K&C - Kirk and Gerry's US Open Minute; Mut is returning to Mohegan Sun for the second straight weekend 6-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, June 14th
Hour 3: Gerry and Kirk once again conducted their Golf Minute and Mut claims to avoid gambling this weekend on his teturn trip to Mohegan Sun. 

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He skirt and Callahan. With a curt committee and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Jerry edges of emerging you'll lose. Predictably want music music chart house. No you don't have any role announced a medal round NC noted calls I'll take over music will be all gruesome Fogarty and diligent Tedy you'll love it mounted camera. A bit lack of big jam it through Johnny Cash and there. So ditty about Jack and Diane my hero she's just cut them ever I could give us some good. John Cougar songs and some kinda work that we don't hear often put to but what I want your check dying and utilize. This. A terrible songs. Guys like I came knocking it down short version is on record as the best you'll realize that they I think it's a void in my heart that's a good song moments on the. Kemp thinks my got Ryan Bingham sounds like John Cooper wanna hear and I know so I am more of a Tom cruise's place. Ever hear much ice said that he sounds like more upbeat combat Amway I agree with that. I'm here again he's somewhere hers and audio accusing me ideas. I was joking about it it's got its root is sunstone start hardly doomed. Just bomber yeah. Quietly merchant recently used abused it's a play for. The importance. It's not important which appear militants on other was briefly today acres. I would say. Destiny would go to go to. WW much. I only like her love her heart's broken hearts broken and the only Lexus as coach. I don't relaxing now to. It didn't feel like you know camp I don't know maybe I'm just a look at my Amazon music now rocky four soundtrack. Eric church. Okay we'll submit all carters and I had tiger every day in the trees. Aaron Tipton. And Bob Marley. The sort of reverse what you all know only character and character to Tim McGraw rocky over Steely Dan McCarty you exit period Seles. Are your real live in the he he. That Iran another song. I'm actually rise Zach brown Jason how we gonna and one month yes he has no I would guess I'm going to McGraw real and he is the best one Sox. I hate them. Walter Becker. You lose one Dan Fagan suggests the one who was cut through its open. His wife a process we do that is to be nuts to the off I hate this excuse me her or go to snack right now. A two famous for it would bother me nine crazy it's somewhere you worry where it was going under. I'm we'd actually when you go on Friday night with do my wife and are different now press she's oppressing his wife kids. I didn't accuse accused of things to pick their kids can. Evil occasionally get what you kids and have a night away you get away from kids want to read an overnight away last summer gas and Johns. So you're going Tim McGraw Friday night at Mohegan I have it back weakened opponent under the don't ask me able ago I was like in the Bible prestige ago. He's never put the past was an important role and sponsors and advertisers get us Africa and how to go to eat. We talking about you on John Anderson in his words we just did indeed find plugging and a advertise your pleasant as well dealers. There. Is that it's okay it's your excellence. He's a part of the show you're not one in and you said that while we do know about vice to overstep these odds are shields them away says that stempel I wanted to use that phrase in my life if if you were praising an advertising slots raise oil. That he's a ball we would jump on you don't want is great. To host today's your different the other phrase integrate W shall what did you spend the weekend with them. Totally with one night on the week. Stupid and keep reminding us about someone they did an excellent. You made great job with doctor Bullard. What we have he'll go there QB you did it's it's funny how these couple urgently in front right age probably come up over just paying attention all tips for like ten may be too late attached. Potentially maybe not Al Islam yes yes open mud and help your approach anybody Qaeda and its. Because like before picture you'll split the invented this thing this process. US. Doctor Marie Nutley new excellence. In your presidents referred to them. Friends of Mac it's a little doctor letters much you know to agree to think of its system is more of a second we can Roger and Andy your family. Kids would be ending any of state might mother and one Connecticut right on the road this she's abandoning as soon missing table. You be bowl last year that trio but how sloppy this bewildering and picked up additional impact. Well I rule mind you we remain so this one sector generally stable he. Yes last week I was