K&C - Kirk and Gerry denounce the hypocrisy of the Globe; Globe sports editor explains HORSE 12-14-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, December 14th

Hour 3: The Boston Globe still won't release the names of former employees fired for sexual misconduct; Globe sports editor Matt Pepin explains HORSE while hosting the Harlem Globetrotters on his podcast.


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Kirk and Callahan. What we should disclose the names that have reasonable question I appreciate you posing as it's called a womanizer. We didn't think it was so important that we love all that put him. That one play her romances and try to get through God's truth he called me up like it or while or they'll be the I hear the fees how painful was this oh artifice for you about an hour with an answer that with current committee had gone to mossy download is in the coming here trying to defend the globe but I just want to stay out of this complete open book he's more than one source must of course famously only used one for his story messed up with the patriots picked. Schumer and here now fast guys and actually supposedly did it was a sort of the pathetic trade suddenly you fall in your file is coming your role here tomorrow and had nothing and Gerry Callahan sort of primer from the globe the seaport district which is. Almost all light snow African Americans they are off the comedian Michael. She's there's more insidious and more pervasive form of racism here this open toward future. War culture grotesque racial inequity university this kind of racism. He's broke that it is structured system sit on Sports Radio telling you. I don't weaker now 6177797937. Yards if you want it would move back the most listened to morning show Boston thank you for that are. Are from major. Richer story the second. And lots of globe bashing here defending against by Tomas in the first couple of hours so woods got to catch up. They had this for a couple days ago the spotlight series we monsters. The one about the color line. Persistent sickness as an health Shiite should. Bring their rewards at your first for piece of news object your first. That would piece of news. But what are my choices or this you can name is woman in the story or the or the globe employee was for the globe and employ collective effort and we can move on to the although the structure. You're euros. Scrutiny of the hospital health care peace yes and and AJ hawk which is just the beginning by the way that's just you you pulled on the thread it's all coming apart OK but you asked that Jerry. Other than me you. We're we're telling people this a flawed piece but I'm on the too cute equals can do. That's a good question unless he goes national it is what's gonna happen it's gonna get plaudits from the usual suspects Peter King training because generically. Not to mossy the hamas' hard time like now yeah I agree Roemer they'll say it's needed what attorneys had knowledge is power and all us. It is as journalism goes it's a piece of garbage familiar place to plea disgusting yet what. About the what about the dead data centric part of it though would bring income data center amusing and go into thinking that you are gonna and black thing Els said the good things about think that's true on an inch of you know African Americans who live in Boston or the percentage of people who think Boston is in hospitable to blacks out. Bad you know Boston tops that list at least there's data there at least those numbers to back up a lot of again they had a conclusion maverick. When news news enzyme is site collection of numbers here what do you councilor Brian Ross go ahead. Or wait wait a while all of on skis breaking news. Yes I am happy to announce that rob Bradford is back is he hot stove guest next week he'll be back. Thanks well. After last thanks for breast interview IE if he's got reported that a floor the public has spoken to help soccer he's spoken. How I was at the prosecutor in that month was sitting out four minutes that's this. That's all well and it felt like it was as good as mine at the globe this out. It. So cup for class companies have been suggests we know the name of the gentleman who was forced to resign. Amid sexual misconduct of the globe. That means name is Jim O'Sullivan music group reported their for a while when it was last stories by the way it was about workplace sexual harassment which is unbelievable my guesses. But he was rotisserie while there was pressure on him this has been going on for months behind the scenes they knew that would sign the store which is madness. Jim O'Sullivan is named that reported second person. Was forced to resign or was a contract worker former editor there. Them was forced to leave him not to contract worker anymore. I think I know that is and mean and I believe either today or tomorrow and teamwork behind the scenes on nailing that down that's called journalists entered pay attention. Since Jim O'Sullivan is in the name of the globe political reporter who was forced to resign for sexual misconduct blue with held I don't name because I care about women. Ryan agree will not name because visit here this guy go somewhere else or somebody else and sexually has sexual misconduct towards women. On the air laughing and giggling talk about hard it's been. To give guys free passes in saying it was just take recorded it was a long time ago yes. The reason I don't begin actually pick and the reason they withheld the names one of the reasons he listed three of 41 of ms. It was a long time ago. How long ago wow. I don't even think that's the worst thing and I I still think the worst thing is saying that mark Arsenault it was up to him. To