K&C - Kirk calls out Curtis's job performance; Gerry keeps making a bizarre noise after speaking 7-11-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 3: Kirk called out Curtis's recent performance on the show and Gerry kept making an incredibly annoying sound right into the mic after speaking.

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There and challenge. Was out. I want my grapple gonna over baseball reporter should be called baseball observers chosen card Joey got what could ever heard of your being with rob Bradford coming off the or you're gonna get around you know it's a bit that was a basketball Kabul when are gonna go to guy here the feeder I've seen as arriving definitely eat it. And that seemed to do days let's see it jackass. And thought with Kurt committee had baseball park is boring B not gonna talk. When Brady leaves what Belichick leaves all these people who beat writers reporters you know a lot of like patriots QB QB nothing I wanna get into special teams they Q. They traditional baseball people want a whole bunch of Babe Ruth baseball that's a great point my. Hope every baseball it's a little it was a stuck on Wall Street he beat Ricky Enron Gerry Callahan Alex remixes long awaited return to reassure you miss a screeching voice. Read that we're not sure who's going to be easy tip in you look at prices numbers against the Yankees wholly different. Good straight they call that a gold star like the one who was on or who is panic yes now let's look at C upon us triple agent and ask you jury not to push him into bad directions I heard pretty personal secret got Gloria good out there 119 was America's moral man volume. It's Sports Radio telling you. You producer midday show run. Statement and markings scripted that that yes I heard the meeting on his home in we hear it again you could tell totally that is the visual reference like Enron. On that you know in it was so pathetic because Glenn said he socks during a crossover Mark James was then across from glad. He didn't have a company. He scripted it on the play. Wouldn't fight back as you said Luke Luke James is an important enough. Why does that matter like someone attacks you you can't attack back fight back anchored a list price point will fight intensive. Amid higher if somebody says something dumps on you fight Pacman who cares if there are important and believing god of what's more important than you right now station Atlantis got in Sacramento not 1996 and this is Sacramento beat cat and practice marks a refreshing is not going to be command and forget didn't find everything ever in the Sacramento will be and that's where I'm getting most of this information for people who cover the team on to the Sacramento pretty. Real paper. The wooden image. But I figured that the stock from the fact Xeon Sacramento rising interest in market Smart I read this book. Shot it's still don't believe a patent and that there's zero mention kinds market Smart. For its these calls. A kind of sinister bullish on McCord. I don't think it'll rise to a level of OJ Simpson and or Erin and end this eureka roof. I think he's in real trouble we're gonna be real crime story he could have real guys. Who were on orders from shady McCord. Two send a message to this one. And a message they sent. And it is violent aspects to our friends glory lose us the masses and explain to me how he would be told what's his. Claim baseless an offense that's offensive no brainer I mean the teachers and he's calling with their tell me his defense. A who's who says is baseless that he had nothing to do with this article is talking with her doctor Dennis his house. They'll say they have photos or doctors. Really want meanwhile let their defense would there be public but he didn't know fortunately issues in denial you don't care of them now but Matos trying to come up where it's just say your. You don't say your own support bush on McCord. I organized when your defense be that he I didn't know that. I didn't impacting the doctored photos I was thinking he didn't know the attacker. Yet that team could be sending but it is potentially that could you believe that but at some random dot it is having an asset sheltered tiger up its own brand seems unlikely it seems very. I mean he sued dirty try to get a kick out of the house. You know they've had very contentious relationship. And we're gonna think we're gonna believe that this guy who reads in own or is allowing history to Asia while he's not a firefight a couple of your general of the opt he's a violent guy and at some point we're gonna hear those three the magic letters CTE. But he. I think is involved. I think I ask is just spent more than four games on the side to this argument while he's out that Brady got four game Eisner well please just keep an eye and we know every year we know Ray Rice had video we know. Greg Hardy. Hadn't heard testimony at the waitress immediately goes there's been nothing as disturbing as that followed have perfect isn't in the the trendy Q I don't know that that ray raised