K&C - Kirk addresses his mental health issues; Callers react to Kirk's revelation 8-10-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, August 10th
Hour 2: Kirk addresses his tweets from yesterday and why he's been away from the show. Headlines with Curtis, and callers react to Kirk's monologue.

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Hurricane. Out of Mike and Alex this morning how are you there I robot like you know based let me appreciation I said Mott and now yes. Mutton Roemer I vomit it went up out of it's but leave it. But dreamer here on the other morning zoo your boss tonight you play out of your wacky rules in the and I have no. Obama pretends Bob Nicholson. A year ago Red Sox open 32. On with Kirk committee has now. The time has come to write the next great chapter in the history of our armed forces grant space is a war fighting domain just like land. An error and see. I won't call them monsters because they wouldn't like. That there. Time has come to establish the united states space. It's not less united church and Gerry Callahan brake coach. What was the running game effective in the second half you know you decide to stick with it just talk about that it was unbelievable the species that situation of football's going at Internap anyway. Yeah about 38 seconds good football they're defense will be really good at. Yeah let's get going on. And that's it and they're swamp on Sports Radio WEEI. OJ Howard to Kirk Italian. Back juries hear much here. Maybe we can back next week. I was knocked. I was scheduled to be in June last Friday. I was scheduled to be off Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday I think today's well I was knocked. I'm so. I guess. Every licences shall we joke around the temperature makes fun before and they'll continue to do because that's what friends do I want that bully it's connected. I've had mental. Health issues in the past and depression that I was some. Hospitalized for. A couple of times in my senior year in high school com for awhile. In of an up and down up down here you know in my life personally if somebody was depression which is the real thing and an illness like anything else. I say in the past year or so. You can follow the death my parents. Had a hard time we did not handle well. I think in the past you particularly over the last couple of months it's really. Accelerated. Two point is it's never been before and really bubbled up votes even more so for the last three weeks four weeks. The point where. Really for the first time in my life I start having what I guess is termed suicidal thoughts. And the way manifests itself for me. Was I think I've. He hid the fact I was thinking about doing it by pretending in the weird way like I was almost doing research or. If you Gerri here or are you Mike Mike and Emilia. And almost came up to me to listen I mean the commit suicide. On day X. I'd like you put together the plan for bats Seles or did think about it. I read books a one on line if you wanna go on line reported its like him so rattled and reverence. Figured the safest way to do it to be safe way to do it the way to do with it. May not look like you're actually doing it history up at the percentage is success percentage of failure. And landed for some reason yeah. On trains got sort of focused on trains. And there's a commuter rail obviously there's a bunch of them as a commuter rail that goes from Walton or station you know. And stop a couple of times in Winchester. In Winchester senator wage here is like a mile if that and doesn't pick up the kind of speed that would do required damage. However the one from wage mere. To Medford. Lloyd and I began to look at that one on the train few times. That way tests. That would sort of walk a couple of times walked the route. And as you know serve would he thinks what sort of hide in the whenever in the day last Thursday. I went to middle day. Take a look can watch it go by and said OK well there's 756 policies when it was arriving in West Medford and 8 o'clock period of two wedge from here. And said you know I'm gonna go and again I was lying to myself I think in saying that. You know I'm cynical look I'm I'm gonna look a good look at them look I was thinking about it thinking about it thinking about it. And there was you know it in the hawkish right before wandering around the which we train station. Going around the parking lot and walker on the field around there. And right right a few minutes before I I would I stood in front of the my car and I said I you know I don't I don't want to do this I don't want it. Hi I don't but I know. I don't want that guy Allison though this this this thing in my head keeps talking about this and saying examine this and look at this look at this in the words suicide. Suicide suicide. In affect how I felt internally I felt for the past couple weeks like knives having a heart attack almost all the time I was having a hard time breathing. I was also playing this character a on the air who was feeling good and around my family was feeling dude and talking my Brothers who was feeling good and joking in doing that meanwhile sort of dying and the inside so I simply. Cannot live like this anymore I have to get over after you. Give up whatever power right have. And I drove the car to which has hospital. And walked up to the emergency room people and the woman and said you don't have been very dangerous thoughts. That was the beginning of the you know five days of customization between we gesture that overnight McLean for four nights where. You know I went in and I feel a little better and I feel cathartic being able to tell my wife and family and friends I was going through this. There's a burden I didn't handle well and in this last year. You're just between. You know a my parents and and obviously be good thing it's an I have to get past that I don't know why but so hyper focused on that. Is this guy who's been you know trying to bring down our show honestly and I have not handled that well I should just say this is a bad guy. Who's trying to screw with us tonight I think moved the anger I have. Still by my parents is common resolve all that stuff I