K&C - Kirk and Gerry declare today Rich Keefe Day in the Commonwealth; Tanguay comes to the defense of Michael Holley 12-7-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 1: Kirk is fired up that Keefe grilled Wilbon on the afternoon show yesterday; Tanguay defends Holley after he sabotaged his own show.


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Its current. This country doesn't wanna see violence the level that of Kabul are today he hit too hard fifty. Yard throw him out of again. Getting normalized suggest that they went on to appear before you start. Well I get I am yeah and I lifted or your watch at night watching auto loans god bless the Palestinians. And god bless. United church with Kirk made ahead of the running full go and rob as to how quick you were going to try to downplay that how can you literally put in here and know what's second and no one else is this going to agree to disagree because that's only because drought for a split up don't get so defensive about this happened at your being critical of the colleagues writing because he got a story you didn't. Operable that's what it's like well let's. They did it in your head in the muck world yet stores and pray. Let it and Gerry Callahan you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know I know you did but I am curious why would you point out that one out of out of nine pounds he is the next radio storm Boston why Michael why do you. You point out you lacked that a player Brett iPod Greg. Everyone noble and important they would say they did see what's he like I'm figure. It looked question Michael why did that get I saw. The Sports Radio telling you. Exit strategy yes it this way. Yet the show we had yesterday and crazy rich keep on Twitter some more upside down world we are living in crazy. Kooky nutty world quick pass liberties torture and regulate these salons or actions or. I went to this thing last night for right in the podcast right poses a fairly can be drive from Lexington and surprisingly so. So actually beat the traffic heading out there and loses little by coffee please that are local pollution and pollen area I choppers stay awake. And who is in line and for enemy the man one of the duffel angers you said of mind in motion pictures Christopher Lloyd. Was in line and you're not lying tough place and hate them yes. Do you have had shaved like duke he's not he looked you looked a little more like reverend Jim. Why was he there I. Didn't get a picture did not I just wedged between. I said. The bottom I just had to say you know I said taxis made my favorites are CommVault. Of the you do appreciate your time Liam was your favorite Cisco may be yet. Haven't all the Phillies sitcom I think that mores yeah he's proud of cuckoo's nest yes of course the great movies of all time and nobody was kind of just that. It is great after great yes he's the only guy who's committed and I think he's more proud of back to the future I thought I was walking around the guy was in. Cuckoo's nest eggs in taxi which is a great. Under rated sitcom tournament and I that would you. You have also got any cost it's great he's great I don't know anything network carriers Andy Kaufman and well it veto and he was in the back to future health of great careers according gonna run the break right back film. Was asked about their futures as I've also looked like the would you be bothered him very quickly you have thirty seconds and then I just aside you know I know it's like I said so. You know those are kind of they're having source city enjoy yourself whatever. 79 holes that you scared him but human nervous so see you seem very nice intimacy Mickey Juan talk what about the podcast what they should've done was booked for the podcast by the national football the guys for him with is a great interest in the players and this stuff. Reverend Jim grace greats so they'd have my story can always river engines roommate in college. And Tom Hanks. Allred. A top seller knows Tom Hanks and give it away is rated take a picture on. No I that is a heart a move some analysts and I'll hold the camera Seattle or somebody else that he didn't know just seem like a nice if you wanna pick who did you almost a wonders what are you doing here though ended there goes my business where art anyway immediate lives there. Look at that buy homes and he knew contain what I was doing and yeah he's got a window. Yes it costs I was in the house for eleven million bucks or something that circle yet so look like six. Who took a path about. Why don't you bought four point five or into the hole which would you answer it because it yea at a stock you know enough now. The EU would I think he didn't know yeah bought them street yeah and concerns cardinals. Yes and no they says wrestler for dogs. And now. Is that in some like I mean I cannot tell stories to it I was like anguish. And Kerry criticized to restore says that action by the concession from not having them as why he doesn't look I finite list through Raj is one. About a congratulations to me. This morning completed the first. I'm happy birthday Larry Bird pre share of ten K which finished this morning to regulations must shut card I would go to a time when we're watching you showed up the same times to hand when it true that is the accurate. You you know more content source literally ten seconds before paying a rainy ten K got to work before today. That's what I'm good work to some kind of thing and that's not good I'm worried about two volunteers imagine all the preview for the short asserted they might think now is I'm going to. And you remind me in my view all the mail and mail him but if you read every story was out of here 535. To. It does it might be