other states Republican for plot that's right he wants of that that he wants credit. He wants an a plus. Which means he'll do what he has to do to get credit. Ready theory there is no way either this paper paper towels important about it that was needed to take him out yeah collect the island because either go to mush him until. Because they're not like yeah absolutely emotion out there you are so what else out Curtis. I thought god that Donald Trump would fully support that's more Wilbert and he has an eight lost workout schedule ready for this. 2:30 AM wakeup call what's resulted you know I had a new 45. Prayer time. Got physically two of the guys. I just say as a victory last night I don't believe this is no human being that we except for 230 if they don't have to make her work on Tuesday Iran. Well Kirk is insane magnets that he doesn't want to wake up we just does right. Wahlberg makes sound like you know what time you go to bed that we call get hurt that's the be at work that's true life story won't or doesn't have to watch the bulls. After prayer time recruit teams breakfast and then he works out from 34550. 5:30 AM post workout meal shallower gulf snack bridal chamber recovery. We've got. This is called among 11 AM family time in meetings and work call sure everything he can't work hopeful lesson the blue jays sit at. 321. At that. 1 o'clock it's like it's 2 o'clock. Meetings and work calls in 3 o'clock Mormeck time pick up kids in school three Belushi city 65 and seven year. Area 3:2. At. 4 o'clock we get to work on number two finally showered five. 530 more my family time hasn't showered till five following a SARS this vision hours on six there was another shower but it goes to bed at 730. So you. Might sound so bad they now play it's a beautiful nights sons you know sunset and he goes to bits and there that's an outlet downloadable terrorism after a few of them when you kick you have to care adds yeah they're grown. Did you ever active schedule. And only time I did well here's known guided me and I never had never said that and having another say otherwise I would if that's a COLT. I think is scheduled between one in a while 12125. That's all I have image in my business up I said he woke up at like 435. To work out that's not good enough. If the make up as to why we could write on page six you don't want to avert a run of the gets in the inside track or you know the these empty shell of what used to be viewed sidetrack. Today there is dying to see this one. And he says he needs before and after. Is work goat. He's is that eat during my work if I could. Says I start with steel cut oats peanut butter. Movers and eggs for breakfast than ever approach each week. He plugs the kind of shape as that's reasonable in he says free Turkey burgers five pieces of sweet potatoes that's at 5 in the morning. 32 or Turkey burgers at 5 AM the morning he says eight I have ten Turkey meatballs at 1030 I have a grilled chicken salad with two. Hard boiled eggs all of our kind of cucumber tomato lettuce at 1 o'clock at the New York State. With this this was to be a few prisoners for a New York steak was green peppers. Then at 330 I've grilled chicken with. Bok Choi on October violet hill yeah it's it it's an Asian ten I think brought out broccoli tight. Really irishman Becker. At 530 I have a beautiful so it's a beautiful piece of halibut or cod. We'll see some sort of white fish. Which some vegetables may be something spinach and an historic Tyson today that's like 1020000 calories in sync. Each is thinking every day an ounce at the same time green and Mark Wahlberg says he could have prevented nine elevenths I would have a right now it'll workers in in when you're saving a whole set I mean he did to me against them and the united curtain passed the gloves as red wine where's that I don't see that listed here. But in Mexico if that might. He sells a lot of red meat mills wal workers was not only eat I know you need any wolf workers. Well she got this got Norm MacDonald was canceled this is good from his appearance on the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon because of his recent comments on the meat to movement. In an interview with the Hollywood reporter nor Donald says he was happy to meet new movement had slowed down. It used to be 100 women can't you line and then it became one woman can't lie and their became I believe all the women. And then you're like what like that chat that Chris hardware guys I really thought got the one end of the stick there. So out of remember that guy out of zoo I don't know. I mean it yeah you can disagree with a you can even find in this mildly offensive. You know I don't want to say that he did that and in an interview without. And then exploit that Murrow he did that in the Hollywood reporter he told Mulligan as that to them I believe so yes. And thanks and they cancels appearance is going to be right on the out of listeners on Lipitor audience and in light of -- don't comments in the press today but tonight's it was decided to cancel his appearance on Tuesday's protest NBC's the pastor and journals and said a statement the home Matt our. The home of the in the tired running gonna run Farrakhan went on the hardwood on the licensed the rights they they kept flower winner rate button under his desk. So a lot lizards though it did a great job. Fired it got mental illness was obviously struggling with his life got rid of him kick them out who's me. Oh that's the reason was NBC field if I mean isn't this at least that's what ridiculous heartless but Norman mean to consume you so you don't think should do say that. You should you when you say something I should say opening yourself up to all of this going that he's that you just say I don't know Jimmy Fallon who's a talk show host should challenge. Don't I mean I don't want it to but I don't know you I've not gone back to work. Like electable or you go to Madison sorry you wouldn't I had to be good TV and what Don Carey it would be great TV and say that's not what he does. He still be on saint what you have them on dumber calls to her talk show and the thing is it has nothing has no music. Is not open has no clothes just in. Sit with somebody but the precast cut