faster that allow myself to sort of again hyper focused on this of this person who's not worth the second of my time. And I will never be bothered him again he can do what he wants to do. And I just have to move on have to stop getting to work worked up about stuff like that. I have a great life on the great family of a great job I work with people who love I love Jerry. I love my. Two of ten. Curtis works here. I love him too. And I have to do you know move past all that stuff in you know this is a real thing and I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of oh. Suffered from depression I think I kinda was in the past that joke around about it. But I felt emasculated by and I don't want anymore and I'm not gonna do that anymore. Am I on. I'm happy I'm here now and I'm gonna be here and I'm gonna have down times too important thing for me I think. Is to recognize they have these down times. And and tell people right away as opposed to hiding it hiding hiding it doesn't benefit me at all that all comes from. Childhood stuff like everything else I have to figure that help but. Right now I feel OK I feel pretty good I think as sort of a temporary high right now because I've been. Able to talk about two weeks from now troops now control feel grateful I'd have to be honest about it. But you know that's so that's that's where a match and I mean I can. To talk about that they he's in McLean and indeed that's what it is it's you're inside the mental hospital of people who will be be beauty beauty really sick as they battle today. Upset about stuff they're sort of stereotypical people we expect in those places. But they're they're sick in it's it's it's a horrible mental and so horrible. Horrible thing it's his it's his it's his dangerous sentinels more dangerous thing really it's more desolate feels. So I'm just trying to figure it out and get my head around that number in the fight it in and that's format right now that's why I was out for the last couple of days and so that's that's that's it that's for men. Did you think of a drinking or drug and at no point and I didn't know I never do. I've got part of it was amazing to me that that takes real strength I think that part of my life is is gone now than desired that's progress did ya know I have no desire or many of the people were in there and claims what you are all yet. That's either huge part that's why you had to blow no straw correct you're right I got checked into. So I checked myself from the Winchester. And you go to a separate wing is a security guard watching me take your shoelaces that compelled to take your money clip and take your phone and take. All this stuff the security guys are very nice guy. This probably twenties and thirties I'm in their arsenal on maps. It comes out to me treatment and music and sports you know big fan said that it's okay yeah ask your question with support from the but he is not is a nice. It's that he's always you know he's big and I mean I've liked Carter total 1000 days. And illustrate that reluctance and I think the Ritz Hotel the night off. They're fair questions that I didn't. But that's good I admit I'm I'm surprised that it's not a temptation that Cortez to ease the pain not a temptation I got no right I can see why would be I have no desire to do good. Detonate on May be benefited. Well and now you're actually on medication for the first times I've known also that among a couple medications right now among Lex a probe. Which from the continued taken for awhile they had me on a very slight dosage of an anti psychotic medication. Which is probably. You know I think I broke issued up there and I got to catch. I do not taking medication years years has been a long time you talked about on on the year you feel sometimes the different. It different and two when you're not on medication I just feel you know I'm concerned. It's a weird thing I'm concerned professionally. If he'd taken medication and lose what is may need successful professionally too psyched about that. You know but it's a you can do that it I think so I think and I think so sodomy and discriminate. Yeah that's a good month he balances itself and stretch BCA gays and yeah it's a good point but that thing that I I will never understand that we're building of my mind around. And I everytime I read about. And they boarding or. Kate Spade I wonder. When did you stop think and objectives from the wind and when you don't you don't I did that's why I'm alive didn't. I'm good good point. If you they're not you know they they write that they're now I feel horrible for them I and ten years regardless of their selfish for not. I would say that remain the best explanation I heard it was one councilman. Professional or promote sport game. Said you don't think about anything but the pain and this is the way to end and the pain again it and I can just tell you from mine and I've I've been down never discount ever in the past few weeks. I hold leak completely understand why people do that I didn't I elected not to lucky to great support group. Now wasn't as mentally sick as those people but I can tell you I understand I would've understood but. Even three months ago news is depressing a dumb question how can you do that to accuse. You're sick. It's an illness it's it's in Pakistan's it's a two or not like descending clock Oz is Sanders I believe the same things that he had cancer kids. He's dye your kids you don't want to lose and you lose two homeless that would be like if you stop going keep in touch but I really thought about Achilles have to mentally I mean look I think honestly we're tuchman in balance but I I you're asked me describe him as chemical balance can't. But I would think when you go to the train the thing on your mind as Harry and Kate yes that's examples. And that's why didn't jump in front of it. But some people do. Thinks people Jerry think that there are so bad they are so awful there sort president and their kid's life would be better if they were gone to him as that doesn't work that was assured the young kid about it but I do think for people who are really and again I just think there's there's just levels I think he get to the