some new stuff the suit didn't go following consider her a look you rationalizing this them personally contact you this warning for fifty sound little Dino with as a word of this morning but did Snedeker. Since. Well you know I had my voice back to back to back a little Dino texting the producers and we have unrealistic that we'll be through to do we have some firmness of all it's not an electrical salsa salad reminds us. Okay how much Texans running a six point two miles and it. 4:30 in the morning. Is not normal it's unusual to me where you best. I did you have any you Kevlar he give any reflective clothing and all. It's a detection everybody in the show right now. They're just I just just sort of I'm just glad to hear Gerry as a coach you know is a death wish what I know but I don't want moved more devote the death wish. Going on I am the better it it's fine and you're here you're an adult they got here to run a garage repayment should look and what walking. If you're at 540 44 on that hole is because some exhaust and the car do you you know the Mercedes has an. Now there was only become players at every herald three Buckley with a good rhetoric and and you've read everything that's OK okay Iran have to did. Ten which doesn't but we couldn't get yeah I do I don't forget half did you everything I do not do you have a little less lack of preparation for sure and I'm snow as she didn't. Criticize you less than worried about appointed as well as a matter here 550 cent and sticking five. It doesn't. So if you want and don't don't talk to each and Italy. And we give him they did receive you don't read a I arrived here before himself agrees it's different I guess for dead but to write Mattel and ways rice and before the show we have a lot of sports scores here Kirk as one apartment any I'm happy talk about all of them. And I would like to talk almost said yesterday and more toward what many of them. Yesterday and today we're OK ten why just think you know the question is can Paul marrow it at age play. And like a money said he couldn't sell any Wednesday fixer extending the whole thing. Which facilities that really what the guitars on this man 53 be have a Major League Baseball I do not but does is as an objective really to get back on the ballot. I don't know because it was he less than 5%. Yeah it might actually gone permanently. That's the question will explore without resort to words like jail on 832. Sure it'll what's adults to purchase local dialect. We got some friends at the hall of fame on the committee Jeff is DuPont Chevrolet our kinda let that get on. Well fine now we'll get to the bar I guess ultimately it comes down to ease. Do you care about whether play you steroids or not. That's the thing that's today yup debt limit their percentage off play array Schilling player B is smoltz look. So it's all about the integrity of the game or is it. That's the question. Sports Illustrated wrote that re ran as an awareness. On line last night oh. Our guest today is chilling personality come out keeping him out of hall of fame then. I think it's a prof well I guess like numbers and what a year ago alma yeah. That's an issue. But that's not a reflection on him that's on the voters amended their basing. There vote on whether it'll likely guy's personality. And I know he's and they look in the mirror and say what really keep him off the ballot can come out of all things I don't like them. If Al Franken was elephant picture which apartment was borderline. No because I hit it exactly like but but he's a dig huge pleas a sexual assaults are virtually not that affiliate virtually the firebrand. I always say Curt Schilling exporter engineers in Portland one. At ease of Orlando and I would government but because of personality designated visas at the but he gets it and that's right no oil the wheels are useless personally but first I want I'd. I'm happy golfing before I was her I would say I'm shelling is ivory actually written this several times you don't know my guess is a writer Cilic is out of Portland all of it can be chilling is a hall of fame pitcher forget the other stuff forget that we know he's always know how terrible that when the lead that's just a matter is I you know in the in the greatest clutch any card numbers. You know when the leaves the story is the greatest clutch pitcher of his generation. Ago. He's not in the hall of and he should be and you know who's got the participant because they have a driver wins and so the most regular she's numbers are awesome they're they're great. They're fantastic right but he doesn't longevity as of the freedom wins doesn't matters who struggle to cooperation on believe Hussein this time around four times he would be great reports from lousy teams which are good teams. If who ordered 5260 ones in an article is a menace to society he's amana societal dealership like like like like their child to hate him don't talk about lynching and say you were joking. She and Chelsea was a conflict where he sees both sides of the groups that bush out. And basically get this appointing Kennedy to distinct kind of it's kind of but terrace he does what to everyone does in the stupid nickname issue. He talks about how crusaders the nickname holy cross is alma mater offends some people yes. I can't find any people who sent we spoke a professor today he was not offended you. Nobody is offended by all of Dan talks to professor you know some egghead. He talks about perceived that in and some people some Muslims. Did you use you did you find any Muslims were kind of restore waiting we're looking to look in the un and other yellow. They'll change the name before they find one that's that that's what happens there will go find