K&C - Kevin Cullen keeps his job; Kirk, Gerry and Mut react to the investigation into Cullen's work 6-18-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 18th
Hour 1: Gerry, Kirk and Mut react to the Friday evening news dump that Kevin Cullen would keep his job.  

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Skirt and Callahan. All men the tax line that says we'll sex line is great text line it's 37937. With a 978 has take mark to mornings in the Arce got an email you have. Our potential buyers are really. I'm talking Manningham level yeah well that's huge you saw give it six months I'm not so critical we vowing to your knee out one hole. Wow with. Kurt committee had this crazy disciplined as everybody thinks you are my body is my asset and my body is by accident it is. You just your son. And then the Internet blew up our America what did you think of that I don't know I grew up in an affectionate home. Makes we wanna hug them and get over him come on I don't have a problem showing the affection that told them I'd love. And Gerry Callahan the Boston Globe has suspended its Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Kevin Cullen I know a lot of props. Okay I what is it one thing to start the issue okay who goes to Kirk admitting it. And grads to hurt you Jerry that we should take about this when I don't allow you should take. Is to journalists. Journalism classes and say this is you do it Sports Radio WEEI. What is OJ taking it to graduate Jerry Ford was great work chemical and yet we did do. Yeah discussed that we do not knowing that I wanna yes. Okay we talked about Obama on doctor account for the cap not typically capped out. Not the captain the cap favorite child abuse and assault of a lot of time on his on line. She's priceless. Yes it took some work in the story are you a plug here I thought I said I'm times. Obviously Mike Barnicle record. Low the success of our current. The most renowned. Most notorious pleasures are not played his fiction writer in the city so yes sure but he never. That I ever call went on TV. Or radio or cease and and told these crazy tales that we know I mean yeah I mean I don't wanna I don't write it don't remember ever seeing here in that playing the sound shore and I was around for the downfall Barbara as we always save social media and cable television words big you know victory is what he has that going for. Collins biggest problem is. You have on audio means lots of people. Don't read right there too lazy or they don't care that much lots of people you know Fred drugs different never read correct. But they can hear yes and and Colin on tape. It's it's beyond parity it's beyond. Vegetables just in case just in case and many you know it was funny I was told yesterday this weekend. I people is that a lot coming out of the museum's. You're a millionaire but more than a thousand we're coming up to me it's I can't wait for Monday you know go to the globe go get Colin. Kevin Cullen Friday night. The globe would on a Friday night which is just rain and with little time shirts and finally don't investigation Friday about 615. I decided that chemical returned to the globe first is a general Simon reporter for few months and it is a columnist. He spent a fraud three months to accomplish more time to three months retroactively. I believe a part of Friday it's okay. Through most for a so called me without from OK almost five months by the time Dallas yet alleged allegedly without pay Woolsey and it's gonna be it'll be our broadcast for about a year because when he comes back in six months away from any broadcasting that's the one's mistakes eleven months I took I guess I got some praise for a much sure exactly why would my role is might did the entire goddamn thing with Chris Curtis other than Mac. A much shirt what my role was a global of course should be calling thanking me Kerr right in the right. Thank extraordinary part that. Should be thanking you and I'll be disputes these errors and still be out there the sound and will go toward all. There are two I've won my left when my right doctorate first up by the independent reporters. Kathleen Carolyn Tom Fiedler sent to my friend Brian gory. May 29 2018 and the one from the globe which I'm more excited to weigh in and dated may 31 2000 QB to start. With report call if you guys want from the independent. Part the national. Sure it's your show you one taken current outlook definitely attention away from I didn't like eight sets up the better that way if you disagree and certainly I don't disagree I don't disagree and one join boom. Put my voice is with that everyone else's goods and say how great -- is it gradually should say iPod and my current circus is the best great out there. Pathetic of these people who you rip at least my name is quite. I would say it's excellent got society criticizes you to say you know what they did the did you is keep gonna give credit to them. On his knowledge of read this stuff. Got to get to me personally the great sound that's true that's brought a huge win the World Cup Phil Mickelson when the ball is moving hit it with a stick to please the worst thing I've ever seen him. Absolutely no worse than any worse than 9/11 call caddied for three summits for the return if he doesn't like right in those guys it's that they caddie for a double bag in a 10010 degree weather. Those guys would it not not not admit they try to ignite it when it hit at the turn its eagle to get hot dog coconut fuel run that's fine that's it. That's his Summers and Summers were brutal. Yet Charles River always kept it judges and that your husband is that. A judge a judge Thompson that's that's that's restarts with the convention reps at the same time so life was like with the utilities it was some good people there was some good mean there was over some rhetorical or even the workers these guys forty to forty people while much right there was guys enemy and it is true of greens is he so I suppose they'll try and you know sometimes to be some firefighters frenzy his good differences. Once I hit us once a year. Did the chuck let these guys go the vipers play golf for free right that's got to know. This agreement to sell measurement ray five which isn't a great one of the best as you know so as for the last thing and now. So funny just somehow we've always get a hold its. It's heart I was running excellent and one that's not exhibit of all I ask for anything sorry I can ask for anything. UBB transcript of the call interview with Kathleen Carolyn comfy ride I wanna read that sold. Maybe he's got your hands on the outside and working my favorite part of all the reports is that. It's kind of his style as well this I mean I I wrote lots of columns I had a style. I'm not sure what that means they call it. Is buddies in the internal report called his narrative style right. What does that mean he tells stories are all out Friday we'll all columnist tells authorities and the presumption is you know they're true right. That's the problem toughest title these mean it is amazing I said that McCain can beat the alleged media critic. Who wrote a book with John Henry and these want to criticize the globe and as a friend of Collins in the US credit right but he said he didn't deliberately. So. What is it looks to go through this at least he definitely didn't deliberately make up stories he accidentally say something different and I don't even know what what's the alternative to deliberately make up stories. I drinking a lot on revenue in the Asia that would relate to activity yet again I don't know whether what other explanation there would be other than. You do at lax I think we all