K&C - Kim Donohue on Kevin Cullen's fabrications; Kirk does a spot on Brooks Koepka impression 6-18-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, June 18th
Hour 3: Kim Donohue joined the show to discuss Kevin Cullen's fabrications and the guys discussed a boring US Open.  

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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. All right our preferred. Do you spend. She's the great majority of the gosh first two hours' gap was even from fat. First hour cycle of the cone situation obviously. And wanna tweets that he starts just she was from Kim Don usually predict on your patent on the podcast. Obvious we know the situation to keep sharp during the shoot out what note very nearly died is so I'm obviously doing well. And we're happy to we have a set them apart as you saw him at the premiere stronger stronger few months ago can treat judge yesterday in response the Cone's stuff. Those of us impacted on April 13 do not need added falsehoods who's already unimaginable week. Kim joins us right now Tim how are you this morning. Good morning as well as having aren't. Good you're doing any time so I guess upstaged the about the tweet. In your reaction to sort of the cold stuff that you pay attention and a Dick as we've talked a little bit offline about that sort your reaction to the entire thing somebody who's it was in the middle. Sir and then I actually remember reading that article that you to treat it it this morning at any in the kitchen and and I remember saying dec. He had to confirm right you do it in a comedy act. Clement that doesn't count right and you get it kind of crowd at a that you set up what he's saying it. Right leaning award winning journalist that he had cracked Donnie unit great and unit that was kind of car out but it. I mean he wants Turkey that would be struck by a by summit that information not right. In in me out these spring break with the collier a million and that son Connor eight and you know his. In his knowledge of colon when he went there to hear an eat it Erica mentioned that. He's on higher prior to being becoming a police are apparently just how current and bring in my mind and night. Talk to with a number declared him the night to figure out how on earth with. Haven't colon matched on calling her prior to that you Sean worked. In summer they'll eat eat them prior to Roland cheap certainly in a backroom computer that you think about it when I went looking at our. On and it actually convert the shot eaten it EPA. You know what would they can remember one specific conversation without specific verse and and Annika and my knee and and and we meet we get I get her on a banker and Hough. First on the the recorder that nonlinear. It he had inherited all of it at least had a lot of people coming in the story didn't line up. And so when you read article are accidentally. Leaked GAAP net and if not it's hard for our land our own water can't carry it to. We are accurate count and stroke back hard enough for us let alone Enola. Where convenient. Current bid for me it would have been conic. I think. The water acts mighty land it scene detection and out right it's not necessarily in interviewing other people that he questioned that. He was aware that when he had the court relationship went milk I ran and I can I find him act or speak or. He went outside at a car you know heartfelt and and we certainly don't know how are piper that you know aren't you in the right now you'd think that that. Rush these things pop partial birth explain it doesn't need to eat balanced on. He set up before we don't eat at a big part of what are incredible story that. You know believed that I talk to strangers on quite securities and that tree fell. There's no need to embellish on it so. What would that it is CE. You know an indoor cat I don't know and I don't know. If any what now at that point. You think it's a simple matter of he wants to be so desperately wants to be a part of this the biggest news story. In the city and argue in a generation. And so we just kind of injects himself in when every cannon and by the way he got a little for a long time. And think like again after months has been. And unfortunately. Not to hand. So we have right and she quite if you keep on my cricket they are not journalists reporting which is his job and that we are yet the lineup Crocs. So I just all about stuff that's exactly it. How do you and other people who rent. It at all I can play or that woman. This day and I just. We know that story is untrue yet there's no way to finish like we know they're young waiter injury work order to not talk to fight. And have and in it and we talk about all the time to not just yet it happened Q a lot of that he ran all the time and computers now. Wait a part of the Merck Procter and somehow. They inserted and subsequently they believe that it trail. And just. Issue so I I think that happens all the time but I need it happened that night eleven happened that. You know any kind. Of doctor. Kinda liked in this negotiation. Well I wanna see in Baltimore I wanna be in it. Man in a wave where I. I meet stricter. And mark in each of the next great could have been