K&C - Kirk and Gerry offer Mut advice on how to expand his Red Sox broadcasting role; Gerry thinks Kyrie Irving is deliberately controversial and odd off the court 6-13-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 1: The guys discuss boring Red Sox games and Mut’s sleep-inducing Red Sox job. After a little while, the conversation transitioned to the latest Kyrie Irving news. Kirk loves him on the court but finds him boring off of it.

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Security can. Just as a bunch of hogwash tandem and Artur. You you do. Different so you think was deal. He is dealing that was never in the words shows how much Clinton loses out there I think we have the bigger ones. Give it another year. There's no truth it's not front. With Kirk made ahead to the Boston Red Sox have the best player in Major League Baseball on the roster and I don't like it started here to talk about that coming up next let. No not you look at some of the numbers and I never know what to use his batting average is outdated. I hate ambulance favored over RB I Obama count I don't yeah what what you're sick I'll take home runs RBIs batting average were open yesterday that everybody be safe tonight and say all right Gerry Callahan you have. Kirk they're letting him what is going on governed by fear like rocky himself. The door open a month and start me up a wall I was talking loads Zambrano now all flat piece of irony is that Gordon let. Or what notes it is yeah did anybody and he would put it all if you look at it more like our kicker meant what it can never end. Why don't Sports Radio W. Our Olympic program director told me that. One of the reasons are afraid to get hold of pictures no we're not re setting things. Cool yeah I don't hear that no other reasons why you. Other than that will be honest here so this is the curtain Callahan show when he was curtain and joined by Jerry Kelly and Mike and his good morning Chris Curtis. Ten layered the curtain talent show is broadcast lock it posters like cattle iron himself and his press that button right. I have to do this job. Steve Kerr doesn't care what his a the only afire. Yes it straight someday you're fired me some day. Amicable just like Chad through and that's a case some de gras will be garbage be a good lactic warrant out for for you for you for viewing for for use that to happen but I. Boards across the Rio was the best 44 to grow it question Jason Day beanie there. Jerry asked this a feature of Pete maverick change Aaron actually journalists. Hank Aaron days ago it just it reset real quickly Gerry Callahan a character on the show. Occasionally to delve printed numbers I was served our country bravely and as a columnist for a long time for that Harold. A talk show host you. There reset and yeah he's gonna talk shows your for not quite two decades ago when he does we'll celebrate yes there is slightly askew was a failed program are on the midday then moved to unites for the Red Sox. Was busted for drunk driving first in 2011 than in 20122014. And again last. And he joins us every once in while one through three and all sort of wacky wacky third. On the program on his way right that's all I am after. I did well on the way back to stop the masked Mexican registry of your seat and that's right we use of the like just a heated for excellent guests also sort of reasonably good feet on the show is his kids and his wife we have some fun with that yes. May be too much fun to be offensive people for that apple corps yes wish I just live I believe our our signals based on Lawrence Massachusetts correct yes sir yes and they ago. It is perspective. What is for day to. Where were you that. We mean we got you behind a glass has to say who you ought Curtis and the host of the I don't know now give us somebody background audio on the case dog I'm 43 years old and now back all that you backed the press yes and mass debated in suburban than any other cars I did the car rental car in the garage this morning did you yeah Billiton to defend it a shot at. We have a color that and again obviously it's rare referencing Jerry was a car accident last week you price is too. In the and so for new automobile yeah congratulations you know in another accident it's ridiculously fast is what it will move him just once it's his party should jump in here this morning this is the curtains have a financial might. Ms. Kirk many were broadcasting live on 937. WE. All over New England if you have the app all over the world to right. It which is also five still yes yes. What are we got today Kirk all we've got to be pulled three of wonder I don't agree we asked quite well enough ego I learned yet you if you is this or does the road to success yes. It's about teasing in the battle with B you'll aren't busy road to success we want vertical teasing. Yeah which would be teasing about today and horizontal teasing which is teasing about going to commit suicide on the air at some point you on don't acts that is how would you do. Well and people he consolidated his seventh dollar right now 61777. And 7937 you would you take its. The monster truck show this week it idea tell me commit suicide patsy grew up. I obvious who EG if that obviously a battle will meet people listen every day battled some mental. Issues in health in the past that was possibly wise or past plus hostile as a few times in my life. To be tuning in right now just single bats that's one AMOCO and going right on it the more income. Still about I told yesterday by the program director that's an issue an adequate for it per example he told me on the phone yesterday. We stop screaming each other he said it. You're telling your story your. Super Bowl full pop from high school is correct and he said people are just too lenient at that point that you heard that's for a while they know what team it was. Who you were able penalty was as the penalty. Was not a penalty. So he sets the direction we should probably spent 20/20 five minutes of back story that's a good it's my fault. That's how you get to be program trying to turn the major markets right she corrects as the host of the show that's on the eye upon my apologize now. My apologized just to just just so we're clear is a joke in my front rob Bradford sort of be re occurrence supporting. Character on the show as well who might apologize who was born unfortunately was seven tongs. And who's you'll long relationship she rocks they would I don't know about a crisis it is in Baltimore. Register Baltimore signed Carson Smith he's yet that he's got tossed a no brainer almost are battling results or heard dale and rich induct Dale Arnold rich Keefe and Mark James on the after new program for 26 dale and keep show. A discussing all star ballot yesterday but to do deep dive into that 9 o'clock hour. Still talking about smoking that's who said we have the best player in baseball well. It's funny you said that literally. I was stuck in the click I was in the car it was Eagle Lake just like in the ice from the wizard who started just drove rim cul-de-sac for eight minutes into repeated often keys. It was crucial baskets he could. And I oh did. To the Boston Red Sox have the best player in Major League Baseball on the roster. Or we asked talked about that coming up next. He asked the question is he aware of one Michael Nelson try. Only two more home runs last. I actually rated dive deep dive into baseball I'm not know. Which of the four hours of last night's game which I was your favorite is that game was the same length