K&C - Kirk bans yet another member of the K&C family for life 7-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, July 17th

Hour 3. Kirk has a new member of the K&C family he is banning for life that neither Gerry nor the producers can predict. Also, Dan Fouts shows himself to be a complete dummy in an all-time NFL fantasy draft.


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Skirting. It's in its. Okay. Yeah. Okay. OK so. With Gerry Callahan problem fan of mom the other hand there is such good chat such good people guys beautiful he is a be good person and there's no way around that out his. Biting his genes I think. Packed my whole life I gave up drinking I'm gonna book you. He's an alcoholic without it the week and you can't work out six hours the days when you're playing game and Kurt Mann. Credit highs for the success of the show try to take as Eric Berry and great Johnson must throw failures I give them life long named John Thain at the very scary. Jerry. Nice insurance kept alive in this business on the brains he's the heart and soul number one show in new englanders know argue anymore it's Kirk. On Sports Radio W we. Hey exactly pocket and pick up our through her tally 61777979. Experts have something else up for them all the time to time and improved system. If the stickers pretend clocked 254055. But heroes with a stick to the computer. Well that doesn't matter I used TT basically the clock but I do think even I autistic on here are more than you should don't worry at the clock it's a real. Don't if that's that's a radio PD. It's a person she's rewritten the rules. Myanmar cam 33 and your big item book. But a commodity in September October 31 October 31 excellent write about the same time as the TB twelve method yes those of interest in being attended by myself I wore my my sort of my voice is somebody who actually believes that cancers real. So some skiing and I declare a guy's nose like Alex Guerrero who. If Brady so fragile out peripherals mom's gone through I would say it's me that's the mark on him. What he said he's sorry and and they would do it again and falls on the sword like Al it's gonna relieve him as much I believe balance two careers you can be aggressive scum back. I think he has been in the past usually see scumbag probably yes if you the answers yes of course a problem in mushy I I don't it. These bring troops stopped at a prevent concussions is one thing but when you tell people who are dying of cancer. That this thing made of vegetables can save them then you are your lowest of the low slow your lower than Alex or would you agree no I would not. No. Con man we would know which way to while ago and I'm content people in the Bynum Klecko. But yet processor is one thing cutlery out or vying aluminum side that's that's one thing. Content into thinking you can cure cancer using saves them. Is evil I guarantee you owe somebody some old person was and that didn't and his long they would have if they ran short and it would have seen a doctor right correct. I don't think people. Go you supreme greens and don't call it doctor I don't think just desperate to try and anything I guess that's probably would've died bring these little people votes it's. Money means if you typed the words in your little ad that says cure cancer stop K then you have to and it's you can do that. The clear conscious than you are evil into our excellent site. That's a point and he may have changed his ways I doubt people to change evil people don't change. Yeah I definitely think or think if you wish you would have done differently. So growing up. SE that he I'll buy change he has told Brady he's sorry and he's changed and Brady believes. When he built bravery yes among some deal I'll have zero sympathy he's someone like while fifteen year every time he's now somebody to deport every single time. Well I think Brady's shoes meal ticket I would just say yes she's not gonna. Cooperate I read these stores only about when Brady retires then it's gonna expand explode and TB twelve is going to be everywhere. He made sixteen million over eighteen months the supreme greens and it says it wasn't only cancer was also multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease while. Parkinson's and multiples grow wrote. It's rare if it doesn't say Diane worked and secure it is secure. Could cure or prevent this week on dialysis and go through now yeah cure or prevent cancer or parkinson's multiple score outside and they blame that guy on from North Shore that random. The guy did did the infomercials yes indeed there for Saturn my. You have heard them or no or no idea. Mysteries in the business which they wanna governor Arnold whose band already I yeah Afghanistan we are busy compiling all the tough questions that. Carton much idle Craig carton asked of his front Brennan Marshall right we've got to end it you know what it answers the question of who was asked him why I was Marshall said he got mad long before we asked him domestic users fuse in the he was going to leave one way or the other even wants to ask about crazy because it was all news we restaurants golf game muschamp. Before you guys cannot but I want to tell us we're gonna stick ball president six point you have tried to teaching as your mentor of tried to learn as I could make it through chapter one of the chiefs team. I just