K&C - Kirk and Gerry go after the Boston Globe; Nick Wright defends his stance against Brady. 12-12-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, December 12th

Hour 4 - Kirk and Gerry share their concern with the newest Spotlight piece by the Boston Globe. Nick Wright thinks Brady's final game could be in sight,. 


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The wolf publishes a story it's gonna be very thorough and we're gonna say gee you know this is really good in perspective look at what's been going on with the well how. It. That's a grad is I would give some credit I criticize him all the time is a great from. It's the congress correctly people. The council for four and a half million Google sold for one doll she's hard to believe finally and I will be on two votes podcast after the show them you buck for Gerald but just talk to. Is it for him to steal marriage from 1987 as buck up for us. I don't know who's up for the debate on them so much of a debate TV aids is not because you are right but. It didn't matter in the end game and you think that that we're better off going full tabloid full New York Post. You know big barrels blazing it would no Matt Harris the born paper announced that I'm bored by everything that's that's not why it's to back up there it's a factor it's always expect tiger that went right into socially they talked about many times that's too bad. They had to go on business with the globe and they couldn't keep I'm battling the globe goes to that I was the only one that's the Chelsea's great great trump is just embrace. Right like the new post post is pro prompt the daily news intently into your four go to war every. Over the globe on us and they approach from print. A this is this this story today honestly ironically makes it almost makes you sick it's it's so forget aggravating. And Jerry's stories obviously Michael personally mine. But I would say and every college persist in sickness as a help I would just say this I spent. They're better part of two years in waiting rooms. And you know offices and in. If you hospitals in all over the place in hallways and cafeterias. And I can save this and labs like it say this without any fear of sounding like a rich white kid from Winchester in Lexington whatever. The least racist place the government Benin is Mass. General runner up is is Dana Farber 18. In one you can pick either one is the last thing we have in the world that you care about their. Is race and I mean unless you disagree I. Spent time in bowl places a lot more in the Dana Farber and in mass pioneer whose in the story to. Could not agree more at times when you're in it's it's aggravating because it's so crowded yeah. And at times the weight in the lab is frustrating but you look around and you say you know this is melting pot these are people from everywhere all over the world and way in the global us to divide people by race that's what they do. Blacks over there are whites over there. It's not that simple for a number of reasons but you would agree. To sell back in the lab the that pin and I wanted to mention about it admit it even better Mass. General to look around a black and white it's. You know Bangladesh she's in Indians not only back and Hindus and Irish and Scottish and English and everywhere. And they come from around the world and a group of folks. Who decide whose turn it is to our emotion most color blind. And I and by the way a lot of different races and nationalities and opposition troops well I mean a lot so I. I I feel like these people sit there and count these globe people spotlight people. In shame on them Todd Wallach and and injure Ryan even walker crucial win. There a whole season and sit there for two weeks or three weeks and wait in the sit there and say okay yet. This person got called in because there whites have been black and the way that's how we're tough times you go that your dad or you Robin and my parents he sat there and they got frustrated because hey. This guy got this guy came into. Yeah it happens all the good now you can adopt here's the here's the mission statement on the globe there are people black people out there who feel like. They're not being treated. Fairly at the Boston hospitals correct correct. Globes attitude is not enough they want every single minority to feel like to get screwed they want every single minority to feel like. Mass. General and Dana Farber Brigham and women's are. Staffed with virulent race different Mass. General that's what they want when you're done with this if you're black this and well maybe I'll get scared right. Now if you got a great treatment again out of money here to Chester how do you think these questions frame to these people. Alex is it problems. In this freaks like he wrote the talk about how. Black. Patients went into the waiting emergency room waiting room. And they didn't feel welcome the they just felt like people were you know not crude treat them and the reason I just I can tell you that is simply I can beta. By people who may not want to hear that the globe is one here that's not true that is not true I was in those rooms you worked for years for. Hundreds of hours he never felt that way at all people those rooms and that's where it's disgusting I don't get offended by experts discussed and you know these people. Amid double people at least assured you talk about nurses you talk about staff. They care so much about these people a snide to a black