K&C - Kevin Cullen's comments to the BBC were fabricated; The Globe's internal report is flawed 6-18-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 18th
Hour 4: Kirk, Gerry and Mut discussed the findings in the external review of Kevin Cullen's work and discovered some issues with the Globe's internal review. 

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Skirt and Callahan all men the text line was says we'll sex line is great text line is 37937. In the ninth candidate has take mark to mornings and ARC got any right you have. Our potential buyers I really hour. I'm talking Manningham level mid wow that's huge you saw give it six month on match oak circle we vowing to your knee out one goal. Wow with. Kurt committee has used crazy disciplined as everybody thinks you are my body is my assets it my body is my asset it is. You just your son. And then the Internet blew up on her what did you think of that I don't know I grew up in an affectionate home. Makes we wanna hug them and get over him come on I don't have a problem showing the affection that. Told them I'd love. And Gerry Callahan the Boston Globe has suspended its Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Kevin Cullen and a lot of hops. Luke I would say one thing to start the she's okay. Kudos to her admitting it. And grads to hurt you Jerry that we should think about this when I don't allow you should take is to journalists. Journalism classes. And say this is you do have Sports Radio WEEI. My guess how it works here's to kick off our former Soviet Floyd joy has been is when you are. Feared you call me. It's you do something right your colleagues then in turn praise you and that's where I always measure expect that's outside reasonable yet to break through tell me how much you enjoy 22 months ago I did and I actually did yeah yeah a few attorneys consistent. My only issue a trainees have said is tourism you have to sometimes care about yourself. Like their other ill in if you don't care what you saw Jennifer anybody else through two good point you know oh by the way real quick before I hate I hate to do is plug. But if you happen The Beatles and his game tonight a QB they're not beaten and we part of the people singing god bless America couple fringes are we next will we be there this or will we be saying. I will not LB videotaping regularly goes to embed videos are not being able to see it messes up you stay for the game. What's it's the within his dissent is the seventh inning stretch of spinners on cell and they do it wanna yes I was seven innings a game at. Now know it by nine for that typically double header to please god dammit Snyder's funeral 99 innings it's professional you failed that. I was hoping I was willing to consult hot. How he thinks it's a hundred degrees we'll take our role as a lot of this time 6351. I don't have a first pitches very well which result of leave Lexington about 345 and there. Undertake reforms said that right and they were threes in the pick your poison currently we listened to you've got a brief and they'll yup they'll break in the World Cup the B ratio shall guesswork out of daily talking Iceland and whoever they play in Argentina Argentina was a tie every was surprised. Although I think the population exactly the same score exactly was he confused. And which we've done a lot of college here. In order recap these two reports as quick as they can before we get into a sport we do this a state system I don't know just two of you you. Do you do well first time of it took forever the first episode to get to pay for faster okay the first 160 pages they played much of the cold audio that we played. They essentially said that the candidate Kevin Cohen is a lie right he made up you know the shuttle traveled Bryant talked to the globe independent interviews. Said that he never met call before the data marathon. Paula called a prime of his best for a really different pal. He said he talked O'Brien on the phone that night O'Brien did wanna leave because of the scope of fingernails as the blow out disfigured. He said he carried Jean Richard who's looking fours crawling around looking for her limb we all know that was Bree goes crap we heard the first time Albright confirmed it. All of the other Collins sentencing is a mile away camp where scores Jerry point impossible chemical were camera square written. He would have written about everyday reporter pressed into his said he was barracks for bottle with a lie about bill Richard running the marathon moderates are running up to him. Was still. On a on the web Saturday yeah. To the weekend which of amazed these people who did the review these two people to be impartial or outside review but Kathleen Carolyn Tom Fiedler. They couldn't figure out why it was still up there had been repudiated her. And discredited. Long ago question. Also point out we do get a little bit Kevin calls excuses for this he suggested in the aftermath these audio bit the video audio stuff we played. He'd been tired he'd been drinking I got emotional yet but than four months later right that he got he says the exact same six months later six months later April to October -- August okay a he said he had no memory of saying he spoke by phone Sean O'Brien we