K&C - J.R. Gamble of The Shadow League on Gronk's white privilege; Reaction to the bizarre interview 12-6-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 3 - In an odd interview, J.R. Gamble of The Shadow League discusses Gronk's suspension, his breakfast, and his drugs.


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Idolatry her talents excellence 77979837. Headliners Rob Gronkowski sheltered by the privilege of being. Of Barack being Barack should say it's on the shadow V dot com offers care gamble. He joins us weren't JR I don't. Bad I don't know think that in the midst. Opportunities become a book is not 11 Asia. They're going after Gestapo learned etc. if you're everywhere so I guess the crux of your column in less were wrong here. Is a crock is judged by a different standard because of the color of his skin is that am I missing that. Well yet white privilege that basically is being treated differently because quite. Gently treated under the same circumstances battle picking any bombshell. Or anything bad out roll. But you're not crowd out there that had been in the I've wanted to welcome mat Adam's apple earlier she. I wanted to welcome Adam don't gotten. And he got Adam Jones standing the standing ovation the next night. The aid it needs of football we get our don't want you to not only Hillary just for the racquet ball quite like it or not. You racist against white. No doubt in general are your race people. Well look out your honor and sacrifice that I did I just felt we showed we just established the Derrick Brooks brought down the suspension believe. James thrash dozens as well. Derrick Brooks is an African American you know you think he treats Krahn differently because Broncos white. No yeah well the game has spent in rock look even get hurry because the difference with the crowd and situation lately he did it. The play it was over. Correct Kelly Mike Evans similar. Similar yet but we're not what we're talking about my gap in right now and he also has. You know compared to Colby gate situation. To him with the ball. The bull crow. Either get treated differently. Would agree though Taylor agreed that something happened that did the Beckham thing happened before a playoff game the crock thing happened you know. Don't have a name. Nobody compares grunt take insurance policy all right I was also an analogy are at JR do you yeah I think I'm good nothing disingenuous. Yet they on the ball economics have been focused on the game they should be all of the gains and on the flip side. You ought at you people that they obamas have been more distraught because the patent didn't win. But the game was over the game was over when Clark was dancing and meet you. Did was on the boat with C 45 patriots teammates before playoff game order ever. And on a Monday before playoff or not you know how big that Serbian boss you think people would say oh he's a white guy forget it no big deal. State law. 38 at thirteen oh what yet. So the what's the that so then I was I was argument he can sense that. Rob Gronkowski. I. None none none of them I'll talk about that right now we're talk about the comparison and made this should not be disagreeable Harrison. The simple comparison if Robert koskie where where Boston proper custody. Was pictures taken him you guys may disagree the pictures ticker gronkowski by the pitcher players. We before playoff game the patriots got smoked in a playoff team either to be a topic of conversation it actually would talk about how or say a month. JR that's the first example you give this double standard. Yet what actually that would not act on the and that's it saying you know he's a white guy no big deal move on next story. Right. That's what you're saying. What acting. Yeah and understand you and so I called. Bait me like the way I'd do it. I apologize. And blatant act. No. Smells else so what's happening now back to read so you so narrative. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Absolutely we are narrative should be a lot are. I'll do it out while. That it treatment and equal reg columnist and accidentally let yet to concussion protocol disgusting and I'm not going to heat of the moment in the what is one change. I just think it's just things that Jesus this is because he's one lead and I crack in that game. They don't want you wanna do like game right you are right. Or because they so you think rocket and think probably seen his ads and see displeasure because he's Caucasian. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think that as a community groups on new. Like for it as late in the target a lull. And education to take a look at top slot right out he'd it was actually not in the when he guards he's seen it back it like you know we get credit. That you know he produces you know what it means he can't handle people honorable. Also the black the black tie event. Oh there's a black try to get it in the black tie event that this how many games of the game. I don't not accurately Tea Party more than it. I would be morning want to put. To wait out there that might be getting out every game so who gets three games that the guilt that is notably several gets one game do you know Jan this will cost him. Perhaps up to two million dollars. He's gonna lose a quarter