people with white people with young people old people were back this is their job they don't care what they all these people aren't telling you. And caviar and everything else we can talk about. You know while public you'll go in the Sanford and restaurant whenever you want I'm not to have this conversation about this this is this is pat does it fall is disgusting it is suspect. Bull it is in new low for the Boston Globe. And so most people listening on my end of the world I don't know I don't know a new low. I mean most of a re at a you know right end and just trust us the globe reached a new low and I look that asked that question. And in none of these people you switch grass tomorrow moderate we have how all how do you sit in the waiting room at Mass. General elaborate Dana Farber. And categorize people either white or black could be. Mean there's Asians is coming people and a few people in right in the column to bountiful Muslim armed Hamas people and we are all you know 'cause you know. Address from around the world. And you sit there and go you wanted to work them out and measuring its and saying to me that this is this is pretty oh so much so I think seriously and they don't always look and they as I said agenda before this series started I said. The globe has a conclusion it's that everybody in Boston is racist every black person is getting screwed. And they do best to make it seem like the medical community screw them they fail they fail. It just a couple of examples there right some blacks are uncomfortable at mostly white institutions. Or those institutions. May not make them feel welcome. A divide compounded by a dearth of black physicians. So you totally black person's got it elects to the go to the emergency room Mass. General. With the whenever they're in a car accident in the film now. And they don't feel comfortable if the doctor is. Asian. Or their doctor is why the doctor is you know Indian. They say 00. I need to go somewhere with a doctor is the same scheme to hone as I. Hand we also read like you know they got the seven year old woman surely cost issue grope in the Albany street housing development years ago shortly husband talked to going to Brigham. Heard it was newer cleaner less crowd which you waiting emerged or she perceived unfair treatment. White patients arrive after her a call back he doctor sooner she said. She cooled their heels. While in mystic by that she she got the left and didn't feel comfortable in their first off just yet you don't win that was a camera thirty years right. A few years ago I don't know I look the same thing done was this a woman who feels this way all the time you don't want this actually happened or didn't happen. Now here's here's what has focused I don't know which one of these spotlight team usual song and we love you suck his his with the spotlight team did they said what's her name's Shirley. Surely your surely there were white people the color hat you weren't there. You know you know that they would let her end of this said. We got the numbers on the 2.2 percent of the doctors. At the at this hospital are black I don't know that rat I would say I would say it hurt surely. I think that's actually probably true. Don't be surprised at all. If a white person walked in after her and got called what was all that white person right do you know if they have heart issue and they go right to the head of the line do we know they went up by the way it's a tricks on people use of the wanna get it's waiting on quickly. Owner got some hot potatoes they call your own eye cherry they don't care what all you what's her issue with why did she I mean look what changed since you on just the beheaded. Maybe she needed two stitches on her finger I have no idea some guy goes in. Who has whatever stage four cancer as a temperature he goes hit some when he goes and has some brain issue she'll pose it to go in with the exact same thing. It's widened happens time after time we got the conversation but there is no context because they want you the Boston Globe John ahead. Henrik in the elite who run the paper once you once again I'll be different examples we have to have. But Austin though they want you to feel like you are racist they want the next this is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting reporting by. Glow of this this is where others say it's you know you wanna talk about a new low this is where he's lows across the line. Stocks were people being loyal to hospitals and earn their neighborhood and then they were born but Boston medical and like go there. This is sometimes at loyalties reinforced by experience a young mother a for a walk with their toddler. Said she was born in BMC remained faithful pay patient or she moved to Charlestown two years ago suffering from flu symptoms one night. She took the bus to the closest hospital mast general right there are the only other black person in the room was inebriated man. Said Monique who did not want to use let the globe printer name and she felt white staff treated the white patients. More warmly than they did her quote I am a vote of my comfort zone. They may go to the master analysts say do you treat black people different name they go through numbers no we don't do. So a woman who doesn't get her name and infect them for my experts at the Boston Globe. But that doesn't exist like article Patricia Smith cal boards establishes long history of fabrication of plagiarism. That person