as our show. Worst game answered I didn't want a lot of thinking before you know last night game the Ford has you know it's so it 126 strikeouts last night was probably that you this year all the way. Don't think I was a perfect or be able to get there it's true you don't have the clicker and you and some here watch and we'll watch the entire games last night was last night's was 4000 was nine innings 358 night why. Because the pitching staff can't throw at him strikes by which pitching staff and I saw the Red Sox in the Orioles. Matt Barnes came in a proceeded to walk the first guys faced cat Craig Campbell came in pursuit of walked the first guys feast. It was painful I would not wish last night Red Sox game on my worst enemy in an known doors or not own ghost of the games it looks like spring training. Is the Orioles blow. Just called my good friend Tony mess Ronnie of the much mass ship which Berkshire probably reset at some point I'm a decent let's listen with the greatest. And did you watch this. I do not want to pitch. An interest in baseball last I don't know what to pitch I beyond that what may be. Three units a Red Sox this year. And admit what is so quietly out there I mean it does it was a matter what's a Red Sox I don't think sometimes or Latin. Watch online. I want to pitch us now but you listen if you missed it Hillary no technical and god and Jesus nobody was tough enough. So those guys what's up. What what's the object terrific terrific broadcast yesterday with the whole thing of course thanking me for the Jokester Newton never sometimes but in reality it's -- -- issue it's just informed right we saw a couple of guys totally fun with each other and affect our intern. I'm not who we want now. And they're doing a terrific sort of couple hall of famers all it has the best part is the pregame and post yet. The update on the update she's got a great to get that first inning up to witness. Sitting at the same thing I was to a flip over to boring now watch what and that's what this is boring as hell is humble Baltimore though there's actually no urgency to none notre watching all of Baltimore's watch this spring training game jacket. Yeah. Working tonight who's that last night and that was last night I take it for Denny's did the snow in the same month. Because in my sometimes as much and in the end that he says he forgot who don't know where it is and whose work unless it's fine when I forget to U duels long pauses in the update an idealist can we hear so they York that's more what inning as the dollars are really at that he really really will be be really good alt plus I'm sorry let's dissect it. What they have multiplex Kennedy Joe's statement. The biggest home. Internet delivery fast speeds even during peak hours went on line war and its can be done. As a fly ball that's how bad it. I decide. Not to quiet night tonight yankees are on. But the case and race I wanna heading to the top of the second yeah. To public. It's like I was you'll today that yankees were off and the ending just and it was we'll get to the commercial advantages to end the inning it just it that's your job to do this during the game I got people low scores are across baseball out of place musical numbers back for the least salary and they beat the heavy. Why can't you do the game that I should be in the good fun joke but it could well they're like you're busy you're in the book and why do you need bull won and that's why do you what do you WB a force out review that. Rasner you can do it from the arc and all they can do that rob Bradford up the penguins could do what they do anti she doesn't think at least that hates him that you work he's actual hours at 230 seconds and you'd be popping under the Annie and what do you do when I saw it right here now works zoom out here in the leaders opened. Gives me or like six hours watching again those usually. Don't have a gambling yogurt let me say this you're ready -- I'm Fred inbox I will you tell you walk in the locker. I want you watching the horses online. Now that's that's a you have in the past my washing and no I don't know it was a weekend at night no I'm not watching and I can't even do it and you're literally sitting in that Booth watching reckless that was four out watching listing the game. Again new Frederick Buckman book out very good odds against you which is the sequel to their town stadium knows right now right now. Yeah. You run yet so faced John Scopes. There's a delay and I don't want all of the pitch he saw and what not easy to win your update is over then what do you do. The updates over he walked Downey talked eventual super couple seconds and you'll you have do you have or black at a certain time. Yeah second inning fourth inning and seventh that audience of the so there's like two highway I'm going innings or for two innings takes one hour. Yet less I took an hour half between what I I don't play for its regular I would do well what does he do. Sports talking about keep track the excellent games across it I think so it's all Miguel Cabrera does not -- that is not a primary for the show Curtis sends out the emails burglary for tomorrow Kirk could do that you do now Helm as you can lose and I mean it's a nice quiet operate there and again you know professionally if I was elected that I'd be so depressed. So there's something depressive the obvious that you sort of back on things and address the difference back on the itemized never away much to me the phone yesterday Bradford told much with the Bradford and not a market never hit a stale. Hates him. Never told us a thought Heisenberg I asked Brad pretty a pretty simple question and and Bradford answer seemed to as you please cathedral and they'll get right and he wanted more color guide and the play by play. All of just like tail his partner correct phonetic or another played by a decision I didn't touch or should say OK but you like him as a partner. Feels better job than that he is the bolts are both wonderful decision once like a ten. Was the command on our broadcast with the at some point deals it's more games this year good showed that he's at it let's choose open my liking the game you've paid your dues. I would always do better yet why can't you. And not wide enough lie OK I eggs and has that great. YE a couple wheels it's always supposed to go to spring training obviously you have that like everything else in this building just what I really I don't think he's very proactive role in the US is election but I don't talk and ethnical detailed tip is that this isn't snow years he just sales busy as it showed. You have you know you're life is the Red Sox you do pregame I like is the show the UK we will give the down why can't you do game. I don't I have a net of collapse could someone explain to me like him to really not good enough to know shop notes I'm not I'm gonna wanna spotlights slider he is his fault and it comes I don't if you really quality player you want to do it you're going to three days a week and boy that would prevent you say fine you can. Okay stock to an anomaly when it went the next available wanted to I've no idea. Component out. Whenever Joseph said dale is doing games I don't dates this content on July they once he gains rate. So to builds culture so why one might put these contracts have a contract with the contract. All your good friend was leverage you friends I have friends like Kirk I have friend Kirk we get that I'm sure they'll that he wants to do this to area. I looked dubious. You could have the opportunity