K&C - Kirk and Gerry react to Dino's appearance on OMF; OMF callers rip Kirk

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 19th

Hour 3 - Kirk and Gerry break down yesterday's OMF, where people called in to talk about how much they hate Kirk.


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Current. Everyone should stand for the national air from a Roger Goodell NFL commission eleven years in office three sport star it's also important for us to honor flight if I. I played all right did you have any knowledge of the vote that we getting money do you have any knowledge of indeed as transaction it's actually not on both questions and past life. That's not a lot I have it's one person whatever god you believe. You stink with Gerry Callahan the fact that Callahan did move on from you because he saw the shiny new toy. Well it disappointed me Jerry become nothing but a little fiddled element of disloyalty there. I'm white but walk but what would your one word to describe it to build the kind of Felder minicamp complicated. I haven't listen up you ever consider coming on the morning show know that they ask you know this. And Kirk man Jerry tell him once a back on Thursday well time for reasons that are in his in his along you must be a hypocrite and would like to told Chris heard Sony know he's listening to not. Apartment developers more. He told me a pretty personal secret conference they put supported me and I told them that his father is off limits because of Oklahoma well he's dead he's evil can stop have to pick up his ass I hear people don't think that would place. Sports Radio telling you. Stay out answers to your goddamn business to tell what that now what are my few. No I won't I don't think it's right to baggage on the zombie the upper limit its great. Eject himself in the congress and why do you do that because defending his son and we need you guys' eyes tonight my parents guide as an excuse to do it I took that he was looking to connect. I think if that's going to laugh though why do with the Hershey don't do Gerri what you can do. Because that fruit and I even saw how we Q are. Yes they went to tried to bench him and he Bachmann slam you are you better physically. Yes great integrity you would finally get some of the news under seven years old Buick John you go wild card debt at. It's a golf ball yes or talent she either one did you watch. As a survivalist of course I didn't I was thankful I tape to that none wants to be like on the ball gambling edited out madam secretary who's gonna look at that so excellent the blacklist. Collided I'll wireline. And I'm happy that Washington wants. OK he's just what's it like I was pretty good here. Capital and you hit them with him isn't buying it and. What's designated survivor tonight and the new navy seal program. What's the new Davis approach program rating agency swat team that you that CO show that's on its on CBS that. I don't know I guess shoulder don't you call a good Democrat and still watches network Al cuts just days. As eggs cable TV shows on tape of her and what is the nightly news from Rhea show Ryan Williams yet. He's very outset whose cholesterol to hold Lester only Republican Muster hole and I watch it right moderated debate parts of extra session series title and I think. I think the whole thing's gonna get out of control historically well as well that's where I think there's nothing you like less than Torre part I don't want to one can't wait to see you next year the Red Sox pick Alex and trying to move on from your father someone changed the subject with thought about it we have a legitimate disagreement that's okay. That's fun to legitimate to screams fund which cats alone things couldn. Well yeah I checked I know you shouldn't has okayed it shouldn't mean dog doesn't like it isn't. That's been my idol I did email you I told them out be prepared for this potentially come on the show writers tell all these in the way now right everybody's open destroyed does not pretty always a good guy was but here's the thing is reaching out tells us that he was moved by your pot spots and he sees no no he wasn't making a case yes fuel and he was. People. Oh will do anything to protect their child. It's like an animal instinct. But I us and ask you can't imagine how difficult it is to be Alex's he's agree your son's Krejci sent postmarked no bad parties that's not the time hooks up would you know young guys in Harlem and I understand that's is that old yet all the guy I get these field together. I now we're afraid he's got a new activism at you is just not a one man man I know out to media as he talked out to adults and Dallas all honesty and she's on the failure at times. Mean national talk. It's an Oscar so it was nice to spend time ago now he's boring like in real life is used to Canada or he was not maybe the guys he's not a war like that. Unlike you my father and there was no links to all my energy now I was not a morning person. Please. We'll take this call tequila yeah well I'm gone but I don't know why I'm doing this but it's what four we're gonna get to Catholic and or nose I want I honestly kind gospel I wanna get to wanted to do because I I I don't Michael Bennett I don't think you've been under