know he made them up. I mean how could you do blacks and I was that you call your friends say that to make it look someone argued that there can be when he's on TV it's a all of them apparently trailer and rulers and obviously Adam Reilly get right and yet. So that we ought a get to the very end and so at the beginning I mean these two say so yes we get there the independent report apps which us they get through the hole with it looked at their. So the hope assign them just look at only the marathon bombings all that stuff they decide at their local people the stuff they know they could get away with. They decide that it depended right. It's about people they interviewed during this which is a red flag for me. Was a go through all names of humor Gloria I don't think but interviewed Joseph fined and our friend Sean O'Brien. Then pent up to in Edward Kelley of Boston firefighters are you executive but people the globe. A Scott Al hunt people interviewed between the interview somebody than have him interview several people who mr. Cohen and by the sources once part of an independent investigation seems weird to me. So we go all the stories we've been the marathon day a perfect aid in the unimaginable. In all the stuff they go through it all and then they start getting into the the mistakes and we certainly recognize and appreciate the reporting in the middle of such a chaotic event. Is extremely challenging in the mistakes can be made the independent panel rights in this instance however we found two problems and suggest it breakdown reporting process. First is the vague sourcing of the information which mr. Cullen attributed the call to quote some firefighters I know. In our may 2008 communities and talked called last month mr. Cohen said. I heard the story during the Day of The Dead kids father ran the race that's too Richard said first he ran a marathon. Which is not true said mark Richard jumped over the barrier essentially pump hugs and I finish line which they don't really get into the possibility of that happening. And then finish the race but I'm sorry for this race came back and that. She had to register as time right aggressors which they did say they know is not the case but it was a really get too much into that. As you register call repeated that he heard that story from firefighters but he couldn't recall there many times. He said he spoke to every fire fire pop EMS worker to find that day. In the previous 2008 unit called editors are received questions about part of that call mister Collins said he would have to Richard run the race for a woman Peru's street. Apparently neighbor the family mr. Colin. City could recall the woman's name. So we ultimate so crude street so we heard the story from firefighters rushed initially yes Richard but he couldn't recall their names yet still won the rough but the story. And never heard directory in the racer from war and a crew street probably neighbor of the family Colin could not recall the woman's name. Think to a halt once so I don't know no I do and no idea in my opinion. She does not exist and you know what the people doing the report they know that of course. The heroes page you want I'm on page 360 that politics my politics why some kind of read along oh OK I did my job and actually find. The air was out in the initial call mister Collins file from newspaper he twenty. In repowering Gary partly reflect there's no Irish whatever to report Erie pa. Focus on Richard I'm Colombian correct very famous I don't know I don't lot of firefighters and Oakland Hills for Reagan to on the lower right yes. By the arrows on the initial call him mr. Cohen filed from newspaper between Pia. As a few hours later calling into the quote from Jiri pub. After hearing restored from firefighters humidity you're republic JJ Foley's ball off duty pubs precluded by first responders. In the later view us. Mr. Cohen said he recalled found the answer to his first edition called from the Erie pub around 10 PM the globe computer system shows you call was updated 1237. He says there's a recall which editor him Libyans are although then match writer Jennifer Peter told us the separate interview by when she does not come across wants all she does. But she took the cause of the mystical was quite insistent this had to get him I know that she quoted mr. Kolb saying. I don't know what I'll back you drew certainly excited to Richard run the marathon. While. And this is probably what we're nonpartisan they still up still up it was finally corrected director of the week over the weekend but it. Ms. City ago. Had mr. Cohen pushed indeed put to identify the Richard him during a phone call this likely incorrect information from credible source. Joseph Finn. Told the popular in the Busch mark Richard from Boston ten Sean O'Brien we hear from later. Who would see the point you the Richard fairly thin says he believes should information mr. call late at night likely during the camera pubs and they made it continue ago. The should be correct story the finish on how we the media interviews that the US and UK broadcasters. Through much of Tuesday this is where it's pitched it to me. The broadcasts. In global get their second but writing is an eyewitness in their critique. The radio personalities from WB I alleged that mr. Cohen deliberately sought to mislead readers to figure is a Boston street near the finish line position who witnessed correctly the bombing in its apple to. Alone is even in disputed that no wasn't even course arguable of course not. Mean we rented. And you go could not take any credit we credit for that day one of them yes and sentence. This is not believable. Number the columns as universal's films had them more on yet. We said this is just don't believe more than four point four page left missed by you I mean you you went to work that day but on that day you're sitting here going. Do you believe this but of course audited couple quick examples just a case of blisters haven't. We've done a while. It was alternately poignant and horrifying to watch. As first responders friends we pull mental barriers inflections so many different countries down in the boils street the flags will plague victims. As a smoke hung in the year. There was pandemonium I saw and all the runner wearing highrise pink socks about the cross the finish line I saw Lisa used WBZ. Fight before 3 PM medical tent the finish line it's nothing worse than I could see that the more publicity than this it was transformed into a battlefield. Triage unit. Doctors nurses were to run the race for the medical tent volunteered the services still sweating. Still wearing their running here I mean does anybody not police the acts that he's there sounding guy trying to assess her and that's usually how it's a fighter anniversary it's even worse right. In our interview mr. Collison the desire for two Republican edges. They were shot over and over again I would have been aware of the initial seemed to scramble to get to the victims are readers have had the same experience it's part of the day after. Mr. Cohen says he can't explain. Why didn't attribute the images to when he countless others on television other never occurred to him. B reader would be misled into thinking he was an eyewitness. Who can basically find no evidence to support the allegation that mr. called tend to mislead readers of this for some words. That are contrary to our knowledge mr. Collins never claimed to have been on the scene either in the hours and days after the bombings in subsequent years and is writing a public statements personal he told me was there. Indeed there about an hour after he told me. Indeed he told