couldn't. All except Paul nineteen. Don't know actually twenty liked him think of four agreements has modify my bug. And in the four agreements explains that when you need someone and you know it's gonna get content should start what we did with some friendly banter and we did right yeah I didn't really get the credit I asked the open thanks to me but now if you hadn't learned that from me you know that you would never. Ask anything you graduate trailer you'd probably like psychopath yes opponents took a. I see is softball and then ego and right yeah as a professional yes great they would get to Brenda Marshall outlet first that he knows a thing. Case keep upload a long tossed a micro Nancy last thing he's convinced they finally lost most of the blame though with the sees these things of so our July 14 2017 WB yeah I 1013 games and story from southern Ohio to lose. He was area inter frosty this producing for us right. I produced when Rosie last at least I tried in every morning right yes yes ma'am without your go to big story on the biography trying to keep McCullough OK he's just today on random guy. Million body we. Five reasons why OMF one in the spring book you it's five reasons why ailment in the spring book. If they get they won the spring sports book is they said they beat the competition I'm very happy. They listed you look at what lighted the beat accomplished what he mystified every maybe the competition I'll lose five reasons colleges yes. One of his music his dues vehicles of Lynn dues is that right. The blues right you are right I do better. The five reasons were angry Hulu. Fauria the thief. No more capped her neck. CB Holmes talked more sports in blue vs four incorporate those numbers for that one I didn't Kyle very Smart perceptible when the hell is Lou and four when they fight now I've got to be very nice a comedic guys were getting along well he is right there are in fact five reasons why they beat the intimidation or cross street. Those five reasons our number one I was conceived. Number two I was hired by WPI. Number three Kevin with just sucked. Number four they hired me to replace kept winter in number five I covered John Dennis those other five reasons why Obama won the spring book who's. It was an hour here let me finish right that's what he writes about the shall all the I'm happy intimidation doubles. You write things about why show why does it make what the reasons that the additional one of the massive lead. That's empirical this number I did that and I dad's retired and he did a good job happy for want to preface that. But to protect us I want the five reasons. This guy whose vote alike are shows where the show again and am and what I've read it does not us Dodd. He's the kids he's got I don't want any charities that you don't like huh. The knots. And I hate to undermine brought. That he's gonna say bad it goes without light banks not hand and I. I used some balls for your politics as soon. Big you know can slicker and engineers college is very very Smart and yes current and since the kind of thanks Eric like look at the clock you know. After he missed on the rug cuddle wringing your presence and act like it what is it. Cannes path that it had one he's we react and can't hurt father your time. And it's always a comic. Okay. Beaten. It is just something in your Hindu religion for fire to out dot com this for this bill he's saying that the people I have to wonder do you have a date due to dainty Kirk in your house yeah does that do you works that and God's holiness and the match I'm in New Jersey senator from. They worship will not forget that people lost in the weeks. That's you're wrong and you're not you're wrong I. So no I didn't hot. His when someone says we talked to Kyle I want to say they do just drug Kirk insane doesn't work you did when he gets into mineral time he's done or is not to get awards yes it always is safe it goes without saying he wrote about us first. Of course what do I think that's additional. Corporate loyalty it. Not it's not that I'm okay. Well Chris I know you like an eagle on advance polite raw. No he should have included you like talking me correct also been honored to have you in their personal commitment does this were to win now. That's right cry if I honest and I. Rating age I was surprised that you were mentioning all they get hot. Assert more stable but for for the sixty rating on an eye on cycles six feet on the radio. Here's what a surprise that Friday listening and maybe guys division I was this thing and you didn't. Make or weights and alleged to be right you're gonna make quarter where for thing Q before they came and wanted to be here for. Okay we'll do today they can't communion to the fact short way element when you cross timbers you know I should that would do the crossover gonna make them bow before you can you wanted the they define that I don't look at other people. He stays in his office and goes into it because it's. It's it's more this this this puke I'll show what Hugh Hugh bill Reamer. Like an hour before you posted this did you story about how great we only thing you should eat. Maybe he's liable viciousness to write them initially that's a good point. I said many times station americorps people treat the mid facial close to the mortgage and that way forever it's important station American women as well as