K&C - Kirk and Gerry react to the overwhelming support of the audience; Tim Neverett had a live Twitter Q&A 6-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, June 14th
Hour 1: Gerry, Kirk and Mut react to the overwhelming support of the listeners and ad community.  Tim Neverett had a big day in the booth answering questions from fans on Twitter. 

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Skirt. It is Monday night might ignite like little. The news hi rob Bradford does good good good good good yeah no I yes. Yeah I'd note up to look too far ahead well you can't look too far ahead because it is not that far good good. With Kirk committee ahead. On Twitter today for Mike McMahon Steve shows them how do you guys feel little difference going to. Conditions and types of tunes as the players do. I pledge I had heard from Marcus Alexander bat shoot a lot of foreign. Arrival times garbage that you shoot them. Then on the fly jock that's true and Gerry Callahan. Going into battle against state. And determined enemy wouldn't do that we don't you know I believe. Complete. Then why not done yet the last. Trusted and well the way that everybody got out alive. I don't really don't sport. This world. Drive it down. Then. Down. Headed back to our breakers which are cash. That's it's like plants in his right past him that is as our hero that's our guy did you I knew it was great guy and great businessman. I know at its name that sounds good he's got excellent subsidies. The man always certainly appreciate people like you like this you obviously. For sure who stepped up big. In the face of some some it's it's oppression it's easy to back down and we didn't yesterday and our listeners didn't obviously a lot of great sponsors that we appreciate that. In this fight for free speech is fights that conversation and dialogue. And people wanted to take us down to bring us down people really one person in particular. With help mothers yes. We're not going to do them not allowed to happen to drag us out of here so we learned it again yesterday that's why I was a little later than usual today was. Five minutes had to stop switch on matured over the complain ski. Swung through Buffalo Wild Wings grabbed an early modeling just win sex from a yeah yeah yeah and elect a new Tommy bahama shirt Jazeera and guests at normal setup a couple of times and heard for maturing process gone on the way home alone Jordan's. That's what you got to do them well the social media feedback was unbelievable again yes boss tweed you always forgets about you forget how great listeners and advertisers are being reminded of small fortune frost fifty reminded too often. But yesterday again was a day as we decided by 8 o'clock we're done we're going to fight back and that's we're gonna do. So what what it would mean and and that's why you're a good over declared war against us and we declared we're back so off we go. The at a Clarkson was posted online kind of stunned that yeah now so sounds like guru wants on the same page you yeah I guess to some extent dobbs who got an email last night. Saying a certain story cannot be discussed I'm sure you do it is the quick social media or you know exactly the story we're talking about. I would encourage you very very very very very highly to read that story a story which element reference at all nothing about it but I would tell you. You find it an. It's it's clear easy to survive in this day and age the best reporter Boston is it blogger was there. That a little strange that what's contradictory dependent blog named after reply will mean it seemed awed in in the stage here to newspapers. Sort of threw tombs group is both I'm really struggling right and a half. Was the one. Harold sort once this artwork opened parliament I think during the transition phase why support that. I'm percent. I think they'll come out in the -- good character right silence some excellent dollars and what is somebody that releasing its its its viewers should just in New Orleans and we definitely I think you guys who work there have been cured if you do if I absolutely I've buys you don't like is you know like this it only makes him still see the opportunity only access at some point they wanted to know what. The opportunity for somebody to stand up and say a strong real newspaper headlines headlines for much of soccer balls and bird offense Asa transition they'll start with an inside track in the go from a much rather own the accident going to be afraid of lawsuits we work with people access. This is what the papers were at our stations defeated east of Kabul would be a bird a soccer ball. That's it with the falcons. And out and help his candidacy much of the why this is front page news. Scoring the World Cup puts the focus on the reds. On the reds. No such things focus on the road that's never gonna happen. That's page one news I understand that but whatever else having trouble for. Arabic all wanna believe that there's any one paper talk about that won't be they'll be gone by 2019 in the globe of course the global you know it's nice when both before and they'll tell them the Brigham and women's. To dismantle gallery of past white male leaders from good so they have a gallery of the former presidents of Brigham and women's putting red in Munich re watchers who pitches as best as the white light why can't come former presidents of Brigham and women's guys who ran that place why should it. Hard to do running a hospital and I'm sure some of the all of more terrific. Managers. For a white oh jagr to use a creep or to a managed to get thrown out just the rest of but the they've taken now because they're white. The employees and students this is Liz Coles whatever name's. The employees and students who regularly gather in the Bornstein into theater at the Brigham and Women's Hospital women blacks Hispanics 31 gold framed portraits of medical luminaries covered walls do not the porches role of men thirty your white and one is Chinese. On Thursday the heart dramatic Jesus Christ the Harvard Medical School teaching hospital plans remove the paintings of the former department shares. As part of broader diversity initiatives. She does not support that white people because were called for somebody making like to let me down I know this is an important. Roll the globe somebody goes over there and counts. And to wait wait he kinda looks Chinese do well what went with him put him what you should. I'm here and accounting team doctors and fat guy over there. Is he I. Write a script part of the great spotlight he has that hey are thinks that they pretend they went to different events accounted for different reasons this injury events the seaport don't think coaches. Almost all light snow after Americans there at all. Machine. It did much relieved this palatial office over your which works currency port just count. She's part of the county team seems to be herald or just being hurled. Logical questions to come it's come white faces in black faces and Chinese medical school dean George daily. Is appointed a committee to recommend