capital known Michael Bennett and it's obvious that it out it's boring especially this new stupid this happened yellow one is talking clay stratus that I all of the news Jimmy casually as much like about an account I love Michael. Cheeses. Efforts and right now hey Everett which he's. It was not valid at a cart. He'll listen up I'm proud you made a yoga you've really work and Jerry this all the air pretty soon and you need to be up here. And that's okay whatever. Especially in articulate intelligent call this. From Iraq around you you do a great job. Our aid and Jerry and awkward John businesses in the it may be on also brought something. That you would you consider a career not annul I would do retire and as say blow my money I'm just gonna go play golf and enjoy these justices with Christian Fauria of course some of course Sunday love Christian are. Day. Who elect them from Lou. Refitted with big day being you know which is willing to what do you want every boy and what's important about what you want to answer. If I gave you life but it onions JavaScript department there was released at some notes and notes. And I don't I don't know outlook I called because I really am so proud of exporting your Compaq Hewlett it that the pipe and he told the little. You know you bet that you'll find where getting shot and killed in in Niger you know it. That was the greens are great got it and why what he does not a apologized yet they let you know what it about what the wording that may opt out back to the widow. Why you keep. You guys take trumps other serious manner series president win four minutes ago between. At fox and France Russia sent millions of club foundation exclamation point I mean the focal point is gonna get frustrated when no one covers a scandal for the most sought surprising that it may Russian winning television should uranium deal fox has the clintons it thank god he's here tweeting random people write a you've done what I ever I don't ever proposed. It's good quality you would why do you keep that I. Don't know what directory why why do you keep. It's about you that sold barely. Exists and yes that that that no matter what somebody died. That you Roemer on right now right they've added a jury says I want to show why do you. Why did you read his dad and recurrence asking a question. The question is confident that list. Of questions the question. I'll answer the question while back from and I went back again. Is focused on deeds you focus on words and tweets I've focus on deeds and focus on. The adopted the oaks and he regulation where it's believed he's what's deeds we are on the brink of defeating. Ice topics we have taken so emotional and whereabouts and no way now Robert is calling today they're gone paradise is I don't see on the brink of defeat what did you come to president you division commander in chief means that the shackles of the military that's why that's a fact. Back and hit a wonderful. I guess is she's right what's her name. Ernie Carol McKinley has absolutely right about a 1023000. Thanks to the man in the oh just as not to read me he was murdered and it emerges here. I'm done taking them callers have taken it's called move marks no more please please no more to come collars Albertson an island let's not ever outward at the back. But the guys. Give it thirty seconds. Oh sure you don't ask if there is such hypocrisy doesn't pilgrim has brought I don't know that okay you want immediate. Now at what point. Does this ridiculous. What a fair where Gordon it would stop abortion that's what I. Things like five minutes is a fair question I am a uterus to. I see I see. Scenes writing love moment I was on the key PD cotton wool according to what you'll never even. It's true out at the tablet Hewitt (%expletive) out of you and your ball in my hands why he's right or writing notes that's what's fans do don't they like their their players as importantly users aren't any yeah if you were sixteen years old and Larry Bird is snapple as well first of all I was wired bird second okay I'm on record of fifteen years so I was Dalian and not just necessarily your in the scale of some unlikely guy to roll you would have signed the ball like what sixty euros a tackle forty girls that that's a pathetic. Lots of people signed that all not that that are just fans it's not a thing we know it's not you do I'd like to video. I guess you he he's talking about video as well I'm too stupid to toggle with a video. Gary as you look at that they thought than you'd think you'd see the sense of entitlement and read it click repression at a site in a bit on the Colbert because he. Had one full even important that was so successful so obviously a lot of what it. You strike the fans the fans the fans just arrest they get this title Albert excellent call actually. Right now. You agree that her pluses are. You have. Are. Writing his weird that is such as saying well we won't Jerry Jerry you that is so yeah. That's great hands do you that is so out of that is so your mockery Jerry's it was I would did the video bother you want and don't pay people on the. Every one thought I'd have never seen something like that. What indictment or an hour on the right believe. That it does this. Incident