sticking my company I would never deny somebody hurt at all. I'm pretty and these on their location nor could they don't they don't now you'll meet current and I don't. You don't need anything other than what happened scorcher acting just like any. Tonight that. On start and guess who would want would bother me if I were you talk about myself and issues obviously I've no idea marketer pretend I was there like cholera but won't bother me is. If you know echoing basically is acting like he wanted to be there. You word you know you were in the middle of this are. In your own way I'm guessing it's something you don't really want to revisit but yet column makes it seem like something. It's almost like cool like it's a video game or something like it's not real it's kind of there was partisan bent like a movie or television show. It's not part of eco greatly again as it you know eat you don't wanna be all hat no cal point. And that's kind of a world he's put himself then aren't I interpreter voluntarily and with it isn't aren't. Hear it from Turkey got going 1989 as a quirky wine and dine on rare. Technically he tells the story and the kind that. Now he actually it's a character and story and meet a man Paul. Yeah mental part you were happy there's something going on errant pass like equally I can mean the market and I you know. And we don't like these things pop acts and different actions aren't particularly the Markey and other and that's while it but I think overall. She should he be patents are issued this ilk. Eat something that he looked in Jakarta are absolutely and I got bigger and start crying especially right now and I like look it. We truly weak Atlantic flight up our act but I absolutely agree with Kirk and icky and I meet at a sort of marked in jumped right it wasn't. What can keep pouring it can crack he called for really putting putting that there's a story. What did you indyk thank of them. Movie patriots day. I mean command and paying lip and I don't need to see them they exploration. Are you echinacea this either mark. Mark Wahlberg swooped and he gave your house about the mouth yet no injuries all of that is totally fine and every image was back in I think he worked the next he was hopeful. I mean yeah we are your husband your husband's not a hero Mark Wahlberg as you become. Listen we got you eight tournament out right we equally I hadn't yet seen eight acre and I think that the market and is. Yes you're right I like it up he shot at them you know like we eat we will hear very. What's going and they coming up anyone. They publish Reuters any charity events in the coming up with the guys and your future. I don't and it lists at an outlet at the right crowd stood there and eat at black and you know make an effort he got. Forty that the polite people if our company and on the patent electorate or it donations that people gave the Red Cross that we wouldn't you like 100%. They have Mitch. In economy at work you know just stopped and talked with like over to the hospital and so for every single person that went on our lunch break it donate it let back why people like that. Are we'll catch up used to give thanks so much added that forces well. Hi in my practice and I could on you thanks after joining us in that region who we wanted to she could also I've referred out the callers to do which is excellent job by her she should work in the globe should a better job major investigation. A few what went went with which which article was this I just quote group that is the five year anniversary call OK from mrs. Jerry Horton from bar Jared yen to write and did you gesture and that night he sat down with beanie. Who's Danny ODDQ thank you remarks while wall Bruce Keller and elsewhere we want to before he deceived me preached it was a joke anybody else involved in the communion and you think it's a great movie. And it's it was great regular B plus insulting them surprise you get it is insulting to get ripped let it rip colony and it's a very good the same thing so you know that a lot of victim survivors are featured in this. You know you don't call worse result under a lot of cold sores are accurate. I I think. It was silly one that Wahlberg himself the Euro didn't seem like it's on but that doesn't. Doesn't ruin everything probably complain about the need. And he paid almost that I think dean accused the woman that maybe you've heard Eddie you've heard any dialogue from movie theater though. None on you went to be next he said the yams are harder now and his wife ex Indian or would bounced off a few hours after that. I sat down gaining these young cops who tabled the back from JJ Foley's venerable softened water. I can't. Jerry Foley brought the young cops Beers and Gainey Q as sophisticated marine class of one. The shot and he said lifting his glass and cops to host the members Sean call here. A talk of what shall never see ninety buildings across Charles I'm driving at Cerro drive I think bush says. Or shall be doing when you marry we have kids so every time you cesium I Tebow and he picks picks up yes. It try to accomplish Somerville where I first met him when he workers' ability waiting to call Miami Police Department have him. I think