K&C - Johnny Morris, 3, neuroblastoma, Newtonville, with his parents, Colleen and John, and sister, Madison 8-21-18

Johnny was diagnosed in September 2015 after repeated visits to the doctor for a fever. Finally, after weeks of differing diagnoses, and with help from a gastroenterologist, a scan was ordered, and they received Johnny's cancer diagnosis.

His treatment has included chemotherapy (off-and-on since September 2015), an autologous bone marrow transplant, MIBG therapy, antibody therapy, and radiation.

Johnny has been in treatment for 2.5 years, but in his free time, he loves to swim, play with his sister, and draw.

Johnny also loves riding therapeutic horses, chasing bubbles, and throwing water balloons.

At the Clinic, he loves the music room and the toys. He has developed a love for art and turned into quite an artist.

Johnny recently started preschool.

The Jimmy Fund Clinic is like the Morris family's second home - they love the amazing nurses, front desk staff and the child life support specialists. Their family feels comfortable there and they feel well taken care of. The Clinic also has theme days/activities to encourage the kids to enjoy themselves. It’s a nice distraction for them as all these amazing kids are fighting for their lives. 

Colleen notes this is the family's new normal. Making the kids happy and comfortable while we find a cure for these horrible diseases is very important, and the Jimmy Fund Clinic does it well.

Johnny and Madison will be saying “Play Ball” before tonight’s game.

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Maybe I'm more Stanley with us right now John he's three years old. As parents here calling John and his sister Madison good morning are you guys do in Pomona. Thank you good governance matters is ready to go get a terrific job tonight but we'll we'll get to gas to get some big night big night for them so. What pride you guys here to Dana far which your story. So that. Just shy of seven months old John was sound had a constant. Feed bear over the course of two weeks. His mother knew something was wrong. To know why it pediatrician. Was alternating. You know viral. Bacterial. Didn't have a clue. It's just so happened he has gas the gas throat doctor for the acid reflux that a lot of kids have. That Castro doctor ordered. And an ultrasound which found the mask on his adrenal gland. Which is now known to be stage for high risk narrow glass dome. So we started at a major Boston hospital. That was affiliated with this gas from doctor. For the first three months of the shocking off fades. I'm a firefighter Newton I deal with the hospitals in. A lot of sleepless nights at this Boston hospital we were doing research. All night and we shortly realize that Dana Farber had one of the best doctors. In a country. I feel in the world. Susie Schuster and who specializes. An Arab last film. And you know in the area be on the fire department. I knew this is going to be along I'll Johnny's Johnny's disease is very intense it's. My life in him are at the clinic that the Jimmy Fund clinic 3040 sometimes 60000 week. So we knew it was going to be a long haul we knew this was the place for us and done. When we. We couldn't be happier. We screen he's 33 years old he's been died knowing he was diagnosed just shy of seven months he's currently in his 39 round of chemotherapy. Right now he's he's actually taken taken five to do this radio show where chipping right back to Dana five two. To get his 39 round. 2015 he was in the hospital over 200 days stable where. He's had. Stem cell transplant he's had that advanced and IBM IDG treatments that are only available in the northeast. In this part of the country at Boston's Children's Hospital. He's been on anesthesia OpenId times. He's. To say he's been through the ringers. And all that all he knows it's all he knows it's all he knows it's always now you know. I'm the one thing I point out a lot is. That shock and awe phase has to be sure when you're dealing with. An aggressive disease like is because. You need to stay focused in you need to. You need to do yet to do. To get through this because it's it's. It's a lifestyle it's not out it's not an illness and its allies it's funny. Today I was going through the garage a gain of five Ali normally do and what's allowed that the valley got a stock in a thing. Age maturity level of I've been here today and I said no I Olivia. That you live and I said yeah I'm here every day every day I see Agassi's or tickets and bake you. I think you know it's. The Jimmy Fund ye hear all the time it can't be said enough. It's a family of the Boston hospitals that tell you it's a big. It's a big system which it is a big system because it's the best and that's why you see people from all over the world come and everybody knows my son everybody knows my wife. They don't be as I have tried it comes in once in awhile because somebody has to keep the roof over the I'm. My wife is always had a successful career as a bartender at night second job hasn't been able to work in three years you know. Johnny's. He's been robbed of a lot. It's. It's a tough go but I quite honestly I can't imagine. Doing it. Any place else with anybody else. Lisa and Amanda child life specialists. They take care of the siblings is that it is always always something to do. They sent my family says Taylor Swift the other night they sent my brother to patriots and it's it's only what did you think we. Four you've got this nightmare news. Obviously you looked around and you probably heard this in the radio phone once a while. Or you just had this vague knowledge of what goes on over to Dana Farber has to be fun clinic and what do you think now. I I think that. We are part of the Jimmy Fund a group we went from you know I'm lifelong new resident next book. Q did you meet one of the Sox you know retirement exports and Jimmy Fund should be fun as a kid. That's associated with the Red Sox now. I can't walk in Rome and my house votes in the mean it is it's a top notch first class organization that. It it it is not him it's not like him as him and another point I just want me is that I might Stanley. Would not be available through this battle without the assistance of my brother firefighters. The police. All the urgency they they. Came together and given we have a charity Newton fire for its children's fund they taking care of many of us we work with one mission. Six floor oncology they provide all of the resources all the fun stuff that kids they decorate the rooms. We're a big part of pan mass challenge Johnny was represented 59 Red Sox team. We we were at Boston Marathon partner community do these specific things that. You know give you that one data take a deep breath you know men. And live. Life like a normal person are you ready for tonight Madison. You're ready what are you doing tonight. Anyway when you ain't you know. Don't say out shout shout out. Of the can talent with Johnny. Johnny ready on a practice but he. A lot mats on the hear about it and it's. And I'm out there and louder and louder. But louder. There are other rip and that's pretty. Today. Oh or older it. Eight years ago he birthday. One of the Jerry count as it came true what's it like for you with Jimmy Fund clinic care kids sisters and Brothers to go out there. New York to craft and yet. We favorite. Our love slime. It's. Awful awful world via OK Johnny liked disliked him. They need them. I. So who's the toughest toughest one. I was Wednesday. It's well on the scanner there and he's he's a special. He's he's. Unbelievable. Well he finished very note certain scenarios yes he's great thanks so much as violence is. We've preached in march of course. And in the that's no way it would a repeat future witnesses hash tag John throngs it is it is excellent so real good luck tonight. You guys have been great tease him and if somebody.