Larry Bird. I really Ager said he's as good as Larry. I moron did you think did the video volume to the fact they've introduced with the starting lineup Bobby. Not as much as. Not as much as the shopping thing where with adult writing notes no. We can get well card slot that you would mock that adults studied it well and are terrible and that you would make fun and that's. If you will you stick without that so that's I'm without a winning team in this one. And tiger the only thing. Oh come on visit fans he's now 45 year old Diaz a person you don't think Heyward probably makes them feel good now he's beloved here. It's motherland Heyward runs. What had surgery last night I thought was. When they put him on the screen I think he was artist today use the news it is already and that's the ties but it is guys man writing but you find his spot right into second wellstone boarded. But it's a Boston stronger as a cargo come Baxter and come back stronger and come back strong girls the girl is nations about eighteen a year to steroids causes aids and it's gonna come guys on the guys I think it's nice I think tonight's. You do. Heard me here. This sounds like a much better as a upon hatred sounds like eighty veteran tells the story between songs and and humans dog and right did you convert people of this and sympathy go for the homeless now no one else and hopefully have the whole its fate that anybody really expect to hear yes I actually did their best they just got this guy raiders lose I feel bad for Gordon Hayward IQ you do yes we feel about a week. No probably not about this I will any of you rightly note. Yes I would say it would not need but are beginning walked by you right now you right now about not the kind of the Phoenix cynical world has never happened. You've you mock stuff like this all the time but people. It used and now all of us reality we know you feel that president Thomas to them that I rated IQ on the poor Fella hugs and kisses and roach with that as for. A who else is on this. Estranged she is the penalties. I'll take more than that hit the deal to. On sexual what you've written by windows team on the crew's first perfectly don't want to think and I'll take the left nut Michael take the right or or. It says rit he call it even sit on McCain can't read it would have. You glasses. I really edit. Because they didn't. At some of the rule I just and. I don't know the rules. Rules. Sure. I'll know better each grilling steaks making of you letter you and John that that's why this you know I love having her excellent shot. That marriage I don't know what was it cost thoughtful ways noticed that yes actually I have news for David Price is not a doubt makes guys like carrier and articulate. Announcer it's a punch or articulate and Smart man but Edinburgh at all not impressed me on that first eight interview last month was besides I'll think about whatever flatter than. We play it gets an egg and reality based art or four days yet forays price take is set of people sadly he is a chance he's kind deck of the patterns at Portland he's great somewhat but the only criticism only talk about it has its stock price is that he has not won. I mean that's it and -- created had just actually on I don't know you know what a good news reality if he were great up and if they were in the class right now he would pitch and like canola and an official Martinez today that it doesn't know what which I always say screw Dennis Tankersley if he were winning if you win in the scientific and that's left and adversary Irving is caught my friend buck is right and respect for the half Tankersley was but I'm not saying well like I actually love for actually said. Look is about it was like a big red size price and he loves that thing. Els or something else going on an accounting younger exe. We just wants to protect. You say site. Earlier protective backers Shaughnessy to it yes I think it is that you could still like America's labor overlook that price agreement being old Chrysler is good it's all about coming into great if he's as good as he's supposed to pretty. Eight people for this I was covering her good plays and watch people here like he did there in like two years ago he does that. You won't care fees and don't even though never to buy a drink here again pumping he's addicted to these weirdo ninety's and you know he's the type this is presence in or bomb that's what really did this time of her defense and Smart thoughtful that was bizarre it full dummies by talking about talk from reality based or yes. That's kind of ideas to kill that sounds like gobbledygook. I can't believe that your defendant can we get right or they can we get those readings many of them up Burt the men get another picture of this. Possible that can read the messages juggler just. As you can almost read them on this picture we have some people to sign a huge sport. And I got on the phone and messages almost all of them and his picture Hayward. And it says get well Gordon and people is that hashed things you can do on Twitter yeah its its search it. It will Gordon. We could find out Kuerten then it's who's we have. And so what you want the mice that get well very little journey would mock them for some reason like if that would Larry Bird you do OK if you 43 years old who does not that reversed. So the problem is not good numbers. But fortunately you're luckily and is it your pregnancy and are asking would you are in this business which. Match cynical look I mean if you were out there and over again differ telling want to buy you know what it Bruce Springsteen. It's different because he's got. Bruce agency and sore throats again I would say these utility forty your relationship but Courtney you elected the forty relationship with Bruce Springsteen he sings of EU which Christine he's deficit picket lines so we wrote songs about you should be able to bought it. All right six or 7779. 