fears prejudices that but that's the last lady Annabel slices Ramirez right Sinatra called Iran Hamas and ditches how many inches and roll outs humbled in the accusation Jude and McQuay beats up his kids and his dog I need to embrace for everyone and rule a private dog cages that this this this is a violent guy. Who wanted this to be taken care of violent and spent the year next year what he submits to get down the Buick and I had a good point release the minutes of the rules over and big the idea and joint apology statement. Down on is that these doctored photo. Maybe and that's that's one defends IIBM. And yet their course could would not the most motivation ST maybe she's great she's a Vietnam and right now we don't you motivation obviously is to get him. Have no idea and I mean I don't think the post doctorate and held why she also claimed to be using drugs steroids. And beat up the son and his dog right. Modest amount since it's always going to be OK so it's really just show up to training camp and a few weeks and move on on a genetic tests are really good actress arrested this I think it's a league isn't gonna get arrested. The bill say they're looking into it. She's in hospital in the face just rearranged. We don't have we don't many details that we. Now it's very weed out the story just came out bills immediately. Where he is incident looking into it a quick statement was like an hour after pictures post and out. Retreat argued greeted around 2 AM this morning saying he supports unity all the way in the backs counselors committee in code you don't us I don't I understand that side. The trump card here. Your people. Source who McCoy because trump got out actually that's his African America I'm gonna guess we'll get to see him to a report I could be wrong I'll apologize. I am but I need to know. I mean I don't believe Clinton also hoping to be made upwards of one hell of a coincidence yes or wanna help an acting job of dreamers right in this somehow. Doctored it's not doctored photos you mean it's doctored famous doctor face but it's not only is bloody and cut. This swelling. It's it's hard to it's I think that humor ever or ever was to Foster right turned out he was that we was that they have photos like this is up Alex. But it could do I mean you could do that obviously you could. A member in a dirty Harry I paid the right guy to beat them up exactly Harry says duke intelligent. One that looks to damn good at it there's no way he can play along this interesting happens when you talk like outlook the company have to rest and two day. If it's this evidence. There's evidence yeah I mean this obviously testimony witness test the obvious who's gonna say yeah he sent those guys is that this is foolish on. Something like that and I guess. Anyway our disagreement historic Olympic recourse at. Judgment is notified about the before photos she's spectacular look and agree with that and he is my project which are not enormous it's not like she is she great looking. She's very good looking and Matt is in Belgian town her uncles there's or disagreement story. I'll probably go a little aren't as good morning. When I called up I could I said that these other way to show it looked doable without. Hold on Matt like a second match ours. So I gave up the call obviously takes Foreman is for the for the numbers we've full five full blinking lines for the go deterrent purposes wondering await where were you. Aren't on record. Which you get your cursor that you wait at making a number it's go time I would add that Californians like oh show. It's our question of which six interns now ever since personal thing I was like that will they do sorry now an ago. And suddenly worried about him speak to you two defense sucked sucked the last week we can have. A vote. Secondly you know he did nothing last week in this week you've done nothing like it was all Monday Tuesday while the rest of the week he did nothing will be done this week. I think that a good job on what have you done this week. You together yesterday did some on some good stories today. Storage find good. I listened yesterday got the map salary was what sent with storage if there was good. Most of the mets' upcoming marathon yesterday repeated contribution to the station last week and a half as mats out for thirty seconds. It's what you do I don't okay I'll do nothing to him electable right easily do a good job when he's done. You always do what I what is that exit into the did not like what like I like about why it went great today was headlines. On Trump's. You know that we knew that's the party here. Okay and it's depending you don't matter all. What's he done. He's got his usual job and secure about. I'm worried about him because either the defect he's he's normally not this defend yourself offensively was in my hand and you have no defense for last week showed a matter of me analyze it I actually I'll usually is the show or not there was perhaps what is going on. You know those of bad decisions have just throw it right to get capital were right he's right what's why you so defensive. I had a rough vacation in Montreal apparently was not really that was reported some time up literally get a I'm mat Sheen domestic callers and what's the weigh in on re very happy he's back 617779. 