content which counts police academy class we picked on you to transit cop who was died from the fire in the firefight they killed the first bomb disposal connections friendships made. As thorn rights but again as I as usual with call how cinematic is that scene. Very Ross around the sold you know venerable. Solid water bowl and the owner comes on shore brings. You guys guys guys all had the year been acting yet to shot at all and they'll have their glasses and so he knew call your and give me two great point. So he remembers meeting show on when he was a civilian right when looking for the summer and she said to meet Dick Dick dual threat with the school so. So shot ascension or on computer all day call over to see him clock that memory in his mind that it remembered that years later and even believe that. I don't know that's a notably a negative unbelievable and by the way. Lest someone accuse you will be another Colin Dexter said. He can confirm he was at two parents have any got elected solidarity yes all I can I can confirm that thankfully it can now tell that story because moment parents are did. Andy North yes and the car. If my mom by some a few months later my mom was. Down the basement cleaning or actually monitoring the clean up this fall around Evernote that in due. And she found McClellan underneath on the couches is like a car I think they had like card 100 for the place that you are now. So I don't even know what that is that I've no idea. Most of the business process you why do you month. It did well yes let's do I'll have one line you know it's true that easier than non denial denial. But it was pretty good issues and she was I am always thinking that maybe we talked. About this month ago whatever notre almost gone through with the riches of comp for what. I'm all the families. Crystal Kim you name right and have to listen to this. Clown. Pretend he was. Feels their pain right that he has secondhand PT EST he's talked to so many victims because madness and the guys like Jeff with the with his rehab pain all day of their lives there. Altered forever this casts his coach and hang them. I think it was almost like the second hand PTS Ellis was deals with so many people have traumatize. It really effective remember crying at night after talking to people. That's a sense of what video apart that we have not mentioned is that. Crimes he died Kevin Cullen made money off these stories surely appeared on these TV shows he Pyrenees radio spots not symbols are paid. But he turns into books and other is another dose is in the next handle losses surely get him hate he'd lied because of the ego but he also lied because it was good for the Kevin Cullen this to incarnate and again. As the gusting to in this report. In the third party won outside. Report yeah sixteen page report. They say that you know he was at. Can more square. It's just multiple people now so you can even correct the record says he wasn't the scene he admits he wasn't Siebert says it was a mile away right that can't be true. Oh that is that is no good at it could attribute is reporting shows its true I mean may have been pretty clearly wanted to you're having lunch can more square I don't care drug keep us. He would remember every TE terrorists of course he would write about it every day. Seen other orbit the. Funny hold on you'll it's funny too is like Utah will be an actor that's is tired voice oh yeah that's a that's a world war like I've been through hell have seen their bodies and and I forum. If I had the is above must Wear me down man I would say it looks good looks like I've covered terrorism to clean NORTHERN IRELAND. The stories you wrote. These international for you wrote is what we separate those out and not even the savior talk about the stuff he covered it I only the eighties and nineties right when it was terrorism stores yes created. All of the first neighbors and our allies and we've lost more lot of good reasons to run into people who need somebody new somebody that ball had killed and murdered they bring this guy back this clowns can write for them thank you. Myself I put right back. It's these Kurt and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. This for pokey a moment ago at thirteen. The speed of the terrible. Well. Well that is stunning the last time I saw something like that was it John Daly in 99 open at Pinehurst. That they've rule it's a two stroke penalty. Never seen anything like that from a world class player in my life. Johnson is looking down on what was. I was obviously Mickelson Saturday it was seen by how effective cult stuff to very briefly to some new information X do you believe this yeah nothing you said. And others actually hand this what I can't that's always the story if you have believing that I have screwed this either one. I can I I don't believe the story and yes I believe he did it a case of Chris Curtis once again be to go to the punch. But in in their defense courses broad. That's true on what somebody would try to run don't know what's his generation I don't know I'm gonna say they really don't have control like that over true soldier that we'll do that the second and the culture has been great we'll hear