talk to the women you know when Jimmer Marjorie ask him. Did you talk to these three women what did they think well I'm sure I assume Jim you know mark talked to add that to me is crazy. We've mentioned the victim several comedies some of these from the reporter of the sales go to whatever movement Contra work. Were they console about disclosure was that just. Quote decision. Now I mean they were I assume that mark. You know the eighties and reporting. It's. Reported in order to enhance some dues you know people's editor of the paper. You know we've had about a tailspin after you're growing your order under the body is not about your I'll say this about you he's dumb he's not dumb enough to easy he's not stupid enough to come on us because I think Jim Wright did a good job but you know Jim's a friendly voice you certainly we would pounce on his irregular with them days on every week. Well the same on this kind of every week but the timing and she's there PBS they don't Atlantic weeks I don't care about ratings the money keeps flowing in no matter what but but Tomas is exactly right like his answer as well you know. But their but I think what Jim is essentially asking is like what about these women like did you talk to these women before they can now not renowned never Jim solomons a lot right now. Jim O'Sullivan is probably already working somewhere else and until you brought your name the people who work and didn't know. He was forced to resign for. Sexual misconduct reasons. Can you isolate just the question of why didn't you name the names and the whole gore answer. Because I'd you know. Like a city says it was a long time ago and I don't think Roy Moore was given such. Consideration or gay priests in the scandal if anyone else who has been oral and all many of these. Things don't slow things Harvey Weinstein didn't long time ago should we have. Kept his name out of the news to challenge if the Iraq story with Kevin Spacey and long long time ago shouldn't count okay thirty years ago. On Anthony Rapp is in school. For a it was a he's on the pitches better capital dad you know forget yes but thank you for my house Friday that help and I decided Friday night news is good. Most people in this to put the globe there's probably asked by the way as well to authorities have us confused right and and no additional I've heard some of the world and the radio defend Brian Magloire in this count it wasn't a news dump that was running scared of of Turkmen and we forced them to release and on Friday. Conveniently for them it was a Friday night and but that doesn't matter it doesn't matter in the stay in his new with the news Internet. People can read in time they want and if you read it front nine. And cowardly. And irresponsible. They didn't name any names they made excuses that Trent lumpy and it was the twelfth paragraph before they actually turn the store barrels themselves. Especially embarrassing week for that rag you know for that Paris and brag about this rumba this moron who is running scared right now gonna call someone called 1520 times today. I like they're answering that we've moved on but that's okay we're getting closer closer to this name and by the way mornings. So the glow should probably get ahead of the story but as we've learned by the way but the Catholic Church which parallels the globe. They're not gonna do that didn't tell them stories we can protect their friends and they're going to get buried fort in the long in the days of hiding stuff are gone too. You Hillary sergeants latest week in response yes and we are gloomy yes saying may use carrying out a lot of standing globe tradition where many older men have often treated younger women like sexual toys to be used and then disregarded. Not dominant over like this but those that I need to cut. Otherwise in the story they mentioned that. Medical book one of the offenders went to area. Job fair. Trolling for you know and young girls young talent. That's how and and that guy wasn't out it wasn't named not just told you gotta go somewhere else and do that is seriously. On an obviously it's a smaller scale but how is that different from Einstein models and again and again yet again we're gonna get lost executor to the Catholic Church. Is this sexual misconduct we talk about the social guy analyst as the specifics are my guess it's not as bad as reaping any girl boy. We understand granted we know that we you're right when you look at it. Is he moving people around protecting and back corps is it any different. No it is not. It is not the gold spot. Like team which drives itself all day does is dumb thing that they don't care about that the real story look at port I want to hire black people. Nobody you're racist is or its usual race. What's going on I mean the gloves just tell us a step in the right because there's been happening specific and I am happy to mention him right at the the PBS right happy imagine him. It was Turkmen hand. I'm gonna guess that they get benefit of the guess that round. That have my back I don't know test it. This is Jim Braude asking rhyme or why known Australia. Other than the wise I am one of those people why didn't you disclose the name of the contract workers the reporter of the sales guys. Who are no longer were the globe because of there or reward scrub inappropriate. Sexual behavior what in should disclose the names. Terms of why we didn't in the names and apparently you think we should have. There's a variety of reasons or legal hurdles to get over there are journalistic. Values that we are trying to maintain I mean the bottom line is that. Transgression that mark and covered in this story are not the kind of transgressions we would