K&C - Kevin Cullen's career is in jeopardy; Gerry and Ken discuss a big win for the Bruins 4-20-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, April 20th
Hour 1: Gerry, Kirk and Mut discuss the latest on Kevin Cullen's journalism and Ken is giddy about the Bruins. 

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It's Kurt. The second went to ground. Which Rask who can get. I don't know he's got to be really good in the post season. Fast skipper he's just stealing dean we hear they believe the. Well. Kirk made ahead I'll say after yesterday I'm feeling a lot more confident myself there I robot a K forty I go to break we went to Hilton's after the show and they outfit me in. Most bad ass Kentucky Derby outfit could ever match. The first thing we see birds said to me much I love the LPMR. That's a lot and Lucy Burge is someone of style I bet you had to lay down on your bed defeat into those keys and Gerry Callahan. And I made that up this column that much different fighter for sure there are people that these. Sit sit. You realize who it would. Their work to shoot rockets passing just underneath a helicopter good for the global warming to be careful Cullen could never forget that people from the scene that Monday we have you ever had to deal with something like this hour and I hope I don't happen again 100%. Fiction on Sports Radio W. Hiring hall. The day Harry if podcast. Few weeks ago in the afternoon. I was walking I'm always vote to thirty you came out during the break. And I sit down as a coach occurred to take them off the records in the world usage Patrice Bergeron is most god damn overeat that. We history since he's been doing hasn't played this season. Will be a great date April late date boss and we sit S oh at key right yes he did saw Chelsea so be careful of I would say it's are of the opinion and wives of lots of that's what you said to me and you demonstrated some thoughtful strong male. But he's right Bergeron to bomb a bomb loser he's close. Has the guts of saying we're told a massive operate as a baby Quinn stayed patient with his ball he dissolved ministry. This fall that lost game three and they gave you that bomb out of Newington Formula One terrorism watch would also admit this morning. They are better team without Patrice Bergeron no question we saw last night British city of Petersburg. The world's problem that capitalism im glad he's gone. Is there a chance that says he will never recover yes it's nice career out of my sources injury Colin to well. I Odyssey were kept me kept talking after that. Can a friend of his these are present doctors about guys who work in yet ER that he. Friend Eddie said depicted it don't look good that he said don't look good. If there was a there was knocking back a couple Bruschi he had an editor that was too which always aware always a taste does post a birdie and then to have when his car cried. These things happened when his car if we have got a lot of fuel record America yes crowd I got. On filtering doesn't it is cigarettes she's with these days. Well he he started be healthy as we've dished the ball miles he smoked Eritrea. Smoked there there's lastly look wearing a bad flashback to not only of the bombings and a night and he cried. And he could have driven like two miles to the office to write a that's for these these new age malevolent old buddy is old buddy Joseph open bar form three the more right so is he's get a key so attracted typewriter yeah I think if I had backroom Foley's. I've been I've been there recalls he calls a copy reads storage room you'd be takes of temperate regions I'm very old school. I consider the street my office I. At this sleep last night after yesterday that's a good question on what he knows certain people have us back he knows when you're on the go rest of the city yes be yes you know the globe and and Harold these torque that heralds as I guess. Some people they're still friends with our car passed Jesus and it's the house fault it's bring Kawhi story day in and I guess tonight I'll be Odyssey gets solid fixes them. Again if you need got it right. You know and and what they Enron. The degree of god he's on the radio what's their role eroded paid running that would be good I don't know it would be great because it seems easy to meet I hate writing things go wrong. I am a bit. That's the last thing I want to do well either way and Perelman that I running and I wouldn't write the herald's pathetic and I'm glad I'm looking forward to the day when they when they shut down for good they send everybody home pathetic pathetic pathetic. Not one word I'd I'd I dare you defend your paper go forward I'm not going to life is always let me just I incurred we it and Chris Curtis Gerry Callahan. Internal voice that's it right now yes and Terrell was doing a spectacular job for message that heralds it should be doing Allah in herald just Hiram. Pay him to me that ran hurled two itself to rushed many companies figured Joba us. We should it's a good idea we should come a long time ago though I work hard. And so why not it's easy to roadblocks that he's do you think we get a few clicks on our website needs a thousand and he he nails it in does collapse left on to Toms way. Feasts like knives its will will will will continue to call soft trustee of remorse sound. More stories more stuff and as the show goes dollar reaching out to more people to expose this lying. Fraud who you know every shot their way the globe yesterday nothing. Nobody else in the city nothing game Kennedy. Harold Boston magazine Boston business journal nothing nothing now what's that a media show week with the Olympic. Let's knowledge of trying other I have to talk about that tonight as Canada's world and they had heard talk that are you on actual iPhone any rulings that go through injuries with a and these Felicia Rihanna from night vision booked you for that ship on the case because they shut up on a shot American boss for a big fan Kevin Kolb and communities that are the big for Mexico yes and eight cents they have little thing they go Packard for at least a day Kennedy yesterday he's tweeting chat about the WEEI ratings instead of this divorce or morals that the banks are caught with total ratings the Stockholm's. Globe has been exposed as a complete fraud everything he's written. Has called on the question. And then Kenny this alleged media critic. Has nothing's I thought the policy this federal difficult as I talked to yesterday and stated in the occult items number I call them. And I said this curtain and music off I'm I've student meetings in northeastern right now to bow to UB three it's. A city they cover this at all us and he wrote a book. With John Anders cooperation and your bad at the globe you probably love comedy and this and always have will do it on the TV show. That's that crashed through a serious questions do you think this is worse than were Christian for needed to work out three men did. And he's them arguments that right now with this course with us with the students at Essex cutting edge fifties. That's that's a me correct that as the media critic I just don't think it's it's good for morale once journalists as Kirk. Shut shut optical stands there's only one. Journalist and Boston turtle was on Boston. Me curtain and that's it. Now lost sleep. Until my friends the readers of the Boston Globe are are spared him call for the I think. See you winning the way he too you know tiger and win either way right now the globe circling the wagons in their number one goals finding which saved. Saved Kevin Collins kept it right today and he. I'm now seems unlikely to say this I mean he's taken a couple of days off really other apple works. Yeah this is pretty cut and dry he sees probably I don't even know what Casey writes it's Sunday