million pays gonna lose incentives. Two million bucks for that dumb hit that's a cheap shot will agree. Do you think that's not enough to million dollars that hit a grown. No because and at least that it did it is after the play could not get it back so hard and yet go to. Thanks so you don't pay two million dollars sends a message you think it should be more like 45 million what would you suggest. It. Pre games no one gets three games unless you're Tom Brady and we eat probably he got four but I on this do you think that wasn't enough let's just like us because he was black right. Let the Beckett have been heard that it has determined that her any. About how great that. All the knowledge. On his reputation on actual money out of his pocket not at all. Again wanted to win wanted to ball in lake property the babble. I. Wildcats blew. Reasonable Defense Secretary shark. In college at bat in the bank operating in any way. If you wanna make a better drunken argument I would say like the Ezekiel Elliot Graham in the woman's boot that he got crushed for granted that I wondered that'd been devalued the cement plant but are probably the woman. Said he didn't defend our. It was okay. So. Microwave is simply don't rocket done that I'm trying to help he has granted done that. It would be viewed differently. Why yes that's his finger like he's tied eleven Barack yeah and and and there wouldn't be the like. Predatory kind of a you know associations and yet when a black athlete does that to light moment. Well you know to different. What's. Difference in words what Labarca. Gone to understand. The depth. What you said right that that I'll be put these different. You ride Clark is in a safe zone because as a white players actions don't fit the narrative. The NFL being a bunch of out of control African American players who don't appreciate their country or the operative who opportunity to play sports. So I guess should try to tie that into the cap predicting is that right chair. Not sign in the cabinet but it you can you know make some type of comparison. That happened that we know what happened to captain nick you know why not. Yeah there was some last night because he was honored honored by Sports Illustrated in the big landlords. Framed as a white person black. Being with a player bid would probably black dog being white. We we know. We know what. We noted Eric. I happen it. Out he died but I like this continue completely. Opposite situation and actually I agree there not similar situation cunard. A litany and wanna little quote everything everybody. I can tell you honestly I'd much does not I don't this is a racist you can help me out here. If our 'cause you decided do that I'll be filer that because he's white does that make me racist. Now delta is the chair right order. It's part of me play games are supported by. Absolutely you play like is he hazel props I would be all for telecast. There. He supported you and Castro you console is what. So JR Jarrett you said the tradition if you're if your children word of our viewing your wife for the parish to hope doesn't happen. You would be more than happy to have your children raised by two mill hill. Yeah great partner how how many times from it doesn't matter if they are you okay. What what makes really great person oh well if you've ever been in her minds around. It's as I have what they're great actors because we're in the I'm is part of our word fun. Salad in these helpful. Now. That you wouldn't say that. She's come up through very well aren't you conceded in this world as a woman minority. You know. You like any joyous. And county WW watches her team W watches our TV ratings suck is that because she's black world racist. I don't think you're hitting shot while they node and they suck we suck the terrible. If you are daily show I'm better. Well yeah GAAP rental shall be a great show no question you live and not when wanna be on Wentworth yet and are willing. You would yeah it may now be cut not be another. They pay to have another liberal that always. Attack rate issues than does it was well I love what allowed on board. So you're not another liberal who injects race into the conversation that would your saying. That put. I think everybody at the end and. Yes ma not everybody but most obvious and we heard it we saw aren't in the wake of the gronkowski hit. It was I think that is a racial issue. Perhaps but hardly great out of it but not. To put it here and the people support a bill that raises started to week deal that. You know covering culture. Has written to split the strongest so that we feel our way right about it. What the series Campbell approached. On the shadowy. Oh and yeah he did Landis. Now again did you rule that's when yet. Not yet not yet. About next time could you do. Stoking up before you kimonos just Woolsey you can tell the difference. The deal thanks to our entire. Okay thanks a lot yeah. I'll have a good night thank you and hopefully it's fourteen hours away everybody says you guys just clinched the book. Can now instantly ESPN hasn't hired him I give up on in his grandmother's basement and roll up of and his eggs and bacon which touch and sound awesome get fired for him here at sounds crazy racist exhibit is racist and it doesn't like