several interviewers within hours after the bombing news about a mile away inside a restaurant can more scripts leads to be stopped right there question yes I think we have to say sought. I'll write to us this is why this analysts say it's like watcher cover. But they. They say that he was a mile away and Russ OK let's let's say unto you can most quickly yeah he's accurate attendees there we don't believe who's there but they do so pretend he was there. The bombs go off. The race is stopped for a runners going right by you literally ten feet away also all over television yes we hear in their TV right diplomacy and and this guy whose job it is to write columns. And tell stories. Never mentions. No never never not want a column now on the a TV interview on I'll think about seaspan or or go over to England or Ireland never if you're says write music and most of your report worth a nickel. In this happens there are literally people. You can walk if your cat or scored to walk outside and talk to runners who are dead stopped. Did stop lower that you could walk took offense more. You can also do that he made he met get there where you heard Isaiah usually good try you know what you get pretty close to get a column yet get a scene right I mean you're talking one of the great. Just a great one of the most. Unforgettable. Memorable we'll see Norris hopper in Boston history correct for news reporter for a columnist. And he never mentions never he was having lunch can get more square says he's still making things up. And they for some reason feel compelled to buy it he was we believe. At home on the couch at Tuesday's other restaurant camera crews slipped one half yeah who knows. But a veteran toughness open your door. You walk outside America on this would be no more than a couple hundred yards away from you the most. You talk to people get that you get a sense you have been you have pandemonium you think this guy hoakea it's great column next to the way puts herself in the middle of everything you think it's possible that he would never discusses for the BBC. Or MSNBC absolutely yeah and which surprised ID bracelet these guys these two who do the report. Kathleen and Tom seem like bright people. They do decent writers. I'm surprised that selfless incredible I mean that's such a flaw. Unbelievable he's still not telling the truth about where he wants. Beginning in the post paid post didn't pay towers rob. A few 1013 continued throughout the day mr. call to the number of guys you shall try to stop what they're just the descendants after the can more square. It makes me laugh out loud or you guys writing style of crafting the scenes of him view him. Within on the president's. Parentheses. A style often used by columnists. Could cause a reader on for a million. With the media sector saturation coverage of the event or a mystical writing style to conclude that he was an eyewitness to the bombing. And it's an immediate aftermath so it's his style and maybe you're unfamiliar. You would believe he was at Seton. It's powerful Kirk just moved from the format not in my immune to the decorations sensed that he not a radical. And whatever they claim that in view they claim that many. Many columnists. Use the style of on the principles making stuff up. Of being everywhere it's remarkable. His style personal he's not that great writer so he said he was there when he secondly in Ireland brokered peace deal that was his thing is to create scenes and and and and if they're real they're real or not. Roberts it's a problem that makes that makes the cab or script even more probable that it can most the most grip in more square thing. He's 100%. Fake sheik Ali airlock which has done probably at places to be to be put Colin. He claimed that since we started at least six or so office can more square hole right I'll I'll get that sound because you've of these people say it is no proof but I. We'll get that will continue to get that the media interviews. Start hoping you'll be notable the BBC interview. 0:5 AM Boston time we have that sounds it's played. I just cut off from. Not long ago with a young firefighters who are very conservative vote. He's young kid and he's a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me what he saw that it was worse than anything sort of war zone. He carried. A young girl. I'm. Whose brother was killed at the scene. I actually have a father to Israelis today. And finish the race is young son. When the sidewalk. Because. It would though important history now does that. Anyway back on to decide what his father walked on the registers. And the bomb exploded. The boy was killed. His mother was severely injured. And the daughter of the girl. My friends firefighter shot picked her up. And carrier. To an ambulance. And to. Sit that had to be put it doesn't realize who would. He would pet food. He Toomey called leagues. Since it is knees trying to find her and let it could find. I I don't say this a lot obviously that's the voice I believe. In my opinion that's voice some New Jersey material like I don't know how the committee that's all those are all lies keep in mind and by early this will be confirmed later we get will pick through this. I shot O'Brien himself as a confirmed to us. That that that's a lie he made that up out of holy bull this it's not only alive it's it's it's a performance. That orbit that's what I say is mentally ill I believe he's I believe there's some illness I said this before when I was a kid my mother you know tell me you know to tell us is that if you lie. And they and you could cut normal level believe you're again and I was gonna like it. Know how. How was he going forward are we supposed to believe. His anecdotes seem senators it's unbelievable he's making up and she's going to go seven there's about seven lies and so you know amid fraud noble Richards friend with him I've no idea other than that nothing in their true. Nothing right in on the race Smart Richard did you know that up the national stuff didn't happen a US does not friends with him. You know you did these he got the phone with him he's out he's not that won't happen didn't register first time to register. It's a performance and the reason the purpose of the performances to inject himself goes into the federal budget lies treasure lies widget. Those lies and Mets did that violate. Let's say otherwise. Kathleen Carroll told you there groupies will be independent panel purity Google let's puts more BBC Sam this is from Martha Kearney. April 16. We're Cohen says. We've got this part to go to a mile from the finish line in kind of heard the bombs detonated. I don't ever recall that it can more scored could hear the bombs it right OK you're ago. Miles from Saint Paul and me. Wrote quote I mean. First of all. He would say even through BBC. The Red Sox are playing Munich he definitely seems intent or no question is that that that is no request that he would say to you every time I was kept more square the Sox are playing I was haven't we haven't heard the restaurant of course you can sort of standard and think about you are there drama you tell you tell that story everybody galvanized or I would I would say all the time really wait one more square jointly what is your lying to try and is it. Runners were in chaos over the bridge right there you can walk across she could see them when the whole thing easy guide. Miles from seeing. And settle this thing or something like. First what could maybe than anything but the circle. Kind of reminded me level as in the first place Lennon and replace him maybe it was a mistake. There on the second Lyndon that mistakes don't happen like that so. And