K&C - Kaepernick is Reimer's Citizen of the Year; Belichick was in rare form with Dale & Holley 11-14-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 1:  Reimer defends GQ's choice of Colin Kaepernick for Citizen of the Year.  The guys discuss Belichick's comments on Dale & Holley.


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Security. Half sack. But what the heck does that mean what is their quarters cents. Moron what about as their half catches on him or not idiots via sacker no sense what if two guys get it down. Well you're giving half percent so that's the same thing to do strictly so what's a solo tackles as opposed to a gate that looked at the gate tackles and they give it to everybody as a whole I would have been aware of that rule with Gerry Callahan I love people that the media hates ideal phrase. What ornament. Or more for forty years if you don't elect anyone who's ever been any thing wrong. We wouldn't have Barack Obama thing. He did okay flat none of this is entirely innocent boy did the liberals like dirty whip Roy Moore committed to fail. That's not good. One day every volley. She'll be off and Kirk Manhattan the American bringing happening so we want no wiser decision not gonna bring a measure not commanding an honest question you're a forty disingenuous question of which is why do you account including Cuba 11. No police brutality is a huge thing that needs to be addressed distraction you back and wouldn't be supposed to sit over there would even be available at the boy and the other reason is cap Burnett. We'll have hampered the American hero he deserves it after college Sports Radio WEEI. Right more is. Is what. I was available at eleven Palin told Kirk Lou besides behind the scenes look at the old Perkins is job. To tie together. One more call and care for McKinley told us that you told me five. You know we didn't. Hey Mike Weaver yeah I relatives. Yes I'm gonna get to make me to in the morning right ankle at the media is present yourself that was classic model that. You know like now slightly where how why and any shower this morning why so much time and we're hot we're now it's an honest look at my -- awful were finalized and there are horrible its terrible. It's telling them. What does it say on the and I your show with relative buttons there it was a great town was there I think you'll feel like you're like Kirk you know how can I want heads to small and great comments on this but again I'm. Number one doesn't work with him off. So with that I'll tell you can relieve your hat on and also I want people know where actress honor knowing you really and that's what you really what's the people Wear backwards that is -- is -- that night and I committee let's learn what does whenever Kirk's notarized and attitude you guys today and it gets to work but I wanna dig up old trick many hand weekend shifts if you keep weekend critic and we'll see what was going on over and it wasn't what Brian St. Pierre terrible. It was a good show regular check that shows that your parents are telling you know it's hard to do we really good weekend shows and he's told me was really good. For a week and show with a pitch out OK it was fine there's no reason for drought to be there yet and I wanted to mix and it was your idea yes bring in a third that was his idea yes you bring another liberal. I'm conservative who could with common beta and they don't exist I mean good ones are wary of a full time job ourselves which won't be your bring him in the states to which we Britain Martino albums and schedule but that doesn't turn around from. Protests. And probably only whatever you to them directly out toward you dump controller but as a human discussed the of the day he's the only ones ever actually wives he has had only one analyst six only one who has the balls I can't do you would you when Michelle rounds and jokes he only won literally Alex had his moments but as we know month is your little puppy he will never. Ever fight back when you've never and you dump on him why is more than we know about me anyway I know I suddenly about it. Most of the drug use other day he added nothing to use Melissa suddenly I don't do drugs but hats if you listen in well opportunist. Anything anymore and seriously missed my high fashion and don't have one now I need help. And dogged issues that would as you do you you. Know you when you work for the Kirk account and show you ask him why he's blocked us and welcome ownership. It was in about ego and I surely there's a distorted to fit in a question there and sort of say the word meaning twelve times you could've asked them he's a big fan in my sentences I am immigrated as a way of demand yes your blog on. We're both great journalists that we anything else and I don't know about my aunt and as part of town of yeah let's putt that he won enough does yeah doesn't. You know it's fascinating and Peter King bought it stands now you Kirk thought did an excellent judge said that was out for us out of and could bite for us the source of would you like it better if people like months and even sock puppet fought back once in awhile that notion that power and they don't candidate they don't get a patent that they are. Playing in the Europeans when they do is bow down before you like crap on the leg. I can unity in unity for the gold across the street is Russ does that's true pretty decent fight that's true but but mutt he tell you talk about. Sleeping with his wife and Don tell on the show sucks to Tommy is Shalit's father it is right you tellem music hairy monkey and just sits there and take it. And you listening to an actor it's sad it's no of course not an accurate term ones and accurate. And he thinks that the bill DeWitt had W is by holing them before you like. You are Felger he's chaired and that's how we it's not control of offense will look that he was laden with a plea to daddy please try to showing much like 58 months I worked out into it only one vote for trump not. We only let's call us with great Jerry much argument that an album I noted I don't break with the agencies as you can just call him wanted to use as he throws he's busier palace for me to sit there for the left not shocking were the right. You call don't believe doubt change the people can kiss my ass in my you don't like you caught in one of your best friend got up a picture and American talked about this for UConn lawyers asked for us. Form. Formed I wouldn't care. You accepted their boats true you love Obama if he's got breast if you got your TV guide today to play golf next year. Not that changes. You've