K&C - Kirk is done with the Bracket of the Brainless; Gerry and Tanguay talk Chappaquiddick 3-19-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, March 19th

Hour 4: Kirk does not think our bracket challenge is getting enough traction and Gerry and Tanguay talk about Chappaquiddick. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan but sports real WEEI. It's cleric in Kalla hands battle of the brain lists didn't want to write my news. Shirtless and planets from Cologne. Part five focuses on the fly bracket all of the brain lists it was like making it rain with Brackett you don't hear about drop off. She does shields post special. Create your hard featuring two bracket buster bootsy boobs Craig Cinderella. Curtis said I don't. This is good radio right now we're doing and Mike Magnus my nasty shall we how you wiggle in those key and now to top seeded simple tunes collide. Brain list maybe it's card race here earlier and arbitrary order series marks or go ever about eight Dean Martin. I love this is greater here black thought as a mom. I think Curtis coming off its one weekend away. And some of open is run the waiters at the momentum refresh. Oh the free before contests we've set up already. So we have 4 contests this morning's morning. Okay was this is the first real close matchup would be a good open bar code and the reaction to a very good behavior let's hear. So tell us which one it is. Much how much when this all we got to play them all over again should now. People voting on it in good part one was at 630 sports listen to this in this vulnerable all -- -- no I'm confused me I think we're gonna get to some new ones who were not I don't know right now to a new Austin is always important and resells and we're gonna start beset leads through voice radio works is not raised listening for 34 catcher just the just the guys I tell too lenient reckon that Twitter accounts that local weather right now yes that's it appears now works every anymore touch here sound to you okay award and we doubled it more it's bizarre he's doing here at this point it's short on shore at one. So I occurring down payment on this thing and I'm sure I can go into a big thing about all you know. The attack that it Aaron Hernandez and all this stuff and now look at junior documentary that's a produced by guy that. A guy that believes he's innocent defended Aaron Hernandez but I don't care she I don't care what they do. They react well what I say I don't care how they wanna be a documentary that's indefinite. Athletes was no doubt about that right for your body for it's being truthful in what he's your ability to EST the U as a Carol I don't care and other guys does not care jeez so okay Sodexo. Two of the players sound again are you on edged up to talk to you tell them. This album and I'm not asking you all onto occurs is that he's put a lot of fun and good god curse you directed OK so here's the drop in August the ball. There Ted. Ted neat Danson had nugget the message. Liberal honestly think that I would not happen if I had it I mean there's not a good question would you really haven't we haven't. Those that's the two classics next match that's again what would not originally that I can change human mind this is. Absolutely born in 51%. For not long boarding nine while Abbott if I or not right at the planets and we just gave me million in the fight each of those votes I might and they changed money you can vote again it's more than once we can't. Non English or multiple tour guide my parents are surprised MacKenzie yes our current is currently second matchup of this isn't the are there it's not working doing some work the other day and the lights were once it's lowered it and it's just pretend on the Batman it's. Others have we give Kurt disappointed he knows and sees he stands for. Well the author of the international patter but it sure yet you know what let's just for a month. Clarence Clearwater five. I do and that's what it occurred under the car was revival Led Zeppelin. And song titled rock the cash while. Clearwater revival vs. Rock the hash are right I'll play along by just like this it's not heard of what this Caucasus and work and why. Clicking and I wrong. It doesn't really clicking today I think we need can maybe not rightful itself what its efforts overall on all fronts honestly I don't think you're in the mood to do radio and now. He's not he's cranky you just cranky like today at BQ could sneak home incredible you can. Once again these are repeated here while I agree that there and his documentary could play action adventure so while you are you won't have I and the Kennedy movie even the only sign of thirty minutes of life CNET. Opening minutes and that lightness I guess in the cargo would like our show according less than a thousand votes between rooms what do we what are we going place. It's an odd I think the way we're doing it we should have one whole day that's not saying it's not working so it's not work. And I'll come together more connected avenue where its people using finish up today and won't match the aggregate entertaining Marie I don't pages that Santa doesn't make sense that could drop. I don't know I guess that maybe I. That drops of but it's actually told the a thousand there are artists you know it happens we just when you diet lots of people that crop I was dollars that is if you have a bad notes that crappy if she should not it's crazy. What went as little more cerebral figure against you to know moderately left behind. Oh OK good budget act guy deuce. Channel I would like what I would like novelist