793714. Lines 2034 nationally 38 point two point. I repeat the call what happened in Montreal. I just. Good story okay advocate do you expand that and a little more. Yeah it was not relaxing we went to we do all these locals are happy words I've had mentioned you relaxing ever happens this they must of happened. Artsy towards the light sucked the last two weeks what happened. I was really doubt I was around tricking the whole week and I really couldn't. Who's now and who tonight when I saw you here but she didn't go over he's a proud myself attempted to resist that should be proud of but it just sucks that whole week's super party or let's face without alcohol life's just no question that that's clear so miserably to witnesses constantly years and it's like it's just as good as it gets this right that's the best it'll just mixing her this is apparently the peak of your life right now right to affect you every you'll never get better that you look at our right now it's. Absolutely demoralized they're I think agreement I don't think Curtis. When he as a and when. I think he will be good go to that's gonna happen only like you were being held up the parent would send multiple we have news to announce over you know trying. Desirable project here you certainly won't work when a woman I ever. On which every murder impregnate her white T she's not a fair about a few I don't know why do you think about it. She can match she's gone home awful short Imus was pounded your your mom and dad. Although my brother in law was one big booster and whose real upset and Ken was boosted I was like all right a total. Photos of him and was up on Montreal and he was going on that house. That lights it up so it's a little messy guys that aren't just died six months that's about seven under through seven at theory respect so far dim for grade did him. Roemer can seat plus sixty mine's Ken. It's in mind of course that and so timid right they defended did you meet ya I got ponson enters out of the shower that's boring. What's boring we did not stop outside W yeah I got it get a good job done pollen and other stuff. Which has it might bossier that's why would you think you know you're directly controlled my what he thinks it's what do you think yeah you ban them what is he capable of I an item it. No idea Matt go ahead. Leon has signed. Before he departed on Curtis let the attainment and medications very very era and with the blues are. I'll I called up at that it you know additionally let's suppose that Alex what it clear that they are you lot aren't there let you check in every morning do. But if the media media or Chinese said that dumping whatever I am about. Throughout our poll shows the amount and when I admire you got I don't know why do his navel gaze pretty mind when you imagine what do you listen to what you're gonna sports for reasons I asked. You know but I I do what I can about you guys and you go behind the scenes this sport you kind of exposure quote hypocrites you look at the business side that they argue it's a lot different look good score but. Other political entity that all the media and media lot is not a damn right I mean I don't know that the banter went out and done so he's not out there on the month. They ago they're competitive sports talk when I'm here. Politics pocket you know your axle when we do the business this is inside a sports exact opposite side. Why CBS sports there's several now between Ramona now of course course it's gonna change and I'll borrow as Shane. And courtesy are what you would do Hussein. Arthur's wife. As they cost so exhibit there was this hot cheesy audio yeah as a peso. I think you're one of these guys you just always goes with two whiteness you don't have to go in stimulus. Is he does use some of the assure you he's gonna finally once they see what's what triggered hotel. They're being MB so stay in the room for go for a walk I don't know he just he's told him what actions but she watched it with you on the on the tour. Earl going and I'm sitting there are a little aloof. Akin. Criticize them. I wouldn't but you can't do that call it's right or drugs will you could take. You on here and figure out if you're an alcoholic and he used to use you can still use drugs right there right is actually went musical correlation at all I don't know that it would you know. If a really good look at it really good. That's stupid. A really good late Heath radars right indicate she does she's just staffer friend's regardless Eva Picasso there in Kate's I would know the difference and I just better would you. Don't Kate Snow better because it sucks you. Now I know. How long was 442 and a half hour that's. I can have hours out of here what you can assure another idea of money I would get divorced what. And you yes let's torture they get