K&C - Keefe and Holley get all the answers from Belichick; Kirk says Belichick wanted to keep Garoppolo 11-7-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 7th

Hour 1 -  Keefe and Holley get Belichick to open up about the Jimmy Garoppolo trade.  Kirk believes that Belichick always intended on keeping Garoppolo.


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Skirt. So Alex welcome congratulations. Payless congratulations on top post congratulations coach burns of the drill can be. Some analysts regulations let go rat and Robert in the race. So run. That's not. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com it's tour committee yeah. Hasn't caught on range active coaches get ready total lack of humanity green yesterday when it in my nine. What she did on the I'm a happy ending kind of guys like that in the next day I thank you for your service thank you for entertainment. I was lifting a dramatic survivor which appreciate and goes off and glory cardinals sessions. Great luck to you and Gerry Callahan. Well Alex. Works with palm and and pumps absolutely and that's really about the and eat eat all the I mean as usual I think a lot of the comments that were in the article you referred to are attributed anybody ran opinion about I'm not sure exactly was very. Got my mind that this. The hell out of a guy like Bill Belichick is a a lot of fake news here part time massage therapist mock me on Sports Radio WEEI. I did you guys to explain to me today here show's stars couple of things actually Tomas he's here Jerry's alongside him. There Chris heard the number one weekend show called to respect John W we have the numbers no just. So he's added that he doesn't care I mean how impressed realize. Very fast and Egypt for hours on cars lenient sentence. For all that is that pretty well known and unknown in fairness we did fifteen minutes on science is a good guy hurt him. I was electrified stuff the people coming. But between a lot to save me coming in the disk and Alex they wondered two things yes we and while waiting demo of a big window as army got there that's accurate Q. It's sort. I've taken much sports yeah well obviously that now I would rip would you. Well then. Used not I was not impressed that put him in noninterest. Anyway of the adage you get as and number number one week to show you know let's say and you'll get talkers in the I think frankly I think we are now back and we we've been eclipsed where the tips yeah overshadowed yes that's the way it is it's what happens in guys come along these young guns yet. And it was the only our show under the one thing that really got me way back came back. Yet when Curtis came and nerves of steel a yard we already have a lot of ups guy he had it was like John wick walking into it I like this or any of plots and evil plot to can now can or get canned dog and flat tires on the way ends next yes Curtis has to go solo shot himself in the process and our Memphis. That you can we'll. Ask him for did you tell him to do that. They're eager to get that done OK Axl I mean they got a comedy that that be great unbelievable could you have reckless I would die it's by yourself. Do what you call a slightly too little much outrage right to know is what's going on. With Guerrero Belichick. There is obviously. Dubai going. It's your money imitations but that's good and I think the longer and better and he's big for phone calls what we're calling. Right Richard what do you when we do and we get calls suit your calls hopefully that would be confusing and write notes outline of the bad habit reached have a plan do you have somebody else that would somehow. Stay in the office. I have to go for twenty minutes he would that. Are so. We talked to Brady yesterday my she's very critical of it be before the show we can get ripped the settlers I was thrown bombs that Arctic. And I heard as you did is that we all the Belichick interview with Keefe and now all natural ridiculous we're details hockey hockey duty so be. Martina most. Successful coach in the history of American sport perhaps. Any sport it's never been more popular close to more popular. Is all of them once a week and dale Lieberman's prediction yes okay once you should take that approach your boss to you know allowed that arrangement. While in my windows previous to the spot was. Once I think he's from Boardman. I would amendments EG if Kevin scoffed shall I thought it went above and below that level I'd imagine we'll address public basic assembly jailed since much I do believe in this place I missed when he easily mistake them. Could be like you know dealer Kirk asleep in the concurred show I just wouldn't be right that that's that's almost impossible Mac guy immigrants don't make bush Simon's Garfunkel. If there article often solo careers who can is Simon he knows about two feet taller and Curtis is our partly as a voice like no air. This study idea being that Curtis would just disappear into obscurity like today when Garnett right keys in person be in your injuries yet and Ken would be George Michael right. Right for your -- exaggerated reaction and I think you've covered every possible listener with just those two weeks I try sales and there was Aristotle than you would be somebody you know the only penalty out there that wasn't there was just Keefe and hall and the coach yes what I thought was awfully chatty yesterday and I thought he was willing to address the most important topic it out of practice. A non up at a price later on matters several options on Gil Brandt note the rock toss won the last place in the first half of the Kansas City game no conceivably. That could be Bill Belichick challenge what we are left to deal with whom Belichick who says bird that is to read between the lines that's where OC and its roadways and for years when he was on the occasion did you bring this in between the lines version utter nonsense course he says nothing. 90% of the time he says it with a vengeance he does not. Want to indulge you to entertain you. He just wants to get pro now but I this case Ali Keefe credit they did what every good interview she did this year as 1516 questions before they got to be used pinstripes Marshall why they didn't just get into it because it's not. Really offensive to billion not attacking billionaire questioned bill I think he may never know who got. We don't know he might have shot it down but so what he shuts she's now. IQ that's the other B guy who's been around you know no answer to this question you know the answer it's just a matter of how long has the rights advocates say oh yes two gigs he can read taxi gets two good football question. That's what that can't be at two and the Oscar grant now he must stop well I don't hear that. Asking keel Franken bright Abbott who would it they wouldn't address that arsenal's. Architect of Kelly's been around him for the whole time he's been currently seventeen year twenty years yeah. And brings a lot of books for them. What about Bryant. Makes him a hall of Famer in your Jesus that is appealing to nobody in your audience it's better off saying Belichick like you know. Talk about the forget talking about Nantucket and talk with a piece of gum you stepped over you know in the parking lot it's more about launch I was not one inch. Now but once they were done with that bad then worthless. And nonsense. They