and when it's truly offended by the league and crusader. Which is damp when notes has has a number of definitions not just the the Christians and shots and authorities go here though he writes typical. He knows that few if we sat there were there privately if I don't talk to the globe easier you'd say this is crap this scores. You weakest count who's seen icing on the phone of course he's telling you what whose sister so that's that's how we can he agrees with them at the end but you know it's possible. Now sickle thing and let's not like I will tie it in two Michael will blown there's. There's a certain Stockholm syndrome taken effect when your it's been elected the globe in and day and doesn't really believe this but he is conditioned that the globe to to spew out this this nonsense about oh. You know maybe we should be more sensitive to these these these fictitious the straw man. Who were taken offense out there he's indefatigable Michael Obama spent a long time and ESPN I used to. Like and respect him he's to have. His own thoughts his own opinions he was refreshing he was not one of these. Janelle hailed them Levittown and he's majors there's brainwashed he was called to the to Bristol and yes that's back. Mean we know what to start doing which we cruise personalities. The Bristol can only hinted maybe the Bristol can and yes I mean I'm somewhat appropriate there and it. The dances slippage okay but but Michael will boss spends his life in the bubble did you hear this interview will bombed Dale Hall ES agent. Right surgery it in the bubble in the bubble with lebed tired and Trammell hill and the remainder or what's his face the enemy general manager guy Amani. The media mean in all these guys and any comes out of it thickens unit and eight comes out of a pick in the -- gronkowski -- has got to be easy because he's white well here's the thing and he can't back up or is his opinion. Here's the thing first of all kudos to rich Keefe and dale to some extent and in all this brawl was ruining interview which we'll get to zepa is a plays on. But they did a good job and monitor became cam on those guys got on kudos to the producers well they do a better job Mars and the degree to wiser management to nail care. About pissing people off that's why I like those guys Indian who's got a producer yesterday. Those are two best producers at the station you good job by no question what they all do we who we have on yesterday. We had a guy our guy doing drugs the pinky to his grandmother's basement and Michael will book on edged out Michael so ones won't come homeless doesn't work alone to. Whether it's one and he's been reviewed before a lot of parents are here. Appears to my not a lot and got a call me anymore though whether this or does not come on the show the show as I think used part is my eagle ago. I use talk about our show yesterday that you yes anonymous I would say that's true okay I would go to question and any blurs the lines and thinks somehow that the whole station is is you ask for a so so big so they go back and forth they did it I think they did a good job on we'll say. Will Bob was ready ago we did a good job playing the sound right out of the brightest star if you don't know some of you listeners I mean Allison dale I'll listen to a side. Don't know if that's true or not. But he was on there yesterday and from the start will bond was ready to fight he was angry. He was his seat he knew he was wrong that's Latino he would have he's really a sex scandals on gas down deep he knows he's wrong. Plays the race card that denies he's playing the race card then questions asked for him playing the race card he said the late. A lunatic a mad man in form for me. Right now I'd put him above Gmail opponent above web part of a bubble might because I used to respect him. He's a guy who has a brain in his head he doesn't have to do this but for some reason I think you're right it is the Bristol central. He's he's been totally and completely brainwashed excellent job eight plus plus job but I rich Keefe biannual I think twice a year he steps up. Decided to have lasted a bucket for them. Made aware that I'm in and he did an excellent job yesterday while Amanda shot by my man. The best personality his radio station gay America Richard. Esquire talk show host ass kicker or podcast host for an mind. I could not agree more. The only problem is they didn't let you ask another question I guess if you like later yes I know you're gonna kill holly you should Ali I don't understand why you would he say disgraceful performance by. Auction house. Why would you say we got so Golan here we go forward rich and why we're just ready but I know one. And so you so well I understand you're friends with them and you like them and all that. But in the end if he fought will want wheat gluten was Michael really gonna field had me. We we when he's more ultimately we should put it OK it was well there was a rigorous academic it was good ones really don't let it affect their friendship is usually jet to save yourself and I've made his decision before so view. Ultimately what matters more some faux friendship that's you think Michael Holley Michelman really difference. I do not I do a good idea of course or they're not or to show. And I know we're always allegiance well I I. I had the one thing I wanna see a defensive Michael Hoffman got the sound so we're gonna start here is though dale read it right at the beginning or to play well I think the key battle of the we've got to play the key battle. Sure yeah and well what workers could tell from the start due to his beginning I think it's it would bookends getting as you tell that. Will once that is removed from store correct what's