working. More in the races at 6 o'clock yes I showed up Saturday morning I was they are the same without you can left 730. I don't know I could've at least ethnic state there is gonna cry when he places I would. None of this we really don't take the girl be pretty emotional ambiguity to respond to that point. He's gonna Spanish version of late blank sheet of paper that you guys he does crime front seats in the next few Nazis and tell him that you know it's time that. Guy and I found what I'm partly treatments you've got fired there's bumble. After a quick question his gestures can be a pain and bars accused for a crime. Carrier ratification ignorant the last check Google plans to back that. Says parties. Well model up against guys have knives of them relate to idiot says or makes sense but I I got a lot of respect for taxes. A lot of respect for Texas and you sound pretty normal. I was asking for your respect for Texas change traders who have respect the shake up. Get nauseated at Sony is not gone to your dump rain this brought the epic rant your mom play the happiness that the best selling it and say yeah. You guys that doesn't that's not the whose manner of. On regular season posting those out weigh. Is jazzed about it. That is clean and jerks and food through. That he's. Never done a complete jerk my life. Did that mr. Devlin squat about Tim McGraw tire that would inflict death. I'm sure. I think he's we're getting the the other through. We are getting John nice job branded. Tomorrow we're just creeping through. He might he's pretty jacked them on the topic size it's not what top Red Sox pitching prospects. You would madness Nikko in the middle as Chicago a couple of slain couple has definitely William Lutz who was recently down the retirement has an awesome place he showed us on loans not that perfect patsy and you could see anywhere anywhere who six animals to go to each and shows there's six girls they eat places where instantly hear from. Your acoustics expert agree I would say that I had I sound acoustics Howell and Diana. Obviously you're not only I were talking patriot. Not bad see. Yeah. The Sony the news and yeah news site. It someday apple news this Faith Hill with a yes. And Kate and Smith lost. Terrible I think she opened hill just rides her husband's coat once a genetic something about his gorgeous I love her book term. Musically she can't keep up. When the agreement not a fair if the state their senators to be safe and none all we don't Saturday morning about the Connecticut and make sure again yes. Just to be safe everywhere he plays which is which is close are your parents or whose watch the kids. My mother lease these union. Obviously you don't get aerial weapons cache. And I'll ever know. Judge why why. Else did I feel. You know working against them I'm not as confident as you are the best in America that. Our job ways I have thought through American aid. Angry all the time and you now accuse those love angry all the time. Two good won a race like he's trying to raise our kids like that nobody really you analyze. Tobacco Iraqi. Again. The good. Cowboy in me that we no easy way out. Rubber like your paper Jerry hearts on fire John Catherine beaver brown and the like a few dollars would do there. Think you could. Now apparently back. There's going to be some. Let's get tough month and that. Please my best friend that's one of you're not desperate wanna Tim's big hits my best friend Mike's going to be upon. You're gonna hold and we'll be emotional human valiantly swinging the news explain and I loved yes I would have mobile care Honda step vomit. I can Obama. All incidents other odds and gusty wind drifted back to back and forth I. Parole officer you life into him she and Tim McGraw time yeah if that's the question is an awesome music. The flu season from morons that I got blazer he ultimately daughter is due to these read books I saw Tim McGraw Kenny Chesney to twelve years ago on our I would chat you wouldn't work right was yeah underground act yet and Hartford now is that they spend a Rihanna told London's. Kenny Chesney with the lesser known at that point to play these that he sent to 101000 he opened 4% twelve years ago and he says he was pretty sorry Mandarin as well as well though it's 130 almost fifty years thirty years ago right. I saw in 1980 success. Aggressiveness in the locker damages. Right now I think new kids over pages I despise gauges on on his music now it's great too much island bull crap love happy though it's terrible. Two years from the Kennedys and now she still loved what happened loveless Columbus is probably as these diseases we've had so much its effects on our way through life yet like god and love the lace yes it's effective use. It's like it's a pets after a while that's the way life builds. It's. Yeah 48 year old girl. It's so bad much about him going around the island I