K&C - Kirk continues his destruction of Cullen's writing; Callers weigh in on the shoddy journalism 4-19-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, April 19th
Hour 4: Kirk continued to expose Kevin Cullen and callers shared their thoughts on the dishonest reporting. 

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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. Short. Any carrier. Forever. And. Is that he put it he really is true it was. Repair this food. Thing it will be called late. You said it needs trying to find their way and let him. Could find. I'm Rick you want to I mean I wanna pick through the inaccuracies you know its its its net first of all as I said we talked to map Paterson. The firefighter off duty firefighter from Wynn who actually rescue team Richard that they carry her recognized right away the severity of the situation. Goddard the ambulance in May be saved her life he would they get credit for that there was not some firefighters Shawn heating only fighter fire named Sean he doesn't know Kevin Collin. So Colin made that up cities friends of bill Richard Birk should not run the marathon even if he did which he did. He said it to Richard. Martin ran out justice again he's very in the cinematic scenes Christie's son is this is called reporting a kiss his dad hugged him. It then mark went back to the 222 or stand their bombing happened nurtured and we crossed the finish I'm says happened the Boston Marathon we talked didn't go over that. And then registered his high name again it was 2013 not 1957. There have been ships from a though I've been running races for twenty years I'd say. When I first started maybe half and half the last 1012 years every single time. I'm tired from Boston marathons up to date on these things it's close enough they've chips and perhaps the best run race best organized race. Manatee race. A whole mall William Brennan you're done you don't say I'm means Turkmen and just say you know I ran the race at wee hours of fourteen minutes and your kids or your friend friend or fan doesn't run onto the course. And argue. It is it is not know I've been doing this race and watch histories for as long enough and you might say it's a little thing. But I have not fault and if you took all pulled off hold your thought Hawaii to hike up. It's a little thing retirement mark Richard. It's a little thing when you very much named Richard curl her legs. And say your friends with the have been Jernigan of the unit on the race. But you can you know do people defendants thing all the numbers. When you add it all up the bottom line is. You can't believe anything we've isolated you can make out you can make up and we've nicely one story there are others and we've gone through them but these as well will will continue to feature them. But again just so he can he writes from the marathon scene April 16 the day after and reports that he's there. He knows poignant are fun to watch his first responders frantically pulled metal barriers the flags are so many different countries. Down in the boils history the desperate rush to get to the dead and injured in the sidewalk. It was pandemonium. I sides toss it's later a second explosion happened further reports there was pandemonium I saw an older runner or high rice talks about the cross the finish line in the instance only lives changed. We're trying to figure out who watched cops I talked to shaking their heads. Mrs. Called reporting as if he's active when they happen is he told me an hour ago. He was not there he was not there and sources told us that for a long time. And call is taking credit Ford whether it's your credit it's like the Pulitzer for and he's put himself as a character in this when he was never there. This firefighters Shawn when one story he claims he talks about. Carry Jean Richard to the ambulance not knowing that leg was gone until last second again really cinematic Colorado possible crawled on his hands and knees looking for the lag fiction. And then says the same Sean firefighter is the one who need it dead four days later a different story never says Jane Richard Shonn. Move shot over to be the guy who identifies mark Richards being right and big and muscular strapping each crying and his lip was quivering. From this firefighter shot. I'd I'm jealous he writes the editors must I have editors how you could let that go. Whether it's Irish times of the Boston Globe not questions say. When you weren't there I could schedule another former marine is Irish times for on power ladder seventeen. We jumped down from the truck and waited on to the bloody sidewalk here and hobson's choice he sought to children. Both of them missing legs he instinctively grabbed one. Another firefighter grab the other he's a paramedic from Boston emerged medical services for the paternity of the boy's leg but the blood made it to be slippery. He tried to comfort the boy. Was terrified and excruciating pain it's okay but he whispered to the boys here it's okay I'll. Ed no last name was on towers said he was off duty brought his kids his wife watching marathon. She just crossed the finish final walked on the Boston toward Berkeley when the first bomb went off tyrant number pushy person station house grabbed his hear me back to the scene. You know I don't I don't know I don't know what boy. We've had two children both of missing legs a ball I know a girl who knows what it can Richard's shoes are girls whose eight. We know the boy you guys heard I mean have. It makes