generally cover. All right OK time out time out follow up question the only thing that she won it falters exited you're curious on a few things agenda not to right now it's okay. Then why's he gone wide to force him to resign. What did he do what specifically happened in your world. Brian. What's the line what does this line were talking about so if you were aggressive he sent emails and pictures you'd deck. Is that different than what they did your phone network we grabbed their asses and their their breasts but what does this one. And by the way did you consult women on said line. You make primer gory as but it opened thirty years what he's a pretty a good idea what sexual harassment is and is not. Just like what to. This guy get it's it's around it's five it's no big deal worth herald news. Where's Boston magazine we're also this shirt which channel 457. Which fox Y. The only one Gerry against some extent why we only ones doing this what this. A medical so fraud is an unbelievable. Short cut irony is they're this state to pick will he would be easy it's. Searching it never ends it never ever ever ends and hitters in the past I don't you show it to say how glad they get to a news my guess Dale's not as well the other station wall. You know these because John Henry is or be bought out of the bottom and what is that well but get this series. Series. There is essentially. That we your old priest spotlight at movie under the spotlight all the web article got together and they've got you know when a war that's won awards and in the big circle jerk. Reprises oh no like well no but what's behind primer glory what's the line. I. Would rise to a level of coverage. So we wanted to maintain values that we have and we. Important to share what is going on here board we didn't think it was so she so important that we lump all transgression into one place I think it. All what is as he would have this or herald reports a number of equitable I always felt that cool things that are clicked off by the way in about it hello all transgressions this headline three dollar real private or it's. Work number that'll. And he's the editor of the peace welcome that people disagree third stage with the read the paper right you disagree primer gory call his work number please not telling you that he route. Call the man in in in in disagree because no else well nobody else will meet real. They they don't want a lot of warnings that might want everyone let's listen media including global lock fine line in age of meat too so it's immediate. Believe they mention Harvey Weinstein in the next paragraph Mark Halperin Leon Weiss I or. From the new republic Charlie Rose. Matt Lauer garrison Q all mentioned in the second paragraph what's the fine line Mike what is the fine line when it comes to harassment. This is the exact opposite argument between globally saying let everything out outside the (%expletive) you cross that line when they fired you yet which you did. And valued employee and they have to fire. And but they won't mention you know in the league that department. I notice that there's a spectrum of misconduct and misconduct that we saw here. Didn't rise to a level of the kind of misconduct that we covered elsewhere that was seeing covered elsewhere in the newspaper. Three minutes going towards the world we live in the U what you want to know why people are doing this when the presume he had tweets out. Carly just to bring the Boston Globe warm tribute make either pat Purcell. The longtime owner publisher of The Herald that was very tiny management globe offered advice and guidance that one appreciate his leadership in Boston L is going on the one big happy and get salon. I if you know a warm thanks to Fred picture. Thanks Michael Felger for your view guidance or leadership. Or not. And leaned focused on more important issues I would think that pat Purcell. I don't know I don't. There's some respect him in there's no place for much in this story right if I'm proud to today's paper that details that's criticized in the global he will defend them that's actually pierce to resent Hannifin. Tuesday or stolen from them for what decade. Did you read this she's in her early twenties whose. Then friendly with whenever an older and gentlemen and enter the coroner's wing. He was in the news room he was someone who preyed on young women sit Hannifin now editor of global newsletters. Of that is. The other would occasionally butter for drinks she said ostensibly to talk of a journalism and discuss or writing after one of these next. He asked for a ride home when the car stopped outside his apartment quote he put his tongue in my malt. And then he said you wanna come upstairs. Angry disappointed she said no she left. At work he acted like nothing happened and like a lot of women I didn't say anything. So they don't name the guy who stuck his tongue down the throat of this young reporter. How is that different at all these mean a tongue and the throat that's that's what that's what's generally Franken debt. It's disgusting the globes is big so nauseating but they did this week is almost worse to Donald Trump that's the worst thing you ever did our deal. That we no problem in and yeah the the cover inform our coffee watching should try to go Obama's we'll hear from you which excuse now how do you not happy not to renew your subscription to be fun afternoon by the wagered. They'll look at 400 yards 617779. He decides sex toys sick with it must. Is that true. I'd 790% at 6177797937. We're gonna go to these other stores well we're right back we are back with more chance Kurt can Callahan. College Sports Radio tell. WEEI this workstation Hussein didn't that they could stay