probably policy. But. Either way you would Kirk of their farm as they should of course I mean by any standard these should be output. But they won't do because it's you because it's a toss in turtle boy. You know so they gonna circle the wagons that they had meetings yesterday and said how can we save our pal Kevin column they'll know. Woody is they'll know suspected for years that he was just another fraud here's another eighty Barnicle it's been proven. Beyond any doubt everyone knows the groans heard us or one of those red turtle boy knows this guy is. Making stuff or not saturated you talk moment did the day it seems simple there we're so they're so they don't. Arm or their enablers if they don't fire and everyone knows the globes joke I mean we inserted a golf course up at there'll be that people. We primer glory was an editor for animal would you get on you don't do things he knew they don't do things you're a long day enabled article we're talking decades as part they knew right. They knew barnacle was make this stuff Upton who was plagiarize and they knew it was writing fiction do you think Richard in don't they did that you should keep your head down he's popular people like Camille right well popular. To at some level of their money is. He's got a articles libel and close I'm sure that's why is that it'll be Barnicle there are people in that building that are probably happy that Kirk and courtesy you guys did show it yes number I I'm I'm I'm not saying everybody Ayman but it also might make it easier for them to making a move on called you exposes and like he set somebody else now digs in and nobody has yet. It'll be easier to make and Zaza or hold us I think we got to reset the whole cult thing at some point to meet these are people yesterday were endlessly 39 o'clock we I guess and I just. Again a bit and believed social media feedback that I've almost never had. On this story said the today at some point and would you be new sound. Are on Colin new information on call working on as we speak with Saudi guys on yesterday sent me is humble he had unbelievable. The different shape I don't remember a lot of sound incriminating excel from article different times is that it. We get sound that any human being any human being could be O'Brien McGrew were merely to pursue your could be you know people to herald they all know. We're right in no you're right they know he's in total fraud they knows a total fiction editor. They're saying. We don't care. We're gonna protect them to meet this sound yesterday. States it's the worst is Awad. From college so far but this beast there a couple of these things that are unreal. And he's stealing united I don't with the terminology. Stolen valor this is like stolen grief. This is like stolen morning east injecting cells into the lives. Of the richer family include calling your family. In two lives of the cops and the firefighters. Who were there are actually suffered a little details it is so despicable. He's not. Just make an up characters sit in his you know it is in the backroom before always make up characters he's stealing. Some of the spotlight. From the the attention from some of the the victims the survivors the heroes. Of the marathon bombing and this is part of which is part of the trail of malfeasance over decades by this fraud. I mean anybody anybody who's who has one half I opened could look at the culturally pick through it. Including the globe by the way and I wonder I do wonder this is validate your story. So does that mean herald's pathetic their dogged by just amused to death of Boston Herald about you'd done it in the region you suck good bye good luck you know wanted to trouble. You wanna fight the global vision of guts. You know balls that's fine. This is about Boston Globe story of the Boston Globe doesn't take care of their own disease and there there'll cancer within their. There are their department their own guy who's who basically you know gets off on trying to pretend he's a marathon victim. A guy who inserts himself in the stories that's on them in a market tell you Melissa what to do what not to do but that's the Boston Globe going forward and I would doubt every single word written a newspaper. Going for Al clarity do. But they'll do anything about this. And soon. Forget it. You're dumber marketplace Pacific called sound the real bad sound right elements can you taste of Colin so seaspan Cullen goes on C span for these out. You know how to be handled the bombing you know stories on it around tables right panels. Curious it's still his voice before we maybe go through the five million lies but the kind of guy you do with a guy who lives his life. Pretending. It's easy television character on the Kevin Collin you know Kurt drama on CBS result. Hardscrabble. You know hardscrabble locked writer would his bruise in his cigarettes in his bartender but he's in his cop and firefighter buddies. Who you know but bully gets away from golf he's. By himself. Yes I'll handle it can't sleep he he's the demons it's it's picks at least it doesn't get enough sleep. He has second hand he has to get really get to keep inflation for the one million article he could yes on a lot to live by it because it does its job is the job means most you know he hit that one girl is still sees every once and while it's real love. But you know she just and you look Sampson can I love you so much. I just can't tell stories. I understand just leave for the patriots and the candles in the collars I just what you get all of but I respect you so much. The struts around he's at he's annually just so gosh empathetic no we doesn't depressing it's too much Kirk. He goes back to the old solid Obama but I did you know and and Susie and hitting the chickens hotel right to them. But it was like plight usually can't do this with hearts and Jerry. Where every goes as the bombing. The plot no matter we won't bombings follow him around if he's for five hours away. He's another country. Arena couple compliments it is a bombing again in order here to this new when he hears and no choice. He knows whether to bombing and not because he's been to the war zones as a matter who's a mile away or ice. Here's pulpit again this is kept out ISIS' from Colin DC BS drummers is chemical elements he spent was to confuse. Can't sees it sees me. Yours I'm very old school. I consider. The street my office I don't spend a lot of times newsroom and after the bombings I spent very little time in the newsroom and basically wind affected write my columns and even. After point I think I wrote twelve columns in eleven days and I think I wrote eight of them with my iPad at either a bar or coffee shop. This happened and if the rule when you call yourself old school your candidate right now yes when out how old school you are so crazy you're not praise. But that is. Character in his own like not like that column that the content to be like Friday night after blue bloods or play and play him we did you know life he's as he read summaries novels he's just such a voracious reader something goes. Back and forth between the classics and we'll read Oscar Wilde who goes nightstand and we'll read some. You know James L lawyer that Phil prof and fro in just to escape curiosity level paltry. I think they'll do a Dennis like me ads may mix in. And then you know what happens when you're done. He becomes a composite of all these characters in his mind and he sells it and you don't hope what it's a work in. But the globe American money you know fame gets that you saw the all the tweets he gets when he writes. One of his fiction columns. It's all these tweets a great call on you made me cry. He did to meet annually does is read tweets all retreats every single every one of internal or chronicled her tweets from all retraining yesterday at NC. As active as quietly as a guide to maybe I don't I don't know maybe just maybe he's been gone last companies because and other you know Catherine's life like that happens particularly laughable and on the streets sometimes is too much to drink and just kind of passes on the back room with bullies and it happened and I'm very old school in the morning. That are in the morning before because the cleanup goes on manpower Kevin Gary's piece is Caroline you can take care yourself as Gary says he'll only get two commissioners pot of coffee and sit down and talk this out at the got to go back to Cheney Cheney loves. And Kevin I can't John Kerry's gonna have a coffees and it's these fixes the way little wild Turkey and I know Jamison is. It was all James is in his conferences. I just these little. 