friend mrs. Cary when she's away and markets and go ahead next thinking they were taken from Africa or group of you're not not a group it's humid and as soon as well thought we have so what's the other one of the cowboys and at the Ritz chips that you succeed at what equipment that I'm unaware that's anyway that I food deal but it footballs and knowing when there is always seventy votes but what what's the 62 votes in 70% for a monument but they only keep Paul doing here one mobile can then we'll move on a mediocre once. Kirk let's talk about The Daily Show us your thoughts I enjoy the rest of your Monday enjoy the rest. Your Tuesday I might but if you enjoy the rest went. I'm Mike but anti. Enjoy the rest. You're Thursday asking about what joke is that we all anti never I've Mike and Steve your picture idea in the picture of the documentary. It should eyes should which runs the the good with. She's gone Shia took with her name is which is partnership with no pants on. I don't remember your pregnancy picture they took would you yes the pants on these pregnancy pictures of people take now. You know I mean mimic the really pregnant their own white like they're holding the alien sure it was a similar FaceBook over the doing is trying to do it what is the artist anymore. And I just trying to appear really healthy yet and still show women pregnant right and that's working out I was out of line like as much as the open our mind. It's weird as I'm really think some guys like a job of she literally had no no pants on line help. Get a friend of minded friend of mine made a cash that both of her. Yeah people do business in and she. Plants and ever again I don't I don't get that I was like you wrapping yourself and Oscar cast of your belly good morning there are some eat what you McCullough the what. All Nadal can click the last yeah I can play the last episode and a yes and some say. Right some freezers I'd say it to when he came from and see you every other people. On the there there's some weirdos out there adulthood but that's legal. Oleg ideas. Well I felt taken who volunteer for that apple might guide good morning. Or joke is stately old auntie and Everett I'm like it ski into the rest. Your five quick free corporate. Outside closed out of mutual you know mysteries drunken it's really true patriarch breakfast welcome it is anger way. 80% yet as well not just thirteen votes and so it's a close to perfect and so. We haven't in the come up with a prize for this last time month one he got. But the there for ten enterprise awhile when I was the price of these kind of stop doing this now okay. Are sacred and the whole article on us right now and out hunting him and that's fine. Why can and if something's not working might you receive comes at you you pretend it's working that after the show you say that's that's the way used to go to Indian Melrose hey Amy. Hey how are you. I just wanted to say that the documentary. On Hernandez was a fraud and I think you guys did a great job he tried to bring a sense of reality. The crazy angry you know they are trying to sell. We were there for balance and give us credit they edit you out they used moves things we said they had new that is how at the end it was going to be a slow. There try to make me think it their minds sorry me. In their minds and makes us look bad it doesn't but that's what they're thinking and they're pulling aside and they feel that when I said then I'm glad he's dead awareness and resources liberal hosts take. In their minds right in my terrific after three and a half hours of Lee loves Aaron right so when you say this year evil meanwhile says gesturing what it's that's exactly right. Did you feel about there and it has killed himself. Oh did you actually. No I think. Glad actually won let evil person in the world. He saves the taxpayers a fortune. I mean he probably would have killed again in prison as a question. Or prison and he wins disease and listen to this contest and that's just so everything that's just that is justice and I stand by that but yeah is CDs boyfriend do any money. That's a good question Kyle we got the watch right that's right here at the watch you. Or flu was and it has Mary aided Iraq gates Albert which he took his name right. There's been nothing from Kyle committees and noted we've got the governor patty began to write talked to him that would. The tournament I'd noticed you've talked and if you gonna make an honest documentary whose documentarian. You like Kurt. We soon now's Tom Brady actually James guided who trees he's good Steve James right. His real name. It's like radio etc. and probably Steve James if you got him to do CG you could do this you could do this well. It could just be about a guy who threw a panel will weigh in office and you would definitely get around account Kennedy. You talk that I mean prison guards talk. Could you find other inmates that new bottom. Text widgets and everyone knew it cops knew prison guards knew it all lawyers knew everyone knew he had his double life. Showman he's the only one who reported. She was being crucified the tone true vilified for fruit and again Michelle is not doing it away and its coach when she cares she's just it's part of the story a few minor cold pull a couple of corny jokes than she cares and day but right you don't really think. You're making fun of Aaron Hernandez that's problem. Like it's you not yet making fun of gay people like he's criticized haunts to professionals at some Michaels saying you know who's who's not a good guy who happens homosexual whatever. You know Aaron