you're young get energy and do differently. That's that's a big tell you differently for the whole talk about it off the huddle even if the whole thing I wanted to get to know I Niekro. Prize. Or all of this. 400 back game if you do that it could be honest could you directly. And it's an art form. And that's not a the. Could you do that side that side that's all the time quality. What would sit there with the artwork for the for whoever never disagree incident the other guys and play the game and I would not see that's that's like oh yeah I really didn't ever zones and an elegant and very conversational I was not a way to the to a either. He's a one or two it doesn't. Six feet I guess is being nice doesn't really wants choices sit in that little boobs I'd much rather do that much room wafting zoned for these like yourself from those guys that most of the talking I don't think it paid his mom's due. The dreaded line there. Are. Wrong. You bring up the bookie that's conversation like that's like he's conversational thing I heard our afternoon show talk about Wilkie bets a system like colored guy that is of a conversation about rookie that's in my truck he's the best player. You'd actual bird make it very conversational broad so yesterday more talk show a pretty assets it's a great topic we're not we're not diving into this topic and they wanna talk movies of all those I knew which were not doing do I mean lessons came as riveting if you like nuance of really appreciate that no leaving the leaving the terrible pitching I get a game for you. Was only in the with the game was 6464644. Brett Keisel on six to wait I checked him in the we have is that going out and Don I'm watching you was partly by all but the night before was worse much wrong. And I know coordinate its war had some juice notorious sixty days and have everything I late in the game and he either team back into the limelight the over nobody who has distortion cares about trying to be Dick Doby was just figures are there rights I had entered and I grew amok through a lot of people who love sacrifice for love the meandered LL look sabres can't throw strikes Jerry's talking up the loss this is like this crappy bullpen don't tenured don't bring your nighttime. Born talk show to show may be entertaining be stupid be dropped don't don't I am is being offered aren't you run and I get a doctor's I'm not Jerry's Jerry talking baseball would be something that's excellent amid talk promised I'd also like I don't feel like with some proof that's not really work but I could be on the ratings are excellent we're running on his way up from watched some of the games themselves stupid. Now. Mature but that either but you're not okay you ready to reset the national yet 617. And he succeed consume. I'm Kirk meaning of WEEI a bar stool radio on occasional contributor yes I think it's father yesterday. After a deal with those guys as I said the show runs from 68 you take a break from eight to nine go to wherever else you'd like. Fred richer two match record of you are where we like him and come back cius again cock. K we get today we're gonna on the docket we can put things on the docket they would do it every like we can we can do anything it would just did some good baseball talk was not really been exposed to result of that city city. We should talk about to do you do believe in open yes are you RB Erica. That's a that's not a good question a great question. I'm more of an opiate. I thought everyone was a previous guy I know my Mark James mark James Young guy right he does not nausea and easy thing millions of his age is as it is for yet always. Well you're confusing are the women shelves and women he since Nazis to try to help out that young girl she's just doing that could do the business liberal supporters of the world yet don't know it's now well yes. A look at some of the numbers and yeah I never know what to use stop it stop adding a stop at the delegates targets of a bird like. I never know its use that wouldn't you wouldn't like to look at all the data those guys are trying to eat candy sell like a hard buses stop overwhelming. And Evernote to use OK here it is and it takes three segments like OK yeah. By the way usually. UPS is great usually of love. I would agree that might trump is about our love RBIs this year. No is 23 homers 44 guy because he's a great player I think it's because teams let him down correct so then we we end of winter we all understand by OPEC yes one point 120 thanks to Bill James who opened all our eyes to that night when I said enjoyed. Swimming charm with him many times but registered yesterday. When I said JD my keys was in repairs said chase for these days. We kind of BP I just you know you've got to give us. Sorry about your day was a boring take you also may help you says I can't get credit for that it's not easy to do you do I wasn't serious K okay stop stammering joined the marching on your throat might you. You could market sound let's hear. Everything out dated I understand all of that let's go and a please I hate to give us safer and aren't Obama count I don't yeah yes they do that those are still I like those Italy believe me I'll take home runs RBIs batting average over OP yesterday that. That's accurate there may apple sees it. I think those incidence and I mean it probably if you. To meet passable radio anywhere in America yes yes lots of places sure is. Lots of players or some of the thought of as the Tamil boxing's that we want it although that's you know that's their thing to manic talk about the Prius. What do you say over say the both of PS support. Okay great. What else. I'm due today it's more important base that we know now that much on based think it's it's dumb and so old to see it doesn't. You might what's the best player baseball and keep it is not better adamant that stupid. It's a dumb conversation when nobody really thinks that. But these monkey bets that it might. I trouble he's done his view of the three best players are from wind yes so I don't think it's communication will keep bats I'm excited that more people of punched the ballot. And and I'm his name is Trevor seven without maybe my god I cannot tell eight is how it works is. I was you know Brittany will we see at the markets of blood issue rate rises in your private and private right that's right. Yes yes you're right that tingle up your leg rights blood when I was younger members that the health class in the end. It and you know whatever you do and then something else releases. Write something like that yes tonight is that yesterday with an all star ballot. You did also and they they punched the ballot you actually did punched the type of malpractice area okay we talked to Brad full when he was counting ballots in Baltimore Lloyd's is that's that's that's where you have to go to his that's important stuff dollars in the bothered her that's not fair to him this that's apps Jamaican sock puppets like a really difficult. What I was fine. Shall I answer. Well. We. Currently only. I was on my guys yesterday with. KC and in L present Caracas and the cattle and I guess that was a fun swearing on the air yeah sure they've never done that a lot of our team. God. It's the worst week ever it's my anniversary week of getting suspended its they'll parable. It's tough. Gee what's convicted detainees to be so much more important. Normally Droid and who knows right now that my escape I was saying in the history of sports talk radio. There's never been more feigned outrage than it was