divorced ball mill is she. By surgery in into it yeah I'm a mom who got a lot of stage that's more pressure and the whole thing. Not on the chain that explain current muttered. No not hope to clear ahead. She's in Berkeley noted that zone. Good morning good morning. Silence and all that man you should just called anti union event. All of the shoot great. The fuel supplement re writing your act thank you soon and from the sound the he won't let you. Well Callahan. This is that he had a technical here the kids on it. Come and you. Get in yeah. I don't think he's cute. I she's not my type I was gay he would be my that would be your type. Wanted to dominate alligator America valley have a different around like so I'm an advocate and smartest or your mountain I don't luckily across the base you got up and I'm wrestling not to dive he'd a few weeks ago. Why would you open. Sean accord with the calling for a car you used it is alert your dominant agenda and I have what was a safe Portman is no state. Is not know well there's not enough it was world Iowa BV. So you hit it like a big sewed it Hulu would be role reversal Wheaties the slap in the face. Almost smack. And in this things like that. One more who who is it was a via a nickname did you column something colleague Dan Cohen yes yes that disease. Whitney would it be a role revert it to be a role reversal please enter so dominant in every other aspect of life only you don't need to be eats only put your place because that's what is for a lot of people all the guys that actually look at that keeps you warm at night that's all your little speech expedite and start off with no. These slap you back. And she flops kicked it left some he was blowing so we couldn't he was once what do you do with these they love me. Asus EE LOW. I mean trouble reading this isn't gonna last. Graph. Theory for segment so far. There have been a lot of good points to defend its mossy. It was a bad move wife. Must he's my man it's funny we're gonna show it was good to have you back in good luck and that's a good way to get it done though I take a more for the break if you. Let's go to Mike in Portland in my. You know we want like. Oh I just wanted to say remember really shocks me he he really terrible. I'd really just terrible day initiation of Buddy Guy on that talked trash about a little barrel through its you don't go to Asia. It's really awful that this Gatwick or reading liberal but talk church a little girl. Or George Ryan to be suspended play for life because you said that stupid thing like that forever it loses Joba be out of I don't work. Yeah once and be on the street again when I read isn't it means he has been at moments yes start six point 77779%. Deliberate. It's these Kurt and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. So I'm feeling transformed from Tony Robbins yes you know highlight the Bible lesson today I bet if he. Become reality. OK we will learn. You are you don't get wet. We also learned that not not get that. You know. You are you you are if they're they would like it that it no I didn't step millions of it felt here. And fellow actor back I can assert my man with up are no doubt Singapore by the way after the show Jerry and I do in this I don't know. While we agree do these things. As and I just threw the film is due to bar stool is a Parcells producing their own documentary about the history bar stool and asked us to be part division until. And producer who is courted most by rose's last promised to get ready to be ready to engage them so they coming here yes are still people are coming here. Yes exciting for all of securely. And world report Nolan. On report nice comment I played worse. Fight and and commission staff that he sees that yes. So we part of that I'm not really sure what they want from us because we're the same shirt today and I realized that probably the everything would bring these kids dawn August part of earth. Because we are brutal thing with the safety technical the station because a loan that is right I guess ID go if they thought tonight you think it was appropriate to do to bring these kids very inappropriate kids or is off limits if it's always. I'm assiduously as port only. Felt everything and yes it was his very weird about it. Life just where was it like down socket a public yet and some Nantucket where were they to support our house shall listen stepdaughter was coming by port or house for some reason may well they're buddies are good buddies. That's why do you think at some and anti. And we don't play either him embodies. You look at the Portnoy is against needs beyond Tikrit US against you who has an arsenal cannot take the moral high ground who are against you actually laid out correctly I thought was a it's a business decision EIC's sorry it's pounds and we figure a white light that's what they've said. But you know he did think that if he could have been saved Portland. President he Qaeda that's in the column L prisoners that you're Novartis forced those started I mean never at the first article