00 and I divorced follicles and eleven got it was characters to what the white the Fed ex wife still loves what she's back she's gotten new boyfriend but she still loves him obviously he's the thanks just to torture it's always told tortured so deeply damage. You write a couple times a year to sneak awaited on college. I like sense peaceful yeah with his buddies. Yeah yeah so he fits he's this well if it's a lot of time in the news right now it is on life yeah. It's like that that time chuck Austin you know just get rated that day and in the unit in that the idea AG's whatever flock you said you'll probably don't watch around watching the show is trying to go try to cause trouble. And you know what we know it now you and I know and I never read the guy to recently. We know what a total fraud he is in who knows better than that the globe. A prime glory in the presumed they know we've been enabling me this fiction writer Ted Kennedy knows of but he loves them. Amendments to young's as a good liberal is good globe beat. You know he's one of them yes eventually it'll be too much even though The Herald news negligent here even though. Nobody else do they all know that'll blow upon them here's the problem. Is this same space. Article listen. So they obviously he's older sister brother goes so should be easier articles one of the most renowned pleasures its industry history. And they enable them and they knew it so that just recover and their minds after you know 101215 years there recover from that stain. Or they do in the same spot they've debuted article writing similar fiction than fact worse in my mind would article makes stuff up. If they weren't in the middle. Of this. It was as Errol on bond wasn't this there was does that answer pays out its standing as a running game wasn't you know stealing. Attention from the Richard Stanley that calling her family and the cops and the firefighters. At the finish line that's despicable. You know he's got the columns underneath all that article you guys loved it straight left loves its dogs kids are yet yet. Think they are exactly you know assaulted at the end of the episode the dogs like thoughts on his dogs are easily been a little retiring or helping young writers. He mentors the writers you know this. Is he remembers what it was like come up the hard way was difficult and different mentors young team. I don't know that's on draft we have what happens happens column if home is he's never home. You ought oftentimes lectures he's not work in the cable bill at all that exact available rubber band bills and an artist Avery hooks up with next door comes file Kevin did you actually get the old sweet to deal he loves her she's a widow you noting hates when he goes outside from his three -- healthy yet. And he sees the old cup which opens now Starbucks it's. Yeah it's 100% preferred it that hard to restore than what I was thought. True it's now Lowe's he doesn't. Is that gentrification that one little else yuppies who. He hates this and wondering what little jelly filled this to localize all the time Eagles there goes there to help out of there was on the right there right elect. Column is Evan McCarthy not opened yet yeah yes he used to have them market camera. Mrs. and mrs. Ocala I am sure that America Daschle writes a whole foods right hope it's sick. Makes himself does walks right by the street photo albums in that place Yates got he misses this is a talent and a five times as we have to firefighters say don't like he could easily get fired a cop but he should've beaten any credit but he decided not as just a you know it was the noses lucky today. When they drafted 72 is number didn't come up right he was already wired up one ago. All those neighbors went ultimately attract the globe so you can hide is that some of them came home some of them didn't could have been him. You know but he was lucky just had a guy number draft day. The best part about FC east and videos that he's talked Kennedy's always tough when your phone rings in middle of this that the do we get this is off lets us. Get this out so the middle of it. He's talking with the guy's name whatever Isa whose pocket. Did you look like he's rub in his eyes during he really great actor you're ready you did you watch she's I think I didn't want to elites like talking units a month after. But he still seems that he's he's exhausted. And mostly unknown though he ties he takes a Ambien right you know who shot a crown. Doesn't do the trick is to reality of most puzzle or toss and turns like he gets up and walks on the city ways obviously you've. Talk waits for them to drop the newspaper off it and now NN national magazines newspapers are always trying to get them in is more money. But he can't he can't incidences like this is home that was a great episode. For the guys that kept in the best writer in America you gotta come you're gonna pay you a million dollars and he sat there is thought about it and you're and he owes money we don't we it was my gut and debt could use the money among the alimony with what light oil at full all that money to fifty for fits he's bar. And it in the future try to keep alive because it's a neighborhood bars. It's still some benefits is a good guy or in the neighborhood look at giving no points on everybody's flexible you know that of course you know process for these colossal money but colossal money gambling but this is but he's had developed. That mobster was gonna take a moment. But the other guys and they want to know Kevin's curt yeah people it's like it's I thought it was one of one of Austria charles' office that was and they hope he's sorry but he's one of us right it's the neighborhood. So result tired in the cease camping is rob and his guys on in the middle of it. It's during the is on a trial I think great middle of the Beasley gone ultimate call here from whatever upon he'll rise is to be updated on trial 200 victories in just. All the almanac. Oh god yeah Mac. No there. First. I think they care Kirk Ellis don't want to give you. Another pill their banners that said there's no law there has been given little C news is yeah I'm writing a pilot script for this US on a delegate I do I play the bulky or bartender he could likely is. Challenge nephew known I don't know I don't know I've bowyer our text takes to a ball game pressure a couple of weeks call you know Collins Collins Paula sister loves Heidi Collins but he married loser you know America. She loves the TV you always that was full of him money to her right you know he's he's kicked it can get hold the job yes it's very if he got him a job you know gas company right and he too is he where it was a local connections and called the horse you've called of his body the post office to get the job. Would you blow. Two weeks later did show up they call them secure. If you brother in law we have these I just screw up it has gone by and it's execute actor who is Dunkin' is prevalent and a lot of area. I wrote it