that along as a monitors. Will stop them before before we go too far ahead. This yesterday Michael will want to ask you guys why does the issue of race only come up when we're talking about the patriots. You don't you guys only care about it when it. You'll debate. And did you see the gronkowski played the other day in in issues of black and white. Did you hear us say that literally as you did say drove the head of the black iron into the hole yeah a ball first of law. Tony brought topic up which I know is low a lot of people. Up because they elect a black guy Tony brought it said I can't. Our guards on the car things are a year ago now say that the first question they'll last as odd as I don't think that's the case and the people talk which is responsible patron on ESPN but but I I mean but you know if that's Travis they'll see it's not an issue well it's the patriot it's always occurs in the papers no question and and and the resentment the did the pure hatred. Brady and Belichick and the patriots who is to everything good and I show that's yes that's fits the magnitude of the team. That's that's not the Yankees they're the patriots and it's I understand but you know what I'm saying is is is. It's the magnitude of the team it's not because it's here in Boston it's the magnitude of the patriots try to do outskirts get to do Gerry assures more. Let's get to us of Keefe. It got to go get back and forth from in the hallway asks a question holy does his late you know reverend holy thing. Which as you know OK let's take a pause here wants the PP bright picture it's thoughtful it's all. It's total pandering he's afraid and early or on easy to use it he taught all powered move afraid to get dirty. It is Hindus you know we're friends and it's just heard Michael that I know he's list of Michael that I know that there's a goddamn door ready to deal allows well EV I understand it started station Michael Holley is just I think he's a nice guy and he doesn't like confrontation. A little too bad Kirk's right I mean you challenge your job. I don't disagree on to say I don't think it's in his blood. Well than you know what get out of read stupid books and McKee I was gonna. Out of the way mean that we do it all the colleges the way and so did you win Kirkland on this rent. Galloway Keefe had so Golan keep was right. Wilpon was real son Michael will bond. Reeling from a couple of body shots from its keys and Mike and and what is holy do steps in the way like whoa whoa whoa. Now I thought Joey I talked at the same night had its debts like the word I used as it insane he said the ruling was a great interview it's my opinion to respond later on you need to know cancer keep asked one question. About it but would you rate it did rich defense. You should ask will want to question flips right yes and which which. Which is opens up the door I mean you get what he's doing it keep looking all across the things smacked. Hey if you would have bet you've got to be. I would have strangled you you would lost your mind okay. But the deal wouldn't of done that I don't know you know won an award where it would never eaten all the also the time when you never would have done is stepped packets that this is good stuff. He passed my right to have this heard one question why it was a series it was one of the series. It was a when really it started into an ultimatum right really only got yet to say you know keep that freedom for other things to ask me keep -- guess what within and he never got to them you've had other things to ask right he never interview and write without keeps getting without without you saying it was luckiest person who Belichick. Let's say another word would be the I I don't know I would I would so I would wonder man and maybe he says some mafia but keep should've stepped and said no I'm not John has shot up. He's a little ESPN has just that's not gonna hold that against you guys can story is or is Hester and what it would take care. Depression that Michael will want which is bull or the show that's with a comes down I it is you know that's not good Kurtz of real friendships like during the show. All Ural the show I don't disagree and so it and it kicked it up Anke to do great job either after that he should have been more serve it's tough spot I understand. So let's get to the key step which is by the way I cannot raise enough. Excellent work by rich keep. So you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know it and here is why would you clean out the fat. I don't know I don't know on in town but I'm curious why you could point out why Michael why now back here. Right. Now I know I've I I've taking her work on. What a question Michael. Why did. Question yet let me ask you one. OK guys I'm asking questions about why these. Why did you point out that the wrong. Elbow a black player what what was the point that. Part of dynamic. That dynamic. Why don't have one block the white. And white it was about how do you point to let me answer the question did you add. Yeah the degree. Right. I yes that would be great yeah magnetic bit. The dynamic existed we brought about the politics operate your talking about black and white white on white not black and black. The most part due could be an exception or situation. Our action is among people not getting away. It is quite play again you guys made about a new way we stated about the patriot the technique you'd. Sort of you don't want it. White player being suspended. You and Bob and other field activity in the previous week. In 80% black league semi or whatever it is. And the white player being brutalized left in this situation politic of how do people burst speed. I do understand that. I don't know I don't