connect to the question that mattered and Belichick I think. Wanted to address there's no doubt in the first poster to the first career question you can tell. You know with Belichick's calm I was sounds conversation we want to talk about Guerrero he. He's right as ago and he knows the reversal on the cover of sports direct Mina he's been magazine won one guy in a little brother for sure Belichick I don't. I'm I'm not sure regret that but all out alliance. But he knows that just to Britain in whatever it doesn't matter he knew the point unlike. Bring you you do think branch of fame. And I love Gil Brandt seemed like a wonderful guy and I cannot fully be found some walls Ingraham and immunities to me as weird. It was just like football Mohamed after a Q will get that import stuff from Gil Brandt in the last play of the first half of the Kansas City game. Usually the game has turned but Michael and rich. Did get into the ESPN's story about. Brady bradys were called dangerous game. Of force those projects mostly forcing Belichick's hand forcing essentially Belichick the trade grapple and he got to that. With those guys you played him before play this will play as answer once second. You just can't got wrong like five years now British and look younger than he does now is gonna look like today even it's it looks like Brady at sixty that picture. We're Reyes look like Chris Cooper and American view Brady is not not look like Britney is going to bomb. Have some work done whose capital. I ideas but he's gonna leave Kenya like he's gonna have driver I do it right well. What Kenny Rogers is bothers you pretty is it looks so good doesn't that you do we really don't care how you wish she looks so I really don't month alone would amount of stalking him. And then not apartments and that's he's going to look like in the copper added that the cup. The cover says so I was gonna look at five years would really looks like how we will look in a normal person of the twelve season and he's gonna look like me you could Brady's had plastic surgery. Now a light don't you do it if he just got that shot instincts like meltdown I don't know I've no doubt looks like he has no doubt. Non why he's married was in the plastic surgery at designated. As of house of it as a married man and classic it's just and necessary rate you'd be really Bain. This early. If you look like him I mean like anything has its did you begin a car accident why did you have the restoration you know and the restoration is one. Yes somebody else you're married yes yes yes why is that why I was always a flawed and he's not. He's perfect purge gas exports anyway it was to stop side tracking that's. We look at print as a whole I. And you're tired by the Portland. Some. Kansas City in terms to situations that. It. I I'd like. Michael hall and like you you pay him we ripped him on the phone for twenty minutes that would please read this interview. Yes OK I didn't call them bad Christian that was you initiative I did not hold back Russian secret I didn't column a bad father that was you. What I have no and I don't think he's I don't know it is terrible fathers. If I get this right let's lousy right. I never said that either right but. This Drew Peterson talk shows I did that was my line rate it do you think he's dumb yet. I don't. Cable on the question. Okay and do your job I think all what I would help Brunette beauty is Smart takes is. One guy announcement in what makes you think that it acts as a commodity play in the first half OK three can't syndicate we just played it. I got out of Kennedy answered you stop playing cuts stopped playing cuts please stop to sidetrack me distracting me here we go let's get to Belichick wants. To talk about the experience to I agree wants dogma Guerrero. He even wants to provoke a rock oh. Which at that was kind of just get yours SM. They mentioned Gil Brandt. Guys who owns what is old. Jerry god what what about Brad. They tomorrow as we go about what about you mock Dino he bent grass that you know debris it is well that's beside the point. No I also is I've just. May offer a slight defense from Michael Holland which. We can mock that they be interviewing Belichick every week is no no prize right we secured and are always it is always the it's around waiting to get punched in the face and that's true but the government that came before the Guerrero weird if I was still at the producers had made they had some sent plane is it gonna wait awhile but. I don't I was in the Carlson to a page every week August Wilson to Marshall was in the news I do to you said is extortion. And why now and I don't think he does Eva Stewart god and he's books but yeah I mean that's fine but but but it sure is Belichick calls the ESPN story fake news you know. He wants to or is willing to discuss it and not just discuss rent it. This was going to be this could have been good I want to go back and revisit next week. After everybody reads the story did you read the story John which are what your fabulous salaries took like aboard a conference the second set Swedish ice ago shifts. You can come on to block us all on Twitter to limit she is at all. Yes I actually at the beginning that story sucked out of a hero that's time that's got Tom -- notre says that are bringing Tom juvenile I just the right it's fair catch he can catch time but can he can't he can't run a story to us and hold on 12 in fairness to the afternoon guys if you guys had Belichick on every week. We were that we would suck you could talk show. And hammer him right out of eagle double what I'm saying as you can hammering him with your questions right out of negate. That the stuff that everyone wants to get to in the interview would last ninety seconds I would BO a good. It's hard and all the time it's hard he does not want that you letter about and as you guys that he sounded like he wanted to now maybe there should have been some follow up because it out later he comes in with the mood moment the other when they want to eat you could tell he won it's it's needed to do you didn't wreck they were you surprised is he called the experience or fake news. That that was on that that's almost two different it is it's free geology from his book and almost admitting it exists you know violence to up later. Yes let's go. We've talked a lot about you know how many padded practices you guys whether or try to does not the other. They get into the store because the C your question Larry on nfl.com I don't relish and calling Gil Brandt deserves to be solved by the criticizing rich honesty did you talk to Belichick that's a question you asked. So Belichick it's a good question. Practices right ringing Wren done it I understand that that's why anybody hey hey if you're lucky. Good question it should question she said that I think holly either it's all a bit about the trade there are gonna walk up to it's it's it's a good but here's what is that thing he asked about the the story says that Belichick and Guerrero hitting or on a collision course yes I did present real issue here and by the way it is a real issue as a result between Belichick and Brady. Now we we I aspirin but he has to you know about his relationship of Belichick that was a little on the the answer. Was a little. You have some of the book plus right as though I thought I get confused just look at a