with my iPad you it either a bar or coffee shop. Are you did you go to the bar so cold to zero a professional a professional journalists were supposed to believe. Zito offices and that and that's inspecting he's not a com listeners hard news journalists about we pretend to be part of the team that won the you'll sort of as a way yes and the other people on the breaking news team won the find out which of reach I don't mind Jack Collins told people makers he steals everything excuse grief steals attention is his valor. He steals. Glory. It's just a thief should receive the season two finale of Colin. When he went down. To the wall and decent public I was companies and rubbed his fingers along the names all the data boosted slightly could've been him on film he does of those guys they sought a place the right nobody Tommy FitzGerald no question and then and then there was the kid that he he hung out with. Even those people neighborhood didn't like it. There was a Tyrell Jefferson North Korea pose an episode of Alexandria recently you can only have force was good he's good people is not one of bustle Kevin Cullen icicle collar mean they do that flashback episode teenager he. It scared of busing issue boss that's right that was that was there were thrown rocks the Boston crappy kids comments as we do but he also fell in love with this is an issue an easel AMOCO oil may have issued Tyrell sister Ohman and all palaces he could never shake is old and you can appreciate it'll make you moves over hundred. On some public that pedophile priest number went to therapy one episode went to therapy it should. He honestly half hour. Drug kept saying you could Teddy issues easily demons to you know she's like she's she's Sampras but the kind of like each other too that's the other. Because she can't help myself but everybody else what would you do if McConnell and I'll say this Kirk and Dell call call I would go to this fiction stuff yet you should work the globe. You really should there will show that it can we know more and going that a model that it sees an hour talking about Chris Erica bar or coffee show. Bomb. Top two scorers who try to convert it. On the body dollar. Hold on Eric this is in the middle on he's done go to middle panel of people and panels sold sold to Sony dog is locked into just lost 24 I was at I. A single to have if I ever get to see him again. Mr. to have annual walk away put it down for a day or two category in my life. He wants to beat and while he's on the sees fit Haley gets a call from Tommy John and I'm a computer. Upped it to appear to get far more coffee shop. Bomb. Talk cheeseburgers with traditional so frustrated he's not obviously feeling below my panel. You know you know we just didn't feel right you know we have like stale doughnuts for breakfast. Dale con he's got gas Jerry he's got to eat better status is he's got a better that's what sister keeps tells us what it would have to be knowledgeable and I'm not a good time to interviews on merit on the day of the bombings he says that I haven't eaten anything since the blast it was like 7 o'clock when he was talking to them the bombing was at 3 o'clock and one or proud about hunger strike you haven't eaten anything for three expressing like that Jesus Graham your embarrassing. He got to take care yourself I'm very old school. I consider the street my office. Let's hear what happened after Tommy Donahue Chicago. Dallas is it the same thing is that just more do we have so far OK we have army Donahue that's a turtle boy right did. We look at his pictures to documentary because I guess he's got he says she is using it whopper about crystal Campbell. That you will not leafs won here as well we've played the lead deep coming Monday morning Laura and Holland work more call and sound disease this stuff is that in any family. That suffered on Marathon Monday evening the essence stolen from. It is an injected himself into. He wants to be part of their day and families he thinks he's like the uncle. Note to the regions of the org. You name it the call Liu everybody everybody everybody involved parcel bomb unless Gandhi's items that are cops the firefighters marathon bombing episode of Colin where. He walks through customer execute searchers security polarism boss that was a bit of stress to show he's got a I mean he's a little Black Sea wall we're playing the character in the movie. And show what took I think told lake that Ryan Gosling yeah it's Arnold's arms artery again it's got a real evil the you've seen Harry Bosch or it's called Bausch sure Erica what's his name who plays him balm that's called picks he has CO which is you know talk. The local guys yes who placed him and they tuck yet so people between I mean I don't know can react that job must be the other guy. Up. Hey can you blame him he gets paid well he lives mix stuff up in people the globe. Tellem is great people tweet about how great that call one doesn't like Colin. They'll play as well cries wolf it's quite as well yeah. Short hair because the enemy wants to well you know one legal and so get beaten and show was Amateur Boxing. Well he's. It's W or your shoulder Golden Globe as I was truly puzzling us sort through Tommy Delaney is straining ABC news sixteenth it was temperature could easily he's our own problems that parents and other had a lot of one I don't between you and that was status that was tragic. Tourists older up knee was buddies is but he was rickets and you know what happened after the cartoon you can compels a little while a little while little. Nancy knows what it's like and you know he takes the pills without water rights. Except. It's only in the movies and people take pills and a war guilt group rate now than average never hauler right don't have a fridge now down in there now and that life is about their faces all those couple Beers we use it sits down on the camera yet get a beer it's himself sandwiched baloney. As dean must stay out of this made us rush. That is the blogs it was you know male immediate deficit this year. Take you half a sandwich as opposed to close and never clean he's always looking for something you know is always. Disease is the guidance for the full 92530. Years he's just portrayed bar or coffee shop. Bomb. Yeah. Tommy John you. It's pounds on Isaak yeah it was it was great weaknesses is he's just down to and so simple right. It shame I guess why do you care and have paid attention. People somebody there in a sport I've spoken to editors there they'll talk about it. They've they've read all these stories right. This is golfer wants to go to play or theater of the security that can literally helping out the other. And a trickle back through it. She wants to get married he's not ready. Well Jeremy went through it you know won't let Paris loves art music and can we just go to Dublin again I'll let you know I don't know if you remember he will be remembered a bit ago. And they were at US what can happen of course the commission's own commissioner call. We need you we need help city and it's like we're not Red Auerbach was into the mix right it'll pull them over on the cap right to be did you yours NORAD AppleTV. But public college you know. With Cullen this seeding Eads can't yes they do with us it was a huge break really thank running stories on overly aggressive Shaun Shaun needs some. Eighty AD needs Tommy Donahue it's lawless characters yet Sully without him character isn't that true yeah. It's he says well one letter in his characters a little epic gone it's not good can evidently don't skin them alive and whomever you members draw from one to go to LA. Colin. Pushes. That your magic Paula LA she wanted to go to Hollywood struggled on the go yeah of course warm sunshine was September. I don't play. You don't let the public debt kept