know what do you want me to say. Isn't what prompted more similar to what might have been stated that what acutely excellent collected like I am probably belong on a although. Not gonna talk to an excellent time initial accident is not shoot that. Sure. It's it's a good chance says one fall out and it was a good one when Paul pilot and he says but I don't even know when will want his ramblings is if you understand that I don't understand what the hell is he he's you know what he doesn't either it's I associate ESPN news or robots. Yes what's that what will blogs saying use dad. Because of what happened with a key to leave because of what happened when Michael Crabtree because of what happens a lot in the NFL that's the point. Will on court must find a partner triumph on the show where did you show you skull was Dockery the reason he said a black player is because who setting up the topic. Who's sitting at the topic in that a white player committed this crime more this act on a black player which makes it. A topic I understand why he said black player I get it makes sense and why that's why has a lot that's why I'm so glad I dammit why. Because that was the top Gary did the black or get punished more severely. Which like thirty talking and you just listed three of you deleted that they know not take it a ten game did did Michael Crabtree. Noted in my gut and Mike Evans bale got a game you could make racial little black guys Crocker did not get punished more severely. No but that's not what will go on with UK I think he's he's do you think they sat there. In the to the video technologies we know what colleges are so wise guys are just everybody I guess I must say thanks to customize your weight now let me know my uncle had to do play the rest Dwight wants to stick boy let them trial on what I was doing is he setting up the topic what he's talking about is because it was easy I think at the top senate has that was probably why no blog let me finish because it was a white player. Committing the act and about by a player does it causes controversy. It doesn't actually know how crazy to say you can save that you can colonel you don't think that. Gay that's what they're that's why he declared white and black I understand why hate. Ridiculous yeah yeah he went on the Sarah animated Jerry what the debt and went on Saturday. I don't think wants move was racially motivated it will it will then go it was a great question Mikey why did you say he drove a black flag and had him once he said why. Because it was. Part of the narrative of the adults not advance to me why some penalties why was selected to be partner of the show because. He's arrogant. American that that's a separate question when you saw the first did you think yeah that's why I don't to a black hope nobody thought yes I am hurt rock I was hurt what was that all black guy it's dark. Well bonds said this same thing you just built on his race hustling. Then that's what he. Ford and said I think I Rockwell if you don't know don't don't don't latest on one layer of course presently in the producers and it's fun so puzzle might so little bought it saw the speech I've beats five million a year some of the blame some loser producer. You blame everybody to get muddled but clockwise and let the entire show right before our eyes are on an airplane to resolve itself down and eyes eyes I just will bond. Nice simple question Bronx wife what difference did that make it doesn't Syrian Wilpon said so. NC says what he. Haunting image you what's what is what is racial politics and sickness. What what Tuesday night on black's lawyers in the NFL that field will be treated quite differently. Because he's one moment that this act what I'd like I never imagined that Michael about what makes a political dynamic Michael racial politics he's in Great Britain politics at all white court yet she sent. Him what's what quietly said. Where's that at some don't what that I don't Imus doesn't. I don't I will bond Kornheiser markets it's totally hurting you want a debate that that's fine but that's his statement that's what you say okay liked to play out. I don't talk. I don't know again you think you want to go to treatment for why he said micron treated differently he's like oh and neither does. On a talk and everything else I was governor I thought well. Donna is exactly why what he's said. Wilpon said I don't think wants move was racially motivated he said it. On let's go cross movement and her dad who was racing related to the league the league suspect that's what that's why he said black players that's I don't know I don't you talk OK I don't know I don't understand it you know I'm. As I digital and notice. It you don't like that because you don't want to understand don't understand why because Mike I'm doing a better job explaining it on and on or not I am I could not buried under a worst case I am taking it one very clear one more time. We get to the calls and the sound back to the settlement that would lead to praise merged it would take a break your personal essays what is out there just aren't there more to house 617779. 7937. But it would take your calls all day and it's if you want to the fight about going to fight a one point always sound as well what's up what's up it looked like. Quickly to attach -- Angeles where would you upload more will OK we'll do that as well and fact we should go back to the PT I this absolute least you should play it as well we asked our will on the come on today you decline when Tony Tony Kornheiser we ask is who's he was upset that they can ask from the Kamal. While always answer why I'm which rip Michael all we get back I'm so down on him I'm done and but you would agree was pathetic yesterday I would agree he didn't failed egg rate is in Indonesia apologized to reach today a couple wide open right now. 61777. 