from you guys hold it reached reset the stuff quickly go through it and there's new information is one thing we always talk it was like fake outrage echoed much outrage in certain cases stress yet just more fat calories and Mickelson hit that ball would listen 97 shots of a record. We've all won he's pissed I will say we're suggesting is they do of the history. So Daley didn't US opens on school Kirk Triplett did was not disqualified which agency comedians. Davis sets an appeal disqualify efforts to shop and be. Let's say it's Sunday afternoon because and you can take advantage of the embassy in Levi shot and did. Because it was taken more than two to get down from were apples or you don't it's a statistically it's it's Phil Mickelson not playing well that was on Saturday when a course is brutal it was you're knocking him down you can get down and up through there have to but the but it was two shot penalty. Well so it bush saying it but what he's thinking is he said after the round you better off. Maybe taken chance of that with the disqualified him Edwards did divide and believe I don't believe -- -- -- -- out of frustration he did not develop a penalty makes about things like that probably indictable holes to think about after he did not believe that is probably saying please either way it doesn't matter because it doesn't know the answers in the who's actually Andy North was very knew the old timers who pretend to be upset about Madison was 76 shots out of the lead. He's just how much it cost them the two shows two weeks ago I mean much amused way it's probably only cost them a shot. We think about auditors financially. That's our demeanor when it. We greens are so you so far. Right that it didn't matter to his head is just frustrated. They were all frustrated right it was all sounds actually tricked out Saturday was great Sunday so I'm affects the whole thing follows placing these guys whining get beat up with a plus it's you know I didn't find funny it was the year. The fans. Knows him you know all of whom I guess maybe chemical snob now is great I don't I guess this idiot screaming and above who we whatever getting a hole. The first 700 times was okay. That ticket TDs went from Thursday Sunday was every just ever yes and to fox put my X in the crowd on purpose it sounded like yet absorbing it on almost every single time what people like Joe Buck like Azinger on the coverage like facts inspections great that's an excellent an early break area we have spectacular at the state factions I understand that what you do was great on Sunday it just sounds like a normal gone up about what specifically did you think it was great I just started catching the biggest you don't think so now. He's fine music video Stafford you know he's better than average about it is it was spectacular what did you do he analyzed golf that he says sexual activities is that he's a sad to bust your balls that he was used. I think he's great. Which he's great must have some reason that he's just told you size like he's talking to me like I'm slightly when you watch it like Saturday. But Sunday it to me and stimuli or seven when I mean that's exactly you told a private place. So anyway did no such thing you did Saturday it was entertaining Sunday was that bore approach Capra whose brains might have wrote a book in his life he's dead and the Jack about a giant protein create team was looks terrible tournament I wish I was not terrible I wish I could just gallery was people who are dumping all over some always hear of defend the majors I love watching the majors was terrible TV. And that's terrible champ was good about it in the summer it was great leaderboard what was originally or. On Sunday. There's over importantly it one point 27 players and it's six shot lead and kept it DJ played together so why not you add Jeanne Allen burger looming and up until the last one whole word looming. My elbow where there are ways within a couple of she was three over. I think through the first off formal whenever there's looming with fourteen holes this there and that's it was a no leader there were no birdie chances you can only hope that yes we know what you had to Alter current of like well see if I were delicious sugary which I don't understand someone has to explain how it. A Mick Fleetwood shouted sixty at your watch or doesn't in the thirties now I don't I don't care what they're six and it is. Considered a birdie chances reach 605 the first six holes but can you watching wonder I mean but to watching it the final three holes after rejecting now and liberals burger yet. And Dustin Johnson. No they weren't. Many birdie opportunities for Donald birdied routinely over he'd be careful but the final group I put the yesterday but now that 500 some yards. Are forced 600 yard par fives. It she seemed impossible ports on the par four so I don't matter of 527 yard par fours so Damascus driver nine iron. Bowl he's he's different champions is crazy Tommy Fleetwood I don't view was that kind of superhuman but it's different parts of course it's 300 but it is either 360 but they 30225. Iron for these guys yeah and and those greens that hold five lines we are usually it. Yes they're hundreds