said but has a lifetime spot on accurate in talent that's kiddies who wants kids wants a five just he's he's affordable his wife. What changes have been if crow. 52 young kids I have a job as night hours. Government shutdown might. Mikey has to be happy event that it would wait I industry the depths they got the bills twice they got the championship that don't end up about one. Something you like quite a little weight room and I'm slamming those Bob Melvin said if those old guys that mode and Mohegan and that's true that the under the weight and Bolivia sent the median age in the race or otherwise about 97. Collapse. We just fight it to whatever. Which relatives like he kind of physical easy fight because that some of these require lighting his stick he thinks the way to get back on the show's take shots that you plan which isn't wasting Darryl but it's. Good I blame I I've got other. Other than other than that first thing we had them Fort Myers and and some wonder well. I thought he would've brought energy to the ship that's my one didn't and at times and the shot wonderfully 45 minutes or. That was that was Mickey Mouse ball and when the producer for people watching on TV free choices and honest at the show and you choose among weekend afternoon show gets out we'll get into these kids don't forget Sunday morning to big slot. That was in the weeds and sign them tomorrow recovered recount wasn't supposed last week your five to seven it's got this week I heard that every Saturday and that's our central buck talked about being that planner. We're clusters across the puck mover but only talks about himself he's the mail for what they called him at that says Panamanian that if I as talking. About I'll got a book are you talking about get a big about a dollar Halladay yes in which you do your careers are done and what somebody's posted view of these chocolate outing by committees has an idea. I mean event later. Irrelevant to beat. That's what he wants to meet Maria hires against us from his you know via that's a job if you plan to marathon party few years ago you'll marry when gold I'd be baseball answer it again that they play that. He does a great job with egos. And lots to gays like event. It's a very gay perfect it's not that that call now traditional day not only really what musicals and I are human resource and why gays and human resource yes all in the male and female. We mean both men and the moment does in Sonoma such counters and at the existing treatments section and laws to just check out there gay men. Our human Reese and elect the right right that's. Hard eight ball to right wingers of the can't perhaps depends on where in the big money waiters take money yes in the big restaurants it service what don't they elected. I construction. That was a replica fancy things at quite a fantasy you want you can't Taiwan that you can't exactly exactly tell me these guys clustered none of them I don't thinks of the shore alternative sexual person 90% was down deep somewhere they haven't made a dig down deep everybody don't let you would highway wants or we could do construction of record in the line. This summer because of smoke I know I I've almost gotten to the gym right you could see I think it is if you are as well yes I can't take this available now a little cigarette. It was a cigarette smoke cigars and yesterday Jeff that was definitely our 1000%. And can you confirm that. Yes. I don't believe it was just that and find its sources are inaccurate. Resources were either Golan or Fred that no one's here to produce the program. So the people produced assures that it was elements of the guys in the studio but giving him a source don't believe they might have gone like. Do you advocate for cancer that hold back. Second and its own smokers say cigar and he the first place and he's in the midnight through at. They go in the hallway or in the lowest their way. Side as it was them Mikey to do you know I saw Mikey he's ice futures macular run downstairs go outside to run back and forth I knew it. As for a couple of pars just cigarette. Well. I'd just beaten all take me just ultimately you even get used to it anymore either segment Mikey knew. You don't things anymore now ideology given up my fondest opting for me. Honest objecting them for you yes weathered their pricey ballistic write your mother your father at Dubai UV sticks on me. Adult training for some it's the reason you stop. Do winners can dance that bind the four would have booed them to drink a decent lie I drink I IR. Development. I prioritize streaking above the eight start stop buying air time disease that weakens very obsolete by the fact that he's not the greatest. The on again this week about of course 36 I live for why don't play park. The BC football. Dmitry. Charged preview of that I was I was I was looking forward to if they had beaten NC state that would have been ruled that obesity yes that typical. Fluid that had it blew it in the they would have a chance 84 but a point where from the state the obvious that away and the only. One people like me football as we have been talking about it yet hope that it's a war within a couple guys which we talk a deadbeat American Ron Borges and I'll let you comment on the eco right would welcome into our guys in the lodge from Fulham took no. I don't know of these thesaurus. Do you still of shrewd investor. Idea and editorial department either as a high school football you don't talk and video game. Herald this world times I'm sure this things get only a few weeks away from fear for comedy yes and it running again Libya. I don't know it's not my call mom wanders around downstairs a couple of breakfasts. I'm never alien parents put on accuracy again as the soldiers you have to read it in that voice. It really active advisory and Chinese tourists. And I had my eyebrow at camp I doubt that the top. It it. If you mentioned to Ursula knowledge your nada zero divination no not again this is I'd I'd say it's semi inside yourself. It'd issues I was brought right. Yeah rob was so given me advice about what Imus and the whole had a little you think but hardly any views that I would have in the you don't like any mention Alan Coleman right. But somebody else who was who put. Little seals facts and fields. Most people know lubricants which he didn't know Harlan Copeland wants notion that. She's on Chinese defense you guys haven't Harlan called and on and yes everybody's houses burned 1000 public does is named the mental block for bookstore though I mean like you should know. I don't know if she happens. Oh sure when