manage your head around plot and saying that that bit of the music itself as horrendous great. Knock around guys you rock I get Jarrett Gregg you're loyal Jersey stead than Tom Petty says that for this sounds actually was and it's how does that anyway. Thanks analysts were looking up. Was it last dance there last stance married ever since that sort of thing. We'll today. That's what's you. So or we don't hear when we 200 economists. We have your rant but yesterday we got considered breaking that six well sadly such as the reaches out revenue as well from where 40% chance this weekend. Welcome back and reset sort of what's happened last week frogs run the show has a lot lot not going to a social media. Have been blogs that are written about us we can't say that gets beat it tweet about it managements are not allowed to weed out the story. I'm sure he could find it by now I'll react to that we'll talk of yesterday's might will be as well. Locke going on lot of people to thank supporters listeners and advertisers parity counts everybody. In Milan you're listening yesterday all business of insurance be start by those who bogeyed three holes that plus plus forced tools. She's terribly little it cripples whole. Seconds apiece shoot 36 over that's not gonna win I could do did you grow up and effect of which in the back of the and to several it's your Twitter questions as well correct absolute climbers who would do all that we get. So Katie and seen occurred in Callahan. A lot of Sports Radio telling you we. Chosen this do. Still ruin. Jose shots that he too used to catch. Recovers in a million. There's a few of those that he doesn't seem talks just talks for years of cover of one you threw some wonder here that this thing has been an awesome. And I'm sure you love Johnny 99. Not really added like Alan really united I don't I mean I like Johnny Cash withdrawals kind of the same you know I was taught Sunday morning coming down politics. The certificate signed the wicca a morning and drinking beer and forget the name Sunday morning comes out when I was out your credit some exercise and that's all I and 1 more Sunday morning coming down the bureau had for reckless bets a little birdies early in the day it's your first option. You Rhode yeah. On Sunday mourners. A fairly talks in this sense though. Better futures for him. Excellent. Rest is great sound great giant. Much I've heard of sports also on the didn't know about the time it. Share. It's. Did you know I don't care for. I agree awesome awesome for all the guys on death row and public songs. Just rob distorted pay for their babies. Baby food or milk at a whenever electoral identified. Them. We showed and Reid urged Washington guy I'm talking about John in 99 outlook could be because you really is you really do matters be excused himself and Eric church say things got differences rather distorted pay for babies and their front line guys I was a psychosis there's some people kill them with five just for fun Nebraska expertise. Psycho or or like. You know raping and pillaging of village just trying to pay the bills we know it is for your bills they can't pay. Let him. The rest of the elves those streets you got to your country. The most depressing album ever made their twilight is also. Writes a great it's great to you know if you wanted to slash risk in the tub put on the breast or Bradford really happy the way rather without was great. Isn't this hopefuls literally what's attract. I'd much covers but yeah it was it was added to Atlantic City. It let it. Number that that's right it's something else to do wonders how hungry heart he's a music I mean Robbie it's amusing yes no idea what it. Hello. Rub it in the deputies could sport does Bob know right now and it's still a Baltimore. Oh. Was he on his way to Seattle we had no idea it on the were sending in Seattle. I didn't doubt in my back. Doubted that that the yeah I had. I had my god now. Janet and I. They go yeah I know by yet. I love singing backup for himself. From where I live as a bit out there. I don't know I don't know Bruce with him there on. All yielded the all day in Atlanta was could play just the music Colbert Bob's best versions the boys of summer and recovered the leopard you're alive it's really amazing. Outs and credible sort probably goes on as a couple for two cents a sings or those sick karaoke guy yeah. If big day aerials or as Carrie karaoke. What might. It's just like businesses would be started doing it's great I think you let the music don't karaoke version now. Mike Campbell the heartbreak is on. Victoria. Judge some mutual you know it's fun. For nothing and I was once upon a time. The down beat up much or fraud can really like. Don't mind me do about it. There are many down there live. And it's thicker the Cadillac it's a great leader toward some lines some hits and can't go back home overvalued can never