doesn't exist I don't make him that I believe that's who that person doesn't exit they're making military let's let's make it says he's rest general rest general which is written report best hospital in the country and most people listening to have some experts at Mass. General and now they're saying Boston Globe today John Henry and Linda presume he and Brian laborious and Mass. General is racist stereotypes so disgusting I figured my dad my mom are both basically Mass. General you know you're going to get called immediately halted there went. Yeah I'm on mom's partner in America. But you go down easily illegal in your relieved archaeologist who private rooms you'd walk down there. You see black people you'd see people from different countries Hispanic PP two Asian people. And these doctors and nurses that especially the nurses we know are so nice are so kind these people. And those people who's a sharper the world just to give you face having their people like are all over the place at these places. These people the global calling races right now nurses. Dock at the morning drive in two hours of traffic sit there holding hands wanted these people crying while they're dying wanna find out they have cancer. While we find that the kids have to answer the speed and they keep the durst is heir if the kid is black and white is your right of course not of course not. So disgusting it is nauseating gave us the gold is naive they. And they looked at the net waiting room and this young mother Monique who went to the Boston Mass. General appreciated flu like symptoms. Don't even make a good lies amid changing have been on bleeding out of something flu like symptoms. Maybe the people ahead of her. And have a heart attack us maybe they were mad dashes and were bleeding on the global and yes we can't we can't we if she actually exist I'd say you really think the person the nurse. Looking out of that weight room said. She was U verse he's packed. What a way to go with why. That's how the globe thinks that is not a Mass. General thinks that is not how 99.9. Percent of the medical professional nurses doctors nurse practitioners. Waiting room you know they don't think that way globe globe we can make that way you are the place is populated by. White race obsessed white people white guilt liberals who think everything is white. Black who has not only I would and that's when they're kids are sick of the globe they bring their you know their their black paintings bring them to the hospital price and while it worked. They work at sexually harass people the globe that's how it works there. Unbelievable advocate it calls all day by the way in this you know he could do this is is anybody in the who's listening right now. Ever inexperience whether you're white or black whatever we've got a doctor's office where a hospital in it call people who got their after you in front of you I'd say yes. A time GW dad. Really what the hell why would hold and all the while it was the way we always early in the that was bird problem these people who were angels right senior these people were angels sit there get these complaints all day long. Right watch call it what you call them story and our entertainment and it just relax I'm sorry we'll get you will get you were running behind. You know you don't get blood work week for blood work all you do was wait wait wait wait wait wait wait and all day by that's like for the hos there are people who pulled that don't you know why am I mean there are literally royalty. You know there kings and queens and we'll do it and and they don't call their local first this novel or rich disgusting in NYT VOK to go first introduced again in March so disgusted they want to a couple of calls as the globe's. Part seven tomorrow will be will be more fear and what reasonable and accurate cracked rib tomorrow these guys take these calls it's good to route Ricky in Milton a Ricky. I guess we want to you guys couldn't be more. It is unbelievable how. Immigrants actual new low for the globe. Fortunately nobody most people won't read it and they'll hear about it a lot. I don't feel comfortable knowing that people like trendy and Alex and mossy retrieve the hub or write about great historians. Walked out of crap. It is oddly you know what I oil that a guy is no lack of common sense and put it in the world like. He did beat the people that law. It's unbelievable just like you said Eric about you really think they care what color you get you caught in this. I can tell you I mean Ricky tell you I'm sure you know Jerry to tell you. Any these people can tell you. Did it that's that's just the furthest thing from the truth is the absolute furthest thing from the truth. And get a conversation other place you want talk about restaurants or businesses or leadership or people the globe. That's fine but that's the one place right to tell you my wife indeed is never felt. Aids doesn't exist does not exist. I entered into tomorrow's stories lost on campus and it's CU. Ecologists are always right. I elect Alex seasons on the black kids don't have access as he SAT tutors which is just wrong I mean I understand how to young's. These film but when you make you don't really care but this does decide to hear about that it would ask I don't know and got a bright are you dump garbage called Israel it's crap but this is. This is this character assassination of people who don't we just the opposite. Just got it is it is Carriker