I. I didn't want to many stories public the one in the top 23 bestselling authors in the United States yes in my bed last decade arcade for a five bestselling author as a whole maturity. I'm on a lot there even yes I think yeah X amount once a month when he wrote a book I'll skeletons and just like lupica what he writes that I have a mile I was on the show amateur immunities walked across the U palace thoroughbred died in Iraq and we'll Flickr was out of sorrow at this particular team went shopping that's okay. If you're on audio books. I think he was excellent. I mean I think. There was a weighed in good humor wasn't on page 245 Ireland we do that Dino Dino get nuts about nuts and bolts. About a book that had that was not yet that's a little Milwaukee that was them. What should he read the book you always program Harlan you know on little trick in his books and chapters that do something akin to read an excellent yes we're writing move right there wasn't a coincidence. Yes. The Gaza. Look at it could cast a cure which he says that lupica we should look at the Pentagon bought that stupid sports on earth story we never asked them. About them played utilize. The sister in ways that I as good as current occurs is gonna tell you momentarily is still up. No it's it's melted. Woolsey but the Cubans in the field who who Frankel wasn't for the rank them. Call them and told me was there heard. The guy yellen and Jones yeah. Reimer believes at still. Of course of course I'd say on and when he thirteen. And John tanks which is proof that particular its value of seven yet that hasn't happened when he their teens and it happened when he says to square kilometers and it had happened as we did only one person noticed and when he their teams that didn't mean when people and hear of people not. One person. Nervous quickly read or is watcher it is still up what's his name oh yeah hello degrade me Niko is a kid right now turner. Yes and I liked him and have a hard icicle and acts you McDonough elect lupica really can have any experience is just begging for a test he's not as dumb and adds a liberal that's redundant but that's a liberal they wanna believe it so they believe it or are they don't ask questions and don't look into oh. Ronan Farrow is agnostic of the Grossman Grossman got too big liberal a partnership that reporters should she topics I don't know our realignment hurt because there. Trevor. They want to believe it yes Jules liberals who want to believe they act on emotion they don't think his feet eighties liberal publications are bringing down all these aren't you want your time Yorker New York Times. I was down into the Atlantic last night picking up Bill Clinton you went right you went to in the center field this year dead and heard nothing that's code and you think that's who can't. That's proof that it happened it's so bizarre as a personnel that is that is that is going to rest so that's not actual proof what you mean. It's logical purple so logical that the man that's approved for 2000 such courses. So the N word a sentence when he they're at Jones markets real quick one person noticed OK one person came forward I notice that didn't mean one person. In zero people there is not sub zero PD a stupid zero. Let's just some stupid not Alex zero dealers to. It's on what we shattered by 2013. Right zero person in in 2000 by searching in 2013. DD. All the talk show justice all the talks was talk about it they big now for people all star or heard it. Did the Red Sox make an issue of the did it became net income last year resume posted about it I have certain narrow it now okay. I can't balanced again in 2000 these people out which becomes a national story what you don't want to come forward and put them original stories have active what exactly the right thing exactly like these women are being beyond just of that person this person called let's say somebody missed three sections beat three rows behind where it was when Nicholas Nicholas allegedly and they called yet obese the boot there going through so. People don't want again in the middle name again. If you've got to be kidnappers is that your rate for people like you wanted to somewhere a little about it people like you want you wrong people to me you do want to be in the middle of you won the room to distract you want out in the middle that racism exists all loud breaking news director at I recognize reality if they did there's no proof that happened you dozens of what I'm Jones is worried is the only proof I need any guy that's puts him in the eyes so you don't need. You don't need any. Operation affirmation Adam Jones and eighties at the eight game LeBron don't say that from my house race that it was the only thing I would do I want them here anymore would get out of gas well what do they gain from this. You go over the list of racial hoaxes. In it and say in the last five years did you fall the air force academy story. Apropos at this point he didn't and that is but he forced air force academy. And word is written on the kids or. The this whenever he's called common down there for us and giving great speech we could play it was who was lauded or everybody. Saying we're gonna get the guy the racist became national news. We found out the other day. Who's below for Tony the thing happened at the Phoenix is a kid foresight or is open as she did it himself. Again. Once again another hoax in on a bill that did LeBron James house's. 100%. A hoax oh come 100 episodes and I was there right. They saw you call 911 in the time the police came base recovered while LeBron James has. When I watch angels are about the elderly and I didn't run my pocket at all there was involved. Part of what they call the police officer and why would they want it to myself and Michael how slick but why would anybody. Involved with the LeBron James lie about racist graffiti written you get on the rise shingle all the Steve all of OK so widely conversations never stuck out of governors on somebody if somebody that your house. Spray painted the F four right the homosexual six letters that your house right. And you call the police to drops it in the time the police came if you don't cover up the evidence. I I wouldn't parsley as I would like to show that Canadians wanted to get into the water while the girls had tarps. Because two weeks to expose what was happening expo but the but the but the proposed. Maybe they were just upset I need to want to get rid. This is what we're deal imperfect that he and you claim you don't want it to be true that's exactly because you want mean they watts. Whenever