790%. We get factors can sign that card lead and send over coordinate this at amen do my own karma don't get well card yes we have the calls that Kirk doesn't wanna hear about all the calls and he can look at that as well and outside informal Michael Bennett who says he's a slight if you go to some breakfast that they beacon go crest treatment of corporate. Can you see in the morning mornings with Kurt can Callahan on Sports Radio. Guy. The fact that Callahan did sort of move on from you because he saw the shiny new toy that and if all the years you guys had together that had the issue off. Well it it disappointed me you know I thought I I and I don't care hitched his wagon to the other guy that's automatic I would do that to you give. Your former cold is leaving any year. And you know the other guy's going to be here a long term 345 years what are the fees they beat obviously you know I would I would say this is who my future's going to beat. I just think there was a element of disloyalty. Well I did it's just not not just disappointed me. Would you agree to someone text message received from Johnny wasn't angry about that. Perceived disloyalty very obvious. Yes he also text to me when my mother and a and so that was that you have to do my my parents I think there were asking that the midday light now texted me but he did I mean remember. And his wife sent me a nice card to violate our meeting she worked to my dad years ago bush sent it to show host on top me can have my moment had more for dinner that night. And broader ability as you know security for its job stays just throw the trash it as tradition. What's that didn't Ian mistakes we have you don't want them and pick and we didn't as a matter of fact that's that's true meaning now that you feel that you were disloyal to I did not want you you to respond to an off on his loyalty but what is loyalty anyway you're trying to make a live and he tried to show you to under the bench we can do. And he's right he said he was retiring. Mean they this place was planning not how's everybody the management is planning on. The next phase of the morning. They had him. Law that maybe shouldn't come back. And we were shocked I don't know where I gotta say that John John it's wrong on that I would tell him I went to mention many times it's I don't want him on the show anymore that's why try to leave the show a few times and they pitched the afternoon show before dale holly took that second had a meeting with Clinton and Kevin. Graham Phil's accurate read that with or were a couple years ago. I want to help because and one worker John anymore far before music rehab I didn't do that all do it before and and I did after thought he was hurting the show that his presence made the show worse now trying to get him off the show. I've told that his face that's the mystery I am happy it is. I care about the show first buddy Jerry Sloan showdown at some point like when triggered him yes I happen. I don't call it what about loyalty. And I've got family that's gonna happen urban and it but you know you are judge. I arrangement lucky lady ordered in John hi it's like he got to do the pressure you can do you gotta survive you do the same if it starts. Yes I would or gave a lack of effort or segment lost your minds that we're doing drugs retire in 2000 in nineteen right in the UK and when you're out there and it's an extremely competitive. The job looks through competitive morning radio great honey I'll admit days right it's extremely competitive it is doggy dog and rat he grabbed. And when your opponent is drowning you stick close and a model that's how it works that's I had to the sink to the Boy Scouts not saying you know. Weekend and on golf game you know we use your pick in a place it is a fight to the death I'm not Alex Kramer understands that shirt. I totally out of jobs as best as we work I just don't and that's by the big issue with that and that's you know he didn't like that and that's what we like each other and he sent it to us but nothing to do with the clock clock was it was a moment we stopped talking to each other for good mart parking lot before the three of mr. and I work. Our dealers idea that your nine conspired to get rid of mobile which I said that you could mean more job. And by the way management eventually agreed to meet and by the way. Once you saw the show we went to number in these double before that too so maybe it's in the fluke noise you're not using it was not his. I never thought was and health that's what he's at the time but that's what we said yesterday