K&C - Ken gave up being an electrical engineer to be a radio producer; Devin McCourty has a message for President Trump 6-22-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 3: Kirk and Gerry discuss whether or not anyone has a perfect life and Devin McCourty is asking Trump to do something to help African-Americans.  

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It's Kirk and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. Laying in bed it's it's Juliette is. Yeah it's words wecht. You know play. I wouldn't go into. She leave room and indeed right in saying witches get it. Who wait for my life to make. Or they're better. It's terrorists were you. She says an analyst please do my chain Kuroda. Although Roddick but all of the call off Ari an average day. I absolutely do it and functionality into civil war. Whom temperature and so I really hit it able. Spartans. My actual. Very special but it's now got far. I was spot so it's pulse MR LLP could be upset we named him. I ask you during the break on Twitter actually followers into hasn't words have what 47 that's worn out I guess obviously fourteen is 4000. Why we're being prank tears as some professional comedian he's what he's hard core trump guys they all fall each other Malone a title. That's correct view sees Dino on steroids these enjoying his new found fame. If you very much messaging yeah constant messages and photos of his desk pictures of for a look at the young. Young was a picture for Atlantans send me another or oh it's Joseph DiMaggio. It's a young young pole with a but the vote or old Paul called us earlier these a retiree drug policy is strategies in. A Michigan area. Limited central Michigan ugly Flint where were set to retire lovely community. Alone and he was too is can he was inadequate and called us from bed. It's really get up waters long in the ice cream sandwich yesterday and it supper. Many of supper go to church that Sunday sudden had nothing between supper Friday voters and nothing but he was interest in the beat Bob Dylan fan. We think we really offered the proof that no we never rode it and he likes to have uses as he's famous first pond and he says used to ice creams him as he keeps at room temperature right. He sent a picture of his parking Simon is housed Bob Dylan fan parking only all others will be. Puck goes wrong and so there are no real passionate but you're wrong but he'll do I'd rush on the cinema he's an American them. They have fewer hard core passionate devoted. Cult like fans then some as big and they greatly as the experts thing yeah. The company's own us facing. Just feel like I asked in a beautiful thing of Sanyo pacing. I I happen to agree with that's kind of been Brady would go to. You know it's fair for. Eagle you to have a -- mainstream on the month and there's eight songs you know you get on your heart goes like you brag about how many concerts and don't brag about profit talking about some obscure underground recording made Greg base of support to me you know YouTube she sings people sing along. Pickle that a good time to go here one day don't go writer I'm told although 173. Years and Gloria you have to have a good time don't you agree. They're almost pop like the Eagles almost like that. It was absolutely they're all you know. 100% liked to play the Eagles have to solve it shows the garden in the month news with Henley Joseph Walsh effect of effect which they've got price kids things in Penske. The Eagles. He's been skill yes yes the country gun yes is Erica yes is so focused on price debts that's a big room. And she's like it's one of those bands you like. The nominee people hate them. The nominee people looking up passion is and a passion right like they are you true that's all to listen moments of greatness I'd argue the Eagles know. No I like him. Likable he's somebody that bring a provision each covered and so it was discovered them and although he's free to be fair I was at a friend of mine who's a journalist in Ireland like 81 he saw the plane and he played fiddle out what you know play tennis that's traditionalists have yet so he was actually discovered there's lots of good bands like that but they're not great Olympic greatness that don't. That you were right here in the heart. You know bets that a valid argue that you've. Again when it's a different reaction to the people wars one and of course some general aura whenever mysterious ways and you hear that you think that's because anyone ever brag too that the than the 73. YouTube shows that that's the that is like. Not too grateful that thing that's the first thing that's that fish thing you've been sock. So Grateful Dead weight embers. Yes and this is a few that are but I mean but you know I think that's sort of the great for that Bruce attempt to beat Pardo definitively. Alternate theories shore yes the question. Anyway. Tom Brady's as Easter grass sent out another we have an update video from the U2 show cronies to grab this time we see and asked them was just him singing. Correct. Corretja the religious event this time he's electric box right at the garden release drunk. I believe he's out of the duke is an exercise he looks very clear that OK he's always cleaner but in this case she doesn't look. As dark as the sound aggression drunk. Hammered. Is always so yes I'm