K&C - Kirk addresses his status on the show 1-12-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, January 12th

Hour 2: Kirk explained what happened behind the scenes yesterday after his announcement.  


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You skirt. I'm talking disappointment but you humorous I don't people die on me for this glad I thought sad too when I heard it on us yeah. I think Terry is an unbelievable radio personalities certainly is absence will be messed and the Olaf hits he works the hardest every cares the most I can say this. Nobody works harder and nobody cares the most you're dealing with an abject idiot with Gerry Callahan the president of the United States is racist I am. It's racist person ever that apparently the president made some extremely offensive remarks about other countries like Haiti countries in Africa wire we have all these people from whole country's come here he says why don't we didn't walk people for no way yet. Which is really say why don't we give wolf white people would you rather live in Haiti or Norway Kirk man sort of decided to step aside because lease them to Europe. A year off. You can leave me hanging here among you hanging I think you know I'm pretty tired. Don't go home. I've been through a lot of them worn down and worked out and just luck that my ruined his results or from online. Thank you everybody thank you doing on Sports Radio telling you. Sorry sorry sorry sorry I'm just sorry that our. I'm sorry. All that's why we need for stay around you never know what's gonna happen. You never know which your question button he's gonna pusher oh I don't know how his. Victims were react and mutt didn't react well to the the attack that Kirk group. Took part on you he went after you again as usual and you snapped a snap the via Carter stuff got to me for so there and it is just a dumb thing which I'm Checketts amok through pass over his head was a highlight and right now it in the right and right the eyeball the weapon right here and I was broken right to his credit Kirk one of the flight she but he didn't he took his headphones who was gonna go after you. In studio was pretty close yes and you are one of his best friends he loves you like a brother. I loved love you like a brother hates your guts now Steve Kirk leave. He's being medical tension Kurt switched it the that's good doctor Curtis is. Attending to. Isn't ending ticker. He's making his way back in he's been. If dark Curtis is taking good care of him I think it looks all better now. All of that and a with a noticeable between got a picture it's hardly noticeable. I hope you guys can I get past this and home month feels awful. Sure he's he is like a little little alms basilica Doug was more electable chimp that went the bathroom on the rug. He feels terrible Kirk he feels terrible and it all up. Lee in its your fault you do this to you socialites doesn't matter. I might be okay we've discussed since a cave doctor lawyer did you yes could share but I got to break into my goals to get. To suit my mind Mike. Might just have much to offer you didn't spam industry essentially there anyway I was NC usually lets it use to tell you there and you usually one of the practices are much of that person on the assets that person has sued for you know what yeah when they were right like announce who. You know the cashier if you go to a restaurant and the coffee burns who appearance with the cashier waitress she sued the company well again accurately. Yes say to you more personally did physically hurt well I did I saw you looked painful you're going to be okay. We'll see you might have a scratch on him once when I don't you might have is an excellent graphic and definitely I had a scratched cornea what's most painful thing hurts it hurts yeah great weekend plans announced room. I felt bad for you right in the gulf tomorrow and it's. Believing now but it's just leave means you are. Well that YouTube which tomato this place as well so this happens and you know there's no firstly let's say everything actually handers but not. It is not why the person yet you know what you know it's good for that Euro cake when you're okay that all of the aircraft can you go on Curtis. That works. I. Can you hear me. A group the Olympics and calls. Did you wanna I wanna do at this point for your show and want to be okay do you have ice storm put ice on. You want Almon. You blind. We were told her actions does discretion on your historical point of the vote was it measured blurry. A little bit illness you have like infineon across the odd ball player just vote was an accident this was on purpose this in this all this would you say yeah during the break. Ripping so what happens you still haven't had just left to share some of the blame you push into our fault a sensible and if you push into the break a couple of stuff and food costs wrote Euro it's our own corporate Mike. I want to say one had a kid whose 226 pounds he's five years old now that's narration and I had a bad for partner maybe I'd like to rest human Ahmad god damn you know. Arnold Schwarzenegger can't lift amendment and have a house unlike you he wants this on the play football and potentials for my needs a good nose guard he's on his way about next year Jerry. Well soon. When you're about my three and we get thrown out nothing he's he's not gonna even talk mutt is a waste mud you should leave the get. Known Kirk Urquhart spine a fiduciary I feel very dear America. Okay you should be but we can really get past this. If the shoulder Dubya professional he's he's. Professional and CB do that yeah I've seen you do crazy things your city throw it something that somehow I don't know have his okay and nobody could really hurt some of whom are. I think we'll throw things at me of course that's truthfully and attitude you bring it on yourself. Dole. I get training and don't don't don't play I gonna highlight right here my forehead to leave that audio can now these guys we sent audio out there yes we do don't evidence now maybe audio. About Freddie