nice to be a piece of advice keep. He's mixes vegetable wants Imus I want to be known DA experts and intelligence a little bit just eat some of the murders Hastert's looking exercise in. He's gonna try honey on the truck and joined a gym he loves his. You know covered war I've covered terrorism particularly in NORTHERN IRELAND. And cover the aftermath of nine elevenths so I wasn't a stranger to what you do when a situation like this but like white. Over a period of days. I really lose as much risk of reporting staffs anyone particularly because of something like that happen. Have you ever seen these villages here as well my ego ever since you guys who knows how to patrol amid US UV huge eco. But you don't like inject yourself into grieving families aren't as strong you know act by the way Kevin we talked to people. On the breaking news team. They say you're from there who are they say your line here you not a big guy that team is 81. And I've been around the block a long time I know lots ahead don't want those a couple of after a couple days out I want after couple days report. No colleges stop in the gas station bathroom just kind of duplicate quick change what shave their heads shall fill cooking over an hour it's only can do look in the mirror and agencies thought bubble in society careless or because you know he doesn't do that. He goes in the castration Gupta honey abundance and still cost got to go to war cause and it's cars and NASCAR outlaws because of Macedonia and all kind of like everywhere budget notes in there rappers have reached the dearly dearly loves though still love that sixty's music you know is that as you music agency and the English class crock. Its policies to set a cassette definitely go to cassettes you know it really Condoleezza Samantha don't want to hear from this new and Susan iPad that you. Susie gets in the car phones that's Pozen can put the phone now yeah Tommy Donahue it's Tommy Don Hewitt station ten. They should tell and he knows station ten and he knows it use it by yourself but we'll Tony intuitively believes she's waiting for a if she knows the official and it's he's average dose of she's got a cup of coffee she's looking or watching just. Again let's and who this is the last night positions at unbelievable bomb siblings. Should supporters shout to attract you don't minutes into every single day every single day still. Go to mom's grave every day of course flies yes I was at ties and I was seven level. Tells us that also makes and he tells would be the real story today announced it and tell us. And I've been a rock live promise yet and until my dying they'll find that guy who killed a unified you know he doesn't even know where his father was born doesn't care. Jones father used to do. And I was Macedonia is you know beat him but he's off. The plea and not all the time he hit when he drank right we didn't we didn't think it was a good man is that when you read in the article don't use them all the herself it was. I was active users back if you war. Mauled insult the avenue where. You know he felt best would stay with his grandmother to which has that was home that was home. That's where she felt comfortable she mechanized breakfast in the morning it's still here Irish broke. Yes which he talks so yeah it every once somewhat go to a ball game was that the legal and great. That ball a couple of tax breaks in them he changed not at war. He's gotten more peace that was and you know W them to the big wondered when things in Italy amid and he kept. Mean content easily been a sniper Vietnam in coastal mountains a great shot. Usually use a zombie food police he knows where this wait wait you mean it does not get trapped thirty not qualified Republicans took mutual again shoulders does an old VA doesn't take time the register and having him gone but he hasn't it's up in the ceiling. You moved Selig glove compartment you know he's not going to show what about the should that's his South Florida that. Marvin Hagler told him if he would have been EV big ad supported that we can know when they were kids gold glove you exactly what it middleweight yes would have no doubt you call but this journalism thing to Holland. He's done. He can't do it he read Breslin whose kid. It's that I wanna beat resident right men. Let's go. It's alleged that article tells the kids about the old saying this favorite kid he's originated but neighbors definitely say this article was mentor and he did it. He's lived up to the legacy. He did he come he surpassed. You're you're you're on mentor. Kevin he he's party today property he would select particle is that he's. I could make of that crap I was that are the street my office. She's considered the street mind. We got more sense of the sky actual center not going to believe we'll get the chemical as well look at the Red Sox who they went 8216. Into the US Hatteberg had never gonna Lou it was an October. October yes there will wait six months got but if you just quicken up there role in the Bruins role last night and I mean we can react that's another homicide. Other lead off only two of us are. Was it ten alpha code began just a day later the hour now that's a good idea that he only a panic and is not 1:40 this morning. I don't know Tony do O for three aren't completely on board of three strikeouts oh for three. Well for free right or three case also received this today after court does his own people cordial supports policies. It this is the thing he can but he still couldn't reach BC talent the racetrack I think you know our voices on box that at Saratoga we always it's always. Yes I don't I don't want to no avail Elmo knows everybody knows everybody else knocking heads on their arms their paddock he ends are those jockeys that he knows horse all the kinks cover across the street a shot and I was trainers stretched it's not easy hidden -- -- -- side it does right even he has some correction expert yeah administrators of Suffolk downs we see this is just one bite you swim by Friday night fights they'll and he loves rabbit Chelsea watched fight other rocky impartial own culture that loves. Love's place. Please mrs. pocket for Zoellick hasn't talked flights anymore masters series says Sam my what's his name. Teemu Samuel boxing is what does that ticket the ticket and it. That's Fisher's eloquent on shore maybe we can help Pacific talked his brother amid the talk from President Clinton and his brother lives in Wellesley again he sees a lawyer who. It's strange so embarrassed by Moody's hydrant and a white collar to white collar punk right you write this. Last gasp like diesel but sometimes to drive a third night as he sees his nieces nephews and talk in the look inside the house it's snowing movement. He could see the playing them from wants to walk him but he knows he can't write when the world ASEAN will Michael cannon when asked is he will stop by Christmas Eve and nice that is nice moment. Always my favorite show on TV. I didn't think you got to write this you've got to recognize you should start you know you can play if we do a Colin. Episode reading pilot episode like. He's got a voice for dealers I don't usually well I don't gray haired Conrail would kill for your voice. I mean obviously you know and just keep smoking can have you can get it well hit his own cancer scare but you know stuff going either going to doctors don't know. Hill nothing. Is gonna beat and beat. I should pass that I'm news there's got to root of the reporting staff anyone. Can you honestly it's just so you know play the worst sound just so you know to me that right there is alive. He was not part of the breaking news staff. Who won the Pulitzer this. Here's the thing though Jerry he's on the panel of people who work. Right when we say noted that. Your forget why and