K&C - Kirk and Gerry put a challenge out to SVP; ESPN sucks and so does Curtis 11-20-17

Mut & Callahan
Monday, November 20th
Hour 3: Kirk and Gerry want Scott Van Pelt on the show and ESPN has bad ratings. 

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Skirt. But starts off way oh you called in the night before it was terrible and I think terrible phone here might know wasn't right I know I knew it knew or know do we do much to think for yourself just because five. A don't try to be placating someone all the time. That's the morning show our American morning show and I think rather it's great character absolute with Kurt committee has probably go ahead and cut my entire cable package because. Years ping gave it a word on a made up show her in my in my fuel woman used to be a man so I am now gone and not have any cable TV at all don't leave your humanity outside and if you do that then you're so dumb that I can't even. Pray for you. Good luck and Gerry Callahan and it's say. Areas seen here so yeah that's right I'm standing outside the patriots team hotel which ironically is about 100 yards away from the raiders team hotel we are ironic twist. Hello Roberto yeah. You can stay hydrated this week with a couple of corona it's because I thought. On Sports Radio telling you we. John to my C show with the occasional guest here in there about it today reverend route route that the. C sock puppet knows how to make Kirk cheer predator class when he just he testified either Curtis or Bradford stumbling over their words but. Month and you just smile and feel better I can't wait to vote. Two and a half hours on Bradford might young men played them like only I can play guys he'll be screaming in each of your predictions will not happen. Yeah I'm predicting it'll and will be this morning. On site. You'd you'd be articulate no. No that's okay well that's what you want that's what two or three takeaways right and even if it sucks I'll tell it's good to yourself sensitive injured. Featured hot stone shows depending that's true that the coming I didn't know to last week I was still so it was only an hour well should be on the future of the sport for wrongful. At least right now. Us that we heard van pelt in the open. And by the account apologists is alleged to have in my I didn't understand the and he's right that under certain I don't decide ironic but I didn't realize that the point of it was political football wise that Ron and I are okay just notice what you apologize for 'cause I just thought he was saying because they were near each other well that was a thought he was too stupid but no ways ironic. He's still terrible as job even though I mean you know it's like on. For me lost we gave me did on 9/11 thing right now as extra him he's he's a day can now you didn't. This is inevitable people pile on people and and a few months lady at that second round people of sympathy for the house right apology so pathetic. It's so insane and oh. He played in 9/11 2017. Hydrazine and he gave an embarrassing performance America mocked you that's how working on TV. Or on the radio if you screw up like that you get marked by mass appeal sorry anyway that's Scots and felt that he SP and so SVPs. We call him as shown every night. Andy any podcast we see in the morning sometimes and market is so pathetic successor to justice that this old guy who sits next to win on the route is. Video player on the evidence remember that he was tennis. You don't want America slows everything wonderful you're great a superhero I can't imagine being you know he's a guy Twitter lights because people think he's. A outspoken but he's really he's ESP outspoken. But I do have some podcasts yet today and ripped people would be critical of ESP cracked. You know pick it's it's again you are you're a sinking ship. Your yes skin did it right you guys are I mean just spying dead. For me because I don't act Britney I just you know I got it I've been nice. It will you'll Kearin it's good it's it's quite amazing every couple weeks the direct deposited right there. The I've and I'm thankful and and that's going to continue so defying did for me. Could this is he can be no bones money makes you so we laid off left and right thought she's somebody I do route to wanna be negative that the world yeah yeah in this may believe space Jimmie on the Internet. Not once in my whole life. Has anybody come up to me in an airport courted game or football or or court shoe store or restaurant. Or anywhere on or not once has somebody come up to me insert a ESPN sharks. You sir are you sure you suck at it yeah not one time never I don't know how many times a bit stuck and told how much they enjoyed. Do you. And actually does that is yet again that they can I disease and you give me. But I I hate people like this. So because people look up to stop him out and say yes paean sucks right now comes up to me obviously it's a and by every two weeks into the great pitcher for a deposit on the you know got to be all times amendment of the but never never used it mr. nobody ever comes to hate us price but he's so so so sad so he goes optimists as he him. Does that is I guess I'll say look I've been on the island here as and I think more people hate me. And I've never had anyone club today H. We've had people on Twitter all the time and emails even Paul aim it doesn't happen that could do that it's just things that proof. For hope what do on a world loses giggling more on him Jimmy Farina says you know what effort you know why you got a big pay check Scott has your little stooge. You're safe. You know you're so lightly and you. Love to kiss ass. You bring on ethically George springer and you know like I can't believe you hit the ball that far once we watch them on the other day loss of just a late summer or mocking him how. Who are you bald guys sits next to me anyway I lose credibility paycheck to music credible as we thank you. Germany's it's it was a question like that does it feel to a whole month in the world theories a fall of seventy feet. He hated the thought did I in the world where everyone wants to. Just this. Talking. Argue all you had to Jewish