injecting race plus fox sports Nazis who may want to start exports but you won't let me one thing that's good news measuring your words of like ten seconds. After it was that has these won't like me. It's awful yeah it's. And on penalizes thought sent to take big time not that Robert penal I thought he was stoned. Which is okay I'm not no problem there when it. I was tag right about then. You look like sort of debate of the promise of his story at the carcass getting special treatment because he's no he says. You know I think wrong and have. Pretty bold cute criticized more harshly not because there of course they do lightly because of who hardcore sports car race as penalties on these figures are stories these big if it was a rubber 'cause he. The big old is he is still you know this otherworldly personality you mean. He's a superstar exit Madden cover guy yeah that's what and it was behavior that was so out of character effort did you talk to disguise dollar. I just for them spoke with them as it was obvious. He's gonna Hoover excited about I love the story was kind of response from rough out there as I expected to more of you know memorial. There. Yeah again he says crime doesn't get called cheap shot those causes white. It seemed like 100 people don't has always been that's that's all you can immediately load took cheap shots and unless it's absolutely were watching again in just right and he lays down. The way does it is let's just pleased to sit ups is I was voted as such it's such it's such a wrestling thing yes he's in that ring because he's wrestling guy what a day that's a great defense either a I'm just talent when my observations. On life have been only about an octopus you stack it like major thorns on the air I am I yelling. And gentlemen the law ons don't matter to Fannie and exposure for example stood pre EU. It was out. Yet it was you know at all you don't touch him. It's completely used to statistician and relate to until ten minutes ago they waited until it's actually percentage that's the feeling like I'm in sales gonna touch this look at and you watch it again who say it was overtime can that term involved. Gone to pot. Downed him all of yet Allison tensions someone had to touch him and it was going to be you know it's not that Dorsey cut from them. Excellent ability I was a punk move on move that annuities but he's Aponte was a puddle has some. Jive ass crack once it's time. The worst thing ever Siemens is that television is it's as bad as any way to Tynan has done the last we my life that was as well the beauty. Duties that would account of booty lesser known straight booty latest. I heard of a chair now so I think although I would like to talk to what he's like really big expensive in there's a way. I think the I think you're I think you're fired one of America. I think he was so he made debated and grandma grandma to make is bacon and eggs in one quarter of waited all poster. Bateman. Like the way I do. I apologize weakness. And we definitely is an opportunity to ask about his so is he in his life. Live and is chairman is based to their kids. That is all I guess the program pale shadow leader. Anyway and we can thank you wouldn't you know whatever occurred want to know I'm I'm I have ideas thoughts are the most is easy going and go along with Wright is a policy of all the talk about Alex Cora about it until it. Jason hate them bullies. Globe he's the MVP race c.'s -- Jason Taylor poems on the league MVP race the NFL it's heating up I loved nobody likes at a Tel Aviv he talked is Reynolds huge off its multi imploded every bit of preview Kirk to the podcast about Ryan on how that's gonna go and tonight on what kind of mindset you bringing into that not tired I've told you not a great one Obama is jury duty service is going to that story to OK we'll do that we'll talk about that when we return. Wins most listened to morning show. Fox Sports Radio W we. How to guard make any sense that. Without the what act. You'd resemble you understand you install I'm at home. Bait and my life the way app you eat breakfast. I apologize. And act. And no. Smoke they'll stand some watch the ponds and you know. Back there you know you're so narrative of your own narrative we may we had you think about yeah absolutely. It's narrative human it was not a lot are. Opt out you're out how to displeasure because he's cocky yeah. Eyes. Knowing I was it was a great example I agree. Voice for this ridiculous premise I mean I know we've heard from. Mill hill and Dan lebed tartan Kornheiser we'll bond bull. We know more come on let's correct. Yes because it hurts a question his vehicle and up with all in their lives swat why yes vote. Your night why's he in there why much of a much and why why are you doing street wise I happening we talked this yes you or what Weis is happening what controlled. Or over who comes into this studio during which the if you say nobody's loved steer during the show up or you press on the show at your seat does show say Kirk Kirk men and he's gonna get things done around here Parker made and no one's allowed this to you during the show and you with a joke around me what are they talking about can. I don't take it here they're tired we're talking about your giggling so was at work and we kind