looked back. So anyway so 24 hours ago we started sort of fighting back into her phone while behind the scenes to guess who said screw it. And and went back at the activist. Who is decided to are trying to make our lives a living hell for the last nine months Amare really sure what to say about other than this. Well I think our work yesterday and in some work on line led to a huge reaction from our listeners yes parity accounts and advertising which you name them all right now led by the plant he who were was great -- to tally the rest of them at least try to hold. Incredible stuff and George furniture and built as a buffalo wallowing in Kabul sponsored meet people out. I don't wanna do that. Checks lumber Jackson lumber or die or planners doctor Leonard and the prestige abducted just to follow these rate revised energy all the little guys or revise an incredibly although I'm sure for getting people I am. Call Chris thought the bill will be happy to give you guys. Plenty credits which you're doing right now is not easy when you're under attack the easiest thing to do was what some of dun and nobles of course and milk this course of course feels great people mills. I think eucharist. Easing it used to give up especially you know when you know if you give up yucky yucky right. And and it's just you're right it's easy way they don't want to excise going to in existence but that's okay that you say leave me alone and the only way you leave them alone. If they bail yes and that's easy and it's weakened and it's unfortunate right this person you know is to be immune bails off Twitter can take any heat when he is knowed he's been giving people not just here outside here which I'll get into full form. Podcasts in the office meet people's lives miserable for years and years and years as what he does for a living here is not a freight cost is an Arab and he likes to make people's lives miserable during Nottingham where where we break a lot of money something to change people in the sales department. Chris and Joey other people had to go through hell much worse than us last few months. In its nice wants Walt to fight back yesterday we said score were fighting back in our bosses have our back so much. They decide to take this great fifteen minute ran I had yesterday it was all over the place. And allow us to talk with a for 45 seconds and ST well so far flung say hey you know what they're such. I think we've been pushing 4840. How we gonna for now. But there are lots of people have been asking for the rant I think you can follow us all liner now. Yes it's online user tries screwed and so. Europe said yesterday because the day before something was non Muslims say yes they were they say you know we're rethinking phone calls honor to McCain to this weekend too that. It's this is I said yesterday. Or that hour right now from two days ago where they should just say hey those cats of the great job we have faith in them we believe in them which by the way. You saw much solely people on Twitter so many advertisers do crazy and that makes me. Upset sometimes I think those people have our backs more general management right and saw me up against that's that's. If you're on Twitter hope you're following all the parity accounts because they've been great sure should reach at all and games in that you know their level of rules slick we do now of course some people including this gentleman thanks to those parity accounts are Ross right or not even. Pretends they are waitress gets in trouble. What beaches deceitful of course that's just an were right far more just Howard Oliver processor we've been you know we've been fully forthcoming if you reach stores or online. All stand by everything in those stories every single word in the store all of you. I would to fruition with any of run its it's all there. You can find a third place 45 things that you were doing well I don't know its present herself. We will talk it encapsulates it sort of the crescendo of your rant re talking about why you did this why it's important to you and I'm quite decided to speak out. Also put up a link. Of what they drove up yesterday let people know where they can hear the entire thing I guess we weren't 45 seconds in which is better Kirk's renter. Tim never taken toward requests to question ultimately is we can get the ball and we wanna do now let's put a 45 signatures of funny is a good. I think it was a whether four or five seconds and. Yeah. I think I could. It. About the limits on the that's Kirk entail going back before I can't honestly 45 cent to validate SAR Hillsdale high quality game that would give us everything yes everything I would Edsel. Of this amok to lose to Mathieu should game. I want mission I've tried that that's true what has a couple years there won't let me get let him he sees ironic receive. He's a big trouble. That often edit the iron into that