it seem to read a lot of books on this. Movies documentaries movies document almost always that's someone who waited to the scene again is I know I'm over used in this were very cinematic. He goes to his bloody scene in there are two kids right in front of me to make a choice. Hobson's choice hobson's choice who those two kids. If there was a boy and a little too nuanced leg he's. As a got a lot of coverage often quiet. We have we have a certain other it always got a document talk that we Abacha lines opened 6177797937. And when this happens at the newspaper sorry Mike 12 again wanna hear from you guys and they sell you are you outraged are you not to be doing there should be not. What do you think of the globe right now would advocate column what's next how how insulted argue if you impact or it's 61777979%. Calls on this Mike wants second. You know when this happens whether it's Jason Blair were to Smith the Barnicle Stephen Glass or whatever. You know normally you see the newspapers say OK or. Geez Bradley with a girl that the young early. The writer. Jim the court Janet cook. Which they do is they say okay we have been somebody from the outside in this and it's a full investigation into every on it now they've got. I've mr. per person dollars yes what they should bring some of this is how it happens right my right. Yeah Zach White House and yes. Well it'll happen it'll flatten publicly because they don't want to get it sucks to admit it's you and they're gonna circle the wagons. But you know what we've talked to at least a couple of globe bees. Who are not surprised at all at all there's no editor trickle there's no managing editor does know. Reporter. Who is surprised by this at all when you worked with some relatives in a completely yeah. When you when you work with select as you have your suspicions giving anyone was surprised when Barnicle finally got busted. Help now people bring people you people who Betty back then Phoenix to write about it there were places where people write about this article is far more relevant equipment Cullen. But it's always the same space the exact same space occupied. Which is amazing that you feel it takes real. It's to write in that space. And makeup people to credible. Mike's in Hyde Park it's a Mike. Hey good morning act morning. This doesn't sound like it'll each. I am I think if he's not quite easy it would be saying I wouldn't be surprised at all. And that. Is a lot of equity should be dragged out of the articles columns. I. In the old tool chest of post parking lot. And above beaten but he should be exposed and the more you read it's like group paragraph after paragraph. So melodramatic I again I confess. I read so I know it was this kind of character let me slip away from every paragraph you have to questions on his slip away for second from this mean that I'm hyper folks America Monica's import banks might. Cubicles in the second 6177797. Amateurs and hurry wanna hear from you guys in this. But some Charles Austin died today. And estrogen to get an idea how Colin writes. In two years ago Allred was president national black hair it's a sharp repressed comes to attorney general's office in the state house. It does what add to the rumor all the cameras lined up some guide Barbie the door some guys a key column phrase has slots are some guys too late he said not looking media to. I looked over shoulder reporters milling around don't was at the podium and has even started. He shook his head folded his arms. Some you registered at the AG's office were ever to reclaim some funky AG's office decided do me with the Irish Saturday at the Mitt Romney's car. Which by the way the story was written couple days ago but. Only you know is talking about maybe running of the dog car so that ten years dog I don't what's most of us. Across the room a sexually Austin watching old Charlie work for channel four annual pretty well from the streets. He was a good guy he'll report. So Charlie comes across from confronts a jerk no name from the AG's office and asked the problem is the jerk from the AG's office again no name. Just fumbling some lame excuse me being too late to gain Charlie starts. Redmond street pitcher Kenny g.'s office said something about the always be late spruced up up and asking stupid questions yet Charlie goes. We know Kevin's a bleak but these are. So. There's that is. I've been lots of press conferences sometimes even when people there didn't want me there never spend Bart I've never seen anyone born. I was told I was late to get into the ceremony at the White House would Donald. That is made up with the other key thing there. Now the real report comes as yet he's he's he's a jerk he's our he's as tough guys are tough as this makes up a yard and the other common denominator. Which see a lot is the other principle. Not around anymore. Gone totally Austin can't confirm or deny it who some in in an eight who's Gigi who's the funky he tees up so it's hard to find who is. It's a long time ago I just sometimes I'll sign a guide to go to Stephen Boston what's up Steve. And. If you don't want any more information. Current checked out in. His column. Where they actually captured the bombers. And it's says they. You know name a bunch of Boston cops that weren't there. Including Mark Wahlberg. It's feels it Mark Wahlberg admits that the characters made a deposit I mean. This is this a lot of cops and firefighters. Without last names who go to visit the Foley's and drink a beer with a man. You know no woman