breakfast would cube and frank our program. I think it's a good question as when he responded Milosevic there documentary. Joan I don't even though Rick Fuller is so I would never asked that. The picture ratings somewhere side wrestler. It was he could care Baghdad all he's the champion winner journalist and champion Andy here secret guy is a hero. A room. Geez don't road Wednesday. I'm sorry very that's true this is for Harry he's five or 2012. I didn't know that was with whom to whom the ESP and was gearing their programming these days to you guys year old Josie Harris this razor blade and the cuts and so from the it's that it's unbelievable to gush like nobody. Aren't and long enough of this stop joking around so this optical to real radio to bell a coach is on the rich and Mike in the afternoons dale. Cruise along down on 95 in the garden. And asked Belichick finally about. Alex career. Now a lot is up and written about Tom Brady of course this year he's he's a four year old quarterback and put enough some pretty incredible numbers. And would that story comes that the TB twelve method that is apart of and and his guy Alex Guerrero. I'm curious what's your relationship like with out Guerrero. Well Alex that works with Tom and in Thomson facility in the and that's really about the end of the so. With a player goes up there for a second opinion or treatment or whatever then that's. It's fun no different than anyone to his own chiropractor or massage their those store. Whatever happens to be so. If you you know out of town interaction when them. But no Mikey he's not on our staff. In our staff and our training staff or. Nutrition staff or equipment staff. None of those are role. Contain the patriots you know Alex and and his staff at TB twelve on. You know palms Roland TV twelve that's that's gonna separate business. That is part of the thing to riches refer to a lengthy story and ESPN magazine on Brady imagine your relationship with Brady. Talked about some tension at times. How would you characterize your relationship with Tom. Do it consistent on that note Tom at least illicitly analysts. Six seniors. And would you say with players that are. And it must be a balancing act and the guy who don't have any players who as you said you've been around for year after year after years been. Some of the positions have turned over to 34 times over. With a player who who you've known that long but around that long do you have to take special steps to. Not get as close because you know the rest of the team might stabilize it closer. Brady on the you know how about me you'll about this guys it is a balancing act for you for a guy who's been around a long way Brady hands. But a woman in the and I feel like come in a responsible players and so on trying to. Coat the players' coach a team the best that I can and cannot really sure exactly what you know. There's a specific question here and and as usual I think a lot of the comments that we're and there are clear firm to her and attributed part attributed anybody. If I'm not mistaken I don't think anybody set anything's assistant general you know random opinion about I'm not sure exactly what. So. Would like to actually talk about somebody. As an informed opinion about something that's one thing. And other laws just talking about a lot of fake news here about this but now things that are on the turtle as usual civilian a lot of them. Another good relationship with numbers you use. Relationship with the infamous sixteen your. Now and if I may be critical here for a moment in the if with the interview in that point meet personally and dot those among the greatest interviewer vault him. I would have said to Belichick there because I read the story. I would have said public this quote here in the C dispensary where it says if you know her as a collision course between you two you could tell. Belichick at this point is clearly saying basically saying that saying. Ask me again about this he is in store I want to repeat SP. Yes we're about out of them the same would have tried to get him to of criticizing SP and again say fake news game that was my take away. That was that was different from calling this fake things as usual he says in other words this happens to me to us all the time was they also take about. I assume the lights you'd like Steve could you optimism it's fake right and you don't and I mean that's the best of his art you get the sense that they did. Belichick and Guerrero get along at all just from that answer now of course you know Breivik and pray I'm like why is Ottawa yesterday by the way Guerrero has criticized the training staff the training staff and I assume. Belichick would have their back he should assume he respects and likes them there probably is chosen guys right. She think he wants some outsiders some literally some. Some snake oil salesman. Criticizing his guys you're telling me. Course not and on the flip side we shall we notes from these interviews every Monday that if there is one. Topic that Brady will circle the wagons over its career yes. Eric Eric Keith I give rich credit for this I heard say with Mike. Last night. I believe this that if you bring -- to choose right now between Belichick and Guerrero hit definitely choose Darryl Harris to hell yeah but there's not but he thinks career is more valuable to him now and Bill Belichick is Guerrero is gonna help them for the rest of his life this is turning out telecheck is only good for another year and you said the next two years taker and I don't question I think Belichick's praise. -- Iraq pose very telling as well absolutely he loved to Europe low he did not know reluctant Belichick wanted to trade Tom Brady keep Jimmy grapple I am and 3000%. Convinced of that now and no doubt in my mind that I would have asked me he explained to grapple thing. And I think rich or Mike asked you know boat. The spring about April or march when he could've been true stories for a more. And he says there was no interest in the trade on our part good job by the guys in this one at the end they rallying asked about this play the sound. Not let the currency question again was good but it's not an expert inspiring you are what we know you have that has happened. When he allows you producing by you went but when he's talks of a drop below. The only question you have is what changed young players like march to a poll are two whenever the trade marked over. Alan what changed only that obedience of the Belichick gave. The start of the press governments went after treated problem he talked to a player. It went in which I've never heard talk about an active player he's ever. Oh especially after moving on from primary we'd do it doesn't always retired players like LaMarcus bar maybe like after twenty years I mean your temperature right whether it's Troy Browner for him papers here and here he is so the guy's a good job it's toward the end of the interview they asked him about. About your book problem again. Let me ask you above. Jimmy drop below is traded. Last week. There are trade rumors about him April. Who knows first round pick second round pick. Straight at last week you get the sense that the market for Jimmy in. October was the same. As the market was for Jimmy in April. It's tough question. I don't know I don't know I don't know I mean there was really it there was no