K&C - John Ahlstrom, 52, melanoma (skin cancer), Sudbury 8-15-17

In October 2016, John had just relocated to the Boston area from North Carolina and was experiencing fatigue. He also felt some palpable tumors under his skin. He was subsequently diagnosed with melanoma. His brother-in- law, a surgeon at a local hospital, encouraged John to go to Dana-Farber. He is glad that he did. When he came to Dana-Farber, John started on a new type of cancer treatment
called immunotherapy. Immunotherapy drugs help enable the body's own immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells, as the immune system would do with a virus or infection. Immunotherapy has helped patients to achieve dramatic remissions in cancers that were previously thought to be untreatable. John started on a new type of immunotherapy drug in April and is feeling great and not experiencing any side effects. When he's not working or getting cancer treatment, John enjoys, golf, exercising, and sports of all kinds. He has a wife and three children ages 15, 11, and 7.


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John Alston is joining us here from Sudbury in studio and John you. But the cancer beat in your twenties and it turns out this thing does not go away if certain services total shock. We have I revs and a 28 years old and I had a something on my back that was suspicious that we investigated in turn out to be malignant at a removed in. Never heard the word melanoma again. Until October of 2016 will brought you into October we feel sick on down. We just moved from Charlotte and done. New job the united Waltham. And just figure is exhausted from from the work the move. But it's getting old that's what you if you're exactly right you mean if fifties are real but. Just it was a can of fifty and it never ended. And I had a couple of strange things look at along on my chest so into finding new dock him we did she was awesome and get a full head to toe and suggest that an ultrasound will be results of the ultrasound were. Looked like normal and it was everywhere it's in my brains in my lungs it's mighty river. And various other locations so. One of the worst days since skin cancers and melanoma. It's hosted by far it is reais most common it is it is and in lethal for sure. Good news here in game four is an extraordinary place. But there are drugs that exist for melanoma. That didn't exist like 56 years really like what like like chemo drugs like to keep its its immune therapy is what I want. Tom so either ten years ago this would have been much bleaker story. But and many of these drugs or or researched and developed here acting for so. My doctor is a rock story. Is at fault frontpage cutting interest research himself. So one when I go to see him on now in the right place I feel today. Pays great day yeah yeah I mean really what whatever combination where on a clinical trial at the moment. Com I feel wonderful my appetite came back and got energy. So you know got going next amnesties. We're right direction scanned the skin right now every two months pretty close to it's about every ten weeks eight weeks I get. Bring RI and a soft tissue can't stand. And the results are immediate so it's great like an hour later Romney with doctor Cody and review the results so which you out. You know anxious going home hoping for a good answer you know right away which greatly. They have what my parents of these may be made to seem Q did you find out let's say you have certain side effects certain things they have pills now Ford side effects I mean GeMS like it's not his. Painful process is what he did say ten years ago you you know we sailor to our current doctor podium his team may have poker face the there's not. We're gonna get this you know it's it's it's we have options right we have options that work. If this doesn't happen we'll try this try this without him so that in itself is very encouraging. We appreciate you coming on good luck through next units in September and have some very good thank you so much no idea what it thank you so much and actually it's an honor be your first incisive thank you.