Hicham. Yes to highlight it right here almost that I was stupid. These people that they just a professional can't take the heat that's what you want to route running and I think we can use that that would result. New York told that's it not only one on the you know the movies as you said Los Angeles finally have had doing radio it's a fun today. Not really know it could not real. Let's take some calls marks in the kind mark. Edwards say Turkey. Car after car that's inexcusable. But silver lining at least modern post acute us. Strewn streets that point that's true although feast pro would blog and I think doctor Carter Stephen problems that she's ST to turn anger of Steven laughing tackle this. I try and take up. It's not that it's not it's funny when you you you say you don't. Basic hard as I could probably he allowed this he's and we on the Ares that aren't always the whatever sing off a year and I saw part of birthday party that he. Anyway I just thought I told my dad to stop giving him a two desserts. Two yesterday okay I had that conversation glad that comes is when your father and say dad stopped giving a bit deserted and I but obviously I like all right guys I've loved had a conversation my father actually I would I would. I really would not what I meant I really welcome a lot of my thought I would like this yeah I would I would when my dad live now has gotten geez you can view your dad. It's it. Cemetery I do dot I did you happen to weird his birthday was in December. Yes sweat pants that are now like you they're too tight porky can move around in them there is an issue in this is an exercise he makes fun of it and it bothers. And it needs. Well I guarantee you that is that I Derek units on the religious directives do you issue because you weird weights stuff. No he hit my wife and I thought I thought he is getting ports I have five girls this is us. Earlier this I want this you know what when where two suitable you can pick them and get some exercise Ron walked in a place basketball. Are you think. All we want we will you'll be mr. right and when where Unita yeah I get home you'll play it plays soccer and what was the birthday party doing it was a repeat party. Before Christmas this I saw him what I say US it's skinny yeah sure everybody eats a lot of Christmas let's go to Timmy can't make him. I I assures us. I'd promised not to make. One of marks kids might. You Travis LaMont deeper Connecticut that we're at least faceoff. She would be buried are separated Oprah. Mark and child go from land at a lot but when you're US swing it and I'm partly to work the other night how jealous where you. Yes great thing you're ready to get it beyond the carcass while you know and the last thing I would ask is. It actually that you walked assert on your bet if we don't we. And always good irritants. It's. Kevin's in bridge what I Kevin. And it'll nervous. Paulson friend me in my Paul this is a good point by politics that part right. So I he's got a quick on the first before my question from mark first of all you should try he's got a good arm catchy supporters don't cut girls. Yes Paul but. If you are so sensitive about card is way why did you Twitter avatar picture of gorging themselves put back in chief's. Nice picture over the summer like that picture for your you're right that's that's my not to. I mean I'm gonna helping him. This poll is what he's in the pocket Mac and cheese shop in Europe. You know it's about people joking about it on my girl. I don't. I defend my man card you sent Harry very nice birthday note. Carter if you listen right now for so I love you bought a five year old Samantha Burke an employee like they think the mom writes that humans on me you know very good very good job and it's thank you so that you know reunion besides your excellent right ninja turtle complete sentences and I are mothers who he's put his print print. It's bisons which one can see for Hewlett we techno to hold on hold will address by situation like later during that I want address the situation now OK now I get out okay my body feels access look at it cars listening you listening. You know he's on his way back in August love you buy a place for first of all love you secondly you are not eyesight at birth that your parents are ridiculous you're in no way of its. Try that it is avatar is not it is a stunning around the time. I have two young kids I have a job as night hours it's ridiculous re ridiculous not it's not fair to him you're putting pressure on him that's not right not we don't tell we got him telling him this though it's not we're going in and saying this were saying this I said to you your dog Sayer the doctor. Is last check of the musher probably some flash apps and I just would not like going in the daily you'd be this way you call me helicopter perjury this is ridiculous we are amongst ourselves once. A lot of nice steadily often share this is never ever ever meant to be an on air thing you say to me. You'd say I don't I don't think I would have to. But maybe I didn't I didn't think that was gonna come up at all I mention I laughed you off the air we're talking about as it is now come on the year. And again I'm less sensitive to when you bring it up. When it Dick like Stephen Providence continues to do over overdue and it bothers me that's any problem. I understand I entitlement I think you mean to advertise these right you're the kid eating my package for any picture of that that I'm sure lots of pictures it boys. Pick a different idea I want I to sort of birthday party Harry cars he's not look into skinny kid that he says normal. That's not him it's not now and sure Chris Christie on the beach it's. If it makes we. It fat boy named mutt feels that he ordered his parents have a conversation over the weekend. That was a lie and it's the swimming naked. That's why he busted out of it's nobody had this conversation that in that dude those days you just eat in and counseled for world he really an ice and I can keep blocking the keys and just tell me you're okay on the rise OK I have my eye