when they made the all star game count. And every old school. Pond and tonight all of them. Pontificating your route was outraged to comment you know it got off his family members and two seconds and pretended to be upset that you just back on. She's slid every talk show every Chris Carlin. I've got a really segments event news every lead retarded have you ever won the average but molybdenum Maloney the result and it's like how is that fair that he the national why anyone under six cash could be record I was stupid game. Game it's not my ball baseball ratings are down again acquiesced to fox 6177. But now several accomplices. These topic but I grew up with a mess up no it's doesn't match. Different music and paid out. You don't need all audio right now. I've played when it does change my game is available to get what shade of exchanges salary it's still low post so it's like to play for free car its senior circuit. That possibly shot I'm already don't seem very bonds twice a year at the all star game and the World Series it plays out he's to a got the worst. Jared is a guy in the all star team doesn't play. That's not why does every team wrap our vantage that's about the worst thing I can say he ought to worst thing Jerry my it guys it's that out of the game and they leave the game early go to their who I carry went instantly blamed the fifth they left the game Carlos thing Alan. Angry was when Adam Wainwright grooved one. Two had a problem that they're cheaters and the public that was him any way shape or form. Other covers that was that was Chad hates social media but I really don't really. Celebrates anniversary when he gets suspended but I was younger though it was legitimate. What will lose you know it was a Clemens admit he also 1987. Whatever was he held out Mack and Merrill we picked him in a big deal like that eats this stuff does that matter and I remained shut and Michael brewer's Christmas Island there was this supposed to pick I remember I'm with a couple friends what's your most and we got a memory. I was with some friends and we should begin watching we actually got like good behavior and Michelle certain now than bra and mobiles. That was prevalent was a huge hit a home run DP. Off the vehicle runoff of of flatly him occur you guys look at this occasion with the trivia as well Gerri because let's keep his mind sharp and and we were that it was likely to in 1982 area. Oh no it was all of them and so that we do loser we watch in my parents house. It's weird loser and we were drinking water cycle starting point to a southern all night the test to everybody certainly from month. What's that tape LC in drinks and the editor of the game what is it Bo Jackson brought the ball well like this law our poll get bombed or one of these games Jackson and bonds were back to back would that be great if Micah actually hammered beyond the sausage is it release just say do we shouldn't do. And return the they're flush or don't say too good luck with Tim in it'll be a great show you mutt and Curtis hall drink drunk when you take that. And that severe terrorist Erica lover either yes sir unless I hear he's considered warm feeling I've seen drives he drug might around me it's not plus guys Padilla who of these. Once slowest that foxwoods. Fox's view videos bachelor party at a stretch I had we made but what you've done from there what you've done entails some Catholic I was going to be a lot please can. Here's a pleaser really paid and how hard dollars Curtis saw emotional my little bit I got to do with the head home with sweets I know sometimes. You start with who's actually came out that he was an alcohol. Very very she thought I talked about my alcoholism and go back in future. Go backwards at home immigrants through the free bottle like listen it's way out with a joystick that silence only to. Talk. I saw the video they showed up he drew is Carmen. Well now we walk in there we want our products are really Washington law corporate line all the way to. That great restaurant. But the Ford and our culture. That the EUJ Gilbert street continues that was to travelers yes we're not going we're not go this year when we are on the Mohegan. I know that ultimately it's up via this time you're gonna get this is gonna have a hidden microphone. And we're that much can stockpile and those were those mules. Boston you'll Moscow unless used wrong these. Blackburn on bode ill gotten Curtis like dropped his record this phone in the blistering different soup and them. And that's really get off of it didn't work on a highlight of but when when someone does that so I know sometimes you wish you have a beard you wish you the feeling again injure it looks like follows. You see that then months has is. Out of so uncomfortable it's hate you he'll show that video to people who were teeter that's worse than getting busted for do you ossetian and arrested for that mills because you know no no. As you know and you're so grass and it's this is you know I were friends for a man ever. Idol contestant ever conversation was emotional and I realize these sailors. And Red Sox might have the best player based I. And I have. We can do that for Texas you can that to you repertoire you can you're trying to you know this or he's gonna program. 24 I do impression you don't Florian more for the audience that. Would I can do for any time. It was pretty funny. Sure it would have been anyone be chew up right result all western for the people listens well yeah assault immunize all indicate access. An image HR two point. A member of the memories are ya audio idiotic and yet some time off right. Again of course will is ever is you learn everything is mindful every who else is in the your repertoire who as you imitate intricate. I do you have that whole thing start you. That's not very. I think it's their defection since its if I do some hail obviously. Don't to a real it's an obvious idea Billy Bob that's ready to go and you do you agree and I mean I've had to do impressions all they've had like in my note give them Felger rich and the like romance. As. We're going to tell you that I think the Red Sox might have the best player in America week. Thing is we get back. That's a negative people that car like we're driving on the highway people roll down what does it. And the players in Major League they're horse hitting each other and they pick axes they get carded an agent is it. Get beat Detroit I mean up to get it right which hurt the Bogart's shortly prodigy indicated he might have been getting it right now people are losing their minds. Like dogs and play poker. That said they're saying this is a professional east that's how you do right possible. Talked about that coming up next. It's possible Al but he paid it off right away if there aren't like these instances possible. It's not possible identities right now we get back I am going to tell you why I hate this radio station. Why did the people who run why he everybody involved that get his and that's a great resource why I lost my mind over the last 24 hours. As the curtain talent show the telephone number it's two way sports toxic on 777. 