market to trade him in April. Aren't. Really care what the offer one hazard do those tunnels I don't know with the offers were one of them. That is decreased use will play the rest of the that's the crazy is the answer of ever dollar that's the most biased by that crazy if you had no intentions trading in my would you even in this context so what's so big football. Wedge to eight weeks later in Seattle well I think I mean that's the question let's say anxious shall at no follow up what's the difference now but here's the thing. An Chester said it's so. If you were offered 31 round picks coach. You wouldn't have made the deal right Belichick if they asked that we use and it's ridiculous. Oh what if you get the package that they get for Robert Griffin I mean there was some guys who've been traded for a lot shore what do you get tech and offer. In March or viewers said no according Belichick yet a guy. Coming off a great year could've easily been MVP had a great Super Bowl won the MVP of that. It was going to be your starter. No doubt about it in Belichick's back up with a ended the year have to be franchised it never crossed their mind once you have offseason to consider taking Tai here's what it can't trust him and of course and they decide to police it. They decided tomorrow that never but according credits and he never considered well I mean they considered privately but they never took put the spot is what is it more what's the difference but it is never never -- that never crossed him of course it crossed his mind just that there is no markets have dated and entertain a market and market know market and they are tea off of those parties not -- -- -- meaning they didn't want which is why Adam ships that they won't trade for 41 -- because that's what he was told by Belichick or somebody that we are not entertaining offers more change so the question is what's the difference now from then why didn't you entertain offers you had Brady I don't like because Brady is playing great. Belichick had one last chance he said is anyone surprised by that no not even Belichick Belichick I think honestly believe this idea speedster I think people around Belichick. Who said he won a chance to coach Rob Lowe and when he supported different quarterback I think you sick of Guerrero and he knows he says it resets would bring. There's a your your operation he doesn't believe the Brady still doing some decision makes no sense. He certainly give as much time as I can he said he weighs on that could. He did Brady was still railway designs could well the whole thing we'll abide by that that tells me that there's more to it than simply Brady was planned well for apple was bitching somewhat. Now Irina big was that I think it was I'd go I buy the whole ownership theory that they made it clear that we are due to moving on from tiger a 100%. I think guys maybe I maybe they took another step not only arena moving up for Tom we are not paying two quarterbacks. Somebody else can we also believe Glazer story and that's about I don't buy that story all the could be called Belichick laughed that John what have you offered any real offer for Tom Brady. If you call to hate on it to be I wanna I want Tom Brady. Bill Belichick which is flattening of the file it's in woody woody offered now they would know it would mama. Because you don't if you want back getting out the patriots entertain and offer on Tom Brady is Belichick was August of this historic masters yeah but the second thing you allow that conversation happened you risk that you gotta talk and if you try. Tonight you can you can talk to when you don't take as good militia dimension to have a real conversation about that say when you're talking Glazer when you guys to sail and I just he could do that tonight but but why is all story go to that many teams of called the Bo Brady we talk about it all the time now I don't think you'll get anyone's ever show to catch on here aren't you already have hello I'm Ryan no one of these in Cleveland Boston I'm sure Gil Brandt push the count that's true I think that's why is fame if if if the forty is it offered that same pick. For Brady. This I second for forty year old quarterback notes and you think politics trade and Brady logically aren't exactly around I think it considerate early probably when I know you are wrong here is never ever trading benighted absolutely edit a spot not even if they had no chance we'll be the first guy sports you can do they would do if you're like we have the guts there would be not pilgrim. If you are Sunnis get the guts to do with food none nobody welcome all its labels any candidates because there's there's there's sixers to their head into another AFC title game agreed and of this quarterback U this way the season probably wouldn't. He is either grew up blows can say Brady leads in the twelve for thirteen for you than Barbara apple would do that well before maybe now. 61 we'll see how we does with a 90 let's affair. It seemed as it is and I that's not really great comparison well Toronto amid eleven colossal force crop of course you can ask and teams are vast on why that so newsworthy but of course Belichick and entertainment trade for what should Yahoo! shrewd trades the MVP in the middle of a season and nobody. No matter what is. It person. Good person that's a thing that jumps out to me as Allah willing he has been to talk about why he loves line Broncos were apple you wanna want I don't probably wanted to win and he knew girl blows cable winning in the NFL and he knows who you mean you might not get a quarterback like that again he might or might not. Weekly. At least that we strike the might from that I mean how many backup quarterbacks have they cycled through in the last seventeen years and how many of them have potentially been good short one drop below that's the all right so yeah I mean how many Ryan good talent here on android and SM and they are. Let's look we're gonna do this in picture again of two picks pretty much back to back almost right in the adamant that public and use one quarterback gets it's been an underdog is going to be like five quarterbacks gone by that price if they want to quarterback the next quarterback they're gonna have to trade up or are gonna do that. Than an arc and all I wanted to make it to him and that I might stink. You might I mean that's the thing that's settled law of the grapple fight is we always have with a Belichick thought this was the guy in Belichick clearly thought. This was the guy in his mind weighs on you think he thinks there's no other guys that it's carollo nobody we have so so if he got a lawyer. He asked him to get graded for the twelve pick which certainly could've done all agree. He could've got the next guy in March and we could get the next guy integrated or maybe you'd like to shop wants while he could've got someone help him meet and I would stick. Of course maybe not all stated but pretty doesn't think that he saw Barack every single day that he didn't have a choice surrogate. I was didn't do it Kirk you have to draw franchises in the year what could we don't know. So you think they're gonna he says this all the time of the trade Brady etiquette they're not trading I think they could have franchise some gets both kept both just figure out you figure out this hour fifty million dollars for your quarterback