catching not okay Jerry is right and scratch no there's nothing you want to I forgot all these stats after Buddy Guy with a pen is Obama is nothing I learned this has nothing you do but it heals fast in the day it's all better. But for day you can soften up planes you go to a wedding yes you know play golf yes be miserable. Because you can't hate original helps. Couple Beers nuns at a little mini or smoke the joint yes glaucoma and I was gonna whip. I was only the played there in the tell this story of other do you talk don't don't there's no other do you I would do that at all other mighty promising what it was they are one and done I'm suggesting a second stimulus look at wanted anybody's got my middle cup western mass 2014 April Microsoft wants small my answer is very nice if you will undoubtedly under out did what I did it is very nice you know to bring them up I got a set of figures prominently this agent you never know matured you always are Hopkins you can look at you mature you know that was name is legitimate I wasn't that was among those prime. What's it asks. All right enough of this headlines we got I had this one's. We won that lemon get to them and defend my men Donald. Karen I'm K can. We need ice we need a bag of ice so they can I find a hearing to. With all on its are all part hello. I get this a lawsuit. There's others since in the would get to trump we're gonna get the headlines but first I don't wanna do the shouldn't leave an aqueduct and have the answers everybody on the text on every idol don't get back with wood don't store now. Can duplicate what would you want it at 730 I want you to be happy that I'm I've heard miserable right now. Chief of punted till that it felt I won't put that that wouldn't bother me to my eyes sensitive yes or mine that's an issue. Unlike most people but that's just that's we just say it's a legal situation I would accept money has nothing so bad as soon as a company and the can you sue the company that the company's about to give me a lot of money. He regretted it because of this amounts they treacherous and if it got them over a barrel now I do I feel that that's the case but I mean firstly you have to demand they fire him. Right. You're going to be epic fight that we look at that is done now what what else is Angela asked a question have some things up at the as a mindless fun. We can I can answer any quite looks like in the fire. And then I think. Is he right here for. I can't think. Let's we'll get the headlines look at the Donald. All that we get the card game Callahan on Twitter and Kirk. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Kirk and Callahan asks headlines it seems like you left abruptly. Don't yes yes nothing lasts forever well I'll say yes Kirk a guy. Were never best friends however it has nothing to do with. I think this straw that broke the camel's back up here today gone tomorrow and how did things to deter certain. A lot of things took a turn and you're left with only the fond memories Gerry Callahan good columnist. Should write more Kirk then again. Complicated here's today's complicated. Headlines. Decided to step aside I think at least I may take a year off. A year off yes the I don't want to do that but I also don't think that you wanted to do an idea why you wanted to. Headlines brought to you by doctor Robert mattered. And Matthew prestige doctor Matthew pressed the 1800. Get hair. But out of every now welcome calls from what they optometrists. Yes yes speed up top horses scholars in the area driving miss into the show you college Tomlin going through right now. You know within days numbing drugs side when I went to the hospital my scratched cornea it was a real pain that has put a drop and nuns you guys. You all better. Temporarily. Right but. The can't let go by and CVS they're kinda that once it's gonna dangers have no feeling your eyes but it definitely relieves the pain yeah. So may we get someone here is some of those drops shortly to hear from somebody that feel that great and lawyer to. I had targeted here. We're good. We're. Women who don't. Seamus minute hand which are devices segment our first one we've got personal affront just tweeted he's responded yeah. These two he just waited as usual we're in the final images before you say the odds on people don't know where I'm going. I'm more I was go on vacation he. And you're gonna and we raised area lovely this time really delicate area and in other golf courses there's unbelievable surprise look at I would absolutely right in this particular the five guys now like Israel's and their broker or two very clean floors interest thereon I don't want I don't know what I tell people in the eighties if I've got dopey Frederic water. They're a great war. What's that the water is wonderful legally probably should say the show Kelly is here's Donald. The language used by me at the dock the meeting was tough but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made a big setback for doc. If you get the second sentence. Written that person the language used by meet the darker meaning was tough but this was not the language used. Harold iron. Can someone help me out with that because I'm always on the got to defend my man Donald Trump but I would like to. And I think Jews outside the at the meeting was top but this was not the language used to he said. That word as whole course he said were OK so why would say there are people from this country legal citizens were from their patients patients. These president says this presentations not presidential. It was crude it was inappropriate. But so what. My question you like grandma my question to you and everyone else was inaccurate. To gosh you I don't know. Of course you know that I am a father in law goes he the every yard and what a show she says it's percents are great people and I didn't say that weren't great people and that the conditions are brutal and conditions improve that's that's I have no way of San Jose. Bleep hole but she goes every year I said to work and how would you amateurs mission accomplished