students accountants you know announces his return but now we notice to those taken days off you know the Celtics got a meeting audience get me to people what's that segment was. Passionate but the four men. That's sort of been gone now so it's either called team. It's. As good mud into the boot the game's not important and really hear much to the growth might have moved too grumpy to do what Mike. It. That being an ass let market much to do that's what it all again really good Ashton Chris that's gonna afford their way to really good bit of money might even raise that are passionate like you wants you on the Mike. But the Mike is good but yeah it is good I like that. Kind of play your your mind Q monkey microphone yeah that's good to replace the passion and live by a majority pictures that we Katrina a month ago microphone and what you're going to be fun anymore so from now view of the those trials that exists at all do you want to do a decent if you want to do yes until I think you'd be good I don't which I do better. Why not without a visa or not it is the degree that it was created with the public health. Get a good personalities got a good sense of humor. It doesn't take brains we know that he because it's it takes brains he's a big ones play by play guy on call right. I don't know I really thought it would bother at all not always fails. Let's send it pretty straight forward and own deep back whatever he backed out. And some pot calls us. Who. Months line he has omen perhaps we actually don't. The all right and he's keeping it true that guy I'd like it is driver's license equal what woody. And all I. Not that. It. What is pretty and I don't have one. Redundancy for the listeners have any ideas for much one big idea undergo a recently and I suggest it went for first time in the Booth I'll read some motion let's see if this works 48 seconds sort of guide of Kirk went ahead from yes to -- go home early to tell I don't lose a little gut and they just do it really pure political. Yes that's I was wondering what that got graduate that would ultimately to from yesterday we're taking at this point it towards what we we absolutely can. You know vote in this thing jobs that I use of closing for good or bad actress. Twitter today from an image on computers and dresses for the June system. Guys feel a little different story tonight. Hussein types of Hutus are. British or question your gentleman named Jon David assistant general hurdle to what items do you used to ship which which which site to use any. What are your short enough to have some girl that you knew once upon a time Michelle tell you want and usually I'm your memory. As a national high school flee the media portion area which I don't know which she middle row but it. Players who as far as preparing for game post game travel outside of his game starts only today is 305. Negatively impact. Doesn't negatively impacted John it's it does impact your schedule. Question here from my Tom was like you mean from Rhode Island in which he always told question yardage joke. You look when your wife I mean to push through some emotional for you sir are you overpass cast a. Your bachelor days really want to operations. It's popped out. Popped up on the NCA. JOB of fate fortune and urged US later we go to you get so I might financed. I do that on the broadcast and try not like them and Ito here the Red Sox radio Booth at the grind like and it's not focusing not on Red Sox when you're not quite so Terry at church one church. He's got my college baseball's religion you know. It's hopeless. Dollars after writing that they alongside my good friend to never and I'd like that and it's the journal of the temperature oh. C'mon it's like asking which when he kids your favorite answer hashes picket know what else would want to know Noonan on mount it on your head don't know orders had no one no not doing refused to. Who drove all the other corporate one current one few home in Georgia him. Jesus that's tough stuff hasn't yet on when answer I'd I'd go so Kabila could Vince dated a guy in Kansas City. Denny Matthews you say a single she silent hero brother Sophia thank you could. That is hunger biggest joke around a bit about it didn't call I'm Mike but if you enjoy the rest of your ones. You listen trap Jesus eggs and Tomas who do games yes I have if you don't feel occasionally you'll vegetable good on the listening to respect behind him giving updates in the Booth yeah Joseph will go to the it. Game in New York Yankees have a 21 lead right now. The back under the game describe Tim thanks. The blue jays have two moments John Collins and hey Warren over the get a kick just call this work. You don't have demons home yes it's hot it's hardly whose post and pre game that's as seals and air to the sport and yes like I agree I lets on and Tony medical around the let's have Kuerten in place we have