K&C - Kelley Bernard, 25, treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL – a blood cancer) 10 years ago and is now a nurse, Winchester 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Kelley was on Radio-Telethon in 2008 and in 2009. In 2009, she sang God Bless America during the game! While playing soccer her freshman year of high school, Kelley took a ball pretty hard to the stomach. Over the next 2 months she had extreme, persistent rib pain but x-rays did not show any breaks or fractures. Kelley became pale, lost interest in doing the things she loved, and was sleeping all the time. Eventually, Kelley was diagnosed at the age of 15 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). She underwent 2 years of intense chemotherapy and completed treatment in summer 2009. Kelley was so inspired by her care team at the Jimmy Fund Clinic that she decided to be a nurse. She graduated from Saint Anselm College in 2014. She is now a registered nurse at Boston Children's and takes care of pediatric cancer patients. Kellie says treating patients like herself is incredible and she could not imagine doing anything else. She was so thankful for her nurses when she was a patient because they treated her like a normal 15-year- old-girl and not a cancer patient. They brought feelings of comfort, safety and optimism – and she says to be able to give that to families and children who are fighting the same battle she did is so humbling. Kelly is a self-described huge beach bum, and enjoys being active outside.


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Out some great people joining us throughout the course of the day starting with Kelly Bernard who is here with us in studio Kelly good morning how are you. Thanks for coming in and noses in your. Face the favorite time slot the 60 lead us on yeah lead on Wednesday. Came do you morning person. Now is passing me chaos. But the day off today gas are check that Yuri veteran of this event and here in 20082009. Tells little about your story. I am so I yeah. Was fifteen in 2007 as diagnosed leukemia and then added embedded guaranteed as an eight. 2009. I finish treatments and was back here again. Says its yearlong treatment and then. I you went through senior year of high school and not on treatment and went to nursing school. He became a nurse because of what you went through was there was there a moment. In your treatment pleasure fighting this we said OK I I definitely wanna be a nurse and I wanna work with patients like this yes like pretty much. It's extremely excited I am in the hospital I spent lot time on six Knight who are watching right now. And that nurses are not learning credible and so I payments is going to be just like them. Easier children's yeah I'm on iPods flat out. While you obviously all lots of kids at the at Dana Farber and the children's jacks did you. Yeah acting they should do that chilled gas when you have to spend the night. Are other nurses have similar stories to that that experience when they. You know going through tough times of patients say I want the I want to be like them when we elect these nurses were pretty amazing people. Yeah every airs on six it is incredible opt out there on story it's a Y. Parent it's just really weak at. Thinking that this is an idea. But Dan. Coming. Let us ample time Gasol. On. These and jobless Americans during the game in 2009 and I was that are right yeah. Yeah tracking those and now. Meaning yours excellent processor in the morning I was ready to help yeah you wouldn't use it I. Well and a yesterday and that's true usable through him was amazing did you get right to use them all. Rat. I don't think yeah I guess for the National Anthem jobless Americans you have it on video or on display it show it looked like he had given phone. No you know brag about it. And you when you. When you did we are looking around see if Orton was flexing along the players not violate. What made eye contact won Paris it averaged an audience that's like deadlocked at them. No wonder that we've wondered what joke stumble over weren't even if it's godless America polls Hannah missed that is the issues of how old is she doing now. And everybody's put in you know you come up just right he would. It's better at that Asia Picayune older audience tougher way they keep this thing and yet it's a hectic putting this all right more and Alec crush. But that's I'm grateful to bet I ghost it's too early position pockets you have dual party will pay LO correct. That's one it's it has been real progress. Like when you were when you when I was a kid with. It was almost a death sentence than uh oh what's security. Like 85 acres 85 to ninety and almost it's almost all not almost all it's been far more kids ultra. Right. How you feel and spine nine's record and that's good OK and we appreciate you coming on. In both parties and thanks again. Your last chance you'll sing I got to thank you talked about it and later at did you have known you were just cumulative but later after you have a couple of minutes of your fellow nurses because you've got the the color making brokers we know that combatants and so on. Meaning thanks.