and how would you characterize how did you feel that you disagree. She saves on people they're good people there that I greatly greatly reduce your idea I think it is just it was talking about Haiti in El Salvador and say it presents a degree oppression shall I agree I said that already. I'm driving it's racist I. Of course you're just breathless talk about that. I Don lemon opening shows us Don lemons a more on and thinks everything it is racism president of the United States is racist and well what it what's racist about it C. It's an awful country you would agree the people are nice people nice. And as a reason I wanna come here to there countries and that's you know disease poverty and I was just Jamaica Jamaica has great beaches. But we took a tour alone it's a it's a dirty play so much ago when he's outside Edwards I mean we went back grows in open in the mountains and hills and I mean if it is yours you know stray dogs run everywhere and Emma a ticket that grow legs stupid and presidentially water and you know the horse is no air conditioning in place without electricity. It's probably pull the proper word nobody pays lexicon. It fits you would say that that applies guests scheduled the president to some sort of the difference and I agree I've already given you that I've consolidated then you and I agree I I I'm on will use that word to give morons like Don lemon in all these failed to correct cost that is and that any of fodder that's like that's exactly right. But in private. Maybe not your mother in law but lots of people call immediately poll. I unpacked yet lots of people who were trying to get out of Haiti and come to the US. A lot of people it's a good question I mean it's the is that immigration act of 1965. That made it tougher for people from Western Europe to come here and easier for people from. Third World holes to come here and it doesn't serve our interest yeah. He he could send it more particularly why don't but he can't take that. Maybe not but he's making and again quite important a good point why did we want. You know people. From those places over people from those places he didn't have the pick. Either 180 or Norway but why do they get a preference to your question I'm honest I don't ultimately get a preference because Democrats know they're gonna vote Democrat that's that's why and that's true. But yes. So he had what do you think marked the people expect an apology today from trumpeted openly which we got on saarc you never and whichever you cities say it's so it's yet writes it's just I mean he knows people listening to every word wide why do. She's he's Daniel atlas is really like it becomes the back. At some point does he learned that when he certainly doesn't know now. It's our renting out your states it's worked form that's nothing works form to breathe Guerrero who works for answers that you do. It's a big paper is well it's the spurs medical checkup today that's right go to a vacant reveal his way to that at Kentucky fried chicken not the worst thing in the world did they do I know they say if everything checks the that was great but did they reveal how many pounds overweight I have had a request -- what's this for your time stereo they talk to the doctor doctor sees concealment examination one desert two deserts. That's the Buckley wrote a big conversation you've last week 230. Far. Off they say other people are sitting over on that a little different from. I remember sitting in the campaign normally Spitzer was. All that was at Ocampo. And get these characters confused here I think one big Mac for dinner and one large Fries. Well being would be good start what what point we love mcdonalds god knows parliament tells us in if you won big Mac a week. Exercise. Healthy pretty healthy otherwise yes. I still indulgences so yeah when everything lottery have one big Mac has top of you know going five. Because our community five guys which is on Saturday a significantly good the whole time which are sick you run six miles 3 in the morning. Sharapova into that that's true. But if you write this stuff about the great cheap enough. Other Valerie hamburgers they're not right in the great hamburger cheaper where you won nothing nothing nothing. It's like we can all agree on that right even I agree we kill it that some in the brings us all on the bonds not sought. The language used by me at the dock the meeting was top that this was not the language used. It's to a lot of other people reacted to it oh under a language he used was tough but not. But in Atlanta where he reported his act is inaccurate language actually used was rough but it's not what's being report. He didn't say astle and this was not the language used yeah. So he said some tough things about Haiti but not that word. And that's based on the Israelis denying it he should take old and I apologize for all but yeah passing. The which I doubt it of course he did it and it's and he's right. He's right either rent do you think el Salvador's national non urban some movie I'd like well that's where MS thirteen comes from. And I know Democrats wanna get as many gang members in this country as possible cause they think someday they'll vote Democrat. But would that be good start to say well let's put a halt to the immigrant from El Salvador. Show us public and empower whole comment until you know we get this thing figured that we. It's a big city handle on Port Au Prince Porter prints should for an offshore. We get to remote from their. Hundreds of our effort is not very nice and your other Dominican which is right is the same island very nice. Now that panic in stocks and practices. What are definitely an agenda that I had a few incidents and that left the campus and left the resort and it was awful awful. I mean apparently it's it's better and that's islands Bermuda but I hate any kind of close part of time around. Of that US if your racist in Bermuda is most whites. True it's it is orange colored folks. A they compete isolated by bats they hold my golf club I have she's leaving and I wanna get to this