I'm because they're protect their own I guess original that would particle that's forty years are good good good leader a great job sobriety understand. And 61777. I'll say that he threw some good job kid. How about public put the kid. You know Cullen mentor for years and turned his back on that big city of went went to go to New York yet to the times now it you know knows excuse was way Wentz who's. He's the debt culture that is better medical medical plan gets him is rich he sick. We'll get to the Bruins were gonna get the loans can also get glue him up. Plenty more power to get through this is just start talking about not the televisions yours I'm talking among them by a wedge from the Twitter people put together Colin TV series. We can't appease the images are an America that's all there are on it after that whatever it is we get policy on you can believe it gets worse and worse and worse and nobody saying any pictures you guys say about this well 617777. For seven. Read Gerry Callahan and layered recap. Game four mid week it was we get back. Love thoughts again guests Nicklaus but that's about it right threes are steering wheel to wheel that would that would help restarts can and no defenseman. It was a great game but defenseman or a million block Joey gets back. And the twos threes and guys are goalie to for it's it's an outrage or do we get. Getting stiff. Oh yeah. With a chance the. And I just say that I put it on instinctively on messenger and like halfway through. I said damn forgot. Went to NBC it was so much better I can't tell much better is even amid. You can talk camera weren't on the game but he was due as what stock do I watch I went back and forth dock any old checked on a podium or blogs are the guys that it's our job to watch it enhances let them have access well cameras are as good zionist Israel last you'll have to. It's much better can't write what it was a better much every slice is better than but that's zarrella necessarily underdogs so much better than. Check in Breck was shot on what you eat your brick immigrants aboard the check is just that Jack never shuts up and it's the same old tired thing. Jack literally never shuts up ever. Ever and that's the best part of the playoffs. Sock puppet Iran every game's on NBC right. Yeah Saturday is for sure I such an exclusive primetime and GOP arrogance its exclusive. Saturday is there's Jack and and and and then you have that other guy John force I put them yet MM he's good to just low key which is the better. More anti standing though no question product no question and and McGwire is at stuff he listens to what they say on the bench that's awesome. And so Craig put its Briggs gives you advantage energy it's I think I think docs still left us a little overrated and people mean and everybody does know blows my crazy aren't a comedian that's what he's fine he's OK but he's low key like. Yeah so he's not yet found out what he has to embarrass mr. berg he knows this is in game seven of the finals Jack or Jack doesn't know that shift like that resting on the Brooklyn. A U I mean Buchanan I think we better at this in my I'm not really Shortslef dissent in the maple wasting. The Bruins who went on Saturday there Don and and will be you know what I have a blast targeting Hamas had vs Tampa just a bit tougher test they're good defenseman who's gonna tougher test. Sure you pick a mini around and Donald even know little or hurt Arnold I Portland says there are inconsistent. Wood and maybe they are horses on the road to it's true. But do we you would agree that police defense hawks were genetic and does that do they ever practice. Two on ones you think I mean I know yeah of course. They look like they didn't. Expect him. Honestly yeah. Latest outbreak of Smart rate so I thought Babcock was a genius and them. He tried or no question wanna on news watch what a great coach at work here now. That's what his top scholars and shall hopeful that the second goal I'm sure they got smoke and Marsha and Eagles playing with a bill Bergeron the moshing gold to the defenseman in the goalie not pull play the puck. And he's an audience okay do you not work on that yes so what they should plate. Passed away correct this outs in the goalie plays deposits of gold goalie play is pastor knock. Sure I'm pucks kindness or should say parts turn arc. The goalie plays postured. And then the defenseman. Who Gardner 51 guard do you should play Marcia you know order. I'm I'm with Kirk that carts overrated. Want solid series Austin has used to shield the stories story of them really were running of the world yet seventeen shots one gold one goal. Hi what's the blocked shots he's myself as a buying us what fourteen for this year Zelasko. I think that the the bros defense Orlando blocked shots they are Mickelson was blocked shots and twenty to seven yes it's got the right. The rightness point threes point 37 yet. It like every Mark Eaton in the people and somebody else with nova these blocks was hurt teams on these take real heart yet hot shots and hockey. She saw McQuay laid out he's probably hurt he laid out blocked shot on pay for the uniforms on your for local markets India because definitely it and eat it. Yes note also that that Welker did he knows neighborhood they're a kid. He would love to play hockey but she's appreciative of China I put her heart those goals that you don't want dad you know what he did one time what type of friend is that the rank. Get some equipment given to these hookers kid. Yes he's now playing hockey right there she has to waive the fee no system dedicated his life yes you know it's comfort and the season for. What's called Amazon indicated she says the same thing to hand subtly you got to focus is to decide your job he says come from you that's always a packet for the editor walks like famous athlete acts of every once in a news. Says was Colin trifle release the iPhone. It's eleven they have an old boss he says. He does that editor section to such sentiment is tricky too much of that are says I'd love to about a wacky and look at you what can I do but it's about these people read it. He's he's cease knocked these comes out of the pot does he fight these people. And I know a lot of cops one allowed and he knows all the proper. It's can I knew. Let the second emir the first column I just got to try to make sense of it make sense of the senseless and and now the next day I knew what I wanted to do what I call it columns that does ultimately don't make sense of the senseless in the bedroom is old but right now there construct and then turning a coffee shop and start building it gives us some off. The old neighborhood. What how to automate what happened getting up there these two play stickball for a that'll coffee shop now it's gone it's gone on these yuppies. Yuppies in your team orders. We uses a public yuppie factory owners who's on his ass at the office as he's checking those facts at all right I don't write a column -- right out of college okay from Dartmouth yeah I do beat pubic Garland let me let rice go as the cost of college let me recognize the value graduate you know causing him to be money had to drop a good job I'll show you don't you artifact I'll show you my factory has brought the word Jihad two years I went to school hard knocks her graduate game's gonna quit smoking -- news that the guys that -- seven tower allowed. Seventeen would. To battle all seen college just around the corner we weren't assured again. He's wish that nicotine can get a clinic and they can't smoke in the newsroom anymore each Friday. Please enough with enough to get a lot of cops firefighters expect significant red mile go to talk to us. Me lots of on his best friends. That's true that one of his best friends at the naval and he still talks to Maria