about it. And really these candidates aren't you UN IC I don't know none. Takes accountability you or I haven't taken any accountability writes that a million times but otherwise you're actually sorry I think you're court to try to view. You think I'm happy planet yawning. The first offer came back. Did you think you think these hostages at text under the bricks and company are on. It comes out of the purpose I gotta get back in his. Erfurt and alternate via. It's really can catalysts on the cooler story again what you bought this picture we're doing right now to a 120 or seven wall would there be certain people there defending the play is not patriots who were which it doesn't think he's in the way. Are these. He's trying to kick her out of the house Monica and you can do what this is see this as the dancing dancing talent and incurred in debt and doing our Sean right that is very few dozen detectives calling out what started going to that he tells the story. A a better. I play that I don't pretty arts. A crowd maybe the fact looking not that I did not and so on to Democrats can we play thug who important and it's it's kind of boring right so weird doesn't it does aren't they did it this week in the later Orton is in the public and thrown it since voters like standing there and understanding yet as we hear you're right thought it was extended an assortment seven months ago. It's very strange but it's something as. It. Brave revisit nobody can just put it was an opening Keiko. They don't care about you that Tara Brady so you should always be in favor them should always support the commentator but it's a public wireless. It's common sense of what we're all bets is on its own but the ball obstacle but they're both right and you. Those recorders. Barn fires are sort of Yahoo! that they do they know they were being recorded. I think mostly it's kind of weird guys standing far away very strange house and was in elementary referral partners so exciting you look awesome well he loves Phil Parker defend them that as a whole you you've got a it was a favorite Arafat is the legs. The ten times who. I mean yeah I thought we showed you O excellence in Vietnam I would that he really isn't even anywhere right. Partly or doesn't he does that show Gary hall and think you're kidding right I did not know. So I haven't seen him. Let's hear more this riveting conversation and well thanks to you now part of a value to our oh okay. So what would you like fortunately. Porn that you know there's there's there's there's no descending into differences with him and he was he when he. Put the kid's picture up right for themselves the deadly Porter thinks should save just saying mystery island situation absolutely there's not a thing you can unite people doing its thing once about much eagle was and I respect your -- Knight idea on our own program a few a few friends are like I might not really like he made music and people on the street now. It supports a couple times that's what I know our position that I never understood about this she wants to know if she wasn't at all. It's tiny little thing if she wore and it's still stupid things they used the wrong word. Which wasn't leaks but not quite as I was telling someone who doesn't have kids about why this is what it was just trying to carry a whole silly you watch a video segments like oh excuse of the spam it's how can it be that one guy who doesn't like I can be one guy he says the families it's selfish now knowing that she wasn't at all. This I thought it was an eagle and not stupid thing don't agree with that not funny. Oh see what Overton when he made the move on his son and and that to them and the shorts and they went around for touchdown. Pre. Over the weekend I think it's for that argument as to suggest that Iverson to meet you make a move it. I did yes I was pads on the whole Paris yeah and his son couldn't tackle could stomp stomp them although we've played eligible this mother. Some of those Malia is again arm. Sounds to me it takes the whole briefings and unveiled that underneath. I don't know crude and there's no double stuff Orioles and then now it's apple and on the must be I'm sure they're happy. I'm sure they know what they're missing is the go to school. Watch TV don't think it's commercials for pop tarts are and we obviously can't have one of them are probably five plus years and eat more goods than your scheme is he has long insurance yes what do you think would be ready when my six and everybody has vices. Who says ice cream is at least the talents the cheeseburger once nitro petroleum and nachos right it would would that affluent neighbors what the government is born useless and it's debatable is that that's right that's is one vice yes I'm maturities and boy that's when he was forget that it's a great story people. What's your sick what you do you don't drink don't do drugs ever sweet tooth so yeah sweet tea and he gets high screen into ice cream ice ice cream that you don't want to waste their voices are against you guys that you cookie