someone lie all the question always is what is the mode right right so what the motive be for somebody can only do we when we finally got a lot. And I like Jerry Jones he's pissed off after the game I think the pants were a holes I think that you said. Why he's yelled at fans many times before somebody that I have an escalating that they accrue peanuts as they suck for the Sanford thinks the only game he said inward and should the fans have been thinks Adam Jones when he about it and no question and he didn't say it corridors at some point that you think at some point maybe I'm. From rights movement does or so that I won you know. I like Q a Q not a dummy you're Smart he's pretty well this is so stupid when you say this it's so dumb like why would they do I couldn't go we'll go for the hoaxes. One at a time don't they why they did is it has the air force academy was having a tough races into the air force and who's having a tough time he peak he wanted to be a victim so we did this to him his own door in his own dorm. And it would felt bad for him you know what I'm gonna this is professors felt bad for him. He was. Obvious now he's been kicked out quit I believe he's. These resigned from Iraq most enemy. Because we have a list is not this Italy over here it is asked the same idiotic question every time why would they do. It's obvious it's no good answer that's my kind of idiotic question just OK you understand what originally they get a good answer for LeBron James Eddie radiates yes. Maybe they're disturbed by I don't however I want if we get cancer discussions started yourself when you when he's captions NR did you just hand them the of the we got a whole list of fake hate crimes. Vehicle when we're gonna have forced ambulance and what what does it matter what web site and it is. Civil rights or order your vision. Post pretty liberal against me that's almost got it took batting. Take that we're going to daily news since my right side I don't know who would meet who in the justice for. The can he really is that was that was funny that was just funny cast and it's fun that's awesome pass in the morning you ordinary probable. Ma you know it felt you weren't big ball god. Well we don't get your hero felt it in trouble. I don't NBC Abbas was pandering that suspension it. Then on the back to it is we don't called suspension because it wasn't the suspension that was it live from Comcast that's that life was spent the given day off. In a day off with pay. After the holidays to all ordinary Edwards suspension but he gets resuscitation areas and what that is. Writing exhibit Charlie White replied I saw some managers talking to Burton Charlie and somebody else's cars. Mr. That was at like 1 in the morning yet yes for a program to one record and I want sawed. It's a kid I would imagine ratings that you normally anyway in moss two or zero point on where they do we find Chris 1 in the morning. Actually go a couple different directions from do we get Pepsi can duplicate title together now on the front of the guy who was always mark indeed offers a five pound octopus tried. It's apparently think if things like times that you do you relish mark what is your thought you know that's smaller. A couple of Roy or more what's the lure industry moral and war. He capitan Martellus Bennett Cohen kind of editing cap an acre east it's almost too easily won you only go daddies that come they'll frauds right and Roy Moore. I think he's a man of god these I don't see a second time free together. Mean you we have banned from the mall it was never been everywhere now. This guys agree creeps in history honestly and you weights and I don't charger he's what what is with these Democrat Republican libertarian. Green Party Communist anything. The guy is just a perverted is a pedophile hits the fan from the mall I we will prevent normal cells that that might happen you know or a mall has indicated no I was only to a no no no with the liberal are eligible now I'd never trouble but he played bad we should talk to Paul blog tended to be banned people from the mall I'm at anybody and number mall employee is it sounds like a perfect you know. The one question I have is in it in and you know what the what Alabama. The malls yeah and it's The New Yorker. I believe yes new Yorker in new Yorker reporter. Went to Alabama and talked to dozens of people could start off the record I suppose you think one red necked Alabama person would ever talked to The New Yorker they would say. Get lost something only you know with the New Yorkers who they would do you think like you but I don't literally on galloping towards like cops I don't know nick multnomah Kate the the Yankee outsiders let's go screw that some people are sick of more this point that's true to what one outs and the rail he might he's only wins this election tumble as weather on the out of them so great how pathetic Democrat as bad from my mom god rest sole cause I don't she told me as I'm sure. She took two pictures Kennebunkport. Before President Bush and how would you crabgrass wants right why what does this say the issue should be since she would have and it's I would think she told me that for sure a sixteen year old girl and testing pilot George duplicate minute hand which she was not. Who is there any Graham now just say I think was safe do you have as faculty by and I say this. And pervert and absolutely I mean I disagree away what he's not a what age music late seventy's at that point I wanna try believe that. Hello I I don't blame you weren't lying about it every hour I don't know if he's dead you know where it happened. This latest one yeah. I don't know 79 I don't know you know look what month to nowhere Ehrlich what part of the country will grab that it happened and only nothing about it other ones that you believe it. I I don't I don't think that she would lie about shift to gain again by I get out I was saying you don't know what they know people like her do a thing about where when you know circumstances nothing just say need to know more when I just say Alex. Whatever you can stay alive do you believe the latest report accuser. May yes I do what he Weaver why why don't have veto because of the so autograph from the yearbook degrees is Andy the bush Q okay do you believe that the latest room or innocence why. That read a story correct press comfortably sorry glory and it did you see the signature of the the good message of the yearbook that. Written by a 3233. Year old may ask permission for parents. That's I mean there this I was watching the press conference saying all you thinking