of tennis thinking about point. We talked about Paul had a joke he said can you give me JR gambles number we wanna have them on the mid this year is sure what their own freaking guests OK you know the really don't don't worry much. In the afternoons and Mike will bond there can be a friend of the show you could get on right. Couldn't agree kimono and wisely ruined everything. I should ask when they single issue will first Wetzel and then Harlan animals that bill would love to have him on pretend the rules com can you help me with this is don't forget Stephen. Even a used to be different while we'll talk commodity. We get them on this last hour. Or reach out good let's do let's go to great lengths to how do you explain this to me yes I know Europe Europe's sports guys Missouri strategy that. And chef just tweeted no of them from out of my guess that's August podcasted. Know them from Adam that's what Tom and o's as in the program broadcast. Patriots wide receiver Julian element on his knee injury whether he could return for the post season. This fan with the state of football and the Mark Brady is mailed him now it sounds. Known formerly boring this notion after tunnel that's what the work. Boring right right yeah they're trying to focus there. All of Kircus soups fast with you know. Fighting me today you're just gonna disagree with a winning essay I don't wanna be here. At all. K help me with this John Thompson when he name I have I understand that means I got on the plane so suck and stay in the family part that the football Tom Brady. Whether he could return for the post season maybe it's hypothetically if you were if you are eligible Jermaine. Does that is now trying to get that sound now it's posted no good Adam Chester asks element whether he can return for the post season any I didn't think it was eligible. And B he's not so it was nice having on BitTorrent to witness out he would soon. I've spoken. That seems strange that you would even ask a question of settlements one here the sound that seemed strange because when you're its owner a love to hear Newton in a few minutes we're gonna hear. Can wait another week to spend the next five minutes like it's just another army has created another thing and I and he is preempting that blew my mind. I watched our guy Tim Hasselbeck to 35 poems they mentioned. 35 poems now Tim Hasselbeck and we play quarterback in the NFL and a PC and those damn good athlete. And only but but he's old he's over the hill and he doesn't look good anymore his ball leaves looks tired but we among great guest but do you know around. The right. To protests. Did you know he was caper movies and if she's eject out unions see objectives IQ Smart yes yes I can keep the price five. Angered you can do a lot of pull out now that strong lots of Bud Light and guys that guy will Cain did it too he didn't like their focus server to. Yet they had competition. Yeah and will Cain did like 25 for some ridiculous amount these little posters have fun. Little tiny guys that can do pull ups that jet to do chip on tech JP. Alex anonymously matched to amaze truth that our long via. It's still. Went out numbered does he could win in a long wars Pulitzer as he can have an MB of great. Probably will radio personality. That is going to be and so but he lost an arm rest mastered Jeff who looks like Mal nourished if you're dying a year so that's probably right yeah who has out in the murders. No problem Montreal strangled by its own penis and you know come up. The final body parts Oleg long shanks of agencies who are now Paulus yes they love Alex but he was many lives dangerously. Maybe not act he goes to have posts and analyst Gloria whole thing nominees and it's remote islands. Think I was on it needed to get out of his system I've before we get via an English unethical and we work on that. Just going through excellence O clock anyway I had jury duty as that putt to be mocked me more is for the American economy pledge didn't say was suspended. At and mocked by the way talking about a month boring guests I'm taken crowd of boring guess four month. What was he saying here when you say you wouldn't be talking to what we're saying on people and and that. I have no right to criticize him Michael underscore Fabiano on Twitter because I had Mike Lupica on my show for years right which is never good luck is a good guest you are wrong not. He's Tomas in the group is a good guest. Mac never listen. Not a fatalistic about it he's in New York guys I'll OK I realize that I was I was at a horse I think has Mallorca it's all of those sports reporters guys this pompous and Zaki debit pompous isn't bad you'd admit that like it but I like those cocky and tabloid guys like we have Jewell shares my problem is those guys who come on and they wouldn't really know it was a tremendous five for six minutes Michael Booker for 26 minutes from me is an issue. We won't have more domestic question can be integrated into the I was taken grief from mutt. Deservedly so you basically get anyway I thought you give me a hard time four maturity and you don't I have but them. I went into jury duty hoping to get out of obviously most who doesn't. Well not everybody some people you can tell they wanna be there under the age of ninety lose