point so. And and I like if I had gone home that night. In it was a mean I was alone bite on home that night. And tried to sleep again I I would have cracked trying to go back to work the next there I was at the point where I was like I understand mental break I was right there. And I get if I'd been 10% worse. I I completely get I don't think the plate and on the Kate Spade she added what you two kids. It's been. I have dogs adjust the daughter of one that's right one daughter as she was she is she she's young you execute was young like fourteen pitches making but in my shoes thinking she was. Wrong but she was thinking. My life that Mike it's likely better without me now again you're asking somebody who's. Mentally ill to think like they're not mentally. But you know only removing yourself from the equation you traumatize. And backed it but they're not thinking. Are wrong and did their did and I'm not judging and I'm gonna say I can't get my mind around absolutely does it's not rational but they're not the position to be rational although that's just what it is alas my dumb question how much of admitting it in and Chilean plane and started talk about this. Was Parnell made you feel that announcement but the part that's what I said like I'd right now this is a temporary high side though. When it gets you know it once tweeting how wonderful you are now when centigrade you feel good and you feel burdened. And through each now respected feelings and your stomach war and questions can be honest and talk about it Herman lie. Family therapist which I've done I mean you know you do this stuff where it's just. You're afraid to talk about it in on. I don't know why that is but that's something about. I don't know. I don't know if everyone's afraid to talk about something that you're more open than most he would accept it I don't like you know when your sort of I think there's a lot when you're sort of now the the oldest person your side of the Stanley in new decades you perceived as being. It's in I think it's sometimes for me was embarrassing talk about. The fact that Adam had this illness that it's just it's almost like this psychic pictured when you're knowing that your life just going to be captive after it's going to be with me. The rest of my life. For you know for the next three weeks and people like you went back. We went to McLean is a Republican yeah yeah it's only ever thought I meant that's that the army fort okay good. Dutiful public toward the end of the full book a selected few around for awhile whether you pay way to try to bump and weather's better start awful. What you want it would be whether we can take we opted to some degree of its troops to Africa but that are trying to go yeah I'd goes go to Florida because you tell people to get but did you think when you went to a claims that might be longer term thing them. Whatever five days. Yes or no I didn't think. Richard fry that that was I was overnight in Winchester month early it was not thinking who's going to be. Three weeks three housing and it wasn't I didn't know is going. But my what their eye I saw this I mean I want to I want it to live one once I was sort of on Burma that I'm Michael K good let's go let's I don't wanna sit around here. Let's go and their people there that need to be there are people that are good people human nurses and doctors were awesome. But their people there who knew and when we know that in some anyone that we would recognize Gloria. Claudia gives fans up here plenty paths as and one afraid to say no hope candidate can beat it may be Kirk my patience yes Alec. I don't his nurses. I don't know I would say with all due respect for the patient and only gain any idea who debts they're in their security guard. Security guard a couple of nurses couple doctors are all very stupid but yeah. Yes I think they'll like cuckoo's nest there's that old. I went in when I was there in 93 not in the claim I was wasn't 93 that was still cuckoo's assessment the first night. In them in a room with a pat walls the first night are observed that's why I was scared to go back to a place such as I was terrified Thursday night actually terrified. But it was not it was like it's it the problem claims is. There's a problem too old or the bill droll. Right so it's kind of Shutter Island right but they have tried to upgrade it to meet with the times are quite there yet say there's only 1015 years behind. Terms filed but it's it was not everyone is great news the but I mean the doors were open checked in Europe and five minutes almighty. You know these these are real I mean this is a real pain so yeah yeah. No precise and it's not a real thing though I'm saying I'm saying it you'll defensive. Leaving no one notes has not real thing you know except for a couple Texas owns Cohen reports plume saying I'm saying that have been your McClain were the couple that is the real deal. I'm sure it's a world renowned yeah that's right yeah. I think I'll get excited that the guy I believe it is he said the other day grew a couple weeks we've never been surprised because it's I never aids in your neighborhood and the its fighters from my house cattle show up in there now beautiful girl I've been aired three times or over the last week I'd never been there in my life. Ever and this or beer. There's no beer that's the footlocker foods may not overwhelmed that I confess that I was gonna say picky eater like you to find anything you like seniors this fellow hostages restaurants aren't hot stuff with the rock Fazio bill. The waffles were little old track. There are a little. It's good time for me 24 hour fast that's a good point emerge he talked about everything on the air obviously it was at any point we like mediation this is an outside on Larry never never never to have some calls never does not not I don't talk about openly adding to solve this I think he's does a sizable we deal I would I would say that. I would say that my did the especially the podcast electorate talk to both my parents got some emails from people in the eyes of people that really help them. And I had them not gig on the cliche here but this is a real thing I think guys our age. Depression