dough cookie so likable cookies and a after I graduated waited there. Yet white checkered you go out if there's a cookie dough store like there was in Minnesota and other once but no wonder why you're so miserable you're sober all the time we have catchers capital times you I'm not happy little Generale du that you were happier when you drink and now. I think more miserable you are. Who you are or you are is he Singapore where every senator. But where consider me create a way it's you are what you want yourself again we associate we. Yes Oprah is nobody is he associates would know associate with you plenty of text then talk I don't see when a Harley guys to move away she means we used to be close who's the C channel you know even your place in Maine. Why is the wilders is hot. You don't to a remote broadcast from me and the summer and he's a good they occur if we should do that. We're we're going to do some of that this thanks in Skype a market like we're on Skype is now looking at Jerry's for those guys there. Am I not to read and that's. We've talked about the show us your reviews of shows from Maine this summer and what you gonna pretend we're not pretend we're over that what this means they're lucky area that's there are it is. On his love oh soccer all the weather in New England. 26 degrees who traffic police ever had the same. But I think he was in New York is in the hands of media and actually there's a boxer why. It's a question don't want to an illusion as Garrett left he was supposed to be doing again what rule ordering from trafficking and I'd rather than an apple and meanwhile the matter. He would give people the car selectors me. You know it's it's an old radio yet secure in Boston and then not act like teachers and ally. On the station. That's just a couple of three misery doesn't pretend he's a boss knows and he's good he's excellent reviews I read that brought this up I do want to Jerry when we could bring in pat our ethical pentium vote for them when applying them in those days are role. The Great Britain McHenry and so you water such as cheat them with a tennis that's true and you we you're we could be Britain. Mallard Dickerson a lot that I might every line Mike that's forties who on the fifth. Andy I have to be two people in the I want to people that's prepares to anyone who's one of all of these people about the futures toilet training Hamas line to possibly do it talked about it must he wouldn't OT two months he's not you construct a show like nine with that's not a night and yes. That's good idea it's Asia must unite the judicial in the morning I'll check my accommodate them please. Faxon fell back to shore island called them uncle Dino and Eric and Mike O'Malley Michael O'Malley Mary pairing great week carry me and we just had their impact I don't think you know years that's it it's never funny as never funny that you would be such a swamp. Tests are over talk about people I like wind chills to be honest details we return with more of Kirk and I. Sports Radio WEEI. Just concentrate on and so. There's going to be a few adjustments on the re. For the Miami and core. And lose. And that's the big thing that we can do right now. My guess you know you guys tell me if it would involve him in the game is very important or we trying to accomplish here. This time now we're doing what's up what has asked for tuchman who destroy all he's not complete seasons that's obviously not an happened I told everyone's. Overrated nobody listened to me was right again I talk baseball I pick my spots I'm right Pedroia is overrated. Easy about his team teams appear without morneau. Mr. rod a still okay yes without a leader took a totally yes art so he's gone for the right were done. I think there is a possibility that that would be the worst contractor Red Sox history and David it is nice that happened and there. Price rose has that chance every snake its redemption do you think the tour events now but prices money so much it's right now you have. The best contract amid such as from Martinez in the worst price on the same team signed by the same. I would say that this would be some mu keep some younger windows episode free agent free agent yeah people would say Ortiz. Account cozy Ortiz and Ortiz a fluke in Koji people would say to you when you're deal but you made big money contracts G Martinez is that it's unbelievable he's yet what eleven home runs at 46 RBIs and reading catcher in the big here. And so I admit that Pedroia is being finally it is a hundred million left but to put Pedroia with a minute left under a million. Don't know and so I don't know it took 161513. Twelve what's like a year and couples and street price thirties up to 55. If the sump area. Including this year which is useless obvious right miss some so you have fifty something so there's information. The common formation right it's not even two years of price of the tournament started has accused of Ricki lakes and if you funny things right like a laser show we've never funny and I mean the media such a Kelly