unemployed people is retired people they think it's kind of interesting it is it is kind of interesting year. You know responsible for the fate of him in person I was in civil court so it wasn't a crime a criminal case murder case and boast superior court so it was big big money was a big. So while ago so when another guy for a lot of money truck driver. Who was hit. While I was on loan and bananas that whole foods so yeah bunker for Curtis now you in was hit anywhere and in an injured guy I was there in the the guy was there and so the 75. Prospective jurors for twelve spots and or fourteen senior odds are good that you get out of it and I was the first one who hit the road your fame come they called me up. You in smaller Lawrence. My great city yes well looks different. This Tommy abuse Austin at monster known as vacation that's that's next year and how to. It's that time but they call me up and when they see my job I. Employment on the brilliant Philip told informative and then they say you understand that if you could pick this jury can't talk what the case on the air. That's that I understand but I can't beat him here and this is knowledge of the conflicting with my job. And the judge were sympathetic as well if you wanna hardship and as it wants not really hardship everyone has a job. As in I said but but but. I saw your witness list that you do the witness list so and I think. On the witnesses is my next door neighbor trees and I'm like nimble wouldn't really employers comes to movement. I thought said that wouldn't you can't you can't be here. So I got lucky I think I have been picked what I GM. I got out of eleventh there's lots radios work. What did you get there 830 well that's much better and you know I never meet debt that was so early to increase. Their hair off. Not in it it's just I would rather have been here doing my job. As it is a lot of waste in and just sit there are a lot of 101000 to read or something. Yeah just play something on the let's bring your phone's new rule let's bring iphones at least in this courthouse really. That to bring your phones put literally 75 people that we looked on the twelfth is if you wanna be an injury bad enough to get I think you could try you could try it's you know what they're. Affect them and ask the questions the lawyers asked the question of office but the people who would like. Idiots you know yeah A holes they got tossed so I would advice that one kid. Said he was. In college in my friend get beaten up and and when he went to court. They they told them that he could make an eyewitness cause he was nose eyes were bloodied in the early rounds story. And he had cost them as wants a time when her mother's in the wheelchair can use of and get around. Cost so if you are you know if you speak up you're paying hands it to us at least in this case right. So I think if you really wanted to get past you could mean you can't tubes like outrageous insane hate. I hate whenever black people and what would do right well this defendant. He's defended this 34 guys there. And speaks no English so we really have to sit through this trial of the interpreter. OK and I guess and we're not we're not put mr. now I I was think of saint helens have been in the country because it even in the country for a year uncool. Even if twenty years. You should learn Jerry that Jerry Brown called eyes straight away to send some agents I says a little Lawrence sorry sanctuary. It's a great charities story on it's just the truth it is the kind of about hope of some wild but no it is a woman mix something up I nodded and descending notable. Jared and manager. And I don't want really to injury but yes wants to dollars here. Meters from the brakes now on them now on the Macedonia and the beautiful answers that we could make full jury history. I never measure known. Now and you don't want him to run as one of my father require that be great and profiler wanted to be picked him he's never pick things like my third time but the other two times that if they're prepared for Jerry didn't picked Richard that he was. Bombed when Windsor when he retired he thought would be funds and to do it shouldn't and I felt like in the minds with the same names who wants to play and pretend. I worked my brother got picked the very first island are went to in the thing starts in the defendant comes yes the like call timer whatever Billick I know that guy Oreo Israel and they said then our about it. Yeah it's got a legal system network. I was pretty happy to see my neighbor's name on the witness and so groups it is. But I guess I probably wouldn't pick in this entire year in and as a result I'm here okay and the elves happy it's my favorite segment ever. I wouldn't want to make something up obviously that was a really born segment. I'm just telling you normally it's gonna hurt it's hard to please don't think if I don't I don't particularly about African energetic set I don't blame you I don't blame me let me say anything you'd say dvds stretches on the further than this guy comes out there and Missouri after alcoholic and people. Murder indictment right that's an easy pulls out this poison they're welcome and I expect you add. Stop me and direct the poison died right Petr they go. And then you know what they