changes to our work on campus. This of opium is doing the time these hospitals were dying right now of people dying in other people living look at these guys. Saving lives guys women and and someone is in the wrong. Tony why ice on the wall. Of they've worked they ran the place over the Chinese. He gets to say that's a good questions about pets is sort of a big deal comes barriers and install it yourself on the white people thought of right to. She's been on the changes are coming into the broader examination by some medical schools and academic medical centers whether. They're welcoming enough to women and minorities especially given the scarcity of black and Hispanic doctors executives and that's perfectly fair there should be more black doctors make them short. But tiresome or the mall in order to qualify what you have taken down lyric qualify you must Garza's in the change that to. It's a shame but I think sometimes they hope for peace peace partners one of it that these pictures having to do with them process. The it is a process change at all the pictures are down eight yeah I don't know everyone feels more she leads into our system should hire the best be needed it would only do you from best people the pictures say it's antiquated XP that's all you can you don't have to ask people. He just sit there and and can't we get these two prospect way to second the pictures are down or got or we can make a change now. Just whispers of sex as we fought back assists liable hoping The Herald is this the newspaper okay that your. But Schwartz is our only hope the market that was born. Ericsson votes soccer and in that falcon landing in the city of that oh yeah. Foxboro is gonna get some games 2026. But considered it felt it shake his inspected. And it yesterday before being returned to its nest at the front page of falcons. Welcome real burden not like in Atlanta Falcons soc chip which is sexist. Is inspected debated yes it is the global investing herald this is not an article somehow because. The falcons are are all white and McDonnell mail they're all male. And more likeable we mailed out pretty good if nothing else has seen its not right it's nice and more. Female falcon or something they say it's. China's at all it enters again put the pictures on my biggest worry is that the only camera we're talking. With. Us. Studios and over even if that is bleeped when I was a it wasn't. Source course. Good consumer happy for ten minutes now it's over she just week. Talking to all the lawyers yesterday made sure not to mention stories that. Really defend you guys and bright green support from advertisers and listeners make sure to bury that in your head okay thanks. Just given that regard pivotal time let the dad worked in the past for us that's the question well I I think there's a difference votes lie ultimately sign on to four hours but got well would have wells who accuse the other shows that didn't have heard the traffic is terrible along our route while Letterman and with. No I don't I have no interest so they do Red Sox are Bradford did forms of brethren were guests on last night. You don't Tomas C on he had that Evan drill some some surprise guest will be friends of Bradford local moms all this program. For an announcement I was wrong and here's some. Used dynamic. The idea and that's all they can't do. Amid a bigger boat there they gave up the wrong this hobby brother four for four bright Brad Ziegler. Radisson recently we have a couple guys and that Hillary Yucca. Tomo moves the red sorts of made in the past cash them worked out somehow I rented out thereof farm system it. By when ice the moments like this where you Wii's we look for that piece for the Red Sox little of those years after John last to last. And ended David Price thing didn't work out. When you had that. And you were looking for the ace that Riley yeah Chris that you know how hard it is to get a guy like we saw today. Baghdad entire package so looking too far ahead well you can't look too far ahead because. If it's not that far enemy would. Yeah year and this year pre sale. Obviously did pick up the. Yeah that's better than yet know yet to note that far ahead I need that again look too far ahead into a sidebar I was like I had the good the two best things were cricket team you have to build muscle right also helps you build muscle Bosnian capital the united muscles could actually puts water and you're also helps the still looking too far ahead well you can't look too far ahead because. If it's not that far ahead. Faith in the great Monday night for ya know I you know how hard it is to you know talk socks the regular three hour show host can you just socks and integrated Tomas she did Celtics and quite flattered and nobody yours and I just. One quick Coke I just realized Kline Leonard comes. So one year deal. You can't send extension right now anyone. It's the size and we're very hands on dry land like national real young talent per got one year. I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That like he was on someone's still going with a big Russian vehicle line Leonard. And his two leads to a lot of guys when players. Right. So I'm against that. Post war against them against LeBron I'm against coli. Hamas did you have a Jalen brown guy yeah no but I had known in the NFL draft week from tonight. What their report draft went in a madrassa week from tonight through such in my schedule that's originally next Thursday. Joey pulled them because he's the draft the NBA draft of its determination that's on your three years running always in three years in a row and add to our wherever I was picking when he fit that she spoke careful to support it and is not is not a sex object to about Ohio that happens at the guys I want to all the preview run up to half the guys like Europeans Jones overseen. It's not good it's on to your favorite pop radio and I was I was. We had a good show yeah it's usually does cross the street right moves on with its mossy I have no idea Kevin Garnett I mean I I've got to know Kevin I was there are draft night when that the other. Reality check into the draft I was draft night tell mossy and a loaded later when they actually got him got to know. That the nobody really just for a ring the ring does great NBA stuff I mean this is a terrible projects. Logs show three outs. At five hour show marks an electric Tony's guys from crying what's that basketball player to configure O'Connor yes Kevin O'Connell Joey for two big segment was it your first. Phoenix don't. Know who now maybe. This Phoenix and Atlanta is so PX is it really take. Grant Hill I think is well you know Venus has just posted here. North and we prepared is one thing about but I don't know why I don't Phoenix going picking one is 125 ish somewhere there. Big issue and you gonna talk about what his impact when it 27. Circles of the Red Sox are often. It's actually dated now who are desperate who loved to play the games so odd if you were never asks this for the TV down. The C two hamster yes listen speaking out beautiful day yesterday as seven