are sound says he did obviously in a conversation include dramatic change Richard try to calm down this for us firefighter. Who'll the girl's severed limb to be reattached which you know never happened obvious you limp it was lost the O'Brien was there he didn't know about it. Nor can he recall the identity of the firefighter who mister Collison refused to join for drink at the pub because he's trying to destroy a book from fingernails as the interviews I gave I'd been up all night. I've been drinking and I was really upset you said in Dubuque orbiters Sean O'Brien firefighter who Collins claims he's good friends with his house with. I was there with you Richard tonight's beat with calling it any time Monday by telephone or otherwise this Marathon Monday the bombing indeed. He said he doesn't think he ever met Paul until after the marathon bombing. He said this story can rescuing Jane Richard and searching among the debris for severed limb was quote crazy. City. But the finger really about having Paterson was known for months it was in this you celebrate ceremony in Linford to honor him yes the one who can averaging Richard correct so everyone knew it was public that that Sean O'Brien. A didn't do it and and never took credit for didn't want credit port on the record played from the sun cause. It is a matter what you say about. Kevin cone. You can never make him nothing no sound as bad as he makes us wonder what we've been just know I'm much Brian you know Iraq and Afghanistan yes. Talk talk probably capitalize yes right we cat I had fifteen lives earlier in this Colin. Minute clip is that right that's correct. Let's this is Cohen talking to use the BBC BBC myself when was the day after this is April 16 the date following the bombings he was talking about his relationship with Sean and trying to sort of keep in mind just keep my did you hear that Sean O'Brien told the globe told us told Chris told me. Exit because exactly topical. He's never you never met Colin until the day after the marathon. The idea he would have done that which in Richard's crazies he said Symbian rescue business personal recognized right away to some limbs missing right politician who doesn't realize it until he puts him in in the ambulance which is a policy so. Just disgusting should make up the story. Using it. It's. Seven year old girl right in my views to the and by the way Colin still employed with the Boston Globe suspended for three months but he'll be back here is Colin talking about. This whole spirit today after a marathon and Sean O'Brien who doesn't know Colin by the way at all at this point. I just got off the phone. Not long ago with a young firefighters who are very concerned to vote. He's young kid he's a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me what you saw today it was worse than anything sort of war zone. He carried. A young girl. Whose brother was killed and seeing them. I actually do the father just released today. And when you finish the races young son. When sidewalk. Because. You're an old sports history does that. Anyway back on to decide what his father walked on the registers. And the bomb exploded. Boy was killed. His mother was severely injured and the the girl. My friends firefighter shortly after. Carrier. To an ambulance. And considered fit to be put it doesn't realize who it was this. While we all knew we can capitalize but they forget that it's a disgusting it is that a voice to acting pretending he's crying the reason we know he's pretending these crimes because the whole thing is made up he's not friends Sean. Heeded the artificial heart is on it it is and it you know that be like me saying some guy went and picked her up and did know there leg was blown off until we I mean it's just an he has Sean who's a real person doesn't know Kemp Colin. From a whole issue on crawling around looking for the letters and notes that would change didn't happen and happen. He just wants to be he wants. Thabeet he wants to perform he wanted to be with the air British audience. He's performing really felt what he felt like you know again that's stories I said was never globe the globe editors who can tell Jennifer Peter these other hopes it would go through their way through. But he even Colin knew he could tell that story in Boston paper right because Brian would see it other people see it that snippet outstanding O'Brien. You know we talked to be aware of some BBC regular Q did prior you know five years it always feels most stuff around net. And and input yell PC to BBC. He could be cured people don't liver quashing of roughly one dollar port BBC interviewer and you recall it's toward the day before he talked to him it would never caution might ask who's actually there you soon. Sounds lets you see what did you think of why would you think otherwise what you think the guy's a complete psychopath. In his stature continually grew throughout that we broke it again or these types of interviews it was dome Larry O'Donnell might be easy and it's on a CNN a lot mortal and he did one with that was it was Brian Williams Mike Barnicle and she kept calling it together yet. Yes yes let's say here Ken Donohue you guys talk about this morning like. Had to deal with the Kevin wants to be