out of the reporter you do it now earlier that morning and one of the two guys they're Kirk finances and try to get you've got you. Wouldn't talk to them what can you clarify. Stuff so he he called me out by. It more while is that beauty. Those appropriate level of personal well. We'll. You know what you'll say heated up completely yeah but the timing was not was the timing a function of their stuff Lou earlier in the morning or no. I don't want to. State that playing measure what I what I would feel more comfortable saying as. There was. Discussion around town about the story that we have virtually ready to go slow. Happen if there were big guy no sexual harassment scandal. To Charlie Baker's office or maybe it Gillette there. Some prominent company fidelity employee I don't. Entercom. Last texas'. You can publicize the names of the and to come employees. And that the in particular have been fired or forced to resign for sexual harassment. I will tell you the ones I know. Zip zero none I don't know a single you think Kirk would keep an owner's hat if they were such a scandal course you know of anyone now. And don't know it doesn't mean it hasn't happened on nine and the night. Yeah sooner I don't like I bet all the companies I work at Darian and I wouldn't institute is a prominent person been fired here that you know. I'm not none that I know of and I'm telling the God's honest truth text her and and listeners I don't know of anybody and you know maybe it's happened in Owens told me that it is Judy just tweeted this just makes me laugh to the spotlight he was tackling racism in a seven part series. With the depth dated nuance in investigation and expect this is important work and it is changing and driving the conversation in Boston. It's in front of the pay wall I mean it's free yet because no one would pay for its garbage Linda and if you read it and and assume you didn't you would know. You be called these people in and to be sent this is the best we got. Harry Edwards and and Cedric Maxwell you have no player from the fact that 2000 you have no player on the even if you can't talk to Adam Jones. You can't talk to the witness is the cops to people who were there and get more it's something we don't know. Did you learn anything you're too focused did you add any notable aspect of data sets to Atlanta that believed did you jump to live there learn anything new for. The story and the only thing I learned is that other cities when they have these kind of stories by a ten to one margin they reported on less frequently write him. And that's because of people that if you. And and Adrian walker in the globe spotlight team and people like Gmail calendar and Linda Taylor it's definitely not because a show like this one talked to about it every game with two month's Oscars were defending the CD would defending the fans. The Red Sox the Boston Globe they've they will slander the fans their own fans called racist. I will defend them I don't believe that I don't think a Red Sox fan believe I'll do that like and I do and I tell you why I looked into. I made some phone calls I disagree with Kirk on this. But I'm glad you brought that up if you just tuning in this has mentioned in the story Tuesday Calvin an X. The quote unquote fan who overheard or heard it wasn't over the guys sort of quote he was epic game and guys that you sent the game with his mixed race on. And his father in law who's black and that was a singer from Kenya. During the anthem and the fans have some about the singer and use their very awkward way the and word. Now they remove that he went to security they removed the fan and banned for life again I ask the globe purportedly is a newspaper write a news organization. They know the name of the fan who's been banned for life this is patient zero is the first one ever banned for life. ID say the glow like knows because they know the red eye on overload and I don't know that that I'm the opposite John Henry knows it he's just kind of fell. I would presume he knows when Brazilian who runs the globe. Knows the name John. And it's not that you invented a different issue why today and shared capital I thought I would say why don't Boston Angola we talk about why would the boss battle and you know why the names I don't work. If the Boston Globe knows the name John your your defender and you're also a journalist you are Smart cuts should if obstacle that was and yes I'm well I know they know the name John Lindsay and I know the Red Sox know that it's actually payment plus and not so tell me of the frigate. What is the title editor managing editor of directory generally if you want to join knows the game and don't report wanna. Yeah I can't defend that one dollar why I've been with you guys since day one on the current patient I didn't believe it cause the guy. The Calvin had luckily I believe Calvin panic reported I don't believe was set I believe it was said BIS idol style Kennedy exacted a fan and the fan admitted it. You had. What's her name saying she talked to a cop who said that the fan admitted it to him I called. Mike conference that is I didn't believe that I wanted to say it's you know I'm skeptical. And he said it happened it happened that guy exists the guy used I'll be used to Kuwait cannot panic city used to the used. And restaurants or does it matter and he used it a much more benignly. It doesn't matter as I just had an abused at that I don't go away used it in the way unity day I don't know fees in the leisure with sales. To send that again was a go report why you so defensive we're not talking about the the dot com which are gonna look the globe. Why do you defend glow above work for EEL I dot com is just like The