Solis a stigma of being sort of famine emasculated and that's not the case. At all actually not the case and also a definitive couple people go through a you're this and feel a little better and say you know I will. Amok in the skip that there is one there will take those pills today. Right awesome and by the way I think it's interesting I think people terrible many terrible show so we talk that's what we do on the shore. Absolutely and it never crossed my mind proxy tiger could. Well it has in the past you think about it. What do you mean the huge he said you've hidden hidden OJX pressed them shirt when she admitted she yourself and admitted to open that was OK don't Bonior. Yeah I was we had lunch Thursday night told. Except bottled up by the people to life is too that you were never. Should never rarely is level headed that you were reasonable. Post because we were no and yet the lives not that the enforcement little baby in the mean like you always are but. At lunch you very reasonable we talked about things we have to do going forward. You channels which are still things right in the two good. America okay yeah I mean did it with a that they should now but I mean it was so it's 767 hours before death there so. The median of Applebee's same date and nothing I don't understand you were very reasonable and rational. There I say sane and at the announcement Thursday through whenever that wants to 1 o'clock 2 o'clock that's my thought thank you couple Mosley war and on the railroad tracks six or seven much later 67 if you lay down attracted to think the track doctors are going to resume drilling down the trackside notes used to doing but at the train goes all you maybe you'd be like you know. You do that George pay its. Oh or a live I want to live at a follow the yeah you and I don't know why I know I can explain why trains were beat became this thing alike and because it's sure thing. Two short things she'd Margot Kidder kill the cell there with an overdose of alcohol and pedals so short the Mecca climate model here. Soup is closely. If you climb a fifty sort of jump off shore shore there of the shore things I mean. But you'd you'd be surprised it's hard to do fifty story building you know in the in Lexington whatever you do you draw the Boston bridges that that's the only. I was wondering on the Tobin Bridge loans Charles Stewart it was ensured that he was now I don't know that was I think it's you know you hit water it always feels that check. Girl who got pushed up to sixty footprint by ribs would surprise her friend by her friend pushed roughly sixty with a she broke five rooms yes that you. Yeah and lets you know she lost friend or maybe made but but he went viral larger I don't care how high is doing in water feels like him could survive and could it be in the worst and surviving and being paralyzed. Knowing that you know failed to know knowing that you probably could have there's a chance most of those attempts fail. Great what attempts on the ones he's up a couple of things suicide attempts in general most fail but that's why is that for returning correct of that success rate that is high. The 99 points at the earliest immensely and so there's point 3% survive turns yeah I'm sure it's. What's the success rate of like hanging itself would not great. Seems to like you're shooting yourself not great not great pathetic a lot of people the last second and stuff like that you know. That's placed was putting Amal price right you know you're an expert if I didn't I didn't either just got economic. Well if you had one myopia write them again. If the bug borrow one of the night and now. On the street Lou Brock and a place and opened a profit or you can have your friend of the glows on Spencer right now engaging that's true that's true called gadget. Welcome to Q that's true but I means everything and I'm probably didn't it's just those dumb question. All the people that would be happy if you did would probably wouldn't trust that doesn't. I mean because you're very competitive he likely they wind if you do I'd say it's a short list of people will be truly happy. I mean it's short as people at the happy happy he fired at 21 happy Simi commit suicide with kids is. Short list yes but those people they exist out there and as watcher on. On that soldiers are. Mean I've got some a hole friends but I don't have anyone that would push mail for sixty foot cliff well the last one we needed to be on that list. You know the people the security suspects. Ray people and they don't care I don't care about the all the guys you used to hear about it until about them but I that debacle let him get back into violent enough unproductive you. Course not. Lots of times we do unproductive writes we can continue to try and bring us down that's absolutely fine and good luck. That's that's. Yeah I guess because you don't have any control. Right we have nobody knows people who really matter up top don't have our backs on and so that's that I'm no shrink but I think. The lack of control it's what drives you nuts yes that's exactly. I feel the same way it does nothing you can do nothing at least not within the law and you know and and it's not like I said the wires or the screwed up I just moved somewhere else. You know that's that's that's what you wanna take these calls its New York home and it's up to you guys I've I don't at a little while it it's about you wanna talk to you that wanna. Make funny humorous I I well wanna do I wanna do with thing where like people called talk about the depression that's we don't need we leave. And don't screw these. Clubs saint louis' Rick is Kirk's done in dire times yes yes and news we all understand but you're not famous and we there's a the Coachella this announcement is to the pacers would have apple has gone. I've heard from Donnelly is not heard from domino wild but dom from Winfield is on the line hey darn I am. Very honored this year as curt are currently. Available what great. I won't look at what point does and did well when I. This is Gerri Dickerson beef to that and close the prison and listen to you yeah. You're gonna get an out of them might well ask. Nobody cares viewed