pretend he's funny he's not actually he's a Gaza more. These people are not funny Moe why that was more if you're gullible are you be sold after five and it's again please get away from me I was on balls would that be fun now that's I mean this is like beat ass kissing people they're more affable and dry it at least I doubt it I don't think they're fake. I dress of price per droids that most disliked person city half. I've always. Disliked athletes. Joining Boston right now. Athlete. Has been routed Boston is rooted against local home team guy price right now price more than price would other athlete of the pastor and buckles people who like him. That's done to him and nothing except they get in the senate price Lackey for a time people their age John Kennedy Josh Beckett hated that ended in Lackey I don't see the road to this level wacky right sleep which is a large part of it and it was unreal out I would argue his passions were even and more wind went on the last lap he was tough slices Sox. That's the thing that I wanna like price I like me like I was like I want my eyes he has stick a finger at anybody at Christ is pathetic and a you know he said he did not take that's a Saturdays at this is the response than question what it costs of an. People rooting against I don't know stated. He doesn't and that again is a media creation that is not that is immediately when he didn't go to the White House he's already won the cup he'd been spent and also what it immediately because you'd like Obama fans and here right. I was you're talking 300 fans no one player in. On the Red Sox are people rooted against nobody. I mean oh Sidney wicks and rob Curtis for a modern times the Red Sox are different standards different Bill Russell some people rooted against that should not recent now. I mean like a Delis Thomas people that like over here watching regain her children it's against them these balls different you can write individually focus pitcher especially true. And root against price and Red Sox fans do I heard or other shows do this. People like they'd like they elect when he gets pounded by the Yankees and lose but they like me pitches I was against consumed with and they win and they like there and the and the best record in baseball in the issues. Sucking muscles other shows it's a hey get to avoid and now New York Post course that you pitch at NBC the pitch a postseason pitching to. He's gonna pitch against the Yankees in New York we don't really have no other choice for the reds to me and put two quick points or so I mean you could if you just. Buys him and I mean yeah I do. The one thing better than watching them loses fortune choke. You're watching them choke that's great otherwise your guy we like it 20 yes you watching the guy who can't handle the pressure. All of the contract of the CD. I don't remember anyone like that Matt who met young was like that he couldn't handle it. But his whole contract for six for the bucks that's about it it's compared to this there was nothing. This is a guy making thirty million a year who chose to come here now pay money whipped them it was stupid they should have recognized the fact that he wasn't built for this. But he chose to come here he can handle and you know outsource part of all is no way I'll play. Totally cold is to pollen and make make fun of and then as puffy eyes and has died in grass allergy like on the record trade loves being of people you know. People analogies Bruce's. Afflictions. It's awful. Yeah David prices it but he he he he he's gonna stay for four years to even be here so much. I think there's no way out do what I know what all the time with that there's no way that the when he. About the Christian prayer from the calorie count breaking that you need price to get right at a extreme it's tricky and to get right to look at what he's. You do you're really good sports talk why does not right now they're the best record in baseball but they go anywhere area playoffs last year race. Pitching queen's you know that. You can't slugger way to ring you have to be competitive OK I know the Dodgers I know the angels in Vegas they wanted to slug their way stress it find another example. Teams that slug their way to the no no. No dead pitching though that got pitching pitching pitching right as every time it's. Pitching pitching pitch 86% of baseball players yes I have a lot it's not take any guide I'm concerned McChrystal on the playoffs dominant so far but he's on the same trajectory as last year 200 plus innings he wore down. Doc Moore who got tired down the stretch to address or telephone mr. Why are out she said way to look for sale. Yes he says he's one of the best right handers in the game yes yes it's actually great it's great they should sign. Shoot 21 after you make sure when the fan vote for the all star. Roster that. So we have only seven more hours to vote curt yeah how many times advocate giving anyway how many times you've been since your candidate and as a result there aren't people are deprived you. It Bradford as. Get your