Herald just like they will report and nobody defends the fans like we do nobody else everywhere else you're talking you're like man U and try -- hundred light and most Democrats became a white right now what are your pal I think they'll well we are we don't know defend the black yeah and we typically I don't any that's what the black friends. And 7% not probably not enough to make a difference that I mean like you could jeopardize black or white. That doesn't matter slowly does and I think Canada rushed here but do you think I gets a taste I don't think you can. I don't care that's a Mac so why the globe can keep that name themselves some pretty big story the guy being banned for life. From Fenway and they won't report the story they will not advance the story line. It's nice I don't have no answer for that. Lautner but what we're talking about here at the bigots in the stands so we have this guy Calvin Hanik. We have someone saying something to him you have people you believe that the cops and Kennedy says he talked to the fan who has been banned. Whether or not this person's name has been released. Isn't that another example of what the globe is talking about yoshi's did you go ridiculous I don't know just. You you proved you you offered some proof which is that they don't without Johnson for shop and I said brought Adam Jones bit. It doesn't all manner story but it it's not the whole point doesn't happen any unedited zones and anecdotes. But we have plenty of other anecdotes that highlight exactly what they're talking about happening guy like I did you guys are ready. In other directory to walk okay our city's passion hasn't anyways serve Boston sports franchise is well can be stadiums full. The resulting flood of revenue allows owners to get to some lurk top talent but return. Reached over weaning expectations of fans she's a pretty merciless from players fail about the hype star pitcher David Price. Incited the bullpen they share an arm injury. Say it was called the and we're by fans and even his beloved dog Astro was criticized and that's that's going to there's not there's no end I don't see how you got to defend our city kidnapping. Imagine being in charge of the globe who at Patricia Wen tradition in a reception response she's in charge spotlight she's the editor in letting that go through. If you're trying to prove your piece that's I can. A dog was David Price is and the implication the inference is that his dog as Chris says because he's black native doctors. Doug is not a swipe by the way notes to the French Bulldog. He was offended that I didn't know the name. We don't think I mean he's got sick there was a day that are black these executives like I did today and slot well liked he's disliked here until the same have a theory your dinky get called Carol color you are a problem as people want to like them they don't like it has not his fault nothing to do you guys don't see the issue at all when you spend months did a flashlight and Adams did you like curious and price of gas national issues that people like you. Who have this belief that you hole I'm indicated that the world racist you want to believe them despite the addition the don't care you will support prices because he's black at all. Who when he gets called the N word you think could be the general public's dislike David Price it's there's elements I think it's an element in really. Yeah OK there's an element of that. Did people resolutely go back on the whole David Presley goes back available. Europe paid 217. Million you should be grateful it's kind of like the NFL thing and that is something grateful. Yes yes or raise a secret yet that mean that is language that is often used about black athletes should be grateful. That we pay them that much money am not saying it's never set about light escort they were healthy that's a liar about black athlete it is. Much most athletes. Or black government that professional athletes. You know as well as the as wills we do how many busts the Red Sox would have overpaid busts. Doesn't matter of Ayatollah did to dislike toward Dice-K because disease stationed in Japan yeah. I mean owners group got killed here can you got small and. And that's all day and I'm sad that I know that my name player to tackle our game whoever you want. I'm not a thing that never happened tonight playing let's but it's worthless for price because he's. And say it's worse I think there's an element though when you get called the N word in your own park if you know and so I feel bad for you that you of that obsessed that that it matters you look at price. As getting booed again as a disappointment. And you think you would be better for him if both his parents were one. Into price was great that things would not like I've seen my prices as well. All right a lot of Dave knows he likes a lot and they don't like sell T I saw helped incite hate giver tease him all they would like the year. But I look outside and other states who hates David BP they're saying you are doing now I am not who I mean. In my opinion I think is probably they're probably. A slave owners are favorite sleeps. You know me to be tired Aqua before it was said better before I was at said basically if you say. Probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite fashion has worked the hardest there's it's that public and people on this and Obama's spotlight team bus and nobody pointed out how stupid it is to mention David Price it's nobody thought issued walkers have done a lousy writer and you know but I don't carry these black he's a lousy black writer their lives in white right through while the honorable to. There's no there's no end it doesn't anti opposite guy. Whose