who would care. We'll be you to where you wherever you. I would witness protection will. You know in. Listen you know what you really occur I feel feel well come on what you at least you're gonna get where. That. Again thank you Don it's not. It's not Stew it's not stupid. It's not it's it's it's insane. It's literally it's insane it's people have roots in the only I would say is that mental illnesses when you lose any other illness I think people have to know that that's. I think most people do most for not at all not at all I think I do and I think. I still can't get this out of my mind that the work that every parent is it you're you know a senior you care what tickets. You really do that are really good. You would not hurt them you would devastate her own children country Tony things are now angle that. I'm just onto and have trouble in on grass again it's like it's the same is like saying if your cancer and you guys keep your kids. But that's note that a choice to say this is a choice I think for those people there so gone mentally sound choice with Ellen rumblings that choice. Robin Williams had who bought the dimension but worst illness she could government right so we knew was coming and he was gonna die in his mind was gonna go sure it was a nightmare still is living in this nightmare but structural before he got that diagnosis that he was suicidal. Auto don't effortless. You of immediate deep depression for you have an amateur leagues right here right pedal and Julia but even knowing that doing that. Is don't act it's an archer kids committing to a spike you know plus he's older schedule are true boys and younger kids to devastating 85 year old just seems so. You know inhumane seems so unnatural yeah you know I don't think the public at that point there's no choice but I Paulson chills or Nepal. I don't match what's up. I Erica I think it was a tremendous. Presentations. And he says it's something that. I really want kind of burned out it was a huge difference between wanting watched or not just off. And wanting to chill yourself. And I think what you want ridiculous she wanted things to just stop based upon how you'd describe it. And I really commend you for forewarning to create a network. Of people that you can talk to and recognizing that you are not Paramount. Because I've had experience in recovery program for ten years mental well. Also has date personal still looked at and the depression that's an. Care what people. And I think kissing some tremendous things tonight I encourage you in your recovery. Good idea I was injured arm muscles you also recovery and thank people I stricker is important to you in recovery. Duncan thank you Paul they get. I guess I mean technically I guess I don't I did that's stuck by them feel better than they did we were. Most of the people in your group's alcoholics and drug addicts we I didn't really we didn't really get to that part. Of that really were some I think who suffer from that stuff for sure I would say most that say they were play yet to pervade these people. No I feel terrible for these people these are people who will stay and there's some of them for three months you know. Five months six months who you know don't did that they'll have a lot to go back to this is their life had been in their 45 times are most were comfortably there. I went in there and I was terrified that the whole time is nice that ones did you sleep. A little bit and you're being watched again and scare people from chicken in every five minutes a night middle and the whole life is that they think he's somebody made things. Well they don't give any rope to than they do not know I mean we've you Asian move up you get more freedom like and they are able to get whatever this of that but yet. Yes watched TV and watching TV radio. Then listen to radio the last turning it must issue. Hope I just don't do this is a trigger Erica. PTA dot com we talked to John from god are they John Hutton. I think but I never got on well yeah. Kirkwood on you coming out and be public I can't imagine being a public figure deal that was some of these things every. What can imagine a public figure out some good to have. Kerry I think the people that don't deal with some of these things it's like they're playing a logic vs an Elvis and you look at it logically which is. Totally reasonable but large is kind of removed from things when you're in this which. I think Jirga held up I would say dangers defense not letting juries dealt with in his life maybe that individually but in his life like anybody yes I have dealt with that night but I think you're looking at it. And if you understand when I say that some really Kate speed administration understand that but just. Sort of it's. Part of the best explanation I heard was someone talking about it that he board name and he had everything going on at great seemingly had a great life. They said that was the only way he knew how to end the pain practice that's what it is is it's this pain have to stop this pain and you don't think of Findlay on the confused shoppers. He knows who's his wife would have which was girlfriend he thinks of this pain and I look at them and it. I was having a hard time getting through every I mean I remember we were at the golf term eyes squarely in the house we peel the tunnel back in the hotel music cried for now I know I couldn't control. I had no control and it took over for the six hour round. Yes that's ignited a kind of died when he was no worse but I just would you like I got so super weekly the last few months that was yup and it be dinner be walking around and it's just in just its. It's a point ascetic they said sand from the cars things have to surrender to dislike it unites them and drinking I just have to surrender that this thing. Has beaten me I have to figure out. Liberal. And and that's never that's a process battles are never going I mean I mean with many issues intrigue doesn't is no cure I don't know you know there's no cure what's in my life and I don't know how much progress we've made in a mean like I don't know. Helmets to these lithium which is that in you know these fifty years ago the progress has been be