about his could cheat. Do this if it were Almeida. A chance. And she's obviously not an actress she's not a lawyer should not. Gloria Allred is not used to being on stage. It would be one of the most remarkable performances. If she were making an all the droopy incredible. I haven't in woodlands Texas today the only sports accuser. Avant at CIA offices. Is yours with a momma took a picture of bush address these sage for sixty years old cop a feel chewed out for six to get joke. What do you first he's a Perth that's there and Roy Moore was released in electronic only appeal to be like he can be a war hero in the accomplished American Elsevier pervert that can happen maybe just wanted to get on the cover of GQ. Could al-Qaeda and as well 6177797937. Lots to get to today. What a story by different degree steam Neil. Sports Illustrated as Chicago Tribune area villagers of the Tribune now a a a twenty page interview with Mike Greenberg which is fantastic. Like I talked with some money and used before it sound for the show was a good. Axel my ten for money like seven or eight. I've got a on the money eight that's a pretty good money we'll talk more Roy Moore as well upon he gets you Martellus Bennett Alex is alongside 617779. They don't usually do are you happy that you 01 citizen of the year for that sense I don't flakes like you into which disease so I it so I love it and it's why do you think he should be citizen of the year as he sacrificed his career for a moment. I will regret its. You skirt and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. I think that over the years it's been a one of those days didn't like it. Where you just think that unique. Athletes could do more to help considered just. You know. I mean there's definitely pressure on athletes to to do more active X you know be more active. We're active. They'll probably cut I've got to the point. Yes he's Dicey if he had to do and referendum on camera be you're aware of this but he played enough against time people always afterward there was contact Jessie played receiver plated Michigan he added long and illustrious career. It's a tree and it is an all time giants leader in catches and you know what they said about him as he could take it because you're afraid over the middle and wasn't it opened. Feel this feel like. Wes Welker he's a wide open and oh yeah so he's our lead in every day just a case Terry's right rhetorical playing later that is good stop you. Put your money and nine as there was for good sound people at 9 listen at 5 o'clock Nasr now a mature they know what brilliance we have as lead lead. A lot of times we talked you brag about giving amid days some big numbers help to even shorter but we should at the same time give credit to a money. Gives us what it takes a day off essentially yes it is often Roemer ends today in my starts that's right it's you on the last voice was between UN money. I'm not sure who is between the money started this at 2 AM what is all its final findings lead in hand in a money and that's what they replay it now or something right so yeah that's very. And donate it Larry games right and why don't we all time leader in all arts and touched the all that's why that. When differences moment route for ten organizes right that's a pretty amazing thing when you think about it six of the day shift ever think. 668. Kids had a good career so I was losing this war footing around it at the this a money thing. It's not gonna got a couple tweets about you Chris explained to me concisely and say thirty cents. So money was discussing the stat of a half staff and Howard doesn't make sense because there're other. Stetson game they don't give percentages and so there's things catch or cook and at my father. Immediate news. Have it's really bad breath catch again later gronkowski the other night the ducks have a touchdown pass and a short. If I were helpful addition apple should have attacked and he thought they give two touchdowns for touch them because the quarterback. And the receiver Adams did not understand that he actually believes. Don't know why are we give my touch. That's what's what's yours how that all old. Which of your show once with Kurdistan on personal motto we may have happened to Columbia than the most powerful gun the company who can make that happen may be creatively. No that's a good luck in maybe a conversation. We get it a Chris it in my conversation it's compensation eight and because of the freeway. Pete purchased salons are what's your from a Monty earlier this morning. Asking these questions. It's. Is that me. You have the player and quarterback what is their quarters sixth. Pole desert tent that was oh it was just all or half. You could justify perhaps. If two guys in the quarterback and he should get a hit with three guys. Well third guy that gets. What if there's four guys don't get a quarter the last you don't get get they'll get a credit there. The first to get the credit just weird. So it's weird what should be should be sentinel sent what you guys get a the negotiate that you can't give Q sacks on the same plate with a courtly goes down it's all you're giving half the sex and that's the same thing. And a half second perhaps act Eagles also once. One of the above they went three guys hit him though should they get. Third 3.3 33333. Of us that do you wanna start being the guy that works the NFL that goes over all the Saxon determines that guidance or what can get by 18% of the sat back I just 42%. Of the wide it would happen. They opened up by what they opened up pandora's dot blockage since mid size I don't during games. I did it but what about as there have kept us. Two guys catch the ball they have eyes are half yards you have that yards had interceptions. You what are. Happen or seventy back of the box at fumbles. But. With the fumble what you fumble yeah assisted tackles right you could have two fumbles in the game cage in a letter right. Now I fumbles it it's admirable that again asked to describe John Edwards who's separate physical fumbles the current. It's only one we're not going down at lunch on eating only two who sat out take take water. I think you know everything that goes are often money money deals aren't the problem the problem is it's just that ridiculous thing. Once you're just yet how. You don't get solo tackles assisted tackles. Kids give one guy credit I'm off getting guy what people tackle. There's usually did he get out of three people tech the last guy doesn't get credit debts don't call for a third does get credit credit. Not this. On tackle. I don't believe