Saturday I don't know what took you watch any of this week I didn't watch what did you watch I'll Saturn would. Yes they did what salons or course on it was different Saturday. I remember seeing much of him it's naive but it was averaged three Saturday veterans on this Saturday edition at seven yeah Saturday Hewitt 7863. About Fowler and improve on nineteen shots fill one day and rights and greater number in one day when he was nineteen shots better that's more than one shot or. Dustin Johnson ultimately he's a loser and to say he's in his as a drill is now thirty walked off just talked anyone is somebody he would use 38 putts on Saturday which is more than two hole right. And he had like 36 and so yes it could get 11 putt the final two and half rounds so it's. Birdied that's not gonna get a time now he's got more mad more tough than anybody I play a major new line on seventeen. While playing with Capcom who's about to win. He took how. Oslo is to line up a 61. Put it at the entire sixty wow what a major social unity cat back and forth and around and even announces gone case so long look at this scene and left at like ten feet short of a mystery and I was so happy because. This could go one more hole to win the US open. In this ED Dustin johnsons of the brain dead or couldn't even read this study and why did it. See what part he's a better idea to hit the freak thing. And see what happens don't sit and study for half an hour as a work L form only number one world one how to put this weekend. Well it didn't work now that's right yet you went and just hit the ball yes exactly when you look at something. You can grow. Grass yes for ten seconds apart right. Your grandpa suits you look at the grass was there ever really silly ten seconds yeah. And then you look at that same grass for a minute not much changes what's the difference all over the course commitment what do you see I know he's stupid and always kind of do what he's doing we think she's supposed to wrap that's always doing this and know he's got no nothing social golf is a real stickler for the rules. They forced the rule and make him just. Stop playing so they're sloppy day before will be should on the clock they're it's they always put my caulking reverend I don't know that it's Johnson & Johnson put on Saturday. Johnson and old what's his face and tried ninety peers. Right and and there were holed a half behind on the clock of the no cable docket two shots in the middle move one of them never went there looking at the puck from the site become a thing like you. And I understand from both ends and you do that put from the side. Saturday and so it's just sort of you know a big bull pen part you know viewed videos like that I never had either of you gotta give it looked guide to people running out of shutting us out the other side it's hard when people go the other side when you're playing for two bucks are able. That's cents a picture Horrow our PS is a that's my thing I don't know but it's hard. And or ways of verging on your Terry and up and all that. What is going on Twitter or went resort it is almost too young onto the ticket can't compete with me he should stick to call violent. Kawhi Leonard. They're back to expenses. LG said Saturday. Kawhi Leonard and Manny macondo I think he says boo the it's too big topics closest close enough there's there's just not a ratings you suck for the Susan went to pronounce it should become sock. Got back and I got one right I really want everyone says it's a great price watch these guys don't Brooks Mike. When you did before terminals on the show which you surprised if he said Dustin Johnson to run away with what on the Thursday we said it was gonna win to come Wednesday. I took Brooks on Tuesday and on Friday to sell Johnson's gonna run away with it. Over the weekend said if he feels like media spiked ipads are sticking with my guys that are on the there's yes he's had just been wrongly acidic feels like it but I'm sticking with my guy. Brooks kept it went on Thursday on your shuttle's gutsy before round want to listen to some feel farm adjust its opening bridges real underdog story there one leader has. And playing well heading in his last seven majors she's never finished worse than thirteen I had no I arrive no pleasure from watching him play golf resume her and I got a jealous about his arms that it's just the most important charities is no I don't know anything roughly one of those routes because you can't schedule Sox Choi who was watching him he's not Sunday morning conversation and asked. And thank US yet. Incredible turn it and years and year out they do a great job and just wanted to thank you guys very much. I sprained driver and let DeMar she's getting up and down from the spots to no one's job. That's who dealt with the pros at courses that tough it's all tricked up it's fast. You need to bring it helps definitely helps though he doesn't get excited and doesn't get mad you know we're happy to get anything. Just goes out there in the. We will all. Of whom. Were you weigh on it's there. Didn't drive for forty. Drive video holes 960 yards a driver's set choke down 07 iron in my seven iron for porn. Go to released book or. Beat