god ever discuss when you're around your friends you're in the gossip and all crap on the other newspapers the shore if you're offended you just brought you fraud do you view red light fraud you know why the worst. By the way is talking down to people who were offended that they gave the courage award Arthur Ashe courage award. To Caitlin Jenner instead of paid for eighties or Lauren hill or no Galloway. Lots of great candidates they gave to a man. Who is no longer a man is not a woman. And that that bothered some people. Mean of course that bothers some people why I think I now sit on the heels and and he thinks Ole hole cart action in effect and he can he somebody occurred to actually kill somebody. He must be at all or do they gave the to a card dashing any therapy phrase. You'll woman used to be a man so I'm now gonna not have any keep all its he had at all Douglas it's not. And says it was hesitant yes I'm looking at a story in variety right now from last month total of 22 point two million US adults. We'll have cut their court on cable. This year last year. Sixteen. Point 7000030 page the last two years that's almost forty million people. Have cut the cord on cable he thinks has got a big paycheck so what I don't I don't think we're afraid of police as others are unhappy going his program face to face and beat him if it like that. Or we reached out in the come on here yes we have so Parker it's nothing yet so there goes to Scott van pelt another ESPN fraud even if he comes in the shouldered credit. He won't violate. It's not that simple people have been delete he makes so you know than the court pending you know people of Boston he has been for a reason people of the markets hate eased in for reasons it's so difficult. I don't sit around at night and read books by candlelight like olden times and because they're that's just. That's that's not happening. So in a choice is watching this this nobody to useful ass kissing TV show or read books by candlelight. Mean you can't have. And whenever satellite author you can't have. Without cable an obvious increase in his Amazon Netflix Hulu 500000 subscribers it lost in October alone. It's unbelievable. Where the ratings for that Paltrow. They do or write music come on after money and I want to that we exited you pretty been pretty decent is it sir. It's just. It's just there's nothing more than tell an advantage over real well he just said chicken bully but nothing more chicken bleep and canceling subscriptions he has yeah. If you'd debt this year so dot com that I can't even a kid and prayed for you to put your beyond hope. Was astute with him laughing yes yes yes yes. Against Johnson but the challenge that's topical I am happy going to show I'll fly out there myself in Los Angeles right. And terrorism response here is a brash personality yeah it was of course that's very generous and you don't know where is she went down amplified damage they didn't get it mind you bitter it's factor I don't think you bitter about the content you bitter cause some element that the job and you didn't think it had an erroneous and I think you do great I am happy to go and in their decent things you listen glasses like calendar I'm happy to go face to face with SVP. And not debate you on this subject any day he'll never do that because ESP would never have us on their freight across its second you know you're wrong. So you can have your podcast or Jimmy trainee who's gonna giggled agree with you. On and do your tough guy act or you can have the actual debate likely you like to have a conversation my guess is that one never happen now go to Bristol any time on my own dime have a debate. No problem no. There's this talking I'm EDY future complete concede that it put it nicely and the overtime. In its kinda equal rights my point is simply that this make believe world where everyone wants to talk. This bit of talking to poke in the chest virtual whatever it is it sir. It's just it's just there's nothing more shocking and because it. And then watch. Them what was talking about you guys. Not really I guess he thought Twitter haters but can you keep playing and after the just chicken bleep and sepia I think he's talked about us and army and an eagle two would believe that cruel and. Be a man so I'm now gonna not have any cable TV at all. An ominous sit around at night and read books by candlelight like olden times because. That's just. That's that's not happening and if you did that mean you're so dumb that I can't even I can't even prayed for you can. So if you cancel his opinion so dumb. You can't watch TV without ESPN you can only do it now mean you can have some basic package without her going to be spent 23456. And used in new and deport days. You can like turn it off I'm sick of this this. Left wing gobbledygook in this SOA BC crap. He steps that that the fake giggling shows and exports and more you Axelsson somewhat out of the easiest Piedmont and ought to pay for seven dollars to also pay 85 dollars a year primate. 35 grand a year. On the pay five dollars a year for dead up with Mike Greenberg. Mike Mikey trade winds and and ASEAN later Todd and again money market a lot of full body and his father and health. And around the horn around have to work with when they make noise is ago didn't dominate 85 dollars a month for. We played with a mid day producer does him pay right. Padraig came when you got a couple weeks ago that if I didn't cancel. We hear what it was if you get the sheer or DirecTV and I'll never get DirecTV just cause they commercials sold on the idea and I I decided yesterday when I was 41 Paul Coffey himself for the 700 time. I'm never going directly to watch commercials and I do it when a ketchup in mind that you plummeted due. You can regulate the you know you never watch our upper rose one have you seen that commercial with a woman was confident so yes that's direct TV Sen people who have cable or elect people like to suffer right. Liked it stuck in subways put the camera though the commercial makes me laugh that's a tricky is what's the commercial it's like all of a bunch of like people talk like dad's now. Thick it's a circle