793 said back. I think it would pick it's my best quarterback. It's possible he. Read cook and ahead. With K in seed right now on Sports Radio WEEI. But among outfielders its interest not only does move he bats and lead in the outfield ballot. Ahead of Mike Gartner and Jack. It's 748872. Votes is the most in Major League Baseball for any player in any position. But we'll keep that has the most votes in Major League remain strict. Just rich just say why we've been in this like I would do Jerry did that to say why would we do it why are we doing. We can touch that yes I think he takes dale you'd right. Sure I know Mark James Daly each other than that there's I mean it was like pretend. Dale listeners calling Taylor Zale hates him this case channeling Mark James it's the mouse it seemed like what can't you just say we hate each other. And funny clothes subsidence close it was Pakistan he QB is close to saying I use your brain damage monster that's marching for care. I think laugh it off and keep the site doesn't manhunt. All the tapes were put to say yes that was a funny then yeah suffer from brain damage that yes would analysts who have people 88 doesn't dozing on your guy whose dreams would I bring him for it dale you're the guy whose dream is that the called game of people running around funny like whoa. Who's close to reality here you. It's probably marching stream to. Probably history part of no return much in schemes to get the autograph after the game discs are you want to revolt on talk show host I can tell that is what Jane why that is history full time in boss I would drive time and I'm ready ready yourself for or you can work soon enough so the fact that symmetry endorse them then it hit two good point Mark James Aldridge yet beyond reached on Boston yesterday when he gets a full time I want my James Watt ultra culture we haven't gotten the full Mark James yet is held that's what it says god yes. Said that on the air don't want to 7% the podcast a couple of weeks ago. That is yet to be we'll get her stomach podcaster Mormeck from the crash and has yet to the US Arnold's doll nourish unleashed. The real Mark James we haven't seen them yet I guess not. What's the hold back when he gets a full time and it will see maybe we just like you curtain call immortal Mick pretty cool. I'd I'd obviously Balkman OK and eighty dumb ass. I think I've personally and individually myself think for the for large audience he's too. A huge don't want here's voice means to. Yet that's what you're talking to people. Here's what I think is that like when someone and always pale and Norway Dale's best I think that generates now that was the that was not annoyed fighting it was annoyed like. Rolling rolling his eyes tale where the track he likes to answer that's the turn of the text line. I've seen that might mean to make that claim it's that you got nothing to back it up well. I mean it's it's you're on your cell phone bill and institute an interview with Jim Gray and at one. I plead the fifth ha ha yeah I thought it was time Gisele. Now like eat yours is so many things like I heard that hold on marching out there is that. It's still tuchman he thought when when. The what was the question to celebrate when he pled the fifth. We of course of course the question was to you. Who appreciated and he bit. So what is it like Hollywood as is well sting played up in his televised we the first shift because once he feels under appreciate they say they are very sales saying I don't agree either. And with dale saying is that the parade is on for two zone of the posters and you pleads the fifth problems wife I don't think I don't know I don't think I don't I don't believe that's no way authorities taking that road you can take if you want to defend Brady and make it seem that the patriots art. Had a real issues we'll wait over ten game Brady goat hills under appreciated we agree on that right yet by the coach just coach about the owner not the fans just the coach and yes. Measles went itself says feel appreciated. This brings to mind coach Belichick. And mr. craft owns I feel Jesus appreciated by them do they have the appropriate gratitude. For what you've achieved I plead the fifth. Brazil's ability Dale's defense the Brady there not trying to embarrass is. How value of the east I just think is one of the huge headlines right now we can avoid immediate and that's were passed right and who's going to be on CC I think. Mr. Kraft appreciates me. Which would be a big headline is the fans of president but that's a shot college correct and correct the training staff he knows right he knows however resent it would have been on a daily as Sergio yesterday saying you know did. It doesn't matter that it's not real issues between Brady Belichick no real more than be forward to that whole thing which is fiction shall we just pull factually based. Only by everything that I have said dale said all right of course Bob did nothing wrong seat the owner said it's all real and so now so now the owner says it and and his defense about it now gonna leader of the guys connects essentially not. I believe Kraft is the man believed him I believed he did that press comes because he didn't. Veto a trade do you believe that they did not talk about trading rocker on the golf course I don't believe that of course they talked about it Belichick probably thought long and hard about it. I don't think he had a deal done and and crap when instead you will not trade him. I don't believe it was very easy for to deny yesterday specifically said it wasn't a deal with the titans are forty guys cannot deny. But they talked trade didn't deny their issues their but he did I I specific type trade those issues craft. But the blue curtain of Belichick didn't have a deal done radio announcer you pull the trigger and and craft went and said no no no you can't do that to my tight end my guy he didn't do. He's probably he probably would do that if you put a public did do that at some level when they tucked them go above prayed and prayed yet. It is not only do it on film happen it would Belichick talked with tree Brady of course right crafts and say it's not gonna have. What I'm glad that our crash response that was. Well we're we're getting effort problem I went and asked Jonathan's and while this is going to be enough financially has missed a beat McCain I think super defense about that indicate they hate the idea. That they're the ones pulling the strings they don't wanna be considered the meddling owners here I like ever conceived to at all so you all that privately love they love they love the fact that rumor from Kirk should be blows that would never happen in the team did that it shows how important patriots are there aren't story was massive and resolve itself. I know it it was made up or not or anything who knows me Kirch and I'm still don't know. I just a kernel of truth and I think be actually trying to trade gronkowski I don't think there was pressure trade craft via the services out of that part of it sounds weird right adjectives like kernel of truth that's a good way to put it apparently Brady went well discussions and retired abroad that Brady blew up when you heard the trade remotely called crap that you Oracle's Mason was agent and that our friends in America's. Everyone knows Sonata for. Especially Kraft. End and Belichick that there was some twit audience and short screaming young woman do who do it would what's about me at 7 o'clock you're just you're just like Brady if you are you gonna quit no one believes you correct. But you do any. Other time for a wanna quit yes that one the court. Not during the show. Whose after the show are really. Was it turn that segment on the Ritz yes it was to put a draw Alex out of defending or to forget me garlic and the like what do you think sock puppet like anybody cares or can their thanks and a book and even people people I'm waiting for tick in the