parole officers. Go to your tanning bed. Today on hand this year's Emmys so guys are so jealous my days of fact today. Wednesday is includes. Have today. Go make love girlfriend she smoke drive these she would there have found that smoking it fair to downgrade book. Though lift weights. Watch dog run around in circle against other dog. Called the student dog does does there wanted to go to the drivers today and everybody's got hooked us to execute wants to some uncle did it. Dusted. I want to look like she's done elect a good to have my girlfriend don't understand it coming exploited their lives to me. Do you it's hilarious and I said there was Kyra you're ever but these guys who'll be playing for Fleetwood rear its record speaks better to close to sixty degree wedge activated 297. Yards now how far do you use sand wedge. They made all its 141000 yards I had to lay out I got three Dubai would. What's today today's Wednesday. Today. The only way I Brooks everyday lives and make sure you. Roots and acting not as if it is I thought it looked. Have to do more work I wanna see my weight lifted slash parole officer no its market Brooks don't stop what you're doing and don't stop you. He. The champion I have I have paralyzed by Curtis Strange how important is that I have shall I have a lot of respect protectionists and that's. Him. I don't think he'd say. Don't give Brooke why the off I would look that I'm just trying to get back to the house. Shall we rented out his four though we. Allied to capture visit Natalie and tomorrow is captain Kirk don't bother me please there's a I am more crews don't want to know what does that create team is great because that those muscles. And also builds muscles. Phyllis your muscles water helps or that's in water that's on your kept it all absolutely as the brains because at the animals. Hi community a better call so yesterday. Had not logical reason that sounds real awesome 5250. Really crushed to help mom out muscled build a gentle and it helps and in terms of a building. It helps in terms of holding water in the muscles that go either way so they know that it wants to watch video of guys slapping his member and a girl's face. That's about as. Let's look at Wi-Fi dead you let your freak flag fly made appointment to Charlotte girlfriend. One count of forcible sodomy one count of what I'll shut up and bite bite I didn't know I don't buy it buy it buy it right. Can we are just let the wind the real white care. This is he's boring you're my guy Brooks. Details now do you still not a team that's in the fairway. And at 18 feet long you know for like Amazon's Tyson's it's his rhythm guitar and volleying on the first team. Yes Don Curtis Strange quite so important it is a good tee shots. Wants done is he's golfers are the tea every shot they've had no hands. That's because we have nothing else in the bravado LeBron thing was never that press these national choked down a three wood. Always 570 yards and three wood nine iron two putt par. Good power good good US open par glued wrote for arm card goes hole was par four that's an even par. The worse than thirteenth his last seven majors keep doing Brooks. I would take him out to be honest truth from 200. Just to force out just pulled it you can't do that there. And you know made. An incredible for them to be honest view is something I'm sure your bones and I didn't even think I could do it from where it was it was some eleven and. Now let's play it for all he's going to be on my right Jimmy Kimmel pneumonia Jimmy Fallon. And Michelle rounds I said Carol teeth whitening appointment and the by the way I was right predicted just since were brag about predictions that predicted that cruise would be Jimmy Kimmel. And he did I was I was wrong that he can play the city was in high school bus wearing. To go Laker girls high school or something along with them I mean he looked terrible Kimmel worse worth watching and actually. Really play they saw him as a horse camels a senator who wants it president Mohammed as a play our present pandering embarrassment in terms of the do you have Kimmel coming you know it was a Texas sold it c'mon c'mon those old Texas southern Texas out of Hollywood phonies who you know who went with him with a goose -- come around become crawl and that's we use. Lot of lot of means with each grace now Nokia which is like him doesn't drug is dead Texas ranger Texas southern. And Kimmel I guess a good sport than 4000 people. In Baltimore Orioles kept troop troop. And congratulations to 11119. Yes. A wash. Watching you as leader game believe how bad they look they cut a backroom book which is old and Alberts that could barely dribbled Q why don't we let journalists at the drew grocery obviously you could have been on it was like the managers aren't. And see. Plus it's number 1 morning show on Sports Radio telling you we. I honestly I was like. How wow this is how I think that that that's how the other half lives I totally understand it. I sincerely immediately thrown in my face like right now I am running today. And I stopped and I and look to play tonight right and then I ran to keep her side of the Charles today and it was literally as its head setup. So