much. Attention but I do defense is Bradford deserves. The apps and not only on the Turkey's consulate had to program. Gerri good idea it's a year. Yeah for Bradford what do you think are just. This royalties I'd. Would think about Portman won this one of these people. Don't lose them. What can make you famous for now lost that how losing got a lot of them off but he's written 1660. Range shooter 48 feet forty that was more important. Four of these when he stole towels from the G India. Resentment the number Christine made sick evil was talking more sports city Holmes did that was after after the I might actually that was too recent. Data last Thursday as you're right it's adult she might have put those guys they try to steal trying to sell. For Ian moaning and or whoever can. Or we would much has disloyal to react to you would you agree that colon would rather than Lou. Yes plug this well market immigrant has. That's at. Now because Glenn wants to get lucky and you're wacky whose black and who's not black and restoring some all right I agree. That's when he's angry exclude I enjoy. And be good today in reverse for. But this because this idiot writes as dot winners and lie or 5 point 5 o'clock and and I tell. Idiot Kyle don't lose should be you know again he should be next heat and wind working together for it's not untrue and he hit it that are sort of forget rollercoaster and you and you just get a list of things he's written about us now on help. I want this one knows Bruno yeah no and yeah I'm magazine called it the president why we did well the president the president is. The president anymore addicted and dictator he's McCain yes thank you cannot young kind of that he British India right yeah. Right. Good examples amid issues and a good job a million I agree I like in the nation he writes. Mullah admiral is 45 and went back and forth and Al Horford roll the Celtics. Why did they beat the other day it was tongue in cheek it was not it was not touch it was. OK you know what you have shamed him he's gonna write something Els so I don't know who know. No he's not on the talk probably gone would be out of this would defeat today for a few rights five reasons that a lot of people. Keep socks. And multiply it right I've only closed mind I'm open any meg writes I've read that bike park this morning. And then and then there's a liberation what if he writes why Alex we should be schemed alive and fed to him. And when you have to do what Alex you students earn back your loyal to genre coming from. You by that point yet the story on our show by saying it's arguably the best sports talk show on the ball I thought the ice red cent of them says Kirk I re. And outrage here it's nice job attorneys if you had to wrap up on the floor talking. Point segments in the real inside the scenes look at each member of the show makes listeners and fans connect but the guys more than typical talk show this helped shape. Perky talent and arguably the best sports talk show in the market for so fast sports auction oh okay it's actually some special in the market. Idiots. But by the way is editor spread so we could take that were out each asked not to my Rob Reynolds yes I think you gripe is with and follow. Kitty this idiot seriously. You ought to have him announcer urged that's users don't go along go to Syria zone you know answers you know this guy around our lives. He was in for a week in and that keeps the deal after the cute use him from me. It used to seal the should because you know what music program directors had jock sniffing moved usually act I don't want him around he's seen sir I don't think so he's he sniffs my joke I went to UMass I read that story at altitude. That's sports writing and he's our one of those guys again. Read Ludacris should run two laps ran OK nibble sweating afterward he could go down there. He said it but it was she holding up yeah who swept she's up for a sweat and that's that's blew up. Augusta I think I'd rather talk about trends is Tony's clans are trying to comfort and let's go to Justin Burlington Justin I don't know I hate morning. Are surveyors I'd do and that's about a year now and I've always been on Turkey Callahan. So I Kirk are lucky to make me I I think. For watching entertained yes I hear like a yeah like in Nielsen's. The oil. I mean you would be nothing. It's a lot for me you would be left in the I inaccurate. And I axle and I'm leaving Kentucky vs anyway. I thought you need to take artillery. Batteries. Thank you Justin says when he of people Kirk. One unique thing and pick anybody for being entertained for listening post I hate to break it to the list does matter and pleaded not guilty of any of them. I usually do I'll eyes otherwise I have been so yes I think the beginning of my mom's Lewis that's essential finally put that way but at that I'll pick you listeners can you break for what he didn't know we ate them. So what you to a shelf your attic we have like three listeners a dip back to protect the Patrick and it'll upon us. New York stock in the closet we got to get to Brandon Marshall are hate seeing a man yes that's just a we have to get compile every. Find and let them are ready for Marshall lose a minute I wanna get to the outrage that day maybe have a segment like this can sponsor of Turkey what do you think. We start the clock we can do this. Outrage of the