did Ailes this agreement upon months to the same isn't worth much come into there are over it. This is really true I think she heard she may have changed her tune when Jackson was probably not source of the hr ago that the show. She didn't are you kidding me that's to try to you know it did which is why did I hit where you want us. I said I can do anything until I hear it and then I. I'd actually with joy and made them into my agent assists since it was a staff. Major Asia just look at hot you don't want to hide because sometimes you know we've talked that this can he get more emotional when your involved right you've listened to get fired up. Ready fired of his people you come into the office not happening here at the people and rather than listening to it and being emotional about it I took emotion and I did you listen to if you think it's way over the line you. Who is you know we're not part of it. What went to these specific parts and close eye or whatever boomer and I. Madness absolute madness that's why I'm so glad I don't work work this. Violate trade but the rest those courses over Comcast's traditional sports dared to work. Who put the date you know people who actually carry it works when he comes in here I sometimes the senate so this segment cities like I want to ask you where exceed his dad was adamant down. And while I was watching you on FaceBook alive and laughing hysterically could you grade. Life whenever veterinarian. Trent I don't worry who's on with a or Trent AirTran somebody else in that. And he goes on this rant about how album the people who think it's good to crawl is suspended for a week because he gets weak often rest up and stay healthy for the Pittsburgh game. Other morons token once and that was that fake this thing he ever did I probably not I never watch and show I I applied I know I was wanna see it like tonight before we try any on or near there and unless we can no mention something they did or welcome right that's good idea. And it was and they didn't know what December trend and I think it was. Are you some anyway here's the just rolled their eyes it was it was fake it's fake scary as is fine. Just make an apple will be tomorrow care bears into Mario good to be Jerry Gary tomorrow this feels like a minute hand mental date month that you never control is not always I was always the case in the past that big a blow tomorrow off just that's up on the fate pizza tomorrow. I carry a decent and I'm only gonna is gonna buy it now. What you'd call in sick of them on the jury do about coming up next tells story teller exploratory. But can you believe that that did it at the Chan who is terrible TV to giggling fool. Her instinct is when Lou. Does a radio segment at reaching didn't hear. She told trendy to go to HR about this. I on the bizarre but exactly what did she think Lucent on the notion of an option here. So why should you go to that you are treated Norton so I don't like to talk to you but she's not you guys know it's of that Curtis what does she think Lucent that was so egregious should she go to HR. I honestly don't know we don't know yes I just trying to shoot you know torture when it's for having generally along. Why would that. Why would you go to HR analogy of what is scary incident toward something like that should be happy she's huge option stinks and one that should stick to a discussion that's exactly examples I'm just looks cute and she giggles again going zero Reuben that's the job Jennifer she's a woman. Justice consider job and no breaks that does the job the heart of two. Would you agree. Now she's whatever it is they are still doesn't know basketball you know. Obama because they wouldn't have a governor Dickerson he goes back a little more money cheated him. If you attack epic. But it's frustrating that suffers maddening to me I give Lou credit the way because he's pretty recent about it and when I would be obviously his wife Pamela trouble over there in the past. They they do things like that if people like him think like. It's amazing lose a nice guys are good guy. To anything. US attorney said that to me that that hurts the actual real thing bicycle want nothing to go one which is no doubt about. You had to change saying you know and they should go to HR because I hear. But I think we might even mean you maybe not here each and HR and what was I supposed to do. You know what they were summoned him they would do something. Lately she's not staying silent. That's the you know the byproduct of this is people gonna think. A lump everyone in the give us trying to be pasted to change the friends of the Equity One. Suggests that had this come out to trying to bring the separate carrier at a Deborah Gary Malone Gary you know Gary called me and said we talk he said you can't make this okay asphalt is as bad debt and let her yet in a try to torture press talked about yesterday like an adventure what she did. And hinted at an English you show up with a team that's team yet did you think. Yeah I've just trying to figure out her rationale for. Isn't that bad honestly doesn't make sense to me I'd love to defend it I'd love to take its I don't mind about I think I mean you know it's a good question you and I talked about this and let's just saying it's disrespectful