that mr. that's right acts on the waddle and I didn't quite. And it was his call and he had a blast that weaker than you can American he went away I think you're right I think during the week he said you know and a guy Greg he made his peace with the Nazis and we were shocked. To include shocked when they called us and and sent to the deal was just going to read them right or no was before that because he went and it's. Forget them down spring training that was well for rehab right two months ago or months before you want to play somewhere that was February French when you might bomb of that meeting Cuba. And neighbors there you. But on doing deleveraging together Curtis. Not just like we know artists and Lewis in the Kurdistan is potentially going to be before the primary right. Yes that's that was a crazy show you're with a salary that marathon I have as I pointed showed much. That's right yes that was the idea shows little crazy but it was afternoon and I don't mean again Ouattara Shia after patrons who planned that nine Red Sox played with the Bart you know there about four hours early and you. Being in my hotel room listening to text and you what is going on of course Kurtz strong Curtis. Chris never really he would pretend the other beer in the easily be your teacher and the perfect as the Eagles rooms counseled him. Still the mean biggest mystery to me is why you never just had a gin and tonic with us. Afraid he'd like. I don't even as Stanford would think to an alcoholic. With an anxiety like the taste of Beers into her choice when Avery really cares about his wife and me out for a threat Rotella. And more important him but it was a -- I enjoy meeting guys by the way and of the bubbly to do is sure America give another show more credit and we didn't know you know I know we didn't assemble it knocked the dude in most of them do it I know like we are kind of nicer to humbly for a hates my guts second unit yesterday believing jealousy greed over the years I think the greats so I was laughing out loud I think I'm that was done saying we think they do a great job. Rate the mother late loot you don't. They should focus every day of the rating as you point out all the you know that's true Ballou said it's not necessarily about Alaska's we will get great numbers when he was on with bands and they were bitten or lousy resort to a fifteenth. We were doing whatever twelve and there was potential as they are now we're doing that they're doing that it's what if we don't tens elevens again they would be doing numbers and now the and they get all the critical or what he did purchase a nice of them I think what we can we can leave and could put you know Mike and Mike on May be doing the same number. Probably not prop. And you know them they selling my chemical they did yesterday at 11 o'clock in the good job. With Dino there and get a Dino takeaways you got here intercourse. Calls already go but Utah dusty you know anything from you know which about it after that her. That would did you guys think it was Anderson wants to work an apple and that is so sad to end because he's those. That'd be hard to get him back until his audience actually still think for war so Giles Roemer victory from a one I would not you let you do your opponent that day you're. Only through the movie or ads and if he does the mid day zeman a fuel crossover or not across somebody's there to Christmas that's true that's really muscle would Roemer styles favorite hang Larry expected you know though Christina is being gone and he hasn't tried to try to get him back. I'm tiger on the ballot can I don't. Just. First sent them it's gonna talk about it to teach you should rest their starters in week seven team. The grille on that. And he's too old and the like we have we have the the board the people signed we're trying to get a bigger versions we could read all the messages I think. We've nice bus to read these are allowed to Gordon who did a little bit inaccurate it's hard to read there are thousands I LeMieux scored them. Go Butler. And co book lone CU in the playoffs Jeanne O'Brien writes. Sheen as you GO riot the kid is it GE NED I feel like as a review now that's not a kid's name gene cultivated ratio. Yes my Sox manager does she get well soon Gordon Ryan king. I can't I need to like a microscope and a lot of kids a lot of look like kids. On this than the written like kids do you want my ankle Kyle Draper but. We didn't strategy that surgically to the conference Allen here that's of interest out here now. You see any here Gerri is here I can't. From them trying to resource like that it was a Red Sox player to mock public the only knowing something writers aren't we done. Delta without pencils possible most. He's a piece of his makes no sense like life somebody write this to Gordon they just to beat out on the summit cents. How bad this my show at 9 o'clock suck Michael all. Gordon went out much or he's gonna be watching on TV and passionate zero point zero what's the have faith it will report that we just did that sting and a lot of that right if we're telling Gordon not to rush back in one time. You can pitch a series of for the human I've done that with the Russian and so the best hope and change definitely