day I can argue about how Al Horford roll so. Sausage is committed to do they named an average down yet heard. Amended TG witness the Red Sox fans argument and are nocturnal like ESPN's top ten plays of the day they're nocturnal. Oh. You all know audience that was as of tomorrow or little gray area the list of top twenty here where. Jackie Bradley and don't was right. Mark Kirk and Callahan show these laws Sports Radio WEEI. You can use and the communities in the past the really good to hear about it. OK okay its users who played in the questions. There was talk here. Which I stand by apps we dumped that car and you know what I'm I'm with you. And give the scumbag. I don't know he changed hands. And why do people it's it's a good microcosm of the way some people. A year or view athletes. This is automatically say into purpose. And they know they said there was apologizing form. Isn't yet here we have that's the only defense I'll give farmers he ticked try to clean enough to best leaders in new news as well as injuries and I think he's almost embarrassed used to could be. And now I thought I had I but I subject why he's switched hands and he wasn't an adult but he. I don't think he don't I don't that you don't it but I do think he was acting like eighty you don't I was in the room I could feel them getting ready for the coffee on us. Which would have lost so much better solutions was undue. Scorching coffee quickly before we get to Brandon Marshall the HBO's released pictures photos. Alpa chino Joseph Paterno and I love the movie any good. He looks good he looks he's he's gonna because it means for somebody who has been talking north what screenwriting acting for years I'm really happy for the guys that your supplies and a ski that's true yeah. I think it's good casting the lead to do a good job to discuss followers say shows there are now. Yes and I'll violence. Some customers say who's playing sinister than Allison walker I don't know it's still it's filming that they're filming now. So we don't know and the rest of us which you know sold as a believable. Joseph Paterno the things that the big glasses in the big cause it's he's gonna walk like come he'll be I'd be excellent the movie. And we we tested. Who we say could be use and asking. Actually Brian Dennehy jewel now dead death no bees died atomic millions he's sold out. He fake his military service you'd gotten yet it was a big story. Then there was that big story might patient keep track stolen valor stories in the in the east and our community's six so we don't know who's playing sandusky. No I don't know about how to lose just responded I know he knew he would we have to say to be fair the ormat piece was one that Brad follow asked him to write. Cut its like I say okay all Psycho got a whole lot they shot up a whole lot. Asked the right to ask him to write without mentioning boss who The Who The Who wrote the contents. Paul wrote the five reasons you just transcribe them according used so we Ukraine (%expletive) I'd. Your kid exhibit five reasons are from Paul religious good defense. Hauled their producer. Yes it's recorded and I would put his name on it should name and that's embarrassing a plane right Paul wrote. Where it's okay hold. Web site is rob. It's a flawed one. Were you telling me the producer this role the five reasons the show's six is successful and by the way I would say this there's a lot of reasons why forgetting the five I was to before the biggest five. Why that show was done well and none of those in the fight right let's and remove ever. Their fight over Al Horford ports are called after the book was over you know what's that all stupid that is a good defense for caucus I thought I was smarter than that. If you wrote that himself that would have been more about what's his defense for arguably the bench shall in the market. He doesn't have one yet that's that's. I don't know. I don't think I have argument that our passing the buck to somebody else that's all I'm not agree to an argument I don't maturity on his house. He's got a guy trying to any young guys are young man in your pictures on the Jimmy defenses Ford that you're still in college graduates go to college student hall Welsh let parents and I. Elements of which lets you coolest protest except we wouldn't shortly witness to what each mural that he would not you've never would you know he's a kid these children around LSU. Thank you hope we can effort from the sneezing left and right on the basis that six times sneezed once and I had an idea copilot at times. I'd Brandon Marshall was at the gulf of another adds she's scud he's a college kid trying to get a hand I'm sorry you gotta you gotta have learned. Right now. It doesn't you don't picture and name on Sunday magazine your own rental told them what to do and he gave the rockets don't rob should write a story the five reasons why all of a beat the other guys made good I agree I don't think it's good it's. Yes okay. Compiled five reasons I had the five reasons to want to throw one involved shall we need to give you that I guess so if you do that fine. But he is aegis police is that these calls hellish party eight for the reasons. Transcribed his work. Maybe there's a lesson. And I can understand about. He's he's gonna make it up to you watched Paul Kyle will do something she'll be vigilant as we can I do