here. Yes. I cleared it for me I ago let's ask you that's a wider credit spreads you actually use and mailer probably all. I guess everyone's Gisele. Places you can we see any of the food and luxury boxes is a lot of junk food those boxes chicken fingers taken things pizza is help. And selfless a picture right it was a cheap night which if you if you did that fueled record you have. Nice conservatives can't thank you think he's buzzed. The result forties we'll just sounds we do go look at these like we always use clear he saw over there. You know. So and so put down roots there was a problem be senator for the same number about someone said at first it's he says no you say you sound bars. I think he was strong view and I get hammered set. Okay would be awarded him sniff them you know for half an admirable work. The contracted for that's on this point cushion to move all heard it's only. And women there was a story about all the NFL quarterbacks who have kids with special needs of autistic kids in the line. It was shown us since proof that. Nobody gets everything you know sure Doug Flutie appears to have everything and then those sums and Jim Kelly same thing illnesses different now put them. This is proof that nobody gets every Tom Brady didn't get a voice that's true it's true that is you know the greatest football player ever via marriage who super moral. Great teeth. Fit my kids migrating your voice when you don't need it it's a big deal. I and shepherds denigrates any boards but it did did pull that they're pretty similar but. That's the one difference. These shepherds cut almost everything but I drew Johnson Macias a better singing voice than that Tom Brady broke question other than that everything else close yes. I got puts him over the top. Review to believe is everyone who's anyone out there that has ever than now none out. Can't be right OG I mean we've got to be like DiCaprio or Brady did DiCaprio gives you basketball diaries. And he was this bring you that in greater certainty Tim and you know playing games and now it is FEMA bought like eight. They. Yeah a. We saying we should before that someone. Who love their gets everything has been able. No I suggested to Caprio is eight million said twenty arrest multi zone terrible. Terrible. There Jeter. She was a good one he's good voice and and if he's a personality is that he's got a beautiful life your PC so boring is that his massive Osama Warren Florida. Is he might he's going to be awesome Cody took a funny guy though doesn't it aboard I don't a couple of times he's aboard. Born at that cash now. He's a board policies a villain in South Florida now for you governor Strickland the bones of your own let's not back yet something that's a good look at what's it Clooney. Clooney. If you have kids whose like. My age twins. Pictures that that brought the dangers of serving with passion and those divers. This is a moon bats and he can. Cannes close close really close close as jobs is nothing I was taken. Obviously saw that and that's why did you sing you as part of increasing public you know it is Brady had everything was can have. Ten does get nice family that's true or else. Smart I suppose. That while he makes point 75 us as always you know the Sheikh is under achiever. Per day or are just like this like candy citing his way you have to respect like camp is he was an engineer he was on his way to making real money right. He was still an engineer and what would you be American right now. Yes two hundreds and hundreds of 100000 dollars and zero I I or my first thought. What kind of mentioned there. Election so all these construction jobs should be involved probably in all this massive Boston UB who don't like you'd be making a fortune you probably believes he'll do it today get back into it I'll probably more than Wellesley right now probably drive and I. Now he. He gave them all up because he loves radio when he wants to be like a play by play wants to be a lot yet let's face or do you almost a month or meter right there. A little and look at him he's have to do and tells this Curtis Ellis his wife pays the bills occurs as at all. Curtis wife moon he pays to build a nice wife he's eleven months used to work in radio cause they loved Reagan not because they you know. Can't find them that you over. Most producers are until they go to next step which is banking. The with a base not under his wobbly that's that's next we're tweeting at the pictures of Brady. What do you say I think he's on mountain dude no no he would never trade. But do the least healthy directories. Were definitely forgot that's less healthy projected about it. But the kids soldier as the minutes. Of these among do I think he may have had some red wine. We have anywhere where I shudder to think that is directed trustees say is. Too expensive yet bring expert and owner wash enemy. The second picture yes yes yes good goods could just assume that's a good moment for a. Mean I played this lesson plans like they're new senseless that would let companies that Palin like all the recent use them. And doing covers of anything anyway he covers that Bruce does. It's a shout now. People in nominate lots of fans that the people love. We hate but Dave Matthews hate them. Lets people love them and addicted Matthews yes I like Maine like men