glasses limited. Awesome awesome worker or even tighter Saturday evening post that he had ought Norman rock well this 1000. One that family oh man. Unbelievable it was really good. Some of the mysteries on the radio after a sort of a whodunit really like it in and it's hot you know what I do fan so. The I approve my electric fan you have one of those be habitually get these that we rickets who lived side to where carnival like yeah we've he should cool that there was discussion yesterday the age of some of but it was nice data to look at that he must blend of yard. And now we're test I walked down opposite the afternoon paper walked out of the country store picked up and walk and this great battle on talk much in each house we walked by to game one anyway of course is here yes he'll miss a pitch audio you'll miss a pitch and it was off. It's great great afternoon on my milk that was like ten minutes late Wednesday night stop by we will conversation we drop off the fresh milk glass bottles. And you know a good thing is that right after that McCain the ice man came so acute angle it's. Yeah she. And then post in yesterday's answer some questions as they. Yes it's a new spot variances toward a question yes she loves that Twitter and respect that it of Twitter listeners involved duty and the Netherlands yesterday. On Twitter today from community on from. Dresses for the. Her old old old old Ernie how we'll never putting up to it it's a different muscles is is is to buy himself as an anger. I was listening to this specific changes its regulator now. I heard him answer questions before respond to people want to go toward a good thing Joseph does not a putter now that's like him as a right now like. I like that for a play by play guy in 2018 and not have quarter and it's a good right but which is distracting right team we have a radio one's Thomas who hit show what is it for Sox who've okay hundred followers I have. Companies like 3000 Sox blew. Sox never seen that we've. Re tweeting athletes that and so on him of the your job might not might and a mind and those in front of that Charleston has done some tweets from there. Other presents -- we're getting there. Differed Red Sox are grateful and I failed you are on should you wait on equipment in your like office at home while Harris in the room that's fine. You can learn some now. She's got a little too much iconic brand he's gonna teach him she's done wheeled and she's Republican. It's. It's just sometimes a little jarring reeling genitalia Greta and right I click and his brand new what. You know that's the issue he polygamy Lexington steals and how's it lacks good to see David Hale's accounts. Still the numbers are you that no known and you've seen dale. Or was at that time a pitcher before him was dale or. Jaffe Jaffe into us as you know there was a lock on non marriage was there and Beers the Billy best friend myself. So fast and speculative the Twitter question oh yeah I've received it and says he says can be really good so I'm really guess it's going to be like really. Really personal it's gonna be like which player. Ed have you seen the drug test right. On the road right yes so estimate that. Struck at times this. Leo to pitch him away. 105 tips to Louisville elusive strike. For the order system you guys available. Bob's stars all the difference I think. I started answering one of them the whenever I discuss say like I don't want people there's an afternoon game. But never it's like it's local content you know to the comedy store and seeing prior like 76. There is a lot and we we don't appreciated enough room to ask a serious question I'm I don't know Tim you do. They drug test he's cast for cocaine the broadcasters to be or definitely dress feel like it's so well tested and that is that people based on my incidents and one is nonsense in the these incidents that yes moral four points incident when he made of plural. Incident. So receptor own place he's breaking news what do you mean. I'm saying argue vote in the old days everyone drank in the press box and don't be ashamed and just in an engagement to throw I don't anymore it's a throwback thing. Anymore of some stupid. We had nine more grip once a month. While she's at once a month now it's a once Marshall wardrobe we're testing once a month. We remove content and move on let's let's think in right now is thinking about lying to Kansas City hasn't worked in the otherwise is still it was a Richardson had to be glib but did he knows the truth strategies he has a couple things don't minutes. He had is that is great race. It isn't that exactly itself and ice cubes rattling breath. Part of WW never hear our. How do you guys billable. What over the construction. In the Saddam Hussein to action scenes as the players who are concerned for. Post game travel whatsoever is a game starts only today is thrills so. This nurse some view about the plan. Think you'll bring some fans want to know both the start time the deal Parade Magazine and you plant those questions right he would say you know from a B or when or I tell us that while much Jack Wagner to these. Aren't announced apple just look at that. It's either going to receive a fight I think music TV and yeah I'm Dan Coleman lately. He nearly every call I always like favorite of mine Bentley and Kevin MacLeod these days. Doesn't negatively impacted Jon says it does impact your schedules on this cycle at a time when most of the things. And game planning. A lot of different things including track and strike called triple. Voted by a pitcher Jersey was was awarded first series. There's a lot of overnight travel. You don't really know where. All the wonderful. All the luck omens who do what overnight travel that we don't know. And if history travel the I think people don't know about race it is related to government if you care actually I don't think its and we think he's a front row there you eat last week in Houston and in fly out like 3 in the morning c.s and the airport sidelight you know I don't think most people imagine not namely the next day yet again this is limitless illegal they played Boston won the next 2 o'clock I never know how they get there. And those who support. So is a mystery so that he would take the train barnstorm tour they take a portal that the letter two teams one from Boston right proclaim it significantly this. The first of all bush. The question of the day rest the question is the second biggest psychopath I think I've seen yes. I know I don't know what looks like guarantees crazy guy insides are probably not answer probably never sleeps like Bartolo we will read public spins from. Spare time cleaning guns. You know when people write of those guys you know people it never asking him that these questions real. We find that person more important I cannot speak what questions did they reject when they picked that. Mr. slick Willie was asked what his favorite ballpark food orders like eliminate what recession. Good question that is your question we rarely get to sample. Unfortunately since we usually eaten press dining used to you'd on the club level in Saint Louis quite a bit ago and they have really good food there will be put on him. It's funny. I'm not a mustard gas and as fine that is really funny I told I still let Joseph with a well always it's about you know I it's always. Jim Remy credit Remy and Tom O'Brien. Because they know O'Brien's aboard even though the numbers he knows noted these guys he State's existence but nice of last year's because he doesn't stay he's such a bore no such thing no question on and he agrees. Do you on the audience viewers who want the aid and yeah. You know when I socks like an atmosphere sucks to know when it's just flat. They try to mess around federal food it's great amounts and do well on to say they do it they just take questions they reckon we'll someone's head forcing him to yeah. And I don't know he's not just like Tim loves that Twitter that's not force it he likes doing. The records and every single light pretty interesting he likes food. Don't know anyone else a lot of questions on here where a guy whose other ones. Nazi. Did you did you what's your favorite radio call hash tag Red Sox Nation talks with the answer. Wire throws to first on included in the pitch count. Fair question good question. Wife who what is your typical day look like. That as your prep differ on road trips. Does he introduce what are the differences and pass gains that Joseph misses no he just I guess he must it was a good day for Tim look like here. And I guess he gets up in the morning as breakfast as breakfast he's when the book among all these style programs weight right suburbia is like a piece of fruit yet. Maybe some of them black coffee in it to dump shower and use it. Two Red Sox in DP before day games looked looks Peru's as the box score sets like or could pay a play about plague us media guides always begets it was with the media guy. Maybe Jones. There's a name. May be the sporting news came in the middle of the day before he breaks that I baseball digest baseball was it only work with almanac is just a question he had any answer them that's that's on Twitter senator Tim Evans James and Jonathan Davis and things from Vermont let's send some people there's police and federal agents. And on the sky up he wants to know about the different start times. Are these guys feel about all the different start times was thought of ago. Seated how do you feel about how you look at the start time this is me off. Your job as an estimated types of routines of as the players do Rica once. William fun sometimes. Later arrival times. I couldn't used to be get back to which in my hand and patents some Americans who subscribe to trumbull. And quickly the council to vote does affect you I would say maybe it was just open. To schedule new. Guys to. You can then kind of flies. It is the easiest job. History of of the world with five months off they do they fly on the charter group team though there's no stress and heat in the press box it's sick and tell you what the next pitch. The ratings pressure nothing is not English is that in recent years nothing's that easy nothing I don't think Tim was suggesting his heart was yes he does not suggest he wasn't complaining Thanksgiving message lining the travel a week I asked the question is trying to answer the question depicted that indicates they don't exactly a year like how many questions that he answer on the broad public want as a second year I heard when you're gonna covering the team you're right when you beat guy you know mark I've watched a few of the right after the game you have to you know get your own transportation. Raw but yeah. Of those qualified team he's calling him radio. You know he has in the past and they get alone is on the bus you know and the and the cynics and the guys rob walk confident out I would de Baja. And them. And the Mayo. And they state the team hotel and a great hotels this is and they don't even have to like wake up in the morning it's there's been no job as a matter of they say is to support a we'd act easier than going out and play by play when the Packers had the one that should never market. It's good element to act like a good play by play guys agreed with a text him every ad market in what impact writes I've broadcasts what impact what impact has he had Mike mormons are great public calls for what at least and say he had an impact at least make you said he held assets are broadcasters have no impact it's not safe yet again project I was CNET. He's entity is dead. It's not bad what else is your question he's been he's been part of the broadcast that's it that's so what impact is an iPod but his impact is now he's the first publicly that the Red Sox radio T Nicholas the that's a disease and ask questions in Iraq that's the Atlanta Vince Scully it's almost we know. Those kinds of songbird integrate voice and sniffer is good singer was in my garments and Exel put the public what impact Zia if he. Want their order was still doing things what's the public to forget what's the difference is an impression on you if your fan of the team options if you'll spend a team and the guys good month giving us an impression on you Jerry an impression on he's on his back sometime in the Booth he's afraid at all. Freedom rationality how I feel I watched games I wish harm an answer again yeah that's the answer. What a precaution. As Mike Coleman that have any gains or Kirk you what impression you're not fans know him you're. I love Michael he's great but in the waning impact if you've packer game. Yes I think there are people that we tell you they deem they like he might gore regained better then Marv Albert doing it I very fat guy you root I don't. The Jimmy Olsen buried at speaking about I would have rather watch Mike Gorman he's had to get by choice I look is back or sometimes sometimes they choose Korman of the times that she's bringing or whatever it non arena. Whoever does he has previously went out there that there's something else because now. Well I shot makes you know better summer better than others sure that they don't make the game better to be can tell they're more into what it sometimes and let the local that's the added that. All this happened local guided games. That's the impact your left greater impact or impression and impact US and Russian art of how to make a case for impact I would say impression 61777. Point 79% less we have Kurdistan. Well we got some news on grown from Mike Florio tour and I I gotta say I am so outraged I don't know where to begin yes it's pretty boring though slow to a solid on the golf. Are you a tour golf segment for Israelis yet like Cornel I am discussed what's that I discussed the interest who has played well last two days ago he didn't he didn't McCain get it I I can't even think straight Belichick are both efficacy and of course obviously larger project has given up so an outrage. And Syria's new favorite hockey team the Washington Capitals are gonna go visit from. They said that was what was that there's that you'll go in and most of the T Moore attend just as long as long as the Russian guy's going need the Russian got a nice for a walk for a candidate to. I don't count stands a good question here she is. Some garlic salt ordered the parade. Captured through a run but no matter it's unbelievable should push me through your it's really official looks great. Axl we take out the pictures movie of the white people of the item always a big dollars. We should yes it's uncomfortably so comfortable for Hillman LB yet failed get on the bus when you guys think that's true. I think we should put dean as picture back up I British producer prices while in many more as today. Begins they never to US start our 8 o'clock we said publicly we're going to fight back who do you deprive them anyway. Audiences activist who's been trying to bring us down some great stuff on line yes I suggest you go find it 6177797937. Celebrate as a key complaints you Jordan's Furniture. Milton is Buffalo Wild Wings many more Omaha steaks provides energy correct her humble farms great people great people awesome people. Who while I understand that the free speech means you know wants a while he disagrees see some things that make might makes people comfortable yes and and and this is as open performers you can find. Absolutely amenable bring anyone on tour it was as we've shown last two years because people you know can handle like. You know 101. Right trading but there welcome back or the guys trying to bring us that we've rational wannabes invited him but he's afraid he's right he's been calling many times actually welcome to. At 61777979. Receptions list makes me sick I met Rebecca shook his hand it's the Simpson spent 45 minutes on the phone. And I remember right when was your notes what a waste all the waste. It'll call that the problem right short answer one on maybe him maybe is on May be one of his friends great absolute difference now I can't match. As you can ask your connections and no matter does it 6177779%. Albrecht. Sports Radio go. You speak and we have Evan relics from NBC sports Boston on the line. Evan what's going on. What you do it for a shot of our 500 U Ricardo pelicans began right. We have have been on. Friday November and I haven't we have to do right do we have on and on and are doing a great when it came against who strike call from. With a particular. You can cut a bit if you're. Evident by Fred. Wacky wacky left. Secret he used to do so we'll think Utley is have you because you too right is you're used to via apple be right. And I've graduated passed civil relic is taking your spot much rob July I was layered on its rough like this latest is calling. Insult that we could go to your mental. Your rob Bradford human union rot of archery that's that's the awesome form whose. Filly chaired. Did. Today. I think it is Iraq that split via. Is this if you have the papers today. Sure it happens well I mean you. Urged for. Instance. On Oscars is a lowly producer at his church. So you know it's. So you have so were paying him noble when by. Much a nice little gift today yes he is hard work yeah he's been great you know about this that yeah ma oh well good you'll like you're gonna like this month. What's the while it up there. And I'm serious and I like this and even when you actually sold missile involved as well excellent guests. We are all oh yes yes yes you'll enjoy this. Some we talk that's. Known not specifically. Good camp. I think you did you elect as a parity council real yet knows a good don't think the partisans like parts of Paris island and we have we have the greatest Perry county call for now. Yeah we don't appreciate them enough of an ounce yet. It's when they would we need them they shall Italian air Sonia creative. We have obviously we have. Really dumb produces. We have really lazy you know cohosts and yet. People would not a creative bone the body. Then we have these people who don't get anything out of it a producer over the weekend texted and said is a creative said. When daily frequency calls which have played worse callers on the radio what are we gotta create and that's just that was your idea. What's and you Texas and a majority originally rights. It was a ghost you attacked the bees over that was that was a leveling out of say Warner and some wonder it was a rain that that was the Dallas. That was Kirk asked him hate him now but yet you text title horse collars a great text of all time the trivia we shouldn't. The fact we should do right now from better I think it's a good idea. What's important because from callers or caller yes or play you don't play everywhere. Does not know enough excitement and energy of the worst color. As Tara what would you call it's not a cent was blown out of yours I don't cause is that republic if we do is a ten minutes mentality in in and we definitely ups. On this to ten minutes on the worst caller. Not a good idea. OK let's start red zone OK guys it doesn't matter whatever you'd come up with critical just rolls eyes huge back if you guys and he does is. Although you know on I'm getting my witness I'm clicking a like a detecting those team gains that we cherish Arabs should we include Dino. Problem among parity accounts because he's come up before he's essentially yesterday young wants to show young blocking out everyone except now. And they got us. Can record I don't care you screech sent in in before replies before envoy he ought to. After we still paying attention which is currently always feels a lot if you hear he'd be so in this. He would be allowed to deal looks for stocks we only want you the only one who's more obsessed with them. Revenge than you right. It is to these new generation of John jones' tired not not that far off and neither do you enjoy recognition. That true. And I'm I'm in the discussion but I can't keep about that I would follow John Dennis as I did yesterday at John is at John Dennis W yeah although it was still hang on do you and an AFL still. Mask for anything if he didn't see him get through the Jeff he'll be a barrage ordinary guys as the from a shift you barrage he hates this form this little obsessed with the that's OK it's fine now. We'll have farm you know little crusades and yes. Book he was on board yesterday as were all. The Twitter the parity counts and they were great. Yes yes I'll have forever was the best guess the most loyal audience and in Boston about it's it's it's. OLES. A should know social we do you it's LT. Announced late in LA rams. Yes the and the best yes that's that's been. Unbelievable but the nose lead that charge again last rate you know if you were here. It would have impartial view of good deals right into the so imagine you sitting immediately so would've really big house no in the metro works for him would be burned to the ground by well it's not it's. Yeah. But it before I got to say the end would be he would be fun on this topic yes disease is crazy you when it comes to. Settling the score it's just you know when you when you when you look at it if you read stuff and now there's a story news on line yesterday afternoon. Put up by somebody who belong annoyed by him herdsman. I haven't heard was even notes. Horse child there so perky girl what my favorites but if you look at you might find you look at you say. As do the front page of the globe this morning. Just the it. The world is ending what what what are we doing here I mean what what is going on it you know it is and you know it's it's it's I think nice to simulate that things expose and and obviously as it close to home the same effectiveness. This. This affected us obviously and affected even more so that people we work with. But it's a trend and it's not these kind of things happen and lots of places and I think a lot of good people are disgusted. A lot of good people. Are tired of that and a ready to fight back we just caught onto so yes. I. When we do musically it's. What's the song called again and getting. As James McMurtry by you'd tortoise now. That's. Very suspended background is that there. What would go back to Ireland and who can lift an apple that. Did. Supposed to be just background music at all. We need your upset me for calling out. I was trying to converse with you the eightieth we were talking yet about nothing you're saying is not what you've repeated again beat a ranked from who want to us go ahead I don't know Jim from people. Of all I'm diehard baseball terrible call outside from Peabody yesterday it is the worse it will first call ever had a multiple times like first call artists are the greatest of our shows we don't really any of those callers. We once in awhile have what we have had the worst of all and we. We now for a would now would be king. King Albert Albert much are you originally I was like that that's an Aussie boys is all Julia with Danny he never brag about as hate him comes in and around the Denny's speaks clearly he's got passion the problem with the Indy. Is he only calls shows that don't challenge him he wants no blowback. Who wants like five minutes to set the whole thing up at seven doesn't wanna debate getting excited though. He just wants to make this is no those are the worst calls don't act of any back and forth hodac's dozens were suppose that's quite an Larry's fault it. And yeah okay I know. Right Karen gosh awful into our radio. No question you would do you mean you would. You wouldn't hate him. If he was willing to go back and forth though police also human side that's true hills and never he's never wrong mine is right about this connecting lines these stars as the awful awful it's heavy calls but they look for soft landing places it on the petroleum blogger Matt isn't right and and Larry Craig right polygamy or else I'll think. Are you here all weekend shows like the Lawny or I can layered hosting solo I'll call my picture for adults and that there's anything against Dicey what's up. Europe that's going to be. OK I Danny I ordered by the breakup of basketball by. Who's that Mark James Mark Green just it is and your opponent to break off the basketball what does it would recall four. Is Red Sox. You'd get the cat okay person article back to some of the things that was in Saint Paul. I marking Greg. I Marc-Andre. Johnson part of July would you have a loser James tell us just sent us. Did you guys accounts from the old veteran call it a case mark Deanna aids might have what's your what is your business empire to change little vice fixed because it TC. Go after yourself and hang up she's such a mocha indulging. Any it's not home games marked change with the equally as you know. I think so yeah Anna Nicole Lee never show. He used to all our member argue with them our beautiful. I thought on the weekends I plus seven million years ago and he got all upset forget what happened was a big fight city socked. The golf studies that we should have a median price mistake Elliott Elliott ever talked him again since Tony doesn't like ten minutes on mr. Obama. Tony brutal toward him as something we Bridgewater new use for non. Like tar like Tony Tony's group information all right and as the show what they're adamant hates you nice guy he's pouring out here is nice but deeper into nice nice guy you know. That's a more talent in this picky that many can't Ericsson has bought. Yeah like that so again I give the impression Philip let's talk about it Syria on these called these COPEL stations all day. I don't know all have them in the same date including tone I'm rich water in years like I hear him in the afternoons he calls which show detail rich as an excellent articles that Red Sox shall the Red Sox on our night. You because you ought to do it guys Tonys in Bridgewater Daytona. 088. Tony what's up. Yeah let's elect lightest weight. Yeah well the great bulk and hopefully someone. You're right I apologize to brilliant caller for you guys are blood horse collar and you can. Now he's in his first it was. Caller Steven probably the best listeners are the best advertised in the Basque callers we do best parity that's Paris classic producers yes we have the best former hosts through the bats the bat with an asset and that's the best everyday yes. There's a fantastic country anymore nice views cancer or worse we used to but the put sin cast the top five for sure those guys represent something it's. The hole I should tell us the end of our practice and appreciate those guys Regina social media I gotta agree thrown out editor pretty amazing just did I know it was just dead. And coasted to mossy sucks straight he's all about him that. Keep it private they have asked if favor shows me once on aspects of dollar she's a key Islamic from me being self involved on the here because county family issues really upsets me. As a sure no problem with you in a while that you aren't you heard anything. What well I went over. Friends not you deserve frank no I kid you were sort of friends there at some point I running with sir you're talking about one runs easiest thing you know you could keep up from Iran wants of the surpass real struggle for running once that the suitable. Woodward of frightens. Bring bread but never she came to your own moments where you can write what you group co workers. Right but what's up like that happens you know it would which has it will cause it's great we're in trouble and if you still here should should be part of it too -- same thing Garry saint and we sit there and wonder Kerry was the one yet so he just toll checked out repeatedly people we are was friends of the -- -- still friends contact Gary I know support and I'll still talk of the town of every couple people will we have unit called call and people we've raised money for they don't have our backs people we've worked with him ever backs and it's the same thing work on my own and I would no no we just went over all the people who do the guy's got great saying other. It's a signal of the appetites were great. The people to order a great people in the mid day the big unknown Lou yet. As a tale retreated proposed insurance three. Yes there retreated might as. Was just one there are retreating U we definitely knew about us so you retreated beat us yet yes he went even though even know our former contestant has people are beautiful piece of water. Commitment to god. You know they're gone in the forgotten but what they represent is our plus it will will. Take any sure we'll look Marshall will take any absolutely come on man. Mean obviously trainee to us he knows who Alex. Don't see the world literally written rewritten. Yeah G severely. This disappointment not. And I was on the verge comeback in the show actually he he wrote some above this whole story that's treated and then never selected date he did use that meeting as well right yes Marie was removed the government tell a story I think. That would be a good deal that would me but I guess I just stuff like that weighs people who you who know us but we work with them more on the raise money for them with them and their silent I think is telling you disappointment much shore. Why do expect. Equal French report efforts. Four that there. Some people are spoiled yet now they just expect. No the one way street to attract people problem would be speculative numbers give them my originating awesome how it's going to. True but this time it feels different Kyrgyzstan we get people yeah behind us yes. I decide yes you should be I'm literally should I am I understand you should be happy. I'm literally not stop and say you know we're down where we've just started this we just started fighting back and it's not going to stop molesters are going to be there. People on Twitter in the parity counts can be. I think a good thing overall I mean what's the why yet to say. You have to fight back in even 2018. Even when you're going against him sort of the Twitter mob won and Jeff fight back after right. Mean he's have to yes I feel like it was a very successful. Day yesterday yes hello I'd love to be able to talk about the store that we can't talk about I think we will get to and it's also. We got a phone calls office they are now is I'm I'm confused here I haven't got an updated edict was I mean. Are of its image can I just what you do one thing one thing and I'm not look in the fight about just. If we don't talk about it can you ask why would we. What would powers that be prefer we talked about instead yeah or this much question always. What's better what's there to talk with crock. Brock was the pro football congress of trade report before the three areas for the draft operation was he traded we knew we knew it was an okay this is really does anybody think similar deal with colon what did you say he did and he could well somewhat when he could have done 34 months ago six movies namely that and then a couple we post a score we're gonna fight back that supports ensor. With the motherboard to takeaway Leonard I medium maybe I'm wrong now. You are not wrong and I hope it is a much more interesting story and everyone everyone would agree every listener would agree especially your audience the next obviously we did Cohen Leonard was that. Could lose that quarter largely terrible. I was. What horrible Chris Sale getting ejected from a series or in these regular quite a temper President Putin should sign him long term now. These releases of today but I think that yeah. 617777937. I wouldn't mind some calls of support here but I don't think we can take them I guess is what Kurds should can't get told you can't. Kirsch said the Yankees still exists. I don't know I assume it does but let's get to abort called a support you guys what's our choice and asked for forgiveness can. Once you do not ask for permission it's just I -- how we just weren't supposed to talk about the stool tests mean literally someone calls and to support your show doesn't mention a certain story that was on independent flawed from central mass yesterday while the manner I may be right behavior and a little surprised and upset bug when giving you trouble. Don't know. Definitely you don't want you never want getting an. What should matter at all and I believe that it did to read historian and go on Twitter and see some these toward accountant. And pay attention this person knows and she was so I went when I mention that at all we're we are here to help avoid all this together but it 617779. 793. Several bright back. The myself. I'm right there. Nice thing that I did it yeah. Okay. Yeah it. I know you know you've been around long after I don't last very often some guy that I've. That that makes for some reason I don't know why but as far as just being this is the bears usually yesterday will also visual guys screaming in the microphone allows an around I was all worked out he will. Switched that's another reason we should go on TV to see you yeah who's your mind people would like they'd like to see you aloof man of those high end. That was good sorties at the turtles. As yeah I'd love to turtles collected journals and I'm glad that opinion I do turtles. A budget play happened again let's see that's this many others who and it's good size I want ulcer that's that's a great song. But ticket timeless that's sometimes good today. Happy together now that that's optional and short oppose sub sunk from the don't sound. But some good to date through on the question some don't but that's one of its own for its internal stand the test of time. Yes I think it took its own terms right. Turtles and my favorite reptiles he reptiles and general and you do or snakes. Lizards right. Little reptiles a rep tell you distribution rights I don't I only rep tells people creep me out you know like people who have. Who played with snakes like to hold them on him not me at all I think they're great back. My internals. We meet lots of people most snake people most people most direct to have a legacy but the people or not your minority bolster creeped out by. Yes but they have friends and family wives and husbands go to to visit greats do. Save it feels so recent. Some of The Beatles better because of internal policies aside people. I was driving on Memorial Day weekend and serious and could top 100 beatle songs people by their fans with 94 themselves. Strawberry fields fair and I had to listen I kept going back says it sounded Sandra Batman. Mean immature they're bad in this room there worn out to me to help is a good old home raided. I might have thought it was good like once upon a time she loves you know sending help residents on it it's a good thing along of that yes. Comes not yet heard in awhile you would signal Dow right now I'm teaching. And I'm not a song it is. Helped by the B yeah as ago health. And needs and not a hail Mary really want somebody else. And say hey man don't I don't really well yeah themselves extra and betterment of eyes locked. We got lost sight of what happened mr. dale thank joint. That was good you lost your interest money doesn't suit today right he wasn't quite. Is a memorable is your rant that 8 o'clock at times ran eight fifteens yesterday fifteen short to revisit that means lots of people lots of people text line and Twitter want to hear it again. I'm not sure you could recreated in office. And so. Create a visual bank. I think he could duplicate Nevada came from placate anger and today's not act as if the networks are trying to redo and I don't think you can do to get to the dale thing yesterday it is almost sounded like you do today back and forth that the obese -- dale yesterday it's not possible. Yeah I know I've done yet no doubt that he had no doubt that he had no. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah. That's cricket club in cricket rob thank you for. That adds rugged yet and yet. Write a new addition to be here yeah note idea. It is a purple and yeah no I yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah no idea. That's the issue objected to work on the side and just go yeah yeah yeah yeah. And yet know yet no dad no dad no I don't know yet no dad no dad knows yet. I don't I don't I don't know about. I know I got that I've done that they've got to have it. I bet it did do. That. But bad that happened. When you talk and have them better whose dad and they thought I'd eaten at. Yeah yeah yeah. Bought an iPod. And a bit. Who. About it not being guy picked up a bit. Lot of guys remember that Beck bad. Problem swear and we don't know of acute note percentage and peak of Fargo and said Ku Klux Klan. Well it dead dead dead dead dead dead back. I don't rob sound from Phyllis or hours. I listen to rub last night how long was the show three hours go most two hours. I just had a long did you each and it was good man roughest time. It was unintentionally funny. Era about a pack yet they were yesterday's robs rubs to guests robbers who make fun rob Iran's and as you mean like as well at all bras. Doesn't hate me at all as you like to point out. The greatest over achiever in the history of mankind yes. Ugly. Can't speak. Can't write that can't read you address absolutely. And the conservation started as gains are reasonably good visit TV. And on and on TV right writing he runs a website yes. He is straight runs marathons. Run marathons that pulled away Austin Aaron I saw him. Finished the marathon and smiling on type of soda water luckily home right netted of those little effort on how I see you now. I just annoyed wild stuff that you eight took some shots at me last night what stuff. A guy that's a medium only had followed and told you something that happened in the Booth you brought up yesterday effort laws but we. Which are talking about Mott said something that was in confidence and you went repeated on the levee was not that. I would time we gonna replay Kurtz friend do it seven. Fifteen well look quite glanced up to get to Qualls Chris de generating. A World Cup always potential seven falcons for their programs you wanna talk withdrew African Knoll on Long Island. And it's pad. I can't tell you for some reason wonder why a percentage of super duper. Duper excited for the US open this year more than you'd like I don't know where you went to the masters at which are gonna go all the majors was that when you bucket list things. It was a reason it is a personal shot at me. I've been I've been the United States open ocean copy force that's trumpet of the United States open at the Brooke I was the British Open the first one didn't know I was there isn't an eighteen centers or not more so from the mine noble objective Kirk's career put. Every do the red and Bradford that he'd be able Lawrence. Other than a month today in the energy. Active. And was coming in at night you know you keep this up again and nausea it guys you'll be out of that you can see Z yeah. And I don't ya know guys that now yet via the known. Yeah back. Now yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know yet. Like watching a tennis match. Robby hall. And old relic of your life. Both debt and. That. Dumping goes on for a couple weeks we've made fun of his. Some people heard one thing is Yoni laurel yet that we do that would jet it would shed that it just didn't do urgent. Yeah I'm Dan and again a hundred and we play that again. Bradford or. And your dad and Stan Stan that's I think what quick collared forward for a break I'm not we have time for call too short but it's. It's gonna Tim OK and hearing what's ideal so who has been nominated by mother's worst call as she I've just got snowed out it's on funnies cleaned up over and over again. So the third a never never picks on you guys what's the same thing it's up to him. I but a great thing at the difference between me and you come down so. I'm not called to be funny I just enjoy taking on new blood might you did say something yet say almost gave up their ego. Get off that they would train at the polls Torre left you've been my Italian last night as they can. I can't do that and in law put in on who the hell my too much you have such an idiot you make my day you'd do it every. A matter who senior have been money and doesn't architecture you know limelight because you are at army. You tried to wrong two people in her. So it's. We I am referring to and that's just the odds Italian I'm very scary and I have a few questions here today. Two days earlier on the radio so that to date so that you can't win didn't get out of school. On next week next week I'd even in school do you know that my. Yes there and settle for a really go to school today do one goes to preschool I know doesn't give us a good school X two schools off for the kids like next week not Paducah was crystals up next week. As soon as summer they'll call the plumber is now they're almost all really okay. It carries and jockey school yet. Exactly. Not the end now while yeah so much. Yeah yesterday I hope you enjoy you. They had in the Libyan intervention was happening today by that should be exciting deal yet should be up. You are also the idiot who says the definition of leverage is to have leverage. Even know yet what that is. They'll be goes to create team does I don't know leverages note when I. Of I'm not sure. So you have leverage does go to north unfunny callers renounce your lot on air petulant. Child and a president and finally I can always request to you Tim Tim before you ago. Yeah I don't get a call pick on the third person logical training in the weakens she's too long in this cause he's a big. Jerry you'll go to you to listen did you call that might have a problem the best that you say they don't cross that aisle please call you agree with. Don't you think you do if you could be Raja and break up the harmony on the Childress is Colin and let's be fair Tim did call in trying to would hang up their troops be. Contact Obama have all New Hampshire was a day in New Hampshire all and done. She's usually allow them to do an hour to come 6177779%. Were visibly yesterday's ties into the big story today. I would elsewhere and any else from the talk again next hour wired some pretty good Atlanta journal senator McCaskill story about the Russian artists for years ago I presently. The US opens underway it is is should the clock pills yeah. Live updates we gonna celebrate our presence purchase something on his brutal yet. Tigers made a prediction. It's his duty to some player will miss his tee times the wall for him because bode is like tied up next the third tee and I our Tuesday.