cold we'll check. Deal I watched a lot object and rational he can reset the pole crashes is pointing this thing called the thrashers crashes in the NHL. Did you that's human culture right right Winger right let's let's show right language rights right Sean Taylor's national number seventeen. What they don't know what number you league's been got five years ago when his wife is threatening to sue the other one for the ball that text message no that would be ever Carlson if there's a lock on creating fake online about a lesbian scenarios those two are the ones are. Opposed to by the U merger to two and that we got busted by the uber driver when I heard the story initially think you know no big deal. The crazy over driver kicked two lesbians are from Macon now right actually they said they just kissed you OPEC. He flipped out kicked him out told them was illegal to do that right I think may be where he comes from of these illegal who cares so we able cultures cultural divide hot. We see the picture looks like they will make a move to a belief. She posts the I mean I sure you've seen you in Europe in two. Lesbian porn correct yes you've seen lesbians has talked before tales of the scissors episode sixteen it's not your favorite also into overdrive report yes that's how. A must win or you are left out artists they're the number taxicab drivers newspaper in the world category. Today require taxis definitely popular you know. We what you're looking Opel would call quick quick got bit and as you guys have been listening to excuse to them and pornography. And occasionally go to categories and to tour that I did and accomplished and the deal at your favorite this bill that's off the I do know it was an agent lesbians correctly right yeah I mean look you right now you go through phases a look at the one right now nine months pregnant. Movies. That Tina left and up from the cardinal of the crowning that was they've gone. Well let's. These baseball bat and it says that this is Tony Tony's saying some of us that although he answers that of that advertising guys that you if you request one month. So American protection respirators taxes and score 10 yes there will be beast but Monte. Restaurants mob. Mommies she's. Let's talk to rich and we have to sit for a sandwich is going to be some males. And which has taken. That message. So they wanna have you are trapped radical right Gerke. Yeah exactly we'll have a desperate ask you loved. I got a little lunch with him and I think it's gonna help to show could dump on them Jerry Reese here so you know when these guys that. 59 years old than other demographic that you're going to because all you're at can't get it up arm to. Asked. Alton and did that go dark we don't have to be old the fact we we have a good fat people of all ages right. Prime when he was young guys and being taken out of seeing him bronze at it and so you might Jim Leo sure Oprah quote not to breathe and talked result at the same time. Outside the lives of US on your rescue the impossible like you to. At least. Lineup. And dark bad weather. I think I do think he needs one of his tongue to remove I think of his entire absolutely. Think he'd get endorsement deals for some I think rob doesn't legally so she goes on during here. But I'm breathing on my nose I don't think he has an ability to do. The idea was it getting yes regardless of that fact what's it called the the time of the that are beginning to get except yeah I think he has who. And don't. I just like deviates. I know he's not ready to Cuba right hey I had done. For England and elsewhere which will work on the work endorsement. Fair points per be reasonable rich thank you very much should I kind of wanted to call and I'll listen I know the best the best ear nose and throat doctors I could do you know that time attorney rob. We're kind of sort of jump right did you enjoy that that time NASA did it anyway and that that. Don't don't it. Thought it dye hit value that. I red line to step down I've been actually gotten excited. In last that way it sounded to me it did and. And act. So we. Was Corey is likely radius I think unplug the Brad bushel podcast. Yeah. Oh god yeah. And I. It. You knew or know knew who. And now. Yeah. Yeah I know I've. Had good at it. These. In a moment China and apply it. Now on my. Maybe. Now that I can't my hearing is alone. This I want her show there's so can make eye contact when. And you know I don't podcast actually go all right I'll bottom line. That as Ken Laird imitation on this and heard that before. Today it. It. That you like mysteries of just that means you're your hair. Clippers so we use. But wants to be had three eggs you can. I think you'd be good. Mean there's so young politically guys it's other ruled the main proponent last year the play by play announcers they get a blow that strong that doing something that's papers right here during the year as a true he was charm that that you integrate my games I'm sure after the character aged three extra games I've we're sure he'd love to give us a view. Great North Korea with no wheels on the road driver at all. You know Mike is in Providence and Mike. All right here on how to eat much Red Sox your score up each morning Chris. Good good idea coming here with us. What are what are. Kirk terror but I'm aware of it dropped from go yet to figure out ways to incorporate that in his upbeat like. Good weekend I'll watch Robert we are partners. And yet to figure out some other one who brought the Internet outreach. Good idea than him then worst I do remember Joker playing long and lies they don't always have my guess what too much laps. Now I've. And he knows them then I might got a good chance to get it right after guys weren't here and Mike. Joseph gets up before the warring with is like Tommy Dorsey Glenn Miller sits there. Starts is get the cargo and it's the start rolls down the street. Puts the chuck formats on. As some medical just like an oval he morning Martha communicative effect or if one puts a little bundled in the early days. So the difference. Would go for ice will be good for tees this time. Mr. know ultimately grossed only 654208. Yes honored charted on wood short from the departure I'm happy to do to finish at your chart yesterday take a look at it. You do it does sure it. Chip various numbers oh that's right that chart is it and I don't when I open wheel salute to star not that that is the same time not surprised. No I don't know really what else we have to me Chris Curtis this is Christopher. John Curtis is that correct that's correct alcohol warmer for a graphic sex addict. We need to drug's addictive sex offender. He's scared he's good looking guy and trim BAT's agreement in tennis has a little too much flash yes he's a good looking guy what would react to. Well we have some good news print and Dan what are obvious and look to extend him. Some points on his CMB yesterday we haven't heard from them a while we've not forgot there was Lenny Harris has curse of public in the NC see him via it's obvious to Bob but very critical by the way the podcast very critical to me so. We know you are far more critical I just I if I feel like they don't know effort on. Would you guys agree it was a quick sort us any effort it was it was a paint by numbers I think I. But that plan out there and play some sound but there was no real stuff and that podcasts like real behind the scenes cork in Cali and stuff. You're podcaster allows was very good move forward I think it's I'm not comparing your what you're gonna