skin is black and happens to be guy stinks right Howard Bryant like Michael Hawley. They're white writers who stick to rob Bradford stinks so moments thanks geez imagine not post thanks Ian Browne. It's is an equal equal opportunity offender it's. Ballistics ever from that's. Well but common man I think Jack could actually be be. Everyone's stinks but let me go ahead on that. Gloria it's what's a lot of dispute as curious if they're also being particularly you know where you can at least polls and you that you rare that you were extreme these really you know roll record featuring sure it's something you don't want one of those in that group but always gonna relax whatever that it. Can get back at that awesome like gas in terms of NATO series. Is the oval all in this ranking of an army like Olympus Billy ball I clicked at the step that. Our poll number that you know he's to be in our draft this Larry. I'm what is acceptable to send it to the city took a lot could make a racist society that there's. And what does that make you know what is Portland Maine that's racists because the percentage is very Lotus I've been answers yeah I think they're talking about being large urban centers that OK fair use if you go to a more diverse population to begin with Nolan is asking. Fargo or boys the these places thank what's the percentage on an island you know Vancouver. I get slow and racist. Just while I mean obviously I still sitting that he plotted nationals Osama averages mobile team presented Todd Martin is I'm not racist at all because it's very hard percentage the answer is yes African Americans. Correct right. So campy but again they imovie you are now using the word racist you keep saying everything is race on the grounds that may shock shoddy job runs in May it would make pretend you're pretending that the trying to use the spotlight here's a mean to you just pretend is Boston does Boston have dessert is just does his daughter is arbitration as racists. But again that's all everything is a petition you're talking about a sang a hospitals are races they are exactly it was a nice little sad that that's exactly the same. As of that vomit les clean ever sang puke that's exact which is right. It is it is exactly what they're doing here you know they are they don't pay they are real race their race is this where Burress race say they are there they are taking advantage of black people they are they're using template and by the way the patronizing their insult or saying. The that the the the process of going amassed generals to complicate it. It's too it's too difficult I call the soft and fuel expectation yes I was have they have an ad that's what they are days there's a lot of good guys through and and you and your pointed out that they don't hire black people know whether that's what you know that's the other group to watch kids restaurant cut the lawn right of course but they would how. I am the work in the news room to caddie for them yet but again. House that you guys are oversimplifying it so now I heard them that's Erik yeah that's a pop I want her notes I'll explain energy yesterday saying it's not racial economic OK I agree with that. How does it become economic well. And class of people who. Our war than other people who good who live in neighborhoods with worse schools and other people who don't have the opportunities in other people have. How does that happen how do you get out of that. So I agree with you that it is an economic thing you don't get out that's it won't always be rich people poor people yes but that's the way the wind works group of people bats started with slavery is okay and since then they have always been the marginalized group of people. How do you change. Do you think how do you view of Ben Linus Asians have been marginalized Asians were never slaves us they weren't really low and I care. A what do you think FDR did to them in a World War II you think putting them in camps. Might have marginalized. The boot the Asians look okay so I know agents helped build it would discriminate do you believe that Asians or enslaved to the extent that blacks or America of course not I do because I just told you what they were done what was done to them they were. They were rounded up and put in prison camps by FDR and World War II. I would call that marginalized they were definitely discriminated against for decades. Right now. They are forced to sue. Schools like Harvard is Harvard won't let and any more Asians in. Hopefully discriminate you know why because they're too Smart they're too Smart they do too well on their seat he's degrades it too good they. They don't want. Over 50% of their student body to be Asian. So they're changing the rules I don't excrement say temperatures 61777. Point 790% couple lines open wanna go through via other news as well which is in this. Health stories ridiculous embarrassing fireballs story in my opinion this was calls. She's an embarrassment disgraced the Boston coach you answered this will pick through that envelope atlas that sucked through bodily. Oh thanks pat Purcell a thank you Linda let's go have lunch somewhere fancy with the white people. And again what I would choose Ireland's busy port number on the nationality is obviously on the chew you up on a shows over and you have some free time yeah well you gonna go running perfect plan podcast to O'Sullivan talks to some. Harlem Globetrotters re yes with a basket but the pace and about just won't do that at some place of south. As well if you do you go through the story hazard due to breaking news I am working you guys can confirm. Behind the scenes like being around young Carl Bernstein your your amaze your way yes you're old