7937. Perky Cali with a confused in stupid Gary Nolan. Coming ahead. Which can you see right now on Sports Radio WEE. God we're involved in all things on the field. That was ugly that the league found objectionable. And it probably legal struggle was finished and it's been bold action yet but Mike Abbott Boeing got one game. All I don't want my kid but what I'm not because it doesn't fit what you're talking about Mike evidently you're basically what Ron you know even worse going on that bench and talk. You wanna look at it everybody duke also asked them who called the white. We make things at the white may well worth the. One who said that Rob Gronkowski had a black player that we were interested to have you on the show you said that even played already know what you did. Math facts correctly yeah origin is what's my agenda it is quiet but what does that you you are these are the guys. So to go lunatic great job right here is what is his agenda. Whose which one which he. Heard you talking about will ones lost his mind that he sounds like a bomb on a Jones he's lost he's lost used to. The at at some independent thought he wasn't in the Seattle Atlanta and move on from losing his mind I know why you go white going on other shows during the break. What. These are words you understood similar to I have do you mean where are getting paid he won't show you know I mean yeah I can't move and I get a pace that's a great question Kirkwood charities that they've fixed it Shaq Gary I don't care if he paid his check you guys told me two days carry out here to get paid enough where's my damn money jobs to going to the army and am I wrong. Do you think you get paid from another station when you went there I can do whatever I just went down the hall just I'm. It's a wrap party from a movie is coming up Saturday. There's and it's going to be a great hills tavern and just get so wrapped month. Wrap party government help on the show as you know on our show one goalie can know exactly I mean like I did you hear down hole. My rock now. No I mean edges weighted. I don't know they're running our announcers can you unlucky and he's just leave people would HBO show market he's not not leaving because we've done we've gone down that I'm I'm I'm I'm happy to view that you're going to have you want to believe you have to pick me and physically removed we can do that no matter nobody can. Agassi the clutch hitting and we gets confusing market. We need to look at it's going to be in a market that was to show a topical stuff for fun OK I can when they had me physically remove you would have to its tree I mean when my trespassing and ask you it's my show masking leave the show you know about Alina so the goalies to lightly you're promoting him from -- you know vote was what we do in this show we confront the reality that minorities it's like you you know I can see your face you know what you just did decades I UB posit you know New York. Yeah we're gonna know. Generally 75 tanks and connectedness commercial back there. The triumph and or did you really thought it was noted they're going to China and India appear on the on the stage yeah I mean it's going to be a big deal with big two unions had and it. You wouldn't want to see what I thought I think that now don't promote or an expert protection Richard promoter of human eyes humble spirit to attempt to McKinny why not new on our of them Buick the highest rated show in Boston OK and you are the most insecure. Shall boss when you carefully got and it's or I call competitive politically correct that if I good at it's all part of this program right now though we now we have the militant I don't care about them migrate all this money goes through an old I Maya Angela Merkel go to the course the show with. That's that's all of them go to shall I mean I'm I'm capacity you have yours and wacky physically actually ethnics morning fun. Not 617 cents a seven. At the listeners and thrilled now. Just what 77797. I trees but he's one thing that we we need much anguish for this. I mean honest and acknowledged some ahold of this amount difficult. Kirk yes I have a feeling that and we may be a lone voice on this. Couldn't defend. Will want if you if you could meet I couldn't defend we'll bond with a gun and New York. And I let him let him talk let's hear this because we need him to. You wanna hear guide fine if you listen blow. 6177797. ID three sets. Okay just let this one sentence if you listen I'd finish if you listen to what will once and watt. Will bonds said. Betty White players hated black player after the play and that caused racial tent out you gotta wait wait wait wait disagree database attach hello Rachel Tony Blair's response we have our we have fought I have yourself to play Edward latitude that 617. As well. Fine you say well why I am a three. I Zemin we have full line item you guys throughout our company all your calls hang on we'll get some yourself as well we get back her Italian with Gary today. We're back with more of Kirk and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. If you're just joining us Mike Hsu it is on its yes so fresh I think some you know some fancy wireless. Was sports host wife he walked in here this morning. If you haven't bashers here prior party accurate figure in the major Saturday. I'm having a five K. From my foundation here anyway. What should go to the brewery yeah it got the bit that the brewers don't give it can also run I don't know passport. Yes that night how do you know about that I'm in cash. Let me I shouldn't let me we're gonna show yeah. On the radio