the wife is his buddy's wife and OK yeah I kind of likes of he's not get kicked out. Memorable and tension there though all of the book that kid the neighborhood kids neighborhood he was going places and you just knocked. It could have been someone that you don't happen. Start on the pills pills turned in of that heroin. Next thing you know. Turned up tolerant side murderous rocky take to keep it discount tip off the tees that you could do didn't shower heads and mess that was Kelly cap. I'm very old school. You're right month you say year old school not only Europe total hard though it's not old school he just pretending -- was -- art and Sloc. What's the blog is evidence that it all the stuff is all heart of 101 a total so audio Donahue is a series over. Any change over it it it's gone ecology that's lifeless in Paris last. That's right Zuckerberg was going to be on the road right on the ropes and fans are there any fans outside of the stadium watching again last night analysts I don't know definitely showed so it is kind of pathetic in the sure the fans this is the Biggest Loser franchise in the world great underrated loser cities in America. But and on Latin America North America. It's a basketball city is what it is a meal what two raptors was also they want to pick up joke art. 51. Point five years ago John McDonald 51 years it's the ones so anyone fifty and under has never seen. The maple hopes with a cup pathetic yeah. Call dad this column loser they should it's called the curse of Carla Bruni prompt. At a time Bobby organ double trouble here call take care of what's right. Coat and cut in or slipped in some tickets it gives you these original I'd particularly game that you're gonna work with the kids in the neighborhood he was up there and sit with us. Eddie Coyle could. What's in the peace and when it's the kindergarten all the time yeah and his his lawyer was frank out from her throughout this guy's a drink together. That's not exaggeration. I swear to god Collins creating characters. Based on movies on TV hooks I see a lot I see a lot of frank Galvin in the verdict at him just hired the fate tired of drinking smoking. You know it probably took personal taste had self that is the question is office is to street. I have some news on this that Kirk's been discussed with mr. Obama during the break it is getting worse. Very fast from mr. chemical. Morning erections so when. Let me check can. Can you apologize to Borges right now. I should he committed and minor misdemeanor and apologize to Jason Boyer that's OK and Stephen Glass Steve Stephen Glass a few people don't know wrote for the new republic. And just make stories up out of the mayor got busted for. Jayson Blair of course we know he made things up completely I will status and Ron Borges and Patti Smith and even Mike Barnicle made up cancer patients made them up. They never inserted themselves as central figures in tragedies. The article never wrote that he was you know. 9/11 or. It's I don't think he did in May or could see that you know could see the buildings fall down at all smartest she's Smart and Kyle he knows that that would be. It's just so. Obvious that he knew. That he created characters try to have some why did that I angles I never told us now. It was supposed to be on united 93. Oh he was yeah and it's still hot if you if you call that last minute and other known to launch a hostile yes all I know exactly when asked that's it's. Here's the report portrait you can drink. Missed the funniest story was right did you get so folk oh that's right boy holds boss his mother rushed right attitude to the story and we'll it was a lot of good god help you rushed there and he saw the plane take off. You know they'll fix it he was there is that by Mark Wahlberg himself because they think it things I remember that because it was like. 9 AM. And he ordered another kind of stuck and rocketed northern part tentative she kept at 510. Is going scotus at least football gets there and high school baseball team brought together yet Kevin's got a gold placement for a scholarship offer yet from Miami we'll script Brothers a couple of years old but he's one of the ways on the guy's neighborhood to carefully protected he was he was that your rulers in its scouts tell whose goal probably what happened is older brother and I'm. Right. He jumped on a grenade to save them open to him he predicted. But X but Kevin. Was going to be an agent these days or told alcohol may what you would Holler speed he was like a five to laugh that people called on the mic. You know to his -- reminded of Mickey Mantle hit the notes which hitter he seems in the neighborhood that's right and he was able said he was better than Tony's good Tony see that the date appetite to address that was his stated they were best friends everybody knew we sort of a little bit ambulance on the way to the hospital with a Willis but he was ready and then one day it was silica. That little hole in the infield rounded second and third party at triple. In this guy he knee went on knowing still he still. We don't hit when it rains do you feel any fees to fear if he can stick a couple of you know Tylenol is what made more stronger you gonna trying to politic now. Good loss he's he'll choose choose that this is but it and it was like Mickey Mantle he would speed yet power read all day to pitch here a big that you do women loved him and called for some reason the show he came back. Doesn't make sense that they did it ever does that show a kid I so we get is this unbelievable I don't know. It's incredible he just text in the name that he uses it what exactly I think it's going to be god is religion or is Tommy Donahue I just bought the Vista takes hours five minutes and we come all of us. I he really he similar mat Patterson he wants this to not be about them he wants to be about the victims there doesn't inherit him Kevin and one detonates that what do you make about themselves salaries but it's about the victims only survivors right tepid victory column loves that once a year you'll neighbors who carnal you log on goals anybody gets his gloves. He walks around lights up Soledad and are examples of Owens and invest in it definitely I think guys are hot dogs has all the kids deal in the week. I you have to get to the breaks you take this call it. As I've a feeling hurt us is Curtis likes as is part of a feeling we're gonna see happy Kirk the group never seen how to get there are happy this first hour it's. I'm I know why I'm writing this script yes. You electorate that special kid on the block that day that can haven't gotten a month Sox tickets and it was nice to from the ball game as he was happy just since the bleach is Kevin snuck down. The front down these Jon and you don't get its friends. He's not present we have for a couple of summit as Kevin come on down and up and and Lanny and I know a lot of Costa. The kid on the block you know special kid Dan remembers everyone's birthday. Schedule yet he's a good kid good. Texas a ball game those counties have done it could. The ball game after originally did. He took when he found so a couple of from Columbus can meet Ortiz. An amendment Ortiz. This remember that story great story from when the when the young punk young factored told Colin the number one time there's no I don't I don't know who burn as best friends access. Yeah that's what gets half the stories yes. We don't know from below from nobody who really know what it is what's new book equity what's next this Aruba this FaceBook wouldn't pocket over the coffee order came back and they go and cappuccinos. And he just looked at she exploited now. Allied coffee black and Alice that's. Seated at all gloves off because a lot of folks come on cigarettes you on to a coffee cup joins us now is how we