deter any tonight tightest cap right given but so what saint July 8 John gets the ball and would you call HR worthy. Me too. But think about I'm running plays that hurt us too he's surprisingly good that this is a TV person who can do radio cranked. Amok for Saturday is incredible weakness actually rich yeah fighting your show us appraised value yet know you Amanda and Leah so in the Washington region sport does it I initially put our best show is probably better than this worst. It's supposed to show I think our best show is it was better than this today ship. Officials not all of our show on none on and on about our best ship or eyes and ice and Arctic national I guess agree on Brian here and thank callers none of there was one time where we disagreed on movies. I had like so I think that on the island of mad Maxtor it should not Trent and chaos ensued. Pretty much. Feasts she would rather do TV and always has read a teleprompter address and couldn't make it easier. Hum in some ways and other ways it's not is it is fulfilling. Is it as fun if things go right things go well on radio it's more on the TV TV's not on you just. Read a teleprompter on the track he's ultimately the US trade these ultimate big issue you would she rather be out Marjorie engine. That's a short today if he doesn't like the dirty dumb stuff that we do she just doesn't help what she doesn't it's OK but she can do other things she's pretty personal. She should have a career in radio she could chatter get a little of that public says public broadcasting money. Right and right into what they would love to hire and nets some chicks some good amid ever obviously there's no diversity everybody is hard core lefty. But they've had so many predators and their minutes mean every day's issue every day there's new PBS guy in a garrison Q after he got smacked yet you know you have been hurt them but that's place. Where in the world of extra for these operas over thirty he's the only answer drawn to PBS that drawn to symphonies and operas. The only clean workplaces male dominated Sports Illustrated seems to be so Korea and Iraq shuttles and you know a bastard I would even Gloria choppered. Politicians do I would Roemer on my lap anymore that he enjoys it so you act in the causing harm done now. I guess I've got Levine was thrust and the director I mean the symphony guy where's that. It's a guy defies my theory does civilize my voter data in the beastie boy 20 or yards is dead at least she's going home early items whose picture Israel Horwitz says debt yet. And he's not haunt you machines now police. He's a college degree and if it I'll give you credit you were documents to recall thing long ago I was not gonna make it to. The symbol I don't think Super Bowl and then the Olympics in Seoul Korea will he make it to Minneapolis who don't make it this so you Korea needed. The Hollywood reporter has the story to rehash but that's all takes. Of past. Charges NBC and experiences. New Olympics host my treat us harassment in his past. NBC does have a history of the guys barrage now anger. And they're going over the things that can be found in books that probably is still on the shelves. Somewhere. Couple books written about ESPN coding. Those guys have all the fun by James Miller and Tom Shales. And it points out that that Tariq it was quite the the past yesterday O'Donnell mail subordinates. Back in the day and this isn't really good defense this is from. He's worked sports hurdles when Mike has repeatedly assured us that this behavior is long in his past. We have no evidence of anything contrary. In his past mean you could say that about a lot of the predator. Hell right alumni jobless yellen does not have somebody say thirty years ago. Yeah right that was kind of grandstanding move yet to work experience there and let them that that's no achieve bush yet. S and on the long time ago if so let's just say that Mike to Rico has cleaned up his act. Should he now not be allowed to work because the stuff but he did Tony 3040 I now understand that this guy that we're in right now let's spent like three months right now but no he's just yet he's not your aggressiveness and he's done nothing since. Because that's not really the climate. Climate we're in right now as if you get any thing. In your past you are done right. And you'll be lumped in with a little Weinstein and Spacey and Charlie Rose and I don't think he should instantly you will collateral damage that it's the start of the purging. And you know and be good because then people can't say these. On two to white guys drew easily like he stole this from the Pakistan yeah I learned W right he's not commit. On the predict he'll make it to the Super Bowl but not to South Korea somewhere in between them so bad and join don't have held no none of ironies here it says its factory. It's a well you've put these guys are private chance I will you know these guys don't change so. And imagery was changed will be some stories bubbling up so that's true there's there's always someone else had mentioned in stereo blame whoever spent yesterday trying to be the host I think people just keep getting fired from will be the nighttime host the Olympics. An aspect of tubular and then especially on last start our force next.