reminisce with them I mean it's he's a living is. Of this fictional guys won't because it anyway that's sees. He thinks she's in her and a slight pain novel that's exactly the exited James Ellroy character you know this sort of dumb she you guys always generally as applicable up he's a Boston guy so you don't get me guys or Boston useful slow Mo looks healthy and not real village overall than. I liked the movie version that if you read them. I try it gets it's it's too choppy. Excellent yeah I like I I try I'm sure it's great. Not my style I like a little rhythm what's sailing into the story which is he Jesse's in the car agency. They're pretty sure we're are. Obviously a hot you know. And I talked to. See what they're orchestra. Eon RP IPI up on his brow all the recap the conversation I called domestic Kevin Kirk and hand he's an acre condolences goodness we just see you know and Sheri knew her stock to yesterday. S are about to go in the area sort of talk we've covers a marathon bombing need to know where you there he said was I at the matter was I was like the site. This had no cabin when the bombing occurred where you at the finish line he's I don't know though I was now I was there a couple of hours later. A civil wanna ask some questions about the sky Sean and he hung up on. I'm Gerry was there can there yes I heard that that's my friend my friend Jerry's juncture that I'm guessing that lasted a friend of Aziz the local. I mean I would suggest it's not easy but if you want to. Understand just what a fraud he is just read I mean every paragraph story you say. It's kind of stretch that descriptions a little. You know hokey I mean this is Carrick has little questionable. That's how it went this total fools article and I started with you know one rumor and then people started looking back consent holy crap. He's he's got characters every every day right well last names. Which kind of this is Hollywood's repeated its cinematic. Future or this in the manner. Description of every so I would say now the responsibility is on the Boston Globe that's that's our friends at the globe we're just trying to help PO. Responsibilities now on you what are you going to do about this we laid out by any definition in my opinion only pictures I durable offense on itself as you pointed out in 6 o'clock this is much. Much worse than what Ron Borges to Ron Borges. I blame for one S and use that letter pitcher he get duped he it was gullible. Get too if you fooled into wrote him a lot of legwork I agree but getting yet I miss seeing OC right this guy pool I've probably been full before. Agassi can fold or taking you down next I've never. Made things up as it made things up a vote. You know gene and mark Richard this Bill Richardson but but if you thought it was bad it gets worse it gets us. Was what's the date on this this was the right podcast. This was last year. Or fatwa doesn't last year Bob Ryan Bakken Kevin cone on the Bob Ryan Boston podcast Georgia now we get back. Some what do you think what shall we get cuts that. With a couple minutes remote play more stuff to get us don't miss that so I would say obviously is now the onus is on the Boston Globe and I mean if they take themselves seriously. They've made they've won awards for this man's coverage and taken victory laps of this guy. If you're serious about this if you take the paper seriously. You take a marathon bombing seriously it is time to investigate 617779790%. Of the cheer for you guys as well here you are on this as well. And we get back over the plate he Ryan sound. And the BBC's central Japanese were producing. The riots on the BB absolutely Jim and us you know probably in every practice that was bad incredible it's it's psychotic. Again 617779790%. Of your thoughts on Colin. The globe would they should do next. All that and more in the south we. Scan. Sweden. And I think no personal satisfaction slips on the record. Somebody tweeted that's Boston is once again two newspaper town unfortunately your and a the other newspapers or radio station and I wonder Farrell cares anymore. They care 'cause then this is our work she does get on the files. Log on Kevin Collin is. Whose columns one time look for room and you'll just wonder each and every time he writes. That person or this person is made up and I do wonder where's the you know again I'll ask again where's the globe was primer gory yet there's been an editor since before the bombing he's seen all these college stories he knows this atrocity and I tell you he's listening. You know where where the were what is their reaction going to be now it's now he now it's. The stories out of our hands we we've we've presented it just a sliver of the we have much more what are they gonna do what the people on you know the team. That won the Pulitzer for a breaking news coverage dictates they know it wasn't on the team right. He hit the sharing it very publicly oh he won't wins he won the Mike Royko or for best columnist. Echoes the person that. Plagiarized the most my Sawyer award that he had done wrong in management part one of our guide you on the what. Mike Royko did and what's happening to plagiarize from Mike Royko most attack royko is a giant. In in the business he was great. As far as I know he consult you wonder though the old guys now I mean they can do whatever they want it sure there was some of that and but there's also little micro car wasn't overly descriptive. Didn't he wasn't flowery gesture we Breslin yes I would wonder meet Tutsis always