K&C - Kirk and Gerry are not impressed by the local media; Curtis anchors the storm coverage 3-13-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, March 13th
Hour 4: Gerry and Kirk grade Gilroy and Anderson's performance and Curtis gave a report from snowy Brighton. 

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Its current. And Callahan. It's Brady 58 Tom Brady right and say yeah if you're pretty sure that's how. Are you do on it is it is it is it possible to good news or no there. All I I've got to. The perfect diet cookbook look what he did. As you said you've been playing eighteen years now yeah with Kirk commit add fuel punted it taxes upon. Yet on the ability and stating free hotel room around the corner poured out better ways to talk to me Drucker so raptor Red Sox game. Are you married to a beautiful woman pursue reform. We've worked pretty little bit issue but I feel all of life is a wonderful woman beautiful woman he thought I wanna see who went feet of gritty thing isn't it I. I find feat in general good and Gerry Callahan. His ulcer disease and I've read or couple cuts spurred actors more I think about the news. Tom Brady should know better these last two years have been very challenged and he goes fourth inning Callahan tells me I just want to go to work and have fun. You don't we're doing is we're. Are we doing this just about docs know when you lose your conviction you bush doing something else there's the door on Sports Radio WEEI. I our reports on time after Callahan. Bob and good that you'll get great state of the club. Try to do my ballot congratulate the afternoon guys refining their new third man in the replacement Michael Yates apparently Mike and asking the peso. Mike the Stockholm might probably yeah idea do you prefer that. Michael is no moon. When a monkey song Bruno a clean record never got in trouble legally but that is completely thanks so no less hair and anybody else is really Smart. That's sort out the senate ever feds say this is part of the station I say this grudgingly. They sound like they have good chemistry correctly they gave alongs but it's good faith chemistry that was like stats like there but sounds happy key sounds happy yet you're doing is because you privately one month not to be on the show though I want one less minute now no no no no I definitely don't lose ashore okay I'm which you like and I think that's really mean a lot and if we're going to war with. I'm unlike that unlike Steven you can be brave you can be it was more I think you remorse Tom Sizemore a beast even a guy tells us. Of the dumbest line in movie history. What's that says maybe saving private run into one group that we did and in a war futures peaked right now I asked. I'm just saved the world a little lost that point and use it may be saving this one got to be the only decent thing we do in this whole I always think we item that's. Like this that movies pretty well cast a bit Sizemore doesn't seem to got passed on modern love permanent role in my guess that fight with. Ed shoot out lights and hunt he took the gun that was his last name Brent Burns it burns head yeah that's agree it's a good scene. Says was great actor and always Jessica and always terrible human being like oh he's great accurate anymore they're probably over the hill yet he burned himself only looks good anymore. Probably. So I opposed to sort Tai Anderson is just in your for an hour. And you know he's between for weeks he wants a big shot wants a big shot he can he find the use a little. Sort of tentative older slow nervous so I was wonder maybe it's an unfair acts like why are guys. And that's sort of yeah it's just too tough is that you wanted to be hot angry and well you didn't help me at all is your friend your partner you don't -- on nick stepped on once upon them wiley and dale and we know that's why Buick you have much Eric Tennessee they pick tickets and Rick Taylor plus eight could have seen what FL locker room Brian we're gonna sort of like any others who was offered or sent out yesterday ratings going in opening things like he was. But I mean he's a tough road and it is tough and he is very spears he would do well settled we should Rachel first build you'll get a break now why do you get an hour and Gilani and market for. The ship's ammunition this special dish right well still fails thank yes yes that's true yeah that's the point yes I mean. While I can then he's going to due to Bosnia civil war picture outside of regular one of the most important people at the station. You have some Jews is a true. We use things well sad that Hezbollah with a fourth most bird on persons aged blues ahead of me. You OK Curtis are we aren't yet okay that's it yeah I that's probably true to personally answer is yes yes he gets my coffee. That's good point even on snowy days like this while that you buy electricity use curse go