learn from the back now podcast is much higher rated him unstuck when you were once talked to him vodka I'm here. And I think it was a male and job that you guys played scared. I managed client yeah. Like guys played scared can I mean it is Dave Wright did kinda guy international crimes. I can't it can't be there. I'm trying to workers on him Robinson to be rude and I can happen on a baseball Ken why you always have loved robs dollars culture of contact if I hate cable center gala tonight comfortably do customers. Or possibly more boring to kids chronicles of you recovered Pittsburgh. I guess it was learned. He did at the once storybook abroad the wind is wrong crawled in his bed right which is tried to. Yeah make love to him right Andy. Fodder for Hillary believes you know personal story right you either good job on the back story. Unfortunately now to talk about three every store and told us they don't beat people like stories Kirk you get I don't they have put agreed to these are your opponent and the teacher and you wrote to to you know always try to get an anecdote in their illnesses like it starts sure. Now most people we work or don't even know what that means. Early but does. Now you when you get poison you take these and it stretches out so now it's racing martyrs he gets older it. Big twelve knows what an anecdote is. I like it trump today and Twitter corrected is this going to do with the wrong too for the Euro per that's not that you don't happen is this draft is draft is recess. He didn't tweet again but the two all always Rask went you but he says he said the TO UT goes yummy who's different he's felt stifling tunnel yesterday in two days ago you spell or use the wrong one. Wrong form of questions so we yet but he wrote stopped he said the missiles launches have stopped he spoke missile and stopped wrong things we can fix it for a long time. Much to be up and right now she's but he ponting. No began toward girls it was not. Now that's our message John Dennis who was our old co host of occasions ordered hey guys don't golf I broadcaster node. Case yes yes they don't know who would join us Friday night six or seven. 777937. At some point today and next half hour so maybe you'll address the fact that the 8 o'clock hour was not available to our listeners and boy mutt can did test this they were not happy about what it was insane but we thought it was great we thought we had a good policies actually are delighted that Allison cluster lives in particular model is awesome. Awesome awesome that's for yes because you guys so I was so deep recession and a rare. Good call yesterday we did my thoughts. But because we work for are cowards in gutless you know babies they decide not to run because they're afraid to give ammunition to this day. Who will discuss as the show goes on today named. We'll name this man as well and will will get to the full story at some point that I'm sick of of messing around while restaurants. Good question is welcome to join us obviously it's gone questions provided on his declined many times this idea participant in the program we've talked to him. And he continues to hold some power over powerful people this place that's mystifying to me I'm. Eludes me why that would happen bull get to that person as well 61777. 7937. We get back is a prominent. Celtic who storing the motion picture coming up. I tell you that it's. With more Bob Kerr can Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. There Miguel Belgium they haven't gotten us. Plus I flew 701 or Callahan. I am a host of holding a tremendous race and understand why you would as the host the program ice speak first class because I'm excited. Well you're right Sharon I've waited my whole new warning about 7 o'clock hour per gallon my goodness you. Where my whole life for office for what in the World Cup you'll be dead. Probably point 16 you'll be here it's eight years from now agree grade entitled I'll be dead too. But Bob all can be great month a lot of these shows live from the US house of lies like fox Maria Chris I don't understand why America hasn't really done their arms is a great event of people are here for years Chris that soccer is gonna take over our country now and I can still get ready straight or pandering dale saying great this is it's a sport of the future and always will be. Yes it all the kids playing soccer Jerry played 26 I mean I am so it's. Well trot. Trouble I'll be president anymore Mike Pence of interest troop my parents are no maybe. Maybe that's for the opening parade it's happened with I don't know maybe a chorus of young boys walking down. Walking down the organization that specials today yeah. Like us who Brigham opera that he him Christiane rattled the shirtless again I. I was like Troutman Mike Mike Pence subnet than those two girls and you revealed he was so turned on humanity goes to get. Like touching each other in my eyeball or their elbow or something. What's forty overs in the bags assailant talked with a Buddhist that's sort of Pakistan. Early what. That's an American comedy directed by Judd Apatow ten years ago but the case you're familiar with the reference feature Steve Corel featured speaker pluralism and posing as a radio producer that was thing. No we were just like best buy yet. Most forty year old virgins are yeah. Get as the old joke the radio producers right there decorate as you said you're gonna you're almost forty year old radio producer in there yeah four year old torturing. Those. Anyways they were really requests we'll let dale cupboard full details of in the probably have. But I would you like them on the British bank. Tell you and our bullet Jack Edwards who was the voice US soccer this roster that was deals finest moment he's trying to play along these Connecticut in the World Cup. And it was just so important to senators public you don't care about such terrible sports also have never had a guest on he didn't care he just shook and he just snapped and so I can't do this anymore it's clever little else. And the he went like oh minutes on everyone that that day right whether it was Morgan's talk tech pushed him over the head JO was doing his thing resort to change Google which no noble right you got us in the nuance of the Greg gable and political game in the middle of the field you know on the back and forth in the strategy you don't know what. There's no shots on goal which was a short thing and what. The play in the inlet the audio and ozone with Korea who is a reversed reverse cowgirl believe hacked up. Jesus Christ for a shot up on paper real answer to that we did the World Cup and he's definitely likes a no no US involved way to people are a pretending or what is this game's not this year not an equal quickly this year when we got nastier. We'll talk won't finish it right there us. Was two more before in his own slaves right what I'm girls are there rights my girls are right he should. Notes in Russia. It's different okay. And Russia trump Mitchell Russia got as Boston and get some of the World Cup action a craft to be involved. Much OK yes to be some game do we want to whether Providence are out. I'd rather be I would rather be the second generation than the North Korean prison. Somewhat a second of one of those games thankfully I'll be out of business by two point six yarder what's this summer when oh the US is involved used to be the championship came out and watch I. Was waiting for you to mock Sports Illustrated is against last week in my Sports Illustrated and it is a new two bottles