it was a lot of coincidences to. Very well in Brazil which we played this out. We want to label sandwich when he opened it Brian sent the right so we gotta get that we've been tees on this. So I just never like olive applicable for what's good is by the a region like the one from five years ago and the one from before the BBC sound I'll remind you Kevin Collin presented himself as at the marathon. Bombing at the finish line in multiple stories the globe for the first time Irish times for the BBC as being there when it happened he told me an hour ago. Hour and a half ago he was not there he's not there in the bombings happened in a conversation he was not there since reporters if you work and told other. Works of fiction within the stores of America bombings specific with the Richard family. Gary is and we'll keep can be well what were reacting after first with the BBC some four days I believe right after the marathon moms. I just got off. It's fun not long ago with a young firefighter who are very concerned to vote. He's young kid he's a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me what you saw today it was worse than anything sort of war zone. He carried. And young girl. I'm. Whose brother was killed it seemed. Term. I actually don't father just released today. And when I finished the race is young son. Well sidewalk. Because. You're an old sports history now does that. Anyway back onto the sidewalk this father walked on the registers. And the bomb exploded. The boy was killed. His mother was severely injured. And the the girl. My friend firefighter shot picked her up. Carrier. To an ambulance. And considered fit to be put it doesn't realize who it was. It was packed machine. He told me crawled out of the league's. I can't act directed. It like it's some things. The tone let's. Address. It in the movie. On her hands and knees knocking he's and he's looking for a leg right that is 100%. Africa looked cooked a that is totally made up Eliot you're talking about an eight year old girl who lost a late in the bombing first of all. It's cooked it did that wasn't Shawn didn't do it. We talked Torre guy and sustain that Peterson that Paterson knows the firefighter from when a true hero who picked up Jean Richard. Obviously recognized right away that this leg injury happened on the what but what you call pushing you away with that. And of course the Richard to not run a marathon news he did to be no finish line hunters and never happens you register your time it'll come in and out. All of all everything he says there other than mark Richard died in the mall was injured in gene which it lost. Who you know and again these friends are always people out. All of it is untrue and with the boy who lost a leg. We should look into. We got I feel remiss I don't remember one will look at overall or wrong that's fine I'm just asking am I accusing him of anything I just know wondering if there was a boy. Who lost collect because the firemen had to make hobson's choice drew huge short this is. So Colin who was not at the bombing was not there and happened does not know the Richard in my guest is very well. In any gets in this whole story it's all fiction cooked it made up opus crawling around not recognizing legs blood and all the stuff all not true. Goes on Bob Bryan's podcasts a couple of years later Intel's about his own immediate question for. The answer from Paul Ryan basically asks him you know he's seen patriots and in the chemical owns world that's opportunity to at least up about himself. None of which is true. Like a month after the bombing I was completely screwed up myself I just. Had it was not taking care of myself was not eating right it was not which was drinking too much was not getting the proper exercise asleep and I it. I think it was almost like the second hand PTS I just was dealing with so many people have been traumatized. It really effective remember like crying at night and stuff after talking to people and and I just remembering that stuff is that there's nowhere wanna see a movie. Well but he didn't what Tuesday afternoon by self. That is amazing guy who wasn't there. Was not at the bomb not here to not seat in a smell. Is having second hand. He's had PT yes yes because you talk to the survivors. Yes and and cops and fire historian tweets RD he's drinking too much since he is eight his whole life is just pretend. Characterized as set out of not one of Dennis lane quite explain what the article thing and made it bigger we mean it even more cinematic and more side is not just. A a fiction writer. He's being narcissus. The questions about their movement the bombing the questions on bugs you how you rank too much. It's insane I can't believe this is that the most shocking story I've ever come across in Boston journalistically nothing's even close the borders article Smith. Not nothing not to think of anything it's even close to this. And I am fascinated as you Jerry talents word. To see what the Boston Globe is going to do where are our friends and Kennedy on this and in an indie release sister and all these people how they get him articles windows me is what I did it sprays with. How I was Boston Herald and the globes and be embarrassed the horrible I don't know what it's a good question they've been when their cares anymore and you see the reaction it's incredible today so. We got initial appeal city going after for an hour and a half what do they just began 462 and take it doesn't it feels Kirk is burned I was a fan of