Kirk plans. It's it's aside from a Kirk millions what does that leave you record we've got one response from a home run calls wicked it dries. Oh that's good positions where you get a drive would. But it does do a drive. The fit but it. That's you know it's funny. It's awesome way to really get relief and I know what really will will play this coming out that if you wanna call during the progressed recalls that. Would model but the support of a loss support on line. What do you guys think your last point for our jobs you know what's going on. Which could take right normal situation called for the supporters call with a heinous wanna hear from you guys 6177797937. Bodies have we could use right. Was sent to take calls of support medical out also the suppression of free tickets this soured some point but what do we do that's right here you can only do adrift right now we do next. We tease it for now we should let's do it now that's great that we've had so we told the break. Was the reason. I hand it to you told Bloomberg need to monitor the break me. Don't realize greater good he did a commander of the break her diploma in. Don't ask Britain's I was on here so why don't you whose nots are kind of stood. Please do dumb things before do the dumb constant. We shall we. I'd do not call right now the 6179310937. Repair tickets. You bosses pick on Seattle to the big game. Friday June 22 Austin when universe or month. Any parking pass for the Prudential Center garage during free ticket Thursday brought you by our great friends I should say. Commitment as well town fair tire AFC or to care of the great. And two in each grocery qualifies for fifty dollar Red Sox teams for gift card. That's tonight Paula right now. The 61793109373. Tickets are free ticket Thursday brought you by town fair tire and AFC urgent care welcome back to play some sound would have. It's east tour and challenge on Sports Radio WEEI. Matt Mason Dunn. Right I'm really great conversation with him in the mob of young use trans gender very nice people had a great conversation. Have no wish is that not all non zero you'll also is that. The guy is going after us he told us that he knows that too we do PSAs happy to do it out of I've Mason Dunn on any time that the conversation. No problem nobody else would you. We do it when we get nothing for it. Instead he gets up to go to contacts at the people day after day after day after day I've had enough of it I'm in my wit's end. Done we are done other shows can do whatever they want I don't yet I we make fun dale though I don't care what they do we're down to doesn't really matter to me. Well I care about is the year and we are dot. Now yesterday was really good. In it upsets me and our station is not proud of in in and basically being governed Indian program. By this guy to me is insanity. I have really nothing else to say about other than Nat. Big go of me yesterday stand by I was only 43 seconds. Since amounts. Yeah I'm perfect I would say that you know. That's it I'm I'm embarrassed for people hide much higher must this company of allowed this. Person to ruin our lives and sales people's lives last nine months I have their backs even if others don't higher up on the corporate ladder I'm confused by I'm baffled by the mystified by it. But they can fire me I will not stop fighting against this guy from now one until we're done with this too is not a pro lives revoked due shall we wanted to which would do now. So you know that's him this idea that we're gonna. Sit here and NC stores say you know when roughly can do better about the trio Playboy a few months ago of the transgender person on the cover Iran announced that. What's a conversation that's all shore too would like to like click here for trade I do not care. Big big big story this fall the biggest political story the fall will be that referendum on bush wanted to because stores for sure and now we'll talk about it to assure will probably the gestured to the phone calls and co hosts and we'll get into this like we do whatever yeah. And I was a good chance we'll disagree could check will debate yes. Well we do without shutting up now him and just you know it's it's deflating it's been that was deflating your for a few months to wall people kind of say well. You know we don't we all as she micro picking on some. That now nope nope this is somebody who's doing things. Only because you once again is in trouble has no doesn't hair. About anybody's rights doesn't care about this or that uses people as lives as props. Try and make us look bad I'm done being a participant told the answers not to shut up the answer is not know talk is more talk like we do. Fights back so we decided that yet to talk we debate we just nothing will just continue to do that. He's invited on if you like to come on Joan Walsh why you guys. This season whenever I must towards the Phillies bring it