able to talk about. That's where the prime suspect but I think you know medication. Everyone says Lex the pros greats will find open arteries let's go to Mike can Mike on the cape Mike. Could comment whether it worked picabo old situation. Would supplement so well. I don't know occur things about this spot. A lot of depression comes from like in the construction. Then you know breaking news. In my opinion you know urged silent radio. I've always looked very you know and get what you think about some of the radio dot org look at and I think. You know I don't wanna dress up as dishonorable. This might just say we all decent yeah I think he's a decent guy at the I think he's. Attributed guy and he has to do this assigning it to. Somebody Israel keep it between those two things and it causes depression. Not this job cause you depression depression before I was here while I'm here after years that's that's I do think. There's layers of stress that it is obviously no doubt we know that. But that's also. Like you know let's be I mean I terrible and more but my show more than say rich desert nailed that I just do or or I didn't want anybody which is not always held land there and I just think I care more anybody else to appoint were gets a healthy yes that's all I mean it's you know Hal Sutton more successful. Here. But it is the question though but he works harder and nobody cares it's also that. Much and I probably get the question more than anyone is you know what's really canola mean. You get that a blow me and him but not nearly as much. And I always have to explain to people that you are good guys and they really easy to release him want him in ways we're good friends Romans is really don't hate them. Bill is that what it sounds like that any true. I don't think so you. Don't never and to explain to people a great guy great fodder. We have this we did disagreements but you know like last Thursday's empathetic human meeting but that's that's going to be good guy Nelson you'd think that's that's true. This is a good guy got all different instincts for on the front and nice people that is true we got a funny guy and a dinner with the place Jeff Jeff is it any Jefferson's regards him right. Good and funny joke for a while ago don't calls against him actually when it's on another big man and I think we're with calls into a cult icons we are going you know idea. That you guys hold very generous from a PNC ride and met my raise more money that I was hoping to an. You know gave me the smallest donation that. Really speak for the didn't ten bucks that's nice. A slice their ability have every dollar counts are real wide open. This moment call 617 report criticized about wouldn't he's about to go on the tax line but no one's called yet to call you low Fijian Nationalists. Six beam a little soft six months on the last thing that's happening now I'd like that kid did to its patent slapped that's right in. In the Patton thought they town perhaps some caps tempest right yes same guy but I know that's not a it's very easy school as Archie Bunker so as to general George C. Scott search she's that's right a couple lines opened 61777. 7937. Headlines with Chris Curtis by. Is and see. Plus she's number 1 morning show on Sports Radio WEEI. Kurt can count heads headlines. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind no producer Chris Curtis I mean candidate and I want to assume. The man who. For his massive weight loss brought the world's great moments like. How much rubber like 300 yards from the took an animal health secret Foote and rob we'll all honestly think that I would not have been if I had a Ringo Starr yacht and go partner John McCarty on this. He's now clean and need new and improved Curtis whose fault I will break blame I'm Blu-ray movies are here. It tests like 28 months and years and that's just basic you know support multi year. I don't associate much better. Floods social street and he was still functional strength you can Jim Walsh. Oh road rumor. Wasn't allowed inside ship sale and so our own watch how many guests. 8614 Beaumont. Very close current 8714. Beaumont ladies unfortunately for state nonsense words it's time for Curtis current. And tell my hands and minds. Hi headlined what you like doctor Robert muttered dark active prestige here doctors on 1800 aired just calls one to would have won the second. Headlines hosted by actress Purdue's Chris good morning good morning guys. It's a great morning for our vice president Mike answers yesterday you unveiled a written in real segment here. Yeah we don't have to Muster show. Oh we can and on Imus this is embarrassing and like my exes so mrs. If I'm Mike Pence and throw line this silliness you know if you went to mark what space force bringing. You know Dennis Rodman someone like that them makers serious and he thinks there's no rules. Great point which we'll go to like he could be himself. He could float around for the president greeted yesterday. In sports all the way he's the screen him so cream cheese space. Anti like you know. Republicans. Small government ought. Even the schools to the moon would do it's it's created entire department. It would cost trillions over time my question is so trump is really good really good. Keeping people at red meats like the national anthems of the wall what people want. Who was asking for this I'm not sure I noticed people down in the panhandle maybe I don't people die under Texas I mean that's small. We mean it sounds stupid when he says it's worse when Princeton as the president pens pencil. In. Genetic tests that I'm surprised he didn't resist. Now the time has come to write the next great chapter. In the history of our armed forces prepare for the next battlefield where America's best and bravest will be called to deter and defeat in new generation threats to our people. To our nation the time has come to establish the united states space for. Stopped. It's attic. A lot of life there are two from mr. parents well I think one person has been all one person's going to be challenging the development of the space forces our next president missile case you know who looked at these. She's an expert on you're