I want this I want to talk more about this racist. Black people from it was a much darker than in Haiti you know even if he model that'll have already know the people get like. In stage one cancer and because they don't know how to treat it that's right they like where she goes there shouldn't principles Greenberg you see. We don't much time for this is. And why your. One registered forcing my issue a voice any issue militia to segment it was a matter legally o'clock anyways second segment sometimes right. To do it a bit like a source 617779797. We took because yesterday people were. Some begging you to stay others and get lost. I'm not sure he can handle this today because you are playing hurt you know scratched cornea you're good front month room islander and your you salted. I would give you credit for restraint you wanted to fight and actually got frustrated that he wanted to fight that's what I always but I was hoping fight so much that would go your bigger than he is that he is sitting down easy Woodbury. You Christopher month he would. He would try to wrestle you would not punch. Would you punch him. Yeah I was at about the time walking over that repellent and why restraint and building that still deliver bigger man and a father and actually fund. I fought many were she to Highlander meeker drafts did you hear she's currently out of dual anyway we took a lot of calls. Yesterday everybody wants to know how I wanted to know yesterday how this was all through the doors open made a couple of as a duet one even. Anything meetings after the show important meetings with a high I had sixty phone calls extra lots of phone calls to text votes of meetings of the negotiations. Where does it stand now perk them. Under six. I used the word to reference aired injuries that probably should abused. Feel bad about that is true picture that being said. I guess with the Corky if you took away sunny from yesterday was that one of some changes. Within the building corrected. Again did not bill Mott and about financial situation about any of that stuff brides sale financial situation was part of that I would not know I would not was you were in the middle of I would not. I was against him well compensated where finder or opportunities on an issue at all not a problem on work for. My bigger issue was inside the building was certain people people have issues with people that I don't think I can really work with that that had to deal with them all the time. It for weeks and weeks and weeks ever tell people this they do not listen to me. On the year yesterday did this in very quickly I got a phone calls from people very high up were willing to assure me they would do anything possible. To keep anything. Possible to keep me I was glad to hear that I believe that to some extent I need more proof going forward. I am willing to leave the door open. As always. You know as I said I want to work here it's I don't wanna work on work here under the conditions that are right guys like Spielberg. Guys like George Lucas guys late Christopher Knowles. How was called total creative control final cut. I very simply want 100% control. Of the curtain count and she told control. Actually my show my shall we are very quickly agree to that. I don't get through there and an electrician to handle whatever and lakers in Canada but the big idea they were nervous as the secrecy can were very nervous and worried about Chaz were you by the way I ones so is long is all that stuff happens I'm willing to have the conversation with any that doesn't happen. You know off the ice fishing and writing a novel. We're gonna ice fish we need to I'll find something else that baby for a blind anyway what's the timetable on this is. Why talk to Joey after the show yesterday and he sort of seemed to agree on that February night they want me to go to the Super Bowl if this was still an issue going forward. Yes that's no problem this is on his a game Jerry it's okay with me so it's really up to why wouldn't be okay with me when you first for tribute that point on a week off. Law almost frustrated with Cuba no we want to Natalie shambles we then discussed. The planes of the show if I were fact you've taken absence. These have we partridge put my my chairman to the third sort of usual it is and I obsolete Kramer and would he give an excellent way to say it. No problem wouldn't say hey saying it to you make you laugh as you know so you don't care what Jerry would not let that happen Jerry turnover -- this is so much that he needs a third person committee 8 o'clock and he does not want us today we can't do to line doing our Antarctica personally to two hours to wildlife and we'd like to do the best show possible in every segment it UW he is unaware. Obviously unaware that let's talk to you wrote I heard that Georgia withdrawals happening this. I'm much just wanted to he what are we can do it again. Kurt this game that we can't we can't we can't lose them. What were what night. He just wants some people removed out of his life and will only we went back and forth their their soldier like that like those people killed. If you can't do that so we try to find some of. To be kidding me Kirk I mean you you can't show a lot to get here at the age not to bring everybody around you ought to bring up. And not even I mean are you kidding me. You know again I love it here I love Jerry let Jerry. Of all the Jessica if people. Gary. Two mossy and Aleks level three so you know club of Krupp and torment and I loved every associate at the Charlotte curses. Somebody who lives on earth. Right right. These two words like what is happening Curtis doesn't care Gergen do you guys I it's sources tell Curtis does not care that is congress oh my gosh that you can go than anybody. And get me and gave my ally says that again we all have like lives and kept him up from who's not happen I know what happened Jesus that was vis Katherine never please try the game I was like man number two for 01 of us open. But so we're on the song hold weren't holding pattern I mean I guess and that's