Hernandez was evil killer. And we think in the mode of potentially four was that he was homicide evil game like he's agreement we thought it was going to be out true he's -- -- very similar I mean he's bigger guys that are open one eye open with these shows through cancer and visibly on the show is mean I had so many shots of Aaron Hernandez smiling is those fate he took it. Rex Ryan choppers. And he's smiling and that is shown up as bodies hug and his fiance. John procedure. They they did what ever they could do to make him look. Twos in and of itself was just. Of course but again it's it is for us to infomercial by I had the only time you saw Michael Lloyd's family. Or he saw it never suffer titles that at all dedicating difference between right and try. They made the sister. Who stood by old Lloyd's and the would be weird if she's she's that we are right she's not in their mind their warped mind your alternate universe minded hero all the big guys you and I the bad guys for is the bad guy known entity its people at the guy from rivals dot com secured in new road rules over guys at Enron for. Seventeen year old boys would lift weights and he. Pathetic is that instinct to go on Twitter last minute fight over over a guy who killed people. What's the name Mike Ferrell I guess is he public fiction and is completely secure because Hernandez is really good policy in their own little 540 that's it yet him he did and this is the guy 663 right this thing about Arnold loses vertically but yet this guy went on television how's that shocks it for big Aaron Hernandez and he said he was would incur some losses come on the show we asked to they would c'mon apple obviously has. More Twin Falls and you meet combined Austin's whole interest usually tweets about hi hi how high fifteen year old boy it's complex I don't care. It's a Texas Tech Mike linebacker. Bah VC will. It's a path. Work out of his sweat he's different he's corroborate what the losers the loser loser in this. You sit there and defend killers because they're good football players it's it's ridiculous sugar mom should absolutely. Yes what rebook travel said he said he won't come mumble we should try try the other losers spikes I mean just just a fraud hole for Alitalia. And then make him try to look good to write all the lighting in the kept. He goes on talks close said he wasn't his best friend I've. A good news for you bet Brandon he's not your best friend or not his best friend. His best friend. We're gangsters in killers and Alexander Bradley and and and or t.'s Ernie Wallace in the Collison tees or whatever his name is. These guys who don't work who sell drugs to kill people. That's where Hernandez was he could pretend he's your buddy Florida or even here he was not he was not he had a double life he just. In a went to work with the puck quote him earn a living but when he went home he was against. Coach Urban Meyer told me a little bit about his background. Now he just lost his father figure G1 and need to you know kind of be a Big Brother asking because of meanwhile brainer in my situation. Those reasons and all both of brother he's incarcerated. And he was pretty much my only male role models on out there are permitted clear days disguise going to be success even had to put your own tournament. She on the way we do things around here. And it really worked relatively really worked out well Brandon good job guys really as rookies the person that you tutor or mentor someone who's Brett spikes not think that he killed little boy I'm confused oh policy didn't. A tree lies yeah clear her eyes closed and include him struggle I don't care they don't care whether you cannot be just wondered it off she's she's there's a body Donald right back. Was there a particular position you want them to play like particular because those guys are now. Again ladies say got a pretty good man they got a pretty all the defensive players like you were safety yeah you really don't have too much responsibility than going after the football so that would be. If I play one position on the corner of the court record says did you play an imposition besides quarterback I was so bad. In high school no absolutely not I'm I'm not a great athlete would say yeah. The latest that. You were bad and high schools and an agent quarterback as a consolation prize no less I was the backup quarterback on the team are freshman Tina went oh and eight I was so. Bad I couldn't have plenty know when only. Is there any vote Brady that Colbert knows that and and I think he's out there think that Tom Brady could be an NFL safety nothing he's immoral wrong I'm a ton of things certainly about dumb he seemed pretty city that. Throws a ball for these is anything I think no one of those guys who know zero about sports zero I agree in. What's the big deal that you saw entertainment shows as we know he's got a real man you knows enough about football he couldn't even drink one beer. Start choking. You don't like him because he's a liberal that's true that's true is true colors that's terrific all the everybody's got a room made him clear sign anywhere Brady's doing it on NPR would wait wait don't tell me what is the is what was he doing this for accorsi plug in the book he has his book he and Obama was not like six months. And Willis was busy for much of that time. Wait wait don't tell me said they wanted to Gaston from Connecticut and debris and listen listen listen on line was on the phone that was he yes where Simon it's a new time of strawberry age we've seen stuff strawberries. I don't I don't this is a hugely popular