it's unbelievable play on one hand what's. Why I wouldn't play in that and combat than he is there's a huge crowd it's on TV. He's. Ease obese. He's out there playing in the sports term because Lake Tahoe celebrity's getting ACC it's like the best celebrity tournaments at stable Ford's system. And he finished last by a mile. Was second last effort happened only she was a fourth of triple forces some other again moderator Tom and stuff curry looks. Excellent dish out 66 theaters. And with his handicap to one. He's one. Staff carries a one handicapped rich kid. So what you need time to be a one he's a NBA player he would he would not watching how unbelievable he says a little bit of really to offer the average quarterback factual larger passively by quarterback has a one I think he apparently there's no way Tom Brady's of one. Now Drew Brees whenever thumb baggage. But down parkinson's one hand Barkley so unbelievably bad or apartment scorecard I would never play. Anywhere but like by myself if I was at that yeah. For hand at this point it's a joke greatly eases leg and the fassel to ask five hours with a huge crowd around you are translate to being cared a 54 holes made one par. You're kidding one par. One Elway wasn't me don't expect to be he goes he got it on the power TS I 54 holes like bad shot 105. It's unbelievable three. Teach one of these assets current golf with Justin timber critical. They get any they gave me like he mis or anything. This place holds these pickup and make a good double and its motion can make the motion makes it doubly shot a one cent yes I mean there's a million doubles and sure hands. That's eighteen minutes it's 48 that's 35 over par. On eighteen holes of double on every holes 36 over par right so he had one hole that you can double. Right does it and he tells it can lose just jumping into the office I father. Whoever won was that the loser and a jump in the lake. It was never like I exciting that Justin Timberlake but had a kind of made play after he plays all those things Catherine Tappan played. Yet on transit she portions of trendy scene and should films early interest in telling look I. Terrell who won who won you told Meredith from the three time winner Mark Mulder mark Greg congratulations. There will be the first he looks for his wife and kids see a lot of them. Was 36 today a look who's on the line before we get to a Brandon Marshall Dakotas and Braintree at Dakota. Yet the number one the number two of them but for reasons why that made it shows them on an absolutely because if you guys OK what we deal and holly commit that. What whatever it. Did a lot of good bogey and an excellent June they were second thank. One the bleed in war there were closed soon. So at the mid day show was actually true number one like you guys are then it would have been carried over into the deal at all we show it senses blood and then you can realize that true. John Farrell like of that mid stage show. Right. Hard to argue W in San John Farrell Ike. What was what and what does Israel have do. Well I mean terrible manager in distant all the big day shows I mean this year is a good show. Eric what you show now Christ. And yeah. All of us are excited it's a good serviceable aggressively going to do to the sandwich for lunch dried packets all horrible yeah that's much better than it was before. Get too lazy to turn the radio station and yes it is a. What's the best of additional in the cities my iPad could be wrong. Okay and act as agreement right with this but once you usual loyalty in anything. You should be done because I'll never be boy he'll ever again and nick you do just basically just using you as a even like democracy to mock people and graduates. Nice too lazy sockets and I had to extra effort. Alex isn't lazy in my sources connotation people over the CI Iowa and ambition because that's like. Worked my way to the top out I don't I don't ironically I don't appreciate in addition people who are now under the slaughter that. That you want them to be as you know that her money list as Esteban people correct. Mindless women news. If you also want ambition and get the the on the casting couch I'll show you addition you'll never have training out. It's I don't issues and we never have training on a GAAP I'd mr. usually need a likable would we need another light island sun's out when. Why did you do Sunnis want trap that's quite agree that's that stresses that code is a girl's name anymore and it is. That's not true it's it's great unisex and Matt. Section under the name to state. But what what which are from a training decode. But I don't I don't have an issue will Kirk was talking about ambition right if I was gonna be on the casting isn't this finding means try to get. Yes last part and Tomas he gets no time. Now we need people because Kirk band going to be at every one before long they get it called account because Kyrgyzstan just about everybody from the shadows so which does have ambition and she's the idea Boston nationally jobs reflection of opportunities swimming events that's true. Where were you next week. I'm missing nine home this in a low that in the church and this morning at the end of the nationally. How Honduras. Out and they annihilate us when do you go to the Olympics when that I don't. That's the Winter Olympics in Korea acts as it always snowing Korea. We're