yes is it reasonable yes if you think Jimmy right below and the guy who's gonna play for ten years after right years ago and one. An and by the way you have to decide. This year because. You've you've but if you're in the you have to franchise would trade him and I guess you'd get a third or fourth. You'd get the exact same attorney you kidding me they they did this at Matt Cassel made it out a second round Schechter said that Kingston and -- the second round now why not SaaS solution could he be under I don't think you would do this matter eight except Cisco gets the easy games were for very little money to have to take a look yet and united employ terrorist attack here like around that time here sincere that's worth anything we have two teams best patterns are still get a second round pick who can't get more and assess whatever it deplorable we also want to get a first round pick and they did you see a third round pick secretly easier around I'm I'm agreed it's not that big difference. The could be you get less but not that much less I just don't know what I want now that's the question what change. What changed. And I will promise you that they're getting minimum purse strap. What she's changed between swallow Keller is never wrong he was so wrong about those fraud that title because Ron he wasn't on time. Can't Wear what changed. Yeah I mean it's nothing that's why I can't like Wesley going to be or I don't think clearly something that's that ultimately the question for Belichick and and often quite follow up on that are not the question is what changed. They didn't ask that question it's it's a good question maybe get that next week maybe we'll get it tomorrow or today when he does oppressed what's your theory. My theory is. That he decided. The the franchising and trading. Didn't make sense or didn't wanna wait didn't wanna do it that way he decided Brady was gonna stay healthy. I know why you'd outside so I he made and I think he thought he was a weird weird way he was hoping the Brady would slip enough just a little bit enough repeated. Not rationalize keeping her up well if it's still break he's not taking Brady's job bullish thing Brady was short break into the next three months of pretty slipped this year problems jump in here on the two now sure it was slipped how much a 10% fifteen pages one of the best Morton national previously definitely we want. 10% not enough he healed and legal caption Brady would have to be hurt that's the only way that's exactly which in effect it out and asked if that happens now Belichick looks like a fool. Brian Georgia quarterback went according to doesn't matter of grappled starts or not they can't win this year though for your right. That win more with or upload them whatsoever Wells Fargo ten and six that make the playoffs for sure way to go 500 grappled yeah four whore or maybe eleven to five I don't know I don't know why we don't fine line. As a twelve and four I think right who's going to be great quarterback twelve look forward Brady what do you think to go grapple I defeated twelve for the go this year so would make no difference audio post season make a difference sure OK you can win a suitable Tom Brady you probably don't grumble probably not before. Yeah but that's not a reason betrayed Bobby Bobby get there yet lets everybody gets very its neighbor listener and you're trying to finish out the year why a lot of usually play when an issue could win next why did they wait eight games as his -- greater equity by craft the areas that ownership made it clear that they were not moving on from gradient till Brady said he was on. And may be there and this is just theorizing but maybe they also said. We are not and 59 for two quarterbacks. And I though well knows and understands. That this is solid but Belichick who pay fifty million no pre quarterbacks literally millions freight for position you know you hope doesn't that gap and it's a ten year investment island and I have to do twice grapples welcome agreeable contract is you have to do it twice we didn't know that at the time. That you couldn't figure out a two year deal of its deal I'll stop that bridge deal cut the hotline that's the dumbest the only allies nervous about it tees you gonna get a twenty sexual kid wants to play desperately can't wait to play who sees all these rookies who sees 20%. Starting. He's a scotus and has has played in forty years is the patriots are slightly different situation as mania has made it yet still happy ones take knowing the court know it is it's the same toxic if two years yeah but that's how it's been all along and I does that add that he was that are buffalo was the next guy right. Do you see a happy Europe lowest ago. And the best team won the Jennings and listened to all of you you end up being right you're right about where to play but at that time that's how I felt about it the time and it seemed to smile awesome to smuggling Arafat were to say a two year bridge deal. You only won. By at exactly audio Dubai tennis on clay invite you know idea that Belichick might wings he brings slip. I guess so sure it's a must have felt the grass at Exide makes but it that's his voice that sent meg still has saved games in this year's still add value I would attempted just that writers still worried about that. And the fact is if he why has no agency. You get 13 round pick for us please what Francisco might let him do WW that he knows he is of them. Dvd WW GB. It's overkill on this trip to the Arctic always ask yourself in the situation right six 77797937. Relax and unload enough of what the hell my my front perks to the clock he just doesn't want my help. Which means you heard me. When we get back I heard you that don't know how he shows me the clock is abortion that was here. The most terrible show either reminded to mossy gazprom's OPEC's history doesn't just and Red Sox had excellent show Tomas is only one who dared criticize his writing this why was let's say I'm here with Candace by the ratings are higher now than on the show it was you went to mossy today somebody else you've talked in court let's talk more now we don't know if she would have been no I don't be doing everybody's on carrier I don't even how to coordinate Wii video. Would be greatly savings rate. Yeah great in November. Yeah what else. I would bet that you don't have more hours ago when Ali we have been we're up against a lot of dig into timber at your music on breaking down house course manager of philosophy. Like to go through that I. You know it really really liked when he gave the Puerto Rican flag today from Brunswick you know that was pretty got a nice touch crushing a short throw and yes he he's gonna where people Wear leopard coat I like Alec it's like that seem rather forced and contrived and sick leave. Do you to Muncie he has pride in his homeland defense is horrible as part of America on this week I didn't like you guys export its enemy for him Ferrell and can review the grueling. They lose of course in the of them and of course he's got a lot of regrets author. Writers keep gradually. Four congratulation mostly TV it was an. We have a collider to open right let's look police six well 7797937. People hear what it. Becky addresses. Sports Radio WB. And we can you see right now Sports Radio WEEI. Thought a lot of. You know how many padded practices you