voice I take it all back he's just gone maybe I am sick can you go back there like every hour go to toys like in the east by French and everything but it's like. In some ways like Bob Ryan and Mike Buckley eat her. And nick everything literally by I've into the pockets of Ryan asked for an hour like awful lot and injured as well but everything is about nine. Everything just goes back to run it's then said that off your excellency Matsui with Buckley with him. I find ways to pay 2250. Dollars for the show when this thing about me he was filming me even listen to either freaking show cares about weathered some parties. No I would think there at all like Blair talked to Greg talk on the Ed talked about in the break. But it often breaks would work in match of such as when it was on April and fair access. Quick question for NASA rivals Yahoo! it's going to be announced to the advocate I need yesterday and it has one more time and which loans from mine and a lot of club wind is finding it just wanted to not a no no no no yes no -- and I asked the question I felt better today than yesterday and yes it hold it together which I think is also possibly trigger I don't wanna do this again podcasts is great answers you don't want him totally love it makes the show Obama struck it makes sense it makes okay couple's class and don't go interest in just TU. Okay go. What is the racism part commonplace where where was the racism in this. Doesn't exist. They will wait album think it exists in the league office now because he feels like yesterday used now to make this next generation be Espionage Act right but even that's it if that's what if you were to ask what would you sent. I'd humans says help me how he Weiner is the races where is the racial component of up to ask him at an audience he says he would say is it one. It would be in the league office correct where they bring down the punishment by doctor Brooks Eckerd and Brooks and Jones James thrashing these guys but those aren't real power as. A good bill yet like us so the reason. Column the grunt at the same number of games as Crabtree had to leave them and Evans. Is this is one. And I think it chart there and they go and hockey guys in the black empowerment and other and and and they say oh he's white I think if you're black student suspended. Three years and by the way he was leading guess for the political guy again. Who said. It was too we subscribe should be suspended for life. CBS course by John Harwood. That the that the guy and I right between the future those are the guys economy winners hockey brawl late model would work 21 with the outlook I don't know I think what you also I think with the argument news. It's. That's some may feel. That leaving Crabtree originally a two games it was reduced to one. How can brought in gate to get this it's a riches and history wasn't so why I wish I don't dispute agree racist and you can do it. Anything at all no needed you. Of course can play some of the side we have we've not got to the culture we have to play with the bulletin boards all the reaction on takeoff it's up to this technical or all of the numbers we have one line open right 617779. 790% of sock caller earlier. Christine it's that from April she hung up. This is defending you don't pay as you but I think she thought about and said you know I think he's as much better right now subject to grow up that might be called Mike of Framingham they might. I don't about two things for a couple police habit. They played it will blow on because will want cultural and a bridge cute look at your book called back off and after court because Obama to pick. Thinkable that the other thing it. Every time will be completely booked all the old British Petroleum Crabtree in which happened a compliant and then what the defense okay we'll look at it all applicable that. Are exactly what we're good point it's exactly will bonded and Keith today a great job with that. In hallway this is whole you know would provide junkets were friends we get along and then we'll bye did his thing in Holland did his thing and you felt. Like it was just okay Paula base gives him. Globalism balloons rolled right into it. Okay all the attention from his great interview after that I felt was gone then I would yes it became a conversation. I would say it which is what you know I in makes Michael comfortable when I wouldn't say days. Yes Michael Bonn because you are African American beat him where it NBC sports boss and that's every that's -- I'm glad you said it to that's really good point but but you know put when we have a discussion of diversity when we have white people on the panel I feel a little. Inadequate. You know where I would see what I want when you should feel inadequate and I understand that I that you saw that but when when we discuss rates yes I want information replica wanna hear from Gary Washburn who was great that today when it. I want to hear from you know I'm sure I Ortiz I don't know what. Joy joy he just like people talking all white people talking to. I've mixed I don't I do think I agree with all of us Geithner actually I mean this is why I think that's that's why is that one will want to that's. IE we used to have will bar on as he. Actually thinks for himself unlike -- your lead guitar to these other ESPN Steven lemons you write anti India he actually you work each for what will one would say if you have money on. To Mel you them but I do know exactly. What we'll say a full Max Kellerman and that too icy that you all the time now he sauce so predictable as saying you're close to close that it's mindless left when I mean what's it would say it will gobble up. Was when they question him about oh now. You're wrong in