part of it to improved only stature financially but also with the war is it just seems like any good topic character lieutenant O'Brien this is talked vehicle people independent panel or the new people published report. Also this mussina mr. Kohn described in our Boston that's the book to read we talked about as well. Where he wrote the Sean told me he saw a young mark Richards body on the pavement instead mr. called mrs. Cone's quote O'Brien stadium and you Marty was gone. Lieutenant O'Brien told the globe editors and didn't identify the boy's body at the time. And didn't recall saying those words anyone he added the boy was always known as Martin he would never used any Marty. I mean it's so repulsive honestly I'm glad they buy I'm glad because it makes the globe look bad. But I can't believe there is vomit back in their lives is this profits here because they believe anybody else and it's obvious I mean it's which sent. Anybody else these fire because you're our sole owner solving it saw silently occasionally I'll cherish for the help these outside wouldn't be so obvious he's may have stuff before we already know we as you meet on the way this from the outside review said one of the values that journalists hold dear is their credibility. Audiences believe the report. Now how could you go forward and think any reasonably any pol let's toss next time his story with some of the last thing. And which will happen that's evolved and has moved there I mean you know you'll know you can that's why they ever Barnicle and Patricia Smith. And why why keep them every time you talked a coma this is remember something I don't know I talked to some guy neighborhood this to talk to a penny Upton. A former marine who came upon upon a scene found two case of missing limbs. Disrupt the said the 2008 interview with the globe you're not transport and each go to missing Wednesday. I'd set or no children over the border with the work I mean obviously there was Richard and right no other other there was and so once all of the ones who wants women public anyway right you know anywhere with some holy night and well. The was not maybe there may be I don't wanna you know I don't know or nineteen right. People who lost limbs. Legs. And I think. And we re we would've heard this other thing that way I would think you know why we haven't heard him he doesn't exist. Open this way if he does is non calls talking about was about it there's another it's another line socialize that that's not. Application that's right miss a lot lower as the the globe stooges that that the their own little investigation said. So small inaccuracies on that this act sluggish spell guys writing while soldier more that leveled at times only gets the gold response again. A Kathleen Carroll and Tom few violent group called it I mean he can get into this thing it. You know we as a way to prove that Colin wasn't there are Cone's writings did mislead people I'll agree with that. But okay. They did pretty thorough sixteen page investigation I think you're pretty I don't indicated the conclusion he made a lot of CNN at the end as they say. On life he lied he fabric right he's a flak jacket he made it out so good for them they did a good job sixteen pages. They were tasked with about two days worth of audio and right. The globe was passed for six years worth. And they gave you based in middle finger prick to and one quarter pages half which about is dedicated to beat Jerry how much people hate us how much I love Colin. It may have been some inaccuracies in reporting as well procedure sent. Very interesting in their own report they say for example and with MS Berkeley easier course of our liberties and switches and yes and say yes city OK yes you'll do that. Particularly shown on front of mine and I'd known tonight for died after riding my common stock. All of them to a chest and I did for two reasons I really needed to drink. And I start. After the bought realist and eaten just was almost like really weak I was gonna get that great well recent. I as well. Five and that the fight. Great grief. Yes academy psych test and I hadn't heard that part and realize smiling when we're kids yeah there's always a couple of kids are one or two great liars make stuff up yet. And it would laugh yes did you never believe anything these bright red marks for me you'd say he's accused solid the empire strikes back for real statement I saw my dad beat us up before that I Larry Bird whose girlfriend Melissa policy. This he's all grown up now which is their Larry. Brad Brad pretzel grown up in his name's Kevin. Right what branch mine yes sir. Actually I am a kid who was Kevin. In the midst of could be wrong word we have from every what's great about him is every single thing is back to the color of the reads the cult thing works the TV shows it's a to record recently he had eaten a thing and yet he told these people that he was at a restaurant it can more square having lunch in that mode since the ball. Right which has a last merely. There he's hungry all right and he was almost like really week in week eight hours notice he's seven hours he's somewhat yeah obviously you know ought around six. How we feels. You know who's calling him who he's calling. Mean it's