that yeah. I love when excuse talking about it he's articulate he's islanders what's a solo tackle but that's an area of space jags are the players special in order to promote team gets back. What is the answer is vision what you thought you make not enough within 50000 she's making millions and mean he has to listen to sit in the studio it was pretty good those that are pretty good spirit but now that he's upbeat. I only eligible migrants. What money is stupid and humorless which simply out of Bosnia has hired that's also mud he's wrong that's never fives are stubborn occupant primary and an end zone is that life Schwartz was on Saturday when Rodney Harrison a few solutions to also humorless it's just so great no great show number at least rod he can speak an earlier model number and his sentence was here. And yet guys or something as you must against doing look at Rodney that you actually yeah twice a week on the stairs and others that we're under we call them by the I mean it's. You know it is not on that Turkey doesn't joke around and I did get on dreams you know he's fine but that's that's behind the three candidates out. Get them on every single freaking week. We did a really conclude if you like how we just saw the station. What he doesn't do any radio spots anymore well we got. What we. A lot of information god I had no idea what. Goodell I'm confused don't. Then in late game is that it is working out or something yelled this is always more commercial boat out at me and Paul Laurie. And knowledge to achieve what goes on Saturday and still tapes that show it's almost over. Which Schwartzman who just even though Rodney Scott Borg who is she so relieved and relaxed because he does not that. You with tumor because Manning hits and Harrison took in his career and dished out it's amazing you can speak so coherent and you'll elect elect Kirk you think anyone played proposed brain damage and all you watched Rodney Harrison play really Rodney Harrison's I watched John Lynch flick too and he's a GM of the team as well as I mean I just made it great trip just fleece the Patriot Act if and if they're not playing them to lose that stupid. Oh John links on the challenge stupid it happens later in life and go to Stanford. China at Stanford he's not stupid this is now an electric towers and helplessness to an that was tremendous committee we fared John Fox thing you want a job now that's only misspoke the stupid penalties that only stupid your teeth that they think every stupid yeah general. We Smart. I don't know look around the room but these three people when they make Smart guys guy Jack Kent is Smart and he's like he's sort of slice of that books that. Right and an engineer because he's an engineer and being he's later breaking news ask you this question. So yes somebody asks if we get a lot of ideas from the produces it's it's it's and I just like half the set I Nutten not just these two but I never got an idea from obtuse from twenty years no not a good one. Now mean true now we get nine and have questions for a true. That there was that's Gary's. There's a hang ways do we do in fifty questions with Bedard today yet like I really how many Palestinians that aren't vigilant but Roemer comes with ideas and energy when ideas via. I I want against the cap nick does on a discussion on ideas and notified. Do another challenge it tricky challenge much of that in that they too well for what would you uses the soundtrack for the next Kirk you challenge only refine and I didn't ask you saw an idea I mean we. I looked at him and wanna see he had I wanna use glad tearing you apart a little picture on what that it goes out. As good as it's the first time offered an attack anymore and their media today. The thing about money and yes you make games that was ejection fraction of that was just out of character for a month or a glamorous applicable we don't want this guy because we're playing good with him on his lousy show him aren't we even though that now OK okay. And I hadn't Ivan I love Klein the man but we never really clicked like I asked if I I the reason I've lost a long shot on political uncomfortable in the attic wetland I talked about drinking vodka was hospitalized. Jim Carey took the one assessment districts there. I believe the reason I want you first walk on the show was that remember hearing you. Rip it costs me mostly but perk two and I called gore and it's that is scattered anchor what little doubt this is not just doesn't like you had time spent rightly. Literally none too easy just yeah those guys are a big eats meat and and that's how we we roll we have you in here. We don't run from it and say you know keep him off of my husband was like thirty seconds you've got all my minister Peter to change. True is that you just checked that was her how. Thirty forced. Legal Glenn breaking down the Celtics and older than that that you already but he you know opposing team's bullpen true. Is that long from Belichick. And that's true that's what you are good ones that's with excellent coach check before it was not and I heard that brilliant promo we just played have been discussing it but Belichick was distracted he was literally. Pocket and somebody else above. Dinner and something now also on the phone is really what it will release I every week I give this guy's past present their views so tough why appointees are though talking expert but to I know he doesn't want to. Play along and so you know bring some energy keep it a good job PS with the benefit and did fall be that it did I think I agree ask the questions which you know you can Morgan it's not eight. The answer. That's a question for somebody else on no coach that's when I ask me asking you do EU had a pencil that's a tricky plays a game he plays all the time and the right follow up simple. No sir no coach these question is would you do you have an issue with and talking this way about the Green Bay medical staff not his issue do you personally have a plan as we know him pretty excited yes but we know Belichick would blow a gasket if someone talked about his medical staff that way yeah. But I'm okay with him Boyd senior his displeasure it sounds like went down. Hold on hold we'll get that answer will react to Belichick is only do the next 617779. 