the other thing mark is that struck me so much. Marathon day is the most it to that have been awesome and very international city it's probably has the the most European feel to it. And basically in the United States and that it's a marathon it's it's at its most international. There live. Runners from all over the world come here to run a marathon and blew the street at that part with the finish line is. He's blind with the flag that is. Various countries and it reminds me of the United Nations if you are open there at the flags all the countries and I saw the first responders to bring him toward the blast. And they will. The most flags and looked like pulling them down to get a victims and the flags were. Lying on this one boil some street at the finish line that and as a put it in my column today those flags looks like systems themselves it was just laid on street. I hold him outside. It's like how much is going forward. Find it is again of the partly concerned about the guy would come out that mentally get that blunt and aren't these the same everywhere where he really weird you can pretty even start. Up the same issue as you would stay put and get over this time comes I. You can write it could be in charge of the plays in the institution we should be the continuation erected yeah wait my mommy baby. Good words you're your credibility is all that matters in the business would you say sure he's going to be writing again I'm gonna be riding the boat people would no last names so have riding scene I'm ready for Austin fire him. How did not fire him it's an outs and so far we're about what. Third of the way this whole thing right and yes we do it really gets page eight. I basically highlight the whole page and we are done he's at age eight are what get to there at some more couple pages away. That the play some more sound I mean as I said we can't Kennedy liberals look up to the world that have each other's backs. These liberals will paternal on this. Liberal because he's one of their guys he supported the light is different yours but he but I want second good just ditch it and find the younger girl who's not condemning what they like them. They can assure a wonderful guy a great storyteller chip Jacoby did this he would molest the ten it's. He's a conservative seats and it really nice guy. Like tiny light costs is stupid even just. Image of defending this guy. I know I kept a vacuum. That's okay about it what else is with them we have the rest the sound. This is the first responders who witnessed it over the fingernails part of you know keep in mind before place I've played many times. Obviously I feel like I'm posting about the brain was forcefully before I play this out keep in mind just this one little small like five significant fact. They love it this is true. And I of the Boston Marathon bombings you suck you right after. News break it was because he was so embarrassed and I would say if I ever got a chance of doctor call before develop a seventy Paul listened to it and they remain the street OK but let me tell he's a man. Up from the other side tracked over the like you guys now you know with a got along that forges forth relation with him over this. That's it call. You missed the body it happens sometimes you were on the coach no one thought it was gonna be bombings that day and I heard some chat right you matter to jab still. Nobody the only shot you miss it it's okay write a good story sick to watch that TV. Talked to bill goes beyond I don't know columnist where there were no new reports within the late in the day nobody blames even the sportswriters. Were done most for the most part because. The winners were down mean it was over the week that morning I was if we played sound of us I know we need from. Right before the big pull up the globe would have made fun of the cares about it and we start caring about how it works right it's okay call you miss it. You or hate them were taken an app you woke up the world changed I consider the street my office. They couldn't. And gets he gets a summer off that's pretty gets you be paid privately here. I think paid till now from and next three months he's not I'm not sure what the next three month you'll limit the next three months expert principal Joseph is OT. That's what kills no radio no TV nothing but Helio got to get them won't let up with a list of urgency full question public these guys slept. And I counted in that 11 minute clip. Eleven and accuracy over Google played out as a breast let's go through the leaders will play the rest this out this next sound as unbelievable do we get back. Vote for the rest of this report and then we have to get to to be the greatest part of ball. Scott Allen for the McCarthy Joseph Kyle tribe is class sees that can right. Three morons who have enough anymore to be delayed us I love Colin. Yes that's right three partisans of people tell us the globe has been super classy apple sees as a coal. I'd say quite agreeable go through that as well 6177797937. Maybe the most standing sound of all in and the reaction from the firefighters that too. Sean O'Brien which is unbelievable and by the way great tweet this weekend for Dick on you. The couple bled out almost died during via. During the shootout in wanted to Watertown use his wife Kim tweeted about the skull social talk to us we'll see you at 88 o'clock I'll be right back. Yeah. Bill Richard. It is global community. Activist in tort system to a system section boss and he's well known. He just finished. The marathon. And his son Martin who's eight years old ran out into the street and hug them. And then they'll have to go on it sure does bring issues. Two Martin Martin went back to his mom and his sister. On the sidewalk. The bomb exploded in Martin's skilled. And his sister lost legs. The mother was very seriously injured she was being operated on last place injuries. I don't see. Fire fighter young terrific fire fighter who carry the girl. To implement. He's very upset. He said he wished he could or. It's important to note they write the the this being independent best negation of Collin loves you talking about Sean O'Brien I suppose and in the Richard family support a noted we go further. The globes at the guidelines are clear in stating the globe employees. When workers in the newspaper held the same standard of accuracy in media interviews and public appearances apply to publish material to the suggestions by the globe standard right on his will be the newspaper their grip right now it's adjusting the column wouldn't put any of that stuff in the newspaper it. Don't know why he didn't write that the paper but felt comfortable on the BBC. I don't think it's difficult to ascertain you know he was performing for these BC great. So clearly mr. Coleman right was identified in every instance in Boston Globe Combs is acting as they represented the organization. Sir any way what's next best sound players who want to play. To the seaspan relative of the 10 through the the females we have that sounds to protect. The reaction of the first responders that I witnessed an absolutely. The best. And and those of firefighters who were really upset. I talked for the last night. And I wanted to get out of the hopes and common beaten some of the drinking. He didn't wanna leave until we couldn't get the plot descendants. That's what you still wouldn't sit and postpone this corpus. And you know. Again how how tab and it is this people who run offense on the same. It's only it's it's homeopathic. It's all made up. We do we need to place it Millwood to beat BC still have mall if you told the troops he think he has stood. We those young Mexicans