backed by the weekend. I think they should say he's done for you leave us alone the speculate and then they get paid we get the eight million dollar deduction are Georgetown organized between them almost exactly. Activity they don't get that eight point 28 point four million dollar exemption acts and policies of for the year itself so good let him deal for the year do you want him rushing back in any way shape or form pilot George came back and answer winners like eight months eight months eight months from now the will be pretty much over. Could come back for the final finals pledge I say spend the million yeah I agree I UVs come back. No I don't think issues that you should come back next September. But that's me. Technical both we're gonna play the calls Kirk doesn't want to sock puppet doesn't want to but. All the calls late Kirk who turned against their ages of calls what's your take about zero seconds another couple Lou is disappointed mr. irrelevance mr. Annan along for the ride out and tries to say something nice about this. Hunk. What I said they're all really old I guess in the world really old and that's that you like a typical fairy like crap and I'm very nice to at least so put your work speak of witness Thomas Wright comes in Hobart. I'm Hawaii but he. I looked up guys miss you guys together great out and you can't do anything green analysts. Studies and a lot of I yeah I'd wanna. Technically didn't you know when it right Eli he he he said he never listen to the show. I attended the same time he said he is turned the radio on a check this out like that it had to be yeah its. Business units. This stops I mean I mean a commodity yes it was very apparent. I think that I was wondering if it doesn't have a lot of people do it's turned the radio on the tech stocks AM. Also whether it's at AM dial traffic on the three. Not an addict no you Roland I meant it I haven't listened. Yeah. My presidential. Commercial goes those are three old guys are having breakfast and get in touch with the new phone plan in the absence CNET against the Nokia phones the worst phone ever in my life we get a phone you can it's turned on they'll tell you the stock to die. Each it to you stock at this point. OK let's let's go to people that vehemently attacked recently explanation I got here. Oh. Yeah I believe. Me to. Build. If I believe. That. Oh. Yeah. That didn't go well. I got to not do that to them. There's a women's what did you mean they did the news or only chance really with him to do us any little solid they stick child she is still like all the one guy's coming excuse me let me move beyond how does John is you know that the minute field stuff is like eight years so it clearly John knows my name now like we've we've gotten past the other point Brian Campbell absolutely packed animal surpassed him at this point later. Little old and older Internet and that doesn't that's that's gonna do better. Anything else calm buddy. I'm not the Obama doubt Obama. Is a great deal. You gonna drop a bomb on the other guys thanks for call column and we could have been nice chemical expert in trying to injure Craig's Connecticut hey Greg how I am a friend. They buried on. He's the call. They got a bit eerie on what you know want you return to negate let's hear that it. So so so really I think you want you to put that in the door because I remember that in a couple years ago and I remembered hearing them say. He would like to move to lay up meet a lot of my period. He kind of come in and yet there's a couple of that you ships that Indians. The youngest hardware right. Yes this much and a couple years and Allentown seventy years younger so like that yeah. Well and hope that maybe management keep him in order Wiki altogether. I walk out. Would be the number two and who'd you would have the power chair dean roared to the English is good question type of medication. I consider it work welcome. You guys a number come on don't do we Dino that's that that is said you're above that c'mon and meals cragey. Not. I appreciate the full. Filling my friend in Manchester Hoya. And retirement sounds great a lifetime of propane tank stakes in a lifetime back it's just that this. About. And I'm jealous he's gonna solve many egos at the Florida where a Marty frees a man off photographers journalists who urge I am a wanna be noticed warm. What happens you get old. Good morning yet read the paper online copy a lot placement that all I'm happy to say that I was it Jimmy Fund golf ambassador. This summer or at least twenty tournaments I talked about their lead twenty events. I've worked in the steel campaign I'm going to be involved. Article go to university and so play so involved once a week in Barrington Rhode Island Kathy and I just built a new home in Venice Florida I got a not to. For all sweets when he said yesterday is going to Venice at Neiman Venice Italy Venice Florida that's the you know it's like he's glad nobody men and it's Italy's call Fort Myers tomorrow lakes you know costs are so the Venice for that has been. Is that part of Sarasota and autos my mom's alive she's not. She was issues 93 at a dizzying more than once a week thoughts when you're better son than all of us yes I think so yeah. Then he had a