7937. Also she's shot she's tweet about the patriots evident Belcher. No I missed it we produce from a couple of days ago it was so disingenuous gain hates the patriots are weeded them. Well he's saying between that. You know you know all the media plot to Belichick treats that might like all the fans applaud Belichick treat treats the media are ancient art. These and can understand we're here is for you people based these trees blowing it's true not true that if I did clearing the shortest answer Shaughnessy is not players who represented the wealthy and huge egos in and says I'm here recruiting the fans today. Melbourne now they've got off course not a good that the whole fan wants and that's what ever conversation beat guy and I he treats them like dirt too short but that's not my show us there to see Peter Bessie is tweet from justice yes I did last night's knicks cavs they had to get since been taken as a oh has it I think is I just sort in the national news cassette eighties it was terrible. Always be doing. I think he's freelance and he used to be the biggest hug your children and the NBA. On the NBA beat you by far the man and he was at the game. Governor for somebody I don't Yahoo! and he's signal but it's not that old right where you'd say yeah elect George H. W. Bush for him in the past site. A hold or will do that again I look at some point you can explain this tweet to make of it is bizarre it's MIT now. Go to be as we hear a real shot assistant with his as for care that's gone too far and replace Brady at 7 o'clock we think a great way to do that Brady was riveting yesterday. You see one's got to believe radeon peppered nick yes that's true a mile asked him about Josh Brady had Dwyane now over at. Paterson in the return game this dynamic player. It. And that offensively. I mean I keep I you know like I hate all. I liked Yale and he just whatever it will be out soon enough but when I hear that actually have sympathy some level of sympathy him as they just eat meat there. Mr. I was hang up on it. Do you guys know me well enough at that point outs they would appoint if I just felt that to go you're gonna go out and make an appointment or whatever it is true when I'm sick between the dirt and The Who Bruce there you're Thelma hold on a minute while. It's somebody else drafted Tom Brady you know he would be doing this SUBC he's known her offensive coordinators dollars so about OC in you know it doesn't dislike them it doesn't conflict zone and you know all the dale Ortiz. He can keep who asks questions he does it mean of the year or for could be different what we thinks we see them. I think off the air like he likes players obviously likes players I think in Glenn likes to think he was to promote them but he and different. I mean I think he likes obvious that the Osce Freddy's the Osce and elects Freddie so he would be a little friendly your but he never says anything. Nothing lessons and a film our week he says a lot tacky at mission he wanted to get behind this application store yes and you Edward Sheehan on yes to refute that taught himself which is really did. Not come across I mean you open and that's what you get is our tolerance that's right Eric goodness here's via obit. I'm considering you you you. Kimmel and you know like you know understand that Hartnell what I've never done this back road blocks from me and Eric Wright Cameron Newton you need the you know psychic fair and I'll bet soften them up and then you can pick from the ball yeah you're the you're this. Yeah I'm good cup that's the way you're on its own right there I shot a scene from this week. This. Would be letter be nice if we didn't have media celebrating culture crapping on media scribes are. They are represented fans seem fans who won in post celebrate Belichick gives media fingers are witches and that's a new take the sensitive it is it is. It is accurate. And what else is going. It is funny I think people give Belichick pass. Because Belichick is the greatest coach ever of course if Belichick were just mediocre and if you rate me. It wouldn't be so clearly in Cleveland wouldn't fly it right back equally vital we note that even though he were in Cleveland including losing even bigger game he won't tell injected pleasant just to a quasi cliches though but I would like to me answer questions occasionally we does answer questions no because we have something to say right. God don't you think that an anti Tony it is an art to what he does even takes real discipline it takes real practice. Every other coach 31 other coaches what does that some Obama tells them. Only Belichick can Stonewall that he is not consistent and I like might like to play yet and he gained by. Mona Lisa Hedo went after. My apology. But I always human Belichick has stick to his. His approach I think I singled. In the players Leo. I think that the bad thing I don't care here. Now and he Dick green being overly crazy the fans here don't care will not I think make it like there are. They care and they love it SI mean and I love it hold it against us I mean. Will they hold that against Bennett as a human being that don't think he's a good guy I think here. Right they only care whatever what's commentary on his character eating wanna play hurt for this mostly going to play hurt for Tom Brady all isn't a comment on this character when he slammed as the doctor. When your doctor when he says that they want to play hurt and that becomes the new England and does exactly sat of course who's actually fake right. That's a comment on the character Alex right that you now works right you think the fans watch thinking and Langford and you know similar errors lovely sound that he set this up temple because you can play here and play tables for a moment and and Dylan. Quit if they don't care and only defense can affect just the opposite I think they'd love it they think their team is special because it is his team is special. Is the only team on the it was the only team but. It's one of its short list of Bennett would play for cinema with with a blunt Dylan and others wondered and Randy Moss. They didn't wanna play for either mediocre can dig their heels what about south Eagles are there may be in Arabia. May it's an expert but Roethlisberger. Maybe maybe but is that easy was for two and to come here he knows the please maps and eliminate all core I seven plays the other night right life and he showed up on Friday. Nobody can get a Seaman a lot he's Indian and specialize in three balls that's allergies and played thirty snaps a month from two months from. And he will be in the play if he stays healthy will be a key part of the offense in the playoffs maybe in the Super Bowl and in the east or commit to the rules basically the pages ticket that's a look at that and you players Goodridge said about talked placed experts so often I have no problem players and we understand that there's