that's a good words it's slander. Helpless animals who want. Some for the dollar that there were yes Jason's in the card Jason. Type guys. My daughter. In 2016. Spent segment engine on. Certain cancers. Mitchell last storm tumor take care of and she's doing great. We should ever become a great friend of my family's. I'm sort of get emotional about this spot. You'd get to criticize anybody for hospitals. In the Arab. It's absurd that is the place where I believe. There is no. Color seen. Jimmy Fund and I think Donald I go to school teachers. In in my life first set greatly carry and that's second place where I don't think people see color but to say anything about that. It's taking a pension funds and certainly also say it's. Cobbled COLT talked to the black. Or minority nurses there are some of the most wonderful people I ever met at the children's hospital and the Jimmie audits that inquiry. Or don't seem right that's an excellent point chase I'm glad to hear that your your your daughters to him doing better but that's. As we brie brought up a mean nurses the people who work there it's it's it just it dove sorry we've been and we've been in Jimmy Fund clinic at least have been Mass. General I've been there a million times report from says Jeremy Ben. Dana Farber mass signed here it doesn't exist he does not exist this is this is this is a work of fiction. What did you wanna know how you know patronize and they are insulting the hour. So Europe a black person known where the well educated in Boston. And you're reading this they explain why black people don't go to Mass. General or Dana Farber. The health care systems labyrinth of rules and unyielding bureaucracy. Create high bars for even the most sophisticated low and well educated patients the challenge of seeking care Mass. General Dana Farber. Can seem overwhelming. Is that not typical. Liberal white guilt. Garbage. Black people aren't Smart enough we're gonna quarter racists we're gonna get I get waited for it than that I am signing up for years you know what I did. I was driving home from here my voice was shot my crow's nest I pulled in the parking area and walked in the emergency room that. The lobby then mass pioneer place and thing I gave my a set down and it doctor called you sweet and a half hour later and that was ten years ago about gas player since that that wasn't. Too much of elaborate funeral live as excited says emergency room and they these chairs and we were walking you said got to throw problem right you know they do this thing that you like I Hubble CO2 minute. And then the black people come in effect. The medical centers on the road polish first putts itself that clear yet if senator Zell takes if you if you were a black person in Boston I think you'd too dumb. To follow the model proved to gloat. Outs black people who make up black sounding names in their rooms full of white people but today they sit around much or rich white guys who you know. Have not had a lot of sort of Neitzel was sleepless is my guess they say are could see any black sounding names but he got. It was bulletin date on the case Jackson three black yeah and we make a reservation normally checks and timing chart. Well let's look at some black guy walked by outside let's count him as possible this is a new low in NASCAR sends us not talk about the Boston Globe is our friend again. Critic has never on the series started on Sunday training treated. Like it or not this is he needed to hard look and Boston's reputation on the scope will not get out of here I think that this and this is counts and knowledge is power for change. So attorney reduced. Like thirty page piece of garbage today through all that attention knowledge is power for change ready not weigh in on the section Russians are now she's in in favor of which usually don't sector she's pro sexual harassment I know that because she's not clear about it until I know you're listening today Brian grant him when to bring you down they were one day closer Brian one day closer six point seven. 779793. Said it has the right to join us next at its core I nick right who hates us. It was critical Tom Brady last night join us. Sometimes it happens like that and sometimes it happens during the season was almost as good as last year. Last week we saw little creek yesterday last night was as poorly as we've seen him play in a decade. It when it happens. Sometimes it happens like that and sometimes it happens during the season. That was the voice of Dick writes on first thing's first let's on FS one every week day from seven at 10 AM I believe nick joins us are right now nick how are you this morning. We don't look at 3930 on the show all I apologize six no no no problem I think what people think they are sort of so they'll make sense variety of barrier reef in the low key discussion about Robert. I hope so so so I guess my question was thank you for coming I guess my question is are you sort of dipping your toe in the water the street going fold Brady is now entering decline stage. Well he's I said before the year. My concern. For the patriots was a simple one which is we weren't totally. Unprecedented territory with forty year old quarterback's. We have never seen a forty year old quarterback poles this season we now at because it's on Currie. They showed in the game last year we never seen a the forty year old quarterback for 4000 yards. He had me yet but he assured we will next week I think it was 3900. We