like guys like Bruce is the man Dave Matthews and the man. Briefings like he's a he's a woman like guys like men men and men and that's violate Iraqi shoot dog and guitar and just move on from that to all the people thinks there's someone out there were as Everett. Well she carried us at Gettysburg she's great rush Timberlake. Jason Channing Tatum and this is not just we'll dismiss the rock music for women Charlie Sheen and what did I write. It's it's poppy it's a little soft on to the workers are all Sean has an edge to it. I can't she's. It shut up plate for kids play average crisis. I mean who needs this does not sold two of masculinity. I don't care about that I do I do it diners are home awful. I like dice on me hopeful our friends. From from Foxboro with virgin purged it's great December December. Sam burned some love I don't Matthews Dave Matthews took a fantastic that's right Dave Matthews. It's a good guy for the rest frontal wonderful guy Nazis took good care of Santa processors more than the video was if I went to the show does is for the throat was more than drummer and that what that number was actually him yes. That's right right grave abuses by you showed these measures that we didn't he did something right was it birds gotta love of music eleven years old I mean you know we're we're adults here but not saying and he's a hospital of the music. Saying Dave Matthews seems like a good part of your franchise so what Raymond of looking at Kylie music authority to listen in the car counts news accounts doesn't it yes it doesn't give them benefit of the doubt given a break. When you know they're good men who was in when you're in the car was in the music you like if you get the real bad guys like come. Experts that I know and smacks around stop stop you know stop. Erupts or particularly never heard a bad thing that's ever. When timely read the book. Remain you read the book and then not great who's been guys you know sure it is the only area C is endorsing you heard them you were damaged two for the money. Whilst they do it. We'll zen music I think they like that in England they don't love him dearly deck you've never heard need to extort I don't think he's told Dick is right to stick with them but he has his moments everybody does. Not to Lou. Tom Brady yeah sure is wonderful that is Tom Brady means. She's wide receivers. Who had some. You know how many boards that twenty years ago and I think funneling money for best buddies that discussion about it. That's the globe this is fickle try to bring him down because it will pass in his locker I the real good guys around here and your Mears is the rest of them. If that the situation Brady can do no wrong and it's disgusting. We figured out line and they were mayors have been black ball I think maybe I think maybe. And they chances and we may have. It will fight it we'll find out someday that's a great question. That is a great question I hope so I wouldn't he's in this flicked through I was teasing and Kennedy. We did time magazine rightfully and to Tom Brady a couple of guys. They can Egypt between funny note here Chris I don't covered recovered new Yorker this week is. Is is is the statue of liberty right with the children with children stick there heads up from the bottom of the statue of liberty yes saying what they're saying some. An early look at next week's cover their yearning to breathe this the kids are yearning to breed and the spectrum and it's supposed with a refugee kids chorus of law. In the cover and Dan Kennedy writes those kids are awfully white working please try again. I there is no reason if you look at this it's just the cartoon that they couldn't be Guatemala on energy to pick if there was any race or color I don't know it's it's. So if they made them like two black that'd be a problem to right white white white white white light plight of the light. Like a lot of Mon or else Salvadorian. He doesn't think there. Pocket yes. Liberals are now just a mine processor breakfast that's Michael sake that it's not all liberals think they don't use generalized held the ball broke Republicans are real races I don't know but all liberals are obsessed tomorrow at all liberals wanna kill unborn babies. A most. Which is that most. Is some liberal like nuns. And priests and and and popes via the told our favorite third trimester abortion. Most people bitching about trump stealing kids out of the mother's arms there in favor of third trimester abortion of Pope. Yes if I thought. Syria is our bumper sticker on the impact of ambulances. Pro choice yes. Her tribe and they revelation. Of mineral. Our over at these east. Morning showing. Sports Radio WEEI. Also after American cancer actors' network of eight dollars a part of society systematic. Exclusion of African Americans. From jobs affordable housing. And many opportunities to amass wealth has a lot of those who have. We need your help would even just. That's different according speaking directly to the president. I'm away when presence. Let Alice Johnson go and it was nice thing Kim Kardashian and all the credit. Everyone applauded her that was kind of a no brainer for trump and he said okay NFL guys you know give me some names. What are features given some names the next day. They I don't know big big oops I did was tried figured you