always something as doctors are good doctor reputable guys cynical players like amendment is about him. And I mean it's going to it's on track in an already got that that was that was such a question that type of pushing players to play when an unassailable and apply anyway but pushing McCain looks poised on them packer players had its eggs into operation is still on the team. Nobody to pass this up on there that we there was and there are others. The in the park a lot of play these guys by the way they weren't asked they volunteered they said. This guy's he's all right guys and the doctor he's. Operate on Aaron Rodgers and his Brothers there are frequently. Than their higher for a sit there a suggestion I forget the word users are good rise usually I know for integrate take on this he's right. But ballot and we should just before he got it by the way when you look at his fuel any of these that feature who did the thing on the Brothers that it was a thirty for thirty mile mile Kunis rate actress the actress Eileen at times that's right meaning kinds. And what is that thirty for thirty as the as the that's the lack of touch black sheets on. All the flags is when the game. We did when the X with tennis among the flaming. We have to be careful about what we say these but the feature at the the SP ended on the Brothers. You knew they were in position just yeah that was the Albany sister and end Martellus Bennett I'm using. Excellent football player would you agree. The producer replied yeah we have colorless but that Michael's only about one team appoint his Martellus Bennett is on and two team typically. But Telus has been everywhere already in every time he leaves he burned bridges over the patent risk the coaches he rips the quarterbacks he ripped Cutler. He ripped Jason Witten he ripped John Fox I mean he's. He's probably around a lot forego that kind of talent would you agree the question and clearly what happened in. Green Bay is what usually happens. Right off largest but if Roger were healthy it's upbeat and yet and then next year would happen and yet never leave Austin and here at once you're back which is why when a guy is thirty years old and that at that kind of talent. The Belichick said Selig or answer the question and it's a good public deceived it's not happened. When he's beat writers ask about this what's going on here and talk about these is his actions fit collars and sedans figures Brothers and ask in in the foray said. Asked him of his brother say well you know I'm not really sure delete your brother's story explaining about eight as his brother lied about the cubs were they just got hot line and there's no repercussions not none. It's because of ups idiots like Alex has Padraig has after he was Colin do you think I haven't seen OK did you see somebody glossy and seeing the video I haven't seen that pop act. Like amnesty haven't seen the body can whenever I see them pop and between it was off. Did you see how we treat them what part. That there was talking about whatever that was not planned to show us to sell soda guy happens all the guidance on audio of the that was very polite very professional. Couldn't treat them with more respect that guy five minutes early it was a racist. Just if you're Michael Bennett and I asked the question out of that guy now Erica Kane was gone over that we've gone we saw that constant use in action on video. He appeared to it and we can races that Hispanic the peer to you to be racist. No not from that video but that's it was only when it was but but Michael Bennet was. Tackle what he was how. You use force to the ground. Is running from that to see you watch the video which would you. Jesus but the difference is ultimately between like bandits is like David Price prices at. But he's been kind of failure so far so people and wins Belichick went to that it literally doesn't. What the other either does not they're taking power back the players via ballot about why owners and the players did Ayers about signing up for the the contract. Mattel's yes OK but teams renege on contracts all the times are we saying wait and I'm a little bit hurt here and I want to play this injury with Huntley. So I'm gonna force my way out so so what went so could he play for the injury. Obviously I'm and so was lying some of the satellite and he was lying in the distrust or if he's contrary he says he was hurt. He sang it Donnie he's still hurt now he's Nazis doing the census is over you can play for in a search for apple it could he did what he think he wanted to play hurt for Brett Hundley and I think our hearts are hearts we gave exactly right equivalent to what's wrong way on them get ourselves and there's situation other teams get himself into a better situation and and and Kirk Franklin the fans don't care if he plays hard he's not. But let the other pitches and pitches with India and allowed six Roxio let's say goodbye Google or world supposedly cracked issued a and where do so. Is confirming he said to Africa. Do you do you think if you're that doctor Green Bay or if you saw the so you know with the idea she's a character should say it would hurt. And there are issues and the Celtics Stockton being really good right now. Nick carrier orange should abilities sale like it here and go somewhere else Nate guaranteed contracts in its defense to raise any football push reload and what why is he make a late rally in any economic benefit charity money. And nobody can beat us and that gonna come out there now so you can't yes you can and you get on that he could be cut and he. Their teens eat less money Branyan and so so yeah he's Garrity when Green Bay Packers come after that money money you gotta stop playing. He's not playing he quit on them they could come after that money and get get out if they're gonna get it fine but I saw a little better secure ID should keep them. Because he quit on the team and I'm just saying that he gotten some quit the team he lied about the doctors fused with a little leverage we have. He got there okay under situations sometimes organized it yes. So you know and there's nothing wrong players sticking up for themselves in now so they their pieces and they can quit they can lie. But that's okay because the players sometimes are being treated legislative very. Exactly so what if the Packers had a real quarterback like opera to replace act honestly I mean like reality whatever until that our outcome back 61777. Point 79% speak of called cap to Tom Brady. Weighs in on call capped Nick Brady joins us yesterday. He didn't hear Roman replay that we're doing next.