on that's that say bring it on bring it I'll be waiting belief. I have no issue with. Not afraid hell. Neither so he's a brilliant. That it calls but I don't we can take I have preferences are all starts up you want different things last I don't I'm so sick of these it's most of these calls on who called the wrong number again until last week still doing it but you know what to be fair that they have and would it did defensive stop and they have. Yeah I program during these that's what every time. I guess what we paid tribute to them. A league of planets in the first hour only to plans because amid lots of people still buys lots of them we thank them all we continue we'll continue effect of put this guy. I don't know if I've ever met him and he stepped up like a champ. And he just told this past. You know this this does is paying your rent this place. To just go away leave me alone you know ornament or yeah it was a turnaround on adults who use if you don't. Well I thought reckless cyber stalking mean this as soon as somebody wrote about him says that this is a bad ass. It's only complaint is their path to take back man had all the day's work said. And that that is stuff that he's there actually right in through legal road to take I've pretty confident there are so you know. We and hopefully we can get right out here turner clocks were going to go right to complaints you know the mom. Pick over all my whole. Helpful you showed against a fat new fast car Jerry yes there is care trust them but it's just you know that girls have you back. No these are insurance reform you know have your back of thanks so he proved of course you reasons I was Austin he's got a spot and a lot of guys were they were top of the charges shoes there's no not. Where else would. Look at Theo for us open amid of Sony's usual time of yours was so momma bought the way off on it keep track. All we know speaks out of it average Erlich right league guys to talk through speech out of an F 22 holes would get a triple and a bogey thanks for over four over after two or partnered moral victory back in the fairway nobody is better. Keeping it together and Jews. Nobody nobody's better. When the wheels appear to be falling off we better you don't think it's a five or six over she's done. The McCain go home saint tribute to be tough that's it that's the top or the US you want to go back sort of behind this regards. And that people aren't gonna be long from now on sports scores behind this weeks of may be 456 over shall keep in the con actual not potential that's always an economy cut. It's even on the contention. Yes that's with hope right that's why hadn't US open is not my favorite. Like it felt like an idiot savaged a couple of others about it I'd like to mass as much better so adjective generally buy or get their asses kicked. Necessary in the British Open. And sometimes and that's what course sometimes the British Open course is just one big brown patch of land yes and as you can see the ball right of the blood diamonds and sometimes US opens that its best or course something was so hard. It's is you know guys two is just beats guys up and you know there's no birdies. Are you journalists to vote America that saw us survive it was waiting for tiger TO. Which has you know if he's later today in the 1 o'clock hour in your mic we're glad I was sitting on the boat on sunbathing less awesome each readings are in the course former apple Williams when he was practicing in the rain yesterday yes. You know you can say what you wanna bottoms up Valencia a lousy person a lousy husband. But he has a fascinating character that much and most fascinating character in the sport I'd bet on an unmarked maybe in recent years removed his last major exactly yours 2000 US open. If he's in the mix this weekend the ratings are too astronomical. Phil on Sunday you know Phil's thirty hottest tickets to those 48 he's not gonna win the US open it is a win this one you know agreed not enough many chance he's jewelry. Two over at Dartmouth start to. Who wins 25 miles an hour right now that's not easy it's not his kind of course. I finished second the last time there. He's venue to who how many years ago along time ago. About Mickelson being in the mix is not for TV nice post tiger tiger makes a reasonably ultimately political additions what 2007. Known before you all for us and I'll hold off on the leaderboard have been unbelievable and Dustin Johnson shoreline. And doesn't Thomas and Arnold Palmer and I goes on line to phone call a good pass through the worst caller was earlier and we all agreed it was what we all agree on any indication. Gonna and we all agreed to vesco was Steve from Providence hey Steve. Big morning guys mark just you go to casino again this weekend. Our best score Dallas got us going down yes or will come in record friendly in the racial tomorrow afternoon. Without all all honesty with what's having it get to the carpet at the Mohegan. 