outside of us who went along with Luke's you know it is bottom country a bit of that house is nothing it's that's that's how you do it sent. I pointed out the right and was kind of a bitch and as I'm sitting here we're talking about I'm looking at one car flipped over. On 93 and and over it's a mess and tractor trailer jackknifed on the pike closed the public. In Charlton which is not. That parts right halfway. Where from where where from the beginning part to the Malia far from which part of that you'll receive large chunk of the public obese anyway. Anyway so I guess see the reflection like if you look at it's it's unbelievable it's now I thought I was right you're wrong it's really bad so it was a bad 6530 it was a bad I was running at more fortified us because you're such a time of these two chimps are afraid you they both agree with all personal and on the phone now that Boldin in the city what's faced at the better basketball. Patrick you're right came in and then I came in with people saying you know why because some macho and say that's not what is as bad now that are really really really bad now if you agree have worse now. But we need a firsthand account weed some out there on Suu Kyi doing like I'm trying to set this up to. Please bring. Courtesy of hat I do not but I have a hood I just don't know half hour ago ought to be out don't be near Ernie you know. Get out week we've seen won't let it fly and localized ball on and a video of the whole thing yes Paul could you that right okay let's stunning munch is all there right now. He's not in your honor amongst its of pollen it's a lot he plays I disagree east how many months does you have Kurt and I'm really because and I went followed in the bathroom and you purged I had a quarter of two and a quarter of each one half of outages and a half months. You know two different flavors like yeah I'd even numbers so you win the match from computers provided yet they're gonna get another cup is getting cancer again he does. Now a big bird as a form. If a weird contraption. With the on U the first report on the cut hand you brought I don't watch the analysts. You wrong I husband's speeches and so what he said would you tell us 1213. Thirteen. ST well. Was 1212 inches but he said on the show the number stitches and he said intersection he said it was Birkhead thinking we we get the whole thing it was bad now we know it was bad. I never knew that you got acupuncture for cots the G two on May be Guerrero world. I don't think that's the regular pregnant orchard before now. I cited him acupuncture is short of truth and nothing else to do right toaster whatever man marathon history in forming the start killing it acupuncture did not inform. Zero I want to as the number and I'm trying it's trying to guess like you just line yourself. Yet my mother does she she she she does it for people and really yet I don't I don't. He's so Guerrero is an acupuncture first as wells a nutritionist and complacency were to school for tea and or your doctor yeah yeah yeah. And it and mortgage broker and a state job where he does a lot of good ride it and I think he dwindles if he does not only do as little markers just Crenshaw. Yeah notes social must agree with them. All while the music that's fine. I'll Paul council wants to have viewed as a strike the curse haven't much good. I needed. Ers you've economy Kirk of Illinois and munchkin. Really on my other very young lives I've loved them. Again and I love them all this let's see which flavor. Chocolate. You know the when he did Tony do these world climate problem farms itself if it much could that be terrific there. And third accident Oscars tomorrow. Lot of proteins to him McCormack arms under rated speak for yourself found a couple of forms. Welcome applause why didn't someone go there again some. Come upon snacks that they've brought in no time. I'll be jerky. Who did my favorite move Micah 7 morning. They're awesome but there were the driving his brutal or brokered it terrible but that we're again we're speak to know we're talking to each other that's it. This is like life is like it was for schalken vitally all okay do you think we have any less they'll be on the right I try right now. Ago it's awesome when exposed to say. Just say I'd be curious if any that is missing and also only cat Bailey is buzzing right now call pussy willow Holland Samkon he's a total genius. 