have never seen what you would call it code much like great you know from. Forty year old quarterback and last year. I don't agree that it is. As much as people often hated the reason for quite bit of either by the fact it was four fewer games I think on all important wanting the eagle three and one for fewer games on an 839 year old quarterback's body. Would call it adult rating was down right. In the playoff game against Houston. And I think everyone thought was is some of the workbook or you played openness and all of that obviously followed up with some of the that's all so problem. I came into the season worried about late season Tom Brady so maybe it's confirmation bias but. For games of the year. And yesterday was working I may be seen him play in a decade. I have some poetry it is. I can not go ahead we lost your client out. More. So I guess my question is so so so so it's just kind of happened like overnight eases this begins like you know two weeks ago he was good five weeks ago you wrote what it would it would be right five weeks ago why complaint goes for like deflate those 45 but suddenly one day on Tuesday wakes up he's not good anymore. Well did you guys do exactly what happened Peyton Manning Peyton Manning it happened. Many have been injured don't really know time. I'm I had neck surgeries and all these other things Brady is. Although alcohol Manning hadn't been entered a million. Meaning it started. Or next Internet surgeries for different times. Correct yeah mid year because of the mall and actors you've been came back from the mixer or an end point thirteen had. Degraded in any quarterbacks ever had great or what's in it took so they let it go in 2013. Would win eight Manning a 55%. In 2014. You look at those numbers like all he was really good that your two but 2014 mislead the first eleven game. Fourteen yet 34 putts on nine picks and a one on our greatest. And the final five games when he fourteen if five touchdowns 6679. Rating and an equity fifteen he was finished at eight football player to a bit. Do you think we'll be having us right getting to be having this conversation you and you and I injury this morning if Rob Gronkowski played last night for example. I don't know why because I think the pats running game with been battered Crockett. And so maybe rate would have been better I mean certainly there would have been more opportunities for laid down the field. Yesterday I think for recorder they have one completed act school wide receiver so maybe it's partially that are without. Latin last year what do crock missed the final say. They roll up what else but they are they also Jewish settlement they he had no admin no broccoli has a side element in rock in the past. 34 years ago he struggles his numbers aren't as such that you expect. He obviously last night he was bad you expect that to continue this week against Pittsburgh neck. I. Let me let me celts this just a little bit. It's the Pittsburgh as you need solutions for not having our entry easier what I saw from their inside linebackers looked something that I feel like Bill Belichick act. Get your lap. And get beyond what was enjoying flight NASA insulin by linebacker. And Brady in all four yard down on line of scrimmage and yet sixty yard that they after the catch it. The dealer can pick inside linebacker position at all. The gadget world for writing this you have a very good front line stepped onto it. Cameron Heyward is I think it's it was a flatly and that is something knocked from last night ended up are we hear this you're about the NBA city. And so that. I I I wanna make it clear regarding. I I. Question. That operating the greatest quarterback who's ever played. I don't think you when the Super Bowl last year to be degraded or ever was but the greatest ever done it stops being the great in the world at some point. I'm not I I'm not the digging is great but I do think that you have to look at these some. Two NFL history and deporting these all history at. In the last season win games thirteen 1415. You are not nearly as conservative gained nine and eleven. But but but he suddenly 32 years old in the second half of the Super Bowl he had the greatest maybe the greatest happened history but look. Anyone anyone his age and it seems like it's objectively doesn't play well it's because he's old when he plays all ages and I think intuitively to what point does age matter when does it not. Well I think is particularly matters as the weather it's cold or obviously the weather wasn't an issue last year at the age particularly matters and winning your. He hit number 515253. Of the season as opposed to 111213. To see I think. Listen cargo what Willis greedy yet. It. He that see in the fourth quarter of I think the last two Super Bowls. I think outscored opponents you got our you know yeah like points he's. Perfect all in the fourth quarters of the biggest game that he played in the last I yours that's what may. It's all factual wanna forget football players one of the all time greatest athlete. But being able to. Jittery to handle the auto week to week basis I don't know that that still there now it's orwellian play. That they're going to be the healer that they're gonna get the once in and you guys don't like and remember we talked that idiot who's operating with Don and that this'll be my try to build global but I think. Compliments for that moment against my hometown team city chiefs people art garden. Or ever