not everything she knows everything especially with the leader of the Democratic Party will be if they take back the house. He isn't she is the leader of of now she I mean and mean. I'm speaker rather leader Pelosi hopeful. I mean a wheel scene and she's she's fill the current leader of the party and I think that the party absolutely does have its leadership in the house we ever leadership and in the senate has. Wow. That was last night when mr. Cuomo on CNN those few minutes ago census. It doesn't matter are any via any interview Willie Green suspensions of factor for a BC who officially. The shooter went through that content will miss South Carolina and shepherd and a keynesian Cortez works for me and that Willis we throw in there. The stumbling bumbling moron yeah anybody can't think of anyone who were great and a great moments like that. And a great moment ago we're that dumb flip him and I don't think so now. Well on one is easy to settle expect Texas should certainly do I gotta ask you Steve. At osment and against. We have someone who I think is brewing bet Spike Lee he's a great director film moderator refused to this field and he got see this I'm sure. He's out promoting the movie and last night he was on with Anderson Cooper and it was not a fan of mr. trump. Would you wanna sit down for a while and haven't come out Cuomo on his name here. No Agent Orange. If you've got bucked Iran sat out of Brooklyn busta. Do you do you consider him your president now I'd be too. You. Get that. So what ice personal on the shoulder and. With the guys never had a film it's actually people on the scene theater now these famous auto these critically acclaimed right after he's he's a bit but he's like yeah he's he's he's not real he's not really any human being actually cares what Michael Moore he's always in the most days literally Michael lower what does Michael Moore ever done you've seen. I've seen nothing. I don't think that's that's turning now I didn't never side and Roger and me on that note nope no that was a sex tape was good oh must that was yeah. Now he's he's and he's it but they people your producers it's mythology a lot of Spike Lee. He's going to be it be what it was like entertaining yes I'd been saying he says CE. Last year after being one year ago this week when there. James fields killed the woman and a child spilled over its grant come up and when the news broke he says he walked on the farm neck and Obama was playing golf and walked up to him and told in the news Obama to know. Spike Lee said yes that seems a few weeks you can walk on several levels almost unlikely while he's playing golf even if she's likely you can walk right up to. Now I don't see that sort of waited by the security if he's always a myself justice go right ahead if Obama's of that it's likely I know what's your glacier different I don't know but he says Obama didn't know personally told him he would he soared on the news and went up. And continues to be obliterated by the new management there as high noon lasted about a month it's unbelievable. High noon is moving to 4 o'clock but it will keep the name and be cut in half in terms of time it's going to be thirty minutes and cool this is it this is what they need is the reset indeed look pathetic like. Station network with a show is not working these movement around and it was a sense of hurt us what's the thought process with the creativity. Very done he's so what's going to be on a high noon Hyder is going to be any what's going to be on at new. At noon is going to be a generic sports senator David Lloyd Carrie champion owes it to Lloyd he's got good thank goodness it's going to be that. David Lloyd. He's famous blonde blonde blonde David Lloyd Webber only gets on that's excellent snows again I can fit in the offers yeah you were there following the group the states steel cabinet god which is just generic non political regular sports talk which it worked six and like these six ancillary equipment and high noon I would say on with it works its source better at it works better than the current or else the money will be at four. Current the 434. To 430 and the political items themselves to show I noted a highly quite well and I keep your eyes are on the premise that down. That's after high or thirty at a good hour hi how are you good luck I noon highly questionable. Well around the horn after the high enjoy it goes on Jones does not back down. And that's a spinning it as a good feel like they're part of its new power block from force it. Android with this great other of one actual excellent hire by Disney. Mr. Huntsman is leaving Fox News Huntsman is joining the view I think he's like current and off she is spectacular. Nice lips of us are scared that it. And shoes I'd headlines brought you by. Doctor rob letter document repressed the 1800 shares lose momentum we have a wide open 61777. 7937. What else we everything else you know we of people we we need someone to call up and give Kirk a hard time open eyes open ocean for being so weak that you guys do it. Good to you have vacation this week it'll. Last week your some vacation time. I did a young charger vacation time for going in the mental hospital when you get charged vacation time through voice the issue but that's really what's proof that it's all battlefield. Idol Iowa chronicle yesterday critical please enough enough baskets execs 17777937. That was headlines will be right back. Sports Radio WEEI. For the globe is reporting that comprehensive. Package. No I'm not buying. I don't. It's similar silence last night you did right month if they show I saw before him and that's human subjects you know athletes who get hurt. We generally Lou you know growing yes. And he was joking around talking every miss out on it and throwing in three seasons so fart in play last night and obviously Disneyland for the anthem so that's true. Adam kept Los Angeles that might be yeah an injury type thing managing something Bailey can I just said who. Told Mike and out so much here it's a born again for Kirk Gerald the night Mike doesn't. Take your shirt off in planes shall we share does none of us much that's gotten out of Mike and Alex