amazing that he's been a columnist. You drink because. I mean nothing even care what anyone else say I mean three out so that you'll use kids who use you know. Victims. Murdered people who use. Victims of murder epidemic academic freedom to what's in season two. Episodes of column a look at some one has always been special guest starred technical ones sponsor for Albert now is his girlfriend those dollars. So as I said the globe the the Kathleen Carroll poppy it was pretty good sixty pages. There it is right there the close responses to who in the quarter pages. So they did the independent moments. Two days worth the go to six years and ending K sure wondering why haven't Allen here. Hasn't been fired. I'm looking at right now that would be one cart should make us made us an orphan if an orphan. If not for you or us you know they hate this whole place through. He would be gone and don't don't don't understand your role if this thing you know of Emily Rooney uncovered all this he'd be. Right now our show was what measure want to be if who is Karen wake and we feel Tom Karen every data that no problem can be you know so to write for the globe right and a twelfth the rankings. Reviewed 100 cauldron by chemical on the globe did. Contacting primary sources check you facts when available reading other media coverage we did find small fox bought five small errors of fact. So first they say. That evidence on occasion. Paul was not clear the readers about the source of information sometimes providing. Electrocution for scenes in dialogue at relatively common practice among columnists and Floyd narrative styles are true and yours that is not for the global news. A clubhouse of a style it's Ohio was making things up well for example in bonds unbroken. He recounts gripping discussion is over who witnessed the calls primary source is our number called being present. On not necessarily inaccurate. Posted retelling may give readers a false impression that dialogue is. Exactly true rather repeating. A some of those is backward best recollection of what happened in another call on Charlie Johnson was the nicest guy in the competitive business again these nicknames. Marty Cheney Charl Charlie several called Charles Austin. Colin related personal anecdotes so vague the commentators on the I question whether it happened. Can't blame the back when Reagan was president a state official blocked him from attending attorney general's press conference that Austin had persuade the official to let Conan. Cullen masked by these people doing the investigation believes the press coverage of course was in 1984. When frank blogs attorney general but. Because remember the topic new technology never complained about the mystery combined eight end. Since Charles Austin is dead and Paula never knew d.s name is virtually no way to verify. What will take his word for you know concede never made anything up from the back row essence I would ask these three stooges got Albert McCarthy Joseph Conn. Different players he attorney general one that you plan whose aides were right on through these try. Why do you think that is immediately tried it could find out and continue to and I thought our effort was they made it all okay it was somewhere between 1980. 1988 but let's be fair okay Jerry Emma let's beef. He says a Colin made stuff up or may suffer central character the marathon bombings and tried to profit off the Richard family or Sean O'Brien. Does met people who think that's a good job he writes really solid every story writes is completely made up. These Brosseau said her editors story of order to have a scrape. There's another story we're about almost veteran that we don't with a veteran was that we know who this person is but he rode the hearse and the means by this cemetery. Many people we talked to Wear a cap it placed on leave and were eager to defend him and it's WE guys attacks. I know you love. Kevin Collin Suton Norton who made the Tonya. The subject of 2070 call before vigorously said yeah. Her talent shall preparing to criticized for criticizing for making things up about the blogs and word I can think of another Argentine nor do negotiations I every time utterly (%expletive) sort of another word. The crew is supposed to criticizing chemical of exposing correct thank wears them. Again the globe. Should be taught that these this. It seems this fiction writers no longer making things up doctor's behavior granting him and Mass. General says these guys who have come after Kevin regardless of the fact it was a lot of time on chemical formed and everybody else that's supported note the pollen tweeted that we were racist and we were bad people took it. Let's always remember that were great true colors but actually no proof. Op problems none zero Kemp was professionally done with affection. Twice in 2016 Kevin leaned on unnamed her first name only sources tell important parts of the story. The stories may be entirely accurate without names attached how are we supposed to know. And no one's publicly accountable for the information for example and now we are. With MS thirteen history is repeating itself Kevin extensively quotes in East Boston bodega operator named Al Barack with the providing his last name. Every