going to be like socially if you don't then you're going I am on. Awful that's. And I closed at Wachovia DMZ there at pretty close your brain it is stumbled on that answers that would be good time and attack if you Kim Jung un. I. Haven't thought about that and I'm might just I don't director Simon I know I do and and during growing again. Back to the current object currents could ask them. Because you know what it's like when did you ski and you have to take a bus for 3000 in the mountains. Don't want to have a close by each other's knows that there's a mountain. Mountain cluster Ametek also cluster Olympic speed skating and figures doesn't have to be cool for you. Within hours right now. And that's what's so bad notes that in a launch a fully. Fourteen hour if slices and thousands. Slow awful. The sense that that's a chance you're right that's which has their own national network for the students in the Olympic channel yes he just wants to work for them. I will and ideally it's growing south she wants she wants out so I'll address here why don't you you'd like to get the chance to ban her she's gonna Google+ but right that's true we have to get to bring the dogs out and amber and I teased a holiday card produced this. Hole cut what all right Allen had to quit holiday would be that that people with the Flag Day outage may be I know how much like the five Imus and you play cards I'm just gonna give that's important. Pay off sixties. Is the end though we we bash she is important but I wanna commend them because Jackie Brown whose catch was magnificent but it wasn't as good as. Some had to burn out spinning around on a kid's bike in little bowl titles. One of those guys who goes down in the in the in the bowl when it we'll see a Mac and he goes down you know skate parks or part. It's like in a skateboard park I guess some ESP and show. And he gets up he spins around by giving me. Hands and they said that's the play of the day and number 21 who has to Jackie Bradley. It is amazing to very offensive minded there I can't tell their kid and you think it's a kid because full kid's bike is located sport. He's had neck pats to go up to -- years he's covered in pats him on about like 37 years old stoned out of his mind you have to be. To go up there it's been around likely that would thanks so that's the best play of the day and sports very fan I'm happy about didn't. You know Brendan Bryson these sham bullet hole out of something in the didn't. Barkley part hole that could now let's see how he makes a part one. It does seem hard to believe for a hundred yard par three think about you can flip club is it a net par or grossed. You play hero ball obviously none of this had reps and I have not been looking at a known and he's going to get that term that's the thing. So we had 54 holes and one point one par it's my amazing heart anyway. Brenda Marshall. Yet we get we have all. Credit cards questions we do good on here it was foolish questions to discard or journalism and heard about it Jacobellis. What's up boomer and I got a fastball more honest not rosy boomers it could get Allah statement I will not I don't want these good guy you liken it. He gave you sunglasses and apparent on the doomed to warn spotlight why didn't at least I'm asking if I'm on the shocking to me in on such a nice guy gimmick Kirk in the me. And they gave me that prepared him one the Kirk won occurs when the dog and in keeping it myself here great and I regret for the stay here there and I some rumors that he was watches Keeneland meet every Chris what's happening now is on for haven't Microsoft would give us watching the news media securities on the show. Now let's hear and feel I think he likes us better clearly prefer us over of them I think that's true put aegis. You know he likes them too I say not this guy will be right. He skirt can. Hi guys like everybody that are very good free thinking person to be great except bombshell I didn't get my name I'm so sorry Jerry Kelly it's human he curtain and Callahan. Can't see fox Sports Radio W. Right down on the field to. About the look good look yeah. Well turn out that was the fight. Sex toys were allowed to say correct correct not what you can see it. I try to recognize rightly should I can't keep. It was a brand model year look like Herzl small bats. The reason I asked some Dan filed sound is that Dan Coats is made the stupidest person on earth I didn't notice until. A fifteen minutes ago our friend Peter King. Did an MM QB all time NFL draft results and they went through an entire attractive or threatened twelve picks. They're a bunch of former GMs like Romney can turn he'll try and lesbians thinks that they're pretty soon though it's not just in collections well I would say this. So then. They're the first pick overall was who the pick there who's that. Search was on us and Canada Narnia cores and Napoleon obviously brand the votes in war has gone under. Was it was. Well Dallas person over her shoulder also told bush okay now it again and again. Trochmann going to via of the birds. Three of the first pick in the draft now you can make the case for taking Lawrence Taylor for sure all that's that's a good I've I probably wouldn't but I guess that. Tom Brady was picked ninth just to give you an idea about Peter King to pick by Peter King nineties such quarterback taken unitas. In