now talk about yes do you funny commercial. I don't know as well. Must not be on as often as dessert or even yeah that's not bad progress as a progression that's on kids come up if you DirecTV your flotsam and answer your question what can you for a five different versions of why he had one that you put over and over and over. That pretty commercial for Google whenever it's for Google Verizon just changed HTT. When he comes and scooter has put us on the channel. To shut up or should I don't want just wants to watch a ball game. And survivor. Cable bill I don't know that my cable guy told me it paid 240 bill's chance for be. He few via its hard. I don't know it swayed much that's for beat three great year for TV it's a do we announced in Birmingham Marcos. In this stupidest it's incredibly stupid he Garcia. On who reform. Just static for my theory you open it up much of paid like that much. I DV out when you you know got a little couple irony around the house to better promote. But. I don't know but can you requests got fed policy to join me is we have right I'm not sure why wouldn't I mean none of I would never say about a lot of we've got in the stick with puke because he's chicken believe we know how would you Wisconsin ducks wore on that are. And last Saturday turned off the lights by can't really read the book is Andy what he does. Anyone it ESPN and they all hero worship as they all jocks that was does anyone. Sniff jock like mental anyone come nets idiots pianist who would be the biggest heart and that's a good ones who have retired and blunt are worse. It's. Yes Lovato and Pablo in the he would be second unless he's in the league this conversation hero worship and jocks in the present the mall self help. Elect. Elected reflections about how the smiles on the faces a that's important but this right now at TPC of you show after. Your girls say steal this guy Randy Scott. I'll be detained this big decision obviously is not political ideology that's for people wrong. It's at their shows are boring. That's why hire people a lot of people cheap. We're not entertain trying to make and characters deal Everest piece rays Scott listen to our war isn't in on the new late night shows on boring old actor and musician the liberal you empathy for reads scripts that can handle the drivers don't. Can you talk shows. Note that when David Letterman couldn't optional. That was before we knew liberal. And a good when we showed his true colors are curious what's the army SPF for another segment please go to my outlook from apple sticks and calls we all eyes are open right now pop audience paean please. And we won't stop until the come on the show us a dump on him as wells six or 730 sevens and most of the 93 set 617. 77979%. This is your chance to Dublin ESPN one. And lost to talk to Tom Brady and Tim Hasselbeck ESP and our buddy from the great network ESP Dumas about which ones. And ahead. Which came in see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Typical day in our neighborhood people we care about some of our neighbors who have been here a long time. Lost their jobs there are threats. For years. We value them because they're valuable. We care about them because they're worth it. Because of circumstances beyond their control our shot up shot of Curtis shot. He injury. I mean I now okay you really. Carolina until June trainee hoping. That Europe wouldn't you know and that is to say oh every other Friday big check goes in the mind among hard with it all you can't have sometimes you get rest as an alcohol Scott. How many commercials he's making them go about it the night it will. You'll hear your security it's your it's amazing everybody we usually get that that checks because you have no balls non that's why. None did Bulger and job. He thinks that's what happens what you needed fire. But lesser two mill hill by issue vodka she criticizes trump right. Calls and white supremacist I got to this this market I forget he has opinion. Another Skype repeating you disable commodities and make fun. If we even never come out this doesn't matter he'd never Kamal he wasn't he would notice challenge Kirk remain missing Scott van pelt to. I'm between you and you'd like he's got a lot of Twitter follow so we may not see it. I'm willing to go on the show so is Jerry were happy to go to Bristol will be on the SVP show Richard took. Or Kamal Abbas what are the other. That it Allen. Up to account she can do as the EP SVP with a hello meet you do you think we have pictures of guys were bald that's so funny we love right right right. And is like some producers sits there with a mobile balled my response that's all the guys does that hair right that's. We'll get in trouble doing match. They're probably different Tiger Woods I'm afforded the calls it justice and interest you've ever bring up Tiger Woods is there's talk tigers or bring up is as proclivities. Arrests. I don't think so. I hang up calls we get you guys as well. You know why it's fruitless it's pointless futile drunken talk about his place in history in these genius whose singular. Who abilities because. One of the reasons for it is that he can block call and a doesn't think about that he can compartmentalize. Right that's why they live in the moment I played asking about you know I just address from Kraft in joked about it it's. No. Actually not but I mean. Any his thing is known not holding grudges and he would be as they sailed to meet terrible options right isn't hate people isn't hold grudges. I agency went to see the war on this the windows and the daddy's home to go another four. You rather go for a brotherhood neither one to a good caddies who know I wouldn't put you know just. Lleyton and some would do for a couple hours I guess. I'm not carousel meld this in no position and it could chemistry with the guy John Lithgow manicurist yeah. I know I won't see it I know I saw the first one on TV and so terra terrible follow so terrible there meanwhile no Auburn but life. 61777979372. Good break on non. Smacking me is being around talk to bring you'll talk to Hasselbeck I guess for obvious Ian McCaskill about their belt comets in the final.