great until February 9. Are you adding any demands to analyst. Knowledge wanna feel comfortable don't want the show to be. Entirely under my control and if you he's one of the things you are insisting that 1001 Europe don't. Essentially panic from within. One is a going to be stopping you. And the only yogurt you can which you know we always we talk about the show in the boss comes and you'll want to show all day. Cool things with what he sits up or fashion we're talking the show all day yes in the world of cell phones and text no deal in 1997 I get it they don't. That's in question about the sister LCU have in total control so during a segment you know like the Wacey Jerry's handling something like you can just. Is there a button is their flat out there I'd say right side of the eighty means that if true it's true we we agree on most things. You know programming lions. Not everything. Kirk didn't want portable rind cheese in your idea at Kirkland for himself feel like that show we talked on my dryer for couple segments I thought she did very well what are I was popular and I would have a big ratings is that it would actually be an 18 o'clock if Hillary and I would have us steer Newton in the other direction you look at the mean. I a that I Ryan changes that did well to go Dayne is in Maine hey Dana. Jack want to scroll to develop a velocity you're Schobel. Well why would anybody who has you as governor soap opera. Two reasonable question I don't have an answer to. To Mr. Bush showed you listen to me you listen to the morning drive. I would at a budget stuff like we're equal. On the way to work listen to. I don't know why would do I don't argue with that there are certain you go unnamed to show you listen to at all. Or you're awfully stupid. Exactly what part of who is dumber it is obvious either your mom your dad you really them who the dump. OK so I know what I know exactly what kind of quality are now that I'm just. Let's go to the question appears to be this stupid that you can name radio show either your mom your dad. Had to be stupid my guess is they abandoned you when you're more likely it may be at least 280 tripled conceit may be in a lot of paint chips I just point your credit you don't have kids today. I'll. You or shall call you Tisdale yeah. Yeah open stupid things you. WB elect. Or Eric Eckhart croc show. Henry plus attitude and that's a that's a good show and I would stimulate the brand on the way to work class Steve Miller Band. And to me. Seattle and if I like the past would not happen I have acquired abracadabra. Get the lead out weakens. Let's go quickly dogs and east the they don't like around the holidays did you like the top 1000 songs on time past it's always there would have in the morning you know hotel California some time and pop Warner. It's their way. When they were never all accounts whenever we always hear and you love. And I know it's still rides only rockaway like most satisfaction off and it's in neither. I've ever heard that's what's up dom teaching. All you're going out real well it'll blast thanks and shall be great you have a group or should great commentator but doesn't odds perk. Hurt wouldn't hurt I'll be honest with you I don't wanna play what I do what I mostly guys are rewarded in Vietnam would be Kirk's sole super Smart too. The guy is what's occurred or that guy needs so sprawl that's all it's not solve the problem from. Agree about what you're a lawyer Donna doesn't let you lawyer he did you talk Obama assaulting him. I actually by boat or did did it just brick by our table our actual. Well thank my own we can do these as Puerto parties that's what did those guys like dom had to keep me working every day thanks from Steve. He is in the five always sounded the year the next couple hours by the way I want polite often next to what's up Steve her actually hurts my night. Go ahead Steve. Hello. That's like pretty good reason Walpole hey Mike lawyer. Figure as to why this morning might. So all in my uncle Mo Rocca subscribe to get a bit bigger thought somebody about Desmond broadly yeah. So you are so mean yeah you're number one out. Jillian go yeah. Korea. Yup and you almost all beautifully Marbury yup I will restrict it would it would it should worry is that just the war in arguments and could you aren't true I mean you know we're. That opened in functionality. And go and you know I'm glad I reward. Right now we like we like Kevin Orwell told me that we really gives everybody told you we wanted to just very nice yesterday near a lot last couple weeks but there are some assurances were made which reportedly. So now all but some of all when you Orlando lake in the next few days that if someone's gone wins oh gurkha. You know in the list emirate there were on there yet. While that's going to be interest and find bodies on the top the casting couch is entrant. This is electorate as these things about it which many. Finally finally she's on the line she's back Katherine and Katherine and hooters joins us hi Katherine. Hi guys I didn't. Our in depth and I forget whose wife number two issues yours or mine who have mined in much. It depends. All I'm crying I mean obviously I don't want he believed that give and I have the perfect solution and three dictate get you to adopt. Tired and then get back. Without any. I don't know what will seek out from what I can a world let's hope that happens you can think what support or would you welcome back to an owner as the author children. I have purple and now I'm having a great destination like say if you eat. So I think you should come down in Columbia legal and a credit Hannah I eat. Destination wedding Colombia and he doesn't have a list based on destination wedding people. Why don't you the Bryant. Ironically quite that's always people in this how much money's in a console these people. Harriet and that it could get itchy to get them actually marrying in South America. What looked like Columbia in New York City. Maybe like up five I thought they get married or I'm not to fight effort that then go to