did did your time history. They didn't come up with a list of names they came up with the general right no mandate. And in my own way what does that mean we're recording don't let all on home if you think. African Americans have been excluded from affordable housing and what else educational opportunities also. After American fans have average network of eight dollars part of society systematic. Exclusion of African Americans from jobs affordable housing. And many opportunities to amass wealth has a lot of those children. We need your help these injustices. You believe that they've been. Systematically. Excluded. Now we've we're nowadays know how we've had this hard before their portable how to run their parts of the country where they're still behind because of things that happened along time ago I don't think there's in this exclusion I don't. We should be doing should be. Fighting combating. Advocating you know. Against single parent councils and withdrew some but the breakdown of fame would that be the first against what does that mean I do what's the president arguable that. The Paramount according OK what's important on a good cause what's according and you know what's he gonna do about the system that has more pressure on them some you know putting it well we can do guests at some point that integrates them according to put in place among the guys like what I was how is that demands to get yourself well what 200 OK explain what he chose to there he's doing answer it sounds like he's thoughtful people say great guy. That's probably right I mean I don't know about this guy he also well meeting in nice guy. I think he's absolutely wellness and mark I think if you think that the reason all odd but I think it's the whole thing is a waste of time. Is on still single family housing I mean I'm sorry single families single parents. It doesn't matter I don't care you're white black whatever we've talked of as I've always had a syndicator economic if you go for parts of of poverty line for parts of Mississippi are 90% black and Portland has an average for West Virginia. That 90% white he's going to find that or or not or is. Right now I think it's like 7375%. Black babies are born into single month to single mothers and I don't know how much money may I know it's more than that poverty bouncing outlawed. Let's just say it's it was just say your wife skip town choose go on forever in your raising my hip by yourself and your current salary. With having and daycare in this inactive life would be a nightmare right. So yeah I mean you're totally changes your friend that you you know to do you. You find housing that costs less than he has now care. Get bogged underwear shirt but there's less time spent with the kids and true life is like it's just different it's just as. And that's the biggest problem. Do you think the reason African American households haven't network of recalls because that and it into affordable housing us think we're too rich white guys talk about it but we don't know so well well I think mr. Thompson rich white guy that's who's asking for help from. Nobody saw us president. But I think McCord and these guys with these guys well meaning he has a lot of these guys don't want trump to do the right thing Peter. Let's answer so which has certainly don't want to have to look there's always that Alice. Thompson go he looked cooked. That and I talked haters to Kelly Slater as well there was name is. Hated for trump says these guys OK give me much and you don't take a look they don't really want that might happen to act as answer to my clubs they do. They move on to the next issue and then you could get to whatever region so what some atrocity shop NFL player that lead below why you better than any other but I think in this country but everyone wants you know him to bring people together like that's why can we bring people together. He reaches out to the NFL players to have an accordion and company. Malcolm Jenkins Chris Long. Give me some people who you think. Who been unjustly imprisoned or maybe you're in prison too long about adds I don't doubt there are obviously and so struck you don't think he could call to. Any number of civil rights groups are or you know your guys it was called innocence project. And said give me some names. You know what they do in the New York Times instead of providing that it stats about nonviolent drug offenders and how many years asks for those names fought so given ten names are troubled duke. Let alone go Hurd who say this yesterday made good points so now what's what's the Leno he's like 53 year old violent drug and or nonviolent drug offenders on back on the streets. Yet there were also saying that compassionate care for people who were nearing death to be released from prison and what have they done. It wasn't really picked Jason he rape somebody killed. What kills people rich dimensional and they they don't they'll they'll destroy the soldiers near death we let him go go paint again yeah well Stephen Flemmi goes 84 resolve any of seven years nationally and eloquence I don't. But there's enough people so we could all agree that is a handful. That may be. Have been in there too long. Alice Johnson scores not that simple assault twos some you know poor woman was so smokers and we get quote aggressive no more