odd if that what's that called though we're it's gone like Dora McDonald houses. That's that's what's call us sometimes sits at a desk or edit in that chair would another celebrity might still be good because he's so weird. And he's kind of you know he's out there and he's what he's funny. Funny just hilarious and we had a minute one to the studio and he was just so's we heard he makes me laugh just look at. You have to do more though than just this one tweet is capped at a different. S and honest I don't you know. One person needs to applaud the differences. Yes this humidity nominees to resign good point unity thinly veiled reference to Satan when comparing the whistle blow he can play compared to whistle blower. The Satan and Israel reference he says the great accuser. As he himself pills god in the first tip of the book of Joseph roams around the earth looking for someone to accuse. Francis and homily yesterday. How hot is it. He's wrong of me wants to Erin got that was that hasn't Carlo. Vigna I don't know that you know yes who who use the who was. Complaint would bring to light all these perverts all the look easy agencies gays are taking agriculture X yes eggs I say I take offense to say that's fairly spot on how do you write the gate culture's all about molesting young boys that's not what he sent its Connelly center was a gay Kamal yes we're on the cake. And and the Pulitzer yesterday it is true we are all sinners we've bishop. The great accuser seeks to unveil soon so that they may be seeing to scandalized the people that cook. News that Hudson is that he's at the bishops of the victims. Right port so he's got to get back to worker and has a shot amounts of mean honestly got a good question. Animals bones about. It's it's it's there in that thing is I mean how I've asked this for weeks how come there is a federal investigation into the Catholic Church in this country. Becomes strictly to Justice Department to do that just due to Steve Ott director needed us. India account in Boston O Reilly. With Tom Riley he broom who's. Cardinal law was never indicted he'd never shook violently the country. And he did exactly the resolution but rather than more. It's it's assessing these guys should all be in prison all of them every single but none of them well then let's move and as a lot going comfortable lives. Rick Wright's remarks are you picked up via Bob Woodward book yesterday yes they read ten pages I have a new book for your thank you Jay Goldberg. The lawyer who represented. Donald Trump import of this divorces is doing base tell all book on the president excellent this is what ever happened elect lawyer client you know privilege without the wind. Now that all Trump's lawyers like. There'll they already sit around without Whoopi Goldberg the best people. It's called the courtroom as my computer to go Burke also rapped on oh Willie Nelson duty in The Rolling Stones their divorces is going to be discussed in the moment they'll. I'm wondering is lies cover this the other day ATC at new tapes come in Monday night where these tapes they and drop. That's going on with Amoroso have you read her wares and we're tape now tonight it was right there so went to Barnes and Olympic in my copy of the Bob Woodward but it was Woodward and her upper Rosa you're treated you're not impressed so we. More of parts that Steve Bannon I mean really more about a steep and with this genius he saw coming and Clinton pages enough I don't need to an end and that rob reported that domestic abuser the staff secretaries portrayed as the guy who was saving our country from going into uttered the spamming please you can easily tell Woodward's sources Woodward makes d.s op. Easily. I know lots of people artists and the thing that popped. Well. We think vigorous guy and thought oh god told her well and I quote you directly all I believe everything in the book that rock star like yesterday it can Trace there'll closeout headlines of the big story yesterday about. Mr. McCartney my favorite beatle John McCartney detailed fact that he did indeed master of the stuff like that fact that you do stuff like that I was. Did you do stuff like that the eighties with a friend another guy just now. Now I've never heard were as wild as the sixth mean response while as anyone I know do you do this to. We're not meant to even. This is an unnatural thing and is no horse here's a guy like I've sign on the order no this isn't my wife Rima yes we want and the printed out you're in the photo award. Men were not meant to me men and women to women none I swear if that's why. You are the way you Lars because you don't have woman within the only the powerful women that you know marriages. This game marriage are very happy about it or. You tell me yes it's a gay guy he's again I don't think he's you. If you'll never get married none of them and you know it but it is true I mean who who decide that monogamy is awaiting women who who who didn't know women don't want it either nobody wants to somehow we decide I don't ZoneAlarm like I know on the sociology and modern sociology. Study here because I was happy for those matter after. Now when we are happy before of course everybody's in your head back Errol I would say the same issue of course you. That's settling. Excellent job Curtis. I want to get to want to hear a I don't know we have the Jalen Ramsey if you guys. Read heard about this like it's that we we we automatically dismiss it as like a non issue when a guy taunts and the guy. Did you return to regions called. It's an issue this is an issue in the patriots locker rooms Jalen Ramsey comments about crime. It is going to play out on the field I am convinced now and it's gonna before. Odds are widely renowned remember why did an issue where. T I read it every teasing it already doing it now we were too easy we need even to open. So I was not true gay and tell I had my covers about six in Ocala. She joined the club welcome the club you re exactly say apple is what basically is like at the very. Resort WEEI. And Ramsey put a target. On his back about these comments at a. I guess if your world will you sell wolf tickets you gotta be a war than I think Taylor ran his own when the wolf he's a young wolf I