trip it opera maybe accurate it's hard for noon judge reliability of the information without going to. Never scored five involved first of all the Boston Globe reporters take on the back at square to find out her 454. Or for Portland and get four quality sixty minutes away. Sixty minutes away now what's interesting is when you go through this story. You Eldorado in this story is at the end of the story. And that is was first thing will tell Leo well Helio for Julio Alvarado illegal yeah studio reps are like health official rules available for a camera. Alvarez you'll want and he is a I guess he's a member of the MS thirteen correct that is we don't angster so accorded the these shortly they're working on collins' work they're making sure it was a sloppy they're sloppy correct perhaps they called bodega operator and MS 13% correct or writing or they beings. Search of a sounds like could that could be whenever Helena. So there won't be won every Hispanic descent and I think banner saying not me. So really that they can get that part of the investigation making that they're investigating how Colin made up something in their investigation of call make up this guy. They attribute the wrong guy. Michael I think Helen did make up he got the first quote here is a a guy who runs a bodega he's not named but I think while the stories he legitimate Holler if you were you ready it has yet to visit her this Curtis quotas Kevin Cullen one all won a sizable date officer said the dodger hats that's when I knew years ago UT Red Sox at Yankee hats. And the kids started wearing Dodgers hats. And that's when I knew and it's an attributed to it's it bodega owner. No name nothing associated with it and neckties and at the end. Because as he mentions. Reggio Leo Eldorado was wearing a Dodgers that he read when the rest of the reds ability and he's Boston just outside maverick square. And from his perch behind the counter he watches the rhythm of neighborhood with a steel diver socio. Does anyone believe that guy exits last week the transit police got to war for Al brought his arrest that circular circulated photo of him in the photo he's wearing a Dodgers employed at that time may tie in a beautifully to -- quote from a un named -- dig all I got food that doesn't exist the I got first of the Dodgers I think Paul wrote the story. Yes and tell us we have strength race where I was heard the story. And I got a call from a guy who runs a bodega who knew back in the day when they saw Dodgers hats they do that was assigned gains are coming out courting the globe. Account of of cones work here that guys opera but it's not. Yes or maybe it is. But it could go outside so the lowest salary guys working on this so again it was just stated that because of the troop this other guy also happens to be named Al run a play that game OK just for arguments. He told you where it is it's just outside never square right so they could literally go there find the place. In say is anybody geared it down over it and then I don't. They said in them too far or take a long Chris you can go to. So it don't do that now editor's note your mind. I have pledged my MS thirteen is well quarter conference exhibiting what Robin just get a tattoo on your face like the Dodgers the Dodgers and you call for Bo Davis is foreboding news I've called Google want an answer when I called and there. In oil rather. 03 ago. In the average squares of news. Which is right I believe component I believe their home. Yet going to get pitched through there at Sloane called. The town of Rafah tunnels smoking. Of how believable is this. It's amazing brought the reporting but this is what the recording Nene thought another classic pollen this definition of the bubble the globe bubble least competitive it's incredible in this little sanctuary and so safe space. Then I can venture outside the embassy in their ago and I think that's really cabins have resolved some. Zinc in those mean Kirk meaning he's mean he's is it just provided some short and you two's they think it is an even pace and the basic globe could be this scrutinized 66. Years of columns. It said that in planning except couple ms. spellings. But that it did exist stores or may not right. And they may have. There are losses on line was this in the newspaper on line so it was online and in the paper ballot was in the paper. As it is worth reading them. It's incredible and we we you know. All the students are in most of that is next five minutes and her computer reaching out these people were right back when it's most listened to morning. Sports Radio. Guy. Our back tomorrow we will update the stories wells Gerry myself. 10% outs re joins the show again tomorrow for the first time I'm looking forward to personal mind you will be here. We do and on a mob you will be you know that but to make sure you talk to now I think it'll be nice have a third person tomorrow and mountaineers out of today in. But you'd have nots don't. Thanks to can Don you but obviously thank you and Chris to guess mommy day guys up next that's correct and actual chair back tomorrow morning at six without remark yeah feel confident. I'm no home you know an all time with you tomorrow it's. Bomb. Tore the spurs try to keep track which are.