and sounds bad idea MP to paint a picture from watching a television talking to people than 24 hours after. He's eaten it as a team is included though without those public and so have mob he needs to feel like he's yet yes. That's being more specific sound or we get to the O'Bryant part here. I think O'Brien artworks or it's over reference to O'Brien there all right so so then they'd sit and talk to shop -- personally interview mr. culturally port city could recall told Lou finish my source incorrectly assumed was summoned Richards. So again he could recall who once. He said he told interviewer for NPR's all things considered that he got the story wrong mass segment was and tired and believe that at the also incorrect as mister Collins a repeat of the county firefighter. We had that identified as some interviews or Shawn Carey integral to the ambulance to discover new lower leg was gone so again remember. Yet Sean O'Brien crawling around looking for the leg of Jean Richard. After the after the bombing seems improbable that. To the wizards lost a small mistake. Oh OK okay so what's that chew off this is what cuts scoops and hand and Chris Curtis go Sean O'Brien did not. Carry her to go looked like he did knock in those hands and he's he's not a friend Kevin Conroy here we go. A particular concern is a detail mr. Cullen gave to new stock breakfast program that Shawn told mr. Cohen in phone conversation return to the site. Calling on hands and knees in the vain effort to find the wind so could be reattached. All that was disputed by Tim O'Brien in an interview with the globe editors a transcript of which was given to us for this report in fact television news reports that time. Identified that Patterson Chris talked and I talked to who was at the site. The off duty from the when fire departments want to rescue Jeanne Richard. If he interviewed globe editors who title Bryant denies speaking with mr. Cohen at any time money that's they have the bombing. By telephone or otherwise indeed. He said he doesn't think he ever met mr. Cohen told the day after the marathon bombing. Always have girlfriends is great pals good guys that caused this has talked on the phone that night scrubbing of the blood out of its fingernails. Mr. Cohen came to the fire station new interview him and other firefighters. He said the story if you rescuing Jean Richard in searching among the debris for her severed limb was quote crazy. I quote crazy crazy. That's that's one term I would say completely made up would be another one here we go this is to be these next few paragraphs or are. Incredible. When religious mister Collins. And he told mr. Colin hate captures heads up O'Brien's calling you on your wire. He said he couldn't call when he said those media interviews include these accounts are Sharma Brian's rule that's reporting I was getting their take on told us. I was getting us from other firefighters would have known. The story is being told to me was that Sean O'Brien picked up the girl went back to look for her leg I'm out. He told us and how many interviews that O'Brien told him that. Is good Lauren is a multiple award it one yes he said he had no memory of saying he spoke by phone Sean O'Brien conversation include dramatic exchange. We should he try to calm down distress firefighter who hoping girls seven and can be attached. Nor can you recall the identity of the firefighter mr. colts at refused enjoy. Cricket. Because trying to scrub blood from his fingernails these are interviews I gave it up all night I'd be drinking. And I was really upset he says oh okay that case keeps thank you then vote. We've done here you were drinking and you're tired so incredible it's unbelievable. So he says help aids and you ask them who told us he never did Germany he has no idea. When he gets confronted with the O'Brien stuff is really remember saying I was resolution on I don't recall that really and I had a drinking those under stress and slapped. And they sit there and edges. Oh OK I knew there was a good reason. You know the them. 500 mile rule for room gnomes cheating on your spouse from union doesn't count. Right he thinks if it's indeed if you van transatlantic he's safe he's 3000 miles away your winter rules don't apply that's if you were being honest. That's a big. With these. People these investigators who said listen. It was in the BBC was in Ireland was in England are. Think you know did that mattered what's the longest in your lives much we know you're answers much more Republicans essentially been at least semi buzz for the last seven years. What's a lot long's your being drunk. For five hours you're drunk from say April. Over 2013. This. The cost effective asset. Say six month process to people in America were drunk the entire time have a colleague Chris Kurt I was strongly bars on cultural okay October 2013 soar past the point of medical sleeping again. Well let's ship we've resolved that Bob Wright sound. Still battling the PT SB is worth PT yes yes. It was almost like a second hand PTS I just was dealing with so many people have traumatize. It really effective remember crying at night and stuff after talking to people. That is called and and you lounge is term Lott had stolen valor that's guy who really wants to be right in the middle I'd use another word psychotic but it's obviously insane behave like the next line it's it's pretty quick but he was asked if you listen in the broadcast at the questions are raised and he admits no he never went back and looked at the broadcast or the cults in 2013. And then later clarified that his lawyer who copy of the interview had briefed on the questions we care so little about getting this right and knows he's been lying about it why go back and look at it why go back look the truth doesn't exist. You political act it would. Biggest lawyer Canadiens who've had insisted that I look at the ticket you say we did talk about this cap right he did reviewers and gas that can. They're really say you sleep six months to a drug for six month that's April salt assess how this April supposed defending yourself in April however in October 2013. He's on a he's on the panel C span may twelfth with a married man called love talk twelve minutes. Mr. call me captain Vito has rolled covering the bomb with a focus on the first 24 hours Sean O'Brien and deputy chief Finnish central to an hour now remember. Cohen told the globe this interview here he has no memory saying he spoke by phone Sean O'Brien conversation at all. Didn't quite usually good front of them and all that was that was in April 2013. These sorts of talk among the six months later his column. I'd fired a deputy fire chief Joseph friend great great firemen. Grammy he said he city as iPhone is that this is because this is short John Bryant there's a kick him out of the house. And he goes to October when he talked to exclusive and Tayshaun it's Kevin. Yeah I know I am quite remarkable have a drink I mean Joseph and I don't even a one on talking about he was not one moment I don't want Mo. Okay Melissa see a way to and I said this as a joke is in his wish children at the scene. And he said legal Sean found kid and that's what I found out that the boy had died and I want to kill Joseph fend for it spot. But. You know and Joseph later told me that mark inch Shawn was really upset obviously. And this is the story I found at the firehouse that night that it. It to be a firefighter on an engine seven knew the Richard fan. Kevin Meehan the show for that's what they call the driver Kevin his daughter. Baby sat Maarten and the other kids the other two Penry and Janie. Eighty. Kelly sees his daughters in the