the black whatever you say is where it would set will one office he knows he was wrong that is a voice of a man who knows he's fighting a wrong I don't know honest I've heard I've done it. I know that voice that they always have I am fighting a losing battle also I feel across the board Evans a key to leave crouching crock I think they shall get two games who always said that for tonight at six there while another card if your location in the in the black and wow you're like cuts Sanjay Connecticut they sent him. Oh man it's. So I was just wondering what you guys thought about O'Dell curse is ready for many. No that's also really means it would submit. O'Dell all the doubt that it keeps trying to you like Brady and yet entered into a racial thing. The similarity between those two you remember that Seattle suitable to him through that. Touchdown pass them take the lead Brady did go on the sideline and had sex with that particular bit yes I was I was a usual for him right. You can forget party had a for the we I mean it's just it's it's doll that you really want talk about you know what if if if if you know you could you can make that comparison he wants is Jerry Rice there was some reason do about it on what you think he's done nothing Brady's 15 suitable. The wood out some language yes it and making it about race so you get on by it neither is NATO liberal giant conglomerate. They're gonna push this whole thing I'll their employees out the next outrage that get you. So that they do. That it of that solvent but but but nobody's watching so it's not working and it's not working you I mean is that we with the way things about race all the time I understand that we have raised conversations all the time when it's relevant this a bit on this one. How was relevant for don't don't tell me I think will bond in the show it to segment it's how I was raised are done and how is irrelevant at all it's not right. But I was just defending will on what he says well I must say one is injected race to what reason is that it's on the ship and you can you can bring up the topic of race but and you can discuss it it's not an issue okay is that what will want it used to the reason that brought European colonizers because it didn't matter. Lineup they brought it up because they can you just hitting it as it used his flight was black. And ironically these but you're gonna go all right the first what is Fox News do what they do what is said he wasn't what it was like they started segment by this is a race thing. The gronkowski source of big story in the middle of it injected race into something it is a race. Got one of the racial politics of this OK but they can there's want to celebrate with that record I think I'll get back outright. One more time Gary decline has our parents work to go where understand figures explain to me where of the racial component ease in the grown score there isn't one OK but Hawkins race issue -- what she wants you know what's so so I thought I saw. If so what does not but I just have breakfast at 7 o'clock expert negotiate dot. Racial if you you know what he's why don't they bring out the astrology aspect here I mean grow Oxley brother Amanda caution and and lights avert ultimately why did it why can't imagine the elf in the room willing willing Henry Harris. Why was it a national conversation. Why not with the police on him and why wasn't the the river I'll talk to relevant race they bring up race and you see the reason that brown and weapons that you shouldn't bring an because it has no. No helping element is look it up you can't discuss and say you know I don't what would change I don't do. I don't think you bring up bring us the right decision pissed off because of the way they brought up you disagree with them that's fine. But what will you wanna do the right actors thank you agree with him. Arguing about what I'm aren't the sponsors like break and he's there's 5 in the morning right right. Again that's in Maynard appointment here's here's what but Karrie is in many ways is like trying to he's like to not not they want to fuel raced to the I know hey I want. The they want everyone to agree I don't want race and it said. Okay caddies are essential. I wish a short Blake were part of the conversation Gloucester. Much on the house denies that each and we'll get to stinks is a disgrace ideally what complaints once planted there. A well. It's great to be got lots of calls to get to organ played LA pump organ of the will once out again in the pay homage to reach deep again that's what today's call you celebrate on average celebrating the life of rich chief and hang out how to get all the promise we had Barry that fraud. That freak FA Christian that lousy writer. He personality. Michael F all the technical and raw red for fraud fraud fraud you know I was laughing yesterday I could hear of one like when you were doing as opposed and haven't. Jesus was I think you throwing an interview. Flat yes there is she's right there saying you know Jesus eat Jews call reef to key player that day. Is that rich list to me how I don't have free will and so you guys I was sent you have for. Geez that's a -- the humans humans if she's reaching Hewitt grabbed incredibly buys for leniency and stupid he was shot up. In what he do the interview I'd he's powerful but he's not powerful enough to share of always Mike that alters or to listen to all Hillary. Appointment as has suffered enough as a obvious and other issues it was a frustrating listen Matt I was looking at holy name war. EV. Will blown that was good that was gonna get better we'll take your calls get why don't we come back over to put some more sound take these calls to praise Richie and Barry. Michael.