Columbia. Augusta and I overwhelm our columns no way to tell my how many people the dragon along this wedding is there's this marriage just married forty Americans and 22 and doom does not safe there by the with a cartels control that country. Now it stacked front lobby. Now. So insecure manner in America like yeah that. We could be. Complement our web client Cartagena Anthony. Made by the secret that debate and got Alan trouble. Right tackle well priced hookers and a button while the Thomas thought how wedding party and our captain good luck. Well. And you're the bride who's to losing your Marion. Yeah we like Toobin and when you're single list of the he'll he'll be divorced in my that's has two years to a happy yours hopefully you know we're the art you know where the or insure choice he's fair via the winning the supporters. Looters he went. Count and not sit on that the wings and that they yet know and I'll forget that badly. Oh good luck letting I asked. It gives us a call and did you call from Kathy Pena. We're together and alert it's Friday it's the second of John's Providence hey John. Good morning hey John. Or that cart listened as its standard old time ago thanks you'd sell it looked everybody or should people they don't like it happened. In and your two biggest star for the show so it is somewhat well I think. OK I appreciate that John thank you very much used to run and novel to stay right worries about a novel those that cone. And outsource what I'm now going to write today there with a great wine writers ministry is tough to write one but Peter fall. George Kimball. You won't wanna and a balanced because of Arroyo was your cable story used to request. Flights with. That had to stop so we can smoke smoke a flute in Vegas with them it's and he said you stoppage congress who want and deserve nonstop we will fight. As I need to smoke that's the excuse me he had to stop. She's Smart get off the plane so we're gonna go but then get on another plane which is 23 hours on the board today. In the smoked lucky strikes no filter aka. Are on leave and I'd have a good time in now so I thought I had. You can text three re semi cancer she do for next on was reemerge. He's just not that dedicated personal telegraph quoted I got some versions. Who. Are running Dumont. A mount Rushmore but it's a guy I just yeah you know we should do I take your calls on Kirk. Chris Cannon is always lately have a good time you Deaver. Through lots of phone calls lots of text lots of meetings of the negotiations. Where does that stand now the court he if you took place on it from yesterday was I've won at some changes. Within the built correct. Again the number of months and about financial situation of any of that stuff my bigger issues inside the building. With certain people people I have issues with people that I don't particularly work with that that you have all the time. For weeks and weeks and weeks ever tell people this they did not listen to me. Point the year yesterday and did this in very quickly I got a phone calls from people very high up were willing to assure me they would do anything possible. To keep anything possible to keep I was glad to hear that I believe it to some extent I need more proof going forward. I am willing to leave the door open. I very simply want 100% control of the current account told control. Actually my show my shall we jury very quickly agree to that. That was mostly true of well last apart the last part now the last body was tell the truth although there are. Other issues their financial issues and contractual issues but. Obviously somebody really high have somebody who hasn't power made him happy or I can make her happy. Assuaged his is fears in his. Whose concern getting close who's happy spot ideas content com and got him back in here today and I think he'll be back for good ballpark for good but for. For a year to know these two chimps were on nervousness than you didn't even know you work hard thing I mean I was talking to Oman all along so. I'm nervous in Saudi nervous on the year Gerri why didn't they listen I was real men get real he was so you know he said he dart equipped that he just didn't give mandate pretty already quit. Had nothing do with money side and know what they could do to make them happy of selection exactly sure what they did it specifically. In detail I know. The thing that he can handle and most of us like me and others who've been in this business for awhile. Have accepted as part of the job we can't handle you know when the boss comes in the office. And starts talking about the show or what you should do going forward. Or he can handle salespeople are management people who. You know people that's a bigger smarter than him telling him what to do one ratio right well they don't even tell you what to do it just kind of talk about what he did and looking forward maybe should think about this and that. We just have to deal with that every day all day all the time. Mom there was one regime where it was a daily thing and it was annoying. But you learn to live with aegis whatever and you and you move on. Can't stand it for 32 so you grew I don't think curt to everybody did Glenn did you know whatever Dino did I mean you dealt with that. And yeah you just did that was part of the job it's still part of jump a lot of people. A Nazi and here. Although I heard went. And Kirk an hour out over the holidays that there was a little meddling going on think differently here that's right so there is that meddling that thing we should do this can offer that it back to this and it's always I will say this is were Kirk and I agree it is always misguided is always wrong. I told you how many times. Program directors and general manager of sat us down incident need to do more whenever you know hockey talk and in in November. Or you might set those meetings he did in his view more ex athletes you need to. Yeah wild join us coming out of McGwire guys are obese and Michael Berman guys or whatever these more benchmarks yet yes he need more room the benchmarks or or to beat