same. Irises for the result wise. And even though it's legally in the orders are obviously. We laughed because columns such such a fool. It's such a fraud but when we re news new forget how but it's your stories we talked to Richard fan and any so. Just like narcissistic look at how sincere he says I wanted to kill Joseph fend for put me in that situation right. Yeah it wasn't a situation and if you're not an enemy that somebody for Soviet could have happened. These accounts are problematic for some for several reasons he's the independent right. It clear about its eagle through and in the part we didn't play the very beginning he says it particularly new Sean O'Brien he's a friend of mine trauma Brian of course claimed he'd never never met him ever spoke to. Take our Bryant sat on this and yet this is months later again injects herself right course yesterday friends of them gonna be the middle Irving's you know Eddie Kelly host and good public and we given messiness longtime home of the scene. We're gene the gene which is blocked and don't straighten waves to both fighters anniversary rupture his or good luck charm yeah luster this harassment counts yeah so. When mr. Paul mr. Cole may have known Sean O'Brien wasn't in the bombing in vice Versa. Tim O'Brien told globe editors into 2018. Interviews he's not mr. Coleman till night after the bombing. That's a mystical much of the fire station to interview those firefighters who have been on duty for follow up call. I'm prior to that be lieutenants and would've been considered a good friend Tim O'Brien also dispute the scene. Mr. called described in our Boston where he wrote Sean told me he saw a young mark Richards body on the paved minutes after the bomb blasts in the mr. Kohn and you Marty was gone. Lieutenant O'Brien. Told the globe others he didn't identify the boy's body at that time. Indeed recall saying those words to anyone at the boy was always on his margin and he wouldn't use the name mark. Off all. Go away and never come and I don't know he's coming back of my call beginning to quote we employed a there's always has a present data says said oh yeah yet. Certainly from here why not let's. Yeah it particularly Sean O'Brien. Friend of mine and I'd known the night for died after writing my column I stopped off the theory of the Dorchester and I did it for two reasons I really needed a drink. And it was a tough days ahead after the bought realize Andy and I just was almost like who's the real. There's no interest coach Rudolph and as as rockets. Play at a deputy five chief Joseph friend great great farm. See Alexis said. He particularly new shuttle run out of Chris real small gray knows that great for artists had never I don't ever met him until the next hadn't yet right definitely government until the next day. By the way. Chief in. Tonight disputes our sources for readers since he did call lieutenant Brian is unlikely be inviting him to be a pub for drink because you've seen him earlier that night and told him to go home. Recall having a beer with in in and of lieutenant Bryant says or call out to be within a fire her apartment and I don't know I was doing they said you've got to. You've got to go home and see your wife says it's a couple that she is I can't hear you they said the same store things are opposite Jones drives home he realizes if anything it. It appeared Sunday Hungary. Well one place to go nuts. Yeah I think you're right I think he's. Not and not of sound mind. It's incredible the arts at another call also recounts the actions of another firefighter identified only as a former marine. Who comes upon the scene. Finding two kids are missing and we've talked about mr. bleeding badly. Accord that called us account of firefighters attempt to. You fix the boy's leg were difficult because of bleeding media the to be so remember these talk about right there which is in the first ball is first reports as you know the wait was member. I didn't know legged and blown up which is impossible obviously. Well the firefighters interview by mr. cause a former marine team and Upton. Mr. Upton said the 2018 if you called others he did not transport any children missing limbs that they. Mr. Kelly the firefighter union official range the opportunities. And other former marine was president was Thomas used. He did not return calls into doesn't heat seeking their Cuba's activities on the team bombing mr. Colin. Chemical by the way it is referred to ban the optic calls Barry O not to. He could and he calls the South Bend and he calls of these refer to Benny before it who's talking about and he made up as well even topic. Everything is made up comment the factory accuracy of this section cannot be verified. Might they go through indicating that they they can't figure out well and firefighters with a wide the firefighters were identified because mister Collins said. They agreed to be interviewed for this call only on the condition that names not to use it. So is helpful special price this is one story one scoring however know twenty years of right. Of doing stories. Right. That's all we're dealing with incredible story it's a big story credited to me and which is the problem the bulls found him. The story was too big to not be part of look at the Hokies could cull rough had to be part of the sport had to make himself a central figure and he did it in many ways you know he's friends with the guy did this news smelled the taste of it. And he injected himself in any way possible right into the biggest story. In the history of the of the city or put ourselves over part of this next part as well and how they talk about us Kirk Manningham on the coast of the current calendar program was the other one. Who knows. The people 52018. Fighters they agree feels like a six cents column will get to that and more take calls while lap one will while away and you guys interest in this you care do you not care to me it's the most interest are you happy is Kirkland had happened when Colin was on fire and have you offended that's the word I would use of me if you're somebody from around here give Don you'll join us I think would qualify. I mean are you I can you believe disguised as a job and nobody does but can you believe we can you believe the globe is allowing this to happen. Call if you 6177779. Teachers that get you guys and the rest of this first part the second part to me. Is even better of you yes and no question this chemical test to get their revenge right which is which is which is entertaining to hear from you and we'll read the rest of this. Including B Kirk Italian part via. Of this independent panel we get. Kookmin ahead. In which can you see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Can grad student. Kirk in the area on their excellent. Job of investigating and pulling down around Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen a what do. Say one thing to start the issue okay who goes to Kirk netting and kudos to Kirk. Four basic Lee sing something invalidating. His theories. Because what he did was really really important. Which was because it can we know that if if he doesn't do that Kevin Cullen still working I think it take a lot of flak. Kirk and in and Jerry. But they do an excellent job in areas and in and I think they them they certainly should take about for this one. Let me be very clear about sabathia all the other and loves life now could this possibly. Future. It's I'll be very clear about this I deserve all that praise and I find all three of them suck on radio. Larry mark and would only say it's fat. It just even after they phrase cool has it always tell the truth of what you want I mean like Mark James said. Things in theories there you validate your theory you can rebels who. Actually just say things are allowed their I don't think there's a theory and owned his own track and marketing department had reported the story I might return thank proven it correctly an excellent job thank you rob skull with a little kiss sexy for -- Gerri any thoughts and your. It's terrific call Michael's -- president is -- let's get lets users let's get some of the use more I think sort of nuance about the praise from the ten layers your thoughts generation reporting by Portman and purchase a whole new level right. 