part of the crowd again. They gonna do in this week. How else are sure one my father and another nice note paddy didn't I asked them if Colorado this work here. Don't really incorporated and more note that you have been a court you can't introduce things like that or he greeted supporters not my fault. Right that's true very open up with Bob good news guys and the price reduction Purdue Samir in what's that now offered him twenty grand expected closer than 900 on the dot so. You did not that uncomfortable trying to unload eyes as a result or its true I could do occur in the market for the oil. You want the mark while yes I do. You guys lover's house for a market you do you. Lightning fired up and up but was telling me we years like every carrier plays host six X Darrell Dexter yes that's. With the goal of home audience you know because Dexter super clean that's right it was you walk you were afraid to touch and I wouldn't I eat before. Howard and Jerry stuff in this ID Hugh Grant food with a place called the barbecue place. They'll be most truly bizarre auto industry and once it was great I love that's so weird night. But it was and you gotta that's a nice place. You can't fly it. In view from viewers like plastic it's like dogs and handle it right there what's the rats jump from the late great that's True Blue was all free that is it that the snakes alligators alligators. Nice necklace also if you look at my I'll tell you this route before going to bring you made it clear. That plane steal off oil that's right they needed the only or Marley too at the airport military shoot them down fly over that spot to start around. Which is pretty unbelievable and you see Florida Gulf Coast water skiing team go buy your house that's true you have your profession there's so for the fourth straight year he says he's a professor. Yes does the year because you know and moved the way under miles away so you gonna give me a deal Marco Island place. That's fine. I I think we could work tomorrow. I guess an envelope you want when knocked. It's out of my price range it now and may and now he's turned into an air being me. It's pointed out that he always make an engine that features and content like no one's using the poston and it'll wrestler and his Brothers or uncles and aunts and cousins and friends standards they they're young network which I don't want to take a long weekend. We're very cleanly and every couple weeks so there's the picture control what. And EU and I'm never gonna go there. This will be at these weird and I haven't yet you have the outside to meet with friends come from now 617. 77979. Said she once again for these back dollars. It's true and sock puppet didn't remind you would you have made out of the hospital did remind you one hour ago is a crew here from the oxygen network ourselves we finally back. Two the calls who hate Kirk and Alex and I and and hard what Michael Bennet news tonight we knew that the oxygen only use a lot like. A slave I can hardly tell the difference between him and was asleep when Reynolds nice assortment I was twelve years of bad. Since Solomon north and that's allotment of fellow Musab society guys and that's true I had a track at a trial from New York counsel from a plane. First class my child actually yes no question it deems changes doctor hurt. Hasn't seen them that there. It's mostly listen to morning show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. I've read the sound of Michael Bennett got a himself was way way we have the sound of funding for. All the me why this why why he thought Oprah was going to be your oxygen that over here up until. Grew serious Oprah's them and I reference to a woman's mother resident or a president would free you when he when he sooner than you would be weird. The good thing about how come it opened the door and you. Hulk Hogan anyway I don't national Iraq ready hello mother rocks the Bible camp total Michael Moore is a piece of garbage Mitt made a good point he said why don't we run Tom Hanks is Democrats. It was Tom Hanks from one likes Tom Hanks. I Kirby Weinsteins. Why he's going to jail he's going prisoners out of public that don't we open investigations into Harvey Weinstein but not Roger Els steel Riley tinsel partisans and I. Present problems that the real problem. Yeah obsolete and while we open entails and you know he's dead but in outpost athletes right or you're gonna sting operation. O Reilly. Click on them they can't just be Democrats we're gonna start he's investigating all the sexual abusers and harassing guys and. Alcoholic sector it's amazing to me that's fine we can but like your initial reaction guy who was raped women for twenty years he's that your depending is the academic. Hoping that I think you focus on and I think I read it it is likely. A total could care what did you I don't how the poor thing. FBI have a problem if he goes to jail because other people look at the jail if the FBI opened wanted to say otherwise they help. Watches and once you go to jail so should other cry greatness but it plays. About reaction already investigated he's on tape admitting to his crimes don't have victims lining up. What does that have to do Roger athletic director mistake and I wrote a big