podcasts this this week we don't tell me he is yes. Now understand it you. Guys honest humble debt. Tumbled that's all eyes are just the lead light on and that's there's some of Brady within PR. I want Kentucky obviously that you both to be told method. You are now in New York Times best selling author. To the site. If you wanna give up sports and go like into literary world different. I don't know first the issue is that not too bad yeah. It was really cool to do you know I felt I had so many experiences I've learned from over the years as an athlete. And I wanted to be able to share those with the next generation of athletes and people vote but to mythical top what do you do. And I don't have you know 32 the Pelham without if they go by the book and look look look bad behavior. You know Brady has down he has this guy handle laughter he shared that host just like cobra doesn't know what the book is about that I don't worry about them. The Brady Bunch and what is there about his you know has died in his liability that binds them until closer life it's about right brightness and a what else we have. We have a quiz they did to us right ultimately he. And Robert Reid the actor played pitcher Mike radio on the show but he wasn't the producers first choice for the role who was. Me Jean how. Who the network rejected for not being famous enough. Beat Paul Lindh who they thought exuded that quiet masculinity they wanted for a man. We're seeing geographical. Chimpanzee who used to co host The Today Show back in the fifties. Oh my. What would have credibility after my multiple choice and high school I've had these Soledad the. As in this case an eight. Yeah right. Except for the giants fans here who I. A couple of ten I don't act like you are the most sensitive to how the media is trying to carries lousy show your old sock it's carries no energy we have film producer of any Curtis is a lump I'm just trying to hype has been terrific tonight trying to start as I can show is di no I bet you're gonna finish and this book. The show sucks right now. Sure sounds good today show today urologist all polish and English Ohio law you're a child Patricia. Is not. An awful awful awful awful. Pale he Hannity. The focus of saying art known terrible terrible shale. I've conservatively. You set up mortgage our energy future and not get into whatever tries hard and here you guys coming Kevin said it was Kerry got and a he's sat there in a toddler when I asked questions agents he suffered two seconds of which quoting you just moved on because you said it's sock in it that's the sockets are really good movies in US opens April bigger part than I thought I thought of him he's had an opportunity cameo we stand there with a Mike no you interviewed to. I sit there would test audience playing an actual person I am implying yes he was a little ABC reporter. Bob Bob Bob Simpson. Our own. ABC White House reporter in the sixties and how many lull in particular memorize those lines. A couple days. You were good X ten actually you know addressed you name yes Jason Clark Erica. It was breakers in between takes. To spree back in was Aussie accent and Xperia organize railroad that'd say. Any also had to Wear fake teeth. Couldn't look like I thought it sounded like them a good actor out Brewster was good receivers and yes that's Bruce turn. He's so evil tojo Kennedy senior so she's so he took watching someone play. Watching them play Joseph Kennedy used you know what else all in when you see the movie which comes out April 6. Bruce Dern has no lines and on this person does this breeze that's it. Slap some that's right. Slot Alba. And they did overdo it and that's true they didn't. Yet Clark a little poems a tube. Supposed to those posts only Ted. Yet but it wasn't by an obnoxious. Which is was and and is a weird cast that like it team gaffe again we get semen is underwear and a ten minutes dispute and an ounce cup located at our old friend John Fiore. It has come back he was good who's really good in the troops to any scenes with him no I didn't but I thought it was a great share. I haven't heard from him since he was on Mikey last time. Then. Kirk isn't this is pouting and Apollo. You issue unlock voting. IC upon my polling and just having a conversation and you intentionally and I thought okay really really ideal scenario I get a way to get conversely eyes are doing good you supposed to participate and what -- what if it's so born. Thanks speak by an atrocity at decade Maryland's house and more interest and it's just about made its keys issues pale when you moral. I want I want the clock to turn to 955 right now that's that's close yes and Yellowstone national life away you should appreciate these next eight minutes now an odd results of people who don't have this terrible time in the line if you locate merits of long. Yes it was good. She look America is my character is that killed my presence and by surprise senator that penitentiary at Atlantic I was. Very pleasantly surprised to see them include the scene which he is alive. In an off the water trying to breathe begging Ted to safer. That would have been not. No go none. And non starter 2030 years ago on Hollywood never ever when you allowed to tell the truth about this this much. Murderer and scumbag senator of ours yet he's on he's on day on the beach. It she's fighting for air that's amazing you said this privacy it. They talk to people. Who said they knew. Yeah and always a killer yes they know we left a woman died you know we drive drunk off a bridge with a right it was his wife. And they still love