Robert Redford. Exactly like open that we exercise equipment and over here you see in the morning mornings when Kirk and cal sports. When you play course. And for people who don't know the would have listened to note the game forces that's when you're. Two people matched shot for shot and ended if you miss a shot you get a letter in the first one that gets but what if he loses have you ever lost the game report. Person you know you either seen them go home. Have you heard of that total us on and yes I traded it. When he does move economics and it was in the 57 connected from listeners now let's get the more important cinema. About the globetrotters have either of you see the Harlem Globetrotters on doing. You know it's. Thicker. My second. Well she's got this is understood the this is the sports editor of the Boston Globe does the sports podcast and feels the need to define war. Al Gore gets a good sense of what's did you guys see the movie in the fifty's. It's I had to look I don't night usually I'm pretty go to the movies go man go you ever heard of that I have not never heard Jerry 1954. That's more senator Joseph Sullivan my enemy why it's cool little tool starts to need sir Sidney pointy now moves your purchase. Google drugs with Jerusalem as like this one on the one of the pot and gloat because a woman who went into the global offices and give her credit that takes guts. We have a global on the globe editorial lots of us are now Bible as a woman yet to get. She is some backup of about just what it does she was under the basket Roosevelt black. Once I one's blackness to black people to go in cycles don't just tell board member of the obese so he's still hitting the this and we've we've been all over the place of Dyson Brian McGraw are behind us and should he come back it's a cream and sugar remark by the veterans as it does it in him his keys since. You know I haven't lost by a couple of feet passed him by 3 o'clock semitism although less than. We're dissecting and analyzing the eagle seven part series which can be summed up this way you Boston sports fans are all a bunch of what else raises. Not us at the globe who have no black colleagues because you guys but they all were also welcome back to Friday night the five minute news dump when they. Did their you know reflect. Reflections gets LA herald their issues so sexually harassing a particular graphic story. On Friday night yes they I they're going to regret that we are you Kurt many in named one of the general soleil and mrs. James O'Sullivan a former political reporter you know they didn't name him or any of this. I'm guys who cross the line and restored because it was a long time ago according to the editor but check out this part we've kind of Evans did the sex toys as Christmas typical hospital but after after pill and mystic editing and the new rules that's rationing their news editor who stuck his tongue down a female employee's throat should produce some form of thanks Christian ended by sex toys and they didn't name his name because it was a long time ago he should happen. Check this the term. Many men in the work in the newsroom him in this eggs some mail newsroom employees. Would I be globes able group of co ops college journalism students. Eager for work experience and critical violence to bolster tourism as. As a dating pool. So these newsroom and these guys in their thirties and forties and fifties would look at these nineteen year old girls from northeastern. Or from northwestern from wherever PC and say move which wonder why wanna make the moves they brought them into groom them. That's like. Something. Matt Lauer would do not mad men that's what it's exactly what this. And I guess we can't name the guys who did that because most along time ago. In 2000 and an hour long ago wow. Right in 2000. Now it is a hundred year old on refusal an editor downloaded the swimsuit photo of a newsroom call off. Who had been miss Idaho he centered around the office with a message. Something along the lines of how about them hater like a site that was not the message I spoke to the how about them haters I think I know this man is I'm about 99 point 6% there Jerry the last couple commercial breaks abroad even closer I don't mean this guy before the end of the week. That is a promise that stay in the week is tomorrow I look forward to that night and I know why he's gonna come out of the closet he wants of one million used the term even if I'm right about the sky by the way my understanding is he's and John Paul professor while right now. While oh yes. So they said around pictures of co ops or 1920 primer gory falling out of the building it discredits the current and I'm mad. But he's just jealous you have done a podcast you duplicates with buck and Raymer. Wright was as good as moment of homegrown problems and just action are really now not opposites but as you guys explain you. Oh senator. 