gamble our Picard. Perception that was a little bit on the touch give you an out you and woody out accidental well boys we had better confident that we personally I dress designer Everest. Camp O'Donnell Donna Karen yeah she does that shake up election she says she is who's a little confused yet. But I'm telling you read my girl in Coulter I read another enabler is the New York Post shock because they've. Certainly have their fun with pot once in the last couple weeks they were totally in the tank for Weinstein and and called tools proves it. Don't dismiss it like I hate that if the federal doesn't this is this guy is a prolific rapists and the reason to get away with a is he was paying off. Number of people people NBC were in the tank we know that. The cops that the DA in New York in the tech the detainees are stance yes Cyrus Vance junior got 120000. Dollars and it died ash actually trumped that no stop right now stop with the video allegedly ties her into doing this and why because he's our stance to let off Don junior and vodka for misrepresenting solo conduct flying high as five trump lawyer donated to him as well but none of that is the (%expletive) was upset with recording. On its tone for an and the. And is as bold as brave courageous Italian actress who wouldn't let this monster obviously it was a who risked her career who wore a why year. And had them on tape. Admitting that he does this is a drop that and the DA dropped because he took money in this corrupt DA and the New York Post. Was on the take the he was paying writers for allegedly writing screenplays. And you know a working for his magazine which is just another front this monster. Two. Avoid prosecution or avoid exposure. Is the most disturbing case he's been doing a report. Thirty years the victims are in across all not a hundred to 80% aegis is in Asia right that's right and you know like -- something and there Dave one thing in the game all of two things in common their female. And they're gorgeous he only prayed and and colts here and why these writers buried the story. Revenge of the ugly girls 'cause they you know grew up presenting the pretty girls right now to exclude them. It's pretty girls they just laid down for however once and then they let him have his wet weather so they can get a part yeah. That's not the case some someone threw away their career course to arrest them and their lives and what have met him at a frustrating that was. He tell the DA that you Wear why you get him to admit it was the DA do Berry who got a kick us off. Room the case because he got bought off I knew that they donated money. Until I read this you know was how much money as crazy as he's the go to jail too it's not good enough to UC one's finger I want Bob once you in jail pocket I want Cyrus Vance and you. Won't happen and I would La Donna karan's yet which will be held woody Allen's radiology Michael Moore on Polanski a much more. Michael Moore loves this really cared who Mike or jail of course at your Mike and his huge. Proxies. Plus was left Michael Moore movie with the last one that he made about a way to invade next we're just had a quote quit the it's nice that Freddy. Again meet printed on heavy alternate. Old hands I would get back anyway here. We'll get to the calls with Kirk and by the way I'm not going to wouldn't this thing. The interview. Yes you agree to an item glioma is needed exposure also you can see I don't want you to that singers remain that Jerry at a better. But you know what's this tell them out TV. And fifty. I Politico. I'm going to open as we read we got all the call up and Kirk we got Michael Bennett comparing this vote was comparing himself to say if everything we've teased and we as the latest dirt and now he wants to him and it is Alex I just can't have with you everyone does Alex. I then went on he said bill rallied to us now I'm just saying the FBI prosecute the ball OK but let's discuss the war you have to understand he's the worksheets of blinking I have some of the worst. He came out well as as Woody Allen did compared to someone who weeks in a woman at the office we would goes out. So when I don't walk around sneaking in but if there's a guy he had guys we get their bodies and angled across the stock market report rate of weight. 88 dot what's going on with the good today we've asked what are all of them for what do you call it out right he's worked from your maximum so yes once covered up stormed a mean next thing you know to stop people from weakening the girls at the office fixing you know you want that has merit their own daughters and it just not right well also there Gerri I have heard you last week I agree one of these women Angelina Jolie should have said something to the press what woke. But the blame until all right I suspect they're telling other women that incidentally visually tell actress's stay away from now Weinstein but she didn't tell me why it needs of the in New Orleans now. Nothing. 1999 told the newspaper but there's nothing. Nothing you don't know me by Donna looks like you know. If more women did and let's be honest someone could come. Forward sooner. You could enforcer Bob Weinstein that's good enough to find out if pre filled visual shock I don't force.