guys have Weathers are trying to campers are the very issue and how about a certainly changed the image and Gil Brandt now he's been called things these guys still going to 84 years old. A legendary guys. What what about Brett I almost by Kansas City into two situation that is wonder Hinson yesterday had a in the to have dallas' is playing it. And we know everyone knows you like Chris young and he could to what either left or center correct. Oh yeah. But that's the that I guess. All of that first question on the people who player it's a good question that actually what is that how. How does that relate to the states and asking me I don't I was we think about is there estimate Kansas City game Knuble the patriots. They play in the first half of the game in which the chiefs lost I would say ever parity and the relevance of that I would say I don't like the relevance of Christians may explain the connective tissue please do okay and I would say was both those questions were people just asking questions just not a true you're scared so I do Katyusha would ask her to go on team and curt does not quite an analyst frank Graham from a I. Details to browse the trees out there in like baseball at all hates baseball and baseball when baseball guy like you too mossy. I you know Chris williams' role tonight and into American League MVP. I'm 1982. American League MVP Arctic National League and the American. Robin yeah I was wondering assessment nationally has to be that your for the group group. Willie McGee goes Smith Franklin. Fred Leighton now else chip yours. Are silently accepted Steve that I haven't gotten out correct or get a second National League. And committed team. Race the Hummer via went yeah steady through the tree. I don't know every morning for an organism on you like baseball and I think it matters what Chris young's role story. I think it matters gasket that Al our course Al score could speak Spanish papers have him for Myers next year. Who I'll score. I don't would've sent for an audience defended him yesterday with a beautiful big big public gave the flag to dry runs in terms should present something yes we should we wanted to present for them I'd given Massachusetts flagship corridors of just to give you thank you for what you got it. What are they doing this and I have a spare ante for flag. I mean I escort ones and another ownership and Henry probably has one flying hi I'm rich white guys get together and give ago record attempt. To think. Gave him a chance yeah that's it exactly started as a busboy in the kitchen why did you he's managed because he speaks I think I don't like him I don't know I'm no. No I don't like them because everybody likes him I don't like. All the guys like him he's like fake he's taking night Brad validates them all its its debts and it has a brat on the terms of course being on the show. Twelve hopeful. Hopefully all of I can't believe Lou boycotted yes that he hates and so much luggage on the job of that what happened that's my understanding. Was that about bush do you bench coach. That's integrate it well we would get the Comcast really for the Red Sox home opener this sort of hear the pictures there that would analysts at the Celtics when we get their share all the good morning. Appreciate it yeah assaults and he's tests. Rod in this whole show off the rails and we loaded the Monte these people have called the series. We are genuinely dump on the beyond some may have a good here you don't have a good thing I didn't who you are pretending you're good they're good luck to you like that about you could fake it with the best Belichick not not taking it all I know I IQ what percent of saying well anyway rates. I just have to answer any settlement saying it since grapple played great Brady's not like oracle we know it's a grapple is gone. Belichick is sick of Guerrero. He wants to win with a Palm Pre that is what every single project that sticks it is great coach and his chance of doing that just went down expert and jet went down on almost and only if Brian or you can win and I don't think he interface feel intimate fields are gonna wean us like like Brady and you know what GB when one of them probably with a one typical. A disappointing deal was a graph from the second round. Groomed him for three and a half years. When he plays he'd look like pretty look like he'd learned five reporters crazy he looked excellent quick release Smart great decisions. They treated percent compared delegate essentially like Tenet talks yes they moved up a few spots that's that's that's very all of that by any definition if you don't think that trades a disappointment. You are a stooge in my totally. I totally disagree Gregg I agree to graduation to grapple yes congratulations he's gonna play this week while I think differences go to jail play this week the Bedford get hurt and an early in his head and on but he's been look at that gives Shanahan excuse to play him even though city might not play at all. Bedford was just decapitated. In that game. And the plan giants of the game is all set up for grapple with stepped in saved the day and win their first came in a moment I'd like nowhere to understand violated they traded for drop below they're not gonna play Nadal and then their adrenaline and then I'll let somewhat better make a lot of putts probably about I mean that do you think that that chant his interest income. And Kirk cousins is a over no no more. That it is still I think he's still interest that if you grow at a place Stanley's pleasure it is urgent need to route below seed and a leader and resin sales and you got lots of picks and lots of money and he might love we think he loves cousins. May be cousins though she wants Acropolis kudos note these right now about those goodies stand club chronology things habits are. Acoustic is coast Kirk's theory is Belichick he's Brady no I don't yeah that's true yet assessment here. That's very Michaels in Brooklyn hey Mike what's going on. Looked up boy's arm okay so when grumble that drought to do resort and obviously there's so little you know down. Kick in birdies were all that you will all contract and age of all that. And they've been grooming garage or to kick off pretty whatever that happens that he you know started pollute. I think that in. During the draft they didn't agitated he plans because Brady was going to be court. No quarterback has ever been so old pretty much after the age of forty. So they assume that they were gonna get down to I you know a serious are sick this year. Which meant that they could make Iraq or the franchise and even if he was about a couple Juan Pierre and then he would you know. Michael why do you think they waited six months to trade him they could put him in March while the week I know he's laid up because he's waiting he's waiting a secret club. That that makes cents. They were waiting for the decline and they really really really thought that this was he that they were gonna see it. Because they could get rid of. I knew who thought. You'd think that John go don't check so they have to drop below 1271. Days ago as of the tree okay. Or shall not done talking changed I was at that point debates like that without reason to make Glenn Beck monologue here. At the time. Belichick talked about Brady's age you know observations let's just say it was a false flag operation