the recent rules second pick is Ron Wolf new picture over Joseph Greene asks. It's okay taken before Tom Brady would not put if your defense of guys and old school. Number three I got and then take gradient and united us to put. Again it. Gosselin is that Rick cause one then he's my big problem in order to find you know as was greatly OK you have a problem with Dan Coats the force Election Day and files before should have been drug tested right away or why. Well let us what took and took ray guy off fourth overall we all time draft not Tom Brady not Jim Brown. Not John Elway yours on backer and you those guys now says what they're about secrets of your mind. A few butcher in the fourth round he took Youngstown and root she uses. Info should have taken himself right that you better pack a much better pick but somebody's just stupid. Ahead of Brady go not only Greg ago that Anthony Munoz Jim Brown okay Reggie White. Dawn Hudson. Receiver from. Who retired in 1935. To match point I mean come on but they went for the ball and Jerry Rice once I had ended his brand like a wing T it'll time Jerry Rice why things are best player of all time. Once spot where you want to put my seventeenth. At in the goes breezy picks after Reagan high that after Brady which was pretty well on the board because polian pick next. After Peter King polling picked the typically. And when that it took auto griner has taken the guys who went ahead of Brady and the actual draft movement in the go far Ira taken Montana are always in the right I want ten LA went next and then the mountain in many picks are reasonable Rochus on back. But at the deacon Jones I understand break in I don't frank Walter Payton felled eighteen. Rice who paid 1718. And even I mean I know you double dose now but OJ Simpson was almost slayer when he was won't act and it's Morgan high school basketball coach. More and mountain. It's John wooten is just tenure got 23 year NFL scout. And he picked OJ Simpson that takes balls. I mean look at some of these folks pics they're unbelievable. I McCain is Bob again product. I wondered if I was Bob again from the journal sentinel Angel boss or was forty year vice president of player personnel and you felt bad sector for him. Two days ago it seemed it seemed to possesses a talk show fodder Turkey I guess from him aka you outraged Tom Brady I can guarantee you'll be talking about this on our dollar smells like itself and also not like apparently it is since I mean if you're the first pick overall beauty parade of course right. Yes Austin and I'd take patent second pain went twenty I think right second tour LT you know the crazy fever we'll find price of us because cigarettes the second best player. These are old school guys anyone who thinks you'd. Coming Walter Payton Ronnie Lott. I had to vote Peyton Manning they're great whichever ticket he moved money like it was a 65 overall. Just a safety over Peyton Manning might be the third best cornerback Walt I would not would you take a safety over Barry Sanders. I'm Selena seems thing. Puck slipped two point seven as a possible though he's old school guys by the way the next patriots ago was number 3030. That was John Hannah. Are correct here who's in Toledo Toledo I destruct muse is insane folks have been Peter King mention that this call mug on Fox's. I don't enrolled is almost always written those athletes and you must have laughed thought he's Joker. I guess I don't know who knows way I'm looking for the next kicker taken after young and you wouldn't it first there's a lot of tackles better guards on this list a lot by the lack heard wrong hands stuffed curry is not a one handicap powers. Point two cheese eggs stuff curry is a scratch golfer and he plays basketball that old time eight months a year that he's got a plane road trips. Of I guess I'm gonna rain game road trip he's got plays they scratch or get his card in front of me he breaks seventy and a regular basis unbelievable. And what's Barkley and that we have that has had a 403540. With a check. Now we get the explains it managers and a scheme Lewis it's that guy plea ignored gunners in Fargo. John Carroll lynch. Turned Carroll lynch the game played husband and yeah our analyst and while norm norm NHL looks like I guess that's not great cast and I don't know him what but that's cool character play evil. The plane hit better plain evil that's one thing is John what Carol bleach. Or would you shoot it. Lets him yet that's that's the view definitely again as I owe that guy he's in the you something recently you're also a pick you as the zodiac killer and zodiac that's the right guy he looks just like these seat that's good casting good creepy casting. So 53. Yeah. I mean it doesn't look like since most of all do you know about you honey I hair and program creepy to or is before you can call them and you are you serious I swear to god would he say. He says he's. Doctor's appointment on a lot of risks licensing Kyle now that talk on passive optical right now. I asked him two years ago and I won't go we'll get the chemical got sick plays one McDonald Brothers in the founder. It ripped off always one of them Michael key of the other guys a guy from parks and recognize what is the tube. McDonald's yes McDonald's and then Ray Kroc fleece is the not a great movie it's good I like it yes are. File are coming up.