93 appreciated. Remember was a problem. Ten thank you that was reporting that's a theory right out right you can check. He picked up which can you confirm your talk factually just like Chris Hansen re guests are investigating you know people across the country sexual crimes Milwaukee and the people organize your laptop Israel view that investigative reporter and how is is culled do you think getting ready for CI OC would on the season one. Oh it's all coming together season two was going to be welcome against the Hutus and young believable little gray little time off you know to get to do. They're gonna have a quick montage of what he did those three months. You know they gonna show him on the previous season got a call on a direct last sipowicz when woods where he fell off the wagon whiskey item up yes he says right and about us that's in just points of the class not take care and self. And then something's gonna that shaving offered on my well right now he's got away writes ease. And then sums could trigger its return there's going to be some. Some we dole widow gets you know convicted former apartment. And we need you some injustice. Or maybe a mob thing who dig up some bodies. To do that high. High winds that does he do little kid I've got to devote my series. ZVue eviction to be some in some little kids gonna be on the street by American themselves he's been separated from the records like this can be ministry of state Powell. We need to go global schools or Catholic elected milk so we'll practice. Call we need you wish you bad call we needed a city job or call right the slow burning down easily wake up. BOB a beautiful she knows that he said he's a little better on lust I love that scene though because of Bart as one more colonies no. How to get back to work quite as they could do it on good good good looks at the notebook out of his pocket. It's an old blue blazer but I am a notebook in her pocket and he's gonna write things down than he's gonna show on capitol way in the open it up a club. And then. Get this he's going to be good paper at the doorstep via front page story where cults close exposes everybody and brings them holy name in jail challenge yet. I was right now. To develop what I. I was touched the vodka Collins goes to get the have a by the Hamburg and we'll get slapped his hand enhance of the salad right after a Colorado there's guys his glass of milk. In the part has to say one more markets were normal cup of coffee instant coffee black. A statement about the cigarette people some of the maybe sometime in the not too much about not quite right how about obviously public the girlfriend the one who you left. Because he works to auditors too much we're she can be open. She's gonna be an unhappy relationship that you hope doesn't really love that's a lawyer that rich guy from stooge she's on Wellesley right with a lawyer. Which doesn't really love him because he's so into himself or what you know I shall open the window which seems to shaker had Albion College the snow coming down and the look he just can make icon announced though. She's gonna want to call back but I'll say hunt me wanna come inside please together you know they're good dinner here at the huffington's tonight there. You know the mayor will be there should dollar car she wants she did everything she wants one thing but one well. Love life which cull the logistics of what she closes her eyes and lays back always actually well the rich guy goes out to get the paper it's a different Kevin's right again throws the paper I mean what's a good one or you accessed Google over the silently. Back tees. And the the city is the bonds and by the way his body is but he the other repair shop fix the car she's ready to purple or blue radio. A source the street is open again Taurus is back. Doesn't sleep. Stillness that hook it to get it straight yes that's a statement but for his good luck car for years right and a lot of stories and yes that's that's the car he was soon. When he left the place we is having lunch right on nine on ten more. The day of the ball and it jumped in the Taurus it was in the it was double parked by the cops if you have gotten arts. So I drove to the office that title column you told me about that time that rookie cup gave me a ticket. Writes in Illinois and all of the guys broke his balls at the softball that night pulp chemicals fine Beers on me as Iran that the public knows what not a good Fred is right fours in his she was advocates for all the help you know freedom's. It's a rookie I don't rookies all of the outside sides cap you believe is this Jibril is devoted to credit the kids to sing loudly public very rough tomorrow. Right the scene would be at Fenway. In the bleachers. You know eaten hot dog have a beard talked about the content right woozy attack McCall as the family Annika yelled that word to the Orioles player who called was there he filed that story you know what. Before filing the story. The sock them. Sasha what I'd like to say would you say reminiscent of that round and Colin you must be out of town we go to America expect a great three part that was flashback episode dated the black girl and autism guys who yes yeah right field is usually you know the bomb not it bombed his house he got out. She shoots she saw just like any more. Which does have a kid it's. Always a question is questions about as it pulls you into right this question about that it will get to that the leader at this problem that kidded him the reason decade is that kids term entered a skeptic skeptic column is looking to sign him yes Ali I want to you don't like that topical it's gonna claim NBA someday because he's got the determination. Well well color again could shoot a lick but as defender who almighty god where's Leo what parties where you outbreak that was a really sport he was a boxer and golden gloves before it hurts you know obviously you know when it rains that the move that needs an issue. That arsonists such Barkin. Well both. Let's go to Mike in East Boston what's up Mike. Animal that would tell you I'm sitting and arguably the worst traffic. Pattern on a Monday morning but I don't want the Catholic and that I absolutely. Dying I'm so glad that you bag and academic carbon tax in. It's it everything you name it pure gold and slaughtered could keep up the great recording. The thing is when you read both reports even the one article obese yeah. From calls friends yet but it's even better kemba I can't wait to get a forgotten that we. It be amazing things to conclusion is not. You know he can't work here anymore what's amiss not to go to prison he doesn't have to you can get the job somewhere else course we can't have him doing Greg -- more likely that he's in the same space. As Patricia Smith and Mike Barnicle. That same spot. Just when bill OJD say they call us right yet again that same space in the paper used to be where oracle made up stories right they replaced them. With a guy who made up stories. Or your worst slider. The right Patricia Smith was fired. While it