that is three years later so he's still waiting you reference the go right apple press conference. The Brady is thirty years so yes Bill Belichick who who's been around football long time almost 1015 years look at it said it's up. Brady's not gonna be as good as he's been what's amazing the league. Cust makes him the league we thought coveted grow up what we thought Houston would give up some more quickly moved to the twelfth pick in the draft. We now cease their Cisco gives an early second rounder. They've seen him play five and a half quarters and and and the reason he only played that much to get hurt. Belichick has convinced the world to grapple is the next star believes that he believes it about maybe just imagine if he did he doesn't he just folder. Politically but he doesn't anyone have traded him and Nazis and in this idea by the way that he will give Tommy games to see if he declines and if he doesn't move on from Jimmy. Then that's stupid because you would have absolutely entertain offers for him before the season. I relied openers there's once said now 617779. Which has to the clock stupid 793 says it we have one. Plus Illinois just clicked that just was remote control Mike has gone forward in my life of my life will be on your own Erica went like Michael Leland you don't like. Mike from Brooklyn I don't put what was my role archives I don't know. Couldn't this you do when you're reading my little things of course you'd like reading the things I'm not reading and anything why do you like I did you just did you he was turkeys you got to read between them we really is we want that all lines of full and no one was stuck molecule Bret I want to Republican in the white hope what makes more hall of Famer. On the years. I think suction I had a pretty significant. Emotion Gil Brandt we have a wide open 617779. 79372. Britain join the single file to pick through outscored manager of flaws be deported back and good stories should read it. Your real and it you really good story. That allows a course or added Redick chorus yeah I just lied lied to Michigan today I lied lied and now dismissed after dinner that. I was preparing for a show so when Charles electric hybrid and I were impossible core I think news. I can explain that says Britain tweet. Out fair enough. And now we can't we'll get to the once you wilds too mossy comes round this morning. Does read run fair story now we don't pay attention I didn't see it now hey it wasn't on your pre show list last night's tweeted about it was an incredible score on the road Farrow is the best. I only get to this for him here forced on this idiot. Blah giving them free pass. Pilots and air force the federal government is to blame you wanna blame somebody blame the federal government not the ones who wanna thank someone thank AA barefoot NRA and struck out here. Don't care what was apparently. It goes in and our instructor okay who took him out yes he is saying that he draws support theater. No I want this point without I Sudan remain let us actually organs there. Thank god what do you think you don't thank god that the guys in the NRA guy and when I heard I was like I don't wanna see you know people RD gunned down at that point man so feared killed and you want and neverland here guys ready to go to break if you kill another 25304050. That's OK no big deal again definitely am happy about it and that is well and go through this should be she'll raise that people crazy crazy room affair story. This the wildest ones story yet maybe I would say it five it's hard it's not easy reads the tail it's. It's a victory Zia. Comprehensive. We will pick the best for you but Ronan Farrow is an amazing reporter you have silencing the day that it's ace like that. But fortunately Weinsteins we just like you guys are about children in this fat. Who. Guy from Weinstein finally wobbles in the prison we can thank two people above all else. Wrong Farrow and Rose McGowan on those two should be. Right there with felt onstage with the NRA guy when they get on the courage award this summer are right back. He said we have staff. Alex is not part of it he does his own thing if that guy. Is making it known to this report direct comments that Belichick Brady enrolled in the race that hey it's your fault if George training staff's fault that my guy got hurt. There is no doubt in my mind that pisses the hell out of book a guy like Bill Belichick he's a football guy he's that great. Couple of times recently he sees Guerrero as Kosmas odds if what it's cracked up her emotions like us he's right. If found she said. When you think about Belichick's staff who took from a nutrition gun training and seuss' he loves those people Bullock wrote about that Sunday summit right now go to talk about these guys has his dad and wanted to nothing matters one trainer of the year and their well respected the league and they must sit there and looking out Guerrero. Who tells you know these players to do this in this play by the way under growers Toni tomatoes that took place wonders who would get hurt also by the way everyone except for different rate. Great human being convinced something happened in 2000 westerners look absolutely certain that he's good he's been melting terms an excellent thing guys in west world NASA has he has. And god and look at them like we have to deal with this guy and Belcher can seize on the stat that matters on the sidelines he's on the staff essentially. Always on Brady's staff Fineman I guess against good conferences don't pay them but they can space the doomed workspace in the stadium essentially essentially pay and they did there's no red for TB twelve point. I guess there's that has it's a deal that would literally a couple of years ago the answer it was I think it was like your body from the New York hello to have problems but that a Christian I'm talking about. It's a questionable arrangement but you you don't think craft and Brady have and there are people have. Thought this through carrying leaving Brady pays the same ramp it's a yes five guys does that yes no change Washington you now no chance in hell you think our risk not zeroed in risk that they're getting busted. But the NFL. What should the emails that they found what Brady remember they want prose emails he was requesting summit with craft to a sum payment for this or not. Yes I'm fine it's fine let's do you got a job agents upset. What you just don't talk to the stock posters. Good talent there attitude now and again I no longer anticipate anything and really emailing wrote in peril is real he became he became management one week talent the next DuPont I apologize. Mark or right to your email and Ronan Farrow yes I do is email. I'm a ways from one. The Eagles in room for their own the car oh advantage is good day and any and I want you age you are always chat happening now act cool reporter but I've always been a huge fan Ronan thanks for joining us stretch not just cannot get shot is in the car hey chuck. What's going on. Yeah hey Pedro don't agree. He's on great. I think that this was Belcher plan all along in this. They decided whether it back in February of two years ago. We're gonna have this insurance policy islamists are here and I think he was surprise anybody back. He gave consult our what is this season decided you know I'm gonna get that sector route tractor