was a homeless person is attending how to all the stuff out and and literally thought of like the sobering news it is document like look at this video. Yeah isn't how do you feel about things that I don't know it just it's just feels like to hone down for something like this again is his celebration. Like all the things that none honest never act like justice. Again began dating maybe the person doesn't wanna know how the sausage is made with my with my athlete if I don't want to know that your. This should ever true though. Pictures of which is on the trip somewhere you know like some exotic place that most people couldn't afford people who have families and kids and trying to make a living to shepherd we took this picture that she wants us to sensationalist see Brady sausage now it's made choice I'll penises construct. A should from medical stamp policy that's all the social attribute takes pictures in Iceland in Korea and abortion before. Thailand's loses Spain ritual of the French Open Colorado at their personal Morocco Rocco you know India. Look at cancer sheet which takes pictures there are lots of book and sunsets and water and everything. But Tom Brady because I agree I got Brit I am with and every time ICG Zell I want a freaking bomb every single articulate semi didn't. No I don't have any anyway. By but obviously it's a mass rice had a habit but you know yeah the item number you got to have to Zelda pebble part of previous policy applicable to support me now. But it's not in your face by the way you wanted to be like anything else if you don't let us not to be I couldn't find own. Own network to not before. Onwards with the war or don't know guys an oxygen on it and how that was on this weakened by the way out for are always graceful embarrassing performance more unity. Why I thought I give a pretty standard fare performance over your comfort that we were used to point to the pitch you away. Like that sleazy order. Well as Internet as well. I forget if I didn't know this but just like Helen wills Kellen Winslow who I still think was racially profiled the way it was just how something might help with those like me in the weird like I told bicycles fifty plus and sixty books magazines and it. Just like eighty plus that's all if you mister Kellen was Kellen Winslow the third junior junior junior. Has that been arrested for some very heinous crimes that's reasonable sexual assaults on. Elderly women combed eight. When he was arrested church mill hill a tweeted that it was other because of his race can go to Starbucks now you can't car again how's it now because Killen was those alibi was whose house hunting right now I came in you know rape elderly women let's see what's on. It's just he's just not right unbelievable so it's are trying to use I have about Brady but this is before the those who does more based I heard this is more based on Gisele. Interview right the senator questions just before yes you are correct. In her into mossy paper he too mossy. I understand our blog rob Bradford rude nice piece of a chemical disgraceful distant. Hire people like that people journalistic ability on that thought tomorrow she's really good yesterday too on the radio one's Barbara it's a must see. It and every time something like this happens or broadcasting legend but these tweets doesn't. You know enough air capacity was of much higher level but he was like board's secret duplicate to unify it's unfortunate that duped. And two months ago even a comparison right and you could say they were careless whatever. But this is deliberate. I spyware you know Ted Kennedy's course is a deliberate attempt to inject yourself. And was soaring where you don't belong now people get mad is people hate must understand that respect hatred tonight in the summit. But compared with mossy did too which added I would just make up a guy calling in his hands and he's looking for Jean Richard lag. I think is is not quite the same patriots fan and having it die doing in Stu must do lazy sloppy job which he owns unlike all of my. Tomas who say I was wrong I screwed up right column will never told blame us avoid drinking doubling lack of sleep. But he just made stuff pump plenty TSQ all right Ali and at some point and I just hours column back qualified than yours I don't think so chance and kind of tough talk that he's gonna come back gradually you know it's going to be covering you know fires and in general are ordered and unfortunately that's just Westerfield case for him instantly started to be one of those people who has been laid off by the Boston will now because they're cutting back Michael newspapers. They're struggling. In this kind of makes a lot of money probably. Not Kabila structure to the other but yet newspaper gets people. And they're bringing him back after all he's done and we cut we get more. Well we I don't think that's your phone is already hate you so they could Mac mini and has more I know it's more Chris Curtis up Chris Curtis has more vice president yeah. There's Curtis on the case C Bernstein Jersey Woodward. Obviously you took Robert Redford will be the only today. Could be more birds of a person who's played by Dustin Hoffman mentioned