5530. Responses from 73730. Starts we'll dinner reform yes how many races we see. It's I mean one. Races is not book no racist or not Hillary spoke at all I Wilma you will not walking in the race book we don't enable you know Mary touched the. What you do realize. I would expect realizes that some baseball state so he went on a well it's not an animal where scientists found Wednesday speak I'm aware of Sundays on Wednesday named coach Belichick is probably what you can do whatever solidarity your chief investment and all the war. The it is nice and always they wrap until snacks and proud of that as an up or did you do. Well I don't Wear a disorderly markets. By article by a horse yet. And you would advocate some of the jockey we probably need suspended sentence. Think so no I don't think so. Allen owner sir you really gotta set on getting Carter junior jockeys going. You do railroad in the signature right because. Cuba is upset you sale and we're trying to win the the Breeders' Cup that the America's cup. I. I assured there would fit in just by jockey silks we got our own house Hilton get that done to you or your hockey country. Austerity he's so Smart that yeah you go that quick but they're when their sources that have worked on the tracks. Yeah Cleveland this week. I. That would be quite as effective as the wind that's the youngest of the while I try to explain that's your right on our current injured YouTube are dedicated father have a great solace say thank you Steve you took your sorrow and thank you. Ticket. Thanks Steve he never XTX on anybody Obama now. It is always starting with some advice begin becomes a personal knock it by viewers interested surrogate father got a lot of fatherly advice again that is done so we'll be back home and chills from my father as well and on flaws it later in the day yes right in the Father's Day I get together house those rooms and Mohegan so good at all it's hard to get up and yes special here you know we are. A coal. The senator too much life right there. I used iPod as if you'd add. I am yet and I'm now going to have. On call from where towns and average. Who could tracks we go to a tough track off their daughter she next. The fourth and he lay up and you do your full seven this is a dream you know it's in the love mandated to gulf to long drive it's respect it's special petrol. Wounds of its she got Stewart in April he is yes and Tommy moved in the civilized. It was very civilized. That we're building we're gonna go to concerts. Being a month now ordered TDs parents would be your who do you think. We didn't want blood drive home from April that's to bring you won nineteen of their own acts fathers or even tell me you're not had any more news on I'll go to him. No drinks I'm not during gulf now. Well if the US open is on to good final round yes I'm you have to drive back to chumps will be sitting down enjoying it I get after it and put a radio broadcast from the car and driver on a few drinks you know shop right. What do you look at for follows Richard I think they've got out I think these guys out of the. That has gone on Tuesday's easier in the afternoon you know publicly undermining the motion control I don't care about you know fine they don't to watch play golf watched awful. Yes my more forgo seeing you know her father and right well as I know what you have lunch with your mother in law law the bush years both of she'll be busy I'll be with Toby a picture of yourself in my son's death. Etc. yeah. You remain. I think so yeah I mean I don't brother rave on Father's Day. I will probably do them when I get home at night he could do that I don't know later will be. It's really muggy afternoon here one and see you know that your golf last hour at least of the US open. And and what he thirty's there's really no. Juvenile I don't kind of what they did the back and ate well her budget because you know playoff this year US cheap these three hole yet it's 230 it's weird is at three. I'm not a large numbers yet it's the totals are gonna have a big haven't Sunday right yet the polls are gonna happen on some blatantly eighteen girls playoff if they got rid of video. And the women and yes the chicks patrol. Analysts tool advocates say he's weird but at. It is we think for the PGA has four holes she likes magic answer chicks. A person tool. Try to help a detriment to. Ten techsters good two year deal instead of mocked in the boo yeah much kind of boring yes it'll cool at a good Champloo tool jetBlue tool and sported a MacKenzie generous. Wagoner Brad until it is gone. All league guy. Lone wolf find that funny you will think it's normal that most plea duplicate something good about who was filling in today. When hundreds of that when you're on time teams battled all the third yeah. I don't throttle at the sect. Our report.