K&C - Kate Munroe, RN, with Amanda Carnes, RN, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Kate has been a pediatric oncology nurse for 17 years and has worked at the Jimmy Fund Clinic since 2001. Kate works in the infusion room n the Clinic. Her duties include drawing labs, administering chemotherapy, giving blood and platelet transfusions and IV antibiotics, laughing, crying, and singing songs from Frozen. Kate says the Jimmy Fund Clinic can be a very busy place, and what she really
tries to do each day is to make a terrible experience a little easier for her patients and families. Kate says the patients in the Jimmy Fund Clinic are “amazing and so resilient." Kate forges relationships with patients and families that are truly special. She never knows what the day will bring. It keeps her on her toes and puts her own life into perspective. When she gets home from work each night she hugs her own 3 children a little tighter. She says, "The Spring Training Red Sox trips are truly amazing. It allows the staff the chance to see the kids be regular kids; not cancer patients. They eat
junk food, stay up late, make new friends, laugh, go down water slides. It’s a great experience!"

Amanda has been an oncology nurse for over 20 years and has been with Dana-Farber in the Jimmy Fund Clinic for the past 16 years. Amanda’s grandmother and aunt were nurses, and she knew she wanted to follow in their footsteps ever since she was in 7 th grade. Amanda worked at the Hole-in- the-Wall Gang Camp for several summers throughout college, which inspired her desire to work with children and families with cancer. Amanda says that what makes Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund Clinic so special is the amazing families and staff she works with every day.


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Kate Munro and Andy card's Tony's here nurses. Over the Jimmy Fund which won its case on our cake and mourning it says here that you are famous at the Jimmy Fund if you just Witasick activists cola. Who is the best player that you've seen deal with the kids who's the best who's the worst we need to know. A minute and vote in nineteen actually know how old school I wanted to wrestle. AP don't you know have access Ellsbury was the worst was a bit more race. But Ellsberg was not he's not made mayor's race but he was not correct please. No worse. You know we have kids that are on isolation for bombing a transplant and a lot of times sometimes. Because they're in a brighter room they get past mine right and he. Made a point to say I'm gone and I'm going to really countdown to get better down on account glove side he stayed in the room I remember. Than saying him to go into the next patient and go see him he's like I'm not done. And you Kate she's. You know and we it's spring training. Leaders at main page that was great but wasn't when he comes out kids go lie. In him his infectious my and he took the time take picture and is. And it really makes a difference etiquette and who's the worst. A premium if I pass code review we're here for. Has anyone ever let you down to support me and the celebrities. And singers and X-Men laughing. It would still between yes at spring training the kids most recently won a seat Big Papi. All the time. And it's a lot of times he couldn't come out for whatever reason that this past two years ago when we reform. He came running out yeah remember that headfirst. Diving into the picture. And did opponents. And he. He regained. That's it could come back and that's excellent and I was saying frozen you guys couple whose. I don't know what it is that ours is not get the wanna sing here. Departments had months of wanted to talk to Kelly because she's famous for singing frozen saw it. Around the clinic and Jerry for two days to try to get someone to sing we didn't a couple of years ago. We might not done for years when I hope with a killer is or do something hard. And well list as we can. The clinic in how that's always something to celebrate with celebrating birthdays were celebrating who asked Shimon. Me celebrate attend weddings. Unless things. You wouldn't believe what happens and we you know try to keep that upbeat and there is always. Definitely things to celebrate amongst. A lot of you know the sadness and sure and serious things that are going on there we definitely try to use humor. Date today and commander and I have worked together side by side for many years in fact be sick next and other. In infusion and you know we sometimes stretcher likens it's not planned and but yes. We. Don't think you. Frozen must very popular personally was popular and cirrhosis that's absolutely works you know it's super heroes. Yes super heroes sir very very it Curry's query to port Euro zone. Now so we'd be shifting trying to avoid all trying to avoid the tremendous thing different sides that we weird superhero. Action ski Spiderman we flying and we did she we did. There was some cheerleading. For superior they can't think you have it then on to break and we'll. An important that we need audio out on video now now. I said if they try to make ethnic. Any big donors somebody's gonna win or just not part that's. Girls think spot he hates money doing it for free and what if that would if you're singing lead to the big. There's someone waiting out here beautiful voice this morning I ever heard a voice that would mean it was it was beautifully yes. All right I was beautiful sister I I'm very early beats them different. That's it it's funny because we'll sing our happy that he knows sign this week a will written him he is them being on the pound man is. Answering. At the end you know the kids. That they that they it's they really do I think Angel Pagan culture but real local you know in the mom might be you know tears streaming down it's sort of like that sense of relief when singing happy asking I think it's like. So real that. At what they've gone through is now coming to and then. And Shuler started. Amazing and and the tears we'll come and then I'll laugh and say look we brought them to tears with us singing and hike. It was so bad that the aircraft. What that phone call us we look at it wildcats 25000 dollar. So surprised that you. What a coincidence and they wanna hear you saying I don't Kurt what's the level. I guess I hear you so obvious that the you know kids moved in song and something of a source of price they showed white's home. I can't they probably yeah. This is a little different its own frozen course we have a current president's personal pleasure attacks on Intel how to hate us that the new kids movies we should do the Mike Mike some watches Spiderman hackable I can daughter on the easel on them. And damage our lakes you know. Katy Perry and chain smokers and you know it. Or do I think that's one of the one of the things that makes. Working in the Jimmy Fund clinic they're unique. Is sets. We meet patients where their right so. If it's a young kids that it's Alex transformers. Now we own. Must have been shifted transform. Since the east. Yeah that they ask genetic yeah it. You know it'll go away it rains gusting and then on the flip side we have our altercations that nothing. To do with send. And dancing bug and what do they want equity eighteen inches. And I plan amendment right. They want to quiet the mind blank you know. That's the