think he's trying to make it. The wall look what law that. After you're selling wolf tickets coming up what the so to say what does go against draw. No and it's a good matchup for him he's gonna run late in the script hole slight injuries heal your run of a young Chris what counts is a big physical receiver might have got played with. 62 in right now until he self promoter right now and we know this we you'll get the will he set himself up if he's able to back this stuff but there's going to be a lot of money for. We Leo is back it up is going to be a lot of money to get paid more pure trash talker. Yeah as I understand half the stuff you just said well well I don't know what what's balls telling the outlook for. Oh well for a walk so jailers wolf easily walk so wolf the ticket I I mean god bless him you know he's got a backup is Edwards is a great player. I elect trash talk but generally I like it better when it's you know. Accurate courts all honesty he is a great player OK you're talking on these crock overrated now. Car not what is it was exact quote on ground not good Gerri it's 2018 I'd love any I don't think console personalities that I would describe as good I don't think rod is as great as people think it's and that's based on numbers that he got from some analytics guys in said the jaguars organization. Is it yes base yet that's that basically what he said that basically what the story says. Is that he asked the analytic people from the jaguars. For some numbers and numbers basically bear outfit simply. Going up against cornerbacks. It is doing well he has his which shot here is what you Euro and on talk shows all the time it won't matter on the or could quote. In my front court in his. How does that work that it's a second set second I think the guys at one point the red house saying yes I would mind and you're right about Calgary in The Herald that stocks Rodney Harrison he explains it to you we're broadening. Used to take anything and everything back in the day and trying and so what what what he might sidetrack us. To be connected and really screw what and ready yet but to. It. You can read the column did you think radical she got the Rodney Harrison Robbie talked about how it was used any explanation how it works that song cracked just alone okay. He says. Ruddy talks to cared quote when you're so beloved as a player like rock is that's going to amp up his teammates even more. What Chamberlain did was he's based who give them given them a gift. There is that next level of excitement. On that next level of focus when Freddy Mitchell liberty did you guys talk trash when that Pittsburgh safety talk trash ugly that was Anthony Smith who don't implement the thorniest. An example it and it's. You that look like in states that mixes stores so handlers at the point is estimated. Of course hesitation Harris and as the reason name says you talk trash. Guys are able to go to the next level and that's what you going to see Tom is a competitive guy trust me. This gets him excited this adds another layer there were already were the best defense is let me go out and showed how good we can be. Even without many receivers let me show you what crawled can do. So running is telling you that this is a factor in it was he's right with Freddie Mitchell was with the Anthony Smith. Brady is going to make it a point to. Go to grow at some point to stick it in but here's the ramseys faced Freddy Mitchell and Anthony Smith suck. That's why they got torched in embarrassed in those games but it AMC. It really guide Brady went out is where I play the quote in question is easily old theory go out these people are sent out. And so you play and yet I don't care what anyone says chain owners group is don't be a little bit different organ. Maybe it won't be Jim Ramsey may going to be somebody else but he's going to go to grown Krug is going to make some big plays. And it's going to beat because of you went back got back messages thank god Jalen Ramsey spoke out and said why he's he's coaches don't I'll play you're gonna stand and why we've got coaches don't want players to do this. Cisco I get a complaint why do you think patriots never do which one patriots but adequate distance and Pete Carroll do you like to let other doctors they let. Do you think that's well and I am. That Morrone. That he was glad when this guy's serves when you're wrong one night you talk just eight completely based on all cultures hate correct or just don't they don't wanna extraction. But it doesn't I certainly don't like on a slight batter he just explain to use and have a level looks at another level in general better that is at 100% in Toronto one guy grunt Tom needed Texans on Sunday it has before and Arnold went. Match what his numbers were off and hopefully we went 300 yards four touchdowns so you watch one catching you watched Brady go. Act. At the basement you watch it Pensacola Sox had was there in purse I got I guarantee. An engine was he really was really angry about to be released by who gets them. Yes it is going to see Brady afterwards and talent this team it's for all students at each. There is another level looks at right it's true one of the patriot players of whoever. A Stephon Gilmore. Says those guys sucked and they are not good players. Rating deepest Belichick would be pissed there's a reason for that it matters I have noticed something this morning. Dale ripped him yesterday on the show there's been another level of county area this morning Sox fired up. Not that that could face we'll get pact that. Dale Rick. Dale who I. I've now I'm convinced is a sexist he's just like Roemer he's a misogynist he does not respect women like I do he treats them. At least put some on pedestals and I love Jerry OK that I love Dale Cooper is a sexist and we'll get to that when we get back and Honecker the Patricia too because. Lose a game as one thing but. Whatever the hell happened Patricia on Monday night in Detroit was my worst to lose in the game it east in Detroit they're already. Talking about how he's got to go bring back Jim Caldwell one gaining on the back of vote that it's time from Patricia ago I cannot believe. A quickly they have turned on the on our guys met Patricia in Detroit.