complex than it but. I had no problem letting her go into trouble after Kim Kardashian and obviously the way I'm fro outfitter. But he wants to do this so one of the cue from the names offer told street that say OK that's a good first. It's a new toy he's I can do this you think you could ask trump. To help you find. Opportunities in affordable housing for African Americans. Look at that notes talk about them and move on the next thing mature within means. Me users are really motor voter knows president of the united stats might point to what it's a little comp. Convoluted. Little ambiguous secretary of it urban house a way I don't what would he will Equity One view. To its I would ask according that very question and we should go tie that record Amir also America average network eight like stop stop stop and stop it that's. Okay that's pencil barrel while he got that from this spotlights. It may be true made up drive annoyed with say it is true okay. So again and ask you what would you like the president of the United States do about that into question by the way for your mayor Marty Walsh for people in the city right I've no idea Mardy lost by NATO have a money industry which they give Marty every day to start than five dollars. I'm fifty cent fifty. The Vatican two and one sort of you Ali it's probably the air the smell it but when you think about it. I'd take that slow and that's an issue of course is the recent slowed DeVon is not because they don't have access to affordable housing. Do you think really. The local how Boston Housing Authority. Says who comes in black and I get so all the family right in the black guys my house right track and Archie freaks out right guy upon exercise systematic. Schools are Americans from job I'd stop so systematic. Exclusion do you believe there is such things according sits there or try. Mr. President as a systematic exclusion one. He says they're going to host them and usually that is looking around the outage on board earlier what do you mean. What does that mean how to solve this that's deposit is what trump if it was a lead said he could solve it totally make him a shot. Yes what what I love let now starts ago he's gonna brag about that for the rest people a twelve actual flooding that Serena. The government but what put it what is it. I don't know that was my that's for Hussein for three years Kirk we reach out to already have predict. I will college peppered when he talks. Doesn't make any sense and according to step what is praising cast recorded a Smart. Smart I would love to know what that means I want to know what the president can do. To satisfy you and you why have a great answer and now and why given the court he didn't keep him. Couple remains affordable housing and many opportunities to unmask. This vote. May cynically I would say right. Many other of mass will try to get her ability Jimmy John's for it other than what other than what more can do. Other than working post UMass wealth may be other particular in the lottery like read the water for the Mets are there opportunities. Good question other than earning your money death and how he amass wealth. I mean that's it accordingly you you have a talent you've worked her ass off. You've amassed an incredible wealth is part of fifteen million dollars whoever sows brother I lost my brother's birthday. And that's at MI judge him on outraged movement minimal if you but. I understand many other opportunities to amass wealth we break it down on the that is really. Well in what form did this come he tweaked and owner of the video artist in order a video on his Twitter account does or does he say why. They didn't give company names why someone to miss some 78 year old guy right now in Walpole are in Rikers Island cent. In Wilmington and fifty years or can I just can my name on a quote. See my grandkids and dying and won't hurt any. We need your help with these injustices. It's an injustice. To the what you justice that they don't access to affordable housing. I would say they've. Again I want to Wear a systematic means the whole system we British are much of examples of when to be blocked from housing that's okay great let's let's fix this but he's not offered any examples. Now is there more. If I would hold on there is this is just an issue that was in net worth. In America. For the average black person Boston three or four years Obama as president was it was like 7000 dollars was an all time low not all time historic sixty dollars when it was four years ago. Under Obama had to stand we blew my mind. There were fewer. Blacks owning homes. Percentage was lower under Obama there was during the Great Depression yes I mean I don't know why he was this concern about event. Maybe was just to say much. Austin right now is a massive problem with reels him in the values of homes have gone to three times people actually moving to the city of awesome and it's awesome I was in and I agree for blacks others it is affordable housing every new housing projects that big Condo complex. They've built across the street there will be. Affordable units. That late so do you think for like one family for guys making 70000 dollars is what's making 50000 you think they combined their as well. No of course so it's I don't think it's a race issue you know an economic and security