thing I do agree Osi being a teenager on its don't forget being sick is brutally tough you know to change and you throw this in the mix and it's it's it's obviously unfair but it's just crazy in my hobby and how to do. You know we have a spot. Are infusion ram is is separated. Trying to keep younger kids on one side and adolescence on another and on the Red Sox are huge impact in clinic. And we have what we have named the man cave thing. This little code that has these brown leather chairs very different from your infusion charity sitting. And there's a flat screen TV. And to. Most recently to her patients they hadn't known each other they've never meant to me only sat a couple chairs away. And the Red Sox were playing so we cued up the game on the screen and town. These two teenagers. Boys sat in the man cave and had. What I remember is one of their best afternoons in clinic. While getting while getting treatment. And they weird. Just delighted to be able to not think about anything else but watch game talk sports. Fit together feeling like regular. Always you know enjoying the game together and talking for them. You got some like you love you John and we'll talk about this before. We we love most about was the highlight of your day or of your year. Well it's always have really hike question. I feel like a lot of people ask me all the time you know how do you do what you do and I just don't think that there isn't easy answer right elect I would need an hour to explain it. But. The patients' families that we deal went there they really just amazing. The fact that they can come in there every day. With this my you know. Asking maybe asks how wired Dane was our how our vacation Liasson. It that the people we work with there amazing I think that's another thing that. Makes it really easy to go to work every day. People that I where Clint whether it's the nurses I mean a lot of us have been there a long time. I wanna say maybe and fifth or sixth and seniority you know am I not been at twenty have been in the program twenty years. So I think it's a type of place you know once you come it's just. It's awesome. Do you get attached to the kids'. Toys and pat can you not what happens when you what happens when one of them loses life. You go to the funerals. Do you mean you're just at a week. Last Friday night and it's kind to him. DC. Now. But to be able to walk away ends without whom who was it for. Michael McKee. Hold seats. On thirteen thirteen. You stick for how long. Fifteen months. That was something that. When we left there Friday that. Commander and I talked about after it is that Michael. Was diagnosed. And passed away in fifteen months. And when we went says that this you know on the week to. Assists to say the scientists see as parents. You know they've been thinking asked. And I how you know I just couldn't and believes that they period. See it that way and such a quick time it just seems so unfair. That they was so thankful for the care if he had received and they wanted us to. Rates they had a box there come to know pirates and they asked that people write you know down favorite. Moment to a story. About Mike now. And I think that was that was them. Would you write to him. Well. He. You know she. At the end it's couldn't tolerate many things by mouth. This is one of the things that we do is we find out you know with what it what do you Manson what do you hope and far away. In his home. Those popsicle things that you guys have the switch pops and clinic. And we brought in all these colors and it was key united were in the room and discussing how certain color which pops can you. Make you have a reaction on your tongue or whatever and he was so. So mature. He was like no I don't talk you know what you're talking about in this color can make make you feel this way and then brain freezes and what have you but then he said you know Jones and forward is. Whose root beer and ice it's the slushy ice and so when it sane thing and by ripping useless she's for the next afternoon that he was and and on happens stopped in our freezer. And I was chatter here slushy parity in the room and he was it'll take couple bites and just see his face. This taste better than I ever could have imagined. And I never remembered and a couple weeks later he lands in the hospital and we went over to see him and check in and see how things Sergio and then he says is very thing you want to play. Like what can I bring you ski. There this group appeared split she and I said trying to write up. And Iran backed clank grabbed wit we kept the extras and a freezer. And and brought them over because you know let. He taught us about living even when he couldn't get out of the hospital last few weeks. She came to games. On. Third of two days before he passed Cusack I came here. And his mom said you know we let him sit with a friend. A few rows back. Smokey had gone into the hospital two days for that and taught him to dance but he Dan. Do in the dance in his hospital room. And then one of the players came up and met him in the bleachers because couldn't make it all the way down he's got a little short of breath and they had a picture of this player's face just inches for instance. And she said he was happy gain we sat 101520. Rows behind him. He got up he went and got a soda and hot dogs any state to the fifth inning. And that he Texas mom and dad says it's time ago. They called me wheelchair and and for them. For him to get a pass from the hospital so it comes to Fenway Park. And two days before he died. They're gonna hold on to that and I hope that people know just how much the players spend some time. The Red Sox organization. Fenway Park means studies can. That's Michael McHugh. From where we're from media from. The team. Seems like a lot of the kids he's saying mature. Beyond their years I don't know that's a result of treatment but. We talk about miles Goldberg the same way same age. And that was that was older because you're smarter and we hear more observance to. It is they get old fast. For goodness that doctor suggestion for you which one it's not a good thing you know but that's just. In addition to do it right. Great I mean I definitely think that especially for some of these like preteen young adults I think. What's important to most of the kids that are there aids. What's high on the priority list is just you know different I think that it puts a lot of things into perspective for them. Quick fact I think they they learned that they realize that much quicker than their peers you know what's really important. Family friends. Time doing things you like being surrounded by people that you love. I think they learned that quicker. Forced. To witness. Well Amanda and Kate thank you very much and we can send an I agents and producers I will try to what he's working on her ex im doing something for that I try to hit I don't know what you trying to. Race he's. What is wrong and. Here come on come on again you're the Paula organism mature yes break a donation. For his own news. The clients when you got it yeah. The lead and end all you. Plan. But here. Still won't want to. Okay. Okay. My head. Kissing and group. And bothered me anyway. I hope. That this disease that's just the fever there's about what could solve. This all day. They base thanks so much less obviously next year campaign tonight.