21 yard technical know we talk to the same stuff we always do with Bok agreements bucket if you upstairs and some high it was time was vacant hotel room DB routes and all he said no explained wine and Alex did his whole thing reached crazy young buck is holding company in a I'm here for nine hours do you have to talk gay friends on the podcast to the average was last it was contagious they should be was not so that was focus on board yeah. No we haven't you know kind of a threesome and then there was an active. And you debated the river Phyllis awakening in today's top demise of the globe that are really out of pocket it was it's vital worth its waste it was fine it was it was perfectly fine. Look for the most do today I'd skip it. Do it yet. The average of somebody who has just solvent onto how long is the Jerusalem with the globetrotters 125 minutes I am so it is now axle and what would a third question globetrotters. And in it he took us last time yes loss yes. The questions of an enhanced because since you with the equal truth you have inside information that probably got all the island. I always thought. From the show but I was actually talking to a gilligan's I'll expert who works here. Can I haven't did the best thing that he told me actually at that time the globetrotters beat gilligan's on the becoming resort. So it was easy you know. Yeah yeah yeah I got asked me I've been very tough and I saw my second round pick in the intern draft for a fifth nervous in the third next year the study goes a good trade are now. I got as it needed to been part of a loss as you start every question by saying sorry ass. Yes there are really I was so they do video and they tried to teach my own spin the ball on his fingers in a hurry or so ago bounced off his head they money to install thank you an idea about of who Albuquerque. That's my clothes you're gonna get rid the globetrotters and then you had actually in the podcast with the globetrotters. Our other non American fans different though as are watching the game to go. Hello and welcome black fans do a lot of them on American non American fans never seen somebody with years skiing yeah. From America. He didn't talk to Brady says he should drink more water we don't have people argue here at the globe I'm confused and even. I've never seen this in my life for you. A lot. You must you must go to the Cheesecake Factory. We once we go to eastern standard this rhyme or gory told me one time there's there's pails told the gentleman. How does golf clubs freaking hole was the same color. This is on belief. Yeah. We've heard a puppet can we can we never see employed Q of this bubble they live in his vomit this bubble it's so discussed who is. Path of growth and a former British Open questions the ability of citizens wonderful series won any awards yet. Yes wanted to please just don't get it up we went a couple of the other season tickets and one attorney intimacy I think Chris cast service volleys are one intimacy it's quite yet because that's what Christmas is when will we picked I was gonna come back he can do better than that and that podcast in they want Casper officer who in the it's a good question when mere rumor question. Before he can't coach Louis Tom Barkley of the University of Houston you have all the and he's six foot nine and and he was a guard he was a point guard so he was Magic Johnson before Magic Johnson yes you and not everyone knows that so weak to me he's a real Leo well known player and someone who was. Let's send it. I mean Tibetan key argument. You know was tough they assigned to some global entered the company like some local. And bad that bad and I'll just like in a breakdown a serious issue Google to try to be really is no let up on the ice I think license at Ambac. Cardinals don't know who didn't listen to note game forces that's when you. Two people Matt shot a guy started. I think it's institutional. So if you miss so if you make like say take a little lefty shot from San refuted it and yeah called called glass and then you miss it. You get a letter signed your assets is using I've never heard him asking him when I was no how never played horse who has played. Pager now a hole yet or stuff like if you had a lot of time to play mother bleep her again you know what kinda like hot ones will be our horse you have to fill out it's very complicated these variables we never played horse did a little bit of time to play you know. Pig or pig was a game something like that little short in the slaves are sort of if there are lot of time to play. And blend Tucker or. Blank mother will deeper or something yes. Autonomous than Monica took on more seasoned podcast to listen I met and talked about the Russian pin in the Olympics in Yung Chang it was a different. Some day I'd rather come nineteen softened butter knife sums it Islam obligation he's Sok an analyst someday enough love me could be as an entertainer was somewhat. Guess Matt Pepin is why. Check out to Europe via. He's a poor however let's talk the might consider how wild and like styles and that's one. Lol guys let's come actually yeah gotta question mile an hour winds make it'll be good Detroit where their predominately black major metropolitan cities that make them break again and not let. And Su against white people Google because their light. Clarity person sales taxes since then Mac they're not even majority it's like twenty or 30%. Social so we're wearing a couple women. We've got to kind of point yeah. Here is cities they're raised like Austin is like 805%. Black Boston's 7% black it's like twenty port 25%. To position us as a percent Seattle they're talking about like greater Austin right. Does it serves the perfect he's expected to get bigger global pro choice are our four coming up 617779. 793 set going to practice medical story because I have some breaking users well injured we broker that's true you don't do that story as well. Back to DJ walker stuffing your calls and take in my for the next 45 and get yourself and you kind of hating little them. Sneaky scoop on patriots and yeah well second Brady you know that's all going we gonna we gonna tackle that weird issue as well involving another another oh you are like him to have a stable condition out yeah and you look at all your ducks in a row before you know speak out of term attractive. Among working on and I would also have to do I'm working on that as well okay. Do that at the break in okay tell us more when we Cuba will deliberate act.