to about a New York's George wide. That the city of Austin wood in the city of Boston right now it's incredibly ugly GOP if not you'll get everything like that so you live somewhere else. If you can't afford it if I couldn't afford it would live in Washington within brown and we'll have chosen well I mean exactly fair to lose. So I mean that's that's aside so. Did you move to wherever you move out took rot move out to where he can afforded the usage graphical saudis or ever I don't know or you know what you can do you can live in some crappy you know you 500 square like twenty parliament square foot place in the North End right or or sock puppet. Who lives in Boston. I think 850 to three keystone can wife and it's 800 square feet. No pets right no birds and trees fibers Griffey liquor bathrooms you know she goes. I'd that public that bad economic news at thank him I guess that's not like there's yet today you know there's things you don't think she's a minimalist when she doesn't want anymore she media orders to. Yeah who like to see that place that I would not. No good now she likes it she has model in the suburbs. Of detectable B I get that all of this retirements in traffic every day I don't. And every day and orphans because there is close to scare on a good restaurants that troop get a good result of that right now. I was yesterday had come about my new biggest pet peeve of all part of sin on slow drive every day expect. More to impact of every day used to be occasionally outs every day this for a minute flick. One minute what is work you know there since thorough was waiting waiting it's noon and go what the hell picker was talking to you one point. I won't have to helical on hope there's a bad accident hopefully to work truck underneath that bridge opened some real get out of they're trimming the hedges and do it again Krakow Poland and then like trimming the trees. You go. Eight conscience and his son and you told me. Just chopped the flick intrigue down yes so it's enough to live a Jeep that Foley ate the whole theater area breathing monuments. You know Lou Agent Orange we can all get to work can you tell me that. Out of any person win in that traffic even if you're Subaru Prius. We're happy that they were awakened you sit there for half an hour while they cut the branches of the bushes like it to midnight. Go to work amendment the addition could try to trim have been tight because they don't want at least these whatever it is you lay abouts math and in this six of them sitting there. No watching one guy clicked the cooked hedges humble. Now that's that's not right now it's futile wait in line total crap now officially speak bodily harm I would agree should be at least one fatality I wrecked. It's OK you see. Boston's number 1 morning show on Sports Radio telling you yeah. A second half around the Ferrer. Do you get a loan from USC he's got out this fall last year's part of that BI probe. I'm about LA's got a chance to see him quite a bit practicing as well. Think yes and Avery Bradley and I defensible positions ones and 26369. Wing bent I did say that's. Start every sets it up we start every segment segment segment such there's no question. But we never start out saying let's do a lousy segment we know be born our hearts and into beetle here and that is the starting now know knowing. That is in this show they've invested fifty million dollars in the pain in the host six and a half million in fort half million. They did a segment right in prime time was like on second round sleepers. And say guys have has bolstered it was at six minutes that the B six minister of those balls heroes get ready for work. Puts on the TV that's what Dell watches according to a Dallas chief. Yes. Hill doesn't care it's that being said second round sleeper. Much Drew Carey to Richard nets might you get to seat tray young. Mr. office and I am blessed are rolling her battle it was. Missed scrolling through now because I don't even Elvis who Jalen Bronson. He slipped the states. The mavs. Great great here's a look like an MBA player he's a great college player does and it didn't seem like you lose. To do anything really spectacularly he's bad he's so solid right and tough. Mentally tough the kind of led his team. But he didn't like take over games. Yeah I have Leo yeah. I'm looking just everybody effect here on the market right here. Just killing time as I look for my second most Bruce brown so the second round. It's a Robertson. That great ways. It is so photographer and her consent her room. Religion who were making fun trying to find and the Celtics took. Competitors. Particularly the first that the British like to. Bobby Williams paint or broken that point Jeff temperature which is faces mom who's born lucky Lucic conscious who's an author in this. When she half in which usually when I didn't separate unbelievable. It looks like his girlfriends we are getting older from my epic she looks younger than she that mom is she's sure she is he's nineteen animal to you maybe should in my age. But she's younger she looks younger than you he has a star of the show us office and pretty sad Simon's post marriage Jack Jackson Champa hutch in his. Mostly young wore shorts and who wore the core truths who's in cork I don't know but check doctors moments mural room auto