K&C - Kim Donohue on the fabrications found in Kevin Cullen's Boston Marathon reporting 6-18-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 18th
Kim Donohue joined the show to discuss Kevin Cullen's false reporting on the Boston Marathon and how it impacts her family.  

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And wanna tweets if he starts just she was from Kim Don you like Dick on your pad on the podcast. Obviously the situation to keep sharp during the shoot out went out very nearly died is so obviously doing well. And we're happy to we have a set them pockets who saw him at the premiere stronger stronger few months ago can treat judge yesterday in response the Cone's stuff. Those of us impacted on April 13 do not need added false it who was already unimaginable week. Kim joins us right now Tim how are you this morning. Good morning doesn't go and having her and it. Good you're doing any time so I guess I'm staged a about the tweet. In your reaction to sort of the cold stuff that you pay attention and a Dick as we've talked a little bit offline about that sort your reaction to the entire thing is somebody who's it was in the middle. Sir and then I actually remember eating that are quality to treat it at this morning every inning in the kitchen and and I remembered seeing dec. He had to confirm right you do it in a committee that. Clement that doesn't count right and you picnic kind did. Proud of that at all what he's saying it what the prize winning award winning journalist that he had in cracking Donnie unit great and yet what kind of car out but. I mean he wants Turkey that would be struck by by summit that information not I. In in me up neatly or Eric what are your camera in Spanish on clay or eight at. You know his. In his knowledge of colon went the extra you're an edict Erica mentioned that. He's unclear prior to being becoming a police are apparently just kind of bring in my mind and night. Talk to whip the number at kayaking on the night to figure out how on earth would. Haven't colon next on calling her prior to that you Sean worked. In Summerville PE. Prior to Roland cheap certainly in a backroom computer that you think about it when I went looking at our. On it and actually convert the shot even EPA. Either won't quit making room number one. That conversation without specific person and it is my lucky and end and we meet we get I get her on a banker and how. For criminal record that non Linear it he had inherited all of that at least have a lot of people coming in with stories that might not. And so when your article and our access adamantly. Let me get that and it's not. It's hard for a planet our own water Tom story he get to meet the accurate count and spoke. That's part of a crack let alone you know. Where convenient. Current bid for me it would have been conic. And seeing. The water acts not eat when it he nutritionists and outright it's not necessarily in interviewing other people that he questioned that. He was aware that when he had the court relationship went you know I ran and I Dick and I kind of act or speak or. And he went outside out of our you know ourselves. And we certainly don't know how survivor that you know march in the right when all you think that's. Rush these things pop partial birth explain it it doesn't eat eat balanced on. He set up a war we don't eat out of the market what are incredible story that. You don't believe that I talk to strangers on quite dirty and that tree fell. There's no need to and electronics so. What would that that it BE. You know an indoor cat I don't know and I don't know. If any. Would now with the plane. You think it's a simple matter of he wants to be so desperately wants to be a part of this the biggest news story. In the city and argue in a generation. And so we just kind of injects himself in when every cannon and by the way he got a little prolonged time. And think like again after months Taliban. Won't unfortunately. Not to hand. So we have right and she quite if you keep on my cricket they are not journalists reporting to his job and that we are yet the line a crock. As us old guys is all about stuff that's exactly it. How do you and other people who rent. I can I certainly back woman. This day and I just. We'd get our story is untrue yet they're no way to finish line we know they're young waiter entry work order that not all site. And I think we talk about all the time that not just yet if that happened Q a lot of that he went all the time and he can't get no way you heard that our country. From how. They inserted and subsequently they believe that it trailed. And this. Issue I I think it happens all the time but I need it happened that night eleven happened that. Any kind your doctor. Kinda liked in the negotiation. Well I wanna Ian ball I wanna be in it. Iran in a wave where I need to it. And look at each of the next great could have been thinking I may. I would never deny somebody personal. Trauma from heat and see on their location where. They don't they don't now you don't meet current and her diaper don't you don't need anything other than what happened scorcher tax Q I just like any night that. On sergeant Cassel would what would bother me if I were you talk about myself and issues obviously I've no idea marketer pretend I was certainly cholera but won't bother me is. If you know because basically is acting like he wanted to be there. You word you know you were in the middle of this horror. In your own way I'm guessing it's something you don't really want or visit but yet column makes it seem like something. It's almost like cool like it's a video game or something like it's not real it's kind of there was partisan bent like a movie or television show. It's not part in the eco rate would take it at 8 PME. You don't wanna be all hat no cal point. And that's kind of what the world he's put himself and Aaron I'm sure for Caroline currently I would hit it in the current. There is some sort of decoupling 1989 has a quirky quantity on air. Technically he tells the story and the kind that. Now he actually at the character story and we got man Paul. Yeah mental part Q what happy there's something going on our attic equate I can mean the market and I you know. And we don't like these things out Barack and I different action articulate that must eat and I and that's while it but I think overall. She should he be content are issued if you. Eat something that should be looking keeper are absolutely and I got bigger star trying especially right now and I like that it. We truly weak Atlantic flight up our act but I absolutely agree with Kirk and the key and I meet the extra at them and jumped at it wouldn't. Looking keep pouring it can crack he went for really putting putting that there's a story. What did you and thick thick of them. Movie patriots day. I mean come on and in Elkhart all urged. The an accent and you may break it would I didn't get the hit it like I. Lip and I don't need to see them they explosions. I need to finish this either mark. Mark Wahlberg swooped and he gave your house about the mouth yet no injuries all of that is totally fine and every image was back in I think he worked the next he was hopeful. I mean yeah we are your husband your husband's not a hero Mark Wahlberg as you eat them. Going let me ask you a tournament out right we easily gotten. It into eight expert and I didn't seem like you're an act is so. Yes. I like it out that he shot and with the you know like I need to create and here are here. What's going and they coming up anyone. They publish or your city charity events in the coming up with the guys and your future. I don't and I went back went out at the right constant they're needed flat and you know ticket effort he got. Forty that the blank he let us out of our camera and on the current elected for it donations that people gave to the right track that we shouldn't be like 100%. They have it. Yet we act or you know just stopped and talked a lead over to the hospital and so for every single person that went on their lunch break it donate it like that why people like that. I will pitch up the assume Jim thanks so much edit their forces well. Well hi Jim talkies and.