61677793. Children love more than luncheons and the other shows in the station all of them all my god. It looks unbelievable and has big Gordon's Glenn would I mean you expected to back classes the other day of the red ones very it's very it's and I thought I really thought it would be Bobby Riggs is a seminal moment in American history really what do you think baseball great. More up please since. Aside bishop never my serving a never pleased that the much as it was never brought fallen today and right now into the top 100 make it to be you know should be Trout one fine. And it should be never took. Was he on the list. He was in this I'm always on the ship Richard that's not his fault no god no I think that's for right bunker show of course is Brad folk who brought whenever unbelievable chemistry you have similar chemistry. I typically say you're. Similar chemistry would be like. I don't should pass and continue this be seated together and that's that's tip missed all notes. Yes Keith and Mick yes can we did Stevie yeah are they on today together. Brad is for sure it's like equal to. Eat that's fine too yeah it's better chemistry wise is video we've got good seats Jerry asked questions fault lines right now we asked of very important question only cost anywhere as how. Yeah. So we don't have anyone answer the phone. And yet can I just think Jim 'cause my favorite callers on the line shortage guys touched on up what's up Jim. Rock and integrated Garmin is good omen WEEI how did you guys Rada thanks thanks an uncommon thing and probably in ending a policy don't mean I. And hang it can't. And bang him probably eight X or any. It is quite well just like Hulk Hogan. All shirt yet. Which had joined the cast your yes that talking isn't just ask you one question for you start talking now. I am bringing Harry two weeks from Friday were going to regard for wrestling when you be there. I called a ballet now Allen. And the al-Qaeda. Always feel like you doing man like you like to cart product. I doubt and a little blood when blood when you can't talk ahead. Everybody concussion that's recently been beat up with you good please an immediate flag. Are. Listen I got the other thing you guys got also the guy coming in over their looks and the other night I would shut out pollen and I needed to take them out and I quote I couldn't sleep I couldn't sleep. I've put on Ben mallet. Right out I went out like I. I. I liked and I don't bore. And I'll think about that I'll still agony that the golden red backseat and India Michael Ali book Belichick and Brady might might go to location really got. And a I don't want it to her I gym like thanks Koon. And one. He spent in your before assuming it not are not this runway show a way when's the next similar talk wrestling maybe tomorrow. When Harry's podcast carries by justice two weeks from Friday. He's all fired up these are than a drawing of it he's all excited and drawing of the largest looks like of me and him and when the producers of the two microphones very intently going to be in that thing. It up enough sample to be you be either two in the afternoon yeah prions in Braintree hey Brian. Not only won't Clinton due out guys and I think so. Let's talk about what they sleep they should all this morning to you I'm. England. You know hurt in the mines get you know. We try to W guys private tragedy talent you know which is its experimental day with the Snow White. Apologized hurt your car count I think it'd yo what's. But that you are called to indicate mentality appoint a very very loose forward in my what's gonna dream to own. It's messages yeah. Our pocket giving. Probably not unknown knows your Obama on the road now. Now is willing and couples I misled my claims upon our all the time that's access. Of these calls all the screened. I get to name Elton Stephen New Hampshire what's up Steve. I'll try guys do it it outright dead bin Laden and unfortunately it also I've got a beard uneducated promoting agent cool around it. Just trying to get a boat and loss was and did you know. What's going on boating in New Hampshire the big election Pennsylvania I know that. Trumps don't somewhat limited. They know what looked sound what bush did almost 88. Back because of the weather because they got in trouble or logic. Goods goods because I think she'd have to work hard to get the polls even made it harder getting 82 year old should be like if you thought might go Vista and yes. Us. You know stuff from an article in my view that I'll do one with the art in a won't be too but yeah. Could you guys keep up the good work and actual court you don't. Well Steve I think we do was more important and don't thank you Steve now all right yes thank you Steve Toms in the cards come. Almonte top 12 we are going to makers were internal rate of any given moment. Yeah hold on a log Curtis answers yet as the outside shot at lease costs Curtis is out in getting give us into live weather report and talk to comfort our Tom. I guys I think look it's limited audience that we have today it would be a perfect opportunity. What generated say I love you Kirk. Did I get around this morning we did I had to agrees Kirk's its African babies it's the only head coach that's that's the instinct every single. American citizens don't you. Shot. The temperature rises hurting all such as I ought to maybe look at