model. Why what's similar is terms shot does not only showers through that's right we've learned about him. Off. What really Tuesday. What for what she'll slightly today up from their junior before now. Now let's say about I've talked you've talked to Tom he's talked to be much better order and no Curtis thing can and then I'll shut up I'll come to Texas couple politicians think Kim Donahue should be a third man and sergeant Jake Shields also via. Third of a woman and Federer first has grossed one. A sound and appropriate to she should be. How affirmative action for a shutter she's got hurt we know that again yes she should be tried to show some joined the show or part of this or booked for tomorrow so that sonoco. Tomorrow as a family little iffy to me. What's the latest game right outs in Tuesday with me we could stop it out till Alex sat home on telling him to be here. But we'll you'll hear his boss wants to from Communist and she's possibly dreadful. Who Joseph we know Alex. I really don't know annoyed us networks who knows I'm absolutely approved them back. I mean let's all agree on a model homophobic it's I don't think Brady cares and I know for a fact as I know that for a fact. And he's paid a heavy price and he was on last weekend drew is that this is my host that show on Sunday right right this suspension public affairs did. What was it about transgender stuff. While listened to but it's every weekend transgendered. Person on right wanna listen to a vigorous gentleman who ran a marathon I believe your yes all. Alex's. Punishments centers call a longer than Kevin Collins. It much longer at least as important in my much less a crime does not fit now if you punish defendants the persons on the air or should receive equal punishment. True yeah I did it definitely and I grew that one note didn't save them right correct yes good belongs to a business law and. Edition of busting community affairs and WEEI. My name is not street right now the last couple weeks have been LG BT theme to witness. Being pride month and all of a return to that. Before Jesus out of this. Actually suffered enough let let him back let him back he's battle arts access at the flea let's go. Those it was equities and all I have is noses old nickname. Dream team now be at someone agrees younger it was a yeah phenom the feed off that on your feet up so the female graduate I don't know she TQ. Promos and all that was I would prefer national leadership so you people need to hear that. I just listened to. Athena. Story sounds the same week I did as a driving a Saturday morning about this the one before actually heard some as early six and once more for Iran. Use interviewing one of these guys when these gentlemen who I think we're in the marathon. To recognize Fella they were talking. And I thought well if he he can be on the station at 6 AM on Saturday B can't be on 6 AM Tuesday. I guess not was just inconsistent usually not always an issue back they've an issue with that would they have an issue with that. He see you Roemer has suffered enough. Plain and simple he's at Roemer ouster ball. Then I think we use to go becomes father yes of course of course go out while Richard. Now OK I'm going to. It's father's and say we follows well Tibet. You and you have to inject your father's pickup Twitter followers gesture through there and you count how many did. Count how many what are your freezer PL SRT after your time. Yeah OS FO LO I should've this year I am or try a couple months away from T shirt that I did a duty to all right. The two part tweets. But my father which have never tweeted before sitting on the ever between pan am one part pelican hundred retreats. I mean likes the other part Cutler 2000 that your county. I just look yeah. That seem weird which Barca 2000 the second part cut of soared 12100. Which one. 12191. Of the likes which part. First of settlements and second we infer from the get as many. Respond collect a hundred. Pick up traction. Before. Willingness I don't know what happened actually don't know the chips and Jeremiah Barrow leadership is giving lights. As you go closer Jersey Mike's warm yeah that's a good one. I only have ever had them Felix. Is when he gets nothing a lot of things they give you extra money your surprise you did it. And had to do nice Father's Day to you don't have I was not in the mood mr. Ford. Never in the moved to reach true I was I often feel like I don't wanna. You've management dad being dead certain. A super ratings books. Go viral hash tag at the chips either chips that go via Richard Fisher for our our two more coming up. We brought what brought about the sorry I don't think so blitz or we read through again all right you have other things that you promising to yes. To reveal not one of them. It was dropped yes we will we'll get back to become a goal we did in the 6:7 o'clock local protocol suffered a quick recap and then this new part which I don't even know. This is it this is a fact right it's mystifying. No it say it is discrediting to the Boston Globe's own report on Colin Pryce is true right yes and you have people who spent. Whatever his months in six weeks. They get and they can't get this right geez how do we get.