boom. Underage record apartment on them just reorganize video much and I think Celtics fans are happy with the draft Kirk perhaps we had a big advantage to care shot blocker that you say happy they're different they don't care. And the thing which is good when you think I'm listening to you know they don't need this they don't care he's and lectured because that happened. Overthrew he panders him. Sponsored Cadel maybe because I was saying so you can go get down below in socket bill that's what he said I thought Walsh. Mikell picked before the Comerica was Everett was ever during times every aside everything fine. Yours like here on this things like. People toward these Duchscherer who are not laughing at all why you why is that what pretending that's funny. I don't know that. He kind of broke the agreement to me I don't think so I think he'd be boots way around it but so what but it was obvious that toward the first to prove that he was gonna do when it. He's gonna reveal the picks before they were. Supposed to be revealed the volume. Pissed me off the moment a drama depicts you like ruined all the crowd Saturday because here's what is latest word years away like your last resort if you enough just seventy forget Beers in your assistant editorial at least we have month making the announcement of Bobby Williams Bob Williams. It is a sudden I answer right there he told then Mallard he bumped to pull the weight I'm power move on it was a total par move. The dollar and took patrols have. I make the announcement is mediocre talents to the people listening on their cars did not know wolves already revealed right they were waiting. It's in suspense is no way in 2018 months ago and the radio television this ultra picking you are not find no I did open those mortgage I didn't hear the radio. And not I can tell you there on the clock that pick is in according to whoa oh wow gables is radicalized. By Robert Williams. With the 27. Overall pick. Robert Williams who is the at Texas sane and sophomore. Was projected somewhere in the first round bye. A bunch of plays including the ringer. What he's all over Texas and I'm soft or explosive player 6975. Wing span. Did the ringer says here a supreme done proof fits the mold of a rim running center. Let's not rigorous discipline compared to the following the Andre Jordan. Clint capella. Amir jobs and in three it certificates of that is you've got off methods not. I know that I want to see them take. That is true for thirty compressed while a big man most career. Hooper took Chris Curtis right now. Next door beauty candidate to a thirty now. I don't three pointers absolutely no change this 100% was sort of thirty right now and I scale I'd do it. I watch him work a little that can those people over the guard right now aren't stupid it's it's our bosses are in a tales who. They say that. Michelle out. In a much money more. Will he or his he says when he's just a legal letter was scheduled for parole remotely program and will be with you released if it hampers that you were in there and they they think. Beat the top right out there three meals today three squares a day it's slippery soccer yes. Overcoming quickly do you call it's Gotham. Of course present at fifteen minutes a bullet. Kersey due due to a 33 point there's no warm up I haven't shot once in strong with some smoke was struck me to get drunk with my with you today yes record Bible more than two threes on Thursday at ratified an outdoor ones you could line it up a second easy is one of oaks where arguments are too far away for a word. We do this seven used to it's it's a great idea on sick it's no hoop with the hosting an outlet that proved without warming up by Nate. NBA length three. No way cars raced through there has taken 99 college and B three no chance from the Knight Warner it's not that none I understand from a corner none zero unit zero. I'm a thirty minute at least 1030. Is a media gimmick that government. For okay that's easier to get one. To enjoy going under Q so I'm going all under a chew toy box warning about still Brothers who Buick and you have a Gerri yeah. Miserable and Kirk isn't betting on me when running season when he was would you like he always betting you'll essentially ultimate tests okay you're forty don't improve. Or go look because I think it's my what are you guys wearing Armani is he's nervous aren't exactly how this look at her nervous of course it is obvious that the warm jacket. He's got fired rubber Williams looking design or the break that you can you find a place I'm the hoop around here Jesus we need a ball a map out of form while the Celtics practiced quite. Nokia which is walking there's that you couldn't element to call. I'd make calls not fine who during the break and a ball game Curtis is gonna attempt 33 pointers will will Lott will FaceBook live. We'll see of course is a better shooter than the actual fifteen minutes he can do this. Okay we can do is take a break we're gonna do justice done credit I predict he'll make zero. And I predict he'll make four or FaceBook watch the I have high. I won't understand right next thing I have high hopes that argument if you had a banana today a new one to watch him. Now it's more of an Afghanistan xanax Chris personally like the challenge. Is next I think it's appointment now.