was Patricia Smith fired he wasn't. A do you do what you forgiveness is female. Thanks so could be could be mean globe X and another policy but the U. I don't know globe female thoughts at all to the human female got fired summarily and unceremoniously. True. And the guy giving me he survived or something do with soccer and hand and could peak Corsica you and I said it's in the theaters here they hate us and relate them anybody else calls alcohol and he says did not don't want to give you two have been helped if you don't want that trophy right no pleasure notice I want to be known it. And couldn't work out better for you cause he's gonna be riding again. I can't he's gonna be right Carlson series he's not gonna write call will be Sebelius. And I hope that it will hope you're wrong you're wrong won't be his first column but by that I sit -- he's obliterate her whole hand taking down culpable with first names and last names and you know bussing these columns we bring to be telling the truth and what they'll say you know what. Just works better if I say this guide optimal last name in the maroth to injuries how long before it's a firefighter I knew a friend of mine and an engine 32. Oh no question political that's going to be an apology that's what you know it okay and Arctic or so while we're we're we leave off I'm sorry. Not all the end of the first report so five years later. Answered the call as poignant bar so the ago. All suck fighters they agree feels like six that's the one that to trigger for its members had you that they Chris we got to take a look at this bomb. By the way mr. Crist charisma but twenty minutes with him with these people to months. Colin wrote. I happened upon a fire recently map and the smell remind me of Wilson's for five years ago where he was a mean you could say. You know there there is argument is that these television iconic images on television not yet you can't smell something from the TV I don't think Stoudemire now okay it's fun to be short. And a smaller minute blossom street five years ago were solely lost their lives and limbs and sense of security. I can smell patriots day 2013 I can here dot and I hear whenever multiple fire engines and ambulances racing to a scene I can taste it. Memoranda camp fire embers created certain sensation I can see it. Well I'd bump in the survivors which happens in more regularity I can ever match I can touch it when I got the survivors hands or their shoulders WEEI hosts. Mock that station section on the air in a blog posting. Asked amber rhetorically can smell it taste it touch it CA. Yes I would do that again because he is anybody really pretending. Ecology on acting like he was better this whole purpose. Smell of that narrative art was too. Make the reader believe. That he was there and maybe forget. Did you write about being there when that happened you know remains right even is that how the pressure that at least every guy protecting innocent scam wants you to think he was Cindy was there and accept the initial. Mean you were John talked about bill Richard running the race we read that's right that's true. And people don't read this were for five years and earned your mr. Cullen 2018 he dismissed the criticism from us as malicious misrepresentation. In represented but he said numerous occasions he was about a mile from marathon finish final blast occurred in couldn't get to the scene until days later. Show me where Paul is ever said he could get the scene until days later where. Never until days later. The scene. If you're Kendall Square. You. Which he wasn't but you would attempt to get the sea gulls on the scene at that point if you that would be as chemical ever written or said what he could get the scene until days later he told he got their hourly. He told other people got their hour later I mean what do we do would you give interviews from bad spot but we have at least the sixteenth or seventeenth evening on C and Imus and beef and cheese. And and you when you say I could smell it taste that the whole. Purpose of that. It's his to make you reader believe that you and I would Richards melted and east. He said quote my writing was to personalize it by drawing on the senses of taste smell sight sound. Touch and to add another of grief and you know what until. You can until we discussed. That today there users can one call a compliment to reload the with the it was a wonderful column and that's working galore Eddie was re tweeting them number all the people thought it was great wonderful we want yet. It didn't slow down to. Though to make things to sell he enjoyed the middle of the because he didn't he just needs at his life. Almost impossible to believe that homeland was deliberately trying to mislead anyone OK he was. And Danny what's created just one question for Tim you said you called them and he doesn't wanna join us as a belligerent correct. Yes it is one question what's the alternative. To deliberately misleading. Accidentally how do you accidentally mislead unlike the accidentally make up slowest oh your writing styles omnipresent that's how you doing all we got you. Also just I mean I wish. I had friends. Like Colin has friends you know wish her friends like Ted Kennedy and Joseph Connolly these other men wish. I had people would have my back when was this. You're kidding me to Jesus. I can ball went on to the survivors which has more regular if you read it we'll have a story for us we talked to a and he was driving around you saw Jean Richard. He called that he genie now again everyone nobody called mark Richard Marty that's it Sean Brian several called a marks on the Olympic coach Richard neither is he battling diseases or either. And he weighed Stewart and she weave back and she's been as good luck charm is housed in the hallway and he pulled over. The violates our address is driving or the multiple cities and possible which is fired into the old post are those of the old rule of newspaper the total as a closely you'll poster at the end and cried and cried. Which is just zones six it's also sickening it's it's it's about how it's a seasonal one degrees and see what color let's just say that. Sheen Richards he's your good luck chuck. So creepy. And what's amazing I have this argument which sounds like he was defending Imus obtain. He's you should be more upset that I don't work at the globe item by the globe and read the globe. Unless you know Curtis prince of things Hoosier humming this your colleague making you look back his care. They hate us so much when they they they depicts each other like. Miller of optical bubble here we get to the other apartments bought all you need to know we get back reduce the conclusion. We independent investigators basically buried do a good job who fired get to it and then we'll do the global defense of Kevin cone which is centrist. The globe you know there's no doubt cones liar he makes stuff up beat you know that's it they'll never trust me I feel very often legally insane. In the global looks at and says what's it take a chance takes shots at Kirk and Callahan and their investigation of pollen so embarrassing. A look at tell you they don't want us they gave always tell us don't tell people not subscribe to the globe right. That we've had our our bosses say be classy this weekend the goal was classy or read that some seem to think about that. August of effusive fisons got the globe today I would I would I would I would cancel myself personally that's all that's that's all like it's. 617779793. Said we'll finish the internal the independent investigation they get the eternal moment just three pages and comical. Everything you need to know.