him John it's just it's a page editor of the cost something like that or where to go through them did you see eight. The part where I actually I told him I loved you in the middle what do you know you love tantrums and compromise Helio on the phone and your mock me quite buy that. I am yes I appreciate it now shouldn't have gone by dinner. I mean we went above and beyond what he with him acknowledge one's credit card five per that's deal six what's up go get the rest of callers or 61777. And seven nights and unique opportunity here on proposals show. We responded that. We get back we'll get all the calls here want them lined up 61777979237. Op plow driver Tuesday. And Chris personally while I weather update next rankings over X Izzy and hustle them get good next. It is well important right yeah that's right here and nobody on the road anywhere when. I didn't love but plugged when everything. It's hard. Oh. When well let's get the real thing is he's operated ago. No love god no hat no gloves no no hat no gloves. Yeah I wanted to go until 1030 points and. Yes we may be in the box to forbid they show as well also give us an update. Are apparently I election all our. Own career your art and or apartment and wrote on a little. No cars and kind. Looks fine out there right now I'll Hart had these itself. Or. Yeah or ours to do this job but yeah. Foster. Has examines this tall now yeah. Keep going we've known as you guys anymore there's a lot to a quick. Wind gust of wind really is an hour and certain window here anyway listen do you want. You earlier all gloves are on. Or about war war or we weren't. You know I yeah. Are there. Scooter who love Bobby Somerville a bumpy. It would suck I suck I just. Yeah I think there's yet I aimed at the back in our kitchen to regroup that the mother she tended. And this Odyssey is sub there's something going on now I'm with you on that. Right in Turkey you know to inject liquidity judgment and your picture with you. You see it at my reported mother would yep sex. Right that's that's essential question I think really our life really. Yes she got a sleeve. And didn't allegedly of our leaders have it on our new picture of her that's a shocker cede some his troops are not Ortiz pictures of her but not actual. Right. Proven. Let's go to my Mike is perfectly with the might. I don't get what's. And the weather net yeah here we bleed Hitler don't let it entirely in net when they're on the ground you can't that the car that quick. Our old truce and not afraid of me when I drive in the snow removal of the other guy yes when you see someone drive by your likeness. Little zip them together or something in the going on in. Yeah this one has people go around Springfield does that act betrayal of the jackknifed on the pike and closed the pike. Yeah and about a mile from it right now I'm not Palmer headed industry children are. Well well BB CBC say from safe. I six once you know well will implement Wilbur. Yeah it's reasonable doubt side. Who say it's cold out. This evening as an idealist but what you ask you just a great duets to do that's just great chemistry that is Chris Curtis as I said there monkey man Mike minutes because of that Friday they're linked now historically bird magic price you know wilt and ross' there'd there'd that's their there they're linked them. Meego it's because should be the magic in the midst. Look much in the studio making small music you can't I'm now definition when they can make that announcement marked the afternoons. The pretty Smart and are due to daily street in my dad's. And the big guys up next throw here or two ago I believe they are on Paul shoddy science yesterday Paul. With the with the training start of with the gulf updated with a Birdie Putt. Yesterday that was yesterday you you're your verbiage is correct. Roger Taylor jumped all over I mean I know you you Ron Paul's first is its friends and tiger had a Birdie Putt to get the playoffs and jumped all over his right Italy to bitches about these things every day now. Unpleasant about golf. Now lots of people don't drivers teachers pay and I don't really get off Max Kellerman talk about this they know nothing and nothing about sport. Which really offends me it's really offensive itself holders are learning Drew Brees signed two years we did you million new ago. And we gave real the other ones these came into whatever she Sammy Watkins to. Ago. He hits it chiefs. Yet and the zeal wideout awhile rubs it disguised. I would back tomorrow at 6 o'clock to two of us and we'll also be here thanks to dorm at twelve million arrive in the end of the game. They secure radiators and for showing up these issues and Sonoma. So this year we appreciate that made big guys up next the afternoon guys the two of them. Lebanon Watson and much of the night we'll see tomorrow morning at six. Everybody be safe tonight and as they want us.