back. Because that's the best that we can do that slow walk it's great race. It and you know that goes. I think you're. Great Belichick really think Brady was going to slip in these two months but it's impossible to suck all buckled unchecked. Elegantly thought that chuck chuck chuck Iverson and now I hate that that's why do. Young it's possible the Brady that Belichick look at almost mathematically and said this he's gonna get worse than world war Arnold and yet heard that sort of that can hurt 10 yeah he's the only one without Brady was about to slip. In the last time we saw army was better than ever wondering will go right. Yes I put us right now looks great too I mean he. Keeps himself in great shape. He was spectacular in the Super Bowl he was focused he had great weapons around him perhaps the best ever so they'll start getting hurt. You know Emma Golar Andelman groan coming he had and Dion Lewis was packages look like it was all set up for another. MVP like season Belichick Belichick thought it was gonna slip he's the only one. I really don't think that crap. Holt and you have to keep I wouldn't be surprised to be I wanna keep them back or even worried about the salary cap he keeps himself other. I think that he made. Clear that. Is it can happen I just don't have Brady being here. I guess I on the it's that simple view. And crafts and hey you know I'll stay out of the that if if he could keep Tom around that be great. DA you know I I think the idea that they thought they could work out a two year deal at Jimmy and and it just became clear that was never ever gonna happen. That to me is I'm. Ottawa plausible as they thought that was possible yet so you can make fun of me for thinking it when I went clearly clearly ballot checked and the crafts to some extent that I was pleasantly as well what's what's changed its I want what changed. Slow them up okay if he's 61777979. Pitchers have heard from John to my teacher talent and among only if an X and Louis announced the callers who I respect. Wholehearted Casillas talked about kind of a volatile Al. Vegas and situated get. Which won't talk I Cora couldn't but I want to carrier to carrier ring I watched the game must Irvin was spectacular I think he's better than fantastic it was awesome. I think he was otherworldly and the views on the survey at Twitter image percent for all you people who says the carrier and can play with all the Brian James what do you think now. Hopeful thoughts and all you people not that he could bypass normal body contact Pete know could he be the star of his own team could he carry it in and a golf. A lot of people quit. I question you didn't that you had no doubt the carrier going to come in here and look like would look like yes I am I don't know I think you need that he might but I ID B 832 point night. Four assists like okay he's a great score but they don't win. But at least it's always Carolina talk literally say that's not about a possible animal talent around through. It's expanding those. I like this I'm glad you were hurt I like watching a amiga is fake obviously out clearly. On another fossil that's true he'll come back in the word excel Trombley completely was it that letter that was it would not pay resident somewhere there. Why not join Washington I love watching Tatum while watching great last night as big frown. While one injury in the last and veins in my big Scalabrine fan I know I would say this humility of these games. I told last of the news of big ugly white guy in the middle and they got Hillary is not like anymore and the player who love the player. You like Hitler yes I love them all of this team they're good they're of the wanna room palace fans in Atlanta Italy. You know you can stick around three point game three seconds ago the place was completely empty and if yes do you blame average fell from bailing them out beyond that city no. I've been Ellis knowing he regrets you know it's like he's raised by single mom who's known China's troops on your guy like Al Horford who did Mike is different right. Oh great can we never hear from him Horford again. We look which is funny in depression differently he's just makes you want c'mon have a solemn tradition but you don't admitted that you that you know I don't think coaches you can slow is what you these days just as early as late night. She meets man David admit they got sweet again Chris. I note or journal this Kurdish met with the midday guys for days like in his marriage which is he like an advisor to that show you gonna teach them tell them how to achieve Oakland already had a injury I didn't yet. Closures or else the bush occurred at a bullet points. My advice was to I have a little bit more disagreement was to find out media members that you can continually mark people I actually you know immediate crime to. Did you sack put them in polls are just my playbook sometimes this is Stacy told the new edition. Right. Bowl and don't they know that are ready and it is on that stuff I was asked to sit down talk them I don't. By George had a indices. This was pretty quick mean it was nice guys like let's ask them I felt about it nice I would imagine returners coming until now I can't I can't me. Can although I've had some dummies coming out of the radio true years will in the future as well yes in the most important things stick on the clock. And which we're gonna do we were told before tech before teh past the hour or five. You don't listen to anything that's. Not verbatim but he says once you get out before ten past due to. I kind of feel like Kurt should take this on about 725. Remind people will stick to the clock next on the view that we can do and I trust you let's just aren't who we elected to stand this clock. On Saturday it's mean training and do that's religious matter and believe me it's a listener. When I insist to 27 and give them a car yet I know dale hall of break that's a good thing. I don't understand why I've never understood why my theory is always to stick to a different clock every hour mix it up all the time sure. Keep people guess I'm with you our affiliates. And it's true too yes and why. Because or fill its pay and bonuses. Not to screw a screw that she is trauma it's gone. Alliance loaded right now 61 sentence and a yellow talked I wanna do next hour sort of Pope were not around his bordering urban or Alex Cora we. One. As far too dumb a million thoughts do. Give me one. Yeah they're excited. Yes let's McGrath one Lee and who's. The best 28. Cars more. No Doug Mirabelli all of a what took a Red Sox well the best it's 28 ever Marshall Faulk. It's probably true to their image in word or crimped eligible. Maybe sometimes the Celtics now sometimes have my favorite artists that are jobs and notice sometimes you watch all the games to Muncie the other night watch and they had 827. A 37 now only 46 non on the floor at the same time talk what sport. Have you received three has never been so the team with a 273746. They were playing together it's really weird. No other at September 20 incher will do this right now like. On the spot so upset. Number twenty used one or two ago we go on to votes and 26 we're going break 56 players have more number 205656. Point 6177797. Academy recently history no remote you know what. Numeral is probably one you want the numbers on the point on the team by Howard to his next.