K&C - Kirk and Callahan correct the record regarding Kevin Cullen's comments on HBO's Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, April 23rd

Kirk and Gerry correct the record regarding comments made by Kevin Cullen on HBO's documentary Marathon: Patriots Day Bombings.  


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And we count audio after audio were you told things that were true about Jean Richard. Sean O'Brien about Paterson Matt Patterson all these people and put yourself in the middle of this. And we are to blame. In your world. We're to blame and you are looking for. Mistakes here and mistakes there and yeah sure all that it replace that sound of the day of the of crystal Campbell's. Wait what is that. The death death death well from crystal Campbell. On Friday we played a lot and it turns out in that document she said earlier that they were sound from the trial and there was in fact sound of that from the trial. This evidence the so much of the stuff is actually on video too. Nothing captured the horror. Of what happened that day did he listen to sound. Member of one point hearing alum. Crystal Campbell's death we. And don't. It just I just you know it sounds like a cliche when you say something cuts through you. But I remember hearing that and it felt like something passed through me. So maybe you heard the trial if you didn't find actually you're your your duty to report. Unlike you will say okay that that happened what we'll we'll we'll we'll grant you won't degrade you that you heard it there you remove that from the conversation. Let's look at every other piece of evidence. How do you explain how do you explain the summit called for earlier this out of a shuttle Brian crawling around looking for gene Richards leg how could ever possibly explain Natalie. Went from the financial and Sean picked up. Stop by to carry. Not his friend and he didn't pick her up to attract other Matt and great point nailed it yeah yeah. Carrier. Truly important. And considered it to be put it doesn't really excellent. K that didn't happen. To say you know child bride did not do.