them. I'm hasn't seen yet Jody mock or Kirk mocks people from the flyover states you know right from Texas or Alabama or Louisiana senator. They wouldn't vote this murderer and or are they what here's a hard core Republicans of course out of the Standard Register a name something comparable but it's the same thing it was Strom Thurmond a break and stomped on him was Democrat OK it was a great guy who was like eighty degrees right now okay. Public Ted Kennedy know about the public take January hardcore Republican and Alabama devoting every he would not every single I know so well because she placed those people leave us. No IP ticket you can or is there one guy's out of office for cheap and the lives yet you don't like that projected it creativity and the movie because Yahoo! Jack Curran director. How things I'm gonna no question John this is your fault is John reducing our characters and a lot of great John's I don't know John to learn duo. I don't care owned courteous Kurt I don't wanna motorist at ten. Hank doesn't that can attack it was this is really about telling your failures you think your mind when I had an energetic critic but that doesn't matter stooges and that's the box office if that matters and Jamal matters international listeners black Panthers underdog panther. Now it's huge hit 600 million dollars crisis Harry go Kieft c.'s Alex about Seymour part of this is a watch that the most Chappaquiddick only moderately right. Sorry but Kerry's not doing about it I knew I agree. It's like we talk about things weren't like this terrible documentary agree although I think Ernie and his ties I guess candy does well a bit I think whatever. Think it was amazing about Kennedy is even though they felt he did something wrong they they voted for makes it absolutely vote for. But I have easily impressed how the movie ends well there's. Always a wee okay. Of these Kono look at now you're not pouting and all oh no you're not an emblem note that I you know moving. Can make sure that the boss knows Kirk just walked on the job. He's he's had some mood the mood today he doesn't wanna talk to. And have a conversation. About a movie would someone who's in it is normally what he loved us what is. Podcast is all about oh what my wife Brandi was she was watching it she said this is just like the crown. You know he talked about the Kennedys the Kennedys were the royal family are doing which is to just so disturbing it is so wrong but it because when you take a look when you watch this movie you'll see everything they did. To get ten out of this masks. And it's amazing. Mess economy mess it's for controllers are murderer yes yes The New Yorker a normal person goes to prison. For a long time right don't go to the back to the scent in the second about it is marriage of partners parents. They they thought he was affect them. At a separate right into he talked to him at I'm sorry he caught them Ghali called the meats and talked and a funeral there early Saturday about lovable lovable about mean. They book he says but to some it is so you asked Kennedy in 1968. Needs to do an Oprah and you can't get the truth to normally I mean if you read it the globe the New York kinda watch the network should never ever get the truth about what vile the military. People wanted to believe people wanted to believe in Jack people want to believe in Jacqui people wanted to believe and Bobby they wanted to believe in and out. Costs in line. Guys that allegedly beating fairy tales he's innocent and you know what I say this whole attend the generation before ours they told us he's fairy tales from troop agree teachers and professors they hiked to some of these users in different Kennedy a note okay and which don't like the names of everything that you know Robert. John F. Kennedy was he. Rotten human being a federal human being the old man. Was the evil works was just boot later. Booed out on sympathizer. I mean two's you know mafia I don't OPEC Hanway and I will be back Kirk. Who knows I really entered this conversation here I wasn't that. Polished or make you feel better and corn and picking Edwards who Bruce wants buddhism and home mom won't own strong. Follow along won't call like wow you with things it's on which is just Tuesday. Hackers can. Soviet big guys are up next four a's can reactors reforms and sure on the documentary and as good as much with the afternoon. Yes we're back tomorrow drone cruncher win that deserves. Ingram and we're gonna make fun a month tomorrow I hope so hope you chance. Again I'd auditors apologize vicious sadistic it was a terrible thing tragedy. Through the over my tribunal and now you've apologized. For the documentary as well or I were vulnerable and it yesterday. Look at who's at fault. Taller can do is terrible terrible terrible show you gonna go run with who's together filled it. Like my results at the guy goes through Gilroy who liked so with that group and they Iran that I mean as soon go jogging. The LC thoughts of like of how. It's we it's time to go Kirk he's ready to go to get his coat allied to the point one we have no thoughts as time ago now I know pilots lose your issue. Who as Tony Koren is that we'll try to do better tomorrow. Back tomorrow morning. At 6 o'clock had a stroke or join us in person. Good teams and without work that's great you're not supposed to tell people not to listen Kirk because. Which of them with the called the they're not the guy who desires in the years that I ridiculous to them to be around tomorrow. The motto around. I'll be here tomorrow morning it's. Enjoy the rest. Of your Monday.