cut down syndicate content. He smokes half the cigarette approached the way he told his mom. Mom and on top mafia mob. I'm a time a kind of have to cigarettes. I don't know there's just demise every day she's still in the she died in one column with anybody. And really tough day when he goes and it's Ali's he's like that the cigarette but can't smoking you're only at all it's been a tough out Jeff get off to an active smokers these our secret because he's got he's got he's like he's like Rudy double room in the back to set up for me it's little concrete examples yeah. Please just froze his wife beater his own he's the consulate he. What's the body when he gets a call one of the sources he goes in the back room full brings you back. That's at them with friends who love pasta pretzels you know it's like first easy and all day. Victory bar or coffee shop. Well you got to have gotten me you don't look to meet your college city of football I would unless you've got to get to sleep go home. Go home that Jimmie can you take could take call home just take them home I can do myself I can drive myself. Everything he happens he gets pulled over it's always a company they take care about the singer. Communities communities cope advocates call cap yet Apple's got lucky you get arched get a shower this city needs you. I I mean this column college thought that this. Qualified it's bad. Appointment call right now 617 season eight character and some poems stories. That would be accurate. Fiction. Oh yeah whom. 617779793. Several grip. PO WEEI. I'm very old school. I consider the street my office I don't spend a lot of time in the newsroom and it after the bombings I spent very little. Usually basically went back did write my columns and even. After point I think I wrote twelve columns in eleven days and I think erode it with my iPad at either rate far coffee shop. Mom. Told them. Try to keep track the track. And I know a lot of hops. And look at them. A look at another chief. Nice story continues to unravel here's what equipment known Sierra. His in the hallway on the phone on idea. I've known them for a few years now you know what. I don't think of it was him so happy noble. This is. In and yet in three days ago we get another great rating book. And another great rating bonus and he was pretty happy but this. He's even. This has an even more elated. The story is advancing as we speak and as I suspected. People are calling asked people calling him people called Chris and send let me tell you my experience for Kevin Kolb as some of these people. War. You lose by Colin used by him pretty apparent at this point yeah firefighters yeah. People the families of victims grieving family members to riches stories as they can spend it enriches fiction. And some of them are saying you know that's me I never said that I never did that. Include some of the principals who were allegedly at the finish line to say that well it it's critical have all the top. Trials right it's not surprising that that once it's it is said to me that yesterday once. Once you find one. Shredded this the threat of thought the thought that this is the only time it is there. It eat eat eat yet to be fooled the belief that. That's just the way it went talent Barnicle someone suspected there was one you know fraudulent calmer one fiction a piece of fiction and they just started look and I mean. They archive everything's everything columns written. For twenty years is there for the minute right now I mean obviously the globe itself our doesn't care. Because it's us who were breaking the story it's Kirk it's Curtis so they don't want a cute and Curtis or Kurt to satisfaction so the GNU circle the wagons. But they know the more they look the more they know he's been making stuff up he has a world class. I part as to who is. Writing fiction presenting as fact putting himself in the middle of everything. I mean the guy is a joke and incur club all the details shortly. I assumes he's on the phone. I believe he has yet mrs. if it's anything like the congresses and I had he's going to be area and I have remember a lot of details mr. McGregor should he's ahead here. On the advancing the story that's as far as I don't it's too easy yes yes it's just one and we've calls and lots of people. Minnesota the first witnesses will not the first person as any today is worse than many there. I mean obviously. The sound mix at all more than a sued we have they have played. The worst sound I think also for which one which indeed the new BBC interview that you guys sent yesterday. And my only additional thought into what you guys talked about all day yesterday just from listening to your reporting. I'd the sound is yet it's more damning than the actual columns in total really really bad but when you. It's the tone of Kevin Collins voice in that the Saudi played yesterday this new sound you have today. Where he tries to beat put himself directly into an act as though. He was somehow affected by it it's the home of someone who is grieving somebody's who's like we success for mayor who lost expect this old or eight total fake fake fake. The story told the finish line we suspected. A book and you know firefighter walking on call around his hands in these. Looking for chain Richards flag suspected that was. In questionable yeah. Let them fight for a short picked up. I believe that's been confirmed let me just say that that's been confirmed. The good it's that it's a lot. If your future if it is weird as she enters in I haven't heard or spread into the Bruins he's so happy that they're up 31. They don't think they win one you know. Kind of boring and on the fourth gives dubs the winter I don't know please oh please over it's just my take on playoff hockey but everyone says it's great. I agree. Has to be one goal game unless I was pursues its two goal game. It loses all its luster would you agree they actually lucky to to bully when you Graham went to one goal game or tie game. One break one bounce in the thing holes here we ain't got that last one billion the second period was dreadful. Game socked there was no want one power play. One of liberal and one in one hour all the gains in Iran should not surprise rate one I'll. Play all notify its home penalties. I mean it was just lifeless you want slightly targets down big in this game on Saturday night needle grass and get a couple fight to build 2005 we go oh you called it's some gentleman's sweep. Right did you targeted called them once a gentleman suite five games. Okay body guard who liked Kirk's off the phone now we will pick this up on the other side will get all the details Serio. We just you off. Our work is done. We're and I will say this I just spoke two Sean O'Brien. We'll explain who that is if you weren't listening yesterday we talked for ten minutes Crist talked him as well. This is gone from insane to literally on the beatable and it should start with Kevin Cullen Jerry people should be fired left and right you are not gonna believe this mother's well it's a gentleman sweet sort of story. And held at this point we're gonna. Have gotten that they're set. Of Kato the dog show Duncan vodka. It did Angela Jones chipped outside games this bigger engine that. That's all listen I'm leaving the Bruges is a tournament particle and this is an Chris I've never I'm in shock right now. It's on the ball we go there you're not going to be Norton and I'm looking forward here all the detail hours to. Hang on guys listen we're gonna go to the whole thing are we there. Baghdad for awhile we can't this is crazy it's over this is madness if the Boston Globe doesn't fire Kevin Collin. Into internal investigation by 730. They're done they are done that people don't report this forget it for ever read tell you exactly what happened we get back.