and RO. Com no the cover of Sports Illustrated that was delivered to my house. In in Massachusetts. Is an Egyptian soccer player. He's on the Egyptian soccer team. Shipments and I got Monica and that I get ESPN magazine. Like the next day and the cover of ESPN magazine is a French soccer. Who would ever care that you're sitting in Massachusetts about an Egyptian soccer polar communications. Does that mean Egypt made the World Cup in the US did. I believe serious how bad is that we would not as good Egypt now now this year that's pathetic struggled even really care. Well I. So it's to your security here at segments on other other nations play in the World Cup as we there's one point obviously this issue summer this up yet record too I'm not too and we'll be all over. Like I definitely won't I definitely get suspended for weakness which I think in the offering could have them. And overwork and getting suspended or some golf term that week to why I'm happy to play. I thought you were put that I got boxed him a little dog. So dog parks it was tough when your bracket was an average of prod him right hand reset right tough guy yet. It right you don't sent in my triple hammy or something you'll be there you'd be their tee the ball for everybody age and so I mean am I am maybe not to be Tina for everybody put the ball there I don't pal because the lights on or after the war and all plays out as it turned negative for EMC to six hours and it will loosen his Kirk really act crazy off the air. People say the consumer confidence that the same policy itself and let's mutt really like. Progress to. And now that you know not watching it never comes up and I don't believe people leave it turns wasn't invited now for. Not in holding yeah like she ordered the thing I believe doing the mud at 90 we weeks. So what I'm doing Kirk do away you show with us maternal this year. And whatnot and told this year some on the play. I'm not planning on playing what's the point isn't. He gets. The atomic slobbering. Of course yes the play my crew Sione. He's really split ray Bork now bookie Bob Sweeney marches and get to meet in person you read or driving together at the event. That curiosity. Of related drug to get a short Exel died but his misconduct in that picture right. Com. Guide to imports. Jim Rice is made up in making these upper portion played last year I politicized and Lugar. Could it. A unique opportunities where guys are very play golf and to a majority area Jim Rice is playing a tournament. Last year. It in the bill lead. Jim long board that's one quick carrier ring question before we move on. Tees have been panel is gonna pay office at two questions is anyone actually gonna go to the movie theater. Paid twelve dollars to go see his kids thirteen year old kid like basketball. How many of those are there public enough. The budget was other nominee thirteen year old NBA fans are used to go to any meat so much money's gonna make it'll make in total. Only 530. Really and I it's hard to predict adults whether it's actually funny mental it's not with the it's good question LC on whatever Cabell looks a watchable. I don't look so terrible right down the middle for the young teenage kids laughed for an hour. Really aside though that the longer trailer. Has laid dumb young kid humor yes what Powell Alex and money at thirteen to twelve thirds all of Martina like you know the mean to me like. Caddie shack or liked or my area. I'm a much of Russia caddie shack funny but I think are you netting a good and other dumb move as a third regional jet made for united at thirteen year old kid can appreciate the really funny movie and again nine year old came. Eight you'll see anything. Do you think you'll find it funny no no I watched the preview and so when it comes to ensure aux sable. I watched the power you know we think we know why Masako because the premise of it is very goofy Jerry added we don't. I think we know. Why. Some before and if you watch list dropped fly that's it why that's why why if ever cast that's all. I understand why why. Is anything dollars a liter price you're an idiot let them hit my question shot up my question why is any thing. Larry Irving says is taken cedars. It's not because he he's whole thing a few notices. Is to be contrary in his home things to be. Like cryptic light why today why stop why all the thing is to not answer questions directly he likes to keep people guessing. So he says things that are a little confusing. Who cares that's what he does America earthen. No mole that has contract all future and all that it's all game and ended questions but LeBron he's on a book to amid a movie too right. But he's not a movie tour or he's gonna do likes interviews or BI court here who's going who's saying why are people who looks at people who can I heard a whole segment revenue in this morning. About carrier ring sending the message. That McCain might not a time like our listeners people in your data and meet. Mean are made up stuff nobody recognized my point. Because I don't countries are boring people or maybe they don't know what carrier beings like us is concerned with the Celtics he's gonna get more money I agree. Unless his knees and that's dumber and he's dumb to say he's into and out stupid while he would never say he never I would say you're doing the same bill in the match and he's good there's just literally at negotiation standpoint why B a whole year you and I hear similar talks about every. You know everything on the movie is the right he doesn't answer anything directly I would. Because that's what people do human beings when they ask your vote. Whenever young players he thinks he thinks he's so Smart he thinks he usage you not just absolutely and also to the contrary and I also think she's kind of quirky quirky and on didn't unusual I love watching play on the court off the court he bullied to the whole thing just bored me to. Mean I hope is that and who do limited. Can maybe one question there. I love her and her husband who. Ias is weird thing where he lives in the moment you know we're talks and Andy likes to keep you. Confused so get ready to support more just is movie Tor is going to be one of these weird answers after an order on all these weird to vote Friday. The movies we hear it it's that the promise it's why it's for all the older kids are not alike like you're eighteen or nineteen acute these old players at the super power. Back in and become good basketball players again. It's it's for kids certificates could break 6177 it's an alliance have been 937 you welcome or judge who we get that's talking movies it's sort of a career. You're. Among would you have liked what you play OP stays here to cover everybody has no I got a phone interviews just weird me out okay but I'm when we come back. Do an aircraft sound. Hogwash thought you'd sure yet wanna mean yet they'll be born to shore. Do you think Tom Brady brought his kids to the sugar content on to some other course on Long Island. He played with Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler yes engine be done most of course records and echo what shall story him last night. Fame that's before yes you play with speak in Brady to gust as well. The great story out of type one time we get back shall we should guard who do we call segment yes we'll do that we get back and we get back and our team. There's a patriots. Quarterback who's in his forties also Bruins defenseman. Was in his forties and the type who that is what the future might hold for him get good.