writers and and it is they're they just don't know what to do when it took Kirk awhile ago. But he knows it better than anyone that they don't know what to talk about they don't know good radio you know what we're talking about balanced generally. But the people who put CMB on FAA that it. This is the biggest yeah most renowned Sports Radio station ever. National drive. And there are people making probably 45600000. Dollars may be more. Who said who sat down for months that along warning that along. Oh lead time. After princess announces retirement they talked about a lot of people a lot of different perspective shows that's what they came up well. About from the weekend. Imagine the. That is with the help of it would Kircus talk five I could speak for him time of those people telling him and the and Curtis and can hear what you have to how to do radio. That I would roll my eyes and look at my paycheck it's you know I can I can live what I did under Jeff Brown for a while or long that lasts a couple of years. I did you know we were ordered to talk about you know. Then the due to be as boring as plus we're literally ordered to make do as boring show as possible because he couldn't handle it. Have you gotten a little bit of trouble when he got a phone call from somebody whether it's from. You know the globe or around the state house or an advertiser he was. A lightweight he couldn't handle the smallest red sought to do a show like this we do now meant that Kirk does now you need a boss with some balls who adds a backbone come back Q who has your back whereas Rebecca had that the last couple years it's worked out great ball and not have and you need some brains. To understand that that. Show that embarrassment. On. FAA and right now he's not. Good rating it's not the future of this market or people is this again now in management making a fortune who think. He is the idea will get a personal happiness. We'll get a person who is who played in the NFL threw for two and his African American and we'll get another guy who can be in the number one chair. I'm gonna put an air quotes waiting in the field position battle. And that will be a solution that they got that will be with a guy on the highway. In the F 150 you are in there in the room whenever the Audi. In traffic on his way to work on his way home from work that's what he wants to hear. I thought they racer you know how far do you now they're gonna find out pretty quickly you actually I hope people understand that the in he didn't mention I don't know we mentioned at the Boston mentioned to me but bat. Example. Is what pushes Kirk closed the edge that person. And even though is that fan who said here's what's gonna work. That's what we deal with someone who is one of the most powerful people on radio. Who doesn't understand me and I would say that that is a very safe show that shall never get in trouble would you say unto us cherish most of that shall never be any issues yeah. 666. To reports that show right theories they seem not to show a show that is given the time. And the weather and the temperature and that never ever get Max we're gonna go around the league I mean where do hashed out at Bill Belichick know what's in you my mind and it's always in the you know it's trouble is when your ratings slip into revenue slips and you and that's when you're in trouble. In radio that's when you're probably just like ports. The managers and trouble when he loses in my opinion the talk show hosts are in trouble when they lose that show is going to lose. Or you eat it you can't you I don't wanna say this but I will say to someone who's not on the state parliament time your show Kirk in Jerry B Kirk and Callahan show. Has helped change dynamic at the station in general not just with your show. But it's it's it's go to the it's changed the rest of the action is it different explored hone the guys WEEI because. And you guys and I think then in the mid day guys understand that. Perfectly normal and I don't know if you've seen their ratings lately there Qichen had personal thanks to the landowners to reject hacked Carrie Lee well. And people like it people listen people laugh with them they understand. In Lou freewheeling nature of at all and they and they understand that's what people talk again thank you could. That's a people talk click quarterly Maloney for me not like. Carlin moon megs and Bart Scott at every window that is not how people talk like that show on FA and then and we are not joking. Any minute now going to be told the stock market making fun and I can tell I can feel the common. Until then. We will continue to point that out because it that's the best way I can explain Mike and then the the the mental state the Kirk was in the fragile state he was and that's the best wagons when he can't he handle those people telling him how to do rate with. What the hash tag DV. Number two will play. Why AG Edwards. And know that I made more money than he did that this month to always gonna change now tonight hopefully hopefully I got no problem these these she did that mean he's he's short timers is gonna burn on whether he shot you're hopeful that it your listener of the show I think you're by feeling better today. Yes yes you want some love and he got it promptly threw the design. Really important people until you blinded him he was in a great mood. Now he has to go to were waiting to go down. With the scratched cornea. He's never gonna get over by the way you know not a I'm well aware Jerry that drives the end of any friendship we had an it was a it was a good run we pay is going to end at some point is always want to do but I think that is over idol takes your call 61777. And 797. Even though curt nod here. Take your calls cause people wanna know but as they want to know more they want answers. Really is roaming the halls impressed you said. Kircus Talib Hussein. Offer the Alaska close to Reimer he was on the midnight. We'll see how tough fears CO dedicated as I see him out here re more join us and Ian Rapoport from a NFL network at some point.