questioning whether or not workflow to be incorporated. So Sampras of course city contracts it's right out the season ended he's the MVP of the league it's on its highest rate what's frustrating is seven yeah he's not Eli man I mean that's that's. That's where that's where he had a bad game I think get a bag game last night. And people sort of high takers and which I want them. I think he's mediocre of these bad as you made not to be as both we had good moments that buffalo game a spotless and he's stuck last night is there no getting around appetite think. I sometimes state and get a lousy game last night and get lousy games he's 32 points while. So so I have no doubt in the wild you know gonna have a few wild and no matter the age I would just I would recommend people look up. What in BP. Placement was what the standings in the passer rating standings were after week 1224. Manning at the top of every single person. Every single person would by that time the following year he had been been brought up or. Eat in the that even Q what people what Laver court I don't mean Brady you'll ever be low lever or back well. Patriots to at any shot at winning the AFC. You have to be at 90% of his. I'd say your view you say the Steelers of the best team they have seen their at home Sunday afternoon and so you're so I assumed predicting the Steelers prevail. I think it or win on Sunday I think it when the super. Steals when the Super Bowl. The team that has barely escaped. Against Baltimore and Cincinnati and when the last two weeks but. Is what we do with Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh hit a lot of criticism for barely winning they've won a game and eroded the best record in the NFL. They've just sort of secretly give us right American League enable or record the last two months playing like one of the four best quarterback. Look at look at Brady's not promised that they would never be they never beat the patriots in the big spot ever you know that make it never happens. I know they played in the opportunity to gain last year prior to. We like Rosie and Eckert worked at and Howell will catch up you at some point thanks a lot we just keep your coach keeps coming I'll talk to you soon thanks. Walking around walking that's nick right of could jump the fence without agreement that put. And people there are people who want to be true. Absolutely. Now what he says I am differ and what he's right I mean but but Manning's body was breaking down by Manning had four next is Grady has not to not like we said earlier. I think when we see the end of companies not just going to be. Look he's getting old he's the feet are moving and being around it's going to be a knee and shoulder and ankle and believes it's going to be the way it was for for Manning the way it was for real Marino's gonna be something we say. As Matt Hasselbeck pointed out. He just won't heal you know you'll feel better do he goes don't feel like he used to and when you play football for living that's a problem dissidents are over right back. The who's on the cards online. The bad barges don't. Nick Wright is just like Mexico and you know he sits in front of the TV vote. Who roots. For Brady to blow on the only problem wants the pages ago on flames and is just hoping that moment comes in they'll say I see I told him. Yeah I believe. What did you campus complex element some business had told you know he's like 34 years the girls came in during the break he's like I heard let's talk some shorts and a third we've talking about what is that what is. Security God's gonna talk to some of the globe. That's the guy that was from elevate communications we were talking to the globe this. On the globe. It was a Joker read we joking manner no I'm being series. The guy hates this but he's been helpful like what's he gonna do for us. The globe are running the on. The good guys from so there. Weyrich is gonna Danica will be on the with a lot of security business wire what is this what is this to my left is what is it what is it. An open letter from Brigham Brigham and that's just. But I just thought about what it's like what it is an important or not. It's a response the globe's spotlight you might happen to. It was just sent to me I don't know why it was sent to me was that all people who were responding to people. Out. In the short guys have been how. It's about new York and you're right racism in the miracle in communities some good job of tires who cares what might get caught up in that. At this school story really is you have clustered you're not happy about this your. You're genuinely thought I would say that's my happy that Kurdish checks every morning is here from wearing underwear on the that's necessary and always the other big goes next and they're gonna get in all the lurid details of NFL network because Fauria smells an opening he does and we'll have a full recap of the intercom Christmas party tonight a good morning what was going carries yeah. Jersey guys don't you know excellent take notes. Did you Q1 hundred tickets needed to protect ethic which is it come. Just me and usually have a sea of middle aged white guys roaming around Fenway tonight it is America that. Fat ugly light light light I think Tom Brady and Nick Price in that mid day guys alive keep you up to the patriots game and yes on all the madness involving. NFL network to continue to go on this day goes back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock.