K&C - Kirk and Gerry react to a wild weekend on WEEI; The Hernandez documentary was a joke 3-19-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, March 19th
Hour 3: Gerry, Kirk and Tanguay gave their thoughts on the weekend programming at the station and Kirk responded to the Hernandez documentary. 

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It's Kirk and Callahan whether worst day over the weekend when he gets some love to my lady wants from Braintree was what you want I want but not. My heart a mock YMCA people who MacIntyre story perseverance. We get out of I fear Toronto for the advancement. It's mr. Scrooge it was a very good first baseman there was a contests in India oh yeah million dollar arm with Kirk made ahead. Jean you hit deep detailed feedback emails to coach and the players after this way what is your feedback to the team all of. Thank I cast. Now she says we ask god to help us and Neitzel. God that we would do our part that he would do his part. And Gerry Callahan is a double life. Seems sort of level. Catching passes from palm break that's kind of tough for the world and has kind of pinnacle mural on her and is absolutely. Without a doubt not guilty. That was a it is. With a little plug Sports Radio WEEI. Motivational speaker home town of Portsmouth Ohio. Padded chair. They get low boxes of disparity as part of it makes it. His sisters who converted first baseman Albert play most. When we first. But his license. Late red now. Is that who plays talk about. I think Hillary six like this they can never met some recap autistic Leo and never. Bradford Tomas in the role much this week he's an actor he's as a radio this year Ricky to go I regular season form. I mean she's yeah ultimately play a form never chasing your rate this year it's right treasury anything notable. In a while you're anything notable for these guys over the weekend inaudible everything I hear from them is wonderful I he weighed in with the with the taxes no feet. To talk him Greg they'll remembered either really suffering and Nelson. I about. First trip to spring training here. Old fashioned ballpark in came right from the airport we had to get a rental car has what it comes down. Pirates put center pirate city yet. There has to happen of course my station was so she we have though experiences that big deal why did. Where I don't car but anyway we came to the ball game and afterwards where the pirates club house. He did this. Get a Ryder rental car agencies practical. And I don't want it would benefit to him that was a public relations that pirates that they hate that we start to. It really did you get these guys are so often. Mike Cameron had a right to the car rental agencies police force not been. It's a long way I am a big Cadillac. And we proudly in the backseat. Try that included Al Oliver at 2800 its key clients. And that Jon Jeter who's you imagine being an excellent well used to reach deeper into the result of the way arteries going into the story. While outside not only ditty. Privacy there that he gets out of the car was in the agency says hey these guys are where the pirates get that special rate we have way. What pops talked it was today was a hero from the pockets and why for me pops he was such a wonderful guy. Pops in the room than college no yeah. I don't yesterday I was. Upstart. I this gives you don't ever tell the stole the story were players not only. A greater human being mimicked the average person would know better than not a Jew store told the vote there and and and it's all great break. Rental cars here and rape story. Says that a really nice to be an enterprise in north out of Jesus and that was the weekend the weekend and that was how earlier we can that story plus that's it station this weekend was trying to ambush. Bradford align the interest and we are never bad. Right I'd I was glued thought I did this whole site can learn from Montreal to agree OS your veterinarian. I'd have a sound OK we'll look at any technical glitches Scopes in Sunday's game from Montreal what's going on in Montreal as if there there's a hockey hotbed for wife's family is but yeah I'll try out for hockey stuff right indeed see scouting and danced out of that solidarity for another year he drives a different day does show. I should I apply a pattern yes he should upon them keys was tiger's coming up. Next Gilani and raptors in this is the show that ticked off dale the first place right he got and as Bruins random podcast so it's all come full circle here and speaking of tattoos I think Bradford as a Ortiz debt to which he is not showed she edits Canada. Supposing private application so maybe we'll get that picture. Instead backed peace to the back piece abilities in the point to guys thanks poppy that's one part that was Sunday skate and through Jesus from Illinois you know and how they wonder why I wonder why what. Against what they never give us radio so far from the weekend we played particularly owns rental customers played butch to ultimately want is terrible candidate can lead joking about it Pratt organ or get a say Chris. I thought that bad can lose very very in depth into the fears of the Bruins going all the leaders talked about it a lot of people scared of stuff interests in this dale scared scared I'm scared might not be in the corner are scared of wise they're scared I'm scared of the raptors just scared of sombre might be unhappy. Yeah he scared the grunt might retire I'm scared to get pancreatic cancer thought I was scared of a much satellite and actually scared. Navigation to my priorities and our right. Garrity carrier Irving woman behind the play blankley had a cancer in yet and Adam Clayton McCord was in the top six in all of us a big interest that a desperate to write off Schwarzenegger it's fair yes if you got pancreatic cancer in Gradkowski came back. Under his current contract right. That would be like 61 way half dozen or most importantly on the tell you this right now and you know my friends went into this. Economy banging out the rest of the week and more is Slater to outside of the pin almost all of it I mean it may Getty it may get even a classy enough. And had that I mean at a gales and let's give his that's worst days of Dale's life this Brady scared dale yet that will make no sense that you know what. If you will if you're patriots and you'll say that's the patriot way yes that's right. Well I don't know if this US Paymah watt he's hurdle I mean you want us to be here which have been partly. Making you feel like I'm a human face of cable wanted to put the special teams capita for years and he will always wonder what was how cluttered with Jackie Slater an office of linemen. Have a small guy like Matthews on the biggest white wasn't quite as big business owners and just to guess the highlight of the weekend though came from Belgian. You go yeah they're old old old. So OJ got a text from Chris Knight mr. LGB cap Paula just to meet OJ Lombardi yes OJ just aerial. Breaking down the salary cap implications in the NFL do you mean this you've auto the Mac and net Macintosh door locked. The matter about cuts through more stuff redo it. We stopped you know he went to north of Bradley's first goes close. And he went to a purity supreme goddess for for the weekend if anybody with a Macintosh Macintosh. And stuck to my source RadioShack. And Colombians. Did to our story contract he will get paid eventually brought me might make up 1 morning and just say you know I want so I went and now. Well I don't know after this many years suddenly he's getting agree one thing that's enabled bill ballots yet to be bill bella check is that Brady has been soul flexible right now I have to I don't think him any money this year. I don't know I'm not a cap biologist. That the idea month. Solemn but now you help me I honestly from my friend Tony man's I don't know. The more I think about it the patriots signed Kordell Paterson for when they kick off not as much for when they receive. 01 of all the more he thinks about. He's been speaking about it already and I think about it more like a gift Jose's size and his house thinking about Washington they snow they asked Simon how can you not love got traded formed and then. Yes yes for the repentance and the trade at record Doral and it Padilla crimes task and they train for quarter L Patterson. So we could be on the kickoff team. Yes. That's why yes she's cute specials. And mean to me that's Slater I read a lot about him returning kicks but. Kickoff returner is not that I lightly let's be fair about this that you think inside the box. Tony I was time gospel that luster punt returner and the kickoff return. I would say the punt returner is much more important than kickoff return we knew. Yes close kickoffs go millions slows kickoffs attachment is yes although I do wonder if he waited pages two is gonna become more to try and it is no questioning it happens I spring offseason trying to kick to the ground with a ticketed or precautions yes I know what you mean to be more murders or why would they have a trade for as any team ever traded for guys just who could be at kickoff he really mean you know the guy between some more as a help I'm just defense. It's a similar picture so don't want a case you think they try to put this guy writes we could be on the kickoff team on the but bill thinks that special teams that are very important right parks and such as a money to. I don't on the great minds on. Writers talked about what happened would have written answer and no answer we find out when capital money big money was so good with us they said he must be easily. This thing he's doing on the years of working with maybe got promoted maybe he's amid days or so now that we would. I know so much worse when way horse I can't we get some odd he noses were friends could become up and to shall we floor apartment and hoping for hours and maybe get on the phone like it any theology yeah. We were. What happened something I don't know maybe he snapped and light and see I think it's a professional actress in a while it is onboard. Two overnights that long. Please pray with us in the us. 04 pontoon for a while he attended diluted melted down. But before he could do overnight for a long time if I don't that's the best of met these different overnights on and we need to find out what happened to what they don't mind though that. Entity is an overnight suddenly do by Anatoly as a time to attend tunes and play today replied still tough though you know. I mean when your player you're uses him to archer. I guess I'll add my guess is a program director for hurt. So it's later today if he agrees to do Pittsburgh unit would either a deluge is gonna cut yourself. You shoot yourself I'd say that and say that particular fact Kobe had that we have some awfully personal to the movie away. By the way it was over as well so the back what's it and they found in the windy it was like what it says right on it don't take the bag of call Mike I would oppose a strike one as a great movie when many distractions was wide his wife before just like she's so young yeah. Positive but she's few woman from having like one I don't want stress is I agree to strap purposely he'd try age and that flight was like my dogs and hot. And a hotly while I was quasi married to a woman three or four years younger we knew his whole life from town that's who that I would Mac right that's maybe it's a true story based on its was toward maybe that's relentless was. Based on issues that is what if it's like that's why they can't that's why has no ending is based on the true story. Unlike him make out Mark Wahlberg movies that didn't make it up they should and wallboard is shared Wahlberg star and move me jump in saint. Pressure that's if you look right and they found. The guys are brought the daughter back to life right to have on the guy in the water torture them kill them right. There's penalties Will Ferrell of commitments. Is what's his face and the raiders Padgett returned upon his career. No one answer to what how many what's at a bigger one punt return and that is one. He's a kickoff returner and they need one of those but right now that's gone. Pak Chong could do that's not really important yes they write some huge concern all security Gerri why he remains spend your time in the war in and talked about to hear your question. He brought trotted out I know it's always birthday it was a Saint Patrick's Day or numbers you know where. Hum he was so anyone who's he was number 84. That are available and it was there. Were any mosque once upon a time before. I would say it's available ethics. We can check every 81. When numbers Mitchell. Pleas he want it wasn't really anyone. Now he's on our I don't think he's 81 month Malcolm Mitchell. He's the pictures is different numbers what seemed so right like Hitler Riley McCarron is for like an action he's gonna you know you know ideally McCarron. Easily through McCarron yeah. Agent this. He's he it would happen would that you should agreement here was coming to I say that. That I say. Notes of the patients often don't watch that they often did it and you've cited starts in B didn't get that offer the youth on the patriots which would have made sense. He has one punt return in his career nine yards he asks. He is a 153. Kickoffs for two I was easily is a he's second all time in kickoff return yards per run them perform. Return. In those first. Parents. Know Eric. First of all time Howard gotten us. What does this guy. Yet. It's older guys he's not dead yet the way she's Johnson now an out Sproles I'd like to know elect a legend. Ledger can comfort on like alleged he had serious answers no when you legendary football policies. Against him it was a pleasure. It now it. 11 give New Hampshire. He was my favorite number. Herbert. I'd love to play him I like the plate out to grow return kick offs were 44. On the kick no we didn't were 32 book while we kick off returns Jim Brown Luka. C'mon I'm a little audio says Gale Sayers. I think was first called Concord the riots in the second you credit him almost like I was a doctor Paul who didn't cry that movie so overrated. You didn't cry in front so I get it as it's a good move of course you can you can cry at movies he'd there's no such thing as bad football movie I watched the water avoid any candidates who thought the wound with replaces who can't resist I thought it was good you guys are good friends and it was good yes I thought it was good football and guns either longest yard remake was a total launch I remake was good. Did not say did you did not great it's not nearly as good as the original. I'd like to Chris Rock in that movie is his caretaker Felix and learn imovie and then send it was a stretch ankle or it was a really good. He oasis Jim Brown when an anchor returns 2.3 our expert was Sears average 31. This guy's thirty point four Pattinson sales doesn't count them breezy and he didn't like past and now it is group largely equip quip that's right this unity thing. I hated the game. So a speed of which return and as we get back and I have lots of reaction this I'm frustrated mad at myself we'll tell you why the Jerry feels the same. Gary as you see the forest right I do like that that you guys have been much to Mars so we'll do that puts more sound from the bracket the premise of that for the show's over we'll update that. 61777793. Separate. I absolutely believe that Aaron Hernandez knew. Was wrongfully convicted in the over the Lloyd case. Had never seen so much evidence of innocence. But clearly pointed that he did not commit this crime. That's why we're gets that. This weekend at all forgot to bring some future being fall by private investigator. That happened on this weekend no I didn't get that sense you know he's a good price in this you know I would know by touch might be the case it's a concern what's right yes I know. As he noted any of the parity counselor I don't know if your focus on Friday no touch or none on and on the air saying use can hire private investigator finds parity accounts give me trouble toward. He's six he thinks some of the Mikey Kirk yes or the show or are people. At tech talk which are to tight most of our people does not seem as if obviously be some money for surveys that directed by you and would you like to hear what would what does it matter. It is not a crime. And a stretch snapped to life so what little paranoid he always has evidently she's so once he finds out as I pointed out many times Friday. Lucy birds to the story which called these thirty guys. They gave her their names the told her they're stories they're not heeding the you being exported MacKenzie yeah success. He's hunt them down now. And thousand dollars in front of the guy works to you know bank somewhere now Wellesley congratulations good job. And by the way epic four it was set but he is right thousand dollars that he gets you to carry forward private investor I don't know like more than a day knickers I was Cochran is a couple of shows of force has experienced that's true it's an outward we you have any idea much UPI would be Null but I would think could be more news mean for. Be more than 2000 well you get expenses I get mad Dylan's album merry. I expect any soda and front southern end is the Hernandez doctor enters into barber. It was Saturday and Sunday night on the oxygen network cherry night. Participate in this over the summer is that right Christa we had the date any idea it was this summer out of these as someone ever was I Obama I can my deep dark San Tropez tan my excuses I was grieving amateur cherished piece was that was a drinking. And it's you you're drunk we got roped into this but I will say this. We walked in their joy when they came by some hated doing doctor Richard and his for Oprah's network wanna do we see shore. We walked in there sat down. It's a bunch of questions in never asked the question ourselves. So we're gonna sit here bitch and moan about dumbest documentaries for next segment to whatever we do the start of the shale. And I'd like to see here in yelled screamed lowest scum bag buys as we notice how evil Hernandez's widow or girl for whatever as we know. Evil evil from the top or read the Bob Murphy we understand. But the blame for this I will at least take its Chris curtsy the brain. It's 100% on me and Turkmen and Gerri to take the blame and not green this documentary that bias produced. It Jake it's that Hernandez Jenkins whether her name is the right age for. Do we give her credit she's in the credit special thanks to Ian is it just has special flexes his consulting producer yes he's behind him. And I got nervous right at the beginning when I saw that and I saw the way a new game is over right the way he was sitting at three camera surprise me if he finance slowed us always no suckers like us that do for London and of the opinion Celek oxygen and you make the money may may have been my don't want those things insurance would get the thing will be but the again. A media this is your chance to I was tied all eyes are way too dramatic you're being wailed at the time I just don't think it's a big deal it was so. Pretty convincing guys we've talked about on the patriots change you and she donated money into the Myra Kraft a charity have you got convinced that the guys in our son's forty million Bucks County we're no longer just an hour I was here gang bangers and needless just doesn't like angels leading drug I don't think gangs and did what sort of level of madness that you just you just can't comprehend. Mean that's fine what we've said was fine that's what we want it was fine. But. And it took awhile for to hit me did Tommy that this was not going to be balanced and anyways they we're gonna. Leave out a lot of stuff they were they wooten biases agenda was make. Her name disappeared innocent of the other way he's the victim he failed he failed yet he tried he failed. In that and to make Porsche a Hannah. The the evil fiance to whatever she is the widow to appear like she's the victim she is two's cold Amaechi it's. Gary when she said who's disappointed robber class brats and puke. It was nice drive you've been stupid enough to agree on this show Gerson just always it's not about you nobody cares what like you're acting like Darrel talked our secure whose talent is courthouse in ancient people here I don't understand there I am I wrong Q now reputation has been damaged in motto it's not about you have not it's about her and I personally Eric Hernandez looking into the house Oden and versatility to -- because you're an idiot I don't -- anyone -- yesterday I thank you don't know I think he's gonna need it and I making -- prime minute yes -- what. Ice is the most eat your testicles it's that you guys Gary did you watch document I see what's your take on. I thought it was an info bird. Pay an infomercial means it is. Sure one side China buys what's a good thing you guys were in it or differences you're for you would just do you would ask any questions you totally see I I would. I am not getting questions and I'll ask question how do you avoid you and you just do it to be on TV I would. I talk that well so that's why you did it the first time tell us teed it. Corrected on the enough right rule. So it hits in the yard sale this documentary Sox this and that is that it's my fault I did idly through all they said oxygen network with the production was unbelievably at like eight guys sound guys lighting guys and this award winning director Sam and thus it seemed like a professional operation. I we didn't ask it was a mistake but I didn't envision a Jose Baez infomercial I did not Pope was. Finally left and. He was so I mean I don't leave me aria I have known known known Obama staying out of view that's what you want. From getting old Europe and do this again. Everything got a breath of fresh air. I don't mean that he was coming home immediately. And I knew I asked us. Yeah I just reports when you they do the documentary if you didn't watch it just understand there's ever Hernandez looks great. And is it better and Jerry Knight explained during kneipher knows killings and and literally looks better the mandate they may can mop. They touch his body he's teeth right they make him look this innocent they. The drama of her work out that it was like a model photos we sure without him extra for huh. Playing for via prize for show and Aaron and his. They changed it made them look at that bad lighting and we gave up beating that cater. Adhere to probably see Shiite anymore do extra hair cuts through it yeah I don't have like a post issued an artist you know yeah I don't understand I don't think I don't think you're that important. I agree there our show we were objects were and we pounded him on final check this odd but but Nike feed you guys that the victims. I mean the end of foods. I'll repeat it again obvious you're not listening I finally I myself am not the victim it's my fault you can I ask a question of being the victim actually not enough to single question it's my fault I walked into buys production. Without asking that's on me not him. I don't play him at all. Well okay when what it what does it take you close that should have been. Beefing. Whose fault that I will bring blame I hope rainbow. This this is apparently the new oxygen network they had a thing middle. The ban on the side of the Scruggs had the true crime network of the new true crime network. That's the thing is to be god speed come talk shows and Oprah ripe old ballots. Wouldn't wouldn't dream expert discovery IP it's one of those the popular cops on its and that kind of thing and I guess what their goal is is to find. Cold blooded murderers just evil monsters. And make them appear misunderstood what I did or seeing so much evidence of innocence this alliance is sleazy. Creepy. Lawyer was made to look like you know like a a a virtuous man. Me but I think there is say you buy him a savior he wants so he produced the documentary espy DM final is how people right yet say the people we talked to that day. They knew we came in they knew they were setting this up. There may just looked on their ask us questions get the answers they wanted and they ended the way they wanna we were used that's what you wanna ask them upset about really it's my fault. Opened up my shoes put on my back by one they played the music and shave and I danced around McCain's it was a solid again it's does that mess up. A dress alike on alert in marked and on board and it. Different words ever Daniels whose father sued on that's true god that's what it means. But his desk that's it he's got promised us. There would be a bombshell revelation. And there was essentially. They admitted before finally that he was gay right. And and Michelle McPhee had written about it talked about it additional had been shunned by polite society for that. Mean you didn't that the globe The New Yorker. A number of media oh it's. Denounced her and her story and or scoop she was right they were wrong. The the the way they introduced it was just cavalierly here's a gay man. They spent. Three hours this four hours long it's been freed three hours plus talk among what are wonderful guy was a good family men good whose fiance is too. 80800 guys to foot Douglas sexuality in your good person you can hear it you can be good father yes I want you to be good father while you're doing drugs and killing people that's that's issue that's it does I think if you're a guy. Who grew up this aside occurred in his words bad. In your natural reactions are attracted to men that's real conflict I have no issue with that. And it may be a motive for emerge like bad debt and we have new zealots who ignore it we have a lawyer. Who demands that they not mentioned in court and a quarter law. They did he demands the gay lawyer. I went to the judge the end to the prosecutors. And I said. The law it's clear about the situation. You cannot use a person's sexuality. In the manner in which you using this been outlawed in this commonwealth. What does that mean where's there's a whole we're told outlawed. It's a motive worship an outline that's a much you know we can talk to show my guess at some point 61777979%. Medicare as right and curious. Hear from you guys call it right now to watch documentary money might overreacting Jerry over reacting to think it was good. If we get to your and his defenders earlier see them on Twitter is well features to your from them 61777793. Several. I just last week party. I got of flak. From the B Kurt can Callahan show for warning to make it documentary. On Twitter trolls. That focus on Boston's working not people that are just critical book people who. Spend hours and hours a day attacking the Boston sports media knows conveniently not portrayed that way on that chip on their show because they don't that doesn't. How it's a super serve them to do that. But I got I would give was given flack wouldn't it be interesting to have a fifteen minute documentary. Thirty minute documentary on the lives of these people. Now do you agree it's a good idea yeah Mike Thomas thinks it's a good idea at all like Thomas. And that's about it if there's no matter I I just saw Brent north of. Let's pretend that Fred's not actually sense of focus is on his head. 1530 met doctor archer people who. We like show's opening thoughts on this we'll have a name parity accounts in different search for a present while my best friends and I'd I was that institutional conflict okay. In my yet and I don't find that particular interest but that's OK but but agreed to pretend that you propose that that's on this on riches and nova target art at a party really believes it's a fascinating thirty minute documentary you what do we say. Oh did you say about us the same humanness unnerved when I hear about a short I don't know it was a loses. OJ makes a lot of sense to make as much as Alaska. Say is that we've called this documentary for anything of interest and we've come up with. 25 seconds quick clip in a 192 clip. This thing was a boring. Disaster put it believe me if they would have said anything. Anything of interest. We would've played it in the only thing we're gonna play is mean and and it's just because he gets into something. That did really bad reenactment so nothing. At all was said. Did do you could've put up my mom in there and she would have been as interesting as they were which is surprising. When I. Willie stir the pot well and that's what I consider that a one off that it was on the oxygen network because that's known for its compelling program going and also known for its you know. Hot cakes and they don't tell it like it is right now. But nonetheless I'm ripping you. Because their mom is but we didn't say anything interesting. I agree on the deaths and disabilities and I'm claim to not good now and I don't think. To be honest with you it's that interest in the topic in the and the reason is it was such an always go interest rates and I agree I mean the mystery and we mention it was the guy at all who were all awake is wannabe gangster. We knew well at a restaurant here if you view an Iran may be Pearson and the peca you find it enlightening and we'll be catching passes from palm bring I that's kind of tough for the world and that is kind of Kenneth Cole pitches generally take bad guys and candles straightened out but nobody knew what kind of dark side ahead. No no I'll tell us anything interesting but nor denial was there something interesting to be said now I gotta tell you guys that he's gay is okay that's the only thing you you learn definitively in this his lawyers admit. That he admitted he was gay. But this will play in middle America because if you look at out of 48 out but it's not because who's good and seen this before is it a 48 hours is real mystery is a mystery tennis. That's I think they'll run it. And now this is very possible you know no mystery we don't know what I'm saying they'd people who of these crime drama as the days get dropped as psoriasis are true crime books documentaries forget the open is the problem here yet but I think people will get hooked it and because it's. Or out of the NFL. I don't know I see here's the problem I don't think it's a two part series not definite. He's doing an hour because it and it's an. Too long that was redundant as hell. And they just kept to give news fairy tale Libyans and I'll happily married whenever engaged has Pam Lee was in Le. Mean and then you had the sleaze bag lawyer talk to my there's no evidence in the next hour you see all this for an Evan Thomas ties to receive the picture. Of old Lloyd's body in mid no landfill area with. Gun casings fingerprints and global issues almost made times recessed lights and it is suitable picture and it is best for forty times to disappointment. It's gonna dig Connecticut what's up Dana. My third down then please. You hello how are you got a real good thank you. I just wanted to say I think you guys are great I don't think I think you're overreacting about. They may need to look bad if you guys were very. So much they made us look how they did toward the end it's a fact of I would have agreed to do it Dana thank you the bias is producing it and he's making money outfit in Jenkins is making money off it apple. I agree but I just want to let it right now don't heart and now it's time you guys look at it every day. You would just say and we look let me who make up I don't I don't like and I don't funny and it is great and let's enlarge the Japanese size deficit and yet that's funny looking. But they made this caught just that vision to make by his look could literally you know polite about it hit it. The people that you produced at the same people were here he said make us look at make me look good Democrat. Right exactly because you know what he did is sent out front of the camera they're role carries this thing on every checked. Got out went behind go to the video monitors. Need of the little make of the year of the lighting here. AC everything's the same things and next time some sensational murder trial wouldn't say oh this guy bias that has got a virus what he does is get a local languages it paid three participated in the program that can help by its main white marsh and interest is to pay for her yes he is the yeah Saudi who would have sympathy card case yet. Well when it's on to sleaze bags it's in that same chair as us talking about how well she's a wonderful mother. And he'll point the finger at the thought that was abusive use your whole game going into the article of the Internet has molested. The line from Hernandez molested as a child but the girlfriends in the power of its price one but if I don't support then there at the Anthony by the father. And she now specifically about that nothing else and now knowledge throws out and in no. About his mother an affair with his. Cousins I was right Singleton's husband yes yes yes Singleton who I do know it was a married right. And a husband yes husband. Was sleeping when they aaron's mother right on the mob but do not displayed. No it's when you when you know that these cold blooded murder. It really takes time and effort to make him seem misunderstood and that's one thing and you guys are gonna probably parliament the national public. If his father had died in a blessing as an excuse here I just ask the question tells describes I don't care card. Do you think he would become calmer yes this thing was so that's it's an easy and you no matter what he was evil yes and he loved the gangsta life always imagined would guys we have if his father had lived. And guided him would use of on the gangsta life who you know what he had everything handed to him and think about he's a superstar nobody it was he was yeah well as well as well as any mother would sleep in with whoever. His father had gone father has Iran analysts I lost and I have no fob mill IQ and that's it it's an excuse I'm just wondering if I don't I'm pretty I got replay I don't need. I know do you killed 45 career since that's true. Now. It is are you pre disposed to being a murder. I love your pre disposed of the impact. About killing whose whose time was let's record you know I was there aren't going to sell it because they've I just wonder don't suddenly it was a matter he killed I don't I am just curious today because what it's saying import is that he didn't. The more I also applicable Ali just try to answer as editor note here is what's this and have a torture should vote yet and I talked for a touch are all upset among I don't know are c'mon you know and have known and Jim guy urgent. I understood. What social. Atmosphere while watching our changes since one Charlotte and cheery. Since side shot right she almost. So between that means that there's something going on Clinton put it on his head might just be bloggers executes the angle it's the light test it's not polite as it is a short that trip you know I I use it right next to me every day you do have seen a woman's lifetime necessary do you helping to focus on that meet all throughout the documentary. Lots puzzling and nose hair though you can read my face looking your eyes and your nose. And my irons to receive. Elbit is Alberto. Oh funky. Once in my. Yes I've had him as much as they wanted to look if you watched the piece it. Hair in my nose here out of total no I've never show Jose Baez with a little ignorant and nobody was more made up the Chia Obama's harder Teemu make up artists. It's just to do were eyelashes. Mean if she thinks is what kills me and maybe there are people out there room by that they think they're pulling off. Buys in and she Yana that there I don't but I slick Smart persuasive for you don't want buys is doing he's setting up his next client left I think if you're a murder and you go to him you've got his first call you make up his sleeves that. And and if you got money he's gonna make him go to Jeff in Chelmsford yeah definitely she thinks she's right on good bye Jenkins and his campaign. Yes but he's he's yet I don't know I like Jeff said Jeff Fisher shot at a summit but but no she's getting paid but I don't know she thinks this is gonna do something for record year when cubic. Akerson knows me and reality start when I'm telling you is it buys is doing this yes to get paid. Also. Get more clients this I had Jeff okay. I as has a duty to zealously represented his client lawyer Todd does he have a duty to lie or does he have a duty to Elijah. Nobody has now so so if he lied to call that an ethical would you none of these lying you cannot lie in court and he does that every day. Well on TV but not equal. He seems to tax the evidence every way Kenny asked if that would definitely it's not just talk about that produce documentary. The way doctor Richard Slater was really pro Hernandez drew watcher now. Yes I watch a unethical watched his team for ice aren't I hit it exports. Towards. The. Well watched parts here I don't want to march when you see the credits and says contributing producer Jose Baez. That's in number one is on giveaway field. I didn't see that and I'm gonna watched number two but you know what I think. All right thanks I hate lawyers I want you can ask any question as well like that and then why importance of the question are up on I didn't I didn't believe my relatives or if you Hawkins hawk you are in the woods you know you lie and you can't line cord wood if you know your client's guilty. Did you do appliances you lie in court what works for them she should not and obviously I agree but she is evil I saw one picture ever though remember that picture of all the back because of that now. Yes that was a plus she's a party girl she's not gonna age well an electorate that show us plenty to play the market that he elects the crazy ones yes I would. NGOs she owed him three the if they saw that she must own my fortunes probably still working off on no but he gets it for next bid for the next ten clients appease witness investigators issues running around his office naked yes I heard. She place at the run laps to lay out this allegedly she had the run laps to sort of the Shia and have big bills the pen to your question. It's just one line this these guys Thursday aggravated it and tell cheap price I don't well we're gonna reset the Sprecher the brain mr. get some updates and how we have a go great matchup going on right no we don't commit an -- do that our foreplay awarded it to curtain down.