article I read them every. Every time you ropes and loved this one liners that it was a damn good writer when you find out what. When a fraud it is. If you burn I feel burned and I was a fan that likes. Stuff and you say Witasick I've been reading for years. Believing. These people who write about these cops and firefighters and these be whatever people on the street. We're regal now find out. You made this stuff up you know the people. Who are his loyal readers who was fans it was a field I don't waste much time reading them well. If you did if you believed him if he thought his coverage is breaking news coverage of the bombings great deserved Pulitzer. Bonds should be pissed off. And you're right there's a lot of people the globe. Who shared awards with them who it is news this stuff maybe they should be shared the blame because they didn't ask enough questions but. The globe. Has to feel burned by this after I mean if you have any private all of this if you're the globe have to be yet to see this guy we have to look at every single word he's ever written. Ever sure that's what that's on the that's on the on you've done you John I'm just trying to tell them the globe and The Herald and maybe Dan Kennedy there are any. You know journalists left maybe somebody of Boston mundane happy guy who just wrote a paid about. Upload a wonderful awards for the global LP passage chapter in their diamond Rio the president he's not on the globe when the bombing happened. But now they now they're in charge of this guy now he's an amendment to pursue these and managing editor is the management of bribes or gory. She's so got a regular preparation or just different title talk to her sugar Rory and all these people to get to work publisher right. To get to work shall see what happens art. Your last chance to call the women call 617779. Savage guys that are managing director John Henry's publish its its that's in the era in their world we hear from you guys as well look some more pollen stuff we. The sign of doing your life ever. A gimmick called fire. Got a final of the briefcase is however a Baghdad today my friend that's why did see again. And overruled owners are Corpas came time to time historical. Data I appreciated that doesn't deserve more time goes into free hours. That calls. We'll call a nose in NFL moved to time out from 831. That's important that craze that's good for us. Absolutely. They did they'd be right it confuses the Cohen Irish stuff I guess I'm getting so me twits it problems with that. To retrieve some people say look at collins' work in the Irish stuff I think she ever tease a little more fast loose us. I have a more coffin over there on the same editors and you don't feel like here and say. I was jurisdiction surely I am digesting Kevin Kolb in the two maturing and then maybe you could be unwelcome guys from honest mistake. He did pull method without short one. Source the other handle you say he's had a tough enough day that's true. CIO the globe I don't know any predictions. The predictions as someone else has to get involved as they ain't gonna let you take this kelp or rich you Orkut records we're gonna keep actually was just started that's about justice that would just couldn't reach the stuff can have. Yeah sic all of us who wrote it he said you want people read you know that's the one number one goal of a writer you want readers you got congratulations emotionally do you guys. Went nuts for the red but the several plays we'll play some more sent Hampshire today he's won so continue that tomorrow at some other stuff as well Bruins tonight. Say predicted try to eight proves nothing it's corporation scored no bros gonna win 43 in overtime. Don't keep us that's going to be. A great game I hope so series what are they saw putted six for Bruins who owns it picked score on school or. A go go talk to manage films there's real rice testified that it occurs it is if it's that's right or wrong. So if you on the stories well. It thanks to Matt Paterson off the air for talking goes by the way out sixty Kevin Cohen guitar after all the enemies are now and how does go talk to Kevin. Keep nine historian and as I said I mean if you're somebody and social media tie eagle at a moment Tony did. Not subscriber do this and another. If your closest driver I'd be angry I'm angry at one answers that's all about what journalists do their job. Looked inward and perform journalism might personality I don't want to know I don't wanna tell that her older. You know GBH do the job but we have many many texts and tweets and calls saying. Check out the story this check out that story kind of overwhelm this character he wrote about right wanna. All find a Red Sox story absolutely did a lot to get through can do that tomorrow with much right. Much of natural for much up next and with us tomorrow it's who's always the afternoon guys to think that belongs coming in those guys. As a Thurmond at its third and an old lady show our sound that would never happen we have not been Umar workable. I didn't. It's to be honest I don't remember our back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock this story is going to do pay attention back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock with my much up next Christian. And you sat down and ate and talked to the great brutal summer team and nice guy. Was I thought I was I was one of very heavy fuel at the head table. I was sitting with him like that column. And Mick Foley. And I'm sure they'll slow jog when we.