smiling Murray like we know like we're not deathly. It but I don't remember having you around like you. Mike Mike and Elton was boring sounding sure this is what award show you've ever heard tonight not the most important was the most boring they were pivotal life they've and it just sounds like to Tripoli issue. Yes he listened to it like this shows got to promise I mean I surmise by. It's Marbury operation agreement needs three people in the room yes reverse that young guys from the 21 every single. I'm just happy I week. And the ala. Yea needs more right it's yet to throw more meet the room. And and we'd like him cause he's overly ambitious slick is an ambitious succeeds is his intelligence. Ambition or had any ambition at all. Sue us intelligence. And you're tied with all this is he is sneaky down. Yes here it is not a relic. That's the anymore but yet now he is he could. He admits he'd lose to these guys in battle the wranglers he's younger though he should know he should know should know The Beatles. He should know lake songs like Boston. Like I get back east or an hour of Turkey how many years younger. OK if you don't want socks test that you all know I think it's yet if you don't want that current secure element geography or history he clay when he's a cutie spiel to go to the international. Portion of Logan Airport and need every flag all the flags there every country he knew with Alan warms flag. Always flash always of them all the flags. It'll use the service that terminally can name every single country I was. Obama quick break as I expressed. My how old you have debated president. I didn't notice you don't know them months to either forty or 45 chances Gaby auctions are eight L 1635. When he won 35. News the aka. What options. It's whites multiple choice I would ignore an no hold you have to be to be prince I was close the ball partisan issue on its missions ever played him leagues are considering running and yet you're old enough now your prime and we'll. It's in a way that's why are kgo Cortez can't be pressed or DH options through bill. It was 181620. Water Arafat would give analysts question aren't miners and that's wonderful and mobile what is what an ocean I was on what ocean is on the West Coast of the United States Pacific Ocean they're commodities that. I was once them vote. It's this is a good fellow artist lauding his brain power over me and I don't you he can do it always that's where you're fighting we were gonna blow your friend of mine whose wife and she she's the parents when notion as this. Is that. We remain reaches full us that we are Russian joint or. Now now. In the Indian Ocean is up early cars person but did note ocean we would have the ocean. It's the Merrimack Michelin. I lots of people wanna talk to you I was going modernize gonna go get some breakfast how do we get back a way to Vegas is a fasting day. It's you know you know just off you back to nodding to moon yes it over their last night. Excellent salad southwestern style chicken. Little how many Beers zero know much burba zero. But I drank. On Monday. That guy you know today's not Tuesday what's today. Right and this was yesterday and you still to any card you don't work out at all. All of that if our philosophy is no late fees should definitely do I've got puffy face I have an outside weeding my yard shot and so it's just like color must have a single that's not a word like golf is anxious awakenings Garcia of people say our golf today. Lot of crabgrass this year ammunition weeding and some what's happened while their work is Hadley part of her district implement. About departures reaction. I'm quite. Sadly part of her district implement nickel lose two towns close what I think. Had in 2000 I'm here today you've lived here your whole life if you just moved in from somewhere else let's say there was said to me said you know can. US and not not negative he just asked in his question and Joey said do you think we need minus have been kind of cute because. It where we're pilgrims make fun and what's your good friend he belongs here which isn't bad moment this for an end product like you were there for him. If you go limo he wants and essentially did ya. As a really been there for me that's a victory can beat us let's. Does that mean I mean I I think you I think I am a better friend for you that you are for me that's. To think. And seriousness that's how we're always makes sense I wanted these calls I get back that these images I hang out it almost sounds a line Stephen probably these halls qualities of these calls interval is what would you like to do much. I'll say one back all of Brady's back what you call in particular we don't even easier for Steve probably yes and I think the pumps. I think you should thank him for donation. A share of luck. Rounds almost got out about don't. I don't think so unless I missed it I mean everyone doesn't use nickname when it's but I guess like we can also just not we have a foot I have to put my name and CC I don't. This is Hillary's not the mind I don't want public on what Jerry's kids penalties on chair as if we do percent rules go to Jerry Sanders of salary. You gave the biggest donation by far should get 75 bucks a money means nothing. On what's my immediate review board and you certainly don't nobody doesn't like he spends morning makes it that's what that ya picking correctly we should do that clay Travis that LeBron James is if you gave for. Ten dollars a week to the church you didn't donate more. You make fifty the red rock. Don't they have more charity LeBron does not just the board double. But LeBron he's been much that's cool that's how percent that's fine but it was a publicly receiving praise for the hunt and let's not it was a public now that you're Harry Potter or you're right and he did not pay taxpayers pay for that school he took all the credit. He did not media gave Mueller could. True yet you know socially press conference at -- he was apparently at curtsy where an interview where if you don't allow ourselves Clark ignites and Rachel Nichols that the I did it pay for right. We'll get you guys 61777793. Said will be Adam Mike and Alex this morning how are you.