vote I am voting I voted for Bennett had 846 times it's not enough which beat mayor edict is voted for an intending in my view it. But there are there's no about can we update this Kurtz. I'm effort and haven't updated what's the guy's name was running or in juries need to achieve all of your genes are Gloria. She sykora and if you just tuning and David Davidson Mike's Hulk on the West Coast is as a campaign we take you people get. To get cigar in at a bit attendee right. Whose work I mean soccer's a powerful got a successful always Tikrit all 66 fewer runs station yes you know if you don't understand most people leave their talking about. True so here's Berkman has finest moment this place hired a guy to replace sort right now yeah. I spoke yes. He was the worst talk show in the history of the medium. Yes racist and a sports bad worst of them sports used bad bad. And like pricing in 52 bad. Right but really nice guy once a fascinating and a guy wore out forego that populate your legs smokes cigarettes but I was OK with the idea running. I never called on not talk much snowflake I teach your anti cigarette that's real that is as well thought it's not feel instantly Gartman as far smelled. He's here with us but I cannot believe that can reconcile smoke too wouldn't go near I would markets are no real gross it's gross it's gross gross the grosses than theirs when I smoked cigarettes it's gross you don't piece of paper. And our identity does everybody last set he says what's your vice and you'll have voice pattern and here's everybody's advice what your vice. You can think everybody's spirits are good if I don't Chris Howard Stern said one that he has no places but meet you does. That you don't. And this economy is running out pornography. Lately continue addiction sports talk radio which is your eyes it's taken the place of alcohol or else I like sports person I exports from Patrick Africa. It's a new obsession it's a new addiction sports action as vice immediate shown it's I did my job I figured there were threats of action. I could be at their what's the exercise you're running slightly Abbott that's avert ideal but that's where you're channeling that and virtuous the same time look like things that you likely. Running and work. There and reading the vikings a great dad. Britain the fact is she not a good dad worries me because she keeps and a good dad's great dad then that means Marion and every time you and I. I like attract the track yes see I think you need device you need some offer forgetting if it's good for the show. That's true though if you're not hockey can't smoke weed I think you can hand it just doesn't Nicklaus sent life it's akin to an addictive side is old. It is so it actually split but we don't. Your inhibitions go down when you drink the key things you would normally EST I think you would normally say can I make him. Maybe it works on the same way doesn't get the kind of junk I am very touchy. Feeling one and they get a lot of like I love you man speeches about hey we need to Roemer in my drunken night out again just. Has talked cheaper second Carrick a live tonight nine. I know I thought they got off I stops by the fact that you brought me in here at home you know just means so much it was like please guys really. You Gilles might thank you tell you. I look I can do that either. C'mon he's taught him I mean I know where's my thoughts about me here. Jerry you mean so much to me that way you brought mean you're taking and your wing always been kind to me and I really appreciate you allowing for me I wouldn't be here it wasn't for. I hope you know I was gonna tell you how much they believe. Precinct thanks Gerri your you're your your heart to heart team its entrance usually. Yes you want to curry gets pocketed the villagers who you'll be well not the White Sox game I hear you and Matt read like that hunger. We've moved back it was that or that's when you go on drink you wanna go on habits at 11 o'clock or her once that's true whenever it's like I'm getting does he allows you I guess the last but it was chicken sandwiches like this it's gonna go to France don't got to go to bed I'm done. Elect Obama thinks if 430 we know what I'm like that's a point that I I know it's a site. My problem is tougher than others that's my spirit or just didn't know him like that that it is that where we get the check literally while still eating finish or material to linger on is that it's going to be funny item is not find her secret open. What's not. It is who drank. If it's either you can for the Charles Hartford did you have fun I don't know what I'd like to know